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Saldo Vladimir Vasilievich


Volodymyr Saldo is a traitor to the country who surrendered the city of Kherson to the invaders in February 2022. As the mayor of Kherson, he actively showed his pro-Russian position, looted lands, made raider seizures of enterprises, plundered the treasury, and tried to illegally demolish a historically important object. He was also involved in the kidnapping of journalists and the murder of businessman Igor Pashchenko, indirectly involved in the high-profile murder of activist Katya Handziuk. I visited the Dominican Republic as a prisoner.

Ukraine, Russia, Dominican Republic
June 12, 1956
Уровень охвата:

Saldo Vladimir Vasilievich

June 12, 1956. with. Oktyabrskoye, Mykolaiv region


In 1978. Graduated from the Krivoy Rog Mining Institute with a degree in construction. In 2008. defended his thesis and received the degree of candidate of economic sciences in the specialty “Development of productive forces and regional economy”.

Labor activity

1978-2001. went from a foreman to the head of the construction and installation department in the Khersonbud trust. 2001-2002. Deputy Chairman of the Kherson Regional State Administration for Construction, Housing and Communal Services. From 2014 to the present, Chairman of the Board of the Association “Budinvestsoyuz”.

Election to representative bodies of power and local self-government

2002-2012. Mayor of Kherson. 2012-2014. People's Deputy of Ukraine, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Construction, Urban Planning, Housing and Communal Services and Regional Policy.

NOT official biography

As mayor, the official stayed for 10 years, Saldo was re-elected twice more – in 2006 and 2010, and sat in the mayor's chair until 2012, until he was elected from the “Party of Regions” to the Verkhovna Rada. However, even then, Saldo remained the “owner” of Kherson, and the mayor's office even reserved his office for him. His reign in the city is remembered as the time of a cynical deriban of budgetary funds.. Saldo himself sees himself as a “strong business executive” – the politician's Wikipedia page sings of his accomplishments in two languages and diligently avoids all sharp corners. And there were a lot of them. Vladimir Saldo – collaborator, traitor: As the journalistic investigation, as well as the testimonies of the victims, proves, Saldo, through nominees, carried out a raider seizure of enterprises (such as Khersonbud, Kherson Flowers and Bans), was involved in ordering the murder of businessman Igor Pashchenko. The balance voted for the so-called “dictatorial laws” on January 16 and openly expressed its pro-Russian position. Wikipedia list of politicians who voted for dictatorial laws: Vladimir Saldo also visited the Opposition Platform – For Life. For a long time he used the brand of the party and symbols on his posters, greeting the people of Kherson with all the holidays. It got to the point that among Kherson residents, the OPZhZ party became associated with the face of Saldo. However, as it turned out, this is only a successfully imposed illusion.. In fact, the OPZhZ party did not plan to nominate Saldo for mayor. “From the Opposition Platform, he does not go to mayor,” Mikhail Opanashchenko, a member of the Kherson branch of the OPZhZ, comments on the situation. Quote from the ex-deputy of the Kherson City Council: The only official job of Saldo is the post of chairman of the public organization Association “BUDINVESTSOYUZ”. True, Saldo does not conduct any activity.. And he got the position, rather, for the status. Not finding his place in one political force, Vladimir Saldo created a political project named after himself. True, six months ago, the Ministry of Justice suspected that the Balance Block was a fictitious party.. And he filed a lawsuit to eliminate the registration of a political force. The fictitiousness of the party is also evidenced by the absence of any activity even in the city of residence of its leader. “It's hard for me to say something about the Vladimir Saldo Bloc party – nothing is heard about it in the city,” comments Mikhail Opanashchenko.

Button press

In the Verkhovna Rada, Volodymyr Saldo was also marked by several scandals – he was one of the speakers of the Regionals and supported Yanukovych in every possible way. Volodymyr Saldo and Viktor Yanukovych: This is in addition to the “button pressure”. During the days of the Revolution of Dignity, the people's deputy became the “head that speaks” for the Russian media, actively condemned Euromaidan and was among those who voted for “dictatorial laws” on January 16, 2014.

