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Pop Tatiana Ivanovna


Tatyana Pop is a native of Transcarpathia, a separatist, a fan of Putin. She was a participant in the show\"The Bachelor\" and\"Dom-2\", because of which she gained the reputation of\"a girl of easy virtue\". Owns the editorial office\"Echo of Kyiv \", has close relations with many Russian and pro-Russian politicians. Actively distributes Russian propaganda.

Ukraine, possibly Russia
Уровень охвата:

Tatyana Ivanovna Pop

Official biography

Born July 25, 1983, Khust, Ukrainian SSR – public figure, journalist, blogger. In 2015, she was listed on the Peacemaker website as “an accomplice of the Russian occupiers and an anti-Ukrainian propagandist.”


Higher degree, specialty – director Tatyana considers dom2online.by Kyiv to be her second hometown, it was here that Pop graduated from the institute, received a diploma in the specialty of a director and took her first steps in the field of show business. For some time, an attractive girl worked as a model and at the same time tried herself as an actress.. Later, Tatyana mastered the skills of a DJ and for several years “spun records” in the nightclubs of the Ukrainian capital. Tatyana Pop never reached great heights in the acting field. The young lady became recognizable after the airing of the once popular show “Mom in Law” (2011). On this project, the then blonde Tanya successfully played the role of an insidious intriguer and a rather liberated girl. In early 2012, Pop moved from Kyiv to Moscow. For two years of living in the Russian capital, Tatiana several times starred in episodic roles in TV series. Wealthy cavaliers helped Pop somehow to stay afloat.

Not official biography

A few years ago, a “star” of a native of the Transcarpathian Khust, Tatyana Pop, rose in Russia.. A person who started as a participant in the TV show “The Bachelor” and “Dom-2”, subsequently “making” a rapid political career, began to “broadcast” in the propaganda media of the aggressor country as a “defender of the interests” of the Kremlin version of political Rusynism. The titles of those publications are more than eloquent – “We want to put an end to the ethnocide of Rusyns in Ukraine” and the like. No less famous is T. Pop and active support of the pro-Russian separatists of Donbass. For which, accordingly, she was included in the database of the “Peacemaker” website as a “provocateur. Separatist, accomplice of Russian occupiers”. And on May 9, 2015, that is, at the height of the Russian-Ukrainian war in the Donbass, this “prostitute from Transcarpathia sold herself to Putin for 30 pieces of silver” and entered the “Victory Parade” in Russia in a T-shirt “for Putin.” Tatyana on the site “Peacemaker”: And quite recently, this face “lit up” in the odious group of “Kremlin Rusyns”, who, according to them, discussed with the pro-Russian president of the Czech Republic “greater autonomy” of Ukrainian Transcarpathia. According to the results of that meeting, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry even summoned the Czech ambassador. Everything would be fine if only this “Rusinka” of Putin was sitting in Russia, keeping company with the “Prime Minister of Carpathian Rus” Petr Getsk, who was sentenced in Ukraine to 12 years in prison for separatism. But recently it has moved its activities to the territory of Ukraine. Therefore, the attention of readers of Transcarpathia online is offered material from the site “Media Detector”, which was released literally just now, on February 26. And partly shedding light on the latest “movements” of this odious face in Ukraine.

Who is Tatyana Pop?

