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Rogov Vladimir Valerievich


Vladimir Rogov is a controversial pro-Russian political scientist. In the 90s, he was associated with the Armenian organized crime group, thanks to which he became rich and traveled a lot, and also worked for the Kremlin. In this period of time, he is a collaborator, and the self-proclaimed mayor of Melitopol. He spreads messages of Russian propaganda, threatens citizens, believes that Melitopol will never return to Ukraine.

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Rogov Vladimir Valerievich

Official biography

Date of birth: December 1, 1976. By his own admission, he was born in India, as a minor he was transported to the USSR, where he grew up. Indian prince, close friend. Putin, D. Medvedev, V. Zhirinovsky, the Gandhi family (by his own admission) Head of the clone of the public organization “Slavic Guards” Editor-in-chief of the non-automated news segregator public movement “World without Nazism” Owner (together with his wife) of the premises of the store “KPSS”


In 1984-1994, he graduated from secondary school No. 49 (on Baburka) with a gold medal. In 1994-1999 he graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Zaporozhye National Technical University with a degree in International Economic Relations.


In 1997-2000 he was the editor-in-chief of the Delovoy Gorod newspaper. 2000 – 2010 – private entrepreneur. The main direction is Internet business and printing. Co-owner of JOB.ZP.UA sites (and about 20 more similar job sites throughout the country), CITY.ZP.UA, DAY.ZP.UA In 2006 (according to other sources – in 2007) he was elected chairman of the main council of the “Slavic Guard” . Member of KSORS (coordinating council of organizations of Russian compatriots). In 2009 he was elected to its presidium. He was a delegate to the World Congress of Russian Compatriots (1000 people from more than 90 countries).

Personal life

The name of his wife is not known.

NOT official biography

Police opened a criminal case against a collaborator who declared himself the “mayor” of Melitopol This was reported on Tuesday, March 29, in the press service of the National Police. We are talking about Kremlin supporter Vladimir Rogov, who also calls himself a “member of the military-civilian administration of the Zaporozhye region” and calls on local residents to cooperate with the Russian occupiers. “A man speaks to the townspeople with a program of significant indulgences for residents of the occupied territories, such as writing off all utility and bank debts, lowering the price of housing and communal services, etc.. d. The person involved also has a Telegram channel in which he sets out his distorted vision of the situation in the country and directly on the territory of the Zaporozhye Territory and in the city of Melitopol, ”the message says. The attacker's actions were qualified according to. 5th century. 111−1 (collaborative activity) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The sanction of the article provides for imprisonment for a term of 5 to 10 years.

Heroic builder of “Novorossia”

