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Zakolodyazhny Vitaly Vitalievich


Zakolodyazhny Vitaliy Vitalievich – the corrupt head of the Odessa customs. He is engaged in extortion of money, interferes with business, including farmers, creates corruption schemes. Covering smuggling, forging documents. Due to customs corruption, the country is losing millions of dollars, which affects not only ordinary citizens but also the army. But Zakolodyazhny doesn't care. While the war is going on, his enrichment schemes continue to kill the country.

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Zakolodyazhny Vitaly Vitalievich

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Born on August 14, 1971. Head of Odessa Customs.

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How a Russian rocket and Odessa customs destroyed the company's property

Customs management demands a bribe from businesses for not delaying the customs clearance procedure. One company refused to pay, customs clearance of its cargo was delayed for a week, and then a Russian rocket flew into the containers. On the night of May 9-10, the Russians launched a missile attack on Odessa. One of the rockets hit the building of the customs “Euroterminal”, located in the port of Odessa. As a result of the impact, not only the terminal burned down. Seven containers were damaged, six of which belonged to clients of one company – Avia Cargo.. The goods inside turned into a pile of burnt trash. The damage is millions of hryvnias. But this damage was caused not only by the Russians.. The Avia Cargo company blames Odessa customs for the fact that the cargo is lost. Containers should not be there, they were deliberately detained by customs officers at the command of the head of the Odessa customs Vitaly Zakolodyazhny. The infamous customs scheme worked, which did not change even during the war. You pay $500-1000 for a container – you go. If you don’t pay, you will stand because of artificially created problems. In particular, this is what the customs officers of Odessa do. They demand money from importers for assistance in expedited clearance of goods.. There is nothing more to demand, because the government has canceled all customs payments. However, customs officers have found a recipe for success. They deliberately stretch the design, hinting that they will come to an agreement. If you agree, you will go within an hour or two. But if you do not want to negotiate, the fate of Avia Cargo and their clients awaits you. The process will take several days to complete. Regarding Odessa, the situation is especially dangerous.. The Russians are constantly bombarding the city. Therefore, due to the risk of shelling, enhanced security measures and speedy customs clearance should be in place.. However, instead of organizing work to speed up the work, Zakolodyazhny blocks the customs clearance of cargoes of the Avia Cargo company. It was this process of artificial puffing that was going on when the Rashists' rocket flew into the Euroterminal.

Bribe-takers cover each other

Here is the direct language of one of the leaders of Avia Cargo: “The technology “The longer the better” was applied to us”. Now all containers serviced by Avia Cargo go through a particularly long customs clearance procedure – despite the fact that our customers have switched to a simplified system and draw up declarations with zero tax. According to my sources, Zakolodyazhny instructed the head of the Euroterminal post, Dmitry Dzenvaliuk, to keep our containers for as long as possible and do 100% departures with sorting goods by article (some declarations had from 100 to 200 articles), the actual review stretched for several days. (which takes from 2 to 6 days) – the customs officers sent a request to the tariff department, after passing through all the stages, they had to withdraw the previously submitted declaration and submit it again, according to the act of departure. As an alternative to simplifying the customs clearance process, Dzenvaliuk offered to pay a bribe of $1,000 for a container from the university and $500 for a container of other goods.. We refused. Then everything continued. Instead of paying bribes, a company representative turned to the head of the Odessa customs and reported about extortion of a bribe. The head of customs agreed to a reception at which the representative spoke in detail about the forced unloading of goods during customs clearance and extortion of bribes. Unfortunately, there was no result after the meeting.. The deliberate unloading of containers continued. “I realized that my sources were telling the truth. This pressure comes at the initiative of Zakolodyazhny,” the interlocutor says. The described corrupt system is centralized. It even works at Western customs, through which goods with weapons and humanitarian aid enter Ukraine.. For customs clearance of weapons, of course, no one requires anything. But from private importers they collect hundreds of dollars for a car, container, etc. The massive use of one scheme and the complete impunity of customs officers indicate that shadow flows lead up to the leadership in Kyiv. The Avia Cargo company and its clients left numerous complaints, but they remained without response and results. Only later did one of them receive an answer, signed by Zakolodyazhny himself. He writes the following: did you talk about bribes? I asked the customs officers. They say it wasn't. Therefore, there was no. Your complaint has been dismissed. It's called impunity. When the same people demand bribes and accept complaints from those who do not want to give them. The system is deliberately designed so that corrupt officials cannot be punished. This indicates that the leadership of the customs in Kyiv is also “in the share” and takes part in collecting cash for the speed of clearance. That is why any signals of violations, including at the Odessa customs, are ignored.