In 2011, when the first season of The Bachelor with Maxim Chmerkovsky was released on STB, Tatyana Pop said that she came to the project in search of her soul mate. She did not last long in the project, and in the post-show “The Bachelor” she told Anfisa Chekhova that she had a business in Ukraine (without specifying what exactly she was doing), and before that she worked on regional television in her hometown of Khust. Later, Pop appeared on Alexei Durnev's show, where she showed off her forms, and then became a member of Russian TV shows – “Mom in Law” and “Dom-2”. It follows from social networks that at least from July 5, 2013, Tatyana was constantly in Moscow, where she took vocal and piano lessons, and then from November to December 32, she starred in the Dom-2 project. Tatyana at first hid her true age on the Dom-2 project: In an interview with Detector Media, she clarified that she finally moved to Moscow in February 2015.. At least once in an interview, she claimed that she was forced to leave Ukraine for Russia because of the threats that she received because of her attitude towards the Maidan.. “I was a media person, I didn’t support the Maidan, I didn’t support this government, I didn’t support the coup d’etat and I started writing my posts against the government when I was still living in Kyiv. But when you start speaking out against the authorities, they immediately begin to call you a separatist – and I considered it necessary for myself to move to Russia in order to engage in information enlightenment of my people, ”Pop said in an interview with the Anna News channel. Tatyana Pop in a T-shirt with Putin: Tatyana really had a position, and quite unequivocal: in posts on the Vkontakte network, Pop called Maidan supporters Svidomo, Ukrainians; power by the “junta”, and for those who supported this power – “30% of morons”; praised Stalin, insisted that “Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians are one people,” and “gays are sick people” who “should be punished.” Tatyana's statements about gays: She also wrote that Transcarpathia “will secede so as not to tolerate fascists in power”. At the same time, the first, rather neutral, statements about the Maidan and what is happening in Ukraine in Pop on the VKontakte network appear only in January 2014; before that, she posted photos from trips to Monaco, never wrote about politics or history. And only in March – May 2014, when Tatyana was already living in Moscow, she began to speak a lot and sharply about the events in Ukraine. Now only her posts on VKontakte are available, although she also mentions her Facebook posts of that period in them – for example, the entry “Guys, add me on Facebook, I’m there more often !!!” June 16, 2014. However, in a conversation with DM, Pop said that she did not have a Facebook account until 2016. “I started a page in 2016 and indicated that this is my only page, because someone started a page on my behalf and wrote all kinds of nonsense. I wrote: “Here is my official page, guys, and who wrote some fakes on my behalf, it’s definitely not me,” says Tatyana. As soon as Tatyana started writing about politics, she was invited to various events held in Russia, and already to completely different television shows.. For example, she was a participant in a “press conference at the Russian Union of Journalists about events in Ukraine.” Tatyana Pop with Vitaly Zakharchenko: In 2016, she attended a press conference of the former Minister of Internal Affairs Vitaly Zakharchenko at the Rossiya Segodnya MIA. And already in 2017, in the “Actually” program in August 2017, she said that changes in Viktor Yushchenko’s appearance were the result of unsuccessful Botox injections.. And his wife, Yekaterina Yushchenko, is “the bearer of the Nazi ideology, and her main job is to professionally introduce and legalize new Ukrainian nationalist movements,” as well as Russophobia.). She was introduced as a public figure and journalist. Tatyana Pop is photographed a lot with Russian politicians and media people – for example, with Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Vladimir Solovyov; recalls Viktor Yanukovych Jr. as a “good, bright man”, whom she knew personally; Nikolai Starikov – leader of the right-wing Great Fatherland party, conspiracy theorist, one of the founders of the Anti-Maidan movement in Russia (besides him, the biker Alexander Surgeon Zalodostanov from the Night Wolves is also a member of the same movement). Pop calls this man his “dear friend”. In the already mentioned interview with Anna-News, Pop says that as an activist she “has many friends, including in the administration of the President of Russia.” At the same time, in a conversation with Detector Media, he claims that he does not remember such a phrase: – You never know what happened five years ago? Within six months, a person grows, changes, changes his mind. I don't remember all those stupid interviews. – But do you have friends in the presidential administration of Russia? I don't have any friends, and I can't have. I don't work there and have nothing to do with it.. In 2015, we were all activists, we experienced a personal tragedy, it was so hard, especially for a person who had nothing to do with politics at that time. I watched it all on TV, I was very worried. Posted on Facebook. In the Ukrainian media, until a certain point, Pop was known only as a participant in a TV show, but she suddenly became famous after her trip in 2018 to Czech President Zeman, whom she claims to have met twice – during Zeman's last election campaign and after his election.. Pop to the Czech president caused a lot of critical publications in the Ukrainian media – because in an interview with Ukraine.ru (it is a state Russian resource, which is part of the MIA Rossiya Segodnya, financed from the state budget of the Russian Federation. that she and a number of other people are “negotiating” with representatives of the Czech Republic, Austria and the United States about “support for the Carpathian Rusyns”, and stated that “it was in Czechoslovakia that the Rusyns lived best”. The interview was taken by Alexander Chalenko – and he also took another interview with her in 2019 on the same topic. After this trip, Pop suddenly became the main speaker “on the Rusyn issue” in the Russian media and stated in them that there was “ethnocide of Rusyns” in Ukraine, and also said that she headed the Council of the Coordinating Center of Ruthenian Organizations, registered in Austria. At the same time, there is no mention of Tatyana Pop on the website of this very center.. The site itself was created in July 2019, registered by the Russian domain name registrar REG.RU LLC, and at the time of publication of the article, the site's IP address belongs to a Russian hosting provider in Moscow. In a conversation with Detector Media, Pop claims that she gave only one interview to the Ukraina.ru website, the resource published the second interview without her permission – and besides, they do not correspond to reality: “I am not going to give interviews to any Russian media anymore , because they twist everything, they write completely different from what they are told – that’s why I specifically gave an interview to Echo of Kyiv so that no one twisted my words ”. And he adds that he “absolutely does not communicate with Elena Berezovskaya” – while on one of the videos on Instagram, Tatyana Pop, together with Elena Berezovskaya, are driving a car and thanking each other for a pleasant evening. In an interview with Echo of Kyiv, Pop is also named as the head of the RO Coordination Center. After moving to Russia, Pop began not only to actively comment on political events – her business also went uphill.. As she claims in a conversation with Detector Media, she has a house on Rublyovka – she really often uploads photos geotagged Nikolai Gora, Gorki-2, Barvikha – these are all the villages along the Rublyovo-Uspenskoe highway in Russia. In addition, according to her, she has houses in Montenegro and Austria.. At the same time, Pop is not listed as an entrepreneur in any Russian register – she herself says that she has the right to reside in Russia, but she does not have citizenship, nor does she have a business in the Russian Federation. Tatyana Pop – for Putin: Tatyana says that “she has many projects, including media projects”, but in the conversation she did not name any of them, except for “Echo of Kyiv”. She was also “not ready to discuss” the sources of her income, but said that she is a “good salesman” and that before moving to Russia she “officially did not own any business”. In the same conversation, she said that she has “pawnshops, there is a business in the field of construction, including in Europe, there is also a public organization there” and that she “created her own business in Russia herself, without a penny of investment”. After the interview, in a correspondence with a Detector Media journalist, Pop clarified that her “main business is a variety of online commerce ranging from clothing, transport services to food and cosmetics.” The only mention of the entrepreneur Tatyana Pop was found by Detector Media in Ukrainian registers – this is the NGO “Center for Monitoring the Fulfillment of Election Promises “Pravda””.

