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Semchenko Alexander Anatolievich


Alexander Semchenko is a separatist who undermines national security. A pseudo-expert who collaborated with propagandists Kirill Stremousov, Dmitry Vasilets and Anatoly Shariy. He actively disseminates fake information about the war in Ukraine, undermines the people's trust in the authorities. Involved in many scandals, including live fights with officials. Frequent guest on Russian TV shows.

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Alexander Semchenko separatist

Official biography

Date of birth: March 9, 1978. Donetsk


Higher education, graduate of Donetsk State University with a degree in Political Science; Scientific degree: doctor of political sciences; Occupation: presenter, publicist, expert political scientist, youtube blogger.


Tax service in Dneprodzerzhinsk; Professor of Economics (after defending his doctorate) at the Kiev Trade and Economic University; Presenter on the radio in the program “Radio Vesti”. Often he changed jobs, not because he could not cope. On the contrary, he worked perfectly everywhere, but he was too principled and absolutely honest.. I didn’t give “who needs it” good grades at the university – I had to leave there. “Too subjective,” this is how the general producer of Radio Vesti announced the reason for closing the program. In various projects on Ukrainian TV, Semchenko also quickly gained fame as an “honest brawler” – so he passionately defended his point of view. “Demchenko’s main task is to call as many people as possible scum, murderers, oranges on his channel!” – with open hostility they wrote about him as a blogger in 2017 on the resource “”. Of course, is it really nice when blatant unsightly facts about senior leaders are laid out for everyone to see? Almost 400 million total views, about 480 thousand subscribers – this is the result of Semchenko's activity as a YouTube blogger at the beginning of 2021. He is now on youtube, perhaps not only one of the most scandalous political bloggers, but also one of the most honest and impartial reviewers of high-profile events in his country and in the world.

A family

Scandals and investigations, which are full in the videos of Alexander Anatolyevich – this cannot be found on the net regarding his personal life. It is only known that the political scientist blogger was married, his ex-wife is also a popular person in Ukraine, Olga Semchenko, she is the head of the Vesti Ukraina media holding. Information is available on the Internet that the ex-four Semchenko has a son.

NOT official biography

Blogger. Regular guest of Russian talk shows. Semchenko maintains almost a million blog on YouTube, in which he helps Russia by discrediting Ukraine. He spreads fake maps of conquests, sneers about protecting the “territorial integrity of politicians”, mocks Ukrainian gay soldiers. Semchenko mocks Ukrainian gay soldiers:

Masturbates to the flag of the USSR and says that for some reason similar feelings do not arise for the Ukrainian flag. Kharkiv was cleared from him, Kyiv was surrounded, and Zelensky disappeared from the third day of the war. In addition, Semchenko claims that the Ukrainian army uses citizens as human shields and causes more damage to infrastructure than the Russians.. Here the propagandist claims that he did not see the infidels using heavy equipment or multiple rocket launchers against Kharkov. Two days after the shelling hail. Semchenko was a Donetsk tax officer: On the sixth day of the war, Semchenko released a video in which he urges Ukrainians not to take up arms against a fictitious enemy.. Calls the real enemy of the Ukrainian government. And offers to go to tariff protests. Semchenko can be more detached from reality only in prison.

Ukrainian political scientist: I see neither Belarus nor Russia as an aggressor

January 30, Minsk / Corr.. Belta/. Ukrainian political scientist Alexander Semchenko said on the STV channel that neither Belarus nor Russia are aggressors, BelTA informs. “I don't see Belarus as an aggressor, I don't see Russia as an aggressor, no matter what they say in Ukraine. It’s another matter that those same notorious experts paid by the West will say something completely different,” Alexander Semchenko said. He noted that such “experts” are already beginning to assert about Alexander Lukashenko’s militaristic aspirations, and also that Belarus is not an independent entity. international relations. “This is all nonsense and few Ukrainians believe in this nonsense,” he added. Semchenko's video titled “Natsiks create a women's guard”. SPECIAL CYNISM AND CRULITY”:

According to the political scientist, today the main role in fueling militaristic, Nazi sentiments in Ukraine belongs not to the United States, but to Great Britain. “And they're setting up for war. And set the population of Ukraine on a military footing. Because the population needs to be explained at some point why they are fighting with the Belarusians. For the past two years, though not very successfully, people in Ukraine have been told that Belarusians are enemies. Does not work. They are looking for new theses, including I won’t be surprised if soon they begin to glue Alexander Lukashenko’s speech letter by letter in order to prove that he is a militarist and has claims to Ukraine, although in reality this, of course, is nonsense that has nothing to do with reality “, – said Alexander Semchenko.

Why does Alexander Semchenko need a provocative video blog?

Semchenko demonstrates fantastic performance. So, for three months, Semchenko uploads from two to three videos a day, that is, from sixty to ninety (!) Videos per month. Such fantastic performance is impressive. Given that Semchenko manages not only to record a video, but also to make some preparation for recording: read articles (usually Poroshenko is the subject of discussion), view channel stories on a topic of his choice, mount a video with fragments from these stories. In general, it works tirelessly. “Poroshenko began to understand that he was finished” – Semchenko's story:

Actually, Poroshenko personally, and the entire Cabinet of Ministers with deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, have something to criticize for. All these people have something to blame, something to investigate in their actions and something to laugh at.. But Semchenko has no investigations, disclosure of corruption schemes or any analysis of the actions of Poroshenko and Co.. But he releases videos every day called “Poroshenko has never lied so frankly”, “Poroshenko screwed up in the theater and humiliated Ada”, “Poroshenko stole!”, “Poroshenko began to understand that he was finished”, “Poroshenko fucked a child brain 144 times” and so on. Videos with similar titles are posted in various publics – Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, resources like Voice of Truth, and collect a fairly large number of views, in some cases up to one hundred thousand. Semchenko's favorite character is ex-president Poroshenko: At the same time, speaking about Poroshenko, or Groysman, or in general about any representative of the Ukrainian authorities, Semchenko himself does not disdain manipulations or lies, in which he constantly accuses the authorities. For example, he constantly informs his viewers that “the authorities cut down trees on Institutskaya”, allegedly in order to hide evidence during the investigation into the execution of people on the Maidan. The fake about cut down trees was launched by the Russian Channel One and was repeatedly refuted, but this does not bother Semchenko. He is also not embarrassed by the fact that, talking about the country's budget, he easily twists the facts. So, accusing Groisman of not being able to calculate GDP, he himself subtracts the expected percentage of inflation from the percentage growth of GDP – and gets “minus six percent”. Allegedly proving that GDP growth should be negative next year. Although it is correct to subtract these indicators one from the other exactly the same as it is correct to subtract the living from the blue. Semchenko himself has actually repeatedly stated that he is a doctor of political sciences, and not an economist, but this does not stop him from wanting to quickly estimate 100% of the country's GDP using a geometric proportion – without any “conditions” like a deflator. Or, for example, he claims that on the eve of the New Year, the hryvnia exchange rate never fell in Ukraine – although this happened at least twice, in 2008 and 2014. But Semchenko claims that this has never happened – and goes on. Economic calculations in general are a complex topic, but Semchenko does not set himself the task of understanding them, much less helping subscribers to his channel understand them.. The main task is to call more people “scum”, “Marcobes”, “orange” – for some reason he still calls the supporters of any Maidan like that – well, to tell how someone “farted his brain”, another “got stoned or stoned”, the third “needs a doctor's help”. By the way, speaking about Klimkin, he hinted that the minister was taking drugs – while informing the audience that the minister “comes to the Security Council and tells with a smart look that Russia is deploying nuclear weapons on the territory of the LPR and DPR. What evidence does he have? I dont know. I don't know what he smokes, what he sniffs, what he injects himself” – and further in the text. Klimkin at the same time, literally, said the following: “The occupation of the territory of Ukraine by a nuclear country has led to the actual expansion of the geography of the deployment