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Shefir Sergei Nakhimovich


Producer, screenwriter, co-founder and co-owner of a number of Zelensky's business projects, including Kvartal-95. Zelensky's first assistant. It is to the Shefir brothers that President Zelensky owes his career and position. Shefir has a real solid influence on the president, has joint property rights with him. And given that Shefir is practically “on the payroll” of Kolomoisky, Akhmetov, Khoroshkovsky and Mkhitaryan, it becomes clear whose will the president is fulfilling. At the same time, Shefir cooperates with the Russian Federation in the framework of numerous projects for the media market. Members of his family and friends are members of parliament, and he, for example, does not hesitate to "assist" Boris Kaufman in resolving the issue of taking the post of prosecutor of the Odessa region "in his own person" for $5 million. Nothing personal, just business!

Ukraine, possibly Israel, Russia
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Shefir Sergei Nakhimovich

Producer, screenwriter, co-founder and co-owner of a number of Zelensky's business projects, including Kvartal-95. At the moment, the first assistant to President Zelensky. Born in g. Krivoy Rog, May 25, 1964 Graduated from the Krivoy Rog Mining Institute (specialty “Underground Mechanics”). In the 2000s, he participated in KVN games as a member of the team, as well as the author of texts for major league teams (Krivoy Rog punks, Zaporozhye-Krivoy Rog-Transit). 1995 – together with his brother Boris, he organizes the KVN festival in Krivoy Rog, invites Zelensky to participate in Zaporozhye-Krivoy Rog-Transit Rog-Transit”, “95th Quarter”, “Team of the 20th century”, “Team of the 21st century”. They were the editors of the AMiKa leagues, they released the Planet KVN program. 2003 – together with Zelensky they make a decision and create their own media company Studio Kvartal-95. He is the screenwriter of such films as “The Meal is Served!”, “Professor in Law”, “New Year Matchmakers”, “Legend. Ludmila Gurchenko. Produced such projects as “Matchmakers”, “Miracle”, “Matchmakers 2”, “Matchmakers 3”, “Like Cossacks …”, “Matchmakers 4”, “New Year's Matchmakers”, “Matchmakers 5”, “I'll be there” , “8 first dates”, “Rzhevsky against Napoleon”. He was one of the leaders of the election headquarters of Vladimir Zelensky. In May 2019, he was appointed First Aide to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. Married to Shefir Larisa Nikolaevna. There is a son – Nikita Shefir. The press confirmed information about an informal secret meeting of the first assistant to the President of Ukraine Zelensky, Serhiy Shefir, with the oligarch Akhmetov on the territory of the latter’s estate under the. Kyiv. This meeting took place at the end of August.. On that day, Shefir, in an Audi A8 official car, left the President's office and headed towards the elite village of Koncha-Zaspa.. At the entrance to the village on the Obukhov highway, Shefir's car was met by members of Akhmetov's personal guard in a security car. At the end of the indicated route, both the security car and the car of the first assistant to the president drove into a gas station and stopped. The car “Mercedes-Maybach” drove there behind them.. Shefir got out of the car and moved into the back seat of the Mercedes-Maybach, which immediately started off and headed towards the entrance to the estate of the oligarch Akhmetov. In response to this behavior of Shefir, journalists turned to him with a request to clarify the purpose and essence of the meeting with the oligarch Akhmetov. In turn, Shefir did not give any direct answer, but stated that “I will answer all questions at once – I am not doing anything contrary to the interests of our country, I am not doing anything illegal … period”. On the part of the press service of Akhmetov, they also did not give explanations for this meeting, nor did they refute its fact. In turn, the president’s office, in terms of Zelensky’s awareness of this meeting, clarified that in March 2020 the president held a meeting with representatives of big business, which was attended by Akhmetov, and that after it was over, the president had other meetings with Akhmetov did not have. At the same time, Zelensky did not instruct or authorize representatives of his team to hold such meetings. .

