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Montyan Tatyana Nikolaevna


Tatyana Montyan is a scandalous lawyer and a fan of the "Russian world". It is related to the fake case of rape of children in\"Artek\", involved in many scandals, fights on the air, sharp Ukrainophobic statements. He actively distributes Kremlin propaganda and misinforms Ukrainians. He is friends with the terrorists of the L\\DPR.

Ukraine, possibly Russia
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Montyan Tatyana Nikolaevna

Official biography

August 29, 1972. Kerch. Well-known Ukrainian lawyer, publicist and blogger all rolled into one Tatiana Montyan gained popularity gradually. The public figure managed to achieve this through sharp statements regarding the current political situation in Ukraine and participation in high-profile criminal cases as a defender. A fighter in spirit, she still stands on the side of the infringed on the rights of citizens.


Moscow State University. Lomonosov in Moscow, specialty – jurisprudence.


In the Ukrainian capital, the first job appeared in Tatyana's biography: a graduate of Moscow State University got a job at the Kyiv Bar. For the first time, the girl managed to distinguish herself in 2001, when, after the March action “Ukraine without Kuchma”, the Security Service opened cases against its participants.. Montyan volunteered to defend the defendants, trying to prove that the actions of the representatives of the authorities contained many inconsistencies and errors. And already at the beginning of next year, a case was brought against Tatyana, accusing her of resisting police officers.. Allegedly, the woman hit the guard, who intercepted the note she was passing through the bars to the defendants. According to Ukrainian law, Montyan temporarily lost the right to work as a lawyer, since a criminal case was initiated against her.. In 2005, due to the statute of limitations, restrictions were lifted. During the period when Tatyana Nikolaevna could not defend defendants in criminal cases as a lawyer, she temporarily switched to civil and commercial law. By that time, she had not paid rent to the housing office for about 11 years, justifying this by the fact that 6 times less money is spent on maintaining her house than in reality is allocated for maintenance and repairs. The lawyer decided to defend her rights by creating an association of co-owners of apartment buildings in her own house.

Family status
Widow. Late husband Yuri Vasilenko – judge. There are four children – Yaroslav, Bogdan, Vadim and Vlad.
Tatyana Montyan with her husband:
NOT official biography
According to media reports, obtaining a permit for the activities of a lawyer Tatyana Nikolaevna Montyan in 1995 was associated with a violation of the current legislation. In 1994, the lawyer had just completed her studies at a Russian university, which meant that she could not fulfill the requirement of the law on Ukrainian two-year practice. In 2015, an investigation was published by the ANTIKOR Internet information project regarding the title of “European Commission expert on registration and protection of property rights”, which Tatyana Nikolaevna Montyan added to her name. The author made a request to the relevant body of the European government. The written response denied the participation of the lawyer in any legal projects of the organization. Added to the lists of the “Peacemaker” resource for repeated violation of the border crossing regime, a call to refuse mobilization, as well as to the murder of Ukrainian citizens.

Details of the scandalous detention of a lawyer

The lawyer was detained for malicious disobedience to the police. According to Polischuk, Montyan was put in a penitentiary for malicious disobedience to police officers. “A video of this incident is being filmed from surveillance cameras,” he said.. According to Polishchuk, Montyan stated that she had come to the police department to see her client, but did not show any documents stating that she was actually her lawyer. Skirmish between Montyan and Policemen:

Recall that Montyan wrote about the arrest in her blog: “I’m sitting in the Abizyannik of the Podolsk district police department of Kiev… I’m sure that the eggs of the dean men of the district will keep the heat of my trained legs for a long time.”


