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Yaroslavsky Alexander Vladilenovich


Alexander Yaroslavsky is a corrupt official, and a schemer, a man with no conscience. He made an accident, crushing a pedestrian to death, after which he fled to London on the same day. Tried to hide the traces of the crime.

December 5, 1959
Уровень охвата:

Alexander Vladilenovich Yaroslavsky

Official biography

Born on December 5, 1959 in Mariupol, Donetsk region. He graduated from the Kharkov Institute of Public Catering and postgraduate studies at the Odessa Technological Institute. After serving in the army, he studied at the police school. In 1986-1987 – inspector of the department for combating the theft of property of the Moscow District Department of Internal Affairs of Kharkov. He worked at the Kharkov Institute of Public Catering. After marrying the daughter of the former head of the Kharkiv region Alexander Masalsky, Alexander Yaroslavsky went into business. Initially, it was the sale of gasoline, operations with vouchers. In 1992, he became Vice President of Geya JSC. According to some reports, Alexander Yaroslavsky as a businessman began his formation together with the former chairman of the Kharkov Regional Council Vasily Salygin. In 1996-1997, he was vice-president of the representative office of Triverton International Limited in Ukraine. Since 1998 – President, and since 2003 – Honorary President of JSCB “UkrSibbank”. Honorary President of FC Metalist. In the 2002 parliamentary elections, he ran for parliament on the PZU list (No. 13). Was a member of the Green Party. But rom lost the election. Therefore, Yaroslavsky was forced to leave for the majority district – in June 2003 he received a deputy mandate in the Chernihiv constituency No. 206. In the parliament, he was one of the initiators of the creation of the so-called “Kharkov” deputy group “Democratic Initiatives”. Later he was a member of Volodymyr Lytvyn's People's Party. In 2007, in the “Top 100” of the most influential people in Ukraine of the Korrespondent magazine, Alexander Yaroslavsky took 61st position. Member of the Supervisory Board of JSCIB “UkrSibbank” BNP Paribas Group. In 2007, in the ranking of “200 Most Influential Ukrainians” compiled by Focus magazine, he took 82nd place, and in 2008 – 76th place.

A family

Married. Wife – Irina Alexandrovna. Son – Alexander (born 1993).

NOT official biography

In 2004, Alexander Yaroslavsky became a sponsor of the famous Kharkiv separatist Yevgeny Kushnarev. Through the controlled “UkrSibbank”, the oligarch transferred funds to the account of an organization with the remarkable name “Independence”. Through her, Kushnarev received funds for sabotage. It is worth emphasizing that Alexander Yaroslavsky began financially supporting the separatists ten years before the hot events in the Donbass. In 2006, Natalia Vitrenko, the leader of the PSPU, said that Alexander Yaroslavsky had falsified the results of the parliamentary elections.. Thanks to this, the Lytvyn Bloc passed to the Verkhovna Rada. Alexander Yaroslavsky is also associated with many Russian oligarchs. In particular, he is suspected of partnering with swindler metallurgists known as the Cherny brothers.. Now they are on the Russian wanted list and hiding in Israel. In addition, Yaroslavsky is credited with common business interests with Roman Abramovich and Oleg Deripaska.. With the latter, according to the SBU, the Ukrainian oligarch planned to commit sabotage. According to media reports, after Alexander Yaroslavsky acquired the Kharkov Tractor Plant, part of the equipment was dismantled for spare parts and prepared for shipment to Russia. Thanks to the special operation of the Security Service of Ukraine, the cargo did not leave the country. It is assumed that the materials sent could be used by Russian representatives for military purposes. By the way, the Kharkiv oligarch has a close friendship with scandalous billionaires – Igor Kolomoisky and Dmitry Firtash. With the first, he is in a particularly tight criminal business relationship.. Rumor has it that after the fall of V. It was Benya Kolomoisky who helped Yanukovych maintain spheres of influence for Yaroslavsky. Alexander Yaroslavsky himself denies any connection with the odious banker. In 2017, he commented on these rumors with an ambiguous phrase: “I have five children, why do I need Kolomoisky!” The press does not know what Benya has to do with the fertilizing function of Alexander Yaroslavsky.

