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Muraev Evgeny Vladimirovich


Yevgeny Muraev is a Kremlin agent who undermines the national security of Ukraine. Before the war, he managed to rob the state treasury and get hold of luxury items. Actively supported the Russian world, called the conflict in the Donbass\"civil war \". In close ties with the Azarov family, Mikhail Dobkin, Alexander Vilkul and pro-Russian blogger Anatoly Shariy. According to the British Foreign Office, the Kremlin was going to make Muraev a puppet president in Ukraine.

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Yevgeny Muraev separatist

Official biography

Was born on December 2, 1976 in the city of Zmiev, Kharkiv region. 2000 – 2001 – LLC “Enclave 2000” – director; 2001 – 2005 – LLC “MKM” – director; 2005 – 2008 – LLC “MKM Kharkiv” – director; 2008 – 2010 – LLC “Eastern Financial Group” – General Director; 2006 – 2012 – Kharkiv regional council – deputy; 2010 – 2012 – Zmievskaya regional state administration – chairman; 2012 – 2014 – Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 7th convocation – people's deputy; 2014 – 2019 – Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII – people's deputy. Ukrainian politician. Member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the VII and VIII convocations, deputy of the Kharkiv Regional Council of two convocations. Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Tax and Customs Policy. Former member of the Party of Regions and former chairman of the political council of the For Life party. Leader of the NASHI party. He was a candidate for the presidency of Ukraine in the 2019 elections, but withdrew his candidacy in favor of Oleksandr Vilkul.


Kharkiv State University, 1999, finance and credit.

A family

From 2005 to 2017 he was married to Valeria Muraeva (nee Taranova. Daughter of a banker and people's deputy of the II convocation Oleg Taranov. From his first wife, two sons – Michael (b.. 2007) and Igor (b.. 2009). Valeria Muraeva continues to be a political ally of Evgeny Muraev, supporting him in the creation of the NASHI party. She was a non-factional deputy of the Kharkiv Regional Council, elected from the Opposition Bloc, in the summer of 2020 she applied for the position of Deputy Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration. Ekaterina Gordienko and Evgeny Muraev: The current wife Ekaterina Gordienko (Muraeva) is a lawyer and actress, in 2020 the couple had a daughter, in 2021. a son was born.

NOT official biography

Since 2010, Muraev began to communicate closely with Kernes, as well as with Dobkin. During this period, on the appointment of Viktor Yanukovych, Muraev took the place of the chairman of the district state administration Zmiev. In 2014, Muraev was re-elected to the Verkhovna Rada from a party called the Opposition Bloc. Evgeny during this period turned out to be a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Customs and Tax Policy. After some time, he left the party and created a new association “For Life”. In 2018, he left the association due to the fact that Rabinovich began to support Poroshenko. The media confirm the information that Muraev had no desire to return to the opposition bloc from which he had previously left. Further, Yevhen created his own party, which was previously nicknamed as the only pro-Ukrainian one. Experts made their bets and opinions on this matter, arguing that Muraev acted in this way for the sake of the funds he received from Yatsenyuk. Muraev, despite all this, spoke about his pro-Russian position. He claimed that the Maidan is a real coup d'état. As for Sentsov, that terrorist. Naturally, after such vivid statements, all channels would have removed the politician from the air, but Muraev owned the only NewsOne channel. After such statements, the channel was transferred to the possession of other people, and later closed altogether. They talk about Muraev as an “Anti-Fascist”. The last convocation of the Verkhovna Rada showed that Muraev is the most useless deputy. Of all the bills that Yevgeny submitted, not a single one was adopted. Eugene in 2018 created a party called “Ours”. In the Russian Federation there is a youth organization with the same name, which was created by Vladislav Surkov. In the Verkhovna Rada, Muraev often keeps silent and does not express his opinions, but on television he reveals all his separatist statements.

Loafer MP

In the current convocation of the Verkhovna Rada, MP Muraev is recognized as the most ineffective. Of the 160 draft laws submitted by him, not a single one was adopted.. For 4 years of being in the Rada, a Kharkiv resident spoke from the podium only once. In addition, for disrespectful reasons, he missed more than 70% of parliamentary sessions. The Committee of Voters of Ukraine wrote about truants:

Putin's “Nashist”

On September 21, 2018, Muraev, who left his partners, created his own party called “Ours”. Apparently, this name was not given to the political project by chance. Exactly under the same brand in Russia there is a youth political pro-Putin movement. It was put together by the current Kremlin curator of the “Republics of Donbass” Vladislav Surkov. Russian “Nashists” are active in the fight against the opposition.

Ukrainophobe and demagogue

Unlike parliament, Yevgeny Muraev likes to appear on television with openly separatist and demagogic statements. It is worth noting that the people's deputy became a media person after he acquired the NewsOne TV channel from his wife's uncle in 2014.. On this resource, the people's choice began his promotion as a “policy of an all-Ukrainian scale”. Here are the main “pearls” of this “politician”.