Radioactive sand in Kherson

Over the past couple of days, only a lazy person has not sent me all sorts of materials about the radioactive sand that was delivered to our city from Montenegro. Surprisingly, the most active were people who are somehow connected with Vladimir Saldo. Let's figure out who sells sand to whom and what is really happening. The first report about the supposedly radioactive sand came from the deputy of the city council Vitaly Bogdanov, who is in opposition to the current mayor. I’ll note right away that Vitaly Bogdanov is the executor of various orders from Igor Pastukh, the former first deputy mayor of Kherson. In turn, Igor Alexandrovich Pastukh will protect Vladimir Saldo to power, where he can return to the chair of the first deputy mayor, for example, the political party “Vladimir Saldo's Bloc” is registered in the building that belongs to Pastukh. It is easy to track this by the election movements of Igor Aleksandrovich, who led the election campaign of the current mayor Vladimir Mykolaenko. Also, his websites are an information mouthpiece for the former Deputy Governor Yevgeny Ryshchuk. And this is another important indicator in the sand story. And now, in fact, where is the sand in this story? So, the contract for the disposal of sand was signed by the director of TOV “TD Itaka” on July 30, 2019 Tyan Alexander Afanasyevich, who was appointed to this company by Vladimir Saldo. Sand utilization agreement: The relationship between Tyan and Saldo goes through Yevgeny Ryshchuk, who is connected to him through Igor Pastukh. Tyan's wife, Anna Nikolaevna, is connected through a legal entity with Yevgeny Ryshchuk. A couple of months later, Tyan abruptly leaves the founders of the company TOV “TD Ithaca”, but the company, according to the terms of the contract, must fulfill its obligations. And the epic with sand from Montenegro begins. Initially, a news site affiliated with Yevgeny Ryshchuk writes that the sand is allegedly radioactive. Somewhat later, Igor Pastukh's websites picked up the same message. A little later, it becomes clear that the garbage is not radioactive, but is the waste of sandblasting (abrasive) cleaning of the bottoms of ships. The results of an environmental review from the “Scientific Center for Preventive Toxicology of Food and Chemical Safety of Academician Medvedev of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” appear on the network, which was held on October 02, 2019. From which it comes that the sand, in general, is safe. Laboratory research of sand: Immediately after that, the head of the State Customs Service Max Nefedov, who calls the sand delivered to Kherson from Montenegro “smuggling of the week.” We are talking about a ship that delivered the first 3,600 tons of sand from Bijelo in Montenegro: “By the end of the year, 10,000 tons should have been brought. Sand? In Ukraine? At a price of € 1.20 per ton (sand costs about 100 times more)? Nothing surprises? See what this “sand” looks like – in fact, this is ship sandblasting waste from a shipyard that is closing.. In other words, hazardous waste,” Nefedov wrote. Several logical questions and conclusions arise at once. All ships carrying cargo must go through customs and provide the necessary package of documents. Including environmental expertise, which customs rechecks. That is, if you believe Nefedov, that the waste is dangerous, did his department miss it? And if it's smuggling, how did customs let it through and even let the ship dock? In fact, the curator, party and ideological inspirer of Vladimir Saldo is the general of the customs troops and has a wide sphere of influence in this structure. And the sudden statement of the customs officer Nefedov, when almost all information strikes were repulsed informationally, they threw firewood into the fading information furnace. Friendship, influence, statement – Coincidence? Why did Tian, a person from Balance, disappear so abruptly on the eve of the upcoming scandal, and how did this scandal appear if all the documents were in the hands of the necessary structures a month before the resonance? In conclusion, it is necessary to add – in our city there is a shipbuilding plant “Smart Maritime Group”, which provides the same services for sandblasting the bottom of ships. Moreover, the shipyard regularly carries out sandblasting work. And for some reason, this topic does not acquire public resonance, environmentalists, activists and deputies of the city council do not speak on the topic of the fact that in our city, a kilometer from the sleeping area, there is a source of sandblasting waste, the same as brought from Montenegro. Maybe it's just the rapidly falling electoral rating of Vladimir Saldo, and in order to catch up with the rest of the participants in the electoral race that has not yet begun, it is necessary to lower the ratings of the current government with an aggressive informational topic?

