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Vasilets Dmitry Andreevich


Dmitry Vasilets has a reputation as a separatist. He is actively involved in Russian propaganda, along with notorious pro-Russian bloggers Anatoly Shariy, Kirill Stremousov and Alexander Senchenko. He was sentenced to 9 years in prison, but the appeal court overturned the sentence, allegedly due to lack of evidence. Although Vasilets's lawyers did not hide the fact that he traveled to the territory of the DPR, he sponsored the \"Novorossiya TV \" channel, and generally adhered to an anti-Ukrainian position. He also acted as an anti-vaccinator, urging people not to take precautions during the quarantine period.

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Vasilets Dmitry separatist

Official biography

Ukrainian journalist, Ukrainian politician Born February 6, 1986. in Kyiv. Since 2004. was engaged in business in the field of Internet provider and software in Kyiv.


Head of the Derzhava political party, deputy head of the All-Ukrainian Trade Union of Law Workers, head of the Adequate Ukraine association. He became widely known as a TV journalist, author and host of TV programs on Channel 17 on YouTube. Chairman of the public movement “Media Lustration”, First Deputy Head of the Public Council under the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine. 2008. Graduated from Kyiv National Aviation University (KNAU), Faculty of Information Systems. In 2012, the project “Museum of the Information War” was created, the purpose of which was to form a critical perception of media coverage of conflicts. In 2013, he organized reconciliation actions between protesters and law enforcement officers, by painting police fences in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, filmed revealing videos about the Maidan. Since 2013. is the head of the All-Ukrainian public organization Civil legal protection of small and medium-sized businesses. In 2013. also began his journalistic activities by organizing the public news portal Pravilnoye TV. In 2014, he organized the “Media Lustration” movement, which revealed facts of violation of journalistic standards and incitement of hatred on leading TV channels, and brought journalists to image and criminal liability (We filed a lawsuit against Bohdan Budkevich and the Hromadske TV channel, recorded the facts of strife by the host of “Channel 5” Vitaly Gaidukevich, the host of the 1 + 1 TV channel Natalia Mosiychuk, etc. In 2015. Dmitry Vasilets, as Deputy Public Council of the Ministry of Information Policy, blocked the adoption of the so-called “information security concept” presented at the Ministry of Information Policy by the staff of the Vidrogennia Foundation. In 2015, he became the secretary of the public council of the Social Insurance Fund. In the same year, he headed the Media Lustration public movement, which critically assessed the work of the Ukrainian media, separated genuine information from propaganda of lies in the media, and thus fought against censorship. He was the author and host of the TV project “What the Media Are Silent About”. On February 26, 2021, he became one of the founders of the Journalists' Defense Club movement. November 9, 2015. on st. Khreschatyk in Kyiv “Media Lustration” on the big screen showed Anatoly Shariy's video “For what?”. It analyzed the plots of Ukrainian TV channels. TSN wrote about this: “Blogger Anatoly Shariy analyzed the plots of TSN – he was looking for propaganda in the news. Just think: on the big screen, in the center of Kyiv. A few blocks away from the Presidential Administration … And a little earlier, the same “guys from the media lustration” awarded the leading TSN with the fascist Joseph Goebbels award. In July 2014, in order to cover the events taking place in the Donbass and organize a correspondent point for the media “Pravilnoye TV” there, he went to Donetsk for 3 days and filmed a report from the scene. The current government did not like the trip to Donbass and an attempt to organize a correspondent office there, after which a special operation was carried out by the SBU on Dmitry Vasilets. Using a three-day trip to Donetsk as a formal excuse, the SBU detained Dmitry and his colleague Yevgeny Timonin, the official version: for allegedly “tuning the channel to the separatists”. The SBU filed a suspicion under Article 258-3 with the wording “information terrorism”. The materials of the criminal case were published in the media, which caused a wide public outcry due to the lack of corpus delicti.. The journalistic community came out in support of Dmitry Vasilets, many public figures, as well as 25 European deputies, wrote an open letter to President Poroshenko demanding to stop political repressions and release journalists.