“OPZZh”, Medvedchuk, Muraev. Kremlin satellites in Ukraine. Marathon FreeDOM:

Muraev called the Russian aggression in Donbas a “civil conflict”, while noting that both sides receive support from foreign states. As for the annexation of Crimea, here the parliamentarian said that it is beneficial for the Ukrainian authorities, since it saved 2 million objectionable electorate. However, the Muraev Peninsula itself is recognized as Ukrainian. “Surrender of Crimea and Donbass”, according to Muraev, was “a political technology project of the post-Maidan authorities”. By restricting the voting rights of the inhabitants of Crimea and Donbass, Poroshenko managed to win in the first round. In one of the next TV shows, Yevgeny Muraev called political prisoner and illegally convicted in Russia Oleg Sentsov a terrorist. This statement caused indignation not only among ordinary Ukrainians, but even among members of parliament.. Vice Speaker Irina Gerashchenko urged Muraev to apologize to Oleg. And the deputies demanded that the SBU initiate a criminal case against the politician under the article for falsely reporting a crime. In response to this, Muraev recorded a video message in which he stated that “the Ukrainian authorities threw Oleg along with the Crimea.” Collaborators, Putin's puppets, investigation by journalists:
Kharkiv “wunderkind” speaks negatively about decommunization, believing that communist symbols should be preserved as “historical and cultural memory”. In an interview with Maria Nemtsova, the candidate for the post of President of Ukraine called the killer of millions of citizens and the organizer of the Holodomor Stalin “a strong leader”. He attributed the current owner of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, to the same category.

Separatist Lover

Muraev's current girlfriend Ekaterina Gordienko also has pro-Russian views.. The girl starred in the Russian propaganda film “Thanks to grandfather for the victory.” In another film, New Year's Trouble, Gordienko plays with Russian actors Menshov and Tsapnik, who support the so-called “DPR” and “LPR”, and Tsapnik even played a militant from Donetsk.


Former member of the Party of Regions, Opposition Platform for Life, leader of the NASHI party Yevgeny Muraev on February 25, on the second day of full-scale hostilities unleashed by Russia, shared his thoughts on the outcome of the campaign on his Facebook page. In particular, there was the following phrase: “The President and top officials call for negotiations and express their readiness to compromise. And in general, this is the right decision to stop the killing and destruction.. But not a compromise, but capitulation: everything could have been agreed eight years ago and many times during these eight years,” Muraev wrote. The term “surrender”, coupled with the basic Russian propaganda narrative “what have you been doing for the last eight years”, aroused suspicion of playing along with the enemy, about which the policy was immediately clearly explained. Now this post has been deleted from Muraev's page, but the screenshots have managed to widely disperse over the network. News in the media made on the basis of the politician's statement is also available. Recall that Muraev is a native of the Kharkiv region and a former deputy of the Kharkiv City Council, a city that was subjected to one of the most brutal bombing and missile attacks by Russians.

Collaborator Yevgeny Muraev fled to Moscow, the Kremlin wanted to appoint him President of Ukraine

As part of the Collaborators project, journalists will publish names and information about politicians, security officials, journalists, political technologists — everyone who called for friendship with Russia before the war, was in pro-Russian parties, spoke Ukrainians from TV screens, worked in pro-Russian media, and now turned into a patriot. This is reported by the Telegram-channel “Vertical”. “Well, let's talk about those who helped the Russians after the start of the war – the priests of the Moscow Patriarchate, the security forces, mayors, ordinary girls who went to bed under the Russians and surrendered positions to the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the newspaper notes. The first in the list of collaborators is Evgeny Muraev. A pro-Russian politician who has been in the shadows since February 25. On his NASH TV channel, everything was filled with “friendship with the Russian Federation and the search for compromises”. On February 25, he wrote about the “capitulation of Ukraine”. But when the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to drive the Russian scum, this shit, by the name of Muraev, disappeared. According to our information, Muraev used the help of Russian special services and left for Russia through the territory of the Kyiv region, which was occupied at the beginning of March.. According to our intelligence sources, Muraev was considered not just a possible Gauleiter of Kharkov if the Russians managed to take him, but a new “President of Ukraine” if Kyiv was captured.. In Kharkov, the Russians had another favorite named Dobkin, which we will talk about separately.. As well as about those who worked with this collaborator, who has now become “an ardent patriot of Ukraine.” Our source reports that Muraev visited Moscow in the first half of March. The further fate of the collaborator is unclear, as is the reaction of the authorities to his actions. So far, everyone is not up to him, although people like Muraev cannot be left alive.

The National Council fined “Nash” for “racism” Muraev, the Russian language and will again ask to take back the license

The National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting fined the Nash TV channel for UAH 250,000. The message following the results of the online meeting of the National Council states that UAH 124,670.25. the channel must pay for the racist statements of Yevgeny Muraev, a guest of the “Vazhlive” program with the host Maxim Nazarov. The rest is for violations of the language law. Also, the regulator will once again apply to the court with a request to cancel the channel's license. The program with Muravyov was also shown on September 1 and 2, 2021. The National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting wrote about the fine for the Nash TV channel: – In the context of the conversation, Evgeny Muraev used the lexemes “black Paris”, “Muslim Mecca … with hijabs … where it's scary to be” and expressed other characteristics of the population of the French capital, which ethnically comes from the African continent and Muslim countries. He spoke about the belonging of Muslims to world terrorism, which is a stigmatization (stereotyping), since a direct connection is established between belonging to a particular religion and terrorist acts.. Here we can talk about “Islamophobia” as a manifestation of a hostile attitude towards persons on the basis of the Islamic religion, namely: prejudice, hatred or fear, – Muraev's speech was analyzed in the National Council. The host was accused of “not even making an attempt” to balance the position. In the replay, the program was shown without editorial changes. They will ask to cancel the license of the Nash channel, as it has not eliminated previous violations and has not paid previous fines. The National Council noted that in 2021 the channel was fined seven times, and four times they applied to the court with a request to cancel the license for satellite broadcasting. This was done for the first time in 2019. – All sanctions decisions of the national regulator.. challenged in the courts, and companies, as we see, continue to regularly violate the norms of laws. The current media legislation does not provide the National Council with another opportunity to influence broadcasters who systematically and systematically violate Ukrainian legislation, the Council complained. In January, British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss said that British intelligence had exposed the Kremlin's plan to install a pro-Russian leadership in Ukraine.. As a potential candidate, Moscow is allegedly considering the former People's Deputy Yevgeny Muraev.