Maidan in Ukraine. Russian Spring 2014. Annexation of Crimea. Separatist movement in southeastern Ukraine. Against this background, no one knows where a huge number of previously unknown personalities arose who claimed to become the leaders of the “protest movement” and the creators of a new state formation – “Novorossiya”. One of them is Vladimir Rogov, the head of the so-called “Slavic Guard” (as it turned out, consisting of only two people, but it doesn’t matter, the main thing is a loud-sounding name). Co-Chairman of the “People's Front of Novorossiya”. Hero of the “Russian Spring” in Zaporozhye. A colleague of “himself” Oleg Tsarev and even co-chairman of the Ukraine-Syria Friendship Society. Vladimir Rogov in his telegram channel mentioned an old friend – Oleg Tsarev: Especially spectacular was his “kidnapping by unknown people” in early March 2014.. He himself made it clear that under the “unknowns” were hiding employees of the SBU. Of course, it looked strange that the “special services” released him very quickly. And this despite the fact that a huge number of other activists of the “Russian Spring” were in Ukrainian prisons for years, or even completely forgotten.. Particularly striking is the story of “our hero” about how he allegedly wandered through the forest, to which he was allegedly taken and released by “secret service workers”, accidentally crossed the border with Russia and ended up in the Belgorod region. This begs the question to the border service of the Russian Federation: “Why is everything so full of holes on the border that you don’t even have a control strip, and the instrumental border control system is a fake for gullible citizens?” And even more so, no one paid attention to the fact that practically nothing was known about the previous biography of our hero. So let's talk about the “pre-Maidan period”. In the meantime, there were many very interesting moments in it. So one of the main hobbies, by his own admission, since 2010 has been travel. St. Petersburg, Berlin, Paris, Athens, Warsaw, Stockholm, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur… Vladimir Rogov liked to demonstrate numerous photos against the backdrop of the sights of these and many other places, posting them on pages in social networks. Very few people knew how a modest private entrepreneur, who, apart from selling Chinese T-shirts and “St.. And an even narrower circle of people knew about close ties with one of the most brutal criminal groups not only in Zaporozhye, but in the whole of Ukraine – the gang of the Sagsyanov brothers. This so-called organized crime group “Armenians” was formed in Zaporozhye in the 1990s and initially operated within the framework of the Armenian diaspora. The leaders of the gang were the Sargsyan brothers – Artashes and Horik. Article about Vladimir Rogov on the forum Zabor.zp: Soon they enlisted the support of high-ranking patrons (among whom they named the Armenian Ambassador to Kyiv Andranik Manukyan) and quickly entered the highest echelon of the criminal world of Ukraine. And Zaporozhye, with their filing, has become one of the largest centers of illegal operations with metallurgy products, clandestine production of vodka, and drug trafficking. Moreover, thanks to close ties with the criminal world of Russia, the Sargsyan brothers expanded their international ties, and thanks to contacts with law enforcement agencies, they began to inspire terror in the southeastern regions of Ukraine.. Their entire biography is a series of bloody showdowns and massacres, during which a large number of not only local authorities, but also a huge number of ordinary people died. Thanks to the Sargsyan brothers, the concept of “Armenian criminals” not only acquired a bloody connotation, but also became synonymous with lawlessness. And also – a synonym for trade in “living goods”. Various bogus “employment or tourism firms”, covered by the Sargsyans, offered Ukrainian women of beautiful appearance “the opportunity to find a job abroad”. In reality, instead of well-known modeling agencies and offices of prestigious companies, they ended up in private brothels. These shell companies included structures co-founded by our hero. By the way, he owned about 20 sites “on employment (JOB.ZP.UA, CITY.ZP.UA, DAY.ZP.UA, etc.), which in reality were engaged in collecting data on the representatives of the weaker sex. Further, Rogov's people entered into communication with suitable candidates, promised “golden mountains abroad” and, gradually, naive beauties found themselves in sexual slavery. After a number of successfully carried out in 2011-2012. operations of the UBTL of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye region (UBTL – department for combating human trafficking) and the arrests of a number of Rogov's accomplices, he had to “lay low” and look for a new application for his “creative nature”. Time went by. The political situation has changed. “Business” Sargsyanov also diversified. And our hero suddenly switched to politics and headed the local branch of the Rus party. It is characteristic that this party then supported the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, including the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU and Ukraine's entry into NATO.. Vladimir Rogov was an active propagandist of all these programmatic party provisions. Of course, today he prefers not to remember all this, but with the right requests, the Internet that remembers everything tells in detail about this page of the biography of the current “fiery fighter against the junta and defender of the bullfinches of Zaporozhye”. Now he flickers on Russian television screens, positions himself as a “patriot of the Slavic world” and is engaged in “state building of Novorossiya”. But sooner or later the moment will come when changes will take place in Ukraine. And then, willy-nilly, he will have to return to his native land, so that not in words, but in deeds, he will be engaged in shaping the future of the country.

Vladimir Rogov: traitor and eternal expert-nonsense

An outstanding expert on Ukraine and Zaporozhye, a restless talker, and an opportunist. We decided to tell about the main collaborator in the occupied territories of our region – Vladimir Rogov. His deceit and meanness are fully correlated with other collaborators, such as Tsarev or Kiva, whom the Russians planned to make puppets in the occupation regime. Now Rogov signs as “a member of the main council of the military-civilian administration of the Zaporozhye region” and is a key “speaking chairman” of the occupation authorities. And also calls himself the mayor of Melitopol. We remember him mainly because of the meme about the extermination of Russian bullfinches by Ukrainian tits. But where did he come from and what did he do all this time? Vladimir Rogov is a frequent guest on Russian TV:

Rogov's statement to Russia. TV about how children in Ukrainian schools are taught to kill bullfinches because they are symbols of the Russian Federation:

