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Sergienko Alexander Vasilievich


Alexander Sergienko, together with his accomplices, actually set up an organized crime group within the walls of the GASI. Being an educated person, Sergienko skillfully, and most importantly, illegally pulls off construction frauds, and thanks to his connections, remains with the money. No wonder, the law is not written for people with money, but it doesn’t matter where he got this money from. And the so-called "new faces" who were supposed to change the course of corruption history in the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate, are just representatives of the gang of corrupt officials that we have long known – Sergienko-Klochko.

December 27, 1972
Уровень охвата:

Alexander Vasilievich Sergienko

Date of birth: 12/27/1972 Alexander Vasilyevich Sergienko – expert in the urban planning industry, candidate of legal sciences. Place of Birth. Born in Ternopil.


1995 – State Academy of Light Industry of Ukraine (now – Kyiv National University of Technology and Design), specialty “Enterprise Economics”. 1997 – Ternopil Academy of National Economy (now – Western Ukrainian National University), specialty “Finance and Credit”, diploma with honors. 2003 – Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, specialty “practical psychology”, diploma with honors. 2013 – National University “Lviv Polytechnic”, specialty “civil engineer”. 2014 – Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, majoring in jurisprudence, diploma with honors. 2014 – National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine, specialty “public administration”. 2019 – completed postgraduate studies. 2020 – received the degree of candidate of legal sciences, defending a dissertation on the topic “Public administration of civil control in the field of urban planning in Ukraine”.


1994 – Construction and installation department No. 916 of the production association “Kyiv Radio Plant”. Position of Lead Economist. During this time, he rose to the position of deputy director of the enterprise. 1996 – “AS-Remstroy”. He went from leading economist to accountant. 1998 – International Audit Service, auditor. 2002 – Private enterprise “Bayadera”, development director. 2004 – “Ukrainian Construction Corporation”, Vice President for Finance. 2004 – creates “Avtoremrervis” LLC. Becomes the owner of the station. 2005 – General Director of Admiral International ILTD. Inc. September 2006 – Head of the Department of Housing and Communal Services. April 2011 – State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine, Deputy Head of the Department for Quality Control of the Provision of Housing and Communal Services. 2012 – Head of the Department of Licensing Procedures of the State Architectural Inspectorate. February 2019 – FOP.

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Alexander Sergienko is known for the fact that in 2012-2014 he headed the Department of Licensing Procedures of the State Architectural Institute, and A. Vorobyov was his deputy. It was Alexander Sergienko, together with the head of the Inspectorate of the GASK of the city of Kyiv, who organized the $5 per square meter scheme, which subsequently spread throughout the country and provided income to the family of “Sasha Dentist”. Oleksandr Sergienko and his curators centralized the issuance of building permits in the Department of Permitting Procedures for the entire territory of Ukraine. He did not disdain even small objects, registering declarations instead of territorial bodies. Therefore, all developers were forced to go to bow to Kyiv. It is Alexander Sergienko who is the “creator” of the GASI Permit Register with all its “bookmarks, blockings, reservations”, etc., which Vice Prime Minister Mikhail Fedorov personally spoke about. There is information that Alexander Sergienko even registered the copyright for the GASI Register, and when Maxim Martynyuk (Vladimir Groysman's man) became the head of the GASI in 2014, with whom Alexander Sergienko could not agree, he tried to sell access keys to the State Register. After the change of power, Alexander Rybak (chairman of the State Architectural Inspectorate under Yanukovych) and his friends Alexander Sergienko and Sergey Kucher disappeared from the horizon. Sergei Kucher was put on the wanted list. But everything comes back to normal. Alexander Sergienko began to conduct seminars and talk about his old “exploits”. Their participants say that sometimes he began the seminar with joking words: “I am a criminal power.”. As they say, in every joke there is a share of a joke. Having solved old cases with the new government, Serhiy Kucher, because of the deputy head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Serhiy Trofimov, tried to head the scandalous Ukrstroy, but failed. To date, there is reliable information that one of Elena Kostenko's advisers has already begun to conquer the construction market, as an “observer” from the President's Office, and Alexander Sergienko has begun to write new “green” schemes, taking into account his experience in 2012-2014. So, Elena Kostenko, who was apparently appointed to the position under the patronage of the same Sergey Trofimov, by a separate order obliges the territorial bodies of the GASI to provide all information about the receipt of applications for the issuance of permits for CC2 objects for the adoption of the appropriate decision by the central office of the GASI in Kyiv. Now by the orders of the GASI, which will be signed by the acting. Chairpersons Elena Kostenko will issue construction permits on the ground, commission facilities, or the issuance of documents will be “refused” at first, and then permits will be provided by the same number (by manually correcting the GASI register). A new pseudo-permitting commission of the GASI has already been formed, which included Alexander Sergienko and A.. Vorobyov, and not a single representative of the professional urban planning community was even invited. Moreover, this commission has already seen a bunch of documents behind closed doors (on verbal instructions from the chairman of the relevant Verkhovna Rada Committee and his “boss” in the OP). The only positive from this is that now everyone knows who is personally responsible for issuing illegal permits – Elena Kostenko, because what to ask advisers and shadow curators? But people see the results of the work of “new faces” in the construction industry, the public continues to cry out about corruption schemes for the legalization of unauthorized buildings and the complete impotence of the State Architectural Inspectorate in favor of the large construction business of the old clans.

