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Shilova Victoria Vitalievna


Victoria Shilova is a Kremlin agent undermining the national security of Ukraine. He actively spreads misinformation and hostile statements about the Ukrainian authorities, manipulates facts. Sponsors terrorists L\\DPR, is considered\"political carcass \", as often changed ideology and moved from one party to another, as they say\"who pays more \". She was convicted of xenophobia, racism, and attended neo-Nazi events.

Ukraine Russia
May 4, 1972
Уровень охвата:

Shilova Victoria Vitalievna

YouTube blogger, journalist, activist.

Official biography

She was born on May 4, 1972 in Novomoskovsk. She studied from 1989 to 1994 at Dnipropetrovsk University at four faculties: first, biology, later pedagogy, then the faculties of foreign languages (advanced English course) and jurisprudence (lectures on the legal system). In March 1997, she took a course on practical television at the European Television Center in Denmark.. From 1999 to 2004 she studied at the Faculty of Television of the Institute of Cinema and Television at the Kiev University of Culture and Arts.

TV work

In December 1993, Shilova began working on Channel 34 of Dnepropetrovsk as an editor, and then in February 1994 she took the position of head of the news service.. Since March 1995, she began working as a TV presenter of the political project Face to Face, as well as the project manager of the Third Sector, “At Home Like Home”, “Your Style” TO Version. Since September 1999, the author and host of the project “Thoughts aloud”. Since December 2002, the head of the association of morning information and journalistic programs on the 51st TV channel. On January 24, 2007, she was appointed general director of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Television and Radio Company, from which she was dismissed in July 2009.

A family

Has a daughter, Gertrude.

NOT official biography

According to media reports, Victoria Shilova has changed a number of political parties since 2006.. Among them were: Pavlo Lazarenko's Bloc, Party of Regions, SPU, Oleg Lyashko's Radical Party, Women's Solidarity of Ukraine, Our Land. At the same time, Shilova had conflicts with fellow party members in almost every political project. Viktoria Shilova takes an oath not to become a “political carcass”:

For example, being the deputy chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council, a deputy of the regional council, Viktoria Shilova was expelled from the Party of Regions “for inciting ethnic hatred and using administrative resources for personal purposes” by the decision of the executive committee of the regional organization of the Party of Regions . In one of the interviews, Shilova stated that she supports Yanukivych: In 2006, she was expelled from the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine for radical disagreements with her colleagues. In 2009, she was included in the list of enemies of the press, according to the National Union of Journalists, because she fired everyone who did not agree with her personnel policy.. After her resignation, she staged hunger strikes, demanding that she be returned to the leadership of Dnepropetrovsk television, but all her demands remained unanswered, and she was repeatedly sued. As the head of the Dnepropetrovsk television, Shilova became the culprit of other scandals: for example, she allegedly demanded money from private entrepreneurs for the maintenance of her newspaper Right Bank, blackmailing and threatening in case of refusal. Later, these facts were confirmed: she put pressure on public sector workers, demanding to gather representatives of various professions (workers, doctors, teachers) to meet with her and making various populist speeches there. Trial of Shilova: Xenophobe and Antichrist Shilova was repeatedly accused of inciting ethnic hatred and propaganda of aggressive Ukrainian nationalism, as well as excessive hatred of Christianity: on February 23, 2012, on the occasion of the Defender of the Fatherland Day, she called on the male population of Ukraine to serve in the army and not be like the Jews, who allegedly did not differ in courage. After public outrage, she was forced to apologize and remove this paragraph from her Internet appeal.. She also called for maintaining the racial purity of the Ukrainian nation, approved of the activities of various neo-pagan communities, and threatened the Jewish communities of Ukraine with expulsion and reprisals, which she later denied.. In 2011, after the conflict in the Dnipropetrovsk region and the death of a policeman at the hands of a representative of the Armenian community, she demanded to expel all Armenians from the country, for which she was again criticized. Some of Shilova's statements (for example, We are a great white people, we have a great past, and I'm sure we have a great future. A thousand years ahead) can be regarded as racist.