At the same time, the president's office did not forget to mention and burst out in gratitude to the oligarch Akhmetov for his huge contribution to the economy of Ukraine, which consists in paying one of the largest taxes by the oligarch's enterprises, providing jobs for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, and also for the functioning of a charitable foundation aimed at fighting the coronavirus. In March 2020, this fund allocated a target UAH 300 million. to fight the pandemic. Mutual sympathy between the current government and Akhmetov is also indicated by the position loyal to the politics of Zelensky, owned by the oligarch, of the Ukraine TV channel. Given this state of affairs, one can consider quite reliable information received from one of the major businessmen that Akhmetov is secretly financing the Zelensky team in the amount of about 2 million. dollars a month. After his victory in Zelensky's election, Shefir joined the organizing committee for the inauguration. Shefir is one of the leading authors of speeches by the head of state. In order to avoid a conflict of interest, before taking office, Zelensky transferred to the Shefirs brothers shares in the companies Kinokvartal and Studio Kvartal-95, Animation Studio 95, Kvartal TV, Producer Center League of Smekha. Shefir intends to continue to engage in creative activities after the end of the civil service. Shefir's wife, Larisa Shefir, is a co-owner of the Zelari-Fish company for processing and preserving fish, crustaceans and mollusks. Zelensky owes his career and position to the Shefir brothers, since it was from 1995 from the moment their cooperation began that he became part of the team, where Shefir and his brother Boris remained in charge. So, under their auspices, Zelensky moved to Moscow, where they lived under the same roof.. The reason for returning to Ukraine was the excessive appetites of Zelensky, as already the frontman of the team, and the Shefir brothers, who did not tolerate AMiKovets Maslyakov. All projects in which Shefir participated were initially focused on the more developed and monetary media market of the Russian Federation. The year before last, Shefir was repeatedly noticed visiting the city center. Kyiv, office of the oligarch Kolomoisky. Shefir himself not only did not deny these facts, but also announced the financing of activities by a businessman: “I was on the business of Studio Kvartal-95 … I have to live with something, I need to receive a salary. ” Similar meetings with the participation of members of President Zelensky's team were held non-publicly with Ukrainian oligarchs Igor Kolomoisky, Valery Khoroshkovsky, Artur Mkhitaryan. From Zelensky's side, they were attended by First Assistant to the President Serhiy Shefir, Andriy Smirnov, Deputy Head of the President's Office Andrey Smirnov, Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk and Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. Kolomoisky himself also confirmed that he periodically meets with Avakov on the territory of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, while explaining that they meet as old friends and he personally does not influence the official appointments of the Ministry. In October, the car of Andriy Bohdan drove into the territory of the office of Valery Khoroshkovsky, who previously owned the Inter TV channel, headed the SBU under Yanukovych for some time and worked in the office of Mykola Azarov, recently returned to Ukraine. In September 2020, the camera recorded a visit to the Government House of a major developer – Artur Mkhitaryan, accompanied by the actor of “Kvartal-95” – Miki Fatalov, and who confirmed the meeting with Prime Minister Goncharuk in order to discuss preparations for a certain forum. In the materials of interviews with journalists, Shefir repeatedly emphasized that he works for free, as a volunteer. Shefir is the second in the history of independent Ukraine the first assistant to the president, who has a solid influence and enjoys the attention of the public, as well as the press and journalists. Prior to this, only Kuchma's assistant, Alexander Razumkov, could achieve the same position and influence.. Poroshenko’s assistant, diplomat Onishchenko, did not achieve such fame from 2014 to 2019 … At the same time, the eldest son of the aforementioned Alexander Razumkov, Dmitry, headed the Servant of the People party under Zelensky and is currently the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada.
Shefir's brother and partner, Boris, is also a longtime and close partner of President Zelensky. At the same time, in his statements, he sympathizes with the head of the aggressor country, Putin, whom he calls a “smart man” with whom you can negotiate, and also spoke critically about the adoption of a language law and quotas for the Ukrainian language. It is also worth noting that the families of President Zelensky and his first assistant are bound by property rights. So, according to Zelensky's declaration, Serhiy Shefir together with him and Boris Shefir owns an apartment in Kiev with an area of 254 sq.m., which was acquired in 2007. In 2009, Zelensky and Shefir jointly purchased another apartment in Kiev, with an area of almost 200 sq.m.. The wife and daughter-in-law of Sergei Shefir, together with the wife of the president, Elena Zelenskaya, own a non-residential premises in Kiev, an area of 337 sq.m.. Shefir himself, together with Elena Zelenskaya, in 2017 became the owners of another non-residential premises in Kiev, with an area of 305 sq.m. The son of the first assistant to the president, Nikita Shefir, became an assistant to the deputy from the Servant of the People 9th convocation. Prior to that, Nikita Shefir, he graduated from the Faculty of International Business at the Institute of International Relations of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, during the presidential elections, Nikita Shefir worked in the team of candidate Vladimir Zelensky. At the moment, Kisel is the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Transport and Infrastructure and has four assistants (one on a permanent basis and three on a voluntary basis). In addition to political activities, Kisel is the owner of construction companies in Krivoy Rog. In many ways, Kisel owes his political career to his long-standing acquaintance, from the moment he studied at the Krivoy Rog Mining and Ore, with both Shefir brothers. Shefir, already in the position of first assistant to the president, was suspected of taking a $5 million bribe from businessman Kaufman. So, according to some reports, a source from the president’s office said that in early December 2020, an Odessa businessman, Boris Kaufman, “paid” Shefir $ 5 million for the post of prosecutor of the Odessa region, for his man. Subsequently, the prosecutor of the times of Yanukovych, Igor Protsenko, was appointed prosecutor of the Odessa region, thanks to whose appointment, businessman Kaufman received full control over the Odessa customs. By controlling customs and being on the smuggling revenue stream, Kaufman was able to make illegal profits of around $2-3 million a day! The appearance of this information in the press seriously stirred up the office of the president, who urgently convened a meeting on the Shefir issue in order to find out the source of compromising information. In addition, Kaufman was involved in the story of the financing of terrorist organizations in the DNR and LNR. On the issue of policy towards the Russian Federation, Shefir explained that Ukraine would still have to negotiate peace with Russia: “I consider Russia an aggressor and a country with which we will have to negotiate peace, because geographically we will not get away from each other. Do you want to live in a state of war for another 100 years? … I believe that there are normal people with whom we must continue to communicate, who must be influenced by information”. Shefir also stated that the team of President Zelensky intends to negotiate with Russian President Putin to resolve the conflict in Donbass.. According to Shefir, the return of the occupied Donbas will be impossible if its residents are forced to speak Ukrainian.

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Wife - Larisa Shefir, is a co-owner of the Zelari-Fish company for processing and preserving fish, crustaceans and mollusks. Son - Nikita Shefir works as an assistant to the people's deputy from the "Servant of the People" Yuri Kisel
Rinat Akhmetov, Igor Kolomoisky