Alexander Sergienko: from a corrupt official to an “honorary builder”

Public organization “All-Ukrainian public organization “Union of Engineers” appealed to the Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration V. Klitschko with a letter in which he asks to violate the petition to the President of Ukraine to confer the honorary title “Honored Builder of Ukraine” to the chairman of this public organization, Alexander Sergienko. It is interesting that this public organization “Union of Engineers” was founded in June 2020 directly by Alexander Sergienko and Alexander Kolomiets. The last ex-manager of the Department of the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate in the Kyiv region served as a cashier for Sergienko. Journalists recorded secret meetings between Sergienko and functionaries appointed at that time to new positions, similar to the payment of shadow wages. Sergienko did not deny the fact of this meeting, but called it “working issues of the committee, at which one of the draft bills was discussed”. Why they were discussed with each one in turn in the back seat of Sergienko's Mercedes and with specific bags is unknown. It should be recalled that President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, at an off-site meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on March 13, 2020, announced the beginning of the liquidation of the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as GASI). “The process of obtaining public services will be transparent, convenient and with minimal influence of officials on the adoption of such decisions,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy said. Then the head of the parliamentary committee for the organization of state power, local regional urban planning, Andrey Klochko, took over the unofficial leadership of the State Architectural Institute.. Whose assistant was Alexander Sergienko. And the morning meetings with the leaders of the newly formed state control bodies in the field of urban planning in the office on Shelkovichnaya were recorded during a journalistic investigation. It is Sergienko who is the author of this whole mess, which was going on for a year and a half, which they called “urban planning reform”. Together with Andrei Klochko, they practically blocked the liquidation of the GASI for a year and handed out permits manually. The Security Service of Ukraine exposed officials of the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate for large-scale illegal issuance of permits and certificates of readiness to construction companies. The media immediately spread information about the discovered network of “back offices”, the so-called “construction mafia”, built by the famous “schemers of our time” Klochko-Sergienko. About 70 searches were carried out in the Central Office of the State Architectural Inspectorate, the Metropolitan Department of the State Architectural Inspectorate, and even the assistant to the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the organization of state power, local self-government, regional development and urban planning, Andrei Klochko – Alexander Sergienko.

According to the materials of the criminal proceedings, Sergienko's functions include control over the activities of officials of the GASI involved in illegal activities, with the help of which control over the issuance of permits is carried out, the movement of documentation from the official office to the “back office” – “consulting center where they are billed.


The cynicism and impudence of this character exceed all limits.. Having a criminal proceeding on the organization of corruption schemes in the GASI. Having not built a single square meter, but having “overwhelmed” every construction, Sergienko claims the honorary title of “Honored” builder of Ukraine.

