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Guzhva Igor Anatolievich


Igor Guzhva-journalist, owner of the publication\"\". Distributed Kremlin propaganda from his media resources, implicated in a tax evasion scheme. He was put on the wanted list, he hid in Austria. He was arrested, but soon released. To this day, he is engaged in disinformation, funded by Russian sources.

Ukraine, possibly Russia
Ukraine Russia
May 23, 1974
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Guzhva Igor Anatolievich

Official biography

Igor Guzhva was born on May 23, 1974. in the city of Slavyansk, Donetsk region. From 1991 to 1996 – student of the Faculty of Economics, Donetsk State University.


1994 – began work in the newspaper “Vest”, founded by Leonid Tsodikov. Then – in the newspaper “Donetsk Kryazh” (founded by Boris Glotov and Tamara Zolotukhina) and in the newspaper “Salon of Don and Basa”. 1997 – with Leonid Tsodikov, Alexander “Tems” Timoshenko, Oleg Izmailov, Sergey Golokha and Yevgeny Yasenov, updated the newspaper “Salon of Don and Basa”, transforming it from a newspaper of free ads into the first European edition in Ukraine. Managed the business and finance department of the newspaper. He actively developed the topic of protecting the rights of entrepreneurs from the arbitrariness of regulatory authorities, launched ratings of industrial enterprises in Donbass. 1998 – Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper “Salon of Don and Basa”. Since 2001 – work in Moscow. Project coordinator at the Gleb Pavlovsky Effective Policy Foundation. 2002 – editor-in-chief of the political expert network of the project “”. 2003 – at the suggestion of Leonid Tsodikov, who by that time had become the general director of the Segodnya Publishing Group, he moved to Ukraine, to Kyiv and became the editor-in-chief of the newspaper, replacing Vladimir Kornilov in this post. 2004 – under the leadership of Igor Guzhva, the first redesign of the newspaper “Segodnya” was carried out, the concept of the publication was significantly updated. March 2006 – Together with Leonid Tsodikov, Vitaly Chirkov and the Innovation company, he redesigned the Segodnya newspaper, turning it into a modern European-style full-color newspaper. At the end of 2006. newspaper shareholder System Capital Management (SCM) fired Tsodikov and Chirkov. Guzhva remained editor-in-chief and continued to work with Segodnya's new general director, Guillermo Schmidt. In 2012. Guzhva dismissed from the post of editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Segodnya” by the decision of the Supervisory Board of “SKM”. The newspaper's staff and Igor Guzhva himself did not agree with this decision. After leaving the Segodnya newspaper, Igor Guzhva decided to pursue a career in Russian journalism. Having moved to Moscow, since March 2012, Guzhva has been a member of the leadership of the Russian edition of Moscow News as an editor-in-chief. However, in January 2013, the newspaper is closed due to financial difficulties, and Guzhva returns to Ukraine.

A family

Ex-wife – Anna Solntseva, ex-leader of the NewsOne TV channel, is raising her son. Ex-wife: Son of Igor Guzhva:

NOT official biography

All the activities of the Segodnya projects were carried out at the expense of their owner, the System Capital Management (SCM) group of companies.. Donetsk businessman Rinat Akhmetov is the main shareholder of this company.. The company's office is located in Donetsk. Due to the closeness of Rinat Akhmetov's interests to the Party of Regions, the editors of Segodnya were often accused of publishing materials in their favor. The dismissal from the post of head of Segodnya was preceded by the removal of Igor Guzhva, which lasted almost a year.. As a result, the project owners broke off relations with him under the pretext of the end of the contract and his destructive position.. According to the expert himself, the real reason was his disagreement with the policy of censorship of publications. Information and analytical publication “Russian Reporter” acted as a partner in the VESTI holding. This, as well as pro-Russian publications, the distorted presentation of the material and non-payment of taxes on income, served as a pretext for the criminal prosecution of Igor Guzhva. Igor Guzhva distributes his own newspapers: According to rumors, the real owner of the VESTI media holding is the ex-tax minister Alexander Klimenko. This is indicated by the fact that after the departure of Igor Guzhva, his wife Alexander Klimenko took his place, and at all courts the former editor was accompanied by lawyers who previously worked in the ministry controlled by the former minister. Attempt to go into politics: Caught in the process of transferring a bribe in the amount of ten thousand US dollars. The defendants in the case have different opinions about who transferred money to whom and for what.. After that, he left Ukraine, having received political asylum in Austria.