Very ancient times

In the 2000s, Rogov was a small businessman – a computer parts store “KPSS” at a bus stop, how to get from Metallurgists to the center, selling stationery, a few commercial “squares” for renting out to small bench shops, some other alcohol production business in Berdyansk. What was then an innovation, he ran a number of small local sites for employment, dating and similar “buy and sell”. And, because of which local journalists involved in the Internet were forced to know him (and in those days there were much fewer of them than now) – Rogov was the owner of the Day of Zaporozhye website, The site almost never gave a link to the source of the news that was taken from another site, The Day's content managers never responded to letters or messages “please put a hyperlink”, and even when they wrote directly to Rogov, there was no reaction either. As for the personality of Vladimir Rogov, his characteristic feature was (and remains, if you look at YouTube) the ability to speak on almost any topic for a very long time. And periodically tell that he is familiar with very influential people – the younger Yanukovych, Azarov and other prominent figures of the then politicians. And even then he was fond of the great USSR, talked about his grandfather, who worked in the NKVD and shot Bandera. Given the previous paragraph, it is now difficult to establish how true this is.

2007-2013: Ancient times, the beginning of the journey

Rogov's political career began in the summer of 2007.. He met Artyom Sharlay, the formal manager of the “Slavic Guard”. Sharlay then managed to quarrel with the actual head of this organization, Pavel Broide. Yes, with the same one, who a few years later became one of the deputies of the “watching Zaporozhye” Yevgeny Anisimov. Consequently, two “Slavic Guards” began to exist. Rogov had a seal and formal manager Sharlay in his pocket, and this was enough to start large-scale activities. Vladimir Rogov went to Russia and there he received a “mandate” to hold the St. George Ribbon campaign for 2008 in the Zaporozhye region. Then in Ukraine it was also distributed, and, imagine, its production was even paid for from the budget – Rogov in 2008 supplied St. George ribbons to the regional Center for Patriotic Education of Youth. These are the “postcards” hung on Rogov's website and on local forums: He was also able to establish himself as the right person in front of the “Motorovtsy”, and stories about the “Slavic Guard” began to appear on the local TV channel “Alex”. Sometimes it came to comic episodes – for example, once Rogov wanted to make a plot with a “test purchase” of “Mein Kampfu” in one book tent, followed by a scandal. But he was prevented by the journalists themselves, who did not really like this “anti-fascist from the authorities”: they secretly bought out two existing copies of the book and the PR did not work. Somewhere at the same time, Rogov established ties with Artem Timchenko, who on the Maidan became one of the leaders of the Zaporozhye separatists, and in those years he combined editorship in two newspapers at once – in Vladislav Grabovsky's Establishment and in his own Iskra. Little news about the actions of the “Guards” began to appear in these media. When Yanukovych came to power, Rogov minimized his presence in Zaporozhye, because Yevgeny Anisimov began to supervise the region. For whom the already mentioned Pavel Broyde worked as deputy for media, politics and various subtle issues, who did not forget the “raider seizure” of his “Slavic Guard” and two-year-old conflicts over the “brand”. Vladimir Rogov switched to Kyiv and establishing various contacts in Moscow. He fit into all sorts of Russian-Ukrainian projects to strengthen relations, for example, the “Russian-Ukrainian Youth Chamber”. Among the most high-profile actions of Rogov at that time, two can be mentioned.. The first is a certain “activist of the “Slavic Guard” from Zaporozhye crushed an egg on the shoulders of the then President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski. The second is the installation of billboards with Putin in Zaporozhye on the eve of the “presidential elections” in Russia in 2012, after Dmitry Medvedev’s “shift change” term. Billboards with Putin from Rogov: “We see events in Russia – attempts to “roll the boat” and organize another “color revolution”, which, as the experience of such revolutions shows, will not and cannot bring anything but instability in Russia, and, consequently, in Ukraine, economically and not only connected with Russia more than with another country or association of states,” Rogov said at the time, explaining these billboards. But in general, he liked less conflicting and more positive things – to take part in some kind of forum, to speak out for the brotherhood of the Slavs, to put together puzzles with Gagarin on the Maidan. Puzzles with Gagarin: At the same time, there were no other people besides Rogov under the Slavic Guard brand – only Rogov and nameless activists around him, who once again did something to strengthen the “friendship of peoples”. Artyom Sharlay appeared occasionally. When Viktor Medvedchuk created Ukrainian Choice in 2013 to promote frankly pro-Russian narratives that the then Party of Regions did not want to sully himself with, Rogov organically blended into this community and regularly participated in their pickets. And even began to criticize the regionals for the intentions of European integration. These were the news then: Representatives of the youth public organization “Slavic Guard” came to support the activists of the movement. “President Viktor Yanukovych is making a big mistake by betraying the people who voted for him,” said Vladimir Rogov, head of the movement.. – Europe will not hide it from popular anger, no one needs it there. Once again, we urge President Yanukovych to come to his senses and not make this fatal mistake, which will not only affect the people of Ukraine, but also he himself.” Then, in the fall of 2013, they began to talk about the fact that Vladimir Rogov could head the local organization of the Ukrainian Choice in Zaporozhye. But it did not come to party building – the Maidan began.