Manipulation of facts and fakes

“My great-grandfather fought with Bohdan Khmelnitsky” – examples of absurdity, fakes and manipulations from Shilova. “Ex-regional” from Dnipropetrovsk Shilova in 2013 convinces the people of Kiev during the election campaign that she is from Kiev and is against the PR. And since 2014, she has been engaged in anti-Ukrainian propaganda on her Youtube channel “Anti-War”. She calls herself the resurgent leader of Kievan Rus.. There she posts a video like “Ukrainians go to Crimea. It's fun and safe there” and “China called the Soviet cure for coronavirus. European medicine is inferior medicine, it is far from the “Soviet”, in which she assures that Arbidol treats “ridiculous and artificial” coronavirus. It should also be noted that in 2015, the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office of the Prosecutor General's Office initiated criminal proceedings against Anti-War activists for attempts to disrupt mobilization. Disruption of mobilization: Shilova after 2014 is a frequent guest of Russian TV channels. Together with the former leader of the “DNR” Zakharchenko, as part of the so-called organization “Mothers of Ukraine”, Shilova examines the places allegedly affected by the shelling of the Ukrainian army. He groundlessly accuses the Ukrainian special services of blowing up the car of one of the leaders of the “DPR” militants, in which he was with his daughter. It is worth noting that the Independent Media Council admitted that Shilova manipulated the facts on the air of one of the Odessa TV channels in 2016: “makes a number of factual statements, that is, provides certain information not as her own subjective judgment or assessment, but as a well-known or generally recognized fact”. In particular, she cites unconfirmed data about 50,000 dead in the conflict, appeals to various unnamed “European” sources. In addition, Shilova has been organizing pro-Russian forums both in Ukraine and in European countries in recent years.. On them, she pronounces worn-out messages of Russian propaganda about the failure of the Ukrainian authorities to comply with the Minsk agreements, about the alleged “civil” war, the “Ukrainian junta”. By the way, at one of these “events”, in Odessa in 2016, Shilova made a frank confession that went beyond common sense. She stated that her great-grandfather fought with Bohdan Khmelnitsky. Note that the Ukrainian hetman lived in the 17th century, about 350 years ago, and her great-grandfather was the maximum that he could fight with the Austrians in World War I.

CEC registers ardent separatist as a candidate for Verkhovna Rada

In Dnipro (former Dnepropetrovsk) in the 27th district, the separatist Shilova was registered as a candidate for the Verkhovna Rada. This is reported by with reference to the decision taken by the Central Election Commission. Separatist Victoria Shilova never hid her sympathies – after 2014 she lived in Moscow, constantly visited Russian channels and took part in programs. She talked about some murders of babies and the “junta”. In 2015, she took part in the election of the mayor of Novomoskovsk, but unsuccessfully. In January of this year, she organized a separatist forum in Odessa. Tried to run for mayor of Krivoy Rog. I went to the Nazi Congress in St. Petersburg. In addition to her, the head of the all-Ukrainian public organization “Spirit of the Nation” Maryna Denisenko put forward her candidacy. The head of the Civil Force faction in the Dnipropetrovsk City Council, Zagid Krasnov, volunteer Tatiana Rychkova, city council deputy Anastasia Staroskoltseva, lawyer Oksana Tomchuk, representative of the Ukrop party, Vadim Shebanov, ex-deputy Filatov in the city council, put forward their candidacies.

In Novomoskovsk, the authorities and the former “regionals” stole a legitimate victory in the mayoral elections from self-nominated Litvishchenko

Pavlograd did not become a turning point in the authorities' attempts to rig the election results, and the all-Ukrainian scandal surrounding the cancellation of the second round of the mayor's race did not serve as an inoculation for political cheaters. Recently, the Administrative Court of Appeal of the Dnipropetrovsk region overturned the legal decision of the Novomoskovsk TEC to elect self-nominated Viktor Litvishchenko as mayor. This was announced on his Facebook page by a representative of V.. Litvishchenko in court Alexey Kornilov. And this despite the fact that Litvishchenko could even become a candidate for mayor only on the third attempt and only by a court decision, because. he was denied registration twice by the local commission. Judgment in the Litvishchenko case: Victoria Shilova, who has been living in Moscow, has been rocking the situation in Novomoskovsk for a year and a half.. Either because the names are of the same root, or maybe because Victoria won 666 votes in these elections, but this ally of the fugitive Oleg Tsarev managed to continue the series of boundless decisions in the last local elections. Viktor Litvishchenko suffered from persecution by the Party of Regions back in 2010. And now, even his obvious victory in the elections against the representative of the Opposition Bloc, with the appropriate decision of the territorial election commission, did not become a pass to power. The outspoken separatist Victoria Shilova got in the way, whose arguments were gladly accepted by the Administrative Court of Appeal of the Dnepropetrovsk region. For reference: for the past year and a half, Viktoria Shilova has been circulating between the central Russian channels, where she never tires of shocking the public with stories about the atrocities of the “Kyiv junta” and “punishers” in the Donbass. It is unlikely that after this she would have decided to run for the post of mayor in the Dnepropetrovsk region, if she had not had guarantees of immunity from the authorities.