Attempts to take Guzhva

The first attempt to stop Guzhva's pro-Kremlin activities took place in May 2014.. Tax officers came to the Vesti office with a search. Among other things, they found UAH 1.5 million in a safe in Guzhva's office. He was accused of illegal conversion activities – a connection was established between the money that came to the account of the Guzhva holding and the Torggazstream LTD enterprise, which is associated with Sergei Kurchenko's Real Bank. From Mustafa Nayem's investigation: In September 2014, the SBU came to the editorial office with a search. Laptops used by journalists and other employees were confiscated. Subsequently, the SBU handed over the results of the searches to the Ministry of Justice, which filed a lawsuit with a demand to cancel the registration of the newspaper.. But this did not happen – the newspaper is still being distributed. Guzhva himself left for Moscow for some time, and he was put on the wanted list for tax evasion. Interestingly, even in Moscow, he continued to lead the editorial process and proofread and corrected all materials. From Mustafa Nayem's investigation: The activities of the tax authorities and the SBU were accompanied by the blocking of some accounts of the holding and Guzhva himself. As Espresso's former employees told the Espresso website, at that time the newspaper had long stopped paying “white” salaries and generally began to have problems with its payment. Guzhva subsequently returned to Kyiv. He was detained, but soon the court released him on bail of UAH 1 million. And already in July 2015 he left the holding. Evil tongues claim that he took with him a tidy sum from the editorial cash desk. The editor of Novoye Vremya, Vitaly Sych, expressed his opinion about Vesti: Olga Semchenko, former press secretary of Alexander Klimenko, became the manager of Vesti Media Holding. Actually, this finally confirmed the version that the former chief tax officer finances a free newspaper. Although both Semchenko and he himself deny this. Rally edited by “Vesti”:

Thanks hackers

Guzhva’s activities are mentioned in “Surkov’s letters,” which were posted to the public by patriotic Ukrainian hackers.. In particular, there is an interesting letter from Guzhva himself, in which he asks his old friend Vitaly Leybin for help and admits to pro-Russian activities. The letter is generally very interesting: it also mentions the schemes that Klim “built” (obviously, Alexander Klimenko. – Ed.), and materials in the “Reporter”, which were made “at the request from the very Top.” Leybin, in a letter to Surkov, calls Guzhva “our old friend” and explains that his value to the Kremlin lies in the fact that he is “persuasive and able to present the necessary information brightly and with the right sauce”. In another letter, Leybin writes that Guzhva's new project, the Strana.ia website, will become “a super-efficient propaganda platform for the Kremlin.” Email from: Guzhva himself called these letters a fake, and assured that he could not use the [email protected] address, because in 2015 he still worked at Vesti. However, the registration of the domain took place in 2004, so Guzhva could well use the corresponding mail. Email from: The project was launched in February 2016. At first, Iskander Khisamov, another old friend of Guzhva, was involved in the project. He first wrote columns on the Vesti website, then headed the Reporter magazine, then the UBR television channel, and even hosted some kind of talk show there. Correspondence of this figure also became the prey of hackers. In particular, it turned out that Khisamov left Guzhva's website and this caused a misunderstanding of the latter. However, they seem to have remained friends.. For Khisamov's new project “Ukraine.Ru” has now devoted half of the texts on the front page to the capture of Guzhva. Project “”: “Ukraine.Ru” has a distinctly pro-Kremlin orientation. In addition to the texts about Guzhva, you can also see such miraculous exclusives: “Ukraine will be flooded by Middle Eastern guest workers”, “Reform of secondary education: for amber, for the police or for the front.”