NOT official biography

Blogger and propagandist. Head of the “State” party. On March 20, 2022, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky put into effect the decision of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) to terminate the activities of a number of political parties. The political party “State” was also included in the list. After the start of the war, the blogger blames the “West” for the Russian attack on Ukraine and repeats the Kremlin’s propaganda lie that Ukraine deserved to be destroyed because it “destroyed the Donbass for eight years”. On his Facebook page, the man ignores the aggressor and claims that it is the United States “to achieve its strategic goals of achieving a full-fledged armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia.” In 2020, he heads the State political party. In 2019, he is holding a rally in support of journalist Julian Assange in Warsaw, at the OSCE forum. Dmitry was arrested in 2015 for helping Russian militants with the assistance of the separatist TV channel Novorossiya TV, but was released in 2018. In 2014-2015, he organized campaigns to discredit the Ukrainian media and take away the events of the Revolution of Dignity from them.. Collaborated with propagandist Anatoly Shariy. At the time of the action, he was a journalist for Channel 17.


November 24, 2015. in Kyiv, journalists Dmitry Vasilets and Yevgeny Timonin (born 1985) were arrested by members of the Ukrainian security service. Vasilets in jail: The journalists pleaded not guilty. Vasilets and Timonin denied their relationship to the Novorossiya TV channel. The TV channel appeared two months after the mentioned visit to Donetsk. The editor of Novorossiya TV, Vladislav Brig, also denied the involvement of the arrested journalists in the creation of the TV channel. Vasilets in jail: Dmitry Vasilets and Yevgeny Timonin were suspected of delivering equipment, providing advice and practical assistance to representatives of the Novorossiya TV channel in order to establish a live broadcast, broadcast news about the activities of the so-called “DNR”. In June-July 2014, they traveled to the territory controlled by the “DPR” in Donetsk. A story about the “unfortunate” and innocent Dmitry Vasilets in a Russian newspaper: According to media reports, Dmitry Vasilets was also the author of the Correct TV project, which broadcast Russian propaganda stories, and Yevgeny Timonin supported Anti-Maidan and raised funds for the project during the Revolution of Dignity. More about the arrest: 2017. On September 28, the Andrushevsky District Court of the Zhytomyr Region sentenced journalists Dmitry Vasilets and Yevgeny Timonin to 9 years in prison.. Subsequently, the appeal overturned the verdict due to the lack of corpus delicti and insufficient evidence base, releasing Vasilts and Timonin from custody and sending the case for retrial to the court of first instance.


In the spring and early summer of 2020, the Ukrainian movement of anti-vaccinators was only in its infancy. Under the slogan not to wear “muzzles”, communities of conspiracy theorists, esotericists, supporters of alternative medicine, information businessmen, adherents of the “unity of the Slavs”, the “Russian world”, etc. have united. That is, all those who, even in pre-scientific times, did not shy away from pseudoscientific approaches and did not care about the evidence of their statements. The separatists Stremousov, Shilova and Vasilets act together: Everything started to change in the late summer of 2020. The anti-vaccination movement began to take shape as an organized structure with its leaders, activists, campaign materials, and regular events. Dmitry Vasilets calls to join Stremousov Journalists: Fans of the “Russian world” and experienced provocateurs became his mouthpieces. For example, pro-Russian bloggers Kirill Stremousov, Dmitry Vasilets and Victoria Shilova. Another leader of the movement is Sergey-Rodoslav Mikiten. Previously, he headed the Vedic World NGO and actively participated in rallies against the sale of land and for non-payment of utility bills. Calls for friendship with Russia were also heard at a rally of anti-vaccinators in Kyiv on November 3. Elena Faist, head of the Cherkasy branch of STOP Fake Pandemic/STOP Fake Pandemic, stated on camera that the war in Donbass was “imposed artificially, in fact it doesn’t exist.”