Butusov called Muraev an agent of the Kremlin, and he called him a sneak

Journalist and editor of the Censor.NET publication Yuri Butusov quarreled with former MP and leader of the Nashi party Yevgeny Muraev. The verbal conflict that took place live on the program “People against Natasha Vlashchenko” on TV channel “Ukraine 24” on April 1 almost ended in a fight. At first, the journalist called Muraev a Russian agent who “says shameful things” in Russian. – How much we were a weak state, you can now see in this studio. Mr. Muraev is just a Russian agent. In Russian, he lays out such things for us, ”Butusov said. Skirmish between Butusov and Muraev: Muraev called the opponent Israeli agents. Further, word by word, the journalist got up from his chair and went to the politician who was standing behind the podium.. Muraev tried to leave, but Butusov grabbed his hand. After both of them left the studio. But the conflict didn't end there.. The journalist wrote on Facebook that the politician, along with his bodyguards, threatened him and promoted “the special status of all regions of Ukraine.” – After the broadcast, the furious Muraev, in the circle of security, went into the room where things were kept under surveillance cameras, and in the presence of Sergei Lyamts and a dozen employees and guests, he shouted to me something like this: “This is my TV channel! Do this again, I’ll have you … boo! If it wasn't for my channel, I'd have dealt with you right here!”. In response, I said: “So you showed yourself, you are just a bandit for Russian money, and it annoys you when they tell you this. Come on, try it, I'm ready to answer you”. Muraev stood, turned around and left.. There were obviously five or six guards around him, they looked very funny. Skirmish between Butusov and Muraev: Butusov expressed hope that the leadership of Ukraine would give a political assessment of “Muraev's propaganda and impose sanctions on his Nash TV channel and himself.” – I'm waiting for the reaction of the president, the National Security and Defense Council and law enforcement agencies – will there be sanctions against the pro-Russian traitor, as according to Medvedchuk? he asked. The journalist called the words of the politician a direct call to separatism and turned to the Security Service of Ukraine, promised to pass on the statement. He also turned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs because he was “threatened in the presence of witnesses.” Fight Muraev and Butusov:

– I demand to initiate a case about threats to a journalist, to seize video recordings of surveillance cameras in the filming pavilion on Zhilyanskaya Street, 101-A, to interrogate witnesses, to make public video of Muraev's threats in the guest room. I hope we have laws that protect the citizens of Ukraine. I ask you to consider the shameful actions of Muraev in the Committee on Freedom of Speech of the Verkhovna Rada and the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting, and to assess whether it is permissible to conduct such shameful Russian propaganda as Muraev during the war,” he added. Skirmish between Butusov and Muraev: The former deputy wrote in response that “Butusov is a pathological liar and a completely narrow-minded character.” – There are indeed cameras in the common areas of the TV channel. They, of course, captured how I “surrounded by five or six guards” after the broadcast went to tell him a couple of non-ethereal, but masculine words. Where he immediately began to take all the involuntary listeners in the case as witnesses and threaten me with law enforcement officers. And who looks good now, Yura? I repeat: a coward, a liar and a sneak, – Muraev emphasized. In November 2020, Butusov quarreled on a TV show with a people's deputy from the “Opposition Platform – For Life” Alexander Kachny because of the Maidan.

A protest takes place in Kyiv demanding the closure of the Nash TV channel and sanctions against Muraev

Several hundred activists are holding a rally near the building of the NASH TV channel, demanding sanctions be imposed against the TV channel and its owner, deputy Yevgeny Muraev. This is reported by the correspondent of Petition demanding to close the Nash TV channel: The protesters brought with them posters with the inscriptions: “Ours – not ours, but theirs.” They also held a “performance” – they burned cotton wool in a bucket with Muraev's photo. Then they covered the office door with stickers and painted the word “separas”. The protesters also tried to knock down the fence, but the police arrived at the scene and prevented them from doing so. Video from the scene:

An advertisement for Muraev and the Nash channel appeared on the House of Trade Unions in Kyiv

At the House of Trade Unions on Independence Square in Kyiv on September 3, 2020. posted a banner with the image of the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Yevgeny Muraev and his Nash TV channel, Radio Liberty reports. The banner also had the inscription “Here is our land” against the background of a map of Ukraine. The advertisement hung for several hours, after which it was removed, journalist Stanislav Kozlyuk said. The head of the Kyiv City Council of Trade Unions, Valeriy Melnyk, said that the banner with an advertisement for the Nash TV channel on the House of Trade Unions on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv was hung out on September 3 by accident. “The people who hung this banner made a mistake. There should be social advertising. They made a mistake, the banner hung for 20 minutes and has already been taken down,” Melnyk told Radio Liberty. A few days ago, the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting announced that it was filing a lawsuit in court to annul the license of the Nash TV channel because of the language hostility and “Skabeevshchina” on its air. The owner of the Nash TV channel, Yevgeny Muraev, is the leader of the Nashi political party. The House of Trade Unions was the headquarters of the protesters during the Revolution of Dignity. During the hot days of the protests, a fire broke out in the house, during which two people died. The house almost completely burned down, and it took four years to restore it.. The private investor who financed the renovation received a third of the building as the property.