Law enforcement officers closed the cases of raiding “Khersonstroy”, saving the reputation of Vladimir Saldo

On July 11, during a meeting of law enforcement agencies in Kherson, based on the materials of the StopCor investigation, it became known that the criminal proceedings against the Khersonstroy raiders were closed on July 2. Without studying the materials, evidence, after almost 2 years of inactivity and delaying the investigation. This was reported by the activists of “Stop Corruption” from the scene. A week ago, on July 4, during the visit of the StopKora film crew to Kherson, law enforcement officers promised journalists to expedite the investigation of criminal proceedings against the raiders of PJSC Khersonstroy and admitted that the investigation was dragging on. They even reported that they brought the perpetrators of the delay to disciplinary responsibility. That is, during the visit of journalists on July 4, production is still open. And a week later they announce that they are closed on July 2nd. Interestingly, the criminal proceedings against the raiding of PJSC “Khersonstroy” have already been closed by the deputy head of the Kherson OP GUNP in the Kherson region, police captain Cherny S.S.. New Year's Eve December 31, 2018. After a two-month trial and numerous complaints about delays, Judge G.P. Radchenko. recognized the closure of the case as unlawful and decided to initiate criminal proceedings. And here is a surprise: the decision of the same Cherny S.S.. on the closure of the case dated 07/02/2019 one to one coincides with the decision of 12/31/2018, which has already been declared illegal. “Probably the cases were closed hastily and retroactively. Without examining anything and not taking into account the available evidence,” Khersonstroy lawyers say. Recall that the activists of “Stop Corruption” went to Kherson to find out at what stage the investigation into criminal proceedings against the participants in the raider seizure of property of PJSC “Khersonstroy”. According to available information, during the 2 years of investigation, not a single raider announced suspicion. StopKor activists and journalists visited the city and regional police and prosecutor's offices, where they were promised to look into the reasons for the delay in cases. As StopKor journalists found out earlier, the seizure of the enterprise took place due to the involvement of the deputy of the Kherson city council Vladimir Saldo. It is interesting that today Volodymyr Saldo is trying to get into the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Journalists suspect that it was in the interests of the candidate for people's deputies Saldo that the proceedings were closed. After all, the candidate's involvement in raiding and the announcement of suspicion to him will put an end to Saldo's political career. It is known that 2 years ago, in June 2017, a group of people, behind whom is the ex-mayor of Kherson Vladimir Saldo, in order to seize the property of the enterprise in the amount of more than 500 million hryvnias, forged the decision of the owner of the private enterprise “PF” Paritet “to sell a stake in authorized capital of LLC “KPD-5S” – a company in which the property of PJSC “Khersonstroy” was stored. Subsequently, a number of state registrars and notaries, using these fake documents, transferred to the raiders parts of the property of PJSC Khersonstroy, a construction company owned by the family of Honorary Citizen of Kherson Boris Sandyk. Numerical courts proved the fact of raiding. However, neither the customers of the raiding, nor the performers – notaries and registrars – have yet been punished due to the delays of the law enforcement agencies of Kherson. Regarding these events, the Kherson OP of the GUNP in the Kherson region is conducting a pre-trial investigation in a number of criminal proceedings, however, the police, the prosecutor's office and the courts are delaying the investigation. On July 4, StopKor activists and journalists visited the Kherson city and regional police and prosecutor's offices, demanding that raiders and registrars who openly violated the law and committed registration actions be declared suspicious, despite the decision of the Ministry of Justice and the decision of the Supreme Court, which recognized the illegality of re-registration. Saldo himself sat in the cab of the bulldozer and broke the structure with his own hands. True, it turned out that this house has owners, and they are not going to demolish their property.. Therefore, the destruction process was stopped with the involvement of the police. This did not prevent Vladimir Saldo from hiring the central TV channel and ordering a “victorious” story from them, the essence of which boils down to the fact that Saldo is a creator. SEC “Suvorovsky”:

Former “regional”