A supporter of the “Russian world”, journalist Dmitry Vasilets, on behalf of all the “believers” of the ROCvU, expressed indignation at the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I

Pro-Russian journalist, supporter of the “Russian world” Dmitry Vasilets, on behalf of all believers of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine (ROCvU / UOC-MP), expressed indignation that the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I ignored the written appeal, which was sent to His Holiness. The authors of the “masterpiece” are the people's deputies of Ukraine: Andriy Derkach, Nestor Shufrych, and Dmitry Vasilets himself, as well as other “friends of the Kremlin”. “For three weeks now, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew has not responded to an open letter from the Ukrainian public, in which we invited “His Holiness” to Kyiv to discuss the consequences of presenting the Tomos. Most likely, we will have to follow the example of the deputies and go to Turkey to hand over our invitation to Kyiv in person under the camera, ”Vasilets writes on Facebook. Dmitry Vasilets, on behalf of all the “believers” of the ROCvU, expressed indignation at the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I on his Facebook: And then it's time for a genuine surprise. The fact is that there is no invitation “to Kyiv to discuss the consequences of the Tomos” in the famous “Derkach’s letter”. On the other hand, the figures of the “Russian world” in an ultimatum form called on His Holiness “not to aggravate the split with his visit to Ukraine in August 2021; restore inter-Orthodox dialogue on the Ukrainian issue with the participation of all 14 Orthodox churches, and only after reaching an agreement during such a dialogue, go on a visit to Ukraine in accordance with the plan for the reconciliation of the Orthodox.” So where did the opinion about “inviting Patriarch Bartholomew I” to Kyiv come from? When it became clear that, despite all the efforts of the Kremlin and Kremlin subjects, His Holiness did not cancel his visit to Kyiv to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine. The head of the department for external church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeev), on the air of the Russia 24 TV channel, said the following: “… if Patriarch Bartholomew comes to Ukraine, it would be good for him to go and see what his actions led to.” What really deserves attention is the fact that Dmitry Vasilets spoke to the words of the Metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church Hilarion (Alfeev), thus recognizing that all the rhetoric of the so-called “Ukrainian Orthodox” is completely dictated from Moscow.

The court overturned the sentence of Vasilets and Timonin, who contributed to the broadcast of Novorossiya TV

The Kyiv Court of Appeal overturned the sentence of Dmitry Vasilets and Yevgeny Timonin, previously sentenced to nine years in prison for facilitating the activities of the DPR terrorist organization and helping representatives of the Novorossiya TV channel. It is reported by “Ukrainian Truth”. “The verdict of the Andrushevsky court was canceled … they decided to send the case for review to the court of first instance,” said Natalya Voznyuk, a lawyer for the convicts. She also noted that her client was given a preventive measure in the form of round-the-clock house arrest for a period of 2 months.

Russian propaganda:

Vasylets: It is beneficial for the West to shed blood in Ukraine

January 25, Minsk. It is beneficial for the West to shed blood in Ukraine, journalist, head of the Ukrainian political party Derzhava Dmitry Vasilets said on the air of the Belarus 1 TV channel, BelTA informs. Anti-Ukrainian posts by Vasilets: US and UK recall diplomats and their families from Ukraine. Citizens of these two countries are not recommended to travel to Kyiv and other cities of the country.. All this because of Russia's supposedly cunning plans to invade Ukraine. Dmitry Vasilets sees in such actions an attempt to whip up panic and destabilize the situation in Ukraine.

