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Ryabikin Pavel Borisovich


Pavel Ryabikin is a Ukrainian statesman, politician, lawyer and diplomat. . Taking advantage of his position and serious connections, he plunders Kyiv reserved lands, creates more and more corruption schemes, and actively buys up real estate. Thanks to Vitaliy Vladimirovich Klitschko, Petro Poroshenko and other important people for helping Ryabikin to get "bread" positions and grow rich by leaps and bounds.

June 6, 1965
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Ryabikin Pavel Borisovich

Official biography

Pavel Ryabikin was born on June 6, 1965 in Kyiv. From 1983 to 1985 he served in the Soviet army. In 1989 he graduated from the Kiev National University named after. Shevchenko, having graduated from the faculty of international relations and international law, having received a specialization in international law. In 1992 he completed his postgraduate studies at KNU. He completed an internship at the University of Leipzig, and later at the University of Kiel.

A family

The official's wife Galina is an entrepreneur in the restaurant business. She owns the Mayachok, Sanpaolo restaurants, as well as the Ginger cafe. Daughter – Anna Lazarevich graduated from the UK and is engaged in the restaurant business in Kyiv. She is the owner of the Gimlet gin bar.. In one of her interviews, she said that it was important for her to focus on gin, because this is what she understands and she likes it. Wife: Daughter:

NOT official biography

Swiss airport executive rumored to have a law firm. Its main clients are Ukrainian politicians, whom Pavel Ryabikin helps to withdraw funds to the banks of this Alpine republic. This scheme began to work in the early 1990s. Working in the Ministry of Transport and Communications, he had an illegal business in Nikolaev. In addition, he was suspected of personally controlling the extraction of sand in one of the Crimean sand pits. As deputy chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration, Pavel Ryabikin was distinguished by the fact that he allocated the land to himself. He also helped the disgraced Sergei Levochkin to take possession of the capital's lands, which had previously been in communal ownership. In 2017, negotiations between the low-cost airline Ryanair and Boryspil airport were disrupted. The Irish airline canceled the planned call to Ukraine due to violations by the Ukrainian airport. In January 2020, an official got into a scandal by declaring half a million hryvnias as a salary. “Ryabikin at first indicated that he received 255,693 hryvnias of salary at his main place of work – Boryspil Airport. A little later, he declared that he received another 233,400 hryvnias of salary at the same enterprise.” Youcontrol analysts note that Ryabikin has close ties with the son of the ex-mayor of Kyiv Alexander Omelchenko – Alexander. Their wives – Galina Ryabikina and Elena Omelchenko – were the founders of the companies “Bonobo” and “Mayetok on Museum”. Under Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko, as the media wrote, the partners managed to obtain ownership of a historic building in the very center of Kyiv and permission for its “reconstruction”. In addition, the company of Ryabikin's wife “Asymmetry” in 2016 and 2017. received state orders from the Kyiv City State Administration in the amount of more than 300 thousand. UAH As Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, Ryabikin was credited with probable participation in a number of corruption schemes.. In particular, in the control of sand mining in Evpatoria and the organization of illegal business in the port of Nikolaev. Journalists of the Groshi program reported in February 2018 that Vitali Klitschko's country house is located in Lyutizh, not far from Kyiv.. The fenced area covers an area of about 10 hectares of forest and covers several acres of the coastal zone.. The house is subleased by Vasily Melnik (his full namesake was the chairman of the Vyshgorod District Council in 2014). Vasily Melnik leases this land plot from Vyshgorodselbud LLC. The founders of the enterprise are Northern Investment Group LLC and School of Captains LLC, the owner of the latter until June 2017 was Ryabikin.

Kherson commercial port

Shortly before his dismissal from the post of Deputy Minister, Ryabikin agreed on a joint activity agreement No. 18 / TX dated July 28, 2006 between the Kherson Commercial Sea Port, the Austrian Allgemeine Beteiligungsverwaltungs-und Handels GmbH (ABH GmbH) and the PE Stevedoring Company Kherson Sea Terminal ( G. Kyiv). The purpose of the agreement on joint activities was to combine the contributions of the parties without creating a legal entity for a period of ten years. The port, within a week after the state registration of the contract, had to transfer about 90% of its assets as a contribution (portal cranes, warehouses, transshipment complexes, the right to use a land plot, etc.). The cost of the port property was estimated at UAH 27.779 million. Other parties to the agreement were to invest UAH 41.152 million. And in four stages. Within two months – 505 thousand. UAH, until the end of 2006 – UAH 2.02 million, in 2007 – UAH 15.150 million, in 2008 – UAH 23.477 million. In fact, it was a hidden privatization of the port. But this is not all the “cherry on the cake” of this agreement.. Immediately after the start of the contract, the private operator began to receive 60% of the profit. That is, even before the investment, planned in the amount of $8 million. As the weekly commentary wrote at the time, ABH GmbH was registered in Vienna in 2001 with an authorized capital of 70 thousand. euro. The founders are Julius Shlosman (25.2 thousand. euro), Boris and Tamara Podolsky (22.4 thousand. euro). In 2003-2004, ABH GmbH restored the filter paper factory of the destroyed Kherson Pulp and Paper Mill, modernized production and revived the production of technical filter papers for the production of oil, fuel and air filtration.