of nuclear weapons.” Propaganda videos on the Semchenko channel: In another video, Semchenko says that the UK only in the mid-nineties of the last century abolished corporal punishment in the country's two largest universities – Oxford and Cambridge.. Although students at these universities were not beaten either at the end of the century or at the beginning – it was about the final ban on flogging in British schools, and only in private ones – the public ones abandoned this practice a decade earlier. By the way, this video was dedicated to the fact that some Ukrainian universities transfer students to distance learning during the winter due to the inability to pay too high heating tariffs. And it is called “Students received an answer for the Maidan.” Apparently, it is assumed that those students who took to the Maidan in 2014 are now worse, although the author did not particularly develop this thesis in the video. But he did not forget to emphasize that students who expressed dissatisfaction with distance learning are from Kyiv, and those who support (because in fact they will not have to study, Semchenko believes) are from Lviv. He then added that, probably, in both cities there are those who want to study, and those who are glad for any reason not to study, but the sediment remained. Semchenko generally talks all the time about the fact that the current government incites discord in the country – but does not disdain in any way to humiliate or insult not only specific people, but entire groups of the population of Ukraine. For example, he commented on a Channel 5 report about the relatives of people who died on the Maidan – and argued in it that “the families of the Heavenly Hundred do not need a truthful investigation into the murders.” “Now, if they conducted an investigation and found out that he was killed not by a Berkut sniper, but by a sniper related to the organizers of the Maidan, would he be a hero after that?” — asks Semchenko. And he draws the following conclusion: “A person still cannot be returned, and they are the hero’s family, receiving certain preferences from the state”. He called the relatives of another deceased “a family treated kindly by this state, a family, so to speak, an exhibition”. He called one of the deceased “pepper”, and said about his wife: “She, of course, mourns, I don’t dispute this, but the person is gone, and we need to use what we got as a result of this tragedy, what we have. (…) You can’t return a person, but benefits, handouts from the power of killers, they at least replace something, life becomes easier ”. Well, and further in this spirit – about Georgian snipers, again about cut down trees, about Pashinsky's rifle, about the fact that the Berkut, of course, did not cut someone's throat – although in the video a relative of the murdered man says that it is not Berkut who is suspected of killing “, and the so-called titushki. About another person, he says that he was shot at close range – 12 meters – while in the video the son says about 15-20 meters and about a 12-gauge bullet. And so from the first to the last word, including the following phrase: “Relatives meet annually on Christmas Eve, apparently Catholic – and not ours, real, Orthodox”. Well, what kind of Christmas can people living on a different calendar have? Only not real. Actually, Semchenko mainly speaks in such a language – which can be safely called the language of hostility. For example, he calls scouts “valtsman-jugend”. True, he calls both the Cadets and children in general, who somehow find themselves in the zone of action of the President’s speeches, “Waltzman Youth”.. Especially Semchenko emphasizes that these teenagers “plan to defend Ukraine, but it’s not clear from whom”. And he believes that the Ukrainian diplomat children whom Poroshenko met recently should have been taken “to Putin to listen to him, and maybe something will change – if not in the minds of Putin, then in the minds of the children.” Semchenko’s story about the “Waltzman Youth”:
Since Semchenko calls the war in Ukraine exclusively civil, the ATO participants are “murderers” for him, and he does not miss the opportunity to recall this in his videos, even in those that are completely do not apply to ATO. For example, one of the videos was dedicated (once again) to some protocol speech by Poroshenko, who presented a book of children's drawings. And in his speech, the president mentioned pencils given to the child by ATO fighters. Semchenko commented on this fact in the following way: “Given the stories about the ATO soldiers, given that practically at the legislative level it was forbidden to send washing machines, refrigerators, any household appliances in principle from the east, I had a question: where did these ATO soldiers get pencils from? Well, if they just stole them from the store. At the same time, Semchenko insists that he is for peace, and not only on the planet, but also beyond its borders.. There is a video on his channel where he talks