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Zubarev Maxim Yurievich


Maxim Zubarev is a separatist, a fan of the "Russian world", a corrupt official. He was convicted of blackmail and extortion of eight thousand dollars. Involved in a corruption scheme at the Kommuntrans enterprise, as well as in the illegal purchase of a library building. Self-proclaimed leader of the village of Akimovka.

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Zubarev Maxim Yurievich

Official biography

Date of birth April 29, 1978. Melitopol.

Place of work

Deputy director of KP “Chistota”, secretary of the Melitopol city committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, deputy of the Melitopol city council.


Melitopol State Pedagogical University


2005 – Assistant of the Department of Sociology, Melitopol State Pedagogical University Since 2006 – Member of the Melitopol City Council 2008 – Organizational Department of the Executive Committee of the Melitopol City Council 2010 – Deputy Director of KP “Chistota”

Political activity

2005 – member of the Communist Party of Ukraine 2010 – candidate for the post of Mayor of Melitopol

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Maxim Zubarev studied at the Melitopol Pedagogical University, in 2005 he entered the city council of the Communist Party. Subsequently, he became deputy director of the municipal enterprise Chistota. In 2010, he even ran for mayor, but lost the election. Maxim Zubarev in the lists of the Communist Party of Ukraine: 2014 actively promoted the idea of a “Russian spring” in Melitopol, together with another anti-Maidan participant, Yekaterina Umanets, who had recently returned to Melitopol. Brief description of the politician from the “CHESNO” portal: In 2015, he was arrested while receiving a bribe – 7 thousand dollars for withdrawing a draft decision of the city council session. The Melitopol court sentenced him to 3 years in prison, but Zubarev won the appeal and managed to send the case back for a rehearing. The interests of Zubarev were represented in court by the infamous LDNR fan Tatyana Montyan.

MP from the Communist Party was sentenced to three years for blackmailing the mayor of Melitopol

Deputy of the Melitopol City Council of the Melitopol City Council from the Communist Party Maxim Zubarev, who demanded a bribe from the acting. Mayor Sergei Minko was sentenced to three years in prison in order not to file a project to remove him from office.. The editors of 368.media learned about this from the verdict of the Melitopol District Court of the Zaporozhye region. Screenshot from the court register: Deputy Zubarev in May 2015 prepared a draft on the early termination of Minko's powers as secretary of the Melitopol City Council and a draft decision on the exclusion of the latter from the executive committee. Photos from the scene: To extort money, the people's choice used the services of the head of the local public organization “Anti-Corruption Committee” Nikolai Korzhilov. He offered Minko to pay him 10 thousand dollars for the fact that he would withdraw these projects from the vote. Arsen Avakov's post about this incident: The main “anti-corruption official” met with the lawyer who represented the interests of the acting. mayor to discuss the details of the “deal”. As a result, they agreed to reduce the amount of the bribe. After that, Sergey Minko and his representative filed a complaint with the police for blackmail and extortion of eight thousand dollars.. Law enforcement officers detained a deputy and a public figure while receiving a bribe of seven thousand dollars and transferring drafts of unregistered decisions that the deputy of the City Council did not submit for consideration, as promised. Korzhilov, as an intermediary, received a thousand dollars.

Who contributed 1 million for extortionist Maxim Zubarev. 200 thousand. UAH. bail?

Communist Maxim Zubarev, who was detained for a bribe and was in custody in a pre-trial detention center, was released. This happened because someone made a bail for Zubarev in the amount of 1 million. 200 hryvnias. According to Zubarev himself, his fellow party members collected such a huge amount. We made a deposit for Maxim Zubarev: Maxim Zubarev's lawyer tried to drag out the process: The Melitopol City Committee of the Communist Party does not want to disclose the names of those citizens who gave a lot of money to collect the required amount of bail. Elizaveta Mamonova, the leader of the local communists, said that the city committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine was engaged in organizational work to raise funds.

Melitopol deputy Zubarev officially became a corrupt official

Maxim Yuryevich, according to law enforcement officials, violated the law by not submitting an income declaration to the secretariat of the City Council. It turned out that the unemployed Maxim Zubarev (deputy in the city parliament is a social activity, not a job) filed a declaration with the Employment Center. And he claimed that he did not know that he was a corrupt official.

