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Stremousov Kirill Sergeevich


Kirill Stremousov pseudo-journalist, anti-Ukrainian activist, hooligan undermining the national security of Ukraine. He went over to the side of the invaders, and actively conducts pro-Russian activities in the territory of Kherson. In the pre-war period, he was famous for numerous fights with officials, beatings of journalists, and generally marginal behavior. He was engaged in custom articles, and in general showed himself as a corrupt journalist.

Ukraine, possibly Russia
Ukraine Russia
December 26, 1976
Уровень охвата:

Stremousov Kirill separatist

Official biography

Born on December 26, 1976 in Gorlovka, Donetsk region. Pro-Russian activist, member of the “socialist party” of Ilya Kiva, journalist, founder of the Tavria News newspaper, philosopher.


Ternopil University of Economics, economist by profession.

A family

Has a wife and four children.

NOT official biography

You will not find an objective detailed biography of Stremousov on the net – mostly laudatory or, conversely, critical characteristics. From official biographies it is known that he was born in the Donetsk region and graduated from the Ternopil Academy of National Economy, has five children and calls himself an Orthodox Christian. In 2009, he founded the news agency “Tavria News”. Soon Stremousov was beaten, allegedly for filming a traffic accident involving a car of private security guards.. (One could sympathize, but in the future Stremousov gets into situations with shooting and bodily harm too often – and not always as a victim.) The Facts newspaper comes to the rescue, which wrote about Stremousov's adventurous trip to America. In an interview with the newspaper, the then not very odious Kherson resident told the following about himself: “For five years I had my own company selling fish food abroad. In those years, on business trips, he visited almost all European countries. But misunderstandings began with the fish inspection. I did not want to give bribes, so I got a job in this structure myself. Pretty quickly rose to the rank of head of the Genichesk fish inspection. Faced the egregious facts of barbaric fishing in the Sea of Azov. I turned to the well-known TV journalist Andrei Tsaplienko, helped him prepare the material. For this I was fired from the service. However, they were soon taken back by court order.. In 2007, they were even given a leadership position in the capital's Fisheries Committee. Kirill Stremousov is on the list of traitors published by the CHESNO website: After working there for a while, I quit of my own free will – this is not my business. By the way, while working in government agencies, I led such an unhealthy lifestyle that I recovered up to 125 kilograms! I had to do therapeutic fasting and exclude meat from the diet. Managed to lose weight up to 75 kilograms. Returning from Kyiv to Kherson, he created an environmental public organization and the information agency “Tavria-News”. At some point, I had a desire to take a sabbatical – to go to the USA for a couple of months to collect material for a book. But this idea turned into a long journey, in which I was happy as never before in my life.. Already in America, I decided to go through the places where my idol, the revolutionary Che Guevara, once passed. (An interesting coincidence: before starting his media activist career, Ruslan Kotsaba also worked in the fish inspection, whose dossier MediaSapiens published earlier). In the same interview there is a revealing passage: “The Indians were interested in where I. They have not heard about Ukraine, even in Russia few people know. Once I dropped: Soviet Union, which in Spanish means the Soviet Union. It turned out that Latin Americans perceive the name of a country that no longer exists with enthusiasm. I began to use it: I said that I was from the Soviet Union – and immediately won people over to me “. Stremousov continued to win the trust of people by the same method after returning to Ukraine. And this is how Easter cakes should apparently look like, according to Stremousov: In August 2020, the SBU carried out searches at Stremousov’s, as part of the criminal proceedings to expose the FSB agent network, but there is no information about the presentation of suspicion to Stremousov. On June 18, 2020, he attacked journalist Dmitry Bagnenko and appeared in a criminal case under an article on obstructing the work of a journalist. Naked Stremousov, photo from the Internet: In 2020, the Orthodox esoteric socialist Stermusov also became an ardent opponent of quarantine, an anti-vaccinator and a distributor of all possible fakes about coronavirus. In his videos, the Kherson resident accused the authorities of spreading the coronavirus infection, talked about “US biolabs in Ukraine” (this fake was also promoted by Medvedchuk’s media), urged not to wear masks and not to comply with restrictions. In the summer of 2019, he was a candidate for people's deputies, self-nominated in 82 constituencies. In the elections received 1.74% of the vote. In January 2019, he was expelled from the Socialist Party of Ukraine. On January 18, 2019, he was part of a group that fired at the editorial office of the New Day newspaper in Kherson. For this he received a suspicion under the article hooliganism. April 6, 2018 – attacked the SBU convoy. October 8, 2018 – headed the Kherson center of the Socialist Party of Ukraine. May 21, 2018 – shot a man with a traumatic pistol in the Genichesk district. In February 2017, during a fight in the city council, he beat a policeman. In January 2016, he became a co-founder of the NGO “Ukrainian Center for Ecological Self-Defense”. Another co-founder was Yuri Kleynos, accused of high treason. In 2013, he was one of the organizers of the Thank You for the Victory run in Kherson. Since 2009, he has been the head and co-founder of the Tavria News Information Agency. His name is on the Peacemaker website. Stremousov on the website “Peacemaker”:

Shots fired in Kherson press club – police opened production

January 18, 2019. in Kherson, in the press club of the local news agency “New Day”, a dispute arose between the participants of the press conference with the use of weapons and a gas cartridge. The head of the press center, Elena Nechipurenko, received a burn. The story of a police officer about the shooting in the Kherson press club New Day: [videopress YChHKQcc] This incident was also reported on the official website of the national police: Shot aftermath: The police detained the participants in the conflict and preliminarily opened proceedings for hooliganism. Journalist Aleksey Bratushchak reported about the incident on Facebook. Shot aftermath: “They shot in Kherson. At the local press center. Only miraculously none of the journalists died. Locals say that Stremousov shot. Prominent local “activist”. Once he held Russian jogs in the city. Recently he was in the Kiva party.

Collaborator Stremousov called Odessa and Nikolaev Russian cities that will be occupied

In his opinion, residents of the Odessa and Mykolaiv regions “are waiting for liberation from Nazism.” Kherson collaborator, appointed by the occupation regime as deputy head of the military-civilian administration of the region, Kirill Stremousov, on April 28 announced the inevitability of the “liberation” of Mykolaiv and Odessa regions from Ukrainian nationalists. He believes that Odessa and Nikolaev are Russian cities, RIA Novosti news agency reports.

Stremousov: the return of the Kherson region under the control of Ukraine is excluded

He also announced the transition of the Kherson region to the ruble zone. The deputy chairman of the military-civilian administration of the Kherson region, Kirill Stremousov, in an interview with RIA Novosti, said that the return of the region under the control of Ukraine is impossible and excluded. At the same time, he specified that “no referendums are planned.” Thus, according to the official, the primary task for the region is to restore the economy and the standard of living of the population.. Today it became known that as early as May 1 of this year, the entire region is moving into the ruble zone.

Journalistic badges for everyone

The coronavirus epidemic and quarantine became the “black swan” that allowed Stremousov and his associates in Kherson to reach a new level of popularity. The Orthodox esoteric socialist also became an ardent opponent of quarantine, an anti-vaccinator and a distributor of all possible fakes about coronavirus. In his videos, the Kherson resident accused the authorities of spreading the coronavirus infection, spoke about the “US biolaboratory in Ukraine” (this fake was also promoted by Medvedchuk’s media), urged not to wear masks and not to comply with restrictions. Forming a network, Stremousov invited everyone to get a journalistic certificate from the Tavria News agency. To become a “correspondent” of the publication, you just need to fill out an online form and attach a photo to it. To be, in fact, a journalist or at least a blogger is not necessary for this.. In one of the videos, Stremousov demonstrates hundreds of ready-made certificates. According to him, the certificate gives its holders the right to freely visit authorities, take photos and videos, and enjoy protection under article 171 of the Criminal Code and other articles that punish crimes against journalists. Fake IDs: In November 2020, the Commission on Journalistic Ethics publicly condemned Kirill Stremousov for distributing certificates. “Kirill Stremousov hides behind the status of a journalist in situations related to political activities. In particular, the mass distribution of journalistic certificates began during the local elections in Ukraine, where citizen Stremousov ran for the position of Kherson mayor as a self-nominated candidate. The campaign he runs on social media looks like a personal PR, not like the work of a news agency,” the statement said.. The distribution of certificates after that, of course, did not stop, and there are more and more “Stremousov journalists”. Video so-called. “Stremousov's journalists” traveling around Kyiv filmed preparations for the parade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and called this parade “gay parade of occupiers” [videopress R79KFMn6]