Muraev withdrew from the presidential elections in favor of Vilkul

Non-factional MP Yevgeny Muraev at a joint press conference with a parliamentarian from the Opposition Bloc Oleksandr Vilkul announced that he would not run for president of Ukraine. Presidential candidate, non-factional people's deputy, leader of the Nashi party Yevgeny Muraev refused to run for head of state in favor of Oleksandr Vilkul, deputy chairman of the parliamentary faction of the Opposition Bloc. Muraev said this on March 7 at a press conference broadcast by the Nash TV channel. “We are ready to combine our efforts, people, headquarters, resources in order to resist this power. I withdraw my candidacy from the presidential elections in Ukraine in favor of Oleksandr Vilkul. We decided to unite our political forces. In the near future, a unification congress will be held, at which we can repeatedly increase our influence on the political processes taking place in our country,” said the leader of the Nashi party. Vilkul, who was present at the press conference, stressed that “the canonical opposition is uniting”. According to him, if he wins the presidential election, he will recommend Muraev for the post of prime minister.

The people's deputy from the Kharkiv region Yevgeny Muraev was doused with green paint

18.08.2014 Unidentified persons doused Verkhovna Rada deputy Yevgeny Muraev with green paint and threw an egg at him. The attack took place in the district of the deputy – the city of Zmiyov, Kharkiv region, when the day of the city was celebrated there. Photos of Yevgeny Muraev, whose shirt is drenched in green from the back, are published in the community of the Hromadska Varta Kharkiv organization on Facebook. “Imaginary stability was broken. Muraev was thrown with eggs – this is how they taught to love Ukraine. The aunt from the administration also received a free egg mask for the hair of her face and dress, ”such a comment is given in the Hromadska Varta Kharkiv community on the VKontakte social network. However, the coordinator of the “Hromadska Varty Kharkiv” Valentin Bystrichenko, answering the question whether his organization carried out the attack, said the following: “Who exactly did this, I don’t know, I won’t say. Because I didn’t see it with my own eyes.” The incident happened on August 16. On this day, City Day was celebrated in Zmiyov, Muraev, a member of the Party of Regions (a member of the deputy group “For Peace and Stability” in parliament), the former chairman of the Zmiyiv district state administration, was present at the celebrations. At the same time, representatives of the Hromadska Warta Kharkiv, Automaidan and other movements arrived in Zmiiv with their action. “People burst into the square, accompanied, as they said, by the Azov battalion, fully equipped, in camouflage, with weapons. Without permission, they installed their own sound-amplifying equipment in parallel with the music that was going on at the children's holiday, turned on the Okean Elzy with might and main. They launched an aerial platform, although traffic was blocked, a special mode of transport was established, and they began to ride right between the children, hang flags on poles, ”Deputy Yevgeny Muraev described the behavior of the activists. According to Muraev, he and the mayor of the city, Pyotr Kuchkov, went out to the protesters and offered to hold the rally in another place.. Activists complained to Muraev about his work in the Verkhovna Rada. The protesters were outraged that the deputy was absent from the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada last week. “When there is a war, it is simply criminal not to come to work, when a lot depends on the decision of the deputy,” Bystrichenko said in a comment to MediaPort. According to Muraev, unknown people poured green paint on him at the moment when he was surrounded by activists.. Bystrichenko, on the other hand, says that the deputy was doused with green paint when he was on stage. The deputy is not going to file a statement with the police.

Muraev's political views and scandals

On November 30, 2017, the people's deputy called the Revolution of Dignity a “coup d'état”, adding that the events in the Donbass are a “civil conflict”, both sides receive support from foreign states: Ukraine – from the United States, and militants – from Russia. There are two sides to the conflict. And I will say as I believe that Russia is fighting the United States on our territory with our hands. Some help the official Kyiv, others help the unrecognized republics. They find out their relationship with the help of us, first of all. And everyone who refutes this is collaborators on one side or another. This caused a scandal and picketing of the NewsOne TV channel.. On December 3, 2017, activists began blocking the entrance to the TV channel, demanding that the owner apologize for the insulting words about Euromaidan and stop pro-Kremlin propaganda. Blockade of NewsOne: In the summer of 2018, the Prosecutor General's Office opened proceedings against Muraev, who, on the air of one of the TV channels, called the director Oleg Sentsov, who was then in a Russian prison, a “terrorist”. Sentsov can be perceived differently. From the point of view of the fact that a person was preparing arsons and explosions, for one part of the population he is a terrorist. For the nationalist part, he is probably a hero. And time will tell who is right. In the Verkhovna Rada, because of this expression, a fight broke out between deputies Borislav Bereza and Alexander Dolzhenkov. Muraev also actively opposed Ukraine's accession to NATO.. According to Muraev, Ukraine is not expected there, and “before joining somewhere, one should ask the opinion of citizens at an all-Ukrainian referendum.” Fight between deputies Borislav Bereza and Alexander Dolzhenkov: In 2017, the Chestno movement reported that Muraev transferred Novosti 24 Hours LLC to his wife Valeria Muraeva. However, according to Article 36 “Prevention of conflicts of interest in connection with the presence of enterprises or corporate rights of a person” of the Law of Ukraine “On the Prevention of Corruption”, deputies are prohibited from transferring enterprises and corporate rights to family members for management. TV channel NASH Muraev repeatedly got into scandals because of the pro-Russian agenda: in December 2020, a representative of the LPR militants, Rodion Melnik, appeared on its air, and the channel also received a warning for broadcasting a press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In 2019, the GPU summoned him for questioning in connection with possible tax evasion.. The politician refused to answer the investigator's questions, citing the constitutional right not to testify against himself.