Fatal accident near Kharkov

On February 10, 2022, the Kharkiv Region Police Communications Department reported a fatal accident that occurred the day before on the Kyiv-Kharkov-Dovzhansky highway. Unidentified car hit a pedestrian. Later it was found that the man was hit by a motorcade of Alexander Yaroslavsky, and license plates were found at the scene of the accident. The DCH group, owned by the businessman, indicated that the driver was driving, working in one of the auxiliary services. He surrendered and is cooperating with the investigation.. The press service confirmed that Yaroslavsky flew to London. The official purpose of the visit is to meet with the family in accordance with the working schedule formed at the beginning of this week. Yaroslavsky himself said that he was sleeping at home when he found out about the accident. Video from the scene:

The accident received a wide response. The Minister of Internal Affairs Denis Monastyrsky said that the driver who surrendered to the police was at the time of the accident in another place.. In turn, the State Bureau of Investigation initiated criminal proceedings regarding an attempt to falsify this case. During the pre-trial investigation, law enforcement officers conducted court-sanctioned searches at the hotel and at the place of residence of the businessman, as well as at the place of residence of the driver who surrendered to the police. The purpose of the search is to extract information from CCTV cameras, confirm the use of the car and the involvement of other persons in the accident.

Cars from Yaroslavsky's cortege were washed away to destroy information – police

Two cars from the cortege of Kharkiv businessman Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, which appear in an accident, were delivered to Kyiv for forensic examinations. This was reported on February 18 by the press service of the National Police of Ukraine.. Law enforcers specified that they seized all items relevant to establishing the circumstances of the accident. “Experts found out that prior to the seizure of cars, certain elements, namely the front part, wheels and bottom, were washed out.. This indicates an attempt by the defendants in the criminal proceedings to destroy trace information that may indicate the involvement of cars in an accident, and then avoid responsibility for the fatal accident,” the release noted. Member of the Chuguevsky District Council Dmitry Drobot wrote on Facebook that it is more important for Yaroslavsky to be in London with children on vacation than to answer law enforcement questions. “You are the king of Kharkov. You famously drive yourself. You have “Metal”, KhTZ, an airport and a cloud of different companies in group D. Life seems to be good. One day – maybe not the first time – you knock a man down. Not stopping to death. Maybe not even you, but the one who said that he was not him. And who shot down is not clear,” Drobot said.

Yaroslavsky left Ukraine

The same edition of Ukrayinska Pravda, shortly after reporting an accident involving the Yaroslavl cortege, wrote that the businessman had left Ukraine by charter. Allegedly, the plane from Poland arrived in Kharkiv at 12:50 and flew back at 13:50. Journalists note that Yaroslavsky and his father-in-law Sergey Sventitsky are on the plane. According to the Flightradar web service, the plane is moving to Farnborough Airport (London). The businessman's press service confirmed that “in accordance with the working schedule established at the beginning of the week,” Yaroslavsky flew to London to meet with his family. TSN is trying to get more information about the accident in the Kharkiv region police.

Alexander Yaroslavsky financed the Putin-Russian occupying army for $110 million

Alexander Yaroslavsky established control over one of the largest iron ore enterprises in Ukraine from the Evraz holding for $ 110 million, which is owned by the wallet of the main Russian comuno-fascist Vladimir Putin – Roman Abramovich. The transaction took place by transferring to the buyer by EVRAZ Group SA. of the entire share capital of Kadish Limited (an enterprise that owns shares in EVRAZ Sukha Balka). The transaction amounted to $110 million, which is comparable to the level of working capital and debt of an iron ore enterprise. Official announcement from Yaroslavsky: BERKLEMOND INVESTMENTS LTD, a member of Alexander Yaroslavsky's DCH group, has acquired EVRAZ Sukha Balka, an iron ore mining company. The structure of the plant includes two mines – “Yubileynaya” and mine named after. Frunze. Last year, the company sold more than 2.5 million tons of sinter ore. The deal amounted to $110 million, which is comparable to the level of working capital and debt of the iron ore enterprise. Specializes in underground mining of iron ore. “Evraz-Sukhaya Balka” specializes in the extraction and production of marketable iron ore. Part of the Evraz group (RF). Palmrose B Company. IN. (Netherlands), which is a 100% subsidiary of the Evraz Group (RF), owns 99.2521% of the shares in the mine of PrJSC Evraz-Sukhaya Balka. Evraz plc is a large vertically integrated steel and mining company with operations in Russia, the US, Italy, South Africa and Ukraine. The largest beneficiaries of the group are Roman Abramovich, Alexander Abramov and Alexander Frolov.