Tatyana Pop and everyone behind the resource “Echo of Kyiv”

The story of a resident of Rublyovka, who participated in the TV show “The Bachelor” and “Dom-2”, and is now building a “liberal media” in Ukraine. Profile of Tatyana Pop from the show “The Bachelor”: Since at least 2015, the Ukrainian media have regularly reported on the launch of projects called “Echo of Kyiv”. Initially, these messages connected the project with the editorial office of Ekho Moskvy, its leader Alexei Venediktov, and with a former employee of the Russian radio station Lesya Ryabtseva. Both denied any connection with the projects.. Nevertheless, at the moment there is not even one, but four resources with this name at once.. “Media Detector” studied the activities of the resources, and also talked to the person who heads one of them. The site echo.kiev.ua was the first to appear – the first news on it dates back to November 24, 2015. Then, at the beginning of 2018, the websites echokieva1.ru, echo-ru.media and echokieva.com appeared.. All links that were placed on the echo-ru.media website are now redirected to the echokieva.com website. At the same time, the content on all these sites between 2018 and mid-2019 was partially or completely duplicated, which is easy to verify: if you enter the title of any news from one of these resources in the search, the search engine shows the placement of the same news on other sites. The last three have the same logos, site design, and headings – at least until February 2020. On the website echo-ua.media, aka echokieva.com, the first news was dated January 1, 2018 – it was an Orthodox calendar. In the future, the resource was filled with amazing content, mainly a specific video with the channels of the SBU (“Union of Bloggers of Ukraine”), Oleksandr Medinsky, Open Ukraine, dozens of videos by Kotsaba. All this was easy to find on the website “Echo of Kyiv” (domain echokieva.com) until last week. Interestingly, after a conversation between the head of this project and a journalist from Detector Media, the entire archive of materials from January 1, 2018 to mid-2019 was deleted from the site. But the Google cache stores some of the publications, and the site itself has URLs with the corresponding headings.. Here, for example, is the material dated February 1, 2018 on the echo.kiev.ua website entitled “Shocking poll about the LDNR in the suburbs of Kyiv! This is a must see! ”- its author has already been mentioned Alexander Medinsky. Since the end of summer 2019, such content on the echokieva.com website has become rare, but an original product has appeared on it – mainly a video of the former Verkhovna Rada deputy from the Party of Regions Olena Bondarenko, who interviews her former party members and other guests. The Echo of Kyiv YouTube channel was registered in April 2019, the first video appeared on it in August; the bulk of the video, with rare exceptions, is a video interview called “Echo with Elena Bondarenko”. A number of other copyrighted materials on the site are brief comments on various issues with deputies of the current convocation. All materials, except for Bondarenko's materials, are not signed, there is no mention of the editorial staff on the site, there is no editorial address and, apart from a general email, there is no way to contact the staff – even for advertising (after a conversation with a Detector Media journalist, a phone number where the editorial office cannot be contacted). Both on the channel and in the “About Us” section of the website, the same text is duplicated, which states that: – “Echo of Kyiv” is an independent information and analytical publication about Ukraine, which began its work in 2019; – journalists of “Echo of Kyiv” – people with a stable civil and professional position, real masters of their craft; – in its work, “Echo of Kyiv” strictly follows the Constitution and the current laws of Ukraine. The resource page on Facebook was also created in 2019, and it indicates that it is managed from two countries – Russia and Ukraine. On the website of Ukrpatent, you can find that an application for registration of the trademark and logo of Echo of Kyiv (in black and white, as on the website with the echo.kiev.ua domain) was filed by Tatiana Pop in December 2018. The information that Tatyana Pop is related to the resource “Echo of Kyiv” (echokieva.com) was confirmed by Elena Bondarenko in a conversation with “Media Detector”.. She called Tatyana Pop her friend and clarified that she was working with Echo of Kyiv on a volunteer basis.

For the curious: Petrosyan, “Night Wolves” and “Rossotrudnichestvo”