Igor Guzhva was spat on at a rally

After an unexpectedly lenient sentence was handed down to Yuri Krysin, one of the killers of journalist Vyacheslav Veremy, those who disagreed with this decision and opponents of corruption in the courts in general gathered on the Maidan. For some reason, the editor-in-chief of Strana, Igor Guzhva, also came to the action, however, he probably very quickly regretted his decision. One of the protesters, an activist of the C14 movement Yevhen Karas, accused Guzhva of defending the “titushki” during the Maidan, spat at the chief editor and tried to hit him. Guzhva announced this on his Facebook page:

“Today” and the second move to Russia

In 2003 Guzhva returned to Ukraine. He accepted the offer of the then General Director of the Segodnya Publishing Group, Leonid Tsodikov, to head the editorial office of the eponymous version of the newspaper in Ukraine. Guzhva worked in the publication until 2012 – he was fired from the post of editor-in-chief by the decision of the Supervisory Board of SCM. Guzhva did not agree with this decision, so a scandal erupted around his dismissal. Igor Guzhva often visited Russia: After his dismissal, Guzhva again moved to Russia – this time only for a year.. In 2012, he worked as the chief editor of the Russian edition of Moskovskiye Novosti, but already in January 2013 the edition was closed and Guzhva returned to Ukraine again. Separatists Igor Guzhva and Dmitry Vasilets at the OSCE conference:

Accusation of tax evasion

On July 15, 2015, the head of the Main Investigation Department of Financial Investigations of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, Vadym Melnyk, announced that Igor Guzhva was suspected of tax evasion in the amount of UAH 17,800,000. Guzhva's lawyer Elena Lukash about searches in the editorial office:

Searches in the editorial office of “”: At the same time, the suspicion was handed to him only on August 1: before that, Guzhva was absent on the territory of Ukraine, on August 4, the Shevchenkovsky District Court of Kyiv chose a preventive measure in the form of a bail of UAH 1 million 35 thousand 300 until October 1. hryvnia and ordered not to leave Kyiv without the permission of the investigator and hand over his passport to the prosecutor. On August 7, Guzhva was paid a bail and handed over his passport. Searches in the editorial office of “”: During the meeting, prosecutors showed a document according to which Guzhva received more than UAH 141 million in 2014. income. He himself denied the existence of such funds, but found money for bail. The interests of Igor Guzhva were represented by the legal group Prove Group, the core of which is former employees of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties under the leadership of Alexander Klimenko. Guzhva wrote a Facebook post about what was happening: Igor Guzhva denied accusations of non-payment of taxes, as well as the pro-Russian orientation of the publication and said that Vesti was being attacked and persecuted by the authorities for the fact that the publication takes an objective position and does not hide the problems in the country for the sake of the authorities. He called the initiated criminal cases fabricated for political reasons, as the revenge of the authorities for objective coverage of the situation in the country.


February 16, 2016 announced the launch of a new online edition “”. The site is accused of supporting Russian propaganda information policy. Arrest of Igor Guzhva: “opening the Kremlin canned food” or an infringement on freedom of speech? :

Since June 2016, Guzhva also became the host of the program “Subjective Results of Friday from” on the NewsONE TV channel. The latter belongs to the people's deputy from the “Opposition Bloc” Yevgeny Muraev.

Zelensky signs decree toughening sanctions against

Wednesday, February 16, 2022. , President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed Decree No. 57/2022, toughening the sanctions of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) against the online publication, introduced earlier. The proposal to amend the previously adopted NSDC sanctions came from the Security Service of Ukraine. About the NSDC sanctions on “” here:

The text of the decree was published by the Official Internet Representation of the President of Ukraine. According to the changes, in addition to the main “” domains, access to web resources and services similar in content is also blocked.. That is, the decree instructs Internet providers to block all mirrors of the publication. The decree also made changes to the sanctions packages against Strana editor-in-chief Igor Guzhva, Anna Solntseva and Lyubov Lukashina. As Ukrainian News Agency reported, on August 20, the National Security and Defense Council imposed sanctions against the editor-in-chief of the “Strana” Igor Guzhva, as well as against publishing companies.