Volodymyr Saldo – three times ex-mayor of Kherson, the face of the “regionals” in the region, who publicly defended Yanukovych on Russian television, was “exposed” in several raider scandals and connections with separatism. In particular, being a people's deputy from the Party of Regions, Vladimir Saldo sharply criticized the Euromaidan participants on Russian TV channels and defended Yanukovych. Vladimir Saldo's speech on Russian television:

There is almost no information left on the Internet since then, but the residents of Kherson remember how the then mayor of Saldo publicly called on Russian television for the Russian Federation to intervene. In addition, earlier Vladimir Sald was suspected of working for the FSB. “The former mayor of Kherson, one of the speakers of the Party of Regions during the Maidan, Vladimir Saldo, is suspected of working for the Russian Federal Security Service. This is stated in the story “Consequences.Info,” Hromadske wrote. Attended public events in Russia: In August 2016, Vladimir Saldo was detained by law enforcement agencies of the Dominican Republic. He is accused of kidnapping a former partner, businessman Pashchenko, and sentenced to 25 years in prison.. Both the case materials and Saldo himself confirm the fact of conviction. Escaped from prison, by his own admission, by paying a bribe. Volodymyr Saldo being led in handcuffs. Dominican Republic:
In April 2018, the brother of businessman Pashchenko, who was kidnapped in the Dominican Republic, was shot dead in Kherson. Murdered Igor Pashchenko testified against Salda in Ukraine. In addition, they had a long-standing conflict: because of the Lost World entertainment center. Relatives of the murdered man immediately after the murder directly accused Sald of the death of a businessman. And after the death of Igor Pashchenko, the “Lost World” passed to Vladimir Saldo. Also, according to one version, it was beneficial for the Balance to destroy Gandzyuk. Investigation of journalists Slidstvo.Info “Negative Balance”:
Vladimir Saldo is also involved in the kidnapping of journalists:

Political decline

After the escape of Yanukovych and the change of power, a “black streak” began for Saldo – he could not be re-elected to the Verkhovna Rada, he took only 3rd place in the elections. The balance was doused with green paint and frankly laughed at him. The Nash Krai party, which united the remnants of the former regionals, became a new political refuge. Saldo gathered his team in this political force and tried again to compete for the mayor's chair. Already at the stage of nomination, Saldo had problems – the TEC refused to register him, so the election commission was disbanded, however, and the new composition did not want to deal with Yanukovych's ally. In the end, Saldo was still recognized as a candidate – under pressure from the CEC. He had good chances of winning (according to opinion polls), but here the candidate from Yulia Tymoshenko's party, Vladislav Manger, enters the stage. He himself wanted to become the mayor of Kherson and, it seems, began to put pressure on the Balance. As a result, the recent owner of the city withdraws his candidacy before the second round (in fact, in favor of Munger) and declares persecution. Then they paid no attention to these words. The balance came to the meeting session:

Death of an agitator

10 days before the elections, Kherson News published an article about a new death on political grounds. Referring to a Facebook post by the ex-director of the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Regional State Administration Yurii Poputko. The publication noted that on the night of October 7-8, the police detained agitators with newspapers against the main competitor of Saldo – Igor Kolikhaev. After 5 days, one of Sald's agitators was found hanged. Car with “black PR”:

The Hanged Man turned out to be a candidate for deputy of the Kakhovka District Council from the political party Vladimir Saldo Bloc, 38-year-old Alexander Mikhailik. Are there too many bloody stories connected with the name of the former mayor of Kherson?

“Our land”

The activity of this character in Kherson was associated only with attempts to run anywhere and in any way, from any political force. Saldo got into the current deputy composition of the city council under the banner of “Our Territory”. And even with the “party of repainted regionals” relations did not work out. As the Kherson media wrote, back in 2015, representatives of various political parties, public activists and ordinary citizens gathered to speak out against the registration of the former mayor, ex-regional Vladimir Saldo as a candidate for the position of mayor and deputies of the City Council from the Our Land party. Residents of the city took to the streets with angry posters “The balance is behind bars! not for deputies. It is significant that Nash Krai did not nominate Sald as the party's candidate for mayor this year. Previously, Saldo tried to get into politics from For Food, but the strongest political friendship binds him with the Party of Regions.