GIG chairman Vasilchenko is controlled by Klochko's assistant Sergienko, – media

The media talk about suspicious meetings between Sergienko and the head of the GIG Yuriy Vasilchenko. “Alexander Sergienko usually leaves his house at about 7:30 a.m. for the office on: st.. Shelkovichnaya, 21, entrance 1. And under the office, he is met by the virtual head of the GIG, Yuri Vasilchenko. Instead of his official place of work, he comes to this office around 8:00 in the morning. For about an hour, this “morning meeting” takes place at Sergienko’s, after which, as a rule, puzzled by the list of tasks, Vasilchenko leaves the office, accompanied by security guards,” the article says. It also mentions that sometimes the meetings took place in the same morning hours, only in the literary cafe “Ginger” on the street. Zhilyanskoy, 7. Where also “meetings” lasted about one hour. “Who really is the “father” in GIG, have you already figured it out? Assistant to the People's Deputy, managing from a private office the head of an entire central executive body, designed to overcome corruption in construction. And here's another spoiler: The office on Shelkovichnaya is very convenient, because Sergienko can always quickly come to the house with chimeras on Bankova. What unknown curators from the Office of the President does he visit?”, the media sum up.

Another imitation of the GACI reforms: personnel blitzkrieg of Klochka and Sergienko

On August 4, 2020, the well-known in narrow circles virtual head-blogger of a state body that exists only on paper – the State Urban Planning Inspectorate, Yuriy Vasilchenko wrote another post. With a selfless thirst for self-disclosure, he subconsciously revealed another combination of his own puppeteers. “116 applications for 8 positions. The results of the acceptance of documents for the positions of heads of territorial bodies of the DOM “- Vasilchenko begins with this. But then he immediately admits that he manipulates information, since in reality, 81 citizens participated in the competition. Why is he asking you? Recall that the media have already written about plans to transfer old corruption schemes, together with Yuriy Vasilchenko, from the GASI to the GIG. This is the result of fruitful cooperation between Andriy Klochko, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on the Organization of State Power, Local Self-Government, Regional Development and Urban Planning, and his official assistant, ex-head of the licensing procedures department of the State Architectural and Architectural Institute Alexander Sergienko. “Yuri Vasilchenko was transferred from the post of head of the State Architectural Inspectorate to the post of head of the State Architectural Inspectorate. He transferred the institutional corruption memory to the new body not only together with the core of the old officials of the State Architectural and Construction Committee. He also took on a personal burden.. The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption drew up a report on an administrative offense against him,” Antikor writes. Taking advantage of the opportunity to conduct full and transparent competitions in accordance with the legislation on civil service, the procedure for appointment to positions during the quarantine period was applied. But from the envisaged possibility of setting the deadlines for filing documents from 3 to 7 calendar days, it was chosen … That's right, the smallest – 3 days. Everyone who has come across the portal knows that it is these days that the number of “technical failures” suddenly increases, and it is impossible to submit paper documents to the GIG. Further more interesting. Vasilchenko, announces the beginning of the competition after the working day at half past nine in the evening, deliberately narrowing down the opportunity to learn about the decision on the selection of candidates. Like all of his previous posts, this one garnered “positive” comments from citizens: And now attention! The file with the conditions for the competition, which we downloaded from the site, was printed out on 06/05/2020, that is, almost two months ago, but uploaded only after saving, half an hour before the end of the working day: 17.34 07/29/2020. That is, everyone who needs to have the opportunity to get acquainted with the requirements and prepare in advance two months ago. It was in order to weed out unnecessary people that the gap for reviewing the announcement and submitting documents was narrowed as much as possible.. After all, the announcements will appear only on the evening of Wednesday 29.07, and then in fact there are only two working days left Thursday and Friday – they made us beautifully together. And now Vasilchenko is trying to show signs of some kind of competition, despite the fact that he himself says: “Two people have applied for all 8 positions. One man went to five posts. Six citizens submitted three packages of documents each.” At the same time, it should be noted that such non-transparent appointments make it possible to hold these positions not only until the end of quarantine, but also for 4 months from the date of its end. It would be interesting to see what justified the election of extra-short terms for the selection of leaders in the new bodies.

Why officials of the corrupt State Architectural Inspectorate are against changes in the field of urban planning: analysis of bill No. 5655

