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Zaporozhtseva Galina Evgenievna


Galina Zaporozhtseva – separatist, pro-Russian propagandist, former officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Guilty of taking a bribe for which she was fired. The media also write that she was involved in paid rallies in Kyiv. A regular guest of Russian TV channels. Spreading fake information in the interests of Russia.

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October 23, 1961
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Zaporozhtseva Galina Evgenievna

Official biography

Head of the public organization “Union of Mothers of Ukraine”, pro-Russian propagandist. Born October 23, 1961. in Odessa. In the words of Galina Zaporozhtseva herself: “she was forced to leave Ukraine on the day of the murder of Oles Buzina, in fear that the same situation might happen to her.” Now located in Russia. He considers himself a political emigrant without political refugee status. And he is regularly present on all talk shows related, for example, to the murder of Denis Voronenkov, the fate of Maria Maksakova. Recently, he has been an expert in the “Actually” program. Frequent invited guest on political programs (Soloviev, The Right to Know, Time Will Tell, etc.). Galina Zaporozhtseva – candidate of psychological sciences, retired police colonel, criminologist. As part of her dissertation, she studied methods of psychological influence on a person (for example, a criminal in order to obtain truthful testimony). He heads the public organization “Mothers of Ukraine” (it is often called the “Union of Mothers of Ukraine”).

NOT official biography

Head of the Union of Mothers of Ukraine public organization, pro-Russian propagandist. Spread of pro-Russian propaganda, non-recognition of Russia's armed aggression, actions aimed at undermining the state sovereignty of Ukraine. Manipulation of publicly important information. He introduces himself as a police colonel, candidate of psychological sciences, professor at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, human rights activist. Star of Russian media such as RIA Novosti, Channel One, Russia-24.

Yanukovych-era colonel or worried mother: zombie TV in Russia:

In his speeches and interviews, he spreads pro-Russian theses, calls the Revolution of Dignity a “coup d'etat”, the new government – “bandits who seized the Verkhovna Rada”. She also mentioned “external management”, which “masquerades as a Western Ukrainian nationalist movement”, the goal of which is the “genocide of the Slavs”. He calls the war in Donbas “civilian”, he does not consider Russia an aggressor. In 2015-2017. was published on the anti-Ukrainian resource “”. On June 30, 2014, a bus with journalists and soldiers' mothers was fired on in Donetsk. The bus was taking mothers to the military unit, who demanded the return of their children serving in the Ukrainian army, and Russian journalists who intended to make a report about this. One of the “soldiers' mothers” was Galina Zaporozhtseva. In 2014, she actively opposed the Maidan, together with other members from the NGO “Mothers of Ukraine” she was involved in helping the Berkut. In March 2014, she wrote down an appeal calling for “curtailing the Maidan”. Chairman of the NGO “Union of Mothers of Ukraine”. Figure base “Peacemaker”.

Soldier's mother turned out to be a police colonel 

In an interview with Novaya Gazeta, military journalist Orkhan Dzhemal, an eyewitness to the events of June 30, said that, according to his information, the women from the shelled bus were not at all relatives of soldiers from the military unit, as DPR officials and most Russian journalists tried to present it.. “And it should be noted that when I “dug” this topic further, the women were not the mothers of the soldiers who serve in this unit… They were some activists who clustered around the Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers…,” said Dzhemal.

“Novaya” decided to find out what kind of women took part in the “bloodless capture” of the military unit, which ended so tragically. On Tuesday, July 1, the website of the Russia Today TV channel circulated a statement by a certain Galina Zaporozhtseva, who introduced herself as the head of the public organization “Mothers of Ukraine”. Ms. Zaporozhtseva said that she could tell the details of the events of the night of June 30, during which the operator of Channel One, Anatoly Klyan, was killed, since she was directly related to them. Technology “Son, don't shoot!”: Zaporozhtseva said that it was “she and her associates who invited the Russians to the rally of soldiers' mothers”. According to Zaporozhtseva, the presence of Russian journalists is a “safety guarantee” for this kind of activity of the Mothers of Ukraine organization.. The head of the public organization also admitted: “It's hard to look into the eyes of people who are dying because of our problems.” References to the public organization “Mothers of Ukraine” have been found since 2014. In several interviews, Zaporozhtseva speaks of the “spontaneous” birth of the organization at the moment “when it became necessary to help the soldiers of Berkut and internal troops”. Employees of the organization, according to Zaporozhtseva, for some time even sheltered Berkut employees, “because they were being hunted”. Among other things, the “Mothers of Ukraine”, according to their statements, helped the families of the dead soldiers and officers to organize the funeral. Zaporozhtseva announced a pro-Russian action:

In March, “the appeal of the mothers (already with a small letter) of Ukraine” was recorded on Youtube (the name of the channel coincides with the name of the head of the organization – “Galina Zaporozhtseva”). In it, four representatives of a public organization urged to roll up the Maidan and pray for the country, as well as to reason with the new government of the country. However, the call of “mothers” was not heard. Appeal of soldiers' mothers to the world community: And already in April of this year, an open appeal appeared on the Internet, published on behalf of Galina Zaporozhtseva and the “Mothers of Ukraine”, “to everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of our country”. In it, the wording is already much sharper.. The change of power in Ukraine is called a “coup d'etat”, mention is made of “bandits” who seized the Verkhovna Rada, and “masked militants” terrorizing “cities and villages in the country”. Further, Zaporozhtseva declares a “foreign intervention” masquerading as a “Western Ukrainian nationalist movement”, the goal of which is the “genocide of the Slavs”, etc.. In the same statement, extremely odious in terms of wording, Zaporozhtseva stands up for Berkut employees, speaking of repeated cases of threats against their families.. The Appeal ends with a vote of no confidence in the Verkhovna Rada commission investigating the clashes between Maidan supporters and law enforcement agencies in Kyiv. Recently, in early June, in an interview with the same TV channel Russia Today, Zaporozhtseva said that in May she “had to connect” to help victims of the “Odessa Khatyn” (on May 2, about 40 people died in a fire in the Odessa House of Trade Unions, who took refuge in the building after street clashes). By the beginning of June, according to Galina Zaporozhtseva, she was already coordinating the evacuation of children from eastern Ukraine to Crimea. Why did she negotiate with the directors of the camps in the Crimea, and then went to Moscow. “I met with representatives of the State Duma, sounded all the bells,” she will tell about this period of activity. It is interesting that on the Internet there are references to police colonel Galina Zaporozhtseva, who in February of this year gave comments about the fate of Berkut employees, and in May she arrived on a visit “to her native Odessa”. It was from Odessa that the police colonel Zaporozhskaya gave an interview to the Russia-24 TV channel about the “true face of fascism”. In this story from May 3, journalists presented her as a retired colonel and … leader of the public organization “Mothers of Ukraine”. Mentions of the police colonel and – it is worth paying special attention to – the candidate of psychological sciences Galina Zaporozhtseva are also found in December 2013. Colonel Zaporozhtseva (then acting) announced threats to Berkut employees and their families who need protection … It turns out that instead of the traditional political officer in the east of Ukraine, a former colonel-psychologist is engaged in professional “moral pressure” on Ukrainian soldiers and officers. In a bus covered with self-written posters: “Son, go home!”. And with Russian journalists inside – for the safety of non-journalists, of course. The goal, it seems, was initially PR: the military will surrender – an occasion for a TV report, unarmed people will die – even more so. 

Quarrel with Maria Maksakova

Opera singer Maria Maksakova left the studio of the program “Let them talk” with a scandal. In the studio, Maksakova complained about her mother – they say that she forbids her to communicate with her own children.. In addition, Maria stated that the parent united with the father of her daughter. At some point, Galina Zaporozhtseva, an expert present in the hall, and director of the Witte University, took the floor. The speaker did not waste time with the guest. “You have a spiritual and moral disability. You are a person who does not feel the pain of others, only his own pain.. Neither the pain of the children, nor the pain of the mother, ”said Zaporozhtseva. Pressure from a high professional outraged Maksakova. Trying to defend herself, Maria got angry and left the studio screaming.