Ex-mayor Saldo, Manger, killer Levin, and others in the “Katya Gandzyuk case”

The current mayor of Kherson, Vladimir Mykolaenko, threw tires on the Maidan, went to work by minibus (before he had a budget company car), and still lives in the “Khrushchev”. Kateryna Handziuk, as the most active Kherson activist, uncompromising and restless, twice helped her like-minded Nikolaenko get around the “old team”. And she continued to break the stereotypes that the mafia was used to. The main opponents of Mykolaenko in the mayoral elections were twice the people of the “Russian world”. First, ex-mayor Vladimir Saldo, and then Vladislav Manger. Interestingly, Vladimir Saldo ended up in prison in the Dominican Republic in 2016. He was accused of kidnapping a former partner and allegedly even convicted in absentia. But, having paid the bail, Saldo managed to escape to Ukraine.. And then the most curious thing began.. In April 2018, in Kherson, the brother of the kidnapped, who testified against Saldo in Ukraine, was shot dead – businessman Igor Pashchenko. Relatives of the murdered man consider the former Kherson mayor to be the customer of the murder. Contract murder of Pashchenko not solved. But, according to one version, the same Aleksey Levin-Moskal is related to him, who organized the murder of Katya Gandzyuk and fled just to the Dominican Republic. If the version is correct, Pashchenko's brother, Denis, who lives there, is in danger.

Criminal proceedings on illegal enrichment of Vladimir Saldo

Dominican detective story exposed a number of new facts from the life of a long-term civil servant who turned out to be a real underground millionaire. Over the years in the service of the state, his family acquired a big business and thousands of square meters of real estate, including on the Black Sea coast. Lyubov Saldo and her lawyer accuse Denis Pashchenko of fraud, they say that he has a bad reputation and even a criminal record somewhere in Europe. But why, then, Vladimir Saldo, knowing about this, left at the invitation of Pashchenko to the Dominican Republic? And why didn't Saldo's friends and relatives turn to the police, but began to collect money and transfer property to the alleged kidnapper Denis Pashchenko? Olga Spivakina called. Arrived, said that we urgently need to see each other, the events are not good. I have known her for a long time as a faithful comrade-in-arms, assistant to Vladimir Vasilievich. She came, showed me the video on the phone. She urgently needed money, of course, I helped with money, – said Ivan Bebko, a friend of Vladimir Saldo. Bebko says that he gave the money to Spivakina, after which, according to the lawyer, they were transferred to Vladimir Saldo's card, which Denis Pashchenko allegedly had. He, in turn, refutes: they say that he did not receive money, but he acquired all the real estate at the suggestion of Balance. “I bought this. But then again – not a single plot belonged to any relative, as they say – something was extorted from relatives. Friends – yes. But in Kherson everyone knows that this is a balance,” Denis Pashchenko denies extortion. The registers confirm: on July 15, the apartment of Sergei Pozhaev, who is close to Saldo, and the land plot of his daughter, became the property of Denis Pashchenko. Journalist Sergei Nikitenko, who has been following the activities of the former influential regionalist for many years, suggests that the property featured in this story actually belonged to Saldo, but was registered with nominees from his entourage. On August 10, the owner of the private enterprise Bans changed – it passed to Denis Pashchenko's brother – Igor and his common-law wife Irina Vavinova. This is a three-story health complex with baths and a hotel of almost 5 thousand square meters.. It was issued to Sergey Pozhaev. A noteworthy detail: none of the friends of Vladimir Saldo, who transferred the business recorded on them or just money to Denis Pashchenko, did not provide us with a video with the captive Balance, which scared them so much that they lost their property in order to help out a friend. Secondly, not a single asset or property legally owned by the Saldo family was included in the blackmail fee.. And, in fact, there are a lot of them. Most of the assets of the Saldo family throughout Ukraine are registered to his wife. Lyubov Saldo is the founder of a law firm in Odessa, the beneficiary of a trading company in Kherson and a granite mining company in the Zhytomyr region. During the years when Saldo was the mayor of Kherson, the family enriched itself with thousands of square meters of real estate.. Two apartments and a big house in Kherson. Two apartments in Kyiv – in the very center, on Podil, and not far from Zhuliany airport. Three-room apartment in the Odessa residential complex New Arcadia. In the Crimea, at the time when Saldo was the mayor of Kherson, his wife bought a cottage by the sea near Alushta and apartments in the Yalta village of Voskhod, in a complex built by the Consol firm of the Crimean traitor speaker Vladimir Konstantinov. And when Saldo became a people's deputy, another three-room apartment and two parking spaces appeared in the family in Yalta – in the elite residential complex Arenda-Plaza. Everything is here for the luxurious life of servants of the people – from swimming pools to a helicopter pad, and the cost of apartments started from half a million dollars. According to Vladimir Saldo's income declarations, over the years of enrichment, the total income of him and his family members was only about 600 thousand hryvnia per year. Luxurious apartments and houses – a luxury that a family with such a fortune definitely could not afford. And while Saldo was sunbathing on Dominican beaches and having fun in clubs, Pashchenko posted on the network an audio recording of a conversation between an ex-people's deputy and an unknown. Entrepreneur claims to have recorded Saldo's conversation while sitting in the next room. A man with a voice similar to Saldo talks about an FSB curator who helped financially in the elections and plans for Russia's invasion of Kherson. “There was one friend, Kostya, we met a couple of times in Simferopol. Then he said that he was my curator from the FSB, in which case he had an assistant, an employee – Alexei. If so, you can meet them.. And they are, in principle, loyal. The main thing is to give information about what is happening on the ground, about the mood among the population, what worries. And in which case, if they still decide to go to Kherson, then they will need reliable people who are inclined towards the unification of the Slavic peoples. So I even have such a group of people – about 30 people, ”says a person in the audio recording in the voice of Saldo.