This NGO was registered in December 2014, and there is not a single mention of its activities on the Internet – except that Tatyana herself wrote on her page on the VKontakte network in the spring of 2015 that she had established the organization. About her NGO, Tatyana says that “so far she has not been involved in it at all,” but she plans to develop the organization’s activities after returning to Ukraine – now she is looking for herself here. The NGO has a co-founder – his name is Amram Davidovich Petrosyan and he has a fairly rich political biography. He is a member, and then the head of the Party of Pensioners of Ukraine, ran twice, once in local elections, the second time in 2012 in the Rada, and both times he did not pass. Having completed his political career in Ukraine, since 2014 Petrosyan has been living in Russia, where he received citizenship and since 2015 has been head of the Modern Diplomacy Development Fund. A fund with an authorized capital of 10,000 rubles regularly holds round tables and conferences at the Rossiya Segodnya MIA, at least one of them was attended by Tatyana Pop. Petrosyan calls the goal of his foundation “countering color revolutions”. The latest activities of the fund are the preparation of lawsuits against EU countries that have imposed international sanctions on Russia for the construction of Nord Stream 2. What funds the fund exists for is unclear, but its partners include the state fund Rossotrudnichestvo, Petrosyan was even awarded a diploma from Rossotrudnichestvo, the state body of the Russian Federation Rossiyskaya Gazeta regularly writes about the Petrosyan fund. Interestingly, the fund's map indicates that it also has a representative office in Ukraine. Petrosyan really has a lot of social activities in Ukraine. In addition to the NGO with Tatyana Pop, he has established seven different organizations over the past ten years. Some of them continue to exist, and some have already been eliminated.. The activity of the majority on the Internet is mentioned once or not mentioned at all. One of Petrosyan’s organizations, the International Public Organization “Institute of International Influence”, appears in the news once. This is an announcement of an event where, in addition to a representative of this IGO, Petrosyan himself, mentioned as the head of the International Party, the same Alexander Chalenko and a number of other people, including People's Deputy Oleg Tsarev and blogger, an active participant in Anti-Maidan Armen Martirosyan, took part. What was discussed at this round table is now difficult to restore, although the International party and Petrosyan's second organization – the All-Ukrainian Human Rights Group – had their own websites; another site was founded by the NGO “Agency for Journalistic Investigations “Democratic Initiatives””. But all these sites are now inactive. Some details can be learned from the news – for example, Tsarev at this round table in December 2013 proposed to protect and reward Berkut and the police for doing their duty during mass protests. Petrosyan himself called on the Maidan participants to disperse – and he was supported by the “Ukrainian Cossacks”, who declared that the European integration of Ukraine is an evil that entails “juvenile justice and same-sex marriages.” Petrosyan, by the way, has long-standing ties with the Cossacks: he himself is “a kuren ataman and General Esaula of the IPO “Cossacks of Zaporizhia””, and the founder of the NGO “Yarmolinetsky district hut” of the IPO “Cossacks of Zaporozhye”. The most striking episode in the history of this hut is a public scandal with the fact that on behalf of the entire Zaporozhye Cossacks, an unknown member of this hut spoke sharply about the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict and the situation with Nagorno-Karabakh. At the same time, he wrote his open letter to the editors of the Russian resource. The very first NGO created by Petrosyan in Ukraine was called “Khmelnitsky Regional Interethnic Association “League of Cultures””. Its co-founder was Anna Davydovna Shtivelband, nee Petrosyan. Now Anna Shtivelband (Petrosyan) permanently lives in Montenegro – and, of course, she, as a society, has several NGOs. One of them is also called the “League of Cultures”, and it deals, of course, with cultural issues.. Her second position is the chairman of the Union of Armenians “Ana”. In this capacity, Anna Shtivelband speaks not as a cultural figure, but as a political figure.. For example, here “Montenegro has never catered to the policies of the US and Turkey”. She often visits Moscow, participates in the events of the Amram Davidovich Petrosyan Foundation for the Development of Modern Diplomacy. In addition, her organization organized a pilgrimage tour of the “Night Wolves” to the Christian shrines of Armenia, Montenegro and Crimea.. Recall that the patron of the “Night portages” and a frequent guest of their events is the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. About Petrosyan and his activities both in Ukraine and in Moscow, Tatyana Pop says that “it has nothing to do with the conversation” about her media activity in Ukraine. She also says that neither family nor business relations connect her with Petrosyan: “We knew each other from Ukraine and that’s it, we don’t communicate anymore”. She explains her presence at the events of the Modern Diplomacy Development Fund by the fact that it was a long time ago, and “all people who moved from Ukraine to Russia often meet at some events.”