Kharkov “disassembly”

Among Yaroslavsky's best-known current assets are Kharkiv Airport and DCH, which is mainly involved in construction projects – in particular, roads.. By the way, for several years now there has been a conflict around the road through the famous Barabashovo market, which could quarrel Yaroslavsky with both main contenders for the chair of the Kharkov mayor. “According to rumors, the current acting. Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov promised to negotiate with the owner of the market Alexander Feldman and remove the issue of the road. This is supported by the fact that the scandals about this have ceased.. On the other hand, there flashed an amount of about UAH 80 million. – why would Yaroslavsky voluntarily give up this money? That is, the point is how the question of the road will arise further: only Feldman will be Yaroslavsky's opponent, or is it Feldman plus Terekhov. But this is before the elections, and it’s unknown how to proceed,” says Sergey Ermakov. However, it’s not only the road through Barabashovo that can create problems for Yaroslavsky. “When Yaroslavsky managed to make peace with Kernes, they united and promised that they would create an ultra-modern anti-virus and immunological center, they even bought something, but in the end there was nothing – they promised and did not fulfill. Any outbreak of the virus can be an occasion to remember the promise. As soon as Alexander Vladilenovich feels too independent, he will immediately be reminded of his promises, “says Ermakov. Moreover, given past and current ties with large Russian business, the Kharkiv entrepreneur may well be interested in Bankovaya, who needs victims to demonstrate her strength and principles.

Fraudulent parliamentary elections

In March 2006, PSPU leader Natalya Vitrenko accused Oleksandr Yaroslavsky of participating in the rigging of the 2006 elections to the Verkhovna Rada in favor of the Lytvyn Bloc. Yaroslavsky did not publicly comment on these accusations.

Billionaire from Kharkov. The role of the city in the wealth of Alexander Yaroslavsky

Alexander Yaroslavsky is positioned as perhaps the main philanthropist in Kharkov. But looking back at his professional path, it is more correct to say that, first of all, a businessman is an oligarch, and the first rule of business is personal enrichment.. In achieving this goal, the most effective tool of the oligarch is the presence of influence on the authorities. In recent months, Yaroslavsky has often shared his grandiose plans with the public.. Mostly about how he will return big football to Kharkiv and revive the once glorious Metallist Kharkiv, which went bankrupt five years ago. But there are big risks that talk about the revival of the Kharkov club is an element of playing on the local public. In fact, the impending changes in city government open up prospects for Yaroslavsky that go far beyond the football field.. And these prospects will not bring any special changes to Kharkiv residents, because a businessman is rooting for money, and not for the score on the stadium scoreboard. However, quite recently for Yaroslavsky everything was not at all so rosy.. Until 2020, he had a protracted and serious conflict with the then mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes. The power of Gennady Adolfovich's authority and the voters' trust in him left no illusions to Yaroslavsky that he could influence the mayor's decisions. At the same time, Kernes himself clearly pointed out the place and role of Yaroslavsky in Kharkov. “I stand with Alexander Vladilenovich on opposite sides. I work in the interests of the territorial community, and he increases his fortune, ”Kernes said, explaining that no matter how hard the Kharkiv billionaire tried to seem socially oriented, his instinctive focus on using the city’s resources to increase the capitalization of his empire did not go away.. And there are many examples of this.