The history of Avia Cargo is not unique. The company “Grand Pro Prestige” from Chornomorsk also faced systemic corruption from customs officers and regulatory authorities. Even before the war, the above-mentioned Vitaly Zakolodyazhny also gave special orders regarding the “Grand-O-Prestige”. Then the company stored cargo at the terminal of the Grand-Pro Prestige company in Chernomorsk and did not reciprocate the “courtship” of the head of the Odessa customs or his subordinates. He was looking for a way to close the terminal for the willfulness of the owner for a long time, only at last such a case appeared. Since the beginning of the war, when Russia began shelling the territory of Ukraine, the cargo on the territory of the terminal was at risk of destruction.. In the state of martial law, the warehouse could no longer be responsible for the safety of customers' property – many guards went into the army, looters moved around the region. Then the owners of the cargo turned to Grand-Pro Prestige with a request to take out their goods. On Friday, March 4, the head of the company turned, in turn, to the head of the Black Sea department of the Office for Combating Smuggling and Violations of Customs Regulations Konstantin Samolevsky – he worked on the territory of the terminal. He agreed, setting the only condition – that “Grand Pro Prestige” guaranteed that on Monday, March 7, he would pay all duties and fees associated with the cargo. Samolevsky agreed, but not in writing, but verbally. On Friday, the client took out the cargo. It was a mistake. On Saturday, Samolevsky said that his management wants to take a bribe so as not to make a fuss about the lack of cargo on the territory of the terminal.. He named $5,000 per container.. The client refused to pay bribes, and “Grand-Pro Prestige” was preparing on Monday to draw up declarations and pay everything officially. “I went to the head of the Odessa customs and informed him about the extortion of a bribe. Asked through the action of martial law to understand the client and allow to pay official payments on Monday, March 7. However, she was refused,” says the head of the “Grand-O-Prestige” Victoria Pikshrenė. On Monday, March 7, the management of the terminal filed declarations in order to pay the due collection. However, he was refused. Complaint to DBR Head of Odessa Customs sent a check to the terminal. Of course, I documented that there is no cargo on the territory of the Grand-O Prestige terminal. Zakolodyazhny closed the terminal. He also did not allow to accept money for customs clearance of goods, although Grand Pro Prestige tried to do this even before the check.

Odessa customs “dressed” the local forces of the troop in the suits of Brioni and Versace

The Security Service of Ukraine is checking the actions of the head of the Odessa customs, Vitaliy Zakolodyazhny, who, without customs clearance, transferred a large batch of branded clothing and shoes of famous world brands to the needs of the 122nd Odessa Territorial Defense Brigade. This was reported by journalist Yuri Butusov. According to the documents, the total value of the clothes transferred to the terrorist defense is 1 million 124 thousand.. 253 UAH At the same time, the clothes themselves are inexpensive: T-shirts cost UAH 54 each, belts – UAH 14 each. Butusov questions the need to dress the defenders of Odessa in branded items. At the same time, he admits that a fake was brought to Ukraine under the guise of branded clothes. Or real products of prestigious brands were imported at a reduced price.

Head of the Odessa Customs Vitaliy Zakolodyazhny and his deputy Denis Raikov organized the operation of a channel for the illegal supply of Chinese goods

The head of the Odessa customs Vitaliy Zakolodyazhny and his deputy Denis Raikov organized the activities of a channel of illegal deliveries of Chinese goods with the substitution of the nomenclature and a decrease in the cost of the goods. Photo from the State Customs telegram channel: These functionaries organized “smuggling” deliveries of goods in small batches, which arrive at airports in Romania and are then brought to Ukraine by road (air cargo). Yes, to the FLP “City of Igor Valerievich” through the MP “Odessa-Internal” by car from the district. AC2254CA, goods were imported in accordance with the customs declaration UA500490/2022/5035, namely toys, phone cases, bags, clothes and accessories. Documents from the State Customs telegram channel: During the inspection, the fact of non-declaration and a decrease in the quantity of a part of the goods – diamond drills, bearings, trademarks were not indicated in the declaration, cosmetic equipment was incorrectly declared, coding of other goods, which is significantly less. Also, possible objects of intellectual property were moving in the cargo – branded tags, branded iPhone cases, etc.. the car was found to have a Chinese consignor's bill of lading, in which the cost of goods is indicated much higher than declared in the declaration. BUT, customs officers “do not notice” any problems with the specified cargo.