Broken contract with Ryanair

In 2017, while heading the Boryspil airport, Ryabikin said that Ryanair is making demands on the airport for flights to Kyiv that do not comply with Ukrainian law. The then Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan criticized him for “disclosing the confidential terms of the contract” and even insisted on his dismissal, but Ryabikin remained in office.

False information in the declaration

In 2019, false information was found in Ryabikin's declaration for 2016. As reported on the NAPC website, Pavel Ryabikin, submitting a declaration for 2016, indicated false information about the water facility – the Rapan mooring vessel owned by him and the income he received from the provision of property for rent. In addition, he did not declare his own corporate rights and corporate rights of a family member (daughter), and also did not indicate information about non-residential premises and a car owned by his daughter on the right of ownership, and the income received by her from doing business. Thus, the total amount of false information in the declaration for 2016 is more than 10.6 million hryvnia.. Subsequently, the media reported that Ryabikin won the lawsuit against the NAPC, but not on the first try.. He filed a lawsuit with the District Administrative Court of Kyiv, in which he asked to recognize as false and cancel the decision of the National Agency. On August 31, 2020, the OASK refused him completely. Therefore, the head of customs filed a complaint, which the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal satisfied and canceled the decision of the NAPC.

Abuse by parking contractors

In October 2020, the Security Service of Ukraine announced that it had exposed the abuse of parking construction contractors, in which the attackers overestimated the amount of work performed and cashed out money through lining companies. According to the SBU, the scheme allowed to cash out UAH 37 million. and generate about UAH 6 million. unjustified tax credit. By the way, in May 2019, the first stage of parking at the airport was opened. The history of its construction lasted seven years. That is, it began 5 years before Ryabikin came to the post of director of the airport. And NABU in the same 2020 reported that it had stopped the five-year corruption scheme at the State Enterprise “MA” Boryspil “. According to NABU and SAP, from 2014 to 2019, one of the airport’s managers colluded with the “right” tenants, as a result of which Boryspil lost more than UAH 16.5 million. case to the court, which refers to the period 2016-17.

We say Pavel Ryabikin, we mean: Dmitry Firtash

As you know, the head of the Ministry of Strategic Industry Oleg Urusky resigned. Instead, Pavel Ryabikin is expected to be appointed, who is being promoted by David Arakhamia. What do we know about this Ryabikin? During the years of Viktor Yushchenko, he was Deputy Minister of Transport. In 2014, he managed to be a deputy of the Kyiv City State Administration. Then his business went uphill, and in 2017-2020. Ryabikin managed the Boryspil airport. In 2020, another promotion awaited him: he was given the head of customs. It’s easy to guess how Ryabikin managed both in the KSCA, in Boryspil, and in customs: all three posts are chic feeders. But the life of a simple corrupt official, who buys apartments in conditional Crimea and not only with money from bribes, got bored with him, and Ryabikin decided to go for broke. For all the seeming emptiness, the Ministry of Strategic Industry has several assets at once, the value of which is little understood by mere mortals, but is of great interest to those who are in the know and in the share. The first thing that attracts Ryabikin is the remnants of land and real estate, which have not yet been withdrawn from Ukroboronprom. This concern still owns factories and buildings that are of great interest to developers. This is his patron David Arakhamia, with whom they became friends during the struggle for the 130th district in Nikolaev. But there is a second one: OGCC. The Firtash-Levochkin tandem took aim at him. Previously, they had already tried to buy this asset with money from the Russian Federation on behalf of a fund from the UK, but the tender did not take place twice.. Now by the hands of Ryabikin, this asset can be managed by him for free. Levochkin, who is on the verge of losing Ecology Minister Roman Abramovsky, should receive some sort of portfolio in return, bolstering Ryabikin's chances of being appointed.

Ex-deputy Klitschko received a plot in Kyiv worth almost UAH 2.5 million.