On October 13, 2009, Verkhovna Rada deputies Vadim Kolesnichenko (Party of Regions) and Grigory Omelchenko (BYuT) stated that two pupils were raped and other cases of pedophilia took place in the famous International Children's Center (ICC) Artek. The deputies decided to make the case public, since well-known politicians were involved in it, and there is strong pressure on the investigation.. The prosecutor's office and the police admitted that they were conducting a case of molestation of minors in Artek and that politicians were not excluded from it. Artek reacted indignantly to the accusations. The camp management stated that all children are in complete safety on the territory of the IDC, and there were no pedophiles there and there are no. The investigation was taken under personal control by President Viktor Yushchenko. On the Internet, I managed to find a full-fledged article with documents: On October 15-16, 2009, a number of Ukrainian media published information indicating the names of deputies from the BYuT faction allegedly involved in the molestation of children – Sergei Terekhin, Viktor Ukolov, Ruslan Bogdan. All these deputies categorically denied their involvement in this case. On October 15, 2009, lawyer Montyan stated at a press conference that pedophile deputies in Artek picked their victims from boarding schools. According to her, she received such information from the children during a conversation with them. At first, the doctors of Okhmatdet expressed bewilderment where Montyan took a certificate of injuries in children's genital organs, issued by their employee back in May 2009, as stated by lawyer Tatyana Montyan. This was reported by Gazeta po-Kievski with reference to the statements of the Okhmatdet doctors. As you know, Montyan, speaking “on behalf of the mother of the victims”, stated that the children were examined in the Okhmatdet hospital on May 14 by a pediatric proctologist. This doctor, she said, issued a certificate “on the identification of certain injuries in children,” which testifies to “long-term sexual acts carried out with these children.” For his part, Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko, speaking in the Verkhovna Rada, noted that the doctors who examined the children did not find any signs of violence. The first time this happened after the mother of the affected children first contacted the police, on April 16. “Okhmatdet” provided a certificate stating that there are no injuries to the genitals,” Lutsenko said.. The second time – after the application filed by Elena Polyukhovich on May 26. “Unfortunately, the act of a forensic medical examination for both one and the second child, literally: “no bodily injuries were detected,” the newspaper quotes Lutsenko. According to the minister, injuries in children were revealed as a result of a forensic medical examination, to which the children were sent on June 22 this year. Two months later! For his part, the Director General of the NSSB of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine “Okhmatdet” Yuriy Gladush commented on the situation as follows: “We can talk about whether there was an appeal from the mother, either with her permission, or at the request of the investigating authorities. But if she brought children for examination without a referral, the doctor is obliged, of course, to examine them and issue an appropriate medical certificate.. At the same time, if a specialist discovers facts of beating, or, in this case, rape, he is simply obliged to report this to the police.”. Outraged by the statement Montyan and Irina Gavrilova, the chief pediatric gynecologist in Kyiv: “It is impossible to establish how long sexual relations lasted. The doctor can unequivocally determine the nature of the damage – outdated or recent, and identify when the last sexual intercourse was approximately.. Lawyer Roman Marchenko, for his part, commented on the situation: “If a doctor finds such injuries, he is obliged to report this to the internal affairs bodies.. After all, child rape is like a “gunshot”, and they are among the most serious crimes.. And the Criminal Code of Ukraine provides for punishment for this fact (on the fact of failure to declare) – from 3 months to 3 years in prison. This medical report, which kills the tales of “rape” in the bud, is at the disposal of Dmitry Polyukhovich’s mother, Raisa Polyukhovich. “I managed to get the results of the examination. The doctor told me that according to these documents, it is obvious that no one raped the children. Lena, probably, somehow set her son and daughter to give the testimony she needed, so the boy got confused during the investigative experiment, ”the woman explains. This time. Immediately, the client represented by Elena Polyukhovich, following Tsygankov’s statement made after dinner on Wednesday (obviously, his position in this matter is primary), breaks off relations with Montyan. This is two. Polyukhovich, it turns out, did not give authority to lawyer Tatyana Montyan to act on her behalf. She stated this in an interview with Gazeta Po-Kievsky on the day after her failure to appear to reporters, on Thursday, October 22, 2009. “I turned to her for legal advice, but I did not give her any authority to act on my behalf,” Polyukhovich said. “I am outraged by her act,” the woman added. Thus, everything said earlier in this case by Ms. Montyan, at the suggestion of the injured party, can be considered invalid.

Montyan walked around occupied Donetsk with a portrait of Zelensky's grandfather

She carried a portrait of Semyon Zelensky so that “at least he could take a walk in the Immortal Regiment while his grandson arranges the SS Galicia Sabbat.” Lawyer Tatyana Montyan on Sunday, May 9, took part in the Immortal Regiment procession, which took place in occupied Donetsk. She posted the corresponding video on her Twitter. The footage shows a woman carrying a portrait.. When the author of the video asked Montyan who was depicted on it, she replied that it was the grandfather of Vladimir Zelensky.