Self-proclaimed “leader” of a defunct movement

“I, Viktoria Shilova, are the leader of the anti-war social movement, the leader of the resurgent Kievan Rus!” , – with these words, fifty-year-old unemployed resident of the Dnieper Shilova Viktoria Vitalievna began each of her video messages, who from the beginning of the Russian invasion began to pretend to be a blogger and public figure. Also, let me remind you, this person was a member of the key functionaries of the now banned in Ukraine pro-Russian political party “State”. Earlier, on her YouTube channel “Victoria Shilova Antiwar”, there were daily live broadcasts in which she was looking forward to when the Pskov paratroopers landed on Bankovaya and dreamed of creating a “united Slavic state” under the leadership of Putin. Posing as an outstanding “political scientist”, Victoria Shilova released hundreds of vile videos. But there is one last thing that came out in April. After that video, which was called “They came for me,” Victoria Shilova no longer went on the air. Shilova's last video:

In 2014. Victoria Shilova, guided by personal ideological convictions, created an informal association of pro-Russian people – the public movement “Anti-War”. There is no information on state registration of movement in the Unified Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Formations. That is, this movement exists only in the sick fantasy of Putin's propagandists.

“Philanthropist” for Russian occupiers

The purpose of the Anti-War movement, which was headed and directly coordinated by Viktoria Shilova, was to assist, including financially support, actions aimed at forcibly changing or overthrowing the constitutional order, seizing state power in Ukraine, separating part of the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions and their further entry into the Russian Federation. In accordance with paragraphs “a”, “b”, “c”, “d” and “g” of Article 3 of Resolution 3314 (XXIX) of the General Assembly of the United Nations “Definition of Aggression” of December 14, 1974. the use of force by the Russian armed Federation against Ukraine constitutes a crime of armed aggression and grossly violates the Memorandum on Security Guarantees in connection with Ukraine's accession to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons of December 5, 1994. and the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Partnership between Ukraine and the Russian Federation of 31 May. So, Victoria Shilova perfectly understood that the terrorist organizations of the DPR and LPR had a stable composition of the leaders of these organizations, which maintain close relations with each other, centralized subordination of the members of the political and security bloc to the leaders of the organizations. She was directly involved in the implementation of the plan of criminal activity, had clear functions to achieve it. People's opinions about Victoria Shilova: To conceal the illegal activities of the Anti-War movement, Viktoriya Shilova used the format of a charitable project. This project was allegedly aimed at meeting the material needs of poor people living in the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions temporarily not controlled by the authorities of Ukraine.. In fact, it served the purpose of material support for individual terrorists, which will be discussed separately. Victoria post asking to send money for charitable purposes: In the meantime, let's remember how Victoria Shilova practiced according to the Russian methodology on the eve of the war and during its first active phase.

The creation of a “united state of the Slavs”

It has long been no wonder that among the fans of the “Russian world” the main biomass is characterized by an extremely labile psyche. Such persons tend to easily come under the influence of certain schizoteric currents.. Sectarians remain sectarians in everything. As an example, here is a message from Shilova dated September 13, 2021, which is addressed specifically to such an audience. It is lengthened, so I will cite only the most important theses, in which, under a schizoteric wrapper, she tried to shove the propaganda of the “reunification of the Slavic peoples”. The language, style and spelling are left unchanged: Appeal to the Source, the Higher Forces of our Creator for the manifestation of my will given to me by the right of my birth and the Free Will of Choice. I want from September 21, 2021, from me and my family, my relatives and friends forever disconnected without a reverse connection. … I want for us to open financial energy cash flows of good quality for the implementation and implementation of our plans to create a New State of the World throughout the territory of Rus'. Calls for the creation of a new pseudo-state under the auspices of the Russian Federation by joining it on the territory of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus are expressed in a manifesto of direct content: “… our Earthly and Cosmic mission of a planetary and cosmic scale, the unification of all people of the Light Race (or Slavs) into a single State”. And all this is additionally emphasized by the words: “for the salvation of both all mankind and our entire planet as a whole.” This text is a manifesto of intentions by Victoria Shilova and a declaration of belonging to the latest pseudo-religious teaching – KOB (from Russian. – “The concept of public safety”). KOB is a destructive movement of an anti-state pro-Russian orientation, combining elements of a public organization and neo-occult (sects).

Two months before the war

December 08, 2021. on the YouTube channel “Victoria Shilova Antiwar” a video message “The people of the Rus just live in 3 countries” appeared. In this video message, Victoria Shilova once again emphasized her position: “As a geneticist, I can say, and here Vladimir Putin agrees with me, that we are one people – the people of the Rus, or the Russian people living on the territory of three countries, I would say. These are Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. And, of course, because the historical name of Ukraine is Kievan Rus, or simply Rus. And Rus'-Ukraine is a designation of the territorial location of a part of Rus' – South-Western Rus'. Southwestern Rus or Kievan Rus is Rus-Ukraine. So, guys, we are one people who live in three countries. When I talk about Russia or Belarus or Ukraine, it's like I'm talking about my people, who just live in three different countries. Russia as much as it will be interesting for me to say. And it is interesting – endlessly, because I say it again: I was born in the Soviet Union. All this is my family. Therefore, for the especially smart, I inform you: because this is my family, I am a Soviet child. And before that – Rus', the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union – I will speak as much as I need, because this is my land and these are my people. I think that's enough” . All the time, Victoria Shilova diligently dragged through the key slogans of her idol Putin that Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians are one people of “Rus”. In this video message of hers, we are talking about territorial changes: the unification of Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation into one “Russian” state under the protectorate of the Russian Federation. The main idea is additionally emphasized in the very name of the live broadcast – one “people of the Rus” living in different countries.