Hackers opened the correspondence of “activist” Stremousov with the FSB – they discussed the rallies in Kherson

Ukrainian hackers gained access to the correspondence of the pro-Russian Kherson activist Kirill Stremousov with the FSB officer and another collaborator Viktor Yatsenko. The text of the correspondence is provided by the People's Deputy Oleksiy Goncharenko on his Telegram channel: He said that cyber-intelligence uncovered a separatist community on the VKontakte social network.. They “leaked” the correspondence between pseudo-journalist Kirill Stremousov and FSB officer Valery Solokha and Viktor Yatsenko. Judging by the correspondence, Kirill Stremousov has been cooperating with the FSB for a long time.. One of the main problems of the Russian special service was the pro-Ukrainian rallies in the Kherson region, which they are trying to discredit with the help of the said activist. He also mentioned that he “works closely” with colleagues of the FSB officer on humanitarian issues.. The leader of Tavria News and Valery Solokha discussed the staged kidnapping of a pro-Ukrainian activist in Kherson to accuse him of collaborating with the SBU. The Kremlin's agents begin to take the places promised in case of victory in the government of Ukraine. The odious “journalist” Kirill Stremousov was no exception. “Journalists”, “public figures”, “bloggers” and “anti-corruptionists” have long been one of the Kremlin's most powerful propaganda tools in Ukraine. A whole army of such leaders is receiving today, “for special services to Russia,” positions in the occupation administration. Kremlin masters, traitors to Ukraine occupy different places. The man in the video introduced himself as an activist and blogger Alexander Tarasov. A person with such data heads the Kherson media trade union. Staged video with “Sasha”: [videopress FliqzXrq] Sasha said that he has been collaborating with the SBU since 2011, and that the rallies in Kherson are coordinated by the SBU to provoke victims. At the same time, “Sasha” is sitting against the backdrop of the Ukrainian flag and is allegedly being interrogated by a man.. The latter, in particular, asks: “Why did the Muscovites want to take you away from us?” All this looks like a staging and stands out from the general background of the videos posted on Stremousov's Youtube channel. Hromadske cannot authentically confirm the correspondence between Stremousov from Kherson and the FSB published by Information Resistance.. But the activities of Stremousov from the beginning of the capture of Kherson by the Russians testify to his cooperation with the invaders. He may indeed be involved in the persecution of Ukrainian activists in the city.

Pro-Russian activity, involvement in the murder of Handziuk

In 2013, he was the organizer of the pro-Russian runs “Thank you for the Victory”, which were supposed to show the “strength of the Russian spirit.” At the same time, he organized a “community” in Staraya Zburyevka, where a dozen local poachers decided that they needed to give up passports, not pay taxes and not recognize the government. Stremousov “preached” all this with his Russian curators. And on March 1, 2014, this whole pack went to Kherson to support the “Russian spring”. However, after a preventive conversation with the Euromaidanites, they quickly turned around and left for the Russian Federation. Stremousov was still remembered by the lawyer of the deceased Kateryna Gandzyuk Masi Nayem. He was one of those who were suspected of organizing the attack on Katerina. In 2020, the SBU exposed a network of Russian agents, which was led by a former employee of the regional administration, the chairman of the NGO “Russian National Community” Rusich “Tatyana Kuzmich. Kuzmich's task was to collect information about military facilities and employees of the SBU. Stremousov was also in this organization; the SBU also conducted searches at his place. By the way, Kuzmich also participated in a pro-Russian rally in Kherson in March.

In Kherson, an associate of Kiva Stremousov beat a journalist

On Tuesday, June 23, 2021, Dmitry Bagnenko, an employee of the Kherson online publication Vverkh Gazeta, was threatened live by pro-Russian activist Kirill Stremousov. This was reported on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union. It is noted that Stremousov was dissatisfied with the publication of a journalist about the coordinated cutting of trees for parking on the central avenue of Kherson. Bagnenko filmed from the construction site of this very parking lot. Stremousov came out of a cafe nearby with former policeman Valery Kuleshov. Stremousov threatened the journalist and demanded to stop writing about him on the Web. The arriving police officers questioned both Bagnenko and Stremousov. Photos from the scene: Kuleshov refused to testify. A criminal case has been initiated under the article on obstructing the legal professional activities of a journalist.