Montyan praised life in the Russian occupation. What did the locals say to her?
Lawyer and YouTube blogger Tatyana Montyan, who often justifies Russian aggression in Ukraine, recorded a video about the benefits of living in the occupied territories. Montyan, who periodically visits ORDLO, assures that the Ukrainian media dramatize the situation there. In this video, she talks about phenomenal cleanliness, decent salaries that those who want to work will receive, and the development of art.
“The USSR of the 1950s was recreated there”. “Instead of advertising condoms, gaskets and all sorts of g… they advertise classical music,” says Tatyana. The video has already garnered over half a million views. We showed it to the residents of ORDLO and asked them to answer point by point what is true and what is not.
The real state of affairs in ORDLO:
The real state of affairs in ORDLO:

“Ukrainian prisoners were tortured and killed”: Ukrainian blogger showed who Montyan met in Donetsk

The visit of the Ukrainian “human rights activist” Tatyana Montyan to Donetsk, which is not controlled by Ukraine, is overgrown with new scandalous details. They were voiced by Ukrainian blogger and journalist Denis Kazansky on his Telegram channel. He published a photo of a member of the illegal armed formation Gennady Dubovoy, with whom Montyan communicates very closely. According to Kazansky, Dubovoi is a “fascist and a fan of degenerates and sadists” from the Russian neo-Nazi formation “Rusich”. Blogger writes: “By the way, Gennady Dubovoi, with whom Tatiana Montyan met and talked in Donetsk, is a fascist and a fan of degenerates and sadists from the Russian neo-Nazi formation Rusich.. In the photo, he hugs war criminals Milchakov and Petrovsky, who tortured and killed Ukrainian prisoners, cut off their ears and literally cut off their faces.. Moreover, all this was photographed and thrown into the network.. There are photos at the link, but I warn you that they are very tough and it is better not to watch them for the faint of heart. Kazansky added that it was with such people that Montyan met and had a nice conversation.

“Donetsk is clean, and Kyiv is a dump”: Montyan was harshly answered after a trip to the militants of the “DPR”

Well-known Ukrainian lawyer Tatyana Montyan visited occupied Donetsk. Blogger Denis Kazansky drew attention to this fact on Twitter. “Montyan: “Donetsk is clean, well-groomed, Kyiv is a dump”. But he will return to live, of course, in the “garbage”. Like other witnesses of the “businesslike Donetsk”, who fled from there, some to Moscow, some to the Crimea, some to Kyiv. This is the whole “Russian world”. Lies and duplicity in everything, ”he wrote. From the published photos it follows that the lawyer met in Donetsk with a militant of the Russian neo-Nazi formation “Rusich” Gennady Dubov.

Devils Advocates. “The Fifth Column” by Sergei Arbuzov

Sergei Arbuzov, a faithful servant of the “family” of Yanukovych, on the instructions of the Kremlin “fuhrer” generously finances Russian agents inside Ukraine. Arbuzov's body movements look funny, but in the context of the dangerous processes taking place in the East of Ukraine, they are somewhat alarming. December 2, 2014. it became known that the Lugansk militants and the Ukrainian military allegedly agreed on a ceasefire from December 5 and on the withdrawal of all heavy equipment from December 6. The day before, the infamous civil activist, outrageous lawyer Tatyana Montyan, arrived in the “Luhansk People's Republic”, accompanied by the former executive producer of the Grom.TV Internet channel Dmitry Filimonov, “famous” for provocative stories about “torture” on Euromaidan. Tatyana Montyan in Donetsk together with Alexey Mozgov:

Linking these two events makes you smile? However, these events are interconnected, and are also connected with Sergei Arbuzov and his new “work”. You can get acquainted with Montyan's impressions of the trip to Luhansk by visiting her Facebook page. I dare to suggest that the main goal of Tatyana Nikolaevna is to convince the Internet audience that wonderful kind people live in the “LPR”, and not separatist terrorists. “People here are quite normal, classy and comfy, and I’m really glad that I’ve started to turn around with a lot of friends,” she wrote. Here, by the way, Montyan “devirtualized”, I think so, with her coolest “friend”: This is Oleksiy Mozgovoy, the commander of the terrorist detachment “Prizrak”, on whose conscience dozens of murders of Ukrainian soldiers, civilians and pro-Ukrainian activists. He is also known for extrajudicial killings in terrorist-controlled territories and the “Stay at home, cross-stitch!” meme.