Bill No. 5655 will be the “final nail in the coffin” for the “decided” construction market – we are talking about the general digitalization of the urban planning sector and the complete rejection of contact between the official and the developer. This was emphasized by the well-known political scientist Kirill Molchanov on his Facebook page. “Digital” now will not let you decide or pick up a profitable new building in your pocket. Therefore, Sergienko (ex-head of the Department of Licensing Procedures of the already liquidated GASI – ed.) and the communities are trying with all their might to stop the adoption of the bill. Its adoption simply cuts off the opportunities for shadow earnings in the urban planning sector, ”the political scientist emphasizes. The author notes that resistance against the bill has now turned on, the reason for which is the large-scale digitalization of the processes proposed by the document. At the same time, the draft Law is the first stage of the reform. The next one is to amend the Criminal Code of Ukraine and the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses to strengthen personal responsibility for offenses in the field of urban planning. “There is a version that Sergienko turned on financial leverage to try to sink bill No. 5655. Naturally, not with their own hands, but because of paid talkative heads in the Union of Architects of Ukraine, who “criticize” the bill with all their might. We even marched through Kyiv – so many enthusiasts suddenly appeared, ”Molchanov notes. According to the explanatory note, the purpose of the adoption of the draft law No. 5655 “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Reforming the Sphere of Urban Planning” is to implement the reform in the field of urban planning by: reducing corruption risks in the provision of administrative services, ensuring state registration in the field of urban planning by state registrars , publicity of the provision of such services, the application of the principle of alternative choice of a body for urban planning control, strengthening control over unauthorized construction by the executive bodies of village, township, city councils, improving the rules on responsibility in the field of urban planning.

The interim head of the GASI Korol uses Sergienko's Mercedes, registered with a security company

The focus of attention of the media people was the car in which Sergienko moves around the capital. This is a representative Mercedes-Benz S-class, which had registration numbers AN6714KI, which later strangely changed to KA8320AO. The King was seen on it. The car was contributed to the authorized capital of the company “Security factor” LLC. This company with an authorized capital of 100 hryvnia was registered in Kyiv in 2016. But quite recently, the head and beneficiary changed in it: instead of Yaroslav Grigorenko, in January of this year, the enterprise was headed by Viktor Turovsky. By the way, Grigorenko is the founder and director of Kyiv Fairs LLC and Betonindustriyaproekt LLC, engaged in construction activities.. And Mr. Turovsky in 2016-2010 worked as an inspector of the Security Police Department in. Kyiv. Interestingly, on the Unified Portal for the Use of Budgetary Funds, the company appears as a recipient of budgetary funds and a counterparty of the same GACI. Moreover, reporters found information about security services, which LLC “Security Factor” should also provide to the State Inspectorate for Urban Development of Ukraine. And the most interesting thing is that recently in the passenger compartment of the car used by Mr. Sergienko, journalists noticed a new passenger – the interim head of the State Automobile Inspectorate Irina Korol, who was appointed out of competition neither by criminal proceedings on the fact of abuse of power, nor by a dubious background in a previous position in the Inspectorate. But, checking the relations of the State Architectural Inspectorate with the bodyguards, the journalists discovered another remarkable fact: there is no information about the tenders held by the State Architectural Inspectorate or the GIG, in which the “Security Factor” became the winner, in the ProZorro system – obviously, the above contracts were concluded without open bidding. In response to a request from the NGO Stop Corruption for public information, the State Architectural and Inspectorate provided an agreement on the purchase of services in the field of public order and security, concluded on February 2, 2021 in the amount of almost UAH 45,000, with another security company, Okhranna “Citadel” company. On behalf of the customer, the document was signed directly by the head of the liquidation commission, Irina Nikolaevna Korol. The contract was signed on February 2, and services under it are provided from January 6. Photo: screenshot At the same time, in the provided contract in black and white it is indicated that the contractor has been protecting the facility since January 6, 2021. That is, we are talking about services that are provided not just in hindsight, the discrepancy in dates is almost a month! And this is just another example of negligence and legal chaos in the activities of the State Architectural Inspectorate, where permits for the construction of large facilities are issued almost a few weeks before the facility is put into operation, and registration of the start of construction work on individual housing construction can be expected for months and even years. It should also be added to this car security story that Oleksandr Kyfryak, the new head of the Odessa department of the GASI, appointed in early January by order of the King, who replaced the scandalous Vasily Buyukli in this post, was also caught driving an undeclared BMW X5. According to insider information, the security for the newly appointed head of the GASI of Odessa was personally organized by the same Alexander Sergienko, who is trying with all his might to maintain control over the corruption flows of the construction industry, and this car allegedly belongs to him.


Alexander Sergienko, together with his accomplices, actually set up an organized criminal group within the walls of the GACI. Being an educated person, Sergienko skillfully, and most importantly, illegally pulls off construction frauds, and thanks to his connections, remains with the money. No wonder, the law is not written for people with money, but it doesn’t matter where he got this money from.

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