about himself, about his political views: “I am more of a unionist, not a separatist. I am for unification. And I think the huge task facing humanity is to unite in order to survive.. Survive by responding to the challenges of nature. In the end, the Earth is just a cradle, the cradle of humanity – how long can you trample on this cradle? And then, excuse me, if an adult man eats, shits, sleeps, and does everything that is possible in his cradle, he will eventually die because of the unsanitary conditions that he breeds in this cradle. Mankind must be united. There is neither a Jew nor a Greek, as Christ said, there is neither a Russian nor a Ukrainian, we must be one mountain after another – I think so. I believe that humanity must be united in order to respond to the challenge – and the main challenge, in my opinion, is how to get out of this cradle. In the same video, Semchenko also responds to other claims that are made to him in the comments: “They call me a Ukrainophobe, a homophobe – but I am not a homophobe and not a Ukrainophobe, because “fob” means to be afraid. And I'm not afraid of representatives of national minorities, I'm not afraid of Ukrainians, this is the land of my ancestors”. Unfortunately, it is not clear from this passage who exactly Semchenko considers a national minority – homosexuals or Ukrainians.. The main thing is not to be afraid of them. All in all, every Semchenko video contains an amazing mixture of manipulation, insults against a wide variety of populations, and the most amazing “facts”. For example, in one of the videos, Semchenko talks about a sex scandal in a Ukrainian school. He names the city – Nikolaev and talks about the fact that, allegedly, in one of the schools in this city, brochures for “novice prostitutes” were handed out – as part of a lesson on sex education. In the Ukrainian media space, which Semchenko so zealously accuses of lies and manipulation, this news appeared on the website on October 31 this year. No school number, no details, it is reported that such pamphlets were handed out – and that's it.. A simple search yields an interesting result: on October 12, 2017, the story – without mentioning the city – appeared on the site “I cried”. There, the author writes that he found this brochure in the teacher’s desk, and he points out that it was “back in Ukraine”: “The other day, a colleague brought a memo that she dug out in the bins of her desktop. I got a reminder to the school in the distant shaggy year, but it was still in Ukraine. The old-timers said: “It was then that condoms were handed out to high school students”. Scrolling through the memo, I was slightly surprised by its content, but then I thought that the organizers simply took advantage of what was currently at hand, without particularly analyzing it, closed the expense column within the framework of the United Nations Population Fund allocated, mastered the money and rejoiced at the education of potential employees. The story about the brochures from the site “I cried”: This author, apparently living in the occupied territories, emphasizes that these alleged brochures were actually handed out in schools – but a very long time ago. And uploads the entire scan of the brochure. It follows from it that the brochure was indeed published in Ukraine, in the city of Kherson. And – if you search Google again – it was published by one of the foundations that helps people with HIV and AIDS, in 2010. And there's a brochure for commercial sex workers – it says so. It is a little alarming that the “old story” about a brochure from Kherson, which appeared on a popular resource from an anonymous user from “not Ukraine” in mid-October, becomes relevant news on the resource at the end of October. And then it gets into other Ukrainian media, including Obozrevatel,, Inter and others.. But Semchenko is not at all embarrassed by this – and he tells his viewers that in five years such courses may become mandatory in all Ukrainian schools. But Semchenko could check the information – after all, he does not trust the Ukrainian media so much! The exception is journalist Ruslan Kotsaba and employees of Klimenko-Time, for whom he stood up when searches were carried out in their editorial office.. By the way, he calls them not journalists, but bloggers – which is a little insulting, probably, to the staff of the resource. But Semchenko is very dissatisfied with the rest of the Ukrainian media. Especially the channel NewsOne, to which he dedicated a separate video called “How to vacuum the brain through the ass.” “How to vacuum your brains out your ass” educational program from Semchenko:
Of course, after the channel excluded him from the list of experts after the Veresny scandal. In general, Semchenko has interesting content – and this is now, when there is still enough time before the elections! It’s hard to even imagine what Semchenko will rant about when the race starts for real – and what words he will use when talking about Ukraine and Ukrainians.