Tatyana Montyan defends the separatist Tsarev:

We would not like to give any moral or psychiatric (like some bloggers) assessment of Tatyana Nikolaevna's voyage. We are now interested not in morality and medicine, but in Sergey Arbuzov. Indeed, as our sources whisper, Tatyana Nikolaevna's fascinating trip was de facto financed by Sergei Gennadievich.

Montyan called the new photo of Sentsov a “naked” circus, and immediately received a decent response

Scandalous lawyer and supporter of the “DPR” terrorists Tatyana Montyan once again demonstrated her intelligence by speaking out about the new photo of Sentsov. It should be noted, according to the blogger and lawyer, the director does not look like a person who went on a hunger strike, while she noted that when she was on hunger strike, the result was really visible. “Looks good, I tell you.. And as for the 138th day of fasting – it's generally wonderful! Check it out – on the 42nd day of the hunger strike I was significantly, significantly thinner. Someone can explain to me what is the meaning of this naked circus? After all, there is very little left to the record of the famous Dr. Haider (an American dissident who was starving to stop the arms race between the USA and the USSR.)!” she cruelly noted and published a video in which she demonstrated the results of her fasting in order to improve her figure. We didn't have to wait long for an answer to such a brazen comparison and statement.. So, the Ukrainian political strategist Oleksiy Golobutsky on his personal Telegram channel criticized the words of the scandalous traitor, calling her a maggot on a corpse. “Montyan the day before yesterday on FB ventured to compare Sentsov with herself: they say he is not so thin, she is thinner. Firstly, this is a challenge to ethics: no one will stoop to bullying someone on the verge of death. But Montyan still managed to spoil the aesthetic feelings of people by comparing with such a disgusting pig-like unwashed creature.. How disgusting it is – more disgusting than maggot on the corpse of a drowned man three months ago, ”wrote Golobutsky.

“He won't answer for the killed Ukrainians!” Odious Montyan scandalized with a statement about the death of McCain

The odious lawyer and blogger Tatyana Montyan, who actively supports the occupation policy of Russia, made a scandalous statement about US Senator John McCain, who died on August 26 from cancer. “It is a pity that there is neither God nor hell. And this scum will not answer for the killed Vietnamese and Ukrainians,” Montyan wrote on her Twitter.

Aged teacher from Brazzers

Yulia Tymoshenko unleashed her battle scythe, which she was with during the recent breakthrough of the border by Mikheil Saakashvili. Now Lady Yu, thanks to Botox and other surgical-plastic-political interventions, has become like a teacher. The well-known Kyiv lawyer Tatyana Montyan compared the image of Tymoshenko with the heroines of porn films from the Brazzers studio. “Aged teacher from Brazzers”. As for me, it is a very promising image,” Montyan comments.

“Looks like the Kerch bridge”: scandalous Ukrainian human rights activist lit up on the beach in Crimea

The infamous Ukrainian lawyer and blogger Tatyana Montyan published photos from the occupied Crimea. She published pictures from the beach of Evpatoria on her Facebook page. “This is actually the end of the Evpatoria beach, so the people are moderately. Traditionally, there are much more people on the central beaches,” Montyan signed a photo of an empty coast. She also published photos of a Yevpatoriya cafe and several streets, saying that there is “really good tourist infrastructure”. We also note that there are actually no people in these pictures. Photos of the odious blogger from the occupied Crimea immediately went viral: Ukrainians vied with each other to joke about Montyan. “This is not the end of the beach, but of civilization and common sense,” commented Irina Samoilova. “And does not sink. What a steadfast love for the occupiers,” said Valentin Tarasov.

Lawyer Tatyana Montyan, who made a scandal at the border, got to a resort in Spain

Lawyer Tatyana Montyan, who recently blew up social networks with a scandal on the Ukrainian-Polish border, publishes photos from Spanish beaches on Facebook. “In fact, this Lloret de Mar is Crimea Crimea. The same crowds of holidaymakers, the same sellers of towels, magnets, mattresses, beach junk, and the like. Only the Mediterranean Sea cannot be compared with the Black Sea, because wildly salty is so salty , which is even bitter. In short, Kerch wins in all respects,” the lawyer wrote. Llloret de Mar – the center of the tourist Costa Brava and the main party place of the Mediterranean coast. The resort is 75 km from Barcelona, 30 km from Girona and 100 km from France. Holidays in Spain, photo from Facebook Tatiana Montyan: Holidays in Spain, photo from Facebook Tatiana Montyan: Montian also posted some beach photos.