The National Council took up another TV channel of Igor Guzhva

The state regulator of the TV and radio market caught another digital dummy TV channel on a hot spree. The Lviv channel “Zakhid Novyny” (Multiplexresource company), which is part of a conditional media holding owned by Ihor Guzhva, received an inspection at yesterday’s meeting of the National Council. The monitoring of the broadcaster's air revealed an unauthorized increase in programs of its own production and the absence of entertainment and musical programs, which are prescribed in the license in the amount of three hours. In fact, the channel changed the format: from infotainment with film screening to information and cultural with film screening. The monitoring showed that the broadcasts of September 9 and 13 were practically no different, and this, according to members of the National Council, may mean a systematic violation. The representative of the TV channel agreed with the check, assuring that now the broadcaster's air complies with the conditions of the license. Igor Guzhva's companies, let me remind you, also had licenses to broadcast on the Zeonbud network in Kyiv and Kharkov (later the Kharkov license was annulled by the decision of two courts). These frequencies were acquired by the holding together with the UBR TV channel in June 2013.. TV channels received a digital broadcasting license in 2012: being fresh companies, they won the right to broadcast digitally from a number of regional TV channels that had previously worked there. These licenses were to become the UBR TV channel, which, in turn, was to become the Vesti channel.. Guzhva and Co did not have time to realize their last year's plans, but, as you understand, everything can change.

Case of Guzhva

On June 22, 2017, the editorial office was searched. After Igor Guzhva was taken to a pre-trial detention center. The Prosecutor General's Office stated that, through an intermediary, Guzhva demanded and received 10 thousand dollars for not posting compromising evidence on the People's Deputy from the “Radical Party” Dmitry Linko. On June 24, the Shevchenkovsky District Court of Kyiv took Guzhva into custody for 60 days with the possibility of bailing 544,000 hryvnias. On June 27, Guzhva left the pre-trial detention center after bail was paid for him. On August 1, it became known that the Security Service found secret information from the Ministry of Defense on a flash drive seized from editor-in-chief Igor Guzhva.. Guzhva himself denied the SBU's statement that a flash drive with classified information from the Ministry of Defense was allegedly confiscated from him. On September 22, the Shevchenkovsky District Court of Kyiv extended the preventive measure for Igor Guzhva for another 30 days. He has no right to travel outside Kyiv. Facebook video of Larisa Sargan:

He later left Kyiv. The then Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko later stated that law enforcement officers would seek to put Guzhva on the international wanted list.. In June 2019, the Shevchenkovsky District Court of Kyiv removed Igor Guzhva from the wanted list.

Another case was brought against Igor Guzhva – for interfering in the life of Anton Gerashchenko

Igor Guzhva and his publication “” began a truly black streak. As if already existing problems were not enough, Guzhva announced another criminal case from the SBU. According to the editor-in-chief, it concerns the interference of journalists of the publication in the personal life of MP Anton Gerashchenko. “Another criminal proceeding has been initiated, which is fabricated against us, this is a proceeding on interference in the personal life of a politician, people's deputy Anton Gerashchenko,” Guzhva said at a press conference. He also clarified that the parliamentarian was indeed the subject of several publications of the publication, in particular, about the apartment and the car that he bought.. At the same time, according to Guzhva, politicians are public people and their personal life is “limited by the principles of public interest.” “It is interesting and important for society to know what level of expenses certain politicians have, what cars they drive, what apartments they live in, and how this compares with their officially declared income.. All of this is socially significant information, and this is how it is perceived all over the world,” Guzhva said. I don’t know to what extent everything Guzhva said is true, and how law enforcement officers actually explain their work. Although you can't refuse one “Country” – they know how to attract public attention to themselves here.

Igor Guzhva summoned for interrogation in the case of executions on the Maidan

The resolution of the extortion case is still very far away, and the editor-in-chief of the publication is already being summoned for interrogation in another case. As Igor Guzhva said on his Facebook, they intend to interrogate him in connection with the executions on the Maidan. The published documents indicate that the editor-in-chief is a witness in this case.