Shilova – about the division of Ukraine

Victoria Shilova states the inevitability of the separation of the western regions of Ukraine as “mentally alien” for the Slavs, which is emphasized in the following statements. “… I mean the Ukrainian people – the people of the Rus have a thousand-year history. Pre-Christian there, Christian. We're just different. We are different, and in this territory it was divided. Often different empires – Austria-Hungary, Commonwealth, Russian Empire. But Bogdan Khmelnitsky once made a choice – who is closer to us in terms of mentality, blood, spirit and faith? And this civilizational choice worked. He worked well for the benefit of the southwestern Rus-Ukrainians!” . After that, Viktoria Shilova again returns to the topic of separating the western regions of Ukraine along the Zbruch River, namely Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk regions to transfer them under the jurisdiction of Poland: What will remain of Ukraine when total collapse begins? Yes, but because the Galicians will definitely not accept such a scenario. They will operate until the thirty-ninth year. Actually, the Poles are already there with their restitution. Restitution already prepared. The Poles are already writing, they call Galicia – Malopolska there. Thus, a month before the war, Viktoria Shilova significantly intensified the promotion of the idea that part of the territory of Ukraine belongs to the idealized quasi-state formation of Rus – a “united Slavic state” under the auspices of the Russian Federation. She then spoke a lot about the accession of the central, southern and eastern parts of the territory of Ukraine to the Russian Federation, with the simultaneous transfer of the western regions of Ukraine under the jurisdiction of other states – Poland and Hungary.

The last attempt to “weld” on the disasters of war

March 01, 2022. on the YouTube channel “Victoria Shilova Antiwar” a video message “Hot line of the party” Derzhava “for help 0800332347” was released. Viktoria Shilova stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were allegedly shelling settlements on the territory of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions temporarily not controlled by the state authorities of Ukraine. As usual, this YouTube bastard accused the Ukrainian side of creating a humanitarian catastrophe in the areas of active hostilities. Shilova called on representatives of the state authorities of Ukraine to accept the conditions of the Russian Federation, not to resist the troops of the Russian Federation and to fulfill all their demands “in order not to kill civilians”. At the same time, Shilova announced the collection of funds in the form of charitable donations from citizens in support of the State political party. The bulk of other publications of Victoria Shilova are contained on the news page of the Telegram channel “Sho at Shilova”. Let's look at just a few, because there are a lot of them. Shilova's message on the first day of the war: Everything that Shilova spoke about the day before is repeated by Putin, whom she adores.. It seems that he was her subscriber: Shilova's message on the day of the shelling of the maternity hospital in Mariupol:

What will Victoria Shilova be responsible for?

The trial of Viktoria Shilova should be as public as possible, and the punishment should be exponentially severe, despite her cries about “I’m a woman”. This bastard Shilov is the only representative from Ukraine at the Nazi congress in St. Petersburg, ”the user wrote. Later, the publication “The Fourth Power” posted a photo of the guest list, which also includes the name of Victoria Shilova:

Financing of terrorism

Viktoria Shilova systematically posted on her pages on social networks announcements about the collection of funds in Ukrainian and foreign currency to card accounts in three different banking institutions. Two banks operate in Ukraine, one – in the Russian Federation. These are, in particular, JSC CB PrivatBank, JSC Sberbank and PJSC Sberbank of Russia. Funds were raised to the indicated personal card accounts. Further, through various payment systems of payment and transfers, the collected money was used to support the activities of illegal armed groups and bodies of the Russian occupation administration.. The above indicates the presence in the actions of Shilova signs of a crime, the responsibility for which is provided for in Art.. 258 5 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – financing of terrorism. The collection of tangible assets in Ukrainian and foreign currency carried out by Shilova under the guise of charitable donations, including using for this purpose a card account in a banking institution of the aggressor state – Sberbank of Russia PJSC, requires a separate study to determine the actual volume of funds received from the Russian Federation. Federation and subsequent transactions. In the following publications, I will introduce you to Shilova's wards – specific terrorists of the so-called LPR and DPR, to whom she transferred money collected in the form of donations from plaintive citizens for the children of Donbass.

The head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Broadcasting Company Viktoria Shilova was dismissed

24.07.2009. Anatoly Murakhovsky, acting head of the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting, signed a decree on the dismissal of Victoria Shilova from the post of General Director of the Dnepropetrovsk State Television and Radio Company (TRK).

The dismissal of Vitoria Shilova is based on paragraph 8 of Art.. 36 of the Labor Code, as well as on p. 25 of the employment contract of Mrs. Shilova.