Lots of noise and no results

By the way, recently one of the Kherson pharmacies filed a complaint against Kuleshov and Stremousov with the police, where they literally broke in together with a group of other “activists” with unsubstantiated accusations of drug trafficking.. At the same time, they threatened, used obscene language against pharmacists and even some elderly visitors who simply came to get medicines on the air. “Activists” climbed through the window into the office and tried to conduct an unauthorized search, damaged the property. At the same time, neither the employees of the security company nor the police officers who arrived at the scene prevented them. In the field of their “interests” are not only “drug pharmacies”, but also small “drugs”, retail outlets, slot machine halls. Stremousov and Kuleshov are ruthless towards lower-level workers – sellers who stand behind the counter. They call them criminals who deceive people, destroy our youth. And they do it without providing any evidence. Is there at least some benefit for society from Stremousov and Kuleshov – a big question. But that they satisfy their own interests is a fact: they can beat people for private parking, pour obscene language and threats on anyone. In order to find out how many criminal proceedings are open against Stremousov and how the investigations are progressing, we sent a request to the Main Directorate of the National Police: However, we were surprised by the answer.. Why did the department decide to inform us that this year not a single production was opened: The response of the police has nothing to do with the request of the publication. It can be assumed that this is some kind of misunderstanding, and the department simply did not understand what exactly we demand from them.

Stremousov is an active participant in the infamous Kharkov movement Poton

A number of media even call the Potonovites “pro-Russian racketeers”, referring to the military-patriotic organization “Freikorps”. It is even scary to imagine what consequences for our region and those people whom they allegedly “protect” such pseudo-activism and its probable “protection” could turn out to be. In addition, although Stremousov positions himself as a journalist, his “activities” contradict the basic norms that media representatives must adhere to.. In accordance with the principles of journalistic ethics. Kirill Stremousov, a member of Poton: “Media worker should be guided by the principles of reliability and impartiality. A journalistic investigation should be an investigation, and not a commissioned compromise of someone …. Unacceptable reduction in vocabulary, excessive enthusiasm for jargon, the use of elements of profanity “. And Stremousov not only uses obscene language against his opponents, but also often uses physical force, often expresses accusations in a rude form, without having concrete evidence. Unfortunately, such the problem is typical for the whole of Ukraine, because today anyone can impersonate a journalist, “waving” a certificate, insult, humiliate, swear and even beat people. At the same time, hiding behind a high goal, the authority of the profession and the laws that protect the activities of representatives of the fourth power.

In Kherson, a local collaborator threatens people with Russian imprisonment

In Kherson, local collaborator Kirill Stremousov threatens other residents with Russian imprisonment. We are talking about those who oppose the “Russian world”. That is, threats are received by patriots, activists, journalists and others. All these people feel in danger because Stremousov promises cleansings and prisons. In particular, in his video message, Stremousov promised a “census of the population” and punishment for those who lived on grants.. He also lied that the SBU arrested him. In fact, the law enforcement officers never detained him. We will add that in Nikolaev on March 4, fighting began between Ukrainian troops and the invaders. According to the head of the Nikolaev OVA, our defenders managed to push back the invaders a little, but the fighting continues.

Sadovoy turned to the SBU because of the arrival in Lviv of supporters of the anti-vaccinator Ostap Stakhiv

Andriy Sadovoy appealed to the SBU because of the arrival in Lviv of supporters of the “anti-vaccinator” Ostap Stakhiv, who was handed a suspicion. The mayor was outraged by the video of the Kherson blogger Kyrylo Stremousov, entitled: “We don’t leave our own people in the war. I'm going to Lvov.” – Until recently, I did not want to comment on this story and let law enforcement agencies do their job without noise. But I just dropped this screen. This person is a citizen, I don’t know what country, “he’s going to Lviv to go to war”. Dear, we are at war against the aggressor country in the east. And what Stakhov and his henchmen were doing here was deceiving the brains of people who, unfortunately, have not developed immunity from propaganda and other informational crap… I officially appeal to the Security Service of Ukraine and the Police with a request to prevent events that are contrary to common sense and the Law Ukraine. And I wish a really fair trial to all these pseudo-activists and defenders of rights,” Sadovoy wrote on his Facebook page. Ostap Stakhiv was handed a suspicion on November 16 under Art.. 109 of the Criminal Code (actions aimed at forcibly changing or overthrowing the constitutional order or at seizing state power). According to preliminary data from the SBU, his actions were coordinated by Russian curators. Kirill Stremousov goes to Lviv to help his like-minded Stakhiv: [videopress YFxf9xUl] Kherson blogger Kirill Stremousov said in his video that they would try to arrest Stakhiv. In the fall of 2020, Stremousov was registered as a candidate for the post of mayor of Kherson. In 2019, he ran for people's deputies in the 182 constituency. Stakhiv also ran for the Rada in a single-mandate constituency in Lviv, but was unsuccessful. Ostap Stakhiv calls himself the head of the organization “Human Rights”. He was blocked several times on YouTube and Facebook. According to media reports, on November 3, he organized a “March for Rights” in Kyiv – a picket of anti-vaccinators at the Verkhovna Rada.

