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Shufrich Nestor Ivanovich


Nestor Shufrych is a separatist of Transcarpathian origin. During the time that he was in power (and this is more than 15 years), he managed to rob himself of millions of dollars and illegally build a villa on the banks of the Kozinka River, in a recreational area. He also got the reserve\"Oaks \" which he got in the same criminal way, and got luxury cars. I bought a Bentley for my son, on which the offspring knocked down a man, and in the end, as a kind and honest person, he helped Zhirinovsky escape from the Crimea in 2014.

Ukraine Russia
December 29, 1966
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Shufrich Nestor separatist

Official biography

Born on December 29, 1966 in Uzhgorod. Father – Ivan Yulievich – Soviet tennis player, later director of a sports school, head of the Dynamo Society in Transcarpathia and president of FC Hoverla. He was a military man, as well as an honorary consul of Slovakia. Nestor Shufrich is from Transcarpathia, he is proud of his origin and knows the history of his ancestors well. For example, his grandfather Julius Shufrich developed and put into operation an entire banking system.. At one time he headed a large agricultural bank in Hungary, was a successful financier who became famous in Europe. During the Soviet-Hungarian confrontation, a plane arrived for Yuli Shufrich, but he refused to fly away.


Nestor Shufrich graduated from a school with an in-depth study of English. Actively participated in public life, while still a pioneer. He was appointed chairman of the Uzhgorod pioneer headquarters, attended the Eighth Moscow rally of pioneers of the entire former USSR. Even in his school years, he was professionally involved in sports – tennis and archery. After school, he studied at Uzhhorod State University. Shufrich chose the Faculty of History. Instead of the second course, he went to the army service, which he took place in Hungary. After the army, Nestor Shufrich continued his studies at the university. In 1992 he received a diploma in history teaching.

A family

Shufrich divorced, married twice. The first wife, Irina Yaroshovets, was the daughter of the secretary of the Transcarpathian Regional Committee of the CPSU and worked as an education historian, the second was the daughter of a retired lieutenant colonel, the winner of several beauty contests, Natalia Vorona-Shufrich. Married to her, Nestor Shufrich lived for 7 years. The press published a story about how in 1998 he beat his second wife, although Shufrich himself denied this information.

NOT official biography

Fights During his political career, he was a participant in a number of fights with his political opponents: In 2004, he was noted in a brawl with proxies of Ukrainian presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko, among whom was businessman Petro Poroshenko. In 2008, he hit ex-Minister of Transport Nikolai Rudkovsky several times in the face in his office, as a result, the lip of the owner of the premises was broken. All this happened due to personal grievances, Rudkovsky then applied to the Pechersk RU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but later took him away. Fight between Shufrich and Lyashko:

In July 2009, after a meeting of the Party of Regions faction, Nestor Shufrich punched Sergey Lyovochkin, deputy chairman of the faction, in the face. This happened due to the fact that Lyovochkin did not inform him about the postponement of the date of the visit of party leader Viktor Yanukovych to Crimea, due to the absence of which Shufrich was criticized by Yanukovych. The participants in the incident differed in their assessment: Shufrich insisted on the format of a “private conversation”, while Lyovochkin called the attack “mean”. In the same year, Nestor Shufrich, during the Shuster Live program, had a fight with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, who wrote a statement against him and left the program. On February 21, 2014, in the session hall, they were glad, because of a verbal skirmish, he received a blow in the lip from the deputy of the UDAR party, Mykola Palamarchuk. On September 30, 2014, Nestor Shufrich, together with the deputy of the Odessa Regional Council Nikolai Skorik, planned to hold a press conference in Odessa. However, about a hundred activists of the Right Sector and the local Euromaidan were already waiting for them at the building, along with a dragged garbage container, in order to push the deputy there and carry out a “garbage lustration” over him (a number of former members of the Party of Regions had already undergone this procedure in Ukraine). or suspected of collaborating with her). But Shufrich did not come there, deciding to make a statement in the building of the Odessa Regional State Administration (OOGA), while its head Igor Palitsa did not invite the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada. Shufrich beaten in Odessa:
Activists caught up with the deputies inside the building, after which a scuffle ensued, during which Shufrich received a closed head injury and concussion. According to the head of the information department of the Right Sector, Borislav Bereza, Nestor Shufrich himself started the confrontation and provoked aggression, thereby “playing out” the same scenario that his former party member Oleg Tsarev had done earlier during the presidential elections.. The “Opposition Bloc” demanded the immediate resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration, investigation of the facts of organizing mass riots throughout the country and punishment of those responsible. Shufrich himself threatened to clear Odessa of representatives of the Right Sector. Fight between Shufrich and Bereza:
Police investigating authorities launched criminal proceedings on the grounds of. 2 Art. 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (hooliganism committed by a group of persons), the investigation was taken under personal control by the head of the Odessa police Ivan Katerinchuk and the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine to thoroughly investigate the incident and find out the instigators of the conflict, and also called on politicians “not to participate in scenarios that work to destabilize the situation in Ukraine”. October 3, 2014. Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak said that the department had identified 14 possible participants in the beating and was taking measures to search for them. On December 20, 2018, he got into a fight with Yury Bereza, a member of the Popular Front, after he tore down a poster hanging on the podium calling for Viktor Medvedchuk to be brought to trial. On February 18, 2022, he fought with the editor-in-chief of Censor. NO” by Yuri Butusov on the program “Freedom of Savik Shuster”. Fight between Butusov and Shufrich:
He was also seen using buttons:

The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada said that he does not consider Russia an aggressor

People's Deputy of Ukraine, a member of the Opposition Bloc faction Nestor Shufrych said that he does not consider the Russian Federation an aggressor in relation to Ukraine. He said this in an interview with “I cannot qualify Russia as an external aggressor. During the entire time of the confrontation, we saw nine servicemen of the regular Russian army detained on the territory of Ukraine. And they were handed over by the Russian side and released. What is happening in Ukraine is not officially recognized as external aggression by anyone who is competent to recognize it,” Shufrych said. He noted that the presence of Russian regular troops on the territory of Ukraine has not been proven. Shufrich said live that people are fleeing from Donbass to Russia en masse:

Nestor Shufrich was detained by Teroborona – he was collecting data about the checkpoint, there was shooting

March 2022 Nestor Shufrich, People's Deputy from the PPJ faction, was detained by the Teroborona battalion for trying to photograph a checkpoint. According to the people's deputy of the “European Solidarity” Vladimir Aryev, Shufrich is expected to have a conversation in the SBU. Video about Shufrich's detention:

Journalist Valeria Egoshina said that Shufrich, who was detained in Kyiv, photographed a checkpoint, his guards fired back from Teroborona fighters. So far, he is “safe and sound.”

Shufrich was released: how the people's deputy justified himself for the photo of the checkpoint

March 2022. Thus, the amount of underestimated taxable income is UAH 174,804,624,” the inspection report says. The State Fiscal Service was audited on February 10, 2017. Within 5 days, its results must be transferred to the deputies. However, on Friday, Shufrich did not receive a tax audit report.. This was reported in the press service of the deputy. The day before, the deputy issued a statement in which he asks the media to assist in obtaining acts from the State Fiscal Service.

Nestor Shufrich and Onishchenko received a land plot in Kozin in a dubious way

In 2009, by orders of the Obukhov Regional State Administration, a land plot of 14 hectares (2 hectares each) was transferred to the ownership of seven citizens for conducting a personal peasant economy. Alexander Onishchenko (6 hectares) and Nestor Shufrich (8 hectares), a deputy from the Opposition Bloc, immediately acquired these plots, journalists from the Nashi Groshi publishing house reported. By the decision of the Economic Court of the Kyiv region of October 6, 2014. land allotment orders were invalidated. The court came to the conclusion that the Obukhov Regional State Administration went beyond its competence, since these sites are located within the town. Kozin and the right to dispose of them belongs to the Kozin village council. In addition, the RGA gave land plots to three individuals, which completely included a 1.5-hectare plot owned by the Borey yacht club. However, on May 13, 2015, according to the information of the Nashi Dengi publishing house, the court upheld the order of the Obukhov District State Administration dated January 16, 2009 on the allocation of 6 hectares to citizens. This is evidenced by the decision of the Kyiv Economic Court of Appeal dated May 13, which canceled the decision of the Economic Court of the Kyiv region dated October 6, 2014 on the invalidity of the order of the Obukhov Regional State Administration. A large plot of 8 hectares was bought by MP Nestor Shufrich. When the legality of the allocation began to be challenged, he personally appealed to the court. The court of first instance noted that the lands of the yacht club do not overlap with the Shufrich site and do not even border on it. “The illegality of this order lies precisely in the fact that the land plots located within the village, and the Obukhov Regional State Administration gave this land, despite the fact that it is located within the village. Therefore, it is all illegal,” says lawyer Artur Reznik in the program “Schemes: Corruption in Detail”. Recall that according to the Land Code of Ukraine, namely Art.. 122 establishes an exhaustive list, according to which the District State Administration can transfer land for use or allocate land for ownership: a) water management; b) construction of facilities related to servicing residents of the territorial society of the district (schools, cultural institutions, hospitals, trade enterprises, etc.), taking into account the requirements of part seven of this article; c) individual dacha construction.