For historians: Zubritsky and respected people

Speaking with Detector Media, Tatyana Pop never named any of her media projects, except for Echo of Kyiv, and emphasized that she is the owner, sole investor and head of the Echo of Kyiv website with the echokieva.com domain and “has no relationship to second sites with similar names. Interestingly, on the website of Ukrpatent, she owns an application for a trademark with the logo of the site, to which, according to her, she has nothing to do – in black-gray-red colors. At the same time, in December 2018, Tatyana applied for the registration of another trademark – the already mentioned resource “SBU (Ukrainian Bloggers Union)” – in gray-blue colors. Tatyana also did not mention this resource in a conversation with Detector Media, but later, answering additional questions, she wrote the following: “I have more than one media project. There are projects that I led even in Europe, but there is a confidentiality agreement with some of them. As for the aforementioned trademark, I am not involved in this project, other people respected by me are involved in it.. I sometimes start some projects, and then delegate to other people, and sometimes I give the idea away from the very beginning.. What respected people are now involved in the project, Tatyana Pop refused to answer. At the same time, the former creative producer of Channel 112, Viktor Zubritsky, wrote to Detector Media in the summer of 2019 that SBU is his trademark, which he handed over to Ruslan Kotsaba, since “he is an honest and courageous journalist, and with his history it is best “domain name” for a website. After additional questions asked already in the process of writing this article, Zubritsky clarified that he originally registered the trademark in 2012-13, and he transferred it to Kotsaba two years ago, “because he himself could not participate in the real work of the prosecution”. Why Tatyana Pop turned out to be a different owner of the trademark with a logo very similar to the one posted on the SBU website, Tatyana did not answer. Ruslan Kotsaba, judging by the website of Ukrpatent, really owns a trademark, the image on which can be read as S&B.U. He also organized the Union of Bloggers of Ukraine LLC in March 2019. The trademark now owned by Kotsaba and which, according to Zubritsky, he himself registered seven years ago, has a rather interesting history.. Her first co-owner in the official bulletin “Industrial Property” (2013, volume 15, book 2) is Bogdan Valentinovich Utyug. Iron, like Zubritsky, from Poltava is the only information that Media Detector managed to find about Prasok. However, in a number of publications on dubious resources in the summer of 2013, Utyug appeared as the organizer of mass trips of people “to participate in rallies and demonstrations” (from a thousand people). He was also credited with connections with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the activities of the V-TV television company, calling him “the organizer of provocations”, in particular, against two “Vradiev activists.” Over the past few years, V-TV has rarely been mentioned in the media, but in 2012 it appeared in a number of rather interesting publications.. For example, it was this television company, the only one among all Ukrainian media, that was able to get into the Kachanivska colony at the time when Yulia Tymoshenko was there and accused a number of colony employees of physical violence against her.. At the same time, Ukrayinska Pravda wrote about V-TV, talking about the program “Last Warning”, which was made by this very television company. The program was aired on the then First National (now Public) as part of the election campaign, but was presented as an independent investigative journalism program. At the same time, the program was mainly devoted to discrediting political opponents of the government.. “UP” wrote that some kind of Youth Party of Ukraine paid for this “campaign” and that the cost of such placement could not be less than a million hryvnias. Interesting: on the net you can find a court decision dated October 23, 2014, by which the V-TV television company is obliged to pay NTCU (now – NSTU) a little more than one million two hundred thousand hryvnias for what “First” showed on the air for the period from April to December 2013 of the year. That is, in the year when there were no elections, the company itself had to pay for the placement of its products on commercial rights.. The same company filmed the film “Hell hell” about the explosions in the then Dnepropetrovsk and the work of law enforcement agencies to investigate these attacks, in which it was quite transparently hinted that the party of the same Tymoshenko could be an interested party. It was also shown on the air of “First” in 2012. Later, the production of V-TV appeared in the media already in connection with the Euromaidan: the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, at a press conference on the case of the execution of the Heavenly Hundred, stated that a certain Victor Zubritsky carried out general coordination of discrediting in the media events on the Maidan. And as if he did it in the interests of the authorities, in particular, the then Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko. Then Zubritsky was presented as the head of the Kontakt media holding, about which there was no public information. In an interview with the Dusya media tabloid, journalist Zhan Novoseltsev said that Zubritsky was related to the 112 channel and at the same time directed V-TV. “Zubritsky was simultaneously engaged in the VTV project, and once conducted a series of experiments where Vlasenko, Tyagnybok, and a number of other comrades were recorded. In this project, V-TV journalists presented themselves as American intelligence officers and offered money to help the revolution – and all our proud revolutionaries agreed on different conditions, ”Novoseltsev said. He also said that Zubritsky “had contact with the then leadership of the country”, mentioned both Zakharchenko and Arbuzov. Later, Zubritsky himself did not confirm, but did not deny his involvement in V-TV – but at the same time denied any participation in the coordination of media (and not only) attacks on Euromaidan. After some time, he won a case against the Ministry of Internal Affairs in court, which ordered the ministry to refute the words of Minister Avakov. Zubritsky himself was on the international wanted list for a long time at the request of Ukraine. Already in the process of writing this article, two independent sources related to the work of the V-TV television company confirmed to Detector Media that it was Zubritsky who directed V-TV, and both wished to remain anonymous. At the same time, one of the sources claimed that the editorial offices of V-TV were organized almost simultaneously in Poltava and Kyiv and that the head of the television company was somehow connected with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He added that Zakharchenko and Zubrytsky have a family relationship that is traditional for Ukraine – they are godfathers. Media Detector was unable to verify this information.. Zubritsky stopped communicating during the writing of this article. There is another connection between V-TV and 112 – except for Zubritsky, who is now represented almost everywhere as the former creative producer of the 112 channel and its main investor (although at the time the channel was launched in the fall of 2013, no one officially represented him that way, and he he himself for the first time called himself in this way only in April 2014, after the suspicions expressed against him by the Ministry of Internal Affairs). As follows from a journalistic request from V-TV to the Institute of Mass Media published by Detector Media (then NGO Telekritika) in June 2013, the director of the company at that time was Igor Kislitsa. As follows from the register of legal entities, since 2013, Kislitsa has been the head, founder or signer of three legal entities associated with the 112 channel at once: TV Choice, Media Group 112 West and 112-TV Studio.