Associates of Ostap Stakhiv supported a Lviv resident accused of pedophilia

About 10 people in identical T-shirts came to the meeting of the Railway Court on May 20. Companions of the Lviv provocateur Ostap Stakhiv took part in a rally in support of an 18-year-old Lviv resident accused of raping an 11-year-old boy. According to ZAXID.NET, participants were offered UAH 500 for participation in the action at the walls of the Zheleznodorozhny District Court on May 20. On Thursday, May 20, the Zheleznodorozhny District Court held another hearing in the case of the rape of an 11-year-old boy by Miroslav Martyniuk on Levandovka in June last year. The boy's mother Sofia Yatskiv said that unknown people gathered under the walls of the court in identical T-shirts with the inscriptions “Miroslav home” and “Lie behind bars”. According to the woman, one of the participants of the action even earlier introduced himself as a journalist from the little-known site Tavria NewsUa. Fake ID: “After the meeting, my husband was approached by a man with an ID of a journalist from the Tavria NewsUa agency asking for a comment.. Since the agency is unknown, we decided to look on the Internet and it turned out that intuition did not fail – this is an office that issued such certificates to everyone who was not lazy. The man and the lawyer commented, but the residue remained. After some time, the psychologist, who was with our child during all the investigative actions, also reported that he very persistently turned to him for information, although the fact that she was involved in our case is non-public information.. Then he went to the man at work and also sniffed out something there, ”Sophia Yatskiv wrote on Facebook. She published a photo of the journalistic ID of the “journalist” and it turned out that Roman Sirko is an ally of Ostap Stakhiv, a well-known provocateur in Lviv and a participant in many paid protest actions.. Roman Sirko, together with Stakhiv, took part in many actions against vaccination and Lvovgaz. Roman Sirko and Ostap Stakhov cover joint actions on their YouTube pages. In addition, information about these actions is published on the little-known site Tavria News. Last year, the Commission on Journalistic Ethics publicly denounced Kirill Stremousov, the head of this site, for handing out mass media IDs to people who are not journalists.. Stremousov repeatedly got into scandals, including for the attack on journalists in Kherson. According to ZAXID.NET, participants were offered UAH 500 for participating in the action near the walls of the Zheleznodorozhny District Court.. In total, no more than 10 people took part in the picket under the court. Roman Sirko himself calls himself a moderator of the unregistered organization “Journalists of Stremousov”. The head of this organization is Kirill Stremousov himself.. Supporters of this organization from different regions film various protests and provocations and publish them on the YouTube channel of the same name. Recall that the rape on Levandovka occurred in June 2020. An 11-year-old boy went for a walk with friends, and when he returned home, he told his parents that he was raped by 18-year-old Miroslav Martyniuk. The alleged rapist was detained on the same day, he confessed to the crime. For almost a year, Miroslav Martynyuk has been awaiting a court verdict in the Lviv pre-trial detention center without the right to bail.

Stremousov was going to receive a free land plot on the Arabat Spit

In the district state administration, Andrey Onishchenko signed a decree on granting permission for a land management project to allocate free land plots for individual construction on the territory of the Strelkovo village council. Among the lucky ones is a well-known Kherson activist, blogger and anti-corruption activist Kirill Stremousov. It is interesting that earlier Stremousov made several high-profile reports from Strelkovoye, where he accused the former head of the Genichesk Regional State Administration Alexander Vorobyov of abusing the land and the house on the seashore. Now Kirill Stremousov himself does not mind getting a free land plot in the recreation zone.

