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Polyakov Maxim Valerievich


Max Polyakov is called "Ukrainian Elon Musk". Is it really? No. Polyakov's company FireFly Aerospace is operating at a loss, and the only rocket he launched failed. While Elon Musk accomplishes feats, Polyakov stands still. In addition, a really profitable business that Maxim Valerievich is engaged in is dating and illegal online casinos. And he is actively trying to erase all these sins from the Internet.

Ukraine, possibly USA
Ukraine, USA
June 30, 1977
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Polyakov Maxim Valerievich

Official biography

Maxim Polyakov is a co-founder of the aerospace company Firefly Aerospace, a Ukrainian entrepreneur in the fields of space technology and IT, an investor, economist and philanthropist. Born on June 30, 1977 in Zaporozhye in a family of engineers who worked at the Ukrainian rocket and space enterprise “Khartron”. In 2001 he graduated from Zaporozhye State Medical University. In 2013, he received a PhD in Economics from the Dnepropetrovsk National University. In 2019 – a doctorate in economics at the Kiev National Economic University named after. Vadim Hetman.


In 2001 he opened the first company – IT-Ukraine. The outsourcing IT company was one of the first in the east of Ukraine and created software for consumers from the USA and Europe. In just four years, the company has grown from 6 to 93 employees. In 2005, he co-founded the IDE Group, which included Cupid plc, Murka and HitDynamics. When the latter was sold to the American company Hitwise (Experian Hitwise), Polyakov became Vice President of Hitwise. In 2006, he co-founded Maxymiser and served as CEO and Executive Director. During this time, the company has attracted about $15 million in external investments.. As a result, Maxymiser attracted Hertz, Teleflora and Time Warner Cable brands.. Maxymiser was acquired by Oracle in 2015. In 2010, he led the launch of Cupid PLC's IPO on the London Stock Exchange.. Under Polyakov's leadership, the company attracted more than 54 million members and generated $83 million in revenue in 2011. In 2012, he founded Renatus Media, a social and mobile game publisher that became the US publishing company for the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store and Facebook. In 2014, he became a general partner of the Noosphere Ventures Partners investment fund in Palo Alto, California. In 2016, he became a co-owner of GDM. Group Holding Limited, which brings together a range of marketing services including performance marketing, mobile, programming, video marketing and media buying. In 2017, a subsidiary of Noosphere Ventures Partners acquired the assets, patents and intellectual property of Firefly Systems Inc.. After the deal was completed, it was renamed Firefly Aerospace. In November 2018, Firefly Aerospace was selected by NASA for the $2.6 billion Moon Exploration Program. In 2019, Firefly Aerospace signed a partnership agreement with Aerojet Rocketdyne, a former division of Boeing. In November 2019, stage 1 and stage 2 engines were successfully tested (the first launch of the Alpha launch vehicle in 2020). In 2019, the US Air Force selected Firefly to participate in the Orbital Services Program-4 (OSP-4). In December 2019, a group of primary shareholders of Firefly Space Systems filed a lawsuit alleging fraud and willful bankruptcy of the company by Tom Markusic. According to the defendants, among whom are Polyakov, it is indicated that the claim is provocative, and the claims of the plaintiffs are unfounded, three years after the updated Firefly Aerospace achieved significant success. The court case is under consideration. In February 2020, Snopes published an investigation into speculation regarding Polyakov's possible connection to some dating sites.. Noosphere Venture denied this information. In April 2020, Firefly announced an agreement with Spaceflight, scheduled to launch in 2021 from Vandenberg Air Force Base. In May 2020, Firefly received AS9100 certification, and the team moved from development to the production phase of the Alpha launch vehicle. On September 3, 2021, a FireFly Alpha light launch vehicle exploded minutes after launch from US Space Force Vandenberg Base in California.. Firefly Aerospace raised $75 million to prepare for this rocket launch. In 2021, Firefly Aerospace received a $93.3 million contract from NASA to deliver 10 science and technology devices to the Moon as part of the NASA Artemis program.