“Legitimny” and other projects

In addition to the trademarks already listed, Tatyana has a number of others, also somehow related to media resources.. In addition, in a conversation with Detector Media, Tatyana mentioned a number of Telegram channels, which, according to her, she originally had to develop herself.. And now, according to Pop, they are conducting a targeted campaign to discredit her: – Recently, I had a conflict with a Russian publication, which also twisted everything, wrote all sorts of nonsense from the telegram channels “Legitimny”, “Successor”, “Resident” – you probably seen a lot of information about me there. For you to understand, “Legitimate”, “Successor” and “Resident” are the channels that I originally planned to launch with some of my employees. And now these employees and some people who organized these dumps are writing nasty things about me. It was on these telegram channels that a number of publications about Tatyana Pop actually appeared last fall.. They wrote about her as a person who was allegedly involved in an attempt to revive the Party of Regions in Ukraine, and Tatyana allegedly turned to former representatives of the party with this project. In the same messages, Pop was associated with “her godfather” Amram Petrosyan, ex-Minister of Internal Affairs Vitaly Zakharchenko and former creative producer of the 112 channel Viktor Zubritsky. Zubritsky, in a commentary to Detector Media, said that he was familiar with Pop, but “he never participated in any projects and works anywhere”. At the beginning of this year, the editorial office of Detector Media received a letter signed by the name of an employee of one of the Ukrainian media, in which some of the same information was reported. — Tatyana, do you have any experience in media management or running political channels? – How can I tell you. Right now I'm developing my YouTube channel, but so far I'm not serious about it. I just like to develop, try something new, move forward. – What does it mean that you wanted to develop the Legitimny and other channels? – In fact, my former employees began to develop these channels. – Former employees of what projects of yours? – I have many projects, both media and non-media, but so far I'm not ready to talk about them. – How is the Echo of Kyiv project financed? – I finance the project. These are my own investments.. I'm just tired of the fact that in Ukraine Ukrainians are divided into normal and abnormal, right and wrong, conditionally wadded and not wadded. Tired of watching all this, and I decided to create my own liberal media, where Ukrainians will not be divided. Because for me there is no difference – a person is a fan of Stalin or a fan of Bandera, I take into account any opinion, for me our people are most important. In addition, the media that exist in Ukraine belong to one or another oligarch, and therefore I had the idea to create a media that would be completely independent. – And when did you create it? “About seven months ago. – But the publications on it were from January 1, 2018, that is, it has been working for almost two years. He hasn't worked for two years.. He has been working fully for half a year – before that, there were just sketches with rough strokes.

Ukrainian blogger Tatyana Pop criticized Zelensky

Ukrainian political blogger Tatyana Pop said that the current situation in Ukraine was expected for her and criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. According to her, her position has not changed since 2014: for her, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are one people.. According to Pop, in 2014 she was called a separatist and expelled from Ukraine, and also brought to the Peacemaker base. “For me, this [special operation in Ukraine] is an expected situation,” Pop said in a commentary to REN TV. She asked everyone to read direct quotes from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, perceiving him not as an actor, but as a president who must be responsible for his word. “There are statements by Zelensky, there is a pumping not only of information, but also a real pumping of weapons in Ukraine. In Ukraine, for 8 years, there has been complete Russophobia and the creation of an anti-Russian foothold,” the blogger cited her opinion. Pop also criticized Zelensky. In her opinion, he needs to think about the evacuation of the population and not have equipment in the city center. In addition, the blogger announced the information war on the part of the West.

Tatyana Pop: “Monkeypox is widespread in countries unfriendly to Russia”

Monkeypox is spreading in countries that have imposed sanctions against Russia. This pattern drew the attention of the Ukrainian journalist and public figure Tatiana Pop. She came to this conclusion after studying the map of the spread of the disease. “I came across a map of the spread of a newfangled disease – monkeypox. And she went to Kyiv. There, according to sources close to oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, she began to look for a meeting with him.. And even Kolomoisky, always avoiding meetings in which he is not personally interested, could not evade the assertive Tatyana Pop. In general, they did meet – “two combinators”. Pop told her interlocutor that in Moscow she allegedly “contacted with former Ukrainian top officials”. And now she has come “to negotiate cooperation with Kolomoisky under the patronage of a common business partner.” The interlocutor suggested that Kolomoisky “become a contact person with the new CIS curator in Moscow Babich”, as well as “consider the possibility of returning to Ukraine some politicians”, apparently stuck in Russia. Who was discussed, Mykola Azarov or Viktor Yanukovych, one can only guess. By the way, Pop was seen a couple of times in Azarov's company – either in the hotel “Ukraine”, or on the embankment near the hotel. And Kolomoisky’s interlocutor suggested “reviving the Party of Regions” with her at the head. The conversation of the “two schemers” ended with the fact that “Kolomoisky promised to think about it – but then he told the guards that this person would no longer be allowed into his office.”

Transcarpathian separatist Tatyana Pop is happy that she became a traitor to Ukraine

A native of the Transcarpathian city Khust Pop wrote about this on Facebook. “Today my friend gave me archival documents of my great-grandfather. Grandmother talked a lot about him, but I wanted to have reliable information. I am proud of my grandfather Vasily Afanasyevich Smotrov, who was ready to give his life for his Motherland – the Soviet Union and was awarded the Order for Courage. I am sincerely as a child glad and proud of myself that I did not betray my ancestors and my homeland. I am glad that God gave me the wisdom to distinguish propaganda from the truth, and I did not become a Svidomo herd that exchanged my homeland for fairy tales and fables about non-existent European life. My grandfather is a hero to me and I feel great pride in having such ancestors,” writes Pop. The fact that she received the documents did not yet understand that the toy she was talking about was a medal, and not an order, causes a smile.