How Yaroslavsky was “squeezed out” of “Metalist” for the benefit of him

Yaroslavsky always emphasized that FC Metalist is an exclusively subsidized project for him, where he invests a lot of money just to please his fan heart and, of course, Kharkiv residents. And he was forced to sell the club in 2012 almost for next to nothing and only because of the unprecedented political pressure exerted on him by the criminal power of Yanukovych in the person of Sergei Kurchenko. In fact, according to Yaroslavsky, Metalist, in the language of the modern elite, was “squeezed” from him, and then ruined. However, whether this is actually the case is at least a moot point.. The same Kernes directly stated that the deal to sell Metallist was beneficial for Yaroslavsky. “Yaroslavsky just loves money and has been preparing a deal to sell Metalist for a long time.. He sold partners, sold the business, sold everything, ”Kernes said.. At the same time, it is known that the deal was being prepared for quite a long time, a detailed audit of the club and its assets was carried out, which is in no way consistent with the public value judgment about the “gangster spin”. And the amount that Yaroslavsky received for Metalist is still not exactly known.. The businessman refuses to name her, referring to the confidentiality of the contract, saying only that he “received less than $ 300 million”. At the same time, according to Alexander Yaroslavsky, over 7 years he invested about 270 million in Metalist. dollars. Considering that the football club generates not only expenses, but also brings in money (for example, from the sale of football players, the lease of sports facilities, the sale of symbols, rights to television broadcasts), the deal does not look at all extortionate for Yaroslavsky. As for the statements of the oligarch about the complete unprofitability of Metallist for him, a number of interesting points also attract attention here.. Thanks to the Kharkiv football club, Yaroslavsky took an active part in the preparation of the city for Euro 2012, which allowed him to acquire part of the city's sports infrastructure. So, Yaroslavsky owned a part of the Metalist stadium – under the stands of the northern and southern sectors, a VIP box, basements and a number of other objects.. Given that the stadium is an integral object, and it is impossible to use it for its intended purpose in parts, it turned out that, without buying the entire stadium, Yaroslavsky received a kind of “controlling stake” in its integral property complex. And as a result, this gave him the opportunity to earn on the city asset. Now Yaroslavsky is actively promoting the revival of Metalist, using as a tool for this relationship with the acting. Mayor Igor Terekhov. For the latter, the resuscitation of Metalist has its own reason – this is a strong pre-election PR. The course taken by Alexander Vladilenovich gives him the opportunity to return his assets, but at the same time, at the very least, shelve the return of almost a billion of Metalist’s debt, because it can be “hung” on the city. Yes, and friendship with the Kharkiv authorities allows him to earn money on projects that are not related to football and much more profitable.

Not by Russians alone. How Yaroslavsky uses Chinese and Turks for business

In recent years, Alexander Yaroslavsky has joined the fight for a controlling stake in Zaporozhye Motor Sich.. And on the side of Chinese investors. The deal to buy the company's shares was blocked by the SBU back in 2016 as detrimental to national security.. The package bought by the Chinese actually “frozen”. And in the summer of 2020, it becomes known that Yaroslavsky is ready to buy half of the shares of Motor Sich, for which the Chinese investor paid. At the beginning of this year, he already announced that he was a co-owner of Motor Sich together with the Chinese, his team announced a meeting of shareholders and assembled a management team that was supposed to take over the management of the enterprise. But: the ownership of the Chinese to a controlling stake has not been confirmed, which means that they did not have the right to sell any part of them. Thus, Yaroslavsky's actions in this project have at least primary signs of raiding. The “Russian trace” in the Chinese combination around “Motor Sich” is also visible. The Russians have always been interested in buying this strategic enterprise – they need the plant because it produces, among other things, components for Russian military helicopters. But after 2014, for obvious reasons, there was no question of any purchase of Motor Sich by the Russians.. The appearance of a Chinese investor was clearly in the hands of Moscow. And Yaroslavsky, one way or another, contributed to the fact that this investor entered into full ownership of the enterprise despite the sanctions of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies. But it didn't work out. But it turned out in Kharkov with the Turks. Oleksandr Yaroslavskyy’s DCH Group became a partner of the Turkish company Makyol, which received a contract for UAH 96.2 million for the construction of a road through the Barabashovo market in Kharkiv. The scale, of course, is not the same as with the Chinese at Motor Sich, but this was only the first step. Almost any activity of Turkish business in Kharkiv is associated with the companies of Alexander Yaroslavsky – not only the construction of roads, but also housing construction, for example. Moreover, the participants and winners of city tenders are the companies of Yaroslavsky, and the Turks act as partners. Even buses for public transport in Kharkov, it was decided to buy Turkish. The decision to purchase last month was passed through the City Council by the aforementioned acting. Mayor Igor Terekhov. True, it was adopted long before it was submitted to the session – Terekhov even tried to make a PR campaign out of it, having traveled to Turkey the day before and photographed himself at the Karsan manufacturing plant. 150 buses will be bought, another 350 will be produced jointly in Kharkov. And, of course, at KhTZ. The city budget will also pay for the buses produced. The ease with which Turkish investors, under the auspices of Alexander Yaroslavsky, manage to secure lucrative contracts with the Kharkiv city government reluctantly raises the question of a possible personal interest of individual authorities in these transactions. As for Yaroslavsky, he is not afraid of possible corruption scandals. He is not an official, but a classic businessman who uses his influence on the authorities to make decisions taking into account his interests.