In Kherson, in the city council building, activists fought with the deputy mayor

In Kherson there was a fight in the building of the city council. The reason was the refusal of the city leadership, represented by the first deputy mayor Igor Kozakov, to connect two dormitories, which had de-energized the energy a day earlier. After blocking traffic, people moved to the offices of mayors. When it became clear that the authorities did not give a damn about people, a conflict arose between activists and insolent officials. As a result, a scuffle arose between the first deputy mayor Igor Kozakov and the leader of the Socialist Party of Ukraine in the Kherson region Kirill Stremousov.

A fan of the “Russian world” suddenly appeared on Ukrainian TV

Kirill Stremousov, a propagandist of the Russian world, appeared on the air of the Ukrainian TV channel Espreso TV. As stated on her Facebook page and. about. Ekaterina Handziuk, manager of the affairs of the Kherson City Hall, the TV channel “frankly does not disdain to show” and take comments on a person who is actively engaged in pro-Russian activities. “Kirill Stremousov, organizer of pro-Russian rallies and Russian jogging, Kobove, known to the general public for recently trying to fight off a detained deputy from United Russia in court,” Gandzyuk wrote, posting the corresponding screen. It should be noted that during the broadcast, Stremousov was introduced to the audience as “the chairman of the Kherson organization of the Socialist Party of Ukraine.”

Victory: While there is no connection in the Kherson region, collaborators brought Colorado ribbons to the region

On May 1, infidels and collaborators brought paints, building lime, St. George ribbons and red rags to the Kherson region. The items are extremely necessary for the inhabitants of the region in the conditions of a complete information blockade (in fact, NO). Terrorist pseudo-media, working from outside the region, joyfully reported that lime and paint were brought to the temporarily occupied Genichesk in order to paint all the steles at the entrance to the city in the colors of the flag of Muscovy. Propagandists directly state that “ideological work” is now a priority for infidels. And the appearance of the symbols of the aggressor country on the streets of the occupied cities is its first component. Also, from the temporarily occupied Crimea, other attributes of “victory insanity” were brought to the Kherson region – Colorado ribbons and red pieces, which the occupiers call the “banner of pabedy”. The criminal, a collaborator and “not a blogger, but an official,” Kirill Stremousov reported about this.

In the Kherson region, a number of proceedings were violated on the facts of violations of the legislation on decommunization

The Kherson Regional Prosecutor's Office announced a number of criminal proceedings against collaborators who violated the decommunization legislation. In particular, we are talking about raising a red rag near the Kherson Regional Library named after Oles Gonchar on April 18 by Kirill Stremousov and Konstantin Knyrik, as well as the installation of a monument to Vladimir Ulyanov in Genichesk. In these facts, a violation of Part 1 of Article 436-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Public use of the symbols of the communist totalitarian regime” is seen, which entails punishment in the form of imprisonment for up to 5 years with confiscation of property. It should be noted that a red rag was also raised in the same place and the next day (April 19) by already armed militants from Simferopol. The old one did not hang on the flagpole for even a day.

Kirill Stremousov was called a “separator” and blew out with gas

August 12, 2021. During the conflict near the Kherson railway station, an unknown person hit the pro-Russian activist Kirill Stemousov. The video was posted on YouTube by Stremousov himself. On it, you can hear a man calling Stremousov a “separator” and at the end of the brawl, someone sprays tear gas at the pro-Russian activist. According to MOST, Kirill Stremousov was hired by illegal carriers who work in conjunction with the governor's associate Artyom Ginzburg. As conceived by the employer, it should interfere with the work of the official South bus station. Kirill Stremousov was beaten: [videopress FVJNjgXC] Apparently, during the execution of the task of people from the team of Sergei Kozyr, the pro-Russian activist suffered.

All the activities of Kirill Stremousov are continuous scandals

So, in 2010, as local media wrote, he tricked the trade union of the Petrovsky plant in Kherson into seizing his enterprise. He actively helped the working people, and the Russian media broadcast the results of the assistance. His name is also mentioned in connection with the events of 2013 in Staraya Zburyevka, Kherson region.. Then several people were subjected to provocative statements, they decided to give up passports, taxes and not recognize the current government.. These people declared themselves a “society” and arrived on March 1, 2014 to raise the flag of the “Russian Spring” in Kherson. In April 2018, Stremousov, together with a group of people, tried to recapture Sergei Osminin, an active participant in the annexation of Crimea, a deputy of the so-called Yevpatoria City Council from United Russia, from representatives of the Crimean SBU. He was taken to the Kherson city court, where he should choose a measure of restraint. This was stated by the then representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Boris Babin. Commentary by late Kherson activist Katya Gandzyuk about Stremousov's attempt to help the enemy: Unfortunately the photo has been removed. Fight between activists and officials involving Stremousov: [videopress 0ZnVLGL3] In May 2020, Kirill Stremousov “lit up” during a raider seizure of the Khersonstroy building.