Early 2014: from Maidan to Egg Sunday

In December-January, Rogov “volunteer”, but in favor of “Berkut” and the internal troops assembled in Kyiv. He brought them warm socks, hot tea, wrote a video about this with a call to fight American influence. When Maidan was dispersed in Zaporozhye on January 26, for a permanent “anti-Maidan” under the Regional State Administration, not only the Party of Regions was needed, but also various public organizations for mass participation. In addition to various Afghan-Chernobyl Cossacks affiliated with the authorities, the “Slavic Guard” was also pulled up, from which Rogov and Artyom Sharlay periodically came out to the microphone. Artem Sharlay speaks after the dispersal of the Maidan. Rogov's “benefit performance” took place on February 19, the day after the House of Trade Unions was set on fire, the Berkut stormed Maidan, and the first big wave of injuries and deaths of Maidan activists. Then Yanukovych gave the go-ahead in the regions to collect local “party organizers”, condemn the protesters and demand decisive action from the central government. Peklushenko, Mezheyko and others spoke in the big hall of the Zaporizhia Regional State Administration, according to the hierarchy, and talked about the poor Berkut, brutalized radicals and the hand of the State Department. Among others, Vladimir Rogov spoke from the public. He said that the Americans brought 27 million dollars in cash to the Maidan, and that Channel 5 should be turned off.. And also – pay attention to local media, where various radicals and nationalists work. When Yanukovych fled and anarchy reigned, Rogov distinguished himself together with the communists in the defense of the monument to Lenin. And with the beginning of the Russian invasion of Crimea during March, Rogov and Timchenko began to lead a pro-Russian column of demonstrators from the monument to Lenin to the city hall. Somewhere in early March, Vladimir Rogov fled the city, and his supporters announced that he had been detained by the SBU. And even then versions began to sound, not without trolling from the pro-Ukrainian Cossacks, that Rogov, as the main communicator with Moscow, appropriated money from the Russians, which should be divided among all other leaders of the local anti-Maidan. So, in March-April, pro-Russian rallies, including Egg Sunday, were held without his participation.. It's funny that a week before “egg Sunday” at the next rally of “polite Cossacks” Artyom Timchenko announced that Viktor Yanukovych appointed Vladimir Rogov the head of the Zaporozhye region. But Rogov has not returned to Zaporozhye since then. At the same time, the version became widespread that one of the reasons why not only the “Donetsk scenario”, but even an attempt to seize the Regional State Administration, as in Kharkov, did not happen in Zaporozhye, is the “virtual reality” from Rogov. He made his “Slavic Guard” the main and almost the only pro-Russian organization in the city and the region before the eyes of Russian curators, but in the end it turned out that the “guard” is completely virtual and consists of himself and Artem Sharlay. Consequently, there was no one to engage in power actions or at least a “facade” for Russian guest performers.