“Big” COVID-19 and “Big Construction” as business projects of Yaroslavsky

Alexander Vladilenovich does not disdain to make money even on such a painful issue for Kharkiv residents as the COVID-19 epidemic. Back in 2020, when the coronavirus had just appeared in Ukraine, everything needed to counteract the virus was massively purchased for budget money.. It was Yaroslavsky who took over, instead of Governor Alexei Kucher, control over the anti-crisis headquarters to combat coronavirus. All this led to a loud conflict between Yaroslavsky and the governor. Yaroslavsky harshly and publicly criticized Kucher, presenting himself as practically the savior of Kharkov from the coronavirus “plague”. Of course, most of the budget purchases for the fight against COVID-19, and these are oxygen concentrators, ventilators, protective equipment, etc., went through companies close to Yaroslavl. And obviously not without benefit for him.. Governor Kucher himself publicly stated this. At the same time, a huge part of the purchased was not used for its intended purpose.. Already in April of this year, when the third wave of COVID-19 in Kharkiv brought medicine to the brink of collapse, and there was a catastrophic lack of oxygen, the media wrote that the concentrators purchased for budget subventions in 2020 were not used. If this is true, then it turned out that the supplier firms have mastered the budget, and no one is interested in how this equipment is used. Yaroslavsky, as befits a classic oligarch, is trying to influence not only local authorities, but also the central. In this context, his connections with the Deputy Head of the Office of the President Kyrylo Tymoshenko are noteworthy.. It was Tymoshenko who publicly defended Yaroslavsky during his conflict with Kucher and tried to reconcile them. It is not surprising that Yaroslavsky had a fruitful cooperation with Tymoshenko as the curator of the “Great Construction” in the issue of the development of funds on the roads.. For some time now, the company “Avtomagistral-South”, which is part of the so-called “road cartel”, began to receive many contracts in the Kharkiv region. Avtomagistral-South is formally registered in Odessa, but offices and production facilities are located in Dnipro, where Kirill Timoshenko is from. According to the Nashi Groshi website, this company was one of the largest contractors of Ukravtodor under Petro Poroshenko, and then Avtomagistral-South was promoted by the then and current governor of Dnepropetrovsk region Valentin Reznichenko and his adviser Yuriy Golik. Tymoshenko, as a PR man, once worked with Poroshenko, and when he made a career in Zelensky’s team, he called his old acquaintance from Dnipro, Yuri Golik, to help him in the “Great Construction”. And “Motorway-South” becomes one of the favorites in the development of funds from the “Great Construction”. As for Kharkiv, Yaroslavsky is assisting the “Dnipro” in entering local repairs and road construction through his influence on the acting. Mayor Igor Terekhov. And it is hardly worth thinking that he does it disinterestedly. If we combine all the elements of Alexander Yaroslavsky’s entrepreneurial life into one, and take into account the use of administrative resources, then he fully falls under the definition of an “oligarch”, which is used by the National Security and Defense Council to compile an appropriate list, the activities of whose participants should be regulated by a law that is being prepared for adoption in the Verkhovna Rada. Moreover, as a longtime and active partner of Russian business, Yaroslavsky and his companies may also be included in the sanctions list of those who cooperate with Russia.. In the very one where the companies of Fuchs, a friend and partner of Yaroslavsky, are already located. However, so far the name of Yaroslavsky does not appear in any insider lists of 13 oligarchs.

Financial situation

In 2011, Focus magazine estimated the fortune of Alexander Yaroslavsky at $1.403 billion.. (No. 16 in the ranking of the 200 richest people in Ukraine, compiled by Focus magazine). In 2010, the Korrespondent magazine estimated the capital of Alexander Yaroslavsky at $ 797 million.. (15th place in the Golden Hundred rating). In 2009, the Focus magazine estimated the capital of Alexander Yaroslavsky at $ 172.5 million.. According to the publication, over the past year he lost $ 732.5 million. In 2009, Korrespondent magazine estimated the businessman's fortune at $ 620 million. In 2008, the Polish magazine Wprost estimated Yaroslavsky's fortune at $ 1.6 billion. In 2007, Alexander Yaroslavsky was included in the rating of “50 richest people in Ukraine” by the magazine “Korrespondent”. The publication estimated his fortune at $ 1.3 billion.


Alexander Yaroslavsky is a corrupt official, and a schemer, a man with no conscience. He made an accident, crushing a pedestrian to death, after which he fled to London on the same day. Tried to hide the traces of the crime.

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