Montyan is a real agent of the Russian special services – Butusov

Lawyer Tatyana Montyan acts in Kyiv under the guise of a lawyer, but in fact she conducts systemic anti-state activities in the interests of the Russian Federation. Journalist Yury Butusov wrote about this on his Facebook page. “It is a pity that the SBU and the State Border Service allowed her to leave after this trick – this is a real agent of the Russian special services.

Propaganda content from Tatiana Montyan:

I hope they open a criminal case against her.. It will be a pity if this shame is left without legal consequences.. What a pity that I have a lot of people far from the Internet in Poznyaki who voted for this traitor of their people in the elections. Well, at least she was not elected to power. A man without honor and dignity,” the journalist wrote.

Montyan about Zelensky, Arestovich, and the future for Ukraine:

A little about the honesty of Tatyana Montyan

An article from the Antikor portal: A year ago I found out that the scandalous lawyer and candidate for people's deputies Tatyana Montyan, known through television shows, turns out to be also …: “8. The best expert in his field In order to write draft laws, Montyan studied foreign experience and read a large volume of scientific literature. Her level of qualification and expertise was recognized at the continental level — Montyan became an expert of the European Commission on the development of mechanisms for solving problems related to common property and reforming the system of registration of property rights.” All my attempts to find at least one scientific publication by Tatiana Montian in any scientific publication turned out to be fruitless. Accordingly, the citation index of scientific papers of the “best expert in their field” among experts also turned out to be equal to zero. Therefore, a year ago, I became interested in the methodology for conferring the title of “European Commission expert” to Tatyana Montyan and called the EU Delegation to Ukraine. The EU Delegation knew the lawyer in the pedophile case in Artek well, but they were extremely surprised, because. among the 300 Ukrainian experts known to them, Tatyana Montyan was unknown to them. In order to get a precise answer, an information request was sent to the EU Delegation. The Delegation of the European Union in Ukraine found it possible to check my request within two weeks: “Is Tatyana N. Montyan a Ukrainian expert of the European Commission (Government of the European Union) on developing mechanisms for resolving problems of joint property and reforming the system of registration of property rights?” and respond in writing to me and other addressees as follows: “Mrs. Montyan is not an expert on legal projects funded by us.” A year ago, I decided not to publish this information in the media, but only to discuss it at the Ukrainian Pravda Forum. Apparently, the lawyer Montyan did not understand the answer of the European Commission and again in his election program, but already in the 223rd constituency, he drives into the heads of gullible voters “as an expert of the European Commission for registration and defense of the main rights …”.

In Kyiv, they doused green paint on a scandalous lawyer

If Tatyana Montyan hoped for the sympathy of ordinary Ukrainians, then it is useless. Tatyana Montyan was doused with brilliant green: Scandalous Ukrainian lawyer Tatyana Montyan was doused with green paint at the exit from the court building. This was reported by the Twitter account Hu * vy Kyiv, Patriots of Ukraine. Tatyana Montyan was doused with brilliant green: “Kyiv today. Montyansha was sold with brilliant green after the trial for squeezing condominiums,” writes Khu * vy Kyiv. “Maybe even now Montyan will wash his hair,” another Twitter user sneers.. “Montyan was doused with green paint, but no one noticed,” Cigaret Shooter tweeted.

Montyan: Ukrainians who fled to Poland discredited themselves

Migrants from Ukraine in Poland discredited the image of a refugee with arrogant and selfish behavior. This statement was made by blogger and lawyer Tatyana Montyan. According to her, Ukrainian refugees behave equally badly in any country in the world.. In some places, they even compile lists of Russians, Russians and those who support the Russian Federation, but their activity is stopped by complaints to the police and threats of deportation.. As a result, nationalist-minded Ukrainians close in on themselves and demonstrate the position “only for their own”. “The Egyptians ask me: “How is it that they behave like this?”. I answer: “You don't understand, they have eight years of total impunity. They are used to behaving like this and never get a return, no one returns them to the sinful earth.. But then they finally began to land them, ”said the lawyer on the Rutube channel She admitted that she rubs her hands in anticipation of the insight of the European Union and other countries regarding Ukrainian refugees.. Tatyana Montyan considers the example of Poland to be indicative. “The Poles quickly made a disappointing conclusion about all the representatives of Ukraine. Refugees rented out housing for incredible money, and they themselves rushed to Poland and tried to pick buns there. But the Poles uncovered them, ”the blogger stated.