“Heroes” of our time

The author of the article – businessman Seyar Kurshutov: I can congratulate the leadership of the customs service on another natural result of a thoughtless personnel policy. The security service conducted a search at the head of the Odessa customs Zakolodyazhny according to Art.. 110, Art. 1.111 (high treason) and Art.. 263 Zakalodiazhny and a number of his subordinates, the head of the Odessa post – Rudyk Dmitry Alexandrovich. Head of VMO 1 – Lisitsa Pavel Nikolaevich, Deputy. early. VMO 1 – Dzinvalyuk Dmitry Alexandrovich There are definitely a dozen of them …), it is incriminated that he, without reason, expropriated goods from the business not for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (in wartime this is a normal practice), but at his own discretion, in fact it is simply unfounded stealing goods from a failing business under the guise of war. Some of the stolen goods, such as children's toys, tracksuits, women's items, had nothing to do with military needs. I also know for sure that the marauders in customs uniforms, who quickly orientated themselves in the situation, came up with a new scheme with the outbreak of the war. Under the pretext of letters from the rear divisions of the territorial defense, goods were confiscated, allegedly for their needs, but in fact – for a bribe they were given to dishonest entrepreneurs (they saved on paying customs duties). According to my information, in the near future, the issue of suspecting the defendant and his accomplices will be resolved. A unique rabble – stupid and unscrupulous, but now no longer unpunished clowns.

Subscription of calm: how the new head of the Odessa customs Zakolodyazhny decided to fight with the security forces

RK 36676586 Forwarder: TOV “Laman Shipping” Recipient: TOV “LONG Import” PP – UA500000/2021/943321 container BEAU6569776 (40) weight 22600 kg places 221 Household air conditioners from China.” A message of this type is the wording of the “sighting” of containers in the closed telegram chat of the Odessa customs. The chat is very interesting, since there are only five people in it: – A customs representative (who approves the cargo) – An employee of the anti-smuggling department – A representative of the SBU – A representative of the DBR – A representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Vitaliy Zakolodyazhy's corruption schemes:

What is “sighting”? When you want to pick up a container from the port, you have to endorse its exit from its territory. In simple terms, get permission to export it. This is carried out in a special port program. This is not customs clearance yet, but at this stage, the customs, having information that something is wrong with this container, can manually put a “full” inspection form on it. Moreover, this form of control is put in place without the “risks” system working out. And everything would be fine if, at some stage, the law enforcement agencies did not get into the process of “sighting”. Under their pressure, the customs included representatives of these departments “SBU, DBR and the Ministry of Internal Affairs” in the process of coordinating the exit of goods from the port, giving them the right to put “+” or “examination” on each container. They say according to our information there may be something wrong! And again, this is done without explaining the reasons, and without their reaction, the customs does not have the right to “visit” the exit of the cargo from the port. And whether there is “something wrong” in this cargo, or everything is in order – no one else cares. No one but business, since falling under such a procedure as “inspection” costs at least $ 500-600 for unloading / loading and a simple truck, and most importantly, the client does not receive his goods during the entire inspection period. And depending on the mood of the customs and security forces, such an “inspection” can take from 2-3 days to a couple of weeks. Recently, I even published a screen of business indignation about such “empty” inspections, as a result of which no violations are found, and business suffers cosmic losses.. And there is nowhere to complain. Why did the security forces get into the “sighting” system? Here is the most interesting moment. According to my sources, this is done to put the business on a “peace of mind” subscription.. If you want your firms and cargoes not to be marked “inspection” in the sighting chat, but only “+”, then you have to pay a subscription for each container. According to rumors, the tariff is as follows: SBU – $ 200 DBR – $ 200 Ministry of Internal Affairs – $ 100 Customs $ 10 “hoofed”. You pay – they don't touch you. Do not pay – do not be offended. Your cargo will be subject to inspections, and you will lose not only money, but also time, and, accordingly, customers. Therefore, the option “negotiate” is chosen by almost everyone. Silently. And what about Zakolodyazhny? After assigning the status of a new acting. Head of the Odessa Customs, Zakolodyazhny, is trying to find a way to show the Head of Customs Demchenko his efficiency and do something unusual. And judging by the actions, he chose for himself the story of the expulsion of security forces from customs and their removal from the feeder. Since yesterday, a group of customs officers “visitors” has been moved to the central building of the Odessa customs. During work, they were forbidden to use phones, communicate with the security forces, and their entire working day now passes under video cameras, which Zakolodyazhny monitors personally. With this decision, in an instant, the security forces lost control over the cargo leaving the port, lost the right to nightmare business and, most importantly, to receive a “subscription fee for peace of mind”. (Whoever was going to pay, you can no longer do this.) For Zakolodyazhny to escalate with the security forces is, of course, a bold move, Demchenko, as well as business, will appreciate him, but we will observe how the SBU and DBR, who know how to create problems for customs officers, will respond.


Corruption at customs, especially in wartime, should be equated with collaborationism, because lost money greatly affects the army and the country as a whole. But unfortunately, the situation with smuggling has only worsened, and the activities of Vitaly Zakolodyazhny confirm this.

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