“Muraev fell under the next sponsors”: the media reported on the betrayal of voters by the politician

People's Deputy, leader of the Nashi party Yevgeny Muraev is funded by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and head of the Union of Armenians of Ukraine Vilen Shatvoryan. This was reported by NewsOne with reference to an informed source. In particular, it is reported that at the moment, proceeds from Avakov and Shatvoryan are the main source of financing for the election campaign of Yevgeny Muraev and, in general, the activities of his political project. “At first, Evgeny took from the Kremlin, then from Bankova, and now he receives money from Avakov and Shatvoryan. This is another proof of unscrupulousness and another betrayal of Muraev,” the source said.

Exit from the Opposition Bloc and divorce from Valeria Taranova

On October 26, 2014, Muraev was re-elected to parliament from the Opposition Bloc party and became a member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Tax and Customs Policy. Two years later, the politician announced his withdrawal from the Opposition Bloc faction.. After that, together with Vadim Rabinovich, he created the For Life party. And already on September 21, 2018, the people's deputy announced his withdrawal from it, accusing his boss of working for Petro Poroshenko. At the same time, it is worth noting that Vadim Rabinovich at that time was already leaning towards supporting not the incumbent president, but Yulia Tymoshenko, and besides, he intended to unite with the Opposition Bloc. Muraev, on the other hand, was not satisfied with this situation, moreover, according to Skelet.Info, he was annoyed by Viktor Medvedchuk, who joined the party, and as a politician was more in demand for the southeast. But we will return to this story, but for now we will switch only to the chronology of events. Exit from the opposition block: Loudly slamming the door, Muraev said: “We will take people, ideas, your trust and support. For us, politics is not a business project that can provide a well-fed old age and not a hastily concocted talk show.. We are creating a party in which there will be no random people. I am ready to stand in front and offer Ukraine a project of a country that it has never had.” Political expert Vladimir Makarovsky at that time was sure that Yevgeny Muraev had shown himself to be a real buffoon, having defected to the Banderaites for the money of ex-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. “At the weekend, the Ukrainian segment of the Internet spread the news according to the statement of Yevgeny Muraev, the “leader” of the fake non-party “Nashi”. For those who missed it, I’ll briefly tell you: Zhenechka was offended by his former associates (whom he himself threw) and dashed off a denunciation of them to the SBU. In principle, nothing strange – another betrayal of a petty buffoon – if not for one “but”: Muraev accuses former comrades of being … “the hand of the Kremlin”, “fifth column” and “the only pro-Kremlin project in Ukraine,” the expert wrote . According to him, Muraev himself suddenly began to call his party the only pro-Ukrainian, although he had previously expressed an openly pro-Russian position.. The expert linked the sharp change in Muraev's political views with the influence of ex-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. “Now we see how Yevgeny Muraev is rushing from one extreme to another – from pro-Russian positions to actually “fascism”. Naturally, this sugary buffoon commits meanness for a reason. This is a real sale of your beliefs, your former associates, your principles.. As far as I know, Zhenechka is “walking” at the expense of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who is trying to somehow improve his deplorable political situation, ”the political scientist emphasized. On September 25, 2018, Yevgeny Muraev announced the creation of a new party “NASHI”, which he himself headed. Divorce from wife: At the same time, it is interesting that the divorce of Evgeny Vladimirovich from Valeria Muraeva was accompanied by a grandiose scandal.. Well, how else, if the people's deputy left his wife for a young actress? Divorcing in the Dzerzhinsky District Court of Kharkov, the spouses Evgeny and Valeria Muraev stated that they “have lost trust and respect for each other.” But it is noteworthy that Valeria Muraeva, having already been divorced, followed her ex-husband out of her uncle's party and joined Nashi.

In Kharkov, unknown people poured paint on Muraev's boards

02/24/2022 In Kharkiv, unknown people poured paint on several boards of politician Yevgeny Muraev, whom the British government names as a candidate for the head of the occupation administration in the event of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. This was reported in the telegram channel of the Freikor public organization, Depo.Kharkov reports. “Unknown patriots remind that not only his Kremlin curators remember the odious Muraev,” the message says, to which several photos from the image of the politician's painted boards in Kharkiv are attached.

“Shut the mouthpiece of the FSB!”: a protest rally took place under the “Muraev’s house” in Kyiv

Several dozen people came to the house in Podil, where, according to them, the owner of the pro-Russian TV channel NASH, Yevgeny Muraev, lives. The action was attended by the Right Sector, the Foundation of the Future, Tradition and Order, Sokil. Protesters came to Valashskaya Street in Kyiv. We entered the entrance and went up to the apartment where, according to them, Muraev lives. The protesters knocked and rang the door of the apartment, but no one opened it for them.. The protesters wrote “neighbor – occupier” on the wall with spray paint and left. At the entrance, the protesters addressed the residents of the house through a megaphone, told them why they had come and apologized for the inconvenience. The protesters lit flares and chanted “Muraev, go to Moscow” and “Shut the mouthpiece of the FSB”. After that they parted ways. On February 4, a protest rally was held under the building of the NASH TV channel in Kyiv, the participants of which demanded to close the channel. During the action there was a fight between the protesters and the employees of the TV channel.