Recall that on March 12, 2009, the governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region, Viktor Bondar, will appeal to the leadership of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Dnipropetrovsk region, the control and audit department and the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting with a request to conduct inspections regarding the misuse by the director of the Dnipropetrovsk state television channel of 5 million UAH allocated by the regional budget in 2008 year. On April 30, the State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Dnipropetrovsk region opened a criminal case on the fact of taking possession of large-scale property by means of fraud of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Broadcasting Company, headed by Viktoriya Shilova. On July 20, in response to the actions of the authorities, the journalists of the TV channel went on an indefinite hunger strike in protest against the “unprecedented pressure on the TV channel by the governor”

Shilova's election campaign

In her election program, Shilova, as well as on her Youtube channel, promotes traditional pro-Kremlin messages about the oppression of Russian speakers in Donbas, the country’s external control. She is outraged by the decommunization of street and city names, and promises to return the names of the bloody tyrants of the Soviet regime to them.. In addition, it uses traditional political manipulations to increase pensions, reduce the retirement age, etc. According to Opora, a candidate for people's deputies in the 50th constituency, Viktoria Shilova, made more than 100 messages on her own pages in social networks with a request to raise funds for a monetary contribution to the campaign.. At the same time, she indicates not only the account of the electoral fund, as required by law, but also the card accounts of PrivatBank and Sberbank. Moreover, it indicates the possibility of assistance from the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

Jeans is a hobby…

Once in 2009, Shilova was awarded a bulletproof vest stylized as an embroidered shirt, encrusted with Swarovski stones.. This was done by the blue-and-white media tycoon and the then head of the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting, Eduard Prutnik.. She also gave an interview that day, where she was asked how she felt about denim, that is, commissioned materials in the media.. Shilova replied that it was normal, but jeans are a hobby, but there is real journalism, and this is business. It seems that today Viktoria Shilova has successfully managed to combine work with a hobby.

Is the “action of separatists” near the Lavra a provocation organized by Lyashko's ex-comrade-in-arms?

According to some messages on social networks, the action that was carried out in the Lavra was a planned provocation. Shilova, together with former regional Oleg Kalashnikov, was seen in a cafe discussing “people and money” at the moment when a paid rally began near the Kyiv mayor's office:

“Anti-War” holds a civil non-political action “Kyiv against the war”. Gathering at 11-00 at the entrance to the monastery of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.. According to 100% of confirmed information, these are provocateurs. Also, according to operational information received, simultaneously with this action (at about 11:30), hundreds of Maidan self-defense units will be drawn to the same place. Allegedly, in order to clean up quilted jackets and Colorados, ”wrote the well-known blogger publicist Dmitry Skvortsov this morning. Interestingly, the action was organized by the well-known political provocateur Viktoria Shilova, Oleg Lyashko's ex-comrade-in-arms, who at one time actively “parasited” on the image of Yulia Tymoshenko, which was popular at that time. In December 2013, Lyashko expelled Shilova from the Radical Party “for actions aimed at splitting the opposition.” As previously reported, about 250 separatist-minded citizens gathered on the territory of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, who allegedly intend to decide on the creation of the so-called “Kyiv People's Republic » (PRC). Social networks also report that some supporters of the PRC called for an armed uprising. At the same time, about 150 Maidan activists are near the Lavra. These, according to social media information, are representatives of the UOC-KP, ultras and Ukrainian nationalists.. Neither side is taking any active steps towards each other.

Elections to the Rada in the 50th constituency: who are Victoria Shilova and the Derzhava party