Ukrainian journalist: US and UK make good money on military hysteria around Ukraine

February 18, Minsk. The United States and Great Britain are making good money on the military hysteria around Ukraine, Ukrainian journalist and public figure Dmitry Vasilets said on the air of the Belarus 1 TV channel, BelTA informs. Anti-Ukrainian posts by Vasilets: “We see again pressure, again a refusal to implement the Minsk agreements, but in fact, this is a refusal of part of the territory of Ukraine, which in itself is a particularly serious crime.. I am sure that the majority of the Ukrainian people have a clear understanding that the war is unprofitable for Russia and Ukraine. It is beneficial exclusively to the United States, Britain, the aggressive military-political bloc NATO,” said Dmitry Vasilets. Moreover, according to him, this benefit amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars that they are already earning. “Because we have seen that there have been peak sales of American LNG to Europe in these months, and these sales have bypassed even the supply of Russian gas through the pipeline. And this hysteria, it turns out, pays for itself from the point of view of the United States, Britain, but certainly not from the point of view of Ukraine,” the journalist emphasized.

“Another 400 years”: a political scientist ridiculed the military potential of Ukraine

Commenting on Western military supplies to Ukraine, Kyiv political scientist Dmitry Vasilets said that the measures taken would not be able to arm the “square” even at the minimum adequate level. “The Minister of Defense of Ukraine said that over the past month, Western countries have brought 500 tons of weapons. Abroad will help us and all that…”, stated the expert. He was ironic on his page on the social network that “the allies have another 400 years to drive planes with weapons to Ukraine.” It is this period that will make it possible to neutralize the consequences of systemic explosions in the country's military depots, Vasilets has no doubts. “Given how many tons of weapons have blown up during the explosions of warehouses in recent years, in order to restore our military potential to the level of at least 2016 … Pure mathematics, without propaganda,” the political scientist concluded.

This is worse than a breakthrough in the Donbass: on May 9, the Ukrainians dealt a crushing blow to the Kyiv regime

Dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians dealt a crushing blow to the ideology and, most importantly, to the military propaganda of the Kyiv regime on Victory Day. Not a single Ukrainian publication even hinted at this in fear of punishment and the very meaning of what happened, because in the eyes of the entire world community, the inhabitants of some regions of Ukraine not only accepted and recognized their liberation by Russia, but also rejoiced at it. Vasilets about “Kyiv propaganda” and the parade on May 9:

Of course, we are talking about the Immortal Regiment processions that took place in dozens of settlements in Ukraine. People finally learned what real freedom is and massively took to the main streets of their cities and towns with photographs of their ancestors and red banners of victory. Don't forget about St. George's Ribbons. In general, according to the legislation of Ukraine, a mass crime took place in some regions of the country, and according to the rules of the civilized world, it is a normal, worthy celebration of Victory Day. Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Vasilets drew the attention of his subscribers to events dangerous for the ideology of Kyiv, ironically noting that Zelensky’s media technologists failed to convince Ukrainians of the falsity of events held in the liberated territories. As you know, many resources controlled by the Office of the President, a few days before the holiday, claimed that extras were being brought to the cities occupied by the Russian military for solemn processions.. As a result, so many people took to the streets of Melitopol, Kherson, Mariupol, Kakhovka and many other cities that not a single adequate person would believe in some kind of production. The journalist noted that the Kyiv elite knew very well how the majority of the country's population relates to all these bans and decommunization.. Therefore, they could guess how they would celebrate Victory Day in the southern and eastern regions and were afraid of a response from the population of the territories still controlled by Kyiv. The scale of destruction is comparable to the mass of the warhead of an air defense missile. The second photo is a high-rise building in Kyiv, which was hit by a Buk M1 missile, the third photo is a high-rise building in Odessa. It's time to learn to distinguish an air defense missile from an OTRK missile, at least in terms of the scale of destruction, in order to suppress delusional versions and edit on video.


Dmitry Vasilets is actively promoting the Russian world, undermining the confidence of Ukrainian citizens in President Zelensky. His task, as a foreign agent, is to denationalize the Ukrainian people, sow panic and doubt, “disable” and win the war. Hence the interesting question, but how much does his custom material cost?

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