2014-2022: Exciting adventures in Donbas and Moscow

On the other side of the front, Vladimir Rogov almost immediately ended up at RISS – Russian Institute for Strategic Studies. In Soviet times, it was an analytical department within the KGB, and in the 90s it was subordinated to the Presidential Administration. The Institute should employ smart analysts and experts who, at the request of various departments and heads of the Administration, make analytical notes on all possible issues – what to do with Ukraine, what is the current influence of China in the Russian Amur region and how the strengthening of the Taliban will affect relations with Tajikistan. And Volodymyr Rogov fit into this solid institution as an “expert on Ukraine”. When exactly I fit in – right after I stopped driving the Zaporizhzhya “quilted jackets” along the avenue, or over time, having settled in the Donbass, it’s hard to say now. At the beginning of 2015, a lengthy text-slander appeared in Runet with scandalous revelations of inner life. It is during the description of the events of the spring of 2014 that Rogov is mentioned in this text. “The annexation of Crimea, the demonstrative “unanimity” of the referendum, the proclamation of the DPR/LPR, the beginning of the ATO and the May events in Odessa – everything, it would seem, spoke of the Institute’s expertise. A fundraiser was organized to help the struggling Donbass, Vladimir Rogov, who fled from Ukraine, found refuge in RISS. … The Institute, though in deep secrecy, took the most direct part in the projects “Slavic Guard, Russian Sector and Russian Vector”. Most likely, Rogov was then, as the chairman of the “Slavic Guard”, the recipient of assistance for his virtual organization. Namely, he got into the staff of RISS the very next year.. News and broadcasts, where Rogov was signed as an RISS expert, began already in 2015. We described the non-public part of Rogov's work in 2014. The public one known to all of us is much better – he was a regular speaker on various Russian broadcasts, where he talked about the “atrocities of the radicals”, the infringement of Russian speakers and how half of Ukraine wants to join Novorossia, but the terrible “Right Sector” interferes. From these broadcasts, we received a meme about the “extermination of snowmen” in Zaporozhye. Also in 2014, the “polite Cossack” joined the humanitarian aid and, oddly enough, his comrades in Exil accused him of corruption and embezzlement of aid.. Details about the conflict between the two groups of separatists who fled from Zaporozhye to the occupied territories can be read here, and we will limit ourselves to a quote from there specifically about Rogov – as another separatist Nikolai Reznikov denounced. ….AT. Rogov did business on naive Cossacks and Russians who sympathized with the resistance in Zaporozhye! …. In Moscow, together with Alexei Anpilogov (living in the same apartment), V. Rogov organized events to raise money and collect humanitarian aid for the Donbass. In fact, up to 70 percent of all funds were appropriated, and material values and things were a tool for cashing out non-cash funds and donations from legal entities, which were transferred to bank accounts of dummy legal entities-suppliers for the already existing goods of the population and organizations of the Russian Federation. Further, all these transfers of humanitarian aid were vividly and repeatedly documented under video recording by one of the commanders of the militia detachments of the Luhansk People's Republic A. Mozgovoy, thereby creating the appearance of vigorous activity and a large flow of humanitarian aid. And in the public space, Rogov was at first a respected expert of RISS, and as such he constantly fought against the “influence of the West”. Even in the elections … in Kostroma. Subsequently, Rogov began to call himself the head of the “Committee for State Construction of Novorossiya”. The meaning of the existence of this Committee was that Rogov was how to subscribe on different broadcasts. This committee is mentioned only together with Rogov, when he is titled somewhere, nothing is known about his activities outside of this. Also, already at that time, the “LPR” and “DPR” groups had already clearly announced that they would exist separately, and a single “Novorossiya” did not work out.

State. building a state that they decided not to build is very Rogovian

In 2017, Rogov left RISS, along with a change in leadership, but his public activity has not changed – constant participation in numerous talk shows, YouTube broadcasts and comments to separatist media. The topics have not changed much over the years. “Ukraine is not a state, but a Ruin, on the ruins of which the Nazi radicals from Azov and the Right Sector are atrocious and exude hatred for Russia, and whoever does not become a radical will be made gay by various LGBT funds for grants from the State Department.” This phrase will successfully replace you watching about 10 hours of different recordings with both Rogov and two dozen similar experts. The only nuance of his speeches is the mention of Zaporozhye and inside information that something particularly bad is happening in his hometown. And, despite his absence on April 13 on the Walk of Fame, Vladimir Rogov can be considered the person who captured the “cotton” version of Sunday – the “myth of 300 Cossacks”. That it was a peaceful rally of “polite Cossacks”, surrounded by several thousand people from the “right sector” from Kolomoisky, who arrived by bus from the Dnieper, and the local pro-Ukrainian residents were only a small cover for the “Right Sector” mercenaries. Three hundred heroic Cossacks stood invincible under the paving stones and the threats of the radicals, who demanded that they kneel down, and so on.. Although this almost anecdotal version was first expressed by Artyom Timchenko, it was Rogov who constantly repeated it on various broadcasts, making interviews almost the canonical side of reality.