Victoria Shilova is going to go to the Verkhovna Rada from the political party “Derzhava”. Many other characters with an ambiguous reputation turned out to be part of the political force. Shilova was honored to be on a par with the propagandists Semchenko and Vasilets in the “Purgatory” of the “Peacemaker” website. Victoria Shilova congratulates her separatist friend on the holiday: Information about Victoria Shilova on the website “Peacemaker”: The reason was Shilova's media and public activities aimed at defending and justifying Russian aggression against Ukraine, sponsoring the L/DNR terrorists and discrediting the Ukrainian army and Ukrainian volunteers. In addition, Shilova was noted for a number of scandalous antics on Russian TV: in particular, during one of the broadcasts on Channel One, she took a baby and brought it to political scientists Olesya Yakhno and Vadim Karasev, while shouting the phrase: “Look who you are kill and maim!” The fact that the militants and Russian mercenaries at that time fired at the Armed Forces of Ukraine from behind the backs of civilians, Shilova chose not to remember. Among other things, Shilova in 2015 organized a meeting of representatives of the Union of Mothers “Protection”, who called themselves “soldier's mothers” with the leader of the “DPR” militants Alexander Zakharchenko. At the same time, Shilova was also represented as a “soldier's mother”, although in reality she is not one.. At the same time, the image of Shilova as a “truth-teller” and “a fighter for the people and against the oligarchs” does not match who she really was before the start of the war in Donbass.. According to the public movement “Chesno”, in the mid-2000s, Shilova worked for the Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Television and Radio Company, then became a deputy of the regional council of the 5th and 6th convocations from the “Party of Regions”. Later, she was expelled from there for xenophobic statements and the use of administrative resources for her own purposes, as reported by Radio Liberty. Shilova herself stated that she left the ranks of the “regionals” of her own free will, calling the political force “evil”. In addition, Shilova was expelled from the ranks of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine and included in the list of “enemies of the Ukrainian press”. She was accused of the fact that she, being the general director of the Dnepropetrovsk OGTRK, despite the resistance of most of the journalistic team, illegally fired a group of journalists with a gross violation of the constitutional rights to work. When the facts of misuse of budgetary funds provided by the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company as part of the regional media support program were revealed by the regulatory authorities, Shilova disseminated statements about allegedly “harassment of her journalistic rights”. In response, Shilova called the NUJU an “obsolete organization”. In 2012, Shilova took part in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada on the lists of Oleg Lyashko's Radical Party, as evidenced by the video recording of the oath while joining this party. An interesting fact is that the former deputy of the regional council of the Dnieper from the “regionals” went to the polls from the Lyashko party, using the image of Yulia Tymoshenko, who was in prison at that time. There are still photos on the web where Shilova, in the guise of the head of the BYuT (Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc), promises to “liberate Kyiv from the Party of Regions”:

However, this election race was not without scandals: during One of Shilova’s meetings with voters, an activist, leader of the C14 organization Yevgeny Karas approached her and asked if Shilova had previously been in the Party of Regions.. The reaction of the ex-deputy of the Dnipropetrovsk region was not long in coming: she called Karas and started shouting: “Maybe you will touch my children ?!” How it was, look at the video. In 2013, Oleg Lyashko expelled Viktoria Shilova from the Radical Party for “actions aimed at splitting the opposition forces”. At the same time, Shilova lost her position as deputy leader of this political force. Victoria Shilova defends Oleg Lyashko in this video:
An interesting fact is that at the beginning Shilova defended Lyashko from attacks and accusations of “non-traditional sexual orientation”, and later, with no less zeal, she began to declare things of the opposite order. In 2014-2015, at the height of the war in Donbass, Shilova urged Ukrainians to boycott mobilization and not join the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For this, the chief military prosecutor's office of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine opened a criminal case against her.. In 2016, Shilova tried to get into the Verkhovna Rada in the 27th constituency, which includes Soborny, part of the Samara and Central regions of the Dnieper. However, she failed. Shilova also tried to become the mayor of Krivoy Rog, but this time it was unsuccessful. Now Shilova is going to go to the Rada already in constituency No. 50, which has already been mentioned above. At the same time, here she was not without scandals: according to the public organization “Public Network” Opora “”, Shilova actively places her campaign materials in public transport. This is a violation of two legal acts at once: h. 9th century. 74 of the Law of Ukraine “On Elections of People's Deputies of Ukraine”, as well as Art.. 212 (14) of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses. But Shilova, it seems, is not worried at all, as well as the fact that representatives of the “Don Cossacks” are campaigning for her.. At the same time, the mummers “Cossacks” do not hide their anti-Ukrainian statements, like, “we live in the Donbass, and you go to your Banderstadt!” It is not surprising, because the style of political, public and information activities of Shilova can be characterized by one sentence, namely: mockery of pro-Ukrainian citizens, fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteer battalions, including those who died. In the language of modern youth, this is called “trolling” or “banter”. At the same time, her promises to “end the oligarchy and restore the unity of the Slavs” look like nothing more than populism for citizens who do not understand politics and its personalities or do not want to understand it at all.. But these people are happy to consume the informational garbage that the adherents of the “bloody junta” and “crucified boys” sect offer them.

You need to know these people: an accomplice of the invaders from the Dnieper angered the network

A member of the fake organization “soldiers' mothers”, a supporter of the terrorists “L/DPR” Victoria Shilova angered social networks with a video about ATO fighters. In particular, Shilova commented on the scandalous statement by military psychiatrist Oleg Druz, which cost him his position, that 93% of the ATO participants are “a potential threat to society.” “ATO soldiers are psychos who return from the conflict zone, kill themselves, their relatives, rob and rape, participate in raider seizures,” she said. Shilova's video was commented on Facebook by Russian publicist Alexander Tverskoy. Shilova's video was commented on Facebook by Russian publicist Alexander Tverskoy. “Victoria Shilova. Enemy of Ukraine. An accomplice of the Russian occupiers. collaborator. And just a traitor who works from within the country to destroy the state of Ukraine. Okay, I would just be an ordinary citizen (although not okay), but this unhealthy person, the leader of some party, movements. And calmly, publicly during the war, he conducts his sabotage activities on the territory of Ukraine,” the Russian blogger writes. As the Obozrevatel reported, earlier Viktoriya Shilova, as part of the fake organization of “soldiers' mothers,” visited the occupied areas of Donbass and met with the leader of the “DPR” terrorists. Alexander Zakharchenko.