Property and assets

Little is known about the property and assets of Kirill Stremousov. So, according to YouControl, he is the founder of the state of emergency “Vega”, which is engaged in a specialized wholesale trade in food products and is located in the village of Azovskoye, Genichesk district. He is also the director of the Tavriyanyus news agency. He was also brought to administrative responsibility for violating quarantine rules.. We are talking about the events of April 2020, when agricultural producers blocked the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson with a demand to open local markets. Together with them was Kirill Stremousov without a mask. The police filed an administrative report against him and sent the case to court.. However, the court decided that there was not enough evidence and dismissed Stremousov from administrative responsibility, limiting himself to an oral remark.

Kherson provocateur-propagandist praised his only fan

Kherson provocateur-propagandist Kirill Stremousov praised his fans who wrote his name on the plates along the highway in the Oleshkovsky district. This is reported by the Kherson edition of “Most”. So, on the plates in the colors of the Russian tricolor it is written – “The choice of justice. Stremousov Kirill. Facebook. YouTube”. “It was necessary for someone to come here, and we are not even in Kherson, but in the region … I think that it took a couple of liters of paint. Of course, I am pleased that my subscribers write to me and say: “You are brave, you always tell the truth,” Stremousov says in the video. Stremousov's only fan: [videopress yo8SEcaX] “Yeah, I tell fagots they are fagots. I'm talking about political homosexuals… Others say: “Yes, you are a clown”. You know, it's better to be a clown for pi**ces like you than to be a clown for clowns like me,” Stremousov continued, not really thinking about what he said. Kirill Stremousov thanked his subscribers for the inscription. “I am very touched,” he said.

Director of the news agency, traveler Kirill Stremousov declares threats against him

Kirill Stremousov, director of the Tavria News news agency, filed a complaint with the regional prosecutor's office about threats from Olga Spivakina, an assistant to the People's Deputy of Ukraine, editor of the Kherson Vestnik newspaper. This was reported by the agency's website in the material “Again Threats to a Journalist”. Stremousov's threat statement: As indicated in the publication, February 13 this year. after a live broadcast on radio “Sofia”, where they raised questions about bringing the city to almost complete destruction by the current city authorities, he was approached by the assistant to the People's Deputy of Ukraine Volodymyr Saldo, the editor of the newspaper Kherson Vestnik Olga Spivakina and in a threatening tone asked him – and not afraid does he talk about it in the media? “I cannot regard this otherwise than as a threat against me, directly related to my professional activities.. The threats are all the more real and dangerous because she is also a confidant of Vladimir Vasilyevich Saldo. And she obviously did not act on her own behalf,” K. Stremousov believes. According to Kirill Stremousov, threats to journalists are already becoming a system in our city.

Stremousov said that the SBU conducts searches at his place

August 20, 2020. Kherson pro-Russian activist Kirill Stremousov said that his house was being searched by the Security Service of Ukraine. The press service of the SBU in the region does not confirm this information. In particular, the press secretary of the department, Victoria Shakula, noted that she could not comment on the situation so far.

The scandalous pseudo-journalist Stremousov “lit up” while blocking the building of “Khersonstroy”

The epic with the property of “Khersonstroy” continues: by the decision of the Supreme Court, after three years of legal battles, corporate rights returned to the rightful owners – the Sandykov family. But the founders were not allowed into the company's office on Lutheranskaya Street, the main customer of the raiding – Vladimir Saldo with security guards. Read more about this in the report of Natalia Digtyar from Kherson. In the photo Vladimir Saldo and Kirill Stremousov in the office of “Khersonstroy”: A hindrance to the inventory of returned property was a support group of athletes and pseudo-journalists – such as Kirill Stremousov, whose name is often heard in criminal chronicles.


Kirill Stremousov promoted the Russian world throughout his career. The scandalous journalist was the initiator of the “Russian spring” in Kherson, and now he is an accomplice of the invaders, and an enemy of the Ukrainian people.

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