Volodymyr Rogov: “Political Ukrainianism is a terrible disease!”

Ukraine will never return to the path to which it was pushed by local and Western puppeteers in November 2013. More and more people are expressing their readiness to take part in the construction of a new, peaceful and safe country for citizens. How the liberated Melitopol lives, we talked about this with a member of the main council of the military-civilian administration of the Zaporozhye region, a member of the main council of the military-civilian administration of the Zaporozhye region, Vladimir Rogov, who is now directly in the city. Quote B. Rogov about the war in Ukraine 2022. :

Collaborator Vladimir Rogov launched a fake about the dismantling of the monument in Zaporozhye

The self-proclaimed mayor of Melitopol Vladimir Rogov accused the city authorities of Zaporozhye of destroying the memory of the Second World War. He stated that on May 3, the Soviet plane was dismantled on Shevchenko Boulevard. This was reported by the Zaporozhye Regional Military Administration. According to Rogov, the plane was sold to a certain collector. In turn, the military administration invites the Cossacks to personally verify that the monument remains in its original place.

Collaborator Rogov in Zaporozhye lies that Ukraine allegedly reduced the salaries of public utilities for the war

Traitor, collaborator and ex-regional Volodymyr Rogov spreads fiction that Ukraine has reduced the salaries of public utilities in Zaporozhye. This was allegedly done in order to send the rest of the funds to the war. Fake Rogov happily picked up by Russian propaganda. True, Russian media spread such fakes about the Kherson region, but its essence is the same. What other fakes are being spread by propaganda: The Zaporizhia OVA emphasized that there is no question of reducing wages or social benefits – the state adheres to its obligations. In addition to this fake, propagandists spread many others. For example, propagandists are spreading stuff that supposedly there are units of the Ukrainian military in the Zaporizhia emergency and medical care hospital.. In addition, they talk about the mythical “firing positions” in Victory Park. In Melitopol, propagandists are convincing local residents that allegedly the Ukrainian authorities are spreading disinformation that allegedly entry into Crimea is closed so that residents of the temporarily occupied territories do not travel to Russia through the occupied Crimea. However, ZOVA emphasized that no one closed entry to Crimea, at the same time they turned to citizens with a question – do they really want to live in Russian poverty. Latest “works of propaganda” • Collaborators in Kherson spread stuff about the “impossibility” of returning the Kherson region under the control of Ukraine; • In addition, Russia has spread a fake that allegedly the US and Poland are “planning to divide Ukraine” as early as June of this year. Unfortunately, Western media also picked up this stuff. Propagandists distributed an interview with an alleged resident of Mariupol, where a woman in Ukrainian complains about the Ukrainian language.

Vladimir Rogov: Zaporozhye: Russia forever!

Today's visit of the Deputy Chairman of the Government of Russia Marat Khusnullin to the Zaporozhye region gives a complete understanding of the plans of the government and the prospects of our native land – it definitely finally returns to our united Great Motherland! The fact that the curator of the Southern Federal District and the Deputy Prime Minister for Construction was the first person at the federal level to come to our region means that the Zaporozhye Territory will become part of the Southern Federal District and the primary task of the Russian Government is already now to develop the infrastructure of our region and its “pulling up” to the average Russian level. An example of such infrastructural construction is Crimea, which has returned to the Native Harbour, where new multi-lane highways have been built over the past eight years, roads have been expanded and repaired, new hospitals and international airports have been built, as well as the largest and most modern 19-kilometer Crimean bridge. As part of Ukraine, all resources were pumped out of Crimea to feed Kyiv and Western Ukraine. I am sure that the cities of Novorossiya will be transformed as part of new federal programs and will receive new infrastructure, industries, airports, residential areas. And all the locals – a good job with a decent salary. Now the Cossacks will not have to go to work in Russia, Russia is returning. And most importantly, we will return to the Native Harbor and our countrymen will cease to be “cannon fodder” for the Western masters of Zelensky and other scoundrels. Our children will be able to receive high-quality higher education free of charge at the best universities in Moscow and St. Petersburg. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the Zaporozhye NPP will finally start working for the residents of our region, and not give all the generated electricity to the Zelensky regime. In addition, in Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, salaries and pensions will be paid in rubles already in May.