How Muraev is connected with “Russian cotton wool” and Azarov

Formally, Muraev may not have a business in Russia. Ex-People's Deputy Yevgeny Muraev, whom the British Foreign Office considers a candidate for the role of a pro-Russian leader in Ukraine in the event of a new stage of aggression, had strong business ties with the entourage of former Yanukovych-era Prime Minister Mykola Azarov. So, the Austrian Paul Torsten, who for a long time was a business partner of the Muraevs, has now become a co-founder of one company with the son of Nikolai Azarov, Alexei. Together they founded the Russian enterprise “Rusvata”. This was reported in the Kharkov Anti-Corruption Center. The HATs reminded: back in 2016, Yuri Nikolov mentioned Muraev’s “creative” path and connection with Azarov in his blog. In the 2000s, Muraev worked in a family business – his father and mother spawned a number of construction and trading companies, where his son acted as a director or co-founder (MKM Kharkov, Eastern Financial Group, Spetsmontazh, Bud-extrusion, “Cheese-Export”, “Agropark Vostok”). Muraev became Azarov's assistant when the latter was a people's deputy. In 2010, Muraev was appointed head of the Zmievskaya district state administration, and in two years he rose to the People's Deputy from the Party of Regions. The HAC specified that when Muraev's political career got stronger, one of the family firms got a new name – “Altep” and a new co-owner – Konstantin Pivovarov, a confidant of the then head of the “Party of Regions” and the government of Nikolai Azarov. After the Maidan, Azarov transferred his Austrian company Garda Handels- und Beteiligungs GmbH, a house in Vienna and villas in Sardinia to Pivovarov. “Also, Pivovarov was the vice-president of the Kharkiv “Metalist” under Sergei Kurchenko. However, as part of the regular correspondence between Azar's assets, a new surname appeared instead of Pivovarov – Austrian Paul Torsten became Muraev's new partner in Altepe. The firms “Handling Technic” and “Budgarant-2007″ from Azarov's nest were then rewritten to it. At the same time, in 2016, Altep was involved in criminal proceedings for misappropriation of budgetary funds when purchasing heating at inflated prices and withdrawing money to controlled structures,” anti-corruption officials said. According to them, now the co-founder of the Altep company is Olga Muraeva, “Handling Technic”, where Pivovarov has now again become the beneficiary, who replaced Paul Thorsten in both companies. Muraeva and Pivovarov are also beneficiaries in Rapid Plant LLC, which is engaged in the production of frame houses. The Muraev family and the Brewers are still in business together. As for another business, the HAC noted, the Nash TV channel has the following ownership structure. These are two companies: “Our 24” and “Our Prague”. The founder of both is the Cypriot company Demosen Investments Ltd, and the beneficiary is the same Olga Muraeva. The investigation of Channel 24 from 2018 indicated that the Cypriot company was run by Cypriots – Elena Papakhristodoulou Psintru and Zoe Ioannou. They also run another offshore company called Bimersano Services Ltd.. This company owns 9.96% of the shares of the Russian bank Promsvyazbank. When the offshore became the owner of Promsvyazbank, the Russian government designated Promsvyazbank as a base bank for operations under the state defense order and major government contracts. Once again: Promsvyazbank serves the financial operations of the Ministry of Defense. “Might be a coincidence.. But why are the British stubbornly talking about Muraev's ties with the Russians. Maybe because the former partner of the politician’s family is the Austrian Thorsten Paul, who back in 2019 briefly headed the Supervisory Board of the state-owned Ukreximbank, now he is the current partner of Alexei Azarov. from Muraev's firms, but a few years later appears in Russia at the Rusvata enterprise from Ryazan, which is engaged in the production of medical cotton wool. The partner in this firm is Oleksiy Azarov, who has 57%. Also among the shareholders are Alexei Salnikov and Meridian MSK LLC. KhAC noted that at the same address there is another firm “Property Development” with the same management. A very interesting play on words, because in Ukraine Azarov's corporation was called “Development”. “As for Meridian MSK LLC, its founder Dmitry Kazantaev has ties with Ukraine. Kazantaev is among the founders of two more firms “Real Estate Management” and “E. Connect”. Concerning “E.Connect”, which is headed by Vasyl Daniliv. This company in Russia is registered in the Rostov region, where it owns several mines. The parent company of the E.connect group is registered in Slovakia. In 2018, E.connect sro. (Slovakia, beneficiaries – Vladimir Zinevich and Marianna Daniliv) acquired a 60% stake in Kramatorskteploenergo LLC in Ukraine. It was Zinevich who signed the contract for the purchase of South African coal in 2014,” they said.. A person with such a surname, name and patronymic is the father-in-law of Alexei Azarov, the father of his wife, Lilia Fatkhulina. In addition, Kazantaev was the owner of the now closed Istra Rapid LLC, which has been in liquidation since January 2018.. The liquidator is Dovzhikova Ksenia Gennadievna, to whom the apartment of Mykola Azarov in Kyiv on Volodymyrska Street is now rewritten. So, in the database on the Import Genius website there is information on the supply of various designs from the Kharkiv enterprise of the Muraevs to the Moscow Istra Rapid. Anti-corruption activists noted that now Muraev denies ties with Russia, says that he has no business. This is stated in the investigation of the “Schemes” program. Odarchenko himself denies that he funded Muraev's party. Also, according to Schemes, in 2017 Odarchenko was caught driving while intoxicated.. The protocol of the National Police states that he was driving under the influence of alcohol and refused to take a blood alcohol test.. Odarchenko himself stated that he did not drink or use drugs, and law enforcement officers stopped his car for no reason.. As a result, the case against Odarchenko was closed due to lack of evidence.. The police were supposed to record the refusal of the examination on video, but the discs with the records, handed over by the police officers to the court, were damaged. The investigation notes that until recently Andrey Odarchenko had a business. According to the registry of legal entities, he was the owner of a number of companies in Kharkov that are engaged in the rental and management of leased real estate. One of them is Gradient Invest LLC, from which Odarchenko left on the eve of the parliamentary elections – June 25. Now its founder is his father – Nikolai Odarchenko. Using the contact number of Gradient Invest, you can also contact Rubicon Trading LLC, co-owned by Vadim Slyusarev (99%). The media call Vadim Slyusarev the “shadow curator” of the Servant of the People headquarters, in addition to Odarchenko, his name is associated with at least three other Kharkiv majoritarians – Alexander Bakumov, Dmitry Mikisha and Alexei Kucher. How journalists capture non-public meetings under the lenses:

Management of Yanukovych's estate was entrusted to Muraev's man

The management of the residence of the fugitive president was given to the ex-assistant of the people's deputy from the Kharkiv region, Yevgeny Muraev. On May 29, at a meeting of the Agency for Tracing and Management of Assets (ARMA), the winner of the competition for the management of the residence of Yanukovych “Mezhyhirya” was unanimously determined. They became the company “SCompany”. The director of this company is Alexei Voronenko, a former assistant to MP Yevgeny Muraev. This was reported by journalist Ekaterina Gorchinskaya. According to Gorchinskaya, Voronenko has connections with Viktor Medvedchuk, as he often appears on the air of 112 Ukraine and Newsone TV channels.. The TV channels belong to the people's deputy from the “Opposition Bloc” Taras Kozak, who is closely associated with Medvedchuk. The journalist also noted that the company's management was practically absent in Mezhyhirya, but this did not prevent them from presenting the project on the development of the residence at the meeting.

Kharkiv people's deputy truant bought an SUV for three and a half million hryvnias

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Yevhen Muraev purchased a 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 for UAH 3,640,000. MP bought an SUV from a citizen of Ukraine Konstantin Verikovsky. In addition to Toyota Land Cruiser, Muraev owns a 2012 Lexus LX 570, which he purchased in 2014 for 960,000 hryvnias. Yevgeny Muraev indicated in his declaration that his salary for 2017 amounted to 200.6 thousand hryvnias. In addition, the people's deputy in 2017 received 420 thousand. income from the provision of property for rent, 191.1 thousand. – compensation for renting a house or renting a hotel room and 252.8 thousand. – reimbursement of expenses related to the performance of deputy powers. In cash, the people's deputy keeps UAH 10.15 million, 2 million. dollars and 1 million euros. Another 523 thousand. occupied by third parties. In his bank accounts there are 281 euros and 4 thousand. hryvnia, according to the Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center.

Muraev declared three pairs of watches, a carbine and 170,000 aid from the budget

Non-factional deputy Yevgeny Muraev published an electronic declaration for 2015. According to the declaration, last year his income amounted to UAH 70,955 of salary. MP keeps 18.5 million hryvnias, 2 million dollars and 1 million euros in cash. But at the same time, the ex-regional did not refuse state assistance for rent in the amount of 167.9 thousand. The declaration also states that in 2006 he became the owner of an apartment in Kharkov with an area of 171 sq.. m for 1.2 million. hryvnia. The people's choice drives a LEXUS LX 570 (2012), and his wife drives a BMW X6 (2011). According to the document, the deputy has three pairs of watches and a carbine, and his wife Valeria Muraeva – 15 paintings of the 19th-20th centuries, three pairs of gold watches and jewelry with a precious stone. As stated in the declaration, the deputy Muraev is the ultimate beneficiary of the Novosti 24 Hours and Creative companies, and his wife Valeria is the ultimate beneficiary of the Robinson and K companies.

Kharkiv people's deputy will be checked for tax evasion

The corresponding decision was adopted in early August by the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv. The pre-trial investigation established that the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada submitted to the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption an annual electronic declaration for 2015, in which he indicated, in particular, cash – 2 million dollars, 1 million euros and 18.5 million hryvnias, as well as a Lexus car LX570 2012 release worth 960,000 hryvnia. At the same time, according to the State Fiscal Service, in the period from 2007 to 2015, Muraev paid taxes on only UAH 1,751,957 of income received, respectively, according to preliminary conclusions, he evaded paying taxes and fees. Muraev himself claims on his Facebook page that “there are no such documents in the public domain in the register of court decisions”. And the interest of the Prosecutor General's Office in his own person is traditionally associated with his “political position”, which is like a “bone in the throat” of the authorities. However, the materials of the pre-trial investigation can be easily found on the ERDR website. The court instructed tax officials to check the people's deputy.

