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Back in the late 90s, Mikhail Lysenko began his criminal path. In 1997, he was imprisoned for 7 years for robbery, but after 4 he was released under an amnesty. With such a stigma, Lysenko somehow got into politics, and now is Deputy Mayor of Dnipro Boris Filatov. But his criminal cases did not end there. In 2018, Lysenko embezzled funds from the budget, after which he fled on a planned vacation to Turkey, but this did not save him. Upon his return, he was detained, but a couple of days later he was released on bail of 600 thousand hryvnia, and as if nothing had happened, he went back to work. But these are far from all the financial schemes that Lysenko pulled.

Ukraine, Turkey
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Mikhail Alexandrovich Lysenko

Official biography

Born on September 6, 1977 in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. According to other sources – in Berlin (GDR).

A family

Mikhail Lysenko is single. She has a relationship with Olga Levkovich, she is from Kiev, now lives in Paris, where she studied at the Sorbonne as a biochemist.


Michael is a veterinarian by education. He received a diploma from the Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian University. Lysenko also has an incomplete education.. The future official studied at the screenwriting and film studies department of VGIK. In 2020, he received a public administration diploma from the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine.

Career and business

The first place of work in his biography Lysenko indicated the Kharkov woodworking plant “Mir Dereva”. For two years (2004 – 2006) he was the head of the security service. Then Mikhail moved to Dneprodzerzhinsk (the current city of Kamenskoye). Here, in a similar position, he worked for a year at Nefte-Sintez-Terminal. In 2007, he headed the PTZ “Special Technologies”. In 2009, Lysenko went to the Crimea. For the next five years, he led public utilities in Alushta and the village of Malorechenskoye.. Since 2010, Mikhail has been a member of the executive committee of the Malorechensky village council, in which he headed the regional inspection for improvement. He was a member of the village council of Malorechensky. After the occupation of Crimea, Mikhail returned to his small homeland. In 2014, as an independent candidate, he ran for the Parliament of the 8th convocation in the 47th constituency, but lost the election. But a year later, Lysenko became a deputy of the Dnipro City Council of the 7th convocation from the UKROP party. On March 1, 2016, he became the Deputy Mayor of Dnipro. Mikhail also heads the department for improvement and infrastructure. In 2020, Mikhail Lysenko announced his intention to run for mayor of the city of Dnipro in the autumn local elections.

NOT official biography

As Novosti Dnepr reported: “Mikhail Lysenko was sentenced in 1997 to seven years in prison for robbery, of which he actually served four years and was released under an amnesty in 2001.”

Assignment of budgetary funds

The press service of the prosecutor's office of the Dnipropetrovsk region informed that officials of the Dnipro City Council, suspected of embezzling UAH 29.5 million. budget funds are put on the wanted list. “As part of the criminal proceedings initiated on the fact of appropriation of budgetary funds during the repair of the New Bridge in the Dnieper (part 5 of article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), the deputy mayor, the heads of the city council department and the person who carried out technical supervision were put on the wanted list in connection with the concealment from the investigation.” The project “Our pennies” writes: according to the investigation, on July 9, 2018, following the results of the tender, the Department of Improvement and Infrastructure of the Dnipro City Council and Mast-Bud LLC signed an agreement on the construction and installation work on the overhaul of bridge No. 2 across the river. For UAH 311,960,000 Investigators analyzed the cost and quantity of building materials, the volume of work performed, which are included in the technical documentation, and found that these figures are overstated. The total cost includes a “kickback” to officials of the Department of Improvement and Infrastructure. This “kickback” is closed by false certificates of work performed with inflated volumes of work performed and inflated prices for materials, signed by employees of “Mast-Bud” and the Department. “Kb2V acts (act of acceptance of construction works), which are the basis for the payment by the Department of funds to the contractor Mast-Bud LLC, are approved by the city council by the deputy mayor for the activities of executive bodies, director of the Department of Improvement and Infrastructure Mikhail Lysenko, and signed by the deputy director Department – by the chairman of the tender committee Alexei Samilik,” the journalists found out. The Dnipro mayor's office said that Lysenko is on vacation in Turkey. On October 25, 2019, an official on arrival from Istanbul was detained at the Kharkiv airport. This was written by the publication “Left Bank”. But the very next day, Lysenko denied his detention, although he confirmed the conflict with the law. “From there I went to court, where they chose a bail in the amount of 600 thousand UAH. It was immediately brought in, after which I came home. That's the whole adventure,” Dnepr Chas quotes him as saying.