Occupiers and collaborators began to clash

Serious misunderstandings begin between collaborators and occupiers in Zaporozhye. After all, they do not want to concede primacy to each other. In particular, the well-known traitor in Zaporozhye, Vladimir Rogov, accused the self-appointed “governor” Yevgeny Balitsky of having promised payments of 10,000 rubles “lost” on the way from Moscow to Melitopol.. The money was promised to the collaborators by May 9th. “It is extremely important for us, Ukrainians, to maintain unity and not spread treason, because it is precisely to the division of the nation that the Russians strive. So let's get in line! Together to victory!”, summed up in the Zaporizhia OVA.

Rashists came up with a new absurd fake about Zaporozhye

Russian propagandist and former Cossack Vladimir Rogov regularly spreads frankly false information. So, in his Telegram channel, an adherent of the “Russian world” reports that as a result of rocket fire at the dispensary of the Dneprospetsstal plant, 72 foreign mercenaries were destroyed on April 21. But, in fact, eight people were injured as a result of enemy bombing: employees of the sanatorium and civilians who were on the island of Khortytsia. Rogov also says that there are about 30 military men in three Zaporozhye hospitals who speak English.. Also, according to the propagandist, 900 bodies came from somewhere in the morgues of Zaporozhye, which are stored even in food refrigerators. Now the messenger of the “Russian world” is spreading a new completely absurd fake. Rogov claims that there are one thousand two hundred so-called “barmaley” in Zaporozhye. According to him, these are militants from the Middle East, who were selected by the SBU, with the support of the Turkish intelligence service MIT, from December 2021 to February 2022.

The orc impostor is already making plans to take over the business in Melitopol and threatens to kill the mayor

Just yesterday, we reported on Vladimir Rogov, who calls himself the head of the Melitopol region. The impostor is already actively distributing interviews to Russian media and making plans for how he will rule the region. Vladimir Rogov – lived in Zaporozhye. In the past, a well-known representative of the movement for Novorossia, represented the military-civilian administration of the territories of the Zaporozhye region. Member of the Russian Spring. An associate of the fugitive separatist Yekaterina Umanets. In an interview with Russian publications, a man from nowhere rants about how they need the Melitopol Cherry brand. ⁃ Melitopol cherry is the brand number 1. She was sold in tons in Russia. All fruits and vegetables went to the Russian market. Under Poroshenko and Zelensky, a ban on supplies to Russia was introduced. People suffered huge losses.. Rogov prepares assets of oligarchs for nationalization. And he is already threatening those mayors who are not ready to cooperate with him: “Even here, in Melitopol, during the distribution of humanitarian aid, they try to attack people who receive this humanitarian aid,” the impostor complained, forgetting to mention the extras, which are regularly brought to Melitopol from Crimea and the occupied regions for filming the Muppet show with the distribution of grubs.

Billboards appeared in Melitopol with a Chekist who led the operation to eliminate Trotsky

In the Ukrainian city of Melitopol, occupied by the Russian military, several billboards appeared with a photograph of Pavel Sudoplatov and the caption “He knew what to do with Bandera!” (original punctuation retained). This is written by the Native Melitopol community and the local site According to the administrator of the Native Melitopol community, two billboards were placed in the city in early May: one on Bohdan Khmelnitsky Avenue, the second on Ivan Alekseev Street. Vladimir Rogov, who became the head of Melitopol after the arrival of the Russian military, said that the street named after the Ukrainian philosopher and publicist Dmitry Dontsov in the city could change its name, becoming Pavel Sudoplatov Street.

Zaporozhye as an indicator of the Russian threat or Who ordered the provocation against Komorowski