Muraev's father's firm is suspected of taking over budget money

Law enforcers suspect officials of PAM HOUSE LLC, Altep LLC, KP of the Kharkiv District Council Kommunenergo, the Education Department of the Zmiev Regional State Administration, KP Zmiev Teplo and the Zmiev City Council of taking over budgetary funds when purchasing heating at inflated prices. This is evidenced by the decision of the Kyiv District Court of. Kharkov dated February 6. According to the investigation, at the beginning of 2016 KP Kommunenergo ordered PAM HOUSE LLC without competitive bidding for solid fuel in the amount of UAH 4.50 million, and Altep LLC ordered the processing of alternative fuel into thermal energy for UAH 5.5 million UAH. The utility companies paid the full amount to the companies. Investigators found that purchases exceed the average market value of fuel material and thermal energy. According to the conclusion of law enforcement agencies, the officials of KP Komunenergo, in collusion with the officials of PAM HOUSE LLC and Altep LLC, overestimated the cost of produced energy in the amount of 4.184 million. UAH According to the police, PAM HOUSE officials transferred the funds received from the utility company to a firm with signs of fictitious Greytop TS LLC and Novosti 24 LLC. The investigation also established that during 2016 KP “Zmiev Teplo”, KP “Heat Networks of Kharkiv District” of Kharkiv Regional State Administration, KP “Kommunenergo”, Zmievskaya City Council, Education Department of Zmievskaya RGA, Borkovsky Village Council of Zmievsky District ordered LLC “Altep” and LLC “PAM HOUSE” supply of fuel materials, steam, hot water and processing of alternative fuel into thermal energy at obviously inflated prices. At the request of law enforcement officers, the court granted access to documents regarding the financial relationship between PAM HOUSE and Altep with Greytopt TZ LLC. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the founders of Altep LLC are the father of the People's Deputy of Ukraine from the Opposition Bloc, Vladimir Muraev, and Hendlik Technic LLC, which is registered to the Austrian Paul Torsten. In 2010, Muraev Jr. became the chairman of the Zmievskaya district state administration of the Kharkiv region. In 2012 and 2014 he was elected to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in a single-mandate constituency. It includes Zmievskiy and Kharkivskiy districts, where Altep has regularly received heating contracts in recent years. According to the Nashi Groshi website, the former co-owner of Altep was Konstantin Pivovarov, a confidant of the ex-head of the Party of Regions and the government of Ukraine Mykola Azarov. After the Revolution of Dignity, Azarov transferred his Austrian company Garda Handels- und Beteiligungs GmbH, a house in Vienna and villas in Sardinia to Pivovarov. PAM HOUSE LLC is registered to Hendlik Technik LLC and a deputy of the Kharkiv Regional Council Denis Krishtal, who became a deputy in his native Zmievsky district for Muraev from the Opposition Bloc.

People's Deputy Muraev's entourage received millions of contracts in Zmiev when he headed the local RGA

The court denied the Department of Housing and Communal Services and Infrastructure Development of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration an appeal and ordered it to pay 73 thousand in favor of Zmiev Construction Company LLC. UAH This is stated in the decision of the Kharkiv Economic Court of Appeal. In 2011, Zmievskaya Construction Company LLC received a contract for the reconstruction of the heat supply system with the introduction of energy-saving equipment in the microdistrict of the railway station in Zmiev, Kharkiv region. The cost of work amounted to 1.13 million. hryvnia, of which 1.08 million were paid from the state budget. UAH. Balance in the amount of 0.05 million. UAH. had to pay from the budget of the Zmievsky district as co-financing, but the company did not receive these funds. In court, a representative of the Zmievsky District Council said that at the end of 2011, all the necessary funds were transferred from the district budget to the account of the Regional State Administration Department. But the following year, the Regional State Administration returned them to the district budget on its own initiative.. Therefore, the Zmievsky District Council declared that it had fulfilled all its obligations, and the Kharkiv Regional State Administration should pay the debt. Although the regional authorities pointed out in court that the singing did not receive funding under the project. The court agreed with these arguments and ruled that it was the Department of Housing and Communal Services and Infrastructure Development of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration that should pay Zmievskaya Construction Company LLC 53 thousand. UAH. debt, 13.5 thousand. UAH inflation charges, 7 thousand UAH. penalties and another 5 thousand UAH. per annum. In general, UAH 73.08 thousand should be paid. Zmievskaya Construction Company LLC is located in Kharkiv on Grekovskaya Street, 79. The founder and director is Oleksandr Drizhak. He is also the head of Slovoinfotrade LLC, which is located at the same address of the Zmiev Construction Company. One of the founders of Slovoinfotrade is Yaroslav Novoselsky. He was the director of several enterprises at once, which continued to be located at Grekovskaya, 79 and Sadovoy proezd, 9. In particular, Novoselsky was the director of Teplosnabstroy LLC, the founder of which is Eastern Financial Group LLC.. This structure is also located on Grekovskaya, 79. Now the founders of Vostochnaya Financial Group LLC are Vladimir and Olga Muraev, the parents of the MP from the Opposition Bloc faction Yevgeny Muraev, who was the head of this company before being appointed to the civil service. In 2010, Muraev became the head of the Zmievskaya district state administration, and it was during the leadership of the district that work was carried out that was carried out by Zmievskaya Construction Company LLC. In addition, after carrying out these works in recent years, contracts for heating from the Zmiev City Council and the Birkovsky Village Council began to be received by Altep LLC, owned by Vladimir Muraev. In 2012 and 2014, Muraev was elected to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in a single-mandate constituency, which includes the Zmievsky district.


Evgeny Muraev is a foreign agent representing the interests of the Kremlin. In peacetime, he plundered Zmiev's budget along with his entourage, and also spread false information about the conflict in Donbass. At the moment he is in Russia, and according to some reports, he was going to the post of dummy president of Ukraine.

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