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Mislivets Egor Vyacheslavovich


Egor Myslivets is a traitor to the country, spreading Russian propaganda in Ukraine and undermining the reputation of the Ukrainian authorities in wartime. According to some reports, he receives about 10 thousand dollars from Russia for his propaganda activities. Member of the pro-Russian party\"Derzhava \", an ally of the famous separatists Kirill Stremousov, Dmitry Vasilets, and others. He has been creating content for the YouTube channel since 2018, during which time he bought himself at least two apartments and a new car. He has a business in Russia, and in the occupied territories, which may mean the presence of a Russian passport.

Ukraine, possibly Russia
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Mislivets Egor Vyacheslavovich

Official biography

Date of birth 08.08.1985 Dnepropetrovsk region c. Bogdanovka. Public figure, politician, human rights activist, blogger, founder and owner of a nominal YouTube channel Yegor Myslivets was born in Ukraine in 1985. More specific biographical information is not available.. The place where Myslivets was born is also not covered anywhere.. As for education, you can only say that it supposedly has a scientific degree. In 2019, a story was published where Mislivets was named Doctor of Political Science. This means that there is a secondary education and a higher. Glory to the man brought blogging activities. Egor shares with subscribers his interpretation of the most significant events in the country and the world, and evaluates the decisions of the country's leadership. Blogging and media Yegor registered his YouTube channel in 2018.

NOT official biography

Yegor Myslyvets is a propagandist blogger who sets Ukrainians against their own country and the president. He has a business in Russia, and is most likely a pseudo-expert paid by the Kremlin.

Yegor Myslivets criticized the deoligarchization in Ukraine: “What is the manifestation of the war with the oligarchy?”

Public and political figure, entrepreneur, head of the public organization “Social Unity” Yegor Okhotnik believes that the fight against the oligarchs in Ukraine is a fiction. He said this in the program “On the Case” with Lyubov Zavalnyuk. Yegor Myslivets constantly criticized the Ukrainian authorities:

“Star” of Russian TV goes to the mayoral elections of the city in the Dnipropetrovsk region

The movement of bloggers has joined forces with the Our Land party, and two representatives of this movement, Viktoria Shilova and Yegor Myslivets, are going to the mayors. I am the mayor of Novomoskovsk, Yegor is the mayor of Kamensky.

Diversification of COB. Party “power”

The political party “State”, which includes active adherents of the KOB and their accomplices, serves only as a fake screen for anti-Ukrainian propaganda and operations of Russian special services on the territory of our country. The term diversification, derived from the Latin adjective diversus (diverse) and the verb facere (to produce), broadly means expanding the range of goods to cover new markets and increase income. If it concerns the diversification of production, then the same industrial company specializing in the manufacture of, say, dishes, will additionally establish the production of other products – clothing, cosmetics or food. A variety of products are produced under a single brand, which is recognized by an increasing number of consumers, and this serves as an additional means of popularizing the brand (trademark). Video from YouTube exposing Myslivtsya. The author forgot to record the sound:

More to the point, diversification, under certain conditions, manifests itself not only as a purely production concept. If, instead of consumer goods, a completely different one is produced – an ideological, media product, then it turns into a concept for conducting anti-state propaganda and intelligence and subversive activities. Here the competition is not for consumer demand, but for public opinion in order to win over the broad circles of the population. Content on the YouTube channel of Yegor Mislivets: This happens when an organization simultaneously promotes, for example, conspiracy theories, initiates public projects and participates in political processes. To achieve the set goals, a single network of agitators is always created, who together promote the same ideology in different directions.

 KOB members are regularly exposed by Ukrainian law enforcement officers

Thus, the Russian neo-pagan political sect KOB in their homeland during 2000-2007. acted under the guise of the political party KPE (rus. Conceptual party “Unity”, another version of the name – “Course of Truth and Unity”). Since 2012. until now, the KPI operates in the organizational and legal form of a social movement. She has close ties to the Russian NOD paramilitary movement and the Anastasian sect (Ringing Cedars of Russia). In Ukraine, the COB carries out its activities under the guise of an extensive network of political projects and public associations. Let us recall the “Team of Humanity” and “Green Ribbon” – the social movements of the KOBs, which played a leading role in creating the basis for the Russian occupation of part of the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Then there was the “Russian national community “Rusich”, which propagated the ideology of the KOB in the Kherson region under the leadership of Tatyana Kuzmich. Head of the “RNH” Rusich “in August 2020. was exposed by employees of the Security Council of Ukraine in cooperation with the special services of the aggressor state. As of today, the Kherson City Court continues to consider the case No. 766/2045/21 (proceeding No. 1-kp/766/1910/21) on charges of Tatyana Kuzmich of committing a crime, responsibility for which is provided for by Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – high treason. The “State” party is not the first political project of the KOB. When a quality mark is put on every rubbish, this is called consumer fraud: Even earlier, the SPAS party (Social-Patriotic Assembly of the Slavs) was created with similar program goals. The leader of SPAS, a repeatedly convicted resident of the Kherson region, also an active campaigner for the KOB Eduard Kovalenko in January 2021. was caught collaborating with the FSB of the Russian Federation. Now he is in the same position as Tatyana Kuzmich. After that, it became clear that there was a need to bring a new political force to the “market”. An additional factor that prompted the KOB members to become more active was the fact that their main competitor, Shariy's Party, may cease to exist in the near future. And taking into account the latest events unfolding around the Opposition Platform for Life party, which may suffer the same fate, the KOB members decided to take the opportunity and win over a certain part of the electorate.