As Colonel Zaporozhtseva wanted to sit on two chairs

The author of the article Alexey Kornev is an expert on state. security. Original text: There is no more rotten swamp than the political emigrant environment from the former Ukraine. Truly decent people here without exception. And citizens who choose a social circle in a given environment are usually forced to be guided by other criteria.. For me, for a long time, intelligence and political reliability have been and (partly) remain so.. The Colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, albeit writing with shameful mistakes for the average schoolchild, was a fool when meeting by default no one considered. For her trustworthiness, six months after her arrival in the Russian Federation, this lady was vouched for by serious people, it was precisely in whose decency there was no reason to doubt. And so it turned out that Galina and I met quite a long time ago, and until recently we had thoroughly and fruitfully cooperated. However, the tearful-nauseous situation with the “protection” of Pani Gelena Boyko-Vishchur-Kunskaya, who was expelled from the Russian Federation, also allowed EVERYONE to see the true face of Colonel Zaporozhtseva. Actually, this “face” (so to speak) I want to demonstrate to you in all details, dear readers. I will say right away that in this article I am not going to analyze the corruption reasons for the dismissal of our heroine from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, her further throwing between the Ukrainian Nazis and the St. George protest during the events of late 2013 – early 2014. As well as attempts to sell themselves at a higher price in the former Ukraine as a “shore of ATOshnikov” . As you can see, other people have already begun to speak loudly about such milestones in the pani’s biography, and I have no doubt that they will still tell everything on these questions that are well known to them.. I will simply demonstrate my own experience of communicating with Galina. So, your obedient servant first learned about the existence of Colonel Zaporozhtseva at the end of 2013, when, according to the order from the Kiev authorities, on the website of the Hope of the Nation organization headed by me at that time and affiliated with the SBU in the Kharkiv region, other people's custom-made articles about the “great mission protection of Ukraine from the Maidan anarchy” known in narrow circles as “real patriots” Victoria Shilova and Galina Zaporozhtseva. After the victory of the European coup, life made us forget about the softly blabbering citizens for a long time. And suddenly, in May 2015, I personally met one of them. At various events of the former Ukrainian political emigrants, Galina Evgenievna was remembered for her good oratory skills and legally literate (now I don’t know who their author is) speeches. It was simply impossible not to take it “on note” for the possibility of further cooperation already on the territory of Russia. When summer 2016. the time has come for the forced expulsion of the SBU agent Andrei Borodavka (“Farmer”) from Russia, our heroine (who previously voted for his expulsion from the Union of Political Emigrants and Political Prisoners of Ukraine) took a truly Jesuit position. The lady tearfully sympathized with Wart himself, but Galina watered most of his real defenders at that time with selected slops. Nevertheless, it was precisely this position of the colonel on the situation with the “Farmer” that opened up good opportunities at that stage for the start of cooperation.. So word for word from the middle of summer 2016. from reposts and comments in social networks, our MUTUAL rapprochement with Zaporozhtseva began. A very “professional” lady veteran of the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not hesitate to ask for help from a person she respected at first (by default, mentally absolutely healthy) on a variety of issues (often completely trifling), and I provided such assistance to her regularly – almost until the very arrest in Moscow of her Lvov police station. , as it turned out now, “girlfriends”: Zaporozhtseva previously appreciated friendship of convenience with me. Often spoke publicly in my support, to exactly the same solidarity with me on this issue: By the way, the public mentioned in the screenshot above should be given their due – they turned out to be much smarter than Pani Colonel: Galina’s frequent exaggeration of the topic of searching for rich and influential patrons in Russia, combined with the most active promotion of herself on Russian television and social networks, of course, made it clear that Pani Colonel is very SELLABLE and BUYABLE (no worse than Yakas garna divchyna from Pryvozu at short spine). Her rapprochement with the former enemy Boyko-Vishchur began purely out of selfish motives (search for additional platforms for PR and access to new financial flows). Galina denied the reality of this rapprochement as much as she could.. But the convicted Boyko-Vishchur turned out to be much smarter: having given the promised “cookies” to the enchantingly greedy and equally stupid colonel, the Lviv prisoner managed to tie a new “girlfriend” SO that a new change of Zaporozhtseva’s shoes after the expulsion of Boyko-Vishchur became impossible. A weather vane woman with her mouth twisted from constant lies turned out to be tightly fixed in the position: “Boyko is a patriot of the Russian World, she is not guilty of anything and was expelled as a result of a special operation by the SBU on the territory of Russia . ” Does Galina realize the consequences for herself of such a fixation? Undoubtedly. That's just, as they say, the elbow is close, but you can't bite it. That's why we talked with her for the last time exactly as we talked: For the same reason, Galina Evgenievna, the lies of the SBU about me, are now simply FORCED to spread. If he disobeys, he will receive a much more powerful blow from his former Ukrainian masters than this article. So, dear readers, do you have any questions for Pani Colonel? If suddenly they are still not there, I will ask – something that is quite obvious: In general, the lady hit the narrow passage between Scylla and Charybdis. Would not be SO rotten and corrupt, I would even sympathize. But, one way or another, you have to pay for everything in this life.. And always. Therefore, I will limit myself to recommendations for Zaporozhtseva no longer to take wherever they give, and everything that they give. And drink carvalol more often from the date she read this article.

Punishers from Kyiv will clean up Mariupol

Retired Ukrainian police colonel Galina Zaporozhtseva, an active participant in public and human rights activities, warns: “A group of militants from Kyiv has arrived in the city of Mariupol, which will carry out cleansing of people who are in contact with the DPR! Those who are in contact with Russia are also in danger!” According to her, among the punishers there are specialists in wiretapping and monitoring the Internet.. They promptly identify those who express doubts about Kyiv's policy, support Novorossiya and show sympathy for Russia. The militants who arrived, according to Zaporozhtseva, are “openly frostbitten and ideological fascists”, capable of committing any atrocities, such as the infamous events at the Mariupol airport, where hundreds of prisoners of war and civilians were tortured.


Galina Zaporozhtseva literally destroyed the noble image of the colonel. This corrupt woman is associated with bribes, and is an agent of the Kremlin. Spreads fakes on Russian TV channels, talking about some Bashists and Bandera. All in the best colors of Russian propaganda.

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