Nestor Shufrich, being Minister of Emergency Situations, appointed Anna German's son as Deputy Head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations

The news “TSN” reported that the ex-Minister of Emergency Situations Nestor Shufrich appointed the son of Anna German, the then Head of the Presidential Administration, Nikolai Korovitsyn, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Shufrich did not hesitate in his choice, although Korovitsyn worked as a driver for his mother before being appointed deputy minister. “I, so you know, working as a driver, earned my first $ 100. I drove cars. So from the driver to the deputy and the minister was not so far. So no need to exaggerate. Nikolai is a very talented guy, knows many languages. He turned out to be a very effective assistant,” Shufrich said.. I made the decision that he would work with me more than a year ago, when there was a prospect of creating a broad coalition with the Tymoshenko bloc, and when I was offered the post of Minister for Emergency Situations. That's when I invited Nikolai to work with me in the same team as part of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, ”he explained.

Shufrich's land plot was involved in a scam to withdraw money from Pivdenkombank

UAH 117 million outstanding loan plus interest – more than UAH 156 million. Such an amount disappeared without a trace from Yuzhkombank before the introduction of a temporary administration.. In the issue “Land of Nestor Shufrich (Investigation)” of the investigative journalism program “Schemes: Corruption in Detail” this financial scam is associated with MP Nestor Shufrich, whose land plot was withdrawn from collateral and did not repay loan obligations. From the materials of the court case. On July 17, 2012, a little-known Donetsk company Alitek took a loan from Yuzhkombank in the amount of UAH 70 million at 17% per annum for a period of one year. A little later, Alitek took another 47 million from the bank. Under these additional funds, Nestor Shufrich laid his land plot of 8 hectares in the village. Kozin and acted as a guarantor. In case of non-repayment of the debt, the bank can take the land. But in the end, Alitek, which ended up in the occupied territory, did not return the funds as predicted. And Shufrich withdrew his own plot in Kozin from collateral by the decision of the Court of Appeal of the Kyiv region in 2014, when the bank started having problems. Thus, the bank did not receive either 150 million hryvnia (including interest), or Shufrych's land. Lawyer Roman Maselko draws attention to the fact that the land plot was withdrawn from collateral without an agreement with the bank to terminate the mortgage by Shufrich in 2013. And despite this, in 2014 the Court of Appeal of the Kyiv region on the suit of Shufrich recognized the mortgage as terminated. The court found that the bank corresponded with Shufrich and informed about the withdrawal of the plot from the mortgage.

Deputies, judges and officials received gifts that they could not receive

Footballer Alexander Shufrich privatized a 700-square-square house in Kozin in 2012 and presented it to his father Nestor in 2015.

Officials and deputies built the Kozinki coastal protection zone and built fences there

According to the journalists of the “Schemes” program, MP Nestor Shufrich owns the land despite the lack of permits, and the plot, probably owned by Yulia Tymoshenko, is larger than according to the documents. Investigation by journalists of the program “Schemes” about Shufrich's real estate:

Nestor Shufrich's land is fenced off by a high fence, but copies of permits for the land are not available in the relevant authorities. This practically makes it impossible to find out whether there was a violation in the allocation of land.

The Shufrich family received land in the reserve in a dubious way

According to information provided by TSN. Special”, in 2005, the Transcarpathian Regional Prosecutor's Office accused the Shufrych family of illegally acquiring the territory of the Dubki reserve. Prosecutors found out that in March 2004 a fictitious enterprise was created that illegally acquired state property and eventually transferred it to Maria Shufrich free of charge. By phone, Nestor Shufrich confirmed that the reserve belongs to his family, and his father takes care of him. News story about the Dubki reserve owned by Shufrich:

Ministry of Emergency Situations under Shufrich paid 30 million for a helicopter to an already bankrupt company