Political scientist Montyan described Zelensky's insidious plan for the water blockade of Donbass in one sentence

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky intends to set up a water blockade in the Donbass with the help of an insidious plan, political analyst Tatyana Montyan is sure. The expert commented on the shots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on civilians in the LDNR, PolitRussia reports.. The entire Donetsk agglomeration was under heavy shelling, and the nationalists are not going to get out of their bunkers, stressed Montyan. She also summed up Kyiv's sinister intentions in one sentence to leave the region without water.

Ukrainian political scientist: there is no Western “plan B” for Russia that has withstood the sanctions

Ukrainian political scientist and blogger Tatyana Montyan, in the project “In the subject” on the BelTA YouTube channel, said that the West “bet everything on the fact that Russia would collapse economically” and did not expect that it could turn out somehow differently.

“There are few places where the West is so hated as here!”. MONTYAN about the USA, the European Union, Africa and traitors: %B8%D0%BE%D0%BD%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B5%D0%B0%D0%B3%D0%B5%D0%BD%D1%82%D1%81%D1%82 %D0%B2%D0%BE%D0%91%D0%B5%D0%BB%D0%A2%D0%90 The presenter asked the political scientist to comment on the opinion that in the sixth package of anti-Russian sanctions the “collective West” has already “squeezed” out of himself, and his arguments “in this regard have already ended”. At the same time, Russia, as they often say, “has not even come to the sanctions war yet.” Montian replied that “the collective West is very creative, so they will definitely come up with something else.” However, as she put it, “any package of sanctions in a row will be placed in the same place where the previous ones are already – in another package with previous sanctions.” At the same time, Tatyana Montyan said: “They again did not have a plan B.”

Ukrainian Montyan, at the invitation of the Russian Federation, spoke at the UN meeting on Donbass

Ukrainian lawyer and blogger Tatyana Montyan, at the invitation of the Russian Federation, spoke at a meeting of the UN Security Council, where she accused Ukraine of trying to disrupt the Minsk agreements and following the desires of the West to get involved in hostilities with Russia on its territory. This is evidenced by the video of the meeting on Youtube today, February 17.

Reactions to Montyan's involvement

Montyan stated that the Ukrainian leadership repeatedly agreed to the implementation of the Minsk agreements only in order to strengthen the army to conquer uncontrolled territories. The lawyer pointed out that President Volodymyr Zelensky directly stated that he was not going to agree to direct negotiations with the leaders of the so-called “republics”. UN meeting on Donbass: “And it's not just that they don't want to talk to the 'republics', as Zelensky specifically said, that he sees no reason to talk to Donetsk and Lugansk. He doesn’t even want to have a dialogue within the country with people who don’t want to join NATO and the European Union, who want to live in peace with Russia and other countries,” Montyan said. The lawyer also said that opposition channels are being closed in Ukraine and “dissent” is being persecuted “, therefore, they will not comply with the Minsk agreements. She said that the West is trying to draw the Russian Federation into the war on the territory of Ukraine and allows Kyiv not to fulfill its obligations: “If it were not for the West, the Minsk agreements would have been implemented a long time ago,” Montyan emphasized. As Ukrainian News Agency reported, in May 2021, Ukrainian lawyer and blogger Tatyana Montyan took part in the Immortal Regiment procession dedicated to Victory Day in uncontrolled Donetsk. In 2018, the administration of the social network Facebook banned Montyan's official account for an indefinite period.

Tatyana Montyan, pretending to be a refugee, lives in Egypt and continues her anti-Ukrainian activities

As you know, since 2014, a network of pro-Russian propagandists and Kremlin agents has been operating in Ukraine, who, under the guise of journalists, politicians, experts, political scientists, public figures and activists, have been spreading Russian propaganda narratives and destabilizing Ukraine in the interests of Moscow. When the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine began on February 24, almost all of them left the territory of Ukraine and went to other countries, hiding behind the status of a refugee.. The worst thing is that in the countries hosting refugees from Ukraine, who really suffered from Russian aggression and survived the horror of the war, they also treat the Russian sixes in the same way – those who helped start this war for 8 years. So, it is known that in Egypt, in the city of Dahab, there is a well-known pro-Russian propagandist, a citizen of Ukrainka, Tatyana Nikolaevna Montyan. In the ARE, she continues to engage in propaganda activities, collaborationism, using Russian propaganda narratives and streams on her own You Tube channel. According to available information, she lived at the Swiss Inn Resort Dahab, and now she may have already changed her place of residence. Tatyana Montyan is one of those who were extremely active and extremely aggressive in their activities in the interests of Russia against Ukraine, being under the patronage and financing of the Russian special services.