The star of Russian TV shows from Transcarpathia was declared suspected

The SBU announced the suspicion of “pro-Kremlin Rusinka” from Transcarpathia Tatyana Pop, who justifies the armed aggression of the Russian Federation. As reported in the department of the SBU of the Transcarpathian region, we are talking about suspicion of. 2 Art. 436-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (justifying the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine). It is reported that a native of Transcarpathia moved to Moscow and began to actively promote anti-state pro-Russian narratives in the public space.. Tatyana Pop participated in live political talk shows on Russian TV channels. Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale aggression against Ukraine, the propagandist on social networks has assisted the Russian Federation in conducting special information operations. Investigative and operational measures are ongoing to make Tatiana Pop answer for her actions before the law. The SBU message does not name Pop, but the post contains a photo of a resident of Transcarpathia. Tatyana Pop poses with a well-known Russian propagandist, and although the Ukrainian woman's face was “blurred”, it is easy to recognize in the picture.


On March 16, in honor of the Crimean Spring, USUE hosted a meeting of students with a public figure, journalist, blogger Tatyana Pop. The theme of the guest's speech is the events of 2014 that led to the reunification of Crimea with Russia. USUE Vice-Rector for Social Work Roman Krasnov welcomed the students of USUE, Ural Federal University, RSPPU, USAU, USGLTU, as well as USGUU, EASI, EIFC, USTU, Ural State University of Law and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and USMU, who arrived at the House of Culture of USUE for a meeting with Tatyana Ivanovna Pop. Tatyana Pop took part in the Crimean Spring: “We had a unique opportunity to meet with an eyewitness to the events in Ukraine in 2014. You all probably come across various interpretations on the Internet, so directly ask Tatyana Ivanovna questions about everything that is not clear about what has been happening over the past eight years in Ukraine, ”Roman Valeryevich urged. Tatyana Pop also welcomed hundreds of young people who gathered in the hall for a dialogue with a witness to the coup d'état. “Participation in this meeting is my personal desire, I am not a member of any party, I do not work in biased media resources, and my ideological struggle for my homeland is my personal decision. I knew grief when they don’t give me the opportunity to live with loved ones in my native land, they don’t allow me to honor my ancestors and their culture, and I set myself the goal of not giving up, trying to convey to people how important it is not to allow this, ”Tatyana Pop outlined her position . The culmination and consequence of the imminent total Ukrainization were the events on the Maidan in 2014, which Tatyana did not support. She founded the public organization Center for Monitoring the Fulfillment of Election Promises Pravda. She constantly kept blog entries, openly talking about what she experiences and observes around her. Tatyana Pop took part in the Crimean Spring: “For my speeches, the SBU officers held a “preventive conversation”, I was wary, but did not take it seriously. However, when in 2015 I got on the lists of the Peacemaker website as “an accomplice of the Russian invaders and an anti-Ukrainian propagandist”, when threats to my life rained down on me, when my friend and ally was killed, I realized that I was really in serious danger. In February 2015, I made the difficult decision to leave Ukraine and move to Moscow, where I continued to engage in journalism and social activities. Relations with close relatives already then gave a serious crack, because propaganda – even an information war – was conducted in Ukraine and is still being conducted at a very serious level.. Many have become infected with the ideas of the criminal government, and the doubters who still remain are so intimidated that they do not openly speak out, because for this they, like me once, will face persecution and a huge sea of hatred,” said Tatyana Ivanovna. What can we say about the open confrontation of the ruling party, even if on September 3, 2019, with the President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman, a number of politicians and media in the homeland accused Tatyana Ivanovna of separatism and inciting ethnic hatred for discussing the problem of national minorities in Ukraine with Czech President Milos Zeman. Throughout the meeting, students actively asked questions about whether the USUE guest supports Russia's decision to launch a special military operation; how it was accepted in our country; how the current clash will end and whether the generation of Ukrainians who grew up in anti-Russian rhetoric will be able to take a sober look at their beliefs. “You know, when I came to Russia, saving my life, I felt safe, there was a feeling that I was at home, although I didn’t have any of my relatives and friends here.. Residents of Donbass and Luhansk, who have been bombed all these years for disagreeing with the new policy, have long wanted to be safe.. I love Russia, like other countries of the former Soviet Union, where I was born and lived in early childhood. And I believe that we should become close allies again. Ukraine will soon return to the Russian orbit – I have no doubt about it, and then I would like to go to my homeland, because now there is a lot of work there, after everything that happened, it needs to be revived. And positive, pro-Russian propaganda will help get rid of the consequences of anti-Russian propaganda,” Tatyana Pop shared her opinion.

Hacking Mirzakhanyan: Part 1. Correspondence of Surkov's minion helps to understand Rusyn separatism