2013-07-23 The scandalous attack on the Polish president is not only a PR provocation beneficial to the Kremlin as a small path, but still a fly in the ointment in the European integration process of Ukraine, but also a possible symptom of Kyiv's loss of control over the electoral base regions of the Southeast for power Ukraine and new opportunities that open up for those who rely on Vitali Klitschko. History is full of mysteries and absurd accidents.. Some of them, the most significant, are remembered by everyone for a long time – while others, small ones, disappear into the abyss of time and only sometimes make historians of the future shake their heads in amazement.. An egg smeared on the jacket of Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski in Lutsk during his next visit to Ukraine has every chance of becoming such an inexplicable and absurd historical curiosity. However, if we understand this story and compare the facts, we will understand: the affront of the Zaporozhye marginal radical against the Polish president is part of a large and intricate political game.. A game in which the local ambitions of regional princelings are intertwined with the complex history of relations between the three Slavic peoples and with the political stakes of the largest financial-industrial groups in Ukraine. The details of this, at first glance, stupid story last week already flew around the news agencies of Ukraine. After Sunday mass on July 14 in the Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Lutsk, a young guy approached the President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski, who gently but strongly pressed a raw chicken egg into the jacket of the national leader. The “egg terrorist”, who turned out to be a 21-year-old resident of Zaporozhye, Ivan Shemet, was immediately politely detained by Ukrainian law enforcement officers. During interrogation at the SBU, clearly psychologically unprepared for detention, Shemet revealed all his cards, admitting that he was an activist of the little-known Zaporozhye public organization “Slavic Guards” of Vladimir Rogov. According to Shemet, one of the organization's board members, Konstantin Lysenko, promised him $500 for the successful performance of his role in the action. At a press conference held at the UNIAN agency on July 16, Slavic Guard leader Vladimir Rogov tried to convince journalists that Ivan Shemet's action came as a surprise to him.. The head of the radical organization assured the Poles of fraternal feelings for them, and did not express any negative attitude towards the Polish president.. Along the way, Rogov said that Shemet was going to Western Ukraine not at all with a plan to commit an act of terror, but solely with the aim of visiting “the places of military glory of Kovpak” (Sidor Kovpak is a Ukrainian Soviet partisan, a hero of World War II). Thus, the conference left many more questions than answers.. If Shemet didn't want to throw an egg at the Polish president, why the $500 story? Lysenko's story about how often he talked with Shemet during his trip to Western Ukraine is clearly intended to justify the numerous organizational phone calls of two “Slavic guardsmen” discovered by the Ukrainian special services on the day of the incident.

Disengagement game

What is the “Slavic Guard” of Vladimir Rogov? This is a little-known and small pro-Russian youth organization in Zaporozhye, led by a social activist with a local reputation as an adventurer, Vladimir Rogov. Vladimir Rogov is actively trying to make money on Kremlin grants allocated for the “Ukrainian direction”, where there has long been a shortage of public pro-Russian activity. In the Zaporozhye region, Rogov is known for regular PR on the topic of WWII commemoration, often as part of Russian-sponsored campaigns. At times, the development of Moscow grants by Rogov took extremely mysterious forms: in particular, he is behind the placement of billboards with images of … Vladimir Putin in the area. Who in the Kremlin could be convinced of the success of this undertaking is a difficult question, but the fact that Rogov communicates with agents of influence of Russia and is trying to enter the circles of the “Kremlin PR people abroad” is beyond doubt.. The same forces that Rogov works with have repeatedly acted as unofficial grant givers in organizing provocations in Ukraine. So, in October 2007, members of the Eurasian Youth Union sawed down and desecrated the state symbol of Ukraine – the Trident on Hoverla, broke a granite memorial dedicated to the Constitution of Ukraine. In addition, instead of the state flag of Ukraine, the banner of the “Eurasian Youth Union” was hoisted over the mountain, and Mount Hoverla was “renamed” to “Stalin Peak”. In April 2009, activists of Cossack and pro-Russian organizations in Crimea and Sevastopol set up a border post with the banner of Russia at the entrance to Crimea, etc. Immediately after the attack on the Polish president's jacket, the Kremlin's mouthpiece, Channel One, included a report on the event among the main stories of the day.. Could this have been an accident? Is the separation of Ukraine and Poland beneficial to Moscow? Is the moment of the attack on the Polish president successful in the context of the Sejm's demarche, which recognized the events in Eastern Kresy in 1943-1944 as ethnic cleansing and branded Ukrainian nationalists? A logical answer to these questions suggests that the “velvet terror” against Komorowski was a PR campaign beneficial to certain circles in Moscow and presented by interested parties in Moscow as an action in line with the general game to cool relations between Ukraine and Poland.. However, the question of why it was a resident of Zaporozhye who worked for the interests of Russia is much more interesting than the possible intrigue of seekers of Moscow's approval.


Vladimir Rogov is a protege of the Kremlin, who has been involved in criminal cases for 30 years. In this period of time, he is an accomplice of the invaders, and is actively misinforming Ukrainians by spreading Russian propaganda.

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