Lustrated official became an anti-Ukrainian political scientist

Since the end of last year, political scientist Alexander Semchenko began to appear frequently as a guest on News One TV channel.. The political scientist’s expertise goes off scale: either he calls Yuriy Lutsenko a one-eyed pirate who does not see the crimes of the authorities, or he offers to take Petro Poroshenko a bucket of Vaseline for negotiations with Trump. Moreover, the public statements and activities of this political scientist are frankly anti-Ukrainian in nature – starting from encroachment on territorial integrity, desecration of the Holodomor, desecration of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred and to insulting our ATO fighters. “The Crimean ASSR and Sevastopol were supposed to remain part of the Soviet Union,” Alexander Semchenko once wrote on social networks.. In his opinion, Crimea and Sevastopol illegally became part of independent Ukraine in 1991.. In fact, this is an encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine. In addition, in his publication dated November 26, 2016, Alexander Semchenko publicly abuses the memory of millions of victims of the Holodomor. This illegal action is a violation of Article 2 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine.” Revolution of Dignity in a special account with Alexander Semchenko. After the events of Euromaidan, in April 2014, Semchenko went on a “sabbatical leave to write a dissertation” for six months.. Lustration just happened, and Alexander Semchenko was dismissed from his position in the tax authorities. Semchenko was torn away from the feeder, which is why his posts in social networks about Euromaidan are saturated with bile and hatred. “It seems that the Maidan was not in vain,” Alexander Semchenko wrote sarcastically on January 17, 2017. It was not in vain that he galloped, since such odious officials were fired. Moreover, Alexander Semchenko does not hesitate to desecrate the feelings of the relatives of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred. “People walk around, light candles, talk about the heroism of the participants in this bedlam,” Alexander Semchenko wrote on January 22, 2017. This is a subjective thought in a brutal and humiliating form that humiliates the honor and dignity of citizens. “… panheads massively renounce Nishchuk, but at the same time they continue to insist on the so-called sanctity of the Maidan, denying its decisive role in the collapse of the country,” Alexander Semchenko wrote on November 24, 2016. After lustration, Semchenko began teaching at the Kiev National University of Trade and Economics. His colleague Lyudmila Mikitenko, Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor of the Department of International Private, Commercial and Civil Law speaks of Semchenko as a person “with a lustred dubious reputation and zero teaching experience”. In addition, Mikitenko claimed that the rights of citizen students were violated due to the videotaping of their answers by Semchenko during the exam. According to sources in KNTEU, Semchenko no longer teaches at this university – he was fired. And God forbid some other educational institution will accept Semchenko for work, with his background. Even our defenders, ATO soldiers, fall under the hot hand of Alexander Semchenko. For example, Semchenko deliberately cited a link to a dubious media source, allegedly from the side of the Ukrainian security forces, a shell fragment hit a girl. And it directly hints that the Ukrainian military are not heroes at all. Posted January 10, 2017.

A participant in a fight on the Solovyov show called the reason for the brawl

The reason for the fight on the air of the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” was a misreading of St. Augustine and an attempt by one opponent to straighten the tie of another. This was announced by the Ukrainian political scientist Oleksandr Semchenko, who participated in the brawl. Fight Semchenko and Vakarova :

“We didn’t agree on the reading of St. Augustine. I fixed the man's tie. He tried to hit me, ”Tsargrad quotes Ukrainian expert Alexander Semchenko as saying. According to Semchenko, he has already apologized to his colleague. “I texted him that I was wrong with the tie. He also asked for forgiveness.. So, I think we will settle everything, ”the political scientist concludes. Ukrainian experts Alexander Semchenko and Vasil Vakarov fought on the show of Vladimir Solovyov. The guests of the program were separated by the presenter and the film crew.