Party of bloggers – “Derzhava”

The first mention of the “new” political force (albeit under a different name) appeared on January 26, 2021, when Viktoria Shilova, an adherent of the KOB, publicly announced her intention to run for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in single-mandate constituency No. region) from the so-called “Party of Bloggers of Ukraine”. To raise funds to pay the registration fee, Shilova turned to her fans on YouTube with a request to donate money and provided bank details. What is the Party of Bloggers of Ukraine, which does not exist in nature and why was the real name of the party hidden?. There is no information about such an organization in the register of Ukrainian political parties. But there is a political party “State” (code 21703036), created quite a long time ago, on January 11, 1999. and registered in. Kyiv on the street. Grigory Skovoroda, 17-B. And not from the “Party of Bloggers of Ukraine”, but from the party “State” Viktoria Shilova participated in the by-elections of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. This is stated in the official documents of the CEC, and everyone can find them in the public domain. Pro-Russian propagandist Myslyvets pretends to be a patriot, investigation:

During the entire previous period of its existence, the State Party practically did not manifest itself in the socio-political life of the country. From 10.05.2007. to 09.11.2020. acting chairman of the party were some Bachigin Vladimir Pavlovich. And from 09.11.2020. Vasilets Dmitry Andreevich became the chairman of the party. It is no coincidence that Dmitry Vasilets was elected to the role of the head of the “State” party, having earned himself the corresponding background of a “prisoner of the regime”. September 28, 2017. Andrushevsky District Court of the Zhytomyr Region Vasilets Dmitry Andreevich, born on 09/06/1986, was convicted under part. 1 Art. 258 3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – creation of a terrorist group or terrorist organization (case No. 296/3990/16-k, proceedings No. 1-kp/272/49/17) up to 9 years in prison. The verdict was appealed on the basis of violation of the rules of jurisdiction, the indictment was returned to the prosecutor. The case is being considered in the Vasilkovsky city district court of the Kyiv region, therefore Vasylets is at large, and not in custody. Yegor Myslivets – member of the political party of the Derzhava party: On social networks and on his own YouTube channel “Dmytro Vasylets”, he posts messages and videos on political topics aimed at discrediting the President of Ukraine and the state authorities as a whole and, whipping up moods of panic, despondency and fear, calls on citizens to go to rallies against the current government .

What are the goals and objectives of the party “Derzhava”

May 01, 2021. The special services of the Russian Federation continue to carry out targeted propaganda activities to impede the development of our national statehood. Under the auspices of various political forces and social movements, including the COB, a network of agitators was created and a large number of their accomplices were involved. He actually lives in the Dnieper on Roman Shukhevych Street, as well as in the city of Kyiv on Bratislavskaya Street. The blogger, using his channels “Social Unity”, “Yegor Mislivets” and the “Social Unity” page on the social network Facebook, distributes separatist content in a perspective beneficial to the Russian Federation. This is reported by the editorial office 056. As it became known, for anti-Ukrainian activities, Yegor Myslivets monthly receives money in the amount of about 8,000 – 10,000 dollars. There is no information about the declaration of this profit. Egor Mislivets is not officially employed and the corresponding deductions are not made. At the same time, he is the founder and director of the Limited Liability Company “ANKH STROY”, EDRPOU code 39035711, legal address: Dnepropetrovsk region, Dniprovsky district, town. Slobozhanskoye, st.. March 8, d. 23. Authorized capital 5000 UAH. In the name of Yegor, an emergency was registered in Donetsk. This state of emergency has the same phone number as Ang-Stroy LLC: LLC “ANKH STROY” and Yegor Mislivets use current accounts opened in the de facto Russian JSC “Sberbank”. Note that since 2015, the company has not actually been operating. In May 2021, Egor Myslivets (Actual value is about $50,000) purchased an apartment in Kyiv at Bratislavskaya Street. Also, Egor Myslivets has an apartment (the actual cost is about 20,000 dollars) in the city of Dnipro, at Zelenaya street. According to available information, in 2016-2021 Yegor Mislivets constantly visited the Russian Federation. According to data from the Internet, the construction company Alliance Group LLC (OGRN 1157746011411) was registered in the Russian Federation, the owner of which is Egor Mislivets with a Russian TIN 773432467440, in connection with this, he probably has a second citizenship of the Russian Federation). In addition, he is assisted in carrying out activities by his mother – Klish Valentina Anatolyevna, born on 05.10.1964, a citizen of Ukraine, who actually lives in Dnipro on Roman Shukhevych Street. The blogger's mother finds content for him on the Internet, does its graphic processing, writes scripts and comes up with titles for videos with a view to their further publication. For her activities, she receives part of the undeclared profits. In June of this year, Egor Myslivets sold an apartment (it was purchased in September 2020 and registered to the mother of Klish V.A., the actual cost is $ 30,000), located in the Dnieper on Dokuchaev Street. Now on Klish V.A. an apartment located in Dnipro on Roman Shukhevych Street (the actual cost is about $30,000), purchased in July 2019, has also been decorated. Yegor Mislivets also has his own black Nissan Rogue car (purchased in July 2021), and his mother has a white Toyota Avensis car manufactured in 2003 (purchased in 2020). In addition, he was seen speaking on a propaganda channel. The blogger himself announced this on his Instagram page. “Today at Stop Censorship we will touch on the topics of Zelensky's parade, corruption of the “servants of the people” and many other interesting things.. The broadcast starts at 14:15, – the blogger wrote.


Yegor Mislivets – pseudo-expert paid by the Kremlin. He gets big money for spreading Russian propaganda, undermines national security. Also, business in Russia has, and therefore Russian citizenship. Why wasn't the SBU interested in this earlier?

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