In Melitopol, a communist deputy ran away from the agenda

Maksim Zubarev, a Melitopol deputy from the KPU party, ran away from the representatives of the military registration and enlistment office, refusing to accept the summons. Today, Melitopol communists gathered at the monument to Vladimir Lenin to celebrate the birthday of their idol with a small rally. The meeting was also attended by deputies from the Communist Party Taras Genov, Elizaveta Mamonova and Maxim Zubarev. They traditionally turned to the community with memories of the past and expressed the hope that soon the new government would come to its senses and stop mocking Soviet relics. Zubarev is handed the summons:

But the most interesting thing began when the deputies announced the closing of the rally and suggested that everyone disperse. Just at that time, two representatives of the military commissariat tried to hand Maxim Zubarev a summons to the commissariat. Maxim Yuryevich said that he would not sign anywhere and hurriedly left, while elderly women distracted the military with talk about a fratricidal war. Ekaterina Umanets, a party ally and former leader of the Melitopol Anti-Maidan, took the deputy away from the hated agenda. Zubarev is handed a summons. Screenshot: As it turned out, this was the third attempt to draft a communist into the army.. However, he never appeared in the military registration and enlistment office.. Employees of the city police department even opened a criminal case against him under the article “for evading mobilization”, but as you can see, the deputy never went to jail. Whether Maxim Zubarev will be held accountable this time is still unknown.

The communist wanted to fire the Melitopol official, but in the end he was “left”

The popular wisdom “do not dig a hole for another, you will fall into it yourself” was experienced by the deputy of the Melitopol City Council from the Communist Party Maxim Zubarev. Maxim Yuryevich took the liberty of insisting on the early resignation of the Secretary of the City Council, Sergei Minko. As a result, the secretary is still in his place, but the initiator of his resignation paid with work. The active communist learned about his dismissal directly on the day of the scandalous session of the City Council, during which he unsuccessfully insisted on putting his draft decision on the resignation of the secretary on the agenda. Immediately after the session meeting that never took place, Maxim Zubarev, who, by the way, on the recommendation of Sergei Minko, received the position of deputy director of the Melitopolkommuntrans, was summoned to his office by director Vladimir Vysotsky. An active official and deputy was informed that his position was reduced. In addition to the deputy director at the CP, several more people have been made redundant. Maxim Zubarev regarded his reduction as revenge of the authorities for his position, however, thoughts about further lobbying for the resignation of the city council secretary do not leave the disgraced deputy.

In Melitopol, a local parliamentarian was doused with paint

On October 31, 2014, a few minutes before the scheduled start of the second meeting of the 60th session of the Melitopol city council of the Zaporozhye region of the VI convocation, an attack was made on the deputy from the Communist Party of Ukraine Maxim Zubarev. Maxim Zubarev's speech after being doused with paint:

An unknown young man threw a bag filled with red paint towards the local parliamentarian, which, according to the communists, is a symbol of people's shed blood in the struggle for freedom.