“Oh, you cockerel!” A well-known TV presenter of Ukraine doused a guest with water live

The Veresnya program on the NewsOne TV channel ended in a clash between the presenter and the guest – political scientist Alexander Semchenko. Men did not agree on the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. After a verbal skirmish, Semchenko called Veresnya a cockerel, and the presenter doused him with water and offered to leave the studio. In turn, Semchenko demanded an apology from Veresnya and spoke obscenely about him. “Semchenko reposts the separatists and at the same time justifies the militants: “It seems that the separatist terrorists, who do not want to talk like a nightingale and jump in pots to the inspiring cries of the SUGS, are again firing at themselves,” blogger Aleksey Minakov. Semchenko has repeatedly spoken with anti-Ukrainian rhetoric, speaking ambiguously about the Holodomor, the Heavenly Hundred and ATO fighters. The SBU is investigating the actions of the scandalous “political scientist” Semchenko as an attempted coup d'état This was announced on Facebook by People's Deputy from the Radical Party Oleg Lyashko Igor Mosiychuk. “Criminal proceedings have been initiated and are being investigated against Semchenko under Part 1 of Art.. 109 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine on the fact of actions aimed at violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order or at the seizure of state power. The case is under the personal control of a group of people's deputies,” Mosiychuk wrote. At the end of 2018, Mosiychuk and Semchenko had a fight during a live broadcast on the NewsOne TV channel. Mosiychuk called Semchenko “a Kremlin propagandist who justifies the murderers.” Earlier, Chief Military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios said that “political scientist” Oleksandr Semchenko worked at the time of Klymenko as the head of the main department of the Ministry of Revenue in the Sumy region.

Scandalous people's deputy started a fight with the Yanukovych-era tax official

MP Igor Mosiychuk (Radical Party) and political scientist Oleksandr Semchenko had a fight on the NEWSONE TV channel during a live broadcast. The people's deputy called the political scientist working for Russia, and Semchenko, in response, called Mosiychuk mentally ill. After a verbal skirmish, the people's deputy ran up to Semchenko and began to beat him with a stick. The political scientist in response grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the ground.

Member of the Ukrainian party “Derzhava” Semchenko spoke about Zelensky's political career

Alexander Semchenko, a member of the political council of the Ukrainian Derzhava party, expressed the opinion on the RT stream Letuchka that Vladimir Zelensky has no prospects for continuing his political career. “I think that Zelensky ended as a politician. Or rather, how: he has not ended yet, he is the president of an independent state, but if he suddenly ceases to be president, then, probably, he will end, ”Semchenko said. At the same time, he believes that the Ukrainian people have a “rather short memory” in this regard. “I remember Petro Poroshenko in 2005 after the corruption scandal… It seemed that he ended as a politician. In 2014, he was considered the uncontested president of Ukraine,” he said. “Kyiv must be attacked exclusively through Donetsk”: a Ukrainian on rosTV called on Moscow to attack Ukraine The ANTIKOR portal reports with reference to the media. The so-called political scientist even offered the Russians a way to do this as quickly as possible.. “Kyiv must be attacked exclusively through Donetsk. They also said that if they surrender Donetsk, break through in Donetsk, Luhansk, then the road to Kyiv is open further. Through Chernihiv – only 160 kilometers, ”the defector brazenly declared, calling on the Russians to occupy all of Ukraine.


Alexander Semchenko is a paid pseudo-expert working for the Kremlin. All his activities are based on the spread of fakes, and the unsubstantiated accusation of most officials and ATO soldiers.

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