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Kotsaba Ruslan