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Menshikov Daniil Alekseevich


Daniil Menshikov is the corrupt head of the Lviv customs. Nightmares business, covers up smuggling, forges documents, takes bribes. Thanks to illegal activities, he bought a luxury car for 2 million hryvnia, often stays in expensive hotels. Uses drugs with his mistress.

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Daniil Alekseevich Menshikov

Born June 23, 1986. Head of Lviv customs.


Graduated from Kharkiv National University named after V.. N. Karazina. There he studied at the Faculty of Economics, Department of Finance and Credit.


For the first time he was appointed head at the age of 25 at one of the Kharkov private enterprises. Position — Head of the Financial Monitoring Service. In February 2018, Menshikov was appointed Deputy Head of Department in the Department for Entrepreneurship Development and Regulatory Policy of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. The following year, Daniil Menshikov took up the position of Deputy Head of the Department for Monitoring and Analysis of Customs Value and Price Information in the Department of Customs Payments and Customs Value of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, and later the State Customs Service of Ukraine. His goal was to form an effective team and develop new methods of analysis and control. Already in 2021, he began his career as the head of the targeting department of the Coordinating and Monitoring Customs of the State Customs Service. And finally, in August 2021, he became the head of the Cherkasy customs. Now Daniil Menshikov will lead in Lviv.

A family

Ex-wife Anastasia Menshikova

NOT official biography

December 6, 2021. Daniil Menshikov took up his official duties. This is reported by the Telegram channel of the State Customs Service (Customs of Ukraine). with reference to the Independent News Service: After that, new scandals began to be born here, which were left unattended in Kyiv. Truck drivers and owners of logistics companies were the first to evaluate the result of the work of Lviv customs, because queues at checkpoints began to be measured not in hours, but in days. Roads near the state of emergency “Shegini”, “Krakowets” and “Rava-Russkaya” turned into a continuous traffic jam, moreover, in both directions. In order to strengthen the fight against smuggling and violation of customs rules, Daniil Menshikov invited Yuri Prikhodko to his team. Telegram channel of the customs service Yury Prikhodko: It didn't take long to see the effect of this boost.. The method of research and monitoring established: Lviv customs officers have ceased to distinguish new clothes from second-hand. December 17, 2021. at the Korcheva-Krakovets checkpoint, customs officers tried to register a whole truckload of new clothes from China as second-hand, this would lower the cost of customs clearance or avoid it altogether. Thanks to the military from the operational-search department of the State Border Service, this was prevented. Contraband clothing: The leaders of the Lviv customs and the State Customs Service simply hushed up this story. Just before the New Year, Lviv customs officers distinguished themselves again, this time they let a batch of cigarettes into Poland. More than 2,000 packs of cigarettes were found by Polish law enforcement officers from the National Revenue Office. Cigarette smuggling: Despite the fact that this story received publicity in a neighboring country, there is silence again on the Ukrainian side: no dismissals, no suspensions. Moreover, the head of the State Customs Service of Ukraine Vyacheslav Demchenko decided to extend the credit of trust acting. head of the Lviv customs Daniil Menshikov, sending him to Lviv for another month. Menshikov continued his path of fighting smuggling. The fight turned out to be so successful that even the investigators of the DBR and the prosecutor's office had to intervene: on January 10, the inspector of the Rava-Russkaya post uploaded a photograph of an empty minibus to the customs clearance card, despite the fact that the car was “to the eyeballs” packed with goods. For this episode alone, the damage caused to the state is estimated at 121,000 hryvnias. Detained Inspector: But this is just one documented case, how many of these “empty” beads drove into the territory of Ukraine, we are unlikely to ever know. Even the Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine realized that the issue of smuggling is already completely out of control by the leadership of the State Customs Service and the heads of regional customs. Chairman of the Committee Daniil Getmantsev declared his readiness for sharp personnel decisions already in February: It seems that in Lviv they listened to the words of Daniil Getmantsev and walk like it was the last time. Headlines on news sites like “Drunken Customs Officer Detained in Lviv” have already become absolutely commonplace. Detained by police Marian Bedriy: On January 25, returning from a celebration at work, the head of the department for combating customs offenses Marian Berdriy got behind the wheel of a car drunk. He was stopped by the police and found that the level of alcohol in a civil servant was almost twice the legal limit.. Maryan Bedria was never fired for this misconduct.