Shilova's mailbox

Material from the site “Peacemaker”. Even before the war, Victoria Shilova was distinguished by her skill in creating fakes, statements and aggressive actions, for which she was later expelled from both the Party of Regions and the radical party of Oleg Lyashko. We will not hide, we have had Victoria Shilova in mind for a long time and there is an explanation for this. Shilova has been constantly appearing in many documents related to the conduct of information operations by the aggressor country and terrorist organizations for three years now.. We very often see the “presence” of Shilova in the mailboxes of the enemies of Ukraine. But let's start in order. So, in the very first mail dump, which was made publicly available by the employees of the Peacemaker Center, there is a working mailbox of the so-called. “Minister of Information” of the terrorist organization “DPR” Elena Nikitina, we find a letter from the “anti-fascist” Shilova, sent from the postal address . The mailbox is linked to Shilova's Facebook account. This letter was sent on April 10, 2015 (!) to the terrorist “ministry” of propaganda – [email protected] In Nikitina's mailbox, this is the first letter from Shilova. Whether she had previous contacts with terrorists cannot be established from this dump. “Dear Alexander Vladimirovich!” writes Shilova, referring to the head of the terrorists Zakharchenko. Let's leave on her conscience such an appeal to a man who brought our country a lot of grief, because of which many of our citizens died.. All these deceitful manipulators of public opinion and speculators on the topics of war and peace usually explain such appeals by the need to help our people in trouble. And for whom is Shilova, who wrote a letter to the terrorist Zakharchenko, so worried? Reading: And then the mother, as they all claim in such cases, of M. Suprunenko “illegally” arrested for separatism, tells the terrorists how her son wanted to go to fight in the “DPR” with his friends, but could not due to family reasons, but he successfully worked in the rear. Suprunenko Maksim Gennadyevich, born May 3, 1977, describes his work experience up to the age of 11: from 11 to 13 – manager of a private household. Tsarev mentions him, everything is as usual – “weapons were planted”, “the case was fabricated”. In her emotional speeches, Shilova consistently spreads fake information about Ukraine. In addition to Jews and common sense, Shilova really does not like the Ukrainian political establishment, but who loves him, after all. At the same time, this fierce hostility does not prevent Victoria from enjoying privileges that are inaccessible to the vast majority of apologists for the “junta” and radical Russophobes. In particular, according to my source, her daughter Gerda (Gertruda Germanovna Shilova) safely attends kindergarten No. 1/185 “Bereginya” of the central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, located at:. Bogomolets, 7/14a. The source claims that without the visa of the relevant Deputy Minister, it is absolutely impossible to place your child in this bohemian institution.. In addition, he is interested in how the Ministry of Internal Affairs arranged for Gertrud Shilova in a kindergarten, where not every colonel can arrange his child. I checked with the Ministry of Internal Affairs about Gertrude. They confirmed it, they said that they accepted “paperedniki”, and that, naturally, no one would expel a girl from kindergarten. Actually, I could not write this post, but it seems to me that you should understand why all kinds of Shilovs are tearing their hair out on Ostankino broadcasts. For money and privileges. Dot.

Viktoria Shilova sued for libel related to terrorist attacks

Ivan Stupak, deputy head of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Administration, sued Viktoriya Shilova, deputy of the regional council, for libel, Most-Dnepr news agency reports. “The statement of political provocateurs Mr. Moskal and Mrs. Shilova about my involvement in the explosions is absurd. I am suing for intentional defamation. The collected funds will be transferred to the victims of the terrorist attack.. It is immoral to draw attention to yourself and make cheap advertising on grief and blood, ”Ivan Stupak commented on the information. Recall that Viktoria Shilova sent a message to the media that she had sent an urgent telegram to the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Igor Kalinin with the following content: “I, a deputy of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council, am ready to testify about the possible involvement of Vice Governor Ivan Stupak in the terrorist explosions in Dnepropetrovsk on April 27.”