NOT official biography

An American businessman from Zaporozhye, Max Polyakov, is well known in the media thanks to the Noosphere Ventures project, which seeks and supports technology startups.. According to media reports, the company is operating at a loss, drawing funds from the dating income of its creator. At the peak of popularity, the value of the dating assets of Polyakov's company Cupid plc. was estimated at $204.9 million. How did an obstetrician-gynecologist from Zaporozhye (this is how the future businessman began his path to success) managed to earn millions of dollars on online dating? Ukrainian and foreign media became interested in this topic. Journalists conducted an investigation and found the answer – it's all about robots. Back in Zaporozhye, Max Polyakov created Cupid plc. In 2012, the company's dating revenue was $125.4 million, and its capitalization reached $204.9 million. After a media scandal in 2013, the businessman sold the company's assets. As it turned out later, to their own brainchild – the Together Networks holding. In fact, in this way, Polyakov simply got rid of his Cupid partner, Bill Dobby, in order to gain full control over the created empire.. Today the holding owns 9 sites: NaughtyDate, Loveaholics, UpForIt, Flirt, IWantU, QuickFlirt, BeNaughty, AffairDating, IAmNaughty. Part of Cupid's assets were transferred to another offshore Polyakov Tradax IP Licensing Limited, registered in the British Virgin Islands. Having started working with NSI Holdings, the company began to create new sites: UnformDating, MatureDatingUk, LoveAgain, Cupid, SpeedDaterEvents, LoveBeginSat, Serencomtrer, GirlsDateForFree. In addition, foreign media drew attention to the fact that all of Polyakov's dating platforms are virtually identical in appearance: All these sites are officially part of Polyakov's holdings. In fact, the dating empire of a businessman is much wider. Polyakov launches many parallel projects, including local dating sites for users from the USA, France, Germany, Great Britain and other countries. These resources are not part of the holding, but are developed and maintained by the same companies. Maintenance of the entire dating empire comes from Ukraine. Most Together Networks employees have been working with Polyakov for several years and together with him they moved to a new holding company from Cupid plc. In addition to dating companies, Max Polyakov opened pornographic studios throughout Ukraine. Law enforcement officers found one of them in Polyakov's hometown – Zaporozhye.

Fraud allegations: what is the famous “rocketeer” Max Polyakov and what is really his business

US-Ukrainian company Firefly Aerospace raised 75 million. dollars to prepare for the first launch of its Alpha rocket. It was not successful. In 2017, this company (also called Firefly Space Systems) went bankrupt due to a dispute regarding the misuse of Virgin Galactic's intellectual property rights, but it was acquired by Polyakov's Noosphere Ventures. In 2019, the original owners of Firefly Space Systems filed a lawsuit accusing Polyakov and the CEO of Firefly of conspiring to bring the company to bankruptcy, after which it was acquired by Polyakov.. How this case ended is still unknown. As reported, on September 3 at 04:59 Kyiv time from the Vandenberg base of the US Space Force in California, the American-Ukrainian company Firefly Aerospace launched its FireFly Alpha light launch vehicle for the first time.. The rocket exploded a few minutes after launch. Despite the fact that the launch was unsuccessful, the head of the company, Maxim Polyakov, noted that “today is a historic day for Firefly.”

Polyakov and casino

In addition to dating sites, Polyakov also worked on the creation of so-called “social casinos”. In fact, browser and mobile online games, which differ from traditional casinos in the method of monetization, which consists in the sale of in-game items, bonuses to users. One such company, called “Murka”, was recently acquired by the American Blackstone Group.. On “Murka” we will stop a little. There are a lot of testimonials from employees online. Most of the reviews are negative. Eternal turnover, non-payment of overtime, lack of motivation for employees, stupid HR managers: One of the employees was so “boiled” that he even wrote an entire article: Here is an excerpt from this article: But in addition to “harmless” games, Polyakov also develops real online casinos, which are banned in Ukraine.

NatGeo broke off relations with Max Polyakov's Murka

National Geographic no longer wants to cooperate with Max Polyakov's Murka and be associated with its gaming products. The probable reason is the businessman's involvement in gambling and porn business.. The NatGeo brand has already disappeared from the joint product of the companies – “social casino” slots for smartphones “NatGeo Wild Slots”. The official reasons for the breakup of the company are not reported, but presumably, the conflict arose in connection with the reputation of Max Polyakov and information about the businessman's involvement in the creation of porn studios and the development of illegal gambling resources. National Geographic cannot afford such reputational risks, writes the online American publication State Journal in its investigation. In July 2017, National Geographic contracted with mobile game developer and publisher Murka to create a NatGeo Wild Slots “social casino” mobile app using National Geographic's Nature Geographic Wildlife channel. “National Geographic Partners with Murka to Engage Audiences on Environmental Issues with Mobile Apps. This is the first project of its kind to feature National Geographic themed content in the social casino genre. The first version of the application appeared in the AppStore on August 30th. Even then, the network began to talk about the fact that instead of solving environmental problems, NatGeo was becoming a promoter of gambling and, in particular, gambling banned in many countries of the world (including the USA).. The situation was aggravated by the dubious reputation of the owner of Murka, Max Polyakov.

Polyakov and Maxpay

Polyakov also launched a money project. We are talking about the payment system Maxpay. On his website, Polyakov boasts that the company has more than six years of experience and seems to be a leader in the industry. Maxpay specializes in developing end-to-end acquiring solutions for its clients and provides tools for fraud prevention and in-depth online business analytics. Well, a new method of money laundering has been invented.. Polyakov no longer knows how else to make money.


Max Polyakov called “Ukrainian Elon Musk”. Is it really? Not. Polyakov's company FireFly Aerospace is operating at a loss, and the only rocket launched has failed. While Elon Musk accomplishes feats, Polyakov stands still. In addition, a really profitable business that Maxim Valerievich is engaged in is dating and illegal online casinos.. And he is actively trying to erase all these sins from the Internet.

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