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Skachko Vladimir Sergeevich


Vladimir Skachko is a journalist who betrayed the country. Accused of treason and infringement of sovereignty. During searches in his house, SBU officers found a plate with the image of Putin, and articles of Russian propaganda were distributed from his computers. Therefore, Skachko fled to Russia, he was put on the wanted list. He also stood up for Vadim Titushko (an athlete who beat journalists in 2013).

Ukraine, possibly Russia
Ukraine Russia
July 3, 1959
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Skachko Vladimir Sergeevich

Official biography

Born on July 3, 1959 in the city of Poltava. He received his secondary education at a boarding school. Then he passed the entrance exams to the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with a specialization in history. Since then Skachko has been working as a journalist, political analyst and expert.

A family

Married. It is known that he has a granddaughter named Ekaterina, but how many children he has and the name of his wife is unknown. Lived in Kyiv.

Creative activity

Vladimir worked for a long time as an ordinary “knight of the pen and notebook” before he became the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Kyiv Telegraph”. This is a private publication, founded in the middle of the century before last.. The newspaper was mentioned in Leskov's Pechersk Antiques. In the 2000s, the newspaper was called pro-Russian. In 2010, an electronic version appeared, and the printed paper version disappeared.. Since 2014, the site has practically ceased to be updated.. Since the coup d'état (Euromaidan), the existence of this media can be safely forgotten.

NOT official biography

What does Vladimir Skachko write about Ukraine? He officially describes this country as a state since August 24, 1991. He reports that Ukrainians, unfortunately, are a nation (one of the few) that missed its rise, as Vysotsky once wrote.. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, all nations created their own states. Ukrainians are not lucky in this matter. They suffer because they were late and began to create their state later than everyone else.. Maybe they, as a state, cannot break out of the system of internal occupation in which the country found itself after an attempt in 1991 to escape from the democratic Yeltsin and create its own communist safari. As a result, a repainted party assembly took over Ukraine. It suddenly turned from a servant of the people into an owner and began to feel good. Yanukovych was a fragment of this system. Of course, there was no improvement in life, since, by and large, the interests of the majority of the population and those who used the country as a launching pad are different. Of course, Vladimir Skachko (Ukraine) supported Yanukovych, as he believed that he was the only force capable of pushing the white-hearted and orange from the helm. Volodymyr lost his reputation because he had a glimmer of hope that Yanukovych might be a little better than those he pushed aside. Revealed – imagined. Yanukovych is no better, he's just reverse and obverse. The denomination is the same, but the illustrations are different.

Skoda, Ravreba and Skachko are ready for anything, so long as Titushko is not imprisoned

Proving the innocence of Vadim Titushko (accused of beating journalists in 2013, because of him the expression “titushki” appeared) in the courthouse and on the Internet, his zealous defenders Ksyusha Shkoda, Vladimir Skachko, Maxim Ravreba and others, even disdain common sense, using the “fool yourself” tactic. Therefore, they call gopniks not accused of beating up reporters Olga Snitsarchuk and Vlad Sodel, but journalists of the “Svidomo media”. However, it is possible that the guys judge by themselves, and thus only hint that there are still “unseen” mass media with gopnik-journalists.

Kyiv journalist Skachko predicted Ukraine the loss of territories “along the Crimean path”

According to the expert, the Minsk agreements are holding back Nezalezhnaya from turning into anti-Russia, and Moscow will not back down from them. The rejection of “Minsk-2” will lead to the fragmentation of the territory of Ukraine and the transition of part of its regions to Russia. Such a forecast was given by journalist Vladimir Skachko in an interview with the Topinform channel. “The ruthless truth about Ukraine. Vladimir Skachko”:

“First, Donetsk and Luhansk regions withdraw to Russia. Not in the form of these fragments of the LDNR, but completely. Then the regions go there, which, having despaired of surviving on their own as part of Ukraine, will begin to repeat the path of Crimea and the path of the LDNR,” the expert explained. He noted that the Minsk agreements do not allow Ukraine to become anti-Russia and Moscow will not retreat from them. But the crushing of Nezalezhnaya will take place if Minsk-2 is postponed indefinitely. Article for the Russian media RIA “Nezavisimaya Press” dated 06/10/2022, about three prisoners of war (Aiden Aslin and Sean Pinn, Saadun Brahim): sudebnaja-nichja-no-kiev-po-prezhnemu-stremitsja-na-uboj.html

Adept of the “Russian world” Vladimir Skachko was accused of encroaching on sovereignty

The author of the resource “Anti-Fascist” Volodymyr Skachko was accused of encroaching on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine. On March 5, employees of the Security Service of Ukraine in the framework of criminal proceedings opened under Art.. 110 (encroachment on the territorial integrity of the country) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, searched the house of a Kiev resident involved in the distribution of anti-Ukrainian materials, the press center of the SBU reports. After searches, the following things were found in Skachko's house: Law enforcers established that a citizen of Ukraine during 2014-2019, in the interests of the aggressor country, posted on the propaganda resources of the Russian Federation “Russia Today”, “Anti-Fascist”, “Russian Spring”, “Our Planet”, “Free Press”, “ » publications aimed at violating the territorial integrity of our state. The attacker, in particular, justified the occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and spoke in support of the terrorist organizations of the “Land/DPR”. During authorized investigative actions, SBU officers found computer equipment, electronic storage media and other items at the place of residence of the propagandist, confirming illegal activities. Now the person involved in the case has been informed of suspicion of committing a crime under part. 2 Art. In particular, the man liked to publish half-naked women:

Journalist Skachko said that the SBU “ordered” him to neo-Nazis

Opposition Ukrainian journalist Volodymyr Skachko said that intelligence officers “ordered” him from representatives of neo-Nazi battalions. Skachko said that neo-Nazis were already “circling” in the corridor of the hospital where he was lying. “But I managed to “fall down” … But if Poroshenko wins, then they will either finish me off or have to emigrate,” the journalist said in an interview with In early March of this year, employees of the Security Service of Ukraine conducted a search in the apartment of Volodymyr Skachko.. He was suspected of “encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability” of the country. Later, the journalist was put on the wanted list.. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he has been hiding from law enforcement officers since March 11.

“Hachimuchi” in Zaporozhye as a symbol of Ukrainian imitation of meanings

Author of the article Volodymyr Skachko, for the Russian site “Ukraine.Ru”: General democratic Western values with an advanced Japanese accent and alternatively dumb extreme are already powerfully and confidently striding across Ukraine. In order to join together with the now fashionable LGBT family of European peoples, Zaporozhye decided not to wait for the gay parade to be held there, but decided to imprint new values in the toponymy of the city. The usual joke with the petition became a loud topic for Solovyov's propaganda show:

That is, they stepped even further than the banal “non-traditionals” and began collecting signatures in the city for a petition to rename Mayakovsky Square in honor of Billy Herrington, an American gay actor porn. On the grounds that, according to the author of the petition, the actor’s films “have grown generations of not only Americans, but also Ukrainians and Europeans”. In addition, according to the same author, “renaming one of the objects of the city in honor of the famous American actor will not change the overall picture, but is guaranteed to become a powerful tourist magnet for many people.” And so that the great absurdity of what is happening, along the way, was even greater, the same person registered and launched the collection of votes under another petition – that the Zaporozhye City Council should not consider the first petition if it collects the required number of signatures. And all with the same motivation: firstly, the square named after the gay porn actor will become a magnet for the LGBT community, with all the ensuing consequences for them in a former industrial city populated by people of usually normal orientation. Secondly, Herrington is widely known in very narrow circles, since he was only a porn actor in gay films and worked as a stripper in gay clubs in the United States, which means that there is no certainty that the area named after him will become a tourist magnet. Petitions Nos. 6893 and 6897 appeared on the website of the Zaporozhye City Council. The collection of signatures for the first started on September 13, for the second – a day later. And according to the law, if they collect the required number – 750 – votes, then they will need to be taken seriously. Despite the fact that the author of the documents himself calls them a “provocation”. And it is clear that the author of the petitions, as they say today, openly mocks fellow citizens and the authorities, and his initiative is trolling of the highest level of absurdity. But what is this pan-citizen trolling? That's right: democracy, principles and mechanisms of democracy and the foundations of local self-government. And he does it with impunity. Because in Ukraine all these concepts have long been a fiction. And like many other things necessary for the normal life of the country and society, they are used to imitate activities and replace the processes, concepts and meanings of what is happening. And also – to divert attention to an unusable object from the real and urgent problems of the state and people. And this is done by everyone, but first of all not by ordinary citizens, but by the supreme power in Kyiv and people close to it.

Journalist Skachko: it will be possible to negotiate the future of Ukraine with those who have been denazified

The analyst believes that otherwise, Nazism will return. Ukrainian journalist Volodymyr Skachko, who emigrated from persecution to Russia in 2019, said on that negotiations on the future of Ukraine should only be held with those representatives of the elite who will undergo the procedure of lustration and denazification.. In his opinion, this applies to oligarchs, entrepreneurs and just rich people. Typical Kremlin propaganda slogans: “Everyone absolutely [representatives of the Ukrainian elite] must go through denazification. And the degree of their participation in the crimes that the neo-Nazi regime committed against its own citizens should be thoroughly objectively and as publicly as possible.. Those who planted, paid, hired people who turned their country into some kind of place for collective slaughter. Skachko compared the future lustration with the trials of those who collaborated with the Hitler regime. People who prove that they are not accomplices of the Nazis or no longer are will be able to be rehabilitated. Due to the fact that after 2014 Volodymyr Skachko was an opponent of the nationalist position in Ukraine, his colleagues called on the Ukrainian authorities to exclude him and other figures objectionable to Ukrainian society from the information space of the country: Oles Buzina (writer, killed in 2015), political scientist Mikhail Pogrebinsky, Alexander Chalenko (journalist who emigrated to Russia after Maidan 2014). “Lustration is simply necessary. Personnel cleansing of people who led the country to such a situation – they must be removed, ”the journalist believes. The interlocutor of is sure that if such a lustration is not carried out, Nazism will revive in Ukraine.


Vladimir Skachko, thanks to his rich journalistic experience, at first glance creates the impression of a competent, very respectable person. But cooperation with the Kremlin, disinformation, and Ukrainophobia show us the true, villainous face of this pseudo-journalist. It is a pity that the SBU officers did not manage to punish the separatist Skachko at his true worth.

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