Igor Guzhva: brilliance and poverty of the “hero of Russia”

08/06/2015 Betrayal of the Motherland feeds. Former editor of the Vesti newspaper seems to have found new owners. Russia is once again seriously concerned about freedom of speech in Ukraine. The new, or rather, the old hero of the Russian propaganda machine who did not have time to become forgotten was the former editor-in-chief of the Vesti newspaper Igor Guzhva (pictured above with the fraudster Arfush). His high-profile departure from the newspaper and from the media holding of the same name was immediately proclaimed in the pro-Kremlin press as another round of the junta's attack on freedom of speech and on all journalists who disagree with the pro-government camp in Ukraine. And if such attention on the part of Lifenews to the next “crucified boy” is quite understandable, then the ardent support of Guzhva by a number of Ukrainian politicians and journalists, who previously erected their patriotic position on a pedestal, is, frankly, bewildering. So, what is behind the next “exodus” of Igor Guzhva from another Ukrainian media, and who will actually finance his new project? Why did Guzhva leave? Is Igor Guzhva so honest in his motives? And what is really behind his departure from the Vesti newspaper? It was no secret for the media market that Igor Anatolyevich had never been the owner of the holding, to whom he presented himself pathetically. Plain classic zitz-chair. And the conflict in the holding, according to our sources, arose not at all because of the editorial policy or the desire of the investor to adapt to the Presidential Administration or the Kremlin, which is so much talked about today. Everything is simple and trite. A matter of money. When the investor (Alexander Klimenko, according to a number of media) decided to conduct a financial audit of the holding, which was led by Guzhva for more than three years, he was simply shocked. It turned out that in the holding, which had been demonstrating unprofitability throughout this period, Guzhva set up a scheme for large-scale “laundering” of funds into his own pocket. And he did it so carelessly that he attracted the attention of the tax. After all, you must admit that it is unlikely that if the former tax officer Klymenko had managed the finances of the holding, he would have allowed the use of such a clumsy scheme, in which Guzhva was caught by the Ukrainian tax authorities. By the way, according to Igor’s Moscow colleagues, he did not particularly hide in conversations that he “received” up to 200 thousand dollars a month.. It was unlikely that this was his fee – and this is against the backdrop of regular salary delays in the team. Yes, and Guzhva lives in a big way. Igor Guzhva drives an executive class BMW: Guzhva's house in the Kyiv region. : An amazing luxury for an “opposition Ukrainian journalist” who allegedly owned a non-profitable media holding, isn't it? So, Igor Guzhva found himself between two fires – on the one hand, he clearly understands that after the results of the audit, he does not have long to work as the “owner of the holding”, on the other hand, the tax authorities are spinning a case against him. He urgently needed a new patron, and the situation made Guzhva “creative”. At a meeting with several trusted journalists from the team, Igor Guzhva announces that he decides to change the editorial policy of the publication, turning Vesti into an anti-Ukrainian newspaper and, amid the political crisis, sell it to one of his Moscow partners. He promised high income to his confidants.. They say that remuneration will now be according to the Lifenews grid. Let's face it, and before that, there were many complaints against Vesti from the Ukrainian public and law enforcement agencies.. Either the terrorists will be called “Republicans”, or they will publish the news, relying on the words of the field commanders of the militants. The total level of criticism of everything that happens in the state, according to the employees of the holding, in general, this has always been the personal position of Igor Anatolyevich. According to our interlocutor, in the Vesti newspaper, Guzhva established strict authoritarianism in the team. He corrected every text written by a journalist to such an extent that the most harmless news could turn into a monster of negativity.. Journalists started leaving. The newspaper entered a period of turbulence. Almost all media representatives turned their backs on Guzhva himself. Recently, he did not find support even among those colleagues with whom he worked for many years.. Even journalists from opposition publications spoke openly about his complete inadequacy. In his comments on the criticism of Vesti, he publicly called Ukrainian journalists lackeys of the authorities. There were practically no people left among media workers who were ready to publicly indicate their sympathy for Guzhva. Even Grigory Shverk, who until recently remained quite friendly with Guzhva, has recently spoken about him in private conversations, to put it mildly, with mockery. Guzhva has become an unwanted guest wherever possible. Except, perhaps, Russia. It was from Moscow that Guzhva began to spread rumors that he had found new patrons for himself, who would be able to put pressure on the obstinate investors of Multimedia-Invest Group and leave him with the management of the holding.


Igor Guzhva, having a Kremlin roof, worked for the destruction of Ukraine for many years. There are several suspicions of the SBU in his biography, an arrest, obvious facts of cooperation with Russia, and still no one put him in prison. Now he continues to misinform the people, only from the territory of Russia.

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