Ministry of Emergency Situations in 2007. paid for the purchase of a medical helicopter, which has not yet been delivered. This was reported in the report of the State Financial Inspectorate for April 2014 on the results of the audit of the financial and economic activities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine. As noted in the report, in 2007 the Ministry entered into an agreement with Gelaksis LLC for the purchase of a medical helicopter. In accordance with the terms of the contract, the Ministry of Emergency Situations made an advance payment in the amount of 100% of the cost. However, in 2011, Gelaksis ceased operations due to the recognition of the company as bankrupt.. Thus, the Ministry suffered damage in the amount of 30 million hryvnia. According to the Our Money website, on the part of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, an agreement for the supply of a helicopter was signed by Deputy Minister Andrei Skibyak. LLC “Gelaxis” was founded in October 2006. London company “Dinford Business Ltd” (Dinford Business Ltd). The founder and owner of the British company was Szolt Adam Weigel (Zsolt Adam Vajgel). According to the OCCRP, Adam Szolt is a Hungarian who was once listed as a director in 138 UK firms and involved in a network of money laundering scammers.. At the same time, Dinford was liquidated on November 6, 2007, that is, only two months after the agreement with the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The Ministry did not receive the helicopter within the specified period, therefore, in 2009. filed a lawsuit against Gelaxis. To date, the company has already been re-registered as Dumrey Investment Limited, founded by Australian Ian Taylor (IanTaylor). Taylor family since 1995. provides registration services for fictitious companies involved in arms and drug trafficking, money laundering and tax evasion. Until last year's closure, New Zealander Ian Taylor's company registration business was one of the most outrageous examples of the criminal services industry – companies that allow organized crime, terrorists and corrupt government officials to steal money, evade taxes and hide ownership.. . Now Taylor is back – with a new company and a new host country.” – from the article “Taylor Network Back in Business” on the website of the international association “Corruption and Organized Crime Research” (occrp): Until the end of 2007, the Ministry of Emergency Situations was headed by Nestor Shufrich.

Shufrich's firm will build up Rybalsky Island without permits

According to “Schemes”, the territory of the Rybalsky Peninsula will gradually be built up with housing with numerous violations. In the summer of 2016, deputies of the Kyiv City Council approved a detailed plan for the territory of Rybalsky. Although it was not supposed to contradict the general plan of the city, the detailed plan provided for construction of housing where the master plan until 2020 left the public building. So far, the only construction site on the peninsula is the Rybalsky residential complex of PJSC “Kyiv River Port” on Elektrikov Street, 23 b. PJSC “Kyiv River Port” received this territory on lease on the basis of the decision of the Kyiv City Council dated July 28, 2016. However, not for construction, but for “operation and maintenance of the property complex.” However, the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture has issued town planning conditions and restrictions. They called this object the reconstruction of the property complex for multi-apartment development. According to state building codes, reconstruction is a restructuring of existing industrial and civil facilities. However, when comparing a satellite image of the territory two years ago with a fresh one, it is clear that not reconstruction, but construction is taking place. People's Deputy of Ukraine Nestor Shufrich belongs to PJSC “Kyiv River Port”. Investigation of “Schemes” on the development of the Rybalsky Peninsula:

A quarter of the shares of OJSC “Kyiv River Port” belongs to LLC “Modern Partnership”. The former director of this company, Viktor Sidoruk, is an assistant to the people's deputy Nestor Shufrich. Sant Galen Holding LLC, which owns another 25 percent of the shares of Kyiv River Port PJSC, has a common telephone number with the Sikorsky Museum of the History of Aeronautics and Aviation International Charitable Foundation, co-founded by the now deceased mother of Nestor Shufrich – Maria Shufrich. The fact that the river port is the business of Nestor Shufrich's family was also confirmed by his press service. But when he heard questions about the Rybalsky residential complex, Nestor Shufrich said that he or his family did not have particles in the Kiev River Port. Another shareholder of PJSC Kyiv River Port identified by Schemes is businessman Mikhail Brodsky. During the reign of Viktor Yanukovych, he headed the State Committee for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship. To the remark that the construction of housing does not meet the decision of the Kyiv City Council on the operation of the property complex, he replied that the journalists had the wrong documents. The next day after this conversation, “Schemes” received a call from the representative of PJSC “Kyiv River Port” Andrey Vavrish. In his opinion, it is possible to build housing despite the text of the decision of the Kyiv City Council. Shufrich's participation in these barbaric entertainments is confirmed by the information on the website of the travel agency, where the people's deputy is called the only hunter in the world who hunted three rare black rhinos at once, as well as the press service of the deputy. Seven thousand hryvnias were received as interest on securities. After the alienation of real estate, there were proceeds in the amount of 343 thousand hryvnias and another four and a half million hryvnias from the sale of securities and corporate property rights. Shufrych received a gift worth 11 million hryvnias from his son Alexander. Bank accounts contain 46 thousand hryvnia, seven and a half thousand dollars and four thousand euros. Shufrich owns nine apartments, seven of them in Kyiv and two in Uzhgorod. As well as three non-residential premises, four garages and six land plots. Nestor Ivanovich owns three cars: Land Rover, Mercedes and Toyota.


Nestor Shufrich is a pro-Russian politician who has been plundering Ukraine for more than 20 years and breaking laws. As a result – a cottage in a protected area, obtained illegally, and millions of dollars in your pocket.

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