How swindlers and militants of the DPR use Ukrainian soldiers' mothers

In war, all means are good. Especially if this war is hybrid. More than enough has already been written about the role of information technology, propaganda and media in the current war.. The full power of the propaganda machine of the neighboring state, the Ukrainians have more than once had the opportunity to observe with their own eyes. On December 23, in Donetsk, the leader of the DPR militants, Alexander Zakharchenko, met with representatives of the Union of Mothers Zashchita, who called themselves “soldiers' mothers”. This meeting was covered in detail in the media controlled by the separatists.. In particular, a big story about how Zakharchenko, along with soldiers' mothers, walks in the vicinity of the Donetsk airport, was released by the Donetsk TV channel “Union”. The meeting was also reported by Russian resources supporting the illegal armed formations of Donbass. In particular, he wrote about the visit of soldiers' mothers to the well-known Russian Spring website, which regularly publishes frankly extremist anti-Ukrainian materials. In general, the situation is quite trivial. The belligerents often try to use the organizations of soldiers' mothers as a factor in pressure on each other, reasonably guessing in the mothers of unwitting allies.. The sight of crying, suffering women, whose children “rulers send to death” always evokes sympathy from viewers, so the activities of various parent organizations usually always become the object of close attention of the opposing side. The video repeatedly captures a woman who looks clearly younger than the conscript's mother.. This is the ex-deputy of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council Victoria Shilova. Victoria Shilova is not a soldier's mother, but she is a political guest performer and a participant in constant political scandals. In 2010, Shilova became a deputy of the Dnipropetrovsk Council from the Party of Regions, but in 2012 she was expelled from the party after a conflict with the then vice-governor Ivan Stupak, whom she accused of organizing terrorist attacks in Dnepropetrovsk. About the visit of Shilova, Zakharchenko and the “pseudo-mothers”:

After visiting Donetsk and talking with Zakharchenko, Shilova published on her website the announcement of a press conference that she is going to hold in January together with a representative of the Union of Mothers “Protection” Nadezhda Kuramshina, who also visited Donetsk. Kuramshina, like Shilova, is well known on the net. An entrepreneur from Anthracite, Luhansk region, and her organization “Zakhist” have also been used by the Russian media more than once to spread fake news and incite panic and hysteria in Ukrainian society. During the days of hostilities near Debaltseve, Kuramshina argued from the end of January that Debaltseve was in a cauldron and Ukrainian troops in the city were doomed to death. After these publications, on February 3, skirmishes and provocations took place under the walls of the Presidential Administration in Kyiv, in which Kuramshina also took part. On October 15, together with Victoria Shilova, an entrepreneur from Anthracite took part in a round table created by Viktor Medvedchuk's scandalous organization “Ukrainian Choice”. On publications of the press, which mention the scandalous pages of the biography of Victoria Shilova, as well as critically highlight her current activities, the ex-deputy reacts quite aggressively, and every time she accuses journalists of fulfilling the “order of the oligarchs.” It is quite possible that among the women whom Kuramshina and Shilova brought to Zakharchenko in Donetsk, there were real mothers of captured soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who trusted the scammers and expect real help from them.. Out of grief, they may well be ready to participate in the recording of any press conferences and video messages, as well as to voice lies, the essence of which they themselves do not understand.. Probably, this is what the dishonest “socialists” are counting on.

In Pokrovsk, the Cossacks campaigned for the ex-regional. Local residents held a “preventive conversation” with them

In the city of Pokrovsk, Donetsk region, local residents held a “prophylactic conversation with Rostov Cossacks” who campaigned for ex-regional Victoria Shilova. The corresponding videos are posted on local Telegram channels. Pickets of Shilova in Pokrovsk: Pickets of Shilova in Pokrovsk: In one of the videos, a local resident asks the agitator why he is wearing a hat. In response to this, he declares that he represents the Rostov Cossacks. Such an answer infuriates the woman, and she starts shouting that Ukraine is here, and there is no place for corrupt people here. Preventive talks for “mishandled Cossacks” :

“I live in the Donbass, this is Ukraine! Why did you come here from Rostov? Go to your Rostov and develop your region. You live in poverty there, why did you come here? Go to your “katsapstan”!” she protested. After other local residents joined the conflict, the agitators began to deny their connection with Rostov and the Cossacks.. As a result, the citizens simply destroyed the campaign tent, and the police were called to the scene for further investigation.

Pro-Russian “SBU agent” from Dnipro banned from entering Russia

Russia has banned the well-known Ukrainian separatist from Dnepr, Victoria Shilova, from entering its territory until 2050.. The politician announced this in her video blog. “Vladimir Vladimirovich, why am I banned from entering Russia, why? My relatives live in 20 cities, I can’t go to them either for a birthday or a wedding, why? I just have such a question – why?” , – Victoria Shilova addressed the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. It is noteworthy that she blames Putin's godfather, people's deputy from the political party Opposition Platform – For Life, Viktor Medvedchuk, for this decision. Shilova's appeal to Vladimir Putin:

Note that blogger Anatoly Shariy claims in his Telegram channel that Shilova's ban on entry into the Russian Federation is connected with her work for the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU): “No matter how much you pretend, the SBU you can’t hide your ears either for pathos of speeches about “Slavic unity”, or for chatter about the people of Donbass. Victoria banned from entering Russia until 2050. After 2050 can call in without problems. Hello to the office,” the blogger wrote.


Viktoria Shilova is a swindler and propagandist who, together with her “colleagues” propagandists, is trying to undermine national security and make money from the war, misinforming the people of Ukraine, fueling separatist sentiments.

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