Bail paid for deputy mayor of Dnipro suspected of embezzlement

For the deputy mayor of the Dnieper, Mikhail Lysenko, who is suspected of embezzling money for the repair of the New Bridge, a bail was made in the amount of about 600 thousand. UAH. ($23.89 thousand). TSN reports. It is reported that the bail was made immediately after the election of a measure of restraint, that is, Lysenko was not in the pre-trial detention center. According to investigators, Lysenko, along with other officials of the city council and the contractor, are suspected of embezzling UAH 29.5 million. ($1.15 million) of budgetary funds allocated for the repair of the New Bridge in the Dnieper. Recall, on September 16, law enforcement officers put Lysenko on the wanted list.. He was hiding from the investigation on a business trip abroad.. However, on October 25, Lysenko was detained at the Kharkov airport.

How the fugitive Lysenko bought apples

Fugitive deputy Filatov was seen in the Dnieper. The video was published by blogger Vyacheslav Poyezdnik, Depo.Dnipro reports. In Dnipro, in a supermarket, local residents filmed the deputy mayor of Dnipro, Mikhail Lysenko, who had been hiding from law enforcement officers abroad for a long time.

Lysenko, accompanied by a policeman, was buying apples.

Ukrainian official proposed to rename the Russian language into Sicheslav

Deputy Mayor of Dnepropetrovsk Mikhail Lysenko made a proposal on how to solve the language issue, Dnepr Vecherniy reports (Dnepropetrovsk). He announced this on social media.. “In order to totally troll Mordor, the Russian language must be renamed into Sicheslav or Eastern Ukrainian,” Lysenko believes.. “They will panic.”. He added in the comments that there will be only one state language. Dot.

A fight broke out in the city hall of the Dnieper due to housing and communal services problems

Dnipro City Hall has turned into a real boxing ring. Deputy Mayor for Communal Affairs Mikhail Lysenko went into battle with his fists. His opponent was the chairman of OSMD Sergey Varfolomey. The fight happened over money for housing and communal services.

It all started in Lysenko's office. Bartholomew accused the mayor of Dnepr of corruption, and the deputy defended his boss. In the end, Mayor Boris Filatov himself appeared. But further events developed behind closed doors.. One of the “boxers” – Bartholomew – needed medical attention.

Deputy Mayor of Dnipro bought a new motorcycle in the USA for 560 thousand hryvnias

On October 9, 2018, Deputy Mayor of Dnipro, Director of the Department of Improvement and Infrastructure Mikhail Lysenko declared the purchase of a 2018 INDIAN SCOUT BOBBER motorcycle worth UAH 559,169. The seller was the American company Bid N Drive Inc.

In Dnipro they say that Filatov's deputy Lysenko should be held responsible for the death of the girl

Artem Romanyukov, head of the board of the Dnipro public organization Hromadsky Control, a member of the NABU public control, believes that Mikhail Lysenko, Boris Filatov's deputy, should be held responsible for the death of a girl in the Dnieper from the fall of a dry branch. “Yesterday in the Dnieper, a branch that fell from a tree killed a young girl.. After that, Mayor Filatov immediately removed Yury Fomenko, director of the Miskzelenbud utility company, from his duties.. It would seem that everything is correct: some director of some utility company, whose name is consonant with the tragedy, was promptly punished and is waiting for the conclusions of the investigation. But I would like to be clear. KP “Miskzelenbud” is just a contractor. Contractor who participates in city tenders for landscaping, pruning, etc.. But the scope of work for this contractor is determined by the Department of Improvement and Infrastructure, whose director is Mikhail Lysenko. He is the deputy mayor. He is also a member of the city council.. It is this department that Zelenstroy is subordinate to.. As for the trees themselves, the decision on them is made by a special commission under the same department, in which, by the way, there are no representatives of Zelenstroy itself, Romanyukov explained the situation.. According to the politician and activist, it is necessary to dismiss not Fomenko, but Deputy Filatov Lysenko. However, Romanyukov believes that this will not happen, since Lysenko in the Dniprovsky city council oversees most of the money laundering schemes.