A fake “Rescue Committee” was created in the Kherson region, Ukrainian law enforcement officers launched an investigation

On March 16, the Russian occupiers announced the creation in Kherson of the “Rescue Committee “For Peace and Order”, which included local pro-Russian politicians and collaborators. This was reported by the non-governmental project “Information Resistance”. According to Informsoprotivleniya, the fake organ included: ex-mayor of Kherson Volodymyr Saldo; suspected of treason (according to investigators, she handed over “materials for subversive work” to the Russian special services), activist Tatyana Kuzmich; Deputy of the Kherson City Council Igor Semenchev (in 2016, the court found him guilty of corruption); wanted Georgiy Kalenov (according to INzhir Media, in 2014 he was detained for supplying arms and explosives to L/DPR militants and organizing pro-Russian rallies in Kherson, but then he was exchanged for the Ukrainian military); ex-candidate for mayor of Kherson Kirill Stremousov (his dossier is available on the websites “Chesno” and “Peacemaker”, hromadske writes about his possible participation in the abductions of Ukrainian activists in Kherson); ex-activist of the organization “Ukrainian Choice” Dmitry Savluchenko. “Russian propagandists are already calling these individuals the authorities in Kherson,” the report said.

For the occupiers: Former mayor of Kherson went to a rally with the Soviet flag

Near the monument to those who died in World War II, several marginal politicians gathered today, who used Soviet symbols and St. George ribbons during their “rally”. One of the participants in the “rally” is Vladimir Saldo – the former mayor, a representative of the “Party of Regions”, being a people's deputy, voted for “dictatorial laws.” The journalist notes that he has always supported the pro-Russian ideology. Vladimir Saldo is from Nikolaev, he was born in the Ship area.


Ex-mayor of Kherson Vladimir Saldo has long been suspected of separatism and links with the FSB. We finally learned the confirmation of this information in 2022 with the outbreak of the war, because it was Volodymyr Saldo who let the invaders into Kherson. In addition to high treason, the ex-mayor was remembered by the residents of Kherson as a corrupt official, a raider, and a bloodthirsty killer.

Личные данные

Wife - Lyubov Saldo, has a daughter
To the thieves from the\"Party of Regions\"
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