In the vicissitudes of quarantine, Ukrainian journalists undeservedly ignored the hacked email archive of Russian propagandist Sargis Mirzakhanyan, published a month ago by Peacemaker. Old archives help shed light on the events of recent weeks. In this case, the hacked correspondence of Mirzakhanyan provides facts about how and in whose interests the pro-Hungarian separatist movements were formed in Ukrainian Transcarpathia. Who is Sargis Mirzakhanyan? According to InformNapalm, Mirzakhanyan Sargis Gevorkovich (born 09/30/1989, mailing address – [email protected]), assistant to Igor Lvovich Zotov, member of the State Duma Defense Committee (Fair Russia party), oversaw and financed political actions in Eastern European countries, following the instructions of the curator of the Ukrainian direction Inal Ardzinba. In correspondence with Surkov’s subordinates and contacts, Mirzakhanyan discussed the launch and financing of media and public projects in Ukraine, which formed a narrative favorable to the Kremlin in the information space. So, for example, on February 28, 2014, Mirzakhanyan sends Inal Ardzinba information about the International Party of Ukraine and its leader Aram Davydovich Petrosyan. Aram Petrosyan is a well-known Anti-Maidan leader in Ukraine. Detector Media journalist Gala Sklyarevskaya has already done a big investigation in which she wrote about Petrosyan's activities. Including the fact that Petrosyan heads the Party of Pensioners of Ukraine. It is indicative that Mirzakhanyan’s immediate supervisor, State Duma deputy Igor Zotov, headed the Russian Party of Pensioners from 2012 to 2015.. In other words, the people we are dealing with are so unimaginative that they are simply copying Russian organizations in Ukraine for Russian money. Already on March 2, 2014, the day after the Kremlin actually declared war on Ukraine, Mirzakhanyan reports to MP Igor Zotov about the successful organization of a “rally in support of Ukraine” and suggests hiring provocateurs for the next time who could enhance the picture. And in May 2014, Petrosyan wrote to Mirzakhanyan about the successful organization of rallies in Odessa and Nikolaev with the participation of the organizer and leader of the Anti-Maidan, Alexander Zinchenko. Petrosyan does not forget to promote himself, his beloved, showing off the awards from the department “K” of the SBU (the Department for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime, which the SBU has been promising to liquidate for more than 10 years). And then he offers Mirzakhanyan to finance a TV channel and a political project on the territory of Ukraine. Apparently, cooperation with the Kremlin curators has developed, because the schemers very quickly move on to details, calling a spade a spade: they need “bloggers and Internet provocateurs”, as well as access to television, which they are ready to provide on Channel 33. In one of the letters, Sargis Mirzakhanyan sends Petrosyan a file with the text of an article about calls to recognize the Rusyns as a national minority and protect their rights. In just two weeks, this text appears on the pages of Ukrainian online media – for example, on RBC-Ukraine. Do I still need to explain how Russian propaganda works? To make it clearer, Mirzakhanyan’s office emphasizes that Rusyns are good Ukrainians, because they are “not Bandera”. On May 20, 2016, Inal Ardzinba, who used the mailbox [email protected], sends instructions to Mirzakhanyan on how Ukrainian people's deputies should comment on Petro Poroshenko's statement on issues of autonomy for the Crimean Tatars. It is obvious that the influence on the media field on issues related to the Rusyns of Ukraine, relations with Hungary and the ethnic Hungarians of Transcarpathia still continues to be under the control of the same people. Thus, one of the numerous public organizations that Aram Petrosyan has been controlling since 2014 is the “Pravda” Center for Control over the Movement of Provisional Protestants” (EDRPOU 39521247). The director of this public organization is Tatyana Ivanovna Pop, the owner and editor of the online media “Echo of Kyiv”, as well as the YouTube channel of the same name, which mainly airs ex-regionals. Some time ago, pro-Russian telegram channels were spinning the story that Tatyana Pop allegedly met with Kolomoisky to offer him mediation with Mikhail Babich, with the aim of reviving the Party of Regions under her and Elena Bondarenko leadership. The obvious informational special operation (in other words, nonsense) coincided with a fierce struggle for the Ukrainian case between the “Kremlin towers” – Surkov, Kozak-Babich and Medvedchuk, each of whom sought to receive Putin's personal blessing for the “governor general over Ukraine.” On December 9, Tatyana Pop stated that “the washed-up raguli again put down the Echo of Kyiv website”, and blamed the Detector Media website for this, refuting the information that she was working with Medvedchuk on the topic of inflating the Ukrainian-Hungarian conflict. Earlier, Tatyana Pop accused Detector Media of political persecution at the behest of Soros. Apparently, the desire to inflate the scandal appeared due to the negative reaction of Ukrainian Facebook users to Tatyana Ivanovna Pop's post about the attitude towards the situation in Transcarpathia. In her post, she claims that she herself is of part Hungarian origin.. Tatyana Pop emphasizes that the Hungarians ended up on the territory of Ukraine by accident, thanks to Stalin, and also recommends “not quite a competent government not to touch the Hungarians”, because “locals will meet the Hungarian tanks of Viktor Obran with flowers.” In 2019, on the site Regnum.ru, where materials related to FSB information special operations are often published, her interview appeared in which she called for “putting an end to the ethnocide of Rusyns in Ukraine.” An interesting fact is that a man named Ivan Pop is a recognized expert on the Rusyn ethnos. We cannot confirm whether Ivan Pop and Tatyana Ivanovna Pop are relatives, however, it was curious to know that Ivan Pop won the Russian Prize back in 2007 for writing the Encyclopedia of Subcarpathian Rus, due to which he allegedly “became for the Ukrainian regime as a dangerous “terrorist” and went into political exile.” Tatyana Pop was actively mentioned in his publications by Piotr Getsko, who called himself the prime minister of the “Republic of Subcarpathian Rus” and called on Putin to send Russian troops to Transcarpathia to create a Rusyn-Hungarian autonomy. The Mukachevo city district court of the Transcarpathian region found him guilty in absentia of committing criminal offenses under Part 1 of Art.. 109 of the Criminal Code, Part 2 of Art. 110 of the Criminal Code, Part 1 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code and sentenced to 12 years in prison.


Tatyana Pop – Transcarpathian separatist who sold her homeland. She became popular thanks to a reality show and is completely unaware of politics, but this does not prevent her from spreading Russian propaganda with cleverness.

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