Deputy mayor of Dnipro caught doing business with a businessman from Donetsk

The security service caught one of the deputy mayors of Dnepr, Boris Filatov, in doing business with a businessman from Donetsk occupied by militants. This was reported on the website of the SBU.

“Operators intelligence agencies established that during 2018 the official entered into an agreement with the director of a private enterprise for the provision of services for technical accounting and certification of city streets, where critical infrastructure facilities are located. As it turned out, work at strategically important sites for the city was carried out under the guidance of a merchant who is registered and actually lives in Donetsk. According to available data, during 2014-2019, he did not enter the territory controlled by Ukraine and did not apply for the issuance of appropriate passes,” the report says. During the search, law enforcement officers seized contracts, additional agreements, summary estimates, signed acts of work performed and financial and economic transactions with a Donetsk merchant. In addition, documents were seized confirming the receipt of almost 17 million hryvnias from the State Treasury, which were then transferred to the accounts of an enterprise already registered in the territory controlled by Ukraine. The SBU emphasized that the evidence obtained indicates that the work on the certification of streets by the contractor was not actually carried out. At the same time, already existing materials were used, obtained from communal enterprises controlled by the City Council.. The budget funds transferred to the company were withdrawn and appropriated by the defendants in the case.


Deputy Mayor of Dnipro Mikhail Lysenko, in his usual sarcastic manner, reacted to the publication of a deputy from the Opposition Bloc, Sergei Sukhanov, about the beating of city residents. He posted a joke about the beating on his Facebook page. So, it all started with the publication of Sukhanov himself: “Today in the City Council I personally beat 6 grandmothers and beat a two-year-old boy. Oh, and he squealed,” Lysenko wrote a comment to the post. At the same time, the deputy mayor noted his location as Kyiv.

The Deputy Mayor of Dnipro has his own housing for the first time: declaration

Deputy Mayor of Dnipro Mikhail Lysenko published a declaration of income, from which it follows that he has a new house. The document was published on the official website of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption. According to the declaration, the new house of the official is located in Obukhovka, Dnepropetrovsk region. Its area is 218 square meters. This is the first real estate that appeared in the ownership of Lysenko. Mikhail Alexandrovich now drives a 1994 Jeep Cherokee, the acquisition of which he also reported. The car costs more than 226 thousand. UAH. In addition to her, the Deputy Mayor's fleet includes an INDIAN SCOUT BOBBER motorcycle and a BMW 520d xDrive G30 passenger car.. The head of the department of improvement and infrastructure of the city council of the Dnipro reported on earnings of 398 thousand. UAH. for 2020. The deputy mayor has five accounts in PrivatBank. Another 24 thousand. he keeps the euro in cash.

Deputy Filatov indicated in the declaration a dog for 38 thousand hryvnias

Deputy Mayor of Dnipro Mikhail Lysenko published a declaration for 2015, in which he indicated that he bought an American bulldog for 38 thousand. UAH The ANTIKOR portal reports with reference to the media.


Thieves in politics are already the norm. Lysenko, together with Mayor Filatov, are running money schemes, and getting rich every day. Otherwise, how to explain the fact that Lysenko did not suffer due punishment for embezzling budget money, and as if nothing had happened returned to work and impoverish the city. Who is this “good man” who paid a bail of 600 thousand hryvnias? Maybe Boris Albertovich Filatov?

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