Sergei Korchak's “paratroopers” crush Lviv business

January 5 acting. head of the Galician customs Serhiy Korchak appealed to the head of the State Customs Service of Ukraine with a request to send a landing force of professionals to the Galician customs “in connection with the official need to provide methodological assistance”. A list of desired candidates was attached to the appeal: Ilyashevich Yaroslav Vladimirovich, head of the customs post “Nikolaev-Morskoy” of the Black Sea customs. Nebrezh Dmitry Petrovich, Head of Administration of Customs Payments, Customs Value and Classification of Goods of the Black Sea Customs. Zhdanovich Maxim Mikhailovich, Chief State Inspector of the Price Information Department of the State Customs Service. It is known that in order to “strengthen” the work of the Galician customs, Daniil Menshikov, head of the department for monitoring and analyzing customs value, managing customs value and price information of the State Customs Service, was sent to Lviv. In July 2022, the SBU discovered another corruption scheme at the Lviv customs:

In July 2022, the SBU discovered another corruption scheme at the Lviv customs: Menshikov Daniil and Zhdanovich Maxim, called to provide “methodological assistance”, in fact, do anything, but not methodological work. They move freely around the customs control zones, take part in the inspection of vehicles, however, such information is not displayed anywhere in official acts. And from the customs posts of Shegini, Rava-Russkaya, Yavorov and Lvov-postal, these workers cannot be driven away with a stick. With their appearance, real harassment of legally working businessmen began. Additional reviews, artificially delaying their duration, blocking declarations, content of cargo, which ultimately brings huge losses to businesses that are used to customs clearance of their goods, and not to give “on the paw”. Now under the special attention of these “watchers” vegetables, fruits, second-hand and household goods. Everything leads to the fact that the “white” business incurs additional costs and is forced to pay downtime, pay for loading and unloading. Such “nightmares” continue until businessmen get on the “streams” that are “roofed” by Korczak's “landing of professionals”. Businessmen who do not want to play by the new rules choose other areas for customs clearance of their goods. Like in Transcarpathia, where the situation is much more adequate and transparent.

Daniil Menshikov – when for acting. head of the Lviv customs laws are not written

And about. head of the Lviv customs Daniil Menshikov was once again spotted on a new, undeclared 2021 Audi A6 car. This was reported in the Facebook community “Corrupt Galician Customs”, writes “Lviv News”. The cost of an elite car starts from 2 million hryvnia. This is not the first time Menshikov has been spotted with his companion Golubitskaya Kristina in the parking lot near the GRAND HOTEL. It should be noted that the cost of a hotel room per day is about 10 thousand hryvnia. “During working hours, he does everything except his direct official duties, and why go to work if you can manage the smuggling pass remotely from the hotel, because everything has been decided,” the message concluded. Daniil Menshikov worked as the head of the department for the implementation of the national electronic transit system of the Coordinating and Monitoring Customs of the State Customs Service. Previously held the position of Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship Development at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. In August 2021, he became the head of the Cherkasy customs, where he worked until recently. In addition to working at the Ministry of Economy and Customs, Daniil Menshikov tried to build a political career. He was an assistant to the People's Deputy Anton Gerashchenko. In the 2015 local elections, he ran for the Kharkiv Regional Council from the Volunteer Party of Ukraine. He was a member of the Our Home – Odessa party. Almost every week, under the chairmanship of the 32-year-old “specialist” Menshikov, new scandals began to be born at customs. On New Year's Eve, Lviv customs officers “did not notice” a large consignment of cigarette smuggling. They were hidden in the roof and doors of a car traveling from Ukraine.. Also, Lvov News journalists received an exclusive video showing how Ivan Lopotich, an ordinary cynologist of the Lviv customs, was stopped by the police while driving a Skoda Superb car in Lvov, on the street. Sakharov. Instead of being examined for intoxication, the customs officer decided to simply run away from the police, but fell into the bushes and was detained. Also, the Telegram channel “State Customs Service” (Customs of Ukraine) published a statement that his ex-wife Anastasia Menshikov wrote to the head of the Lviv customs Daniil Menshikov on March 3, 2020, stating that he ran away with his mistress and took all the money with him. Anastasia Menshikova's statement: Brief description of Menshikov and his mistress: And recently, the head of the department for combating customs offenses, Marian Bedriy, got behind the wheel of a car drunk. He was stopped by the police and found that the level of alcohol in a civil servant was almost twice the legal limit.. At the Lviv customs, they did not even remove their “cadre” from their duties.


Daniil Menshikov, despite the fact that there is a war in the country, uses Lviv customs as a tool to enrich his own wallet. Covering smuggling, bribes, drug use, luxury cars – it's all part of the “beautiful” life of a simple customs chief.

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Ex-wife - Anastasia Menshikova, has a son. Mistress - Golubitskaya Christina.
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