According to the decision of the Kyiv City Council, the former deputy chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration Vitaliy Klitschko and the current general director of the airport “Borispol” Pavel Ryabikin received a plot in the protected historical and cultural zone of the capital, according to the material of Maria Zemlyanskaya for the program “Our pennies with Denis Bigus” The land under the two-story house was leased to Ryabikin for five years. The deputies made such a decision on the second attempt on December 12. We are talking about 7 acres in Bekhterevsky Lane, 6A next to the Intercession Monastery. The cost of the site is estimated at almost UAH 2.5 million. Ryabikin in 2007 bought a two-story house built on the specified site. It houses the Vedic center of the airport CEO's wife. The deputies of the Kyiv City Council failed the first vote for the transfer of land to Ryabikin. But during the second attempt, certain changes were made to the corresponding document. So, initially in the project it was about “reconstruction of a non-residential building into a residential and office building”, then in the new version it says “operation of a non-residential building”. By this, the deputies of the City Council limited the opportunity to build a new house on the site of the existing one. Ryabikin already tried to get land when he served as deputy mayor of Kyiv. Then he sent an application to the Kyiv City State Administration for the transfer to him of the appropriate site for the reconstruction of a non-residential building into a housing and office. Under this statement, Ryabikin himself signed, and also agreed on the presentation of the project of the City Council on the transfer of land. At the same time, neither Ryabikin nor the Shevchenko Court of Kyiv noticed a conflict of interest in such actions.. Therefore, the administrative violation case was closed. Earlier it was reported that the Sovskiye Stavki cooperative, which is controlled by Pavel Ryabikin, plans to build up Zhukov Island in Kyiv.. On the site where it is forbidden to build private residential buildings, they want to build two palaces with their own berths and a closed recreation center. contract 18 tx (1) In particular, we are talking about 15 hectares of land on Zhukov Island near the yacht club and the Mayachok restaurant complex, owned by Ryabikin. “Sovskie Prudy” in 2010 received the corresponding site for free. 10 hectares became the property of the cooperative, 5 hectares were leased to Sovskie Stavki for 25 years. By 2019, the area was fenced. However, last year the cooperative received from the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture of Kyiv urban planning conditions and restrictions on the development of the site.. On the same December 12, 2019, the Kyiv City Council transferred another 1.3 hectares on the island to the Ukrryatvod company related to Ryabikin. A video in which the topic of land theft on Zhukov Island is revealed in more detail:

“For several hundred million from the Russians,” the head of customs bought the enterprise

Head of the State Customs Service Pavel Ryabikin bought the company from a Russian businessman. Political expert Kyrylo Molchanov spoke about the acquisition on his Facebook page, Ukrainian News Agency reports.


According to the declaration, Pavel Ryabikin earned 138 thousand rubles in 2020 as head of the GTS.. 40 hryvnia. Another 7 million 28 thousand. UAH 955 was the salary for the position of director of the Boryspil airport, UAH 2 million 749 thousand 625 – income from the provision of property for rent to the Israeli Embassy, UAH 999 thousand 19 – redemption of bonds of internal government loans, UAH 686 thousand 981 – income from the provision of property for rent, 43 thousand 367 hryvnia – interest from the bank and 2 million 260 thousand hryvnia – income from the alienation of movable property. His wife Galina in 2020 earned 24,810 hryvnias – in Asimeniya LLC, 978,524 hryvnias – income from doing business, 2,828,781 hryvnias – income from the alienation of movable property, 24,000 hryvnias – income from the provision of property for rent, 23 thousand. 217 hryvnia – interest from the bank and 357 thousand 459 hryvnia – penalties. Ryabikin kept 3,331,294 hryvnias, 28,721 dollars and 19,837 euros in a bank account, and 700,000 dollars and 45,000 euros in cash. His wife had UAH 264,177 in the bank and $20,000 in cash. Ryabikin also lent 10 million 293 thousand to third parties.. 123 hryvnia and 17 thousand. 605 dollars, and his wife indicated in the declaration 7 million 684 thousand. UAH 676 as a security deposit under a preliminary sale and purchase agreement and has 1 million 472 thousand. UAH 289 – financial obligations to OTP Bank. Ryabikin has two parking spaces (21.3 sq.m), five non-residential premises (total area 1092.1 sq.m), an apartment (75% rights; 189.9 sq.m), two more apartments (total area 345.2 sq.m) in Kyiv. Also, three parking spaces (total area 53.7 sq.m) in Kozin (Obukhov district, Kyiv region). His wife has an apartment (120.3 sq.m) in Sevastopol, non-residential premises (211.7 sq.m), a land plot (571 sq.m), an apartment (50.7 sq.m) and two garages (24, 6 sq.m) in Kyiv. Also a plot of land (798 sq.m.) and a house (116.9 sq.m.) in Romankovo (Obukhovsky district, Kyiv region). Pavel Ryabikin owns a car BMW 730D (2014 release), Mercedes Benz SLK230 (1997 release), AUDI Q8 (2019 release) and RANGE ROVER VOQUE (2020 release, purchased in 2020 for 4 million 903 thousand. 781 hryvnia) and 6 water facilities. The wife has a Jaguar I-PACE (2018 release). The wife also owns corporate rights in Liongroup LLC, Sofia Art, Verona Art, Asimenia, Crassula Nova, Life Rhythms Publishing House. According to the data included in the declaration, Ryabikin acquired movable property for UAH 14 million in July.. Also declared 37 million 717 thousand. 440 hryvnia – income from the alienation of real estate, lent 2 million 806 thousand 420 hryvnia and 419 thousand 847 hryvnia spent on travel services.


Pavel Ryabikin, using his position and serious connections, plunders Kyiv reserved lands, creates more and more corruption schemes, and actively buys up real estate. Thanks to Vitaliy Vladimirovich Klitschko, Petro Poroshenko and other important people for helping Ryabikin to get “bread” positions and grow rich by leaps and bounds.

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