Ukrainian lawyer slapped Polish political scientist on air for saying about Donbass

Ukrainian human rights activist and journalist Tatyana Montyan and Polish political scientist Yakub Koreiba had a skirmish on the air of the program “Time Will Show” on Channel One because of the statements addressed to the residents of Donbass. Live Montian punched Koreiba in the face. During the discussion of the situation in Donbass, the political scientist began to interrupt other participants in the program and, according to Montyan, laughed at the people who had suffered during the conflict. Leading programs separated the conflicting ones, Izvestia writes. At the same time, the speakers accused Koreiba of provocation, the political scientist himself said that he had come “in peace” and offered Montyan to make peace. Montyan fight with Koreiba:

The distraught Montyan uttered a life sentence with a new statement about Ukraine: “if only bombs would fall”

The infamous human rights activist from Kyiv Tatyana Montyan was criticized for calling for unity with Russia. She wants the unification of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus into one federal power. According to Tatyana Montyan, otherwise all three countries are doomed to disaster. “It would be nice to arrange some kind of federation Russia-Ukraine-Belarus. There used to be hopes that Ukraine and Belarus would be able to live independently. But, most likely, the “Pindos” and Evropka will not give it, and sooner or later they will ruin Belarus just as they ruined us,” she said live. According to Tatyana Montyan, neighboring countries simply cannot exist without Russia. However, the Russians also cannot survive without Ukraine and Belarus. After all, according to the blogger, they are threatened with a large-scale invasion from the West. She fears that NATO “will just bomb Russia”, left alone. To prevent this from happening, Tatyana Montyan called on Russia to forcibly seize neighboring countries. She believes that the Kremlin should have acted more decisively back in 2014 and at the same time “in no case should we recognize our maydaun raguls.” Social media users were outraged by the statements of the lawyer.

Ties to crime

Robert Mkrtchyan, Alexander Slavtich, Igor Sbitnev – Kharkov swindlers involved in many corruption schemes, money theft, and real estate scams. According to the ANTIKOR portal, it was these three who assisted in organizing public lectures for the well-known “quilted jacket”, separatist and figure in the “Peacemaker” base Tatyana Montyan.

Journalist Boyko and lawyer Montyan say they were not released from Ukraine at the request of the SBU

Ukrainian border guards detained Kyiv lawyer Tatyana Montyan and journalist Volodymyr Boyko on the border with Poland in the Lviv region. They were never able to leave Ukraine due to the fact that they ended up in the database of the “Peacemaker” website. This was announced by the lawyer herself on her Facebook page. “The border guards took my foreign passport from me and do not give it back, referring to the fact that the SBU entered me into some kind of database,” writes Tatyana Montyan.

Montyan insulted Tymoshenko and Sadovoy on Russian television

Ukrainian lawyer Tatyana Montyan insulted the mayor of Lvov Andriy Sadovoy and the leader of the Batkivshchyna party Yulia Tymoshenko on Russian television. She announced her participation in the Time Will Show program on the Russian First Channel on her Facebook page, Word and Deed reports. “She (Tymoshenko) is the flesh of the flesh of this new criminal power number two, and everything is clear with the Lviv residents – they are buried in garbage thanks to their own elected mayor Andryusha Sadovy from Self-Help, who turned out to be Self-Help,” Montyan said. The lawyer believes that Ukrainian politicians were hired by the United States and Europe, and they “sold our independence, which no longer exists.” In addition, she expressed her opinion regarding the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. “Poroshenko was quite pro-Russian, but then he was offered a little more money from the State Department. They were all pro-Russian. Tymoshenko giggled with Putin beautifully,” says Montyan. It should be noted that back in April last year, the Security Service suspected Tatyana Montyan of complicity with the terrorists of the “DNR” and “LNR”.

Status and source of income

Receives income from advocacy. She repeatedly participated in a talk show on Russian television, where she spoke negatively about the inhabitants of her country. Participation in such programs, as a rule, is generously paid.

Tatyana Montyan is a human rights activist who has built a career on high-profile cases and scandals. Now he works for the Kremlin, apparently this is quite a profitable business.

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