Millions flow past the budget from the Melitopol landfill

From the portal “Our City Plus”: After the dismissal of Sergei Volkov, the deputy of the Melitopol City Council Maxim Zubarev was appointed acting director of Kommuntrans. Under his management of the enterprise, we went to the landfill and did not find the homeless there. True, soon Maxim Yuryevich was demoted to deputy director, and Kommuntrans was headed by a certain Vladimir Vysotsky. Rumor has it that Vysotsky is the godfather of the ex-director of the Communist Party Sergei Volkov, convicted of corruption. Immediately after the appointment of Vysotsky as the director of Kommuntrans, homeless people appeared at the dump, doing their usual thing – for a nominal fee they sorted PET bottles, diligently laying out transparent and blue ones in one pile, and green and brown ones in another. The “scheme” devised and implemented by proteges of the “watchers” has started working again. How does the scheme work? Finding Vladimir Vysotsky in the workplace was beyond our power. But I managed to talk with the Deputy Director of the Kommuntrans KP Maxim Zubarev. Some questions visibly puzzled the Deputy Director. And it's understandable why. – Maxim Yuryevich, is Kommuntrans engaged in separate waste collection? – Oh sure. – Could you please explain how this process goes? – In the yards of high-rise buildings, special nets are installed near garbage cans – purely for collecting plastic bottles. When the mesh is full, the Remondis car takes the pet container to the solid waste landfill. Then it must be pressed and transferred to the plant for further processing. – And are there many such grids in the city? “About two hundred pieces. “We know that all the plastic that ends up in a landfill is actually sorted and pressed.. But then unknown people take it somewhere, and the Kommuntrans enterprise, incurring the costs of collecting and transporting PET bottles, has no profit from this. Confirm or refute our judgment. – It turns out that everything is so. – And you put up with it? – When I was acting director, I immediately began to restore order at the utility company. To begin with, I found out how much PET containers cost and made an agreement with an enterprise that produces roofing materials from this plastic.. It turned out that the company would receive about 50 thousand hryvnias of profit per month. In a few years, we would have earned more than in the last decade. – And what, it turned out to be not profitable to work? – It is profitable, but when I came to the deputy mayor Ivan Fedorov, and said that the plastic would take over the enterprise, and the money would begin to flow into the accounts of the KP, I was demoted almost immediately and advised to forget about this approach. So the enterprise did not ship a single car to the plant – the plastic simply disappeared. Someone took him out… Full version here: https://news.mspravka.info/s_melitopolskoj_svalki_mimo_byudzheta_utekayut_milliony/

The ex-director of the city library told how the deputies took possession of the city property

From the Our City Plus portal: In 2011, people associated with the name of deputy Sergei Kasyarum acquired half of the building of the central city library. Our sources in the deputy corps then stated that the former director of this institution, Lyubov Sinegina, allegedly wrote a refusal from these areas. Lyubov Alexandrovna herself decided to shed light on that deal and tell how those in power deprived the city of property in the very heart of Melitopol. Lyubov Aleksandrovna Sinegina ex-director of the library: “I was just out of the city when my colleagues called me and said that a deputy from the Communist Party Maxim Zubarev had come to the library and offered to help with the removal of furniture,” said Lyubov Sinegina. – Do you represent? After all, no one knew that, it turns out, part of the library was simply sold! Lyubov Alexandrovna assures that she wrote letters to the city authorities and begged them to spare the property of the city. To the pleas of director Sinegina, they turned out to be deaf.

Collaborators from Melitopol are already starting to get positions in the district

Another collaborator appeared in Akimovka, Melitopol district, the reins of which the invaders and collaborators gave to Maxim Zubarev, who was convicted for a bribe. Today, this accomplice of Yevgeny Balitsky holds the position and. about. Head of Akimovskaya village administration. This post, greedy for money, a communist who was tried for a bribe, received under the patronage of the occupation governor Yevgeny Balitsky, as a victim. Recall that on May 19, 2015, it was Maksim Zubarev, a communist, then a deputy of the City Council, Maksim Zubarev, who was caught red-handed in one of the cafes in. Melitopol upon receipt of 7000 dollars. Maksim Zubarev, according to investigators, demanded a bribe for withdrawing the draft decision of the session on the early termination of the powers of the then secretary of the city council, Sergei Minko, who was acting mayor of the city. Zubarev the self-proclaimed head of Akimovka: Alexey Zhitnikov in the photo in a white shirt: This deputy, on behalf of E. Balitsky regularly submitted draft decisions on the early termination of the powers of Sergei Minko. All these years of long lawsuits, Zubarev was waiting for compensation from Balitsky, and yet he received it in the form of a leadership position, albeit with the prefix acting. And just yesterday, two deputies of Zubarev were presented – Sergey Kutikov (from the locals) and Aleksey Zhitnikov from Melitopol. Photo of Zubarev with a pensioner, especially for propaganda channels:


Maxim Zubarev is a corrupt official who harms Melitopol. Now, in addition to bribes and fraud, Maxim Yuryevich has also become a collaborator who went over to the side of the enemy and turned a blind eye to all the horrors that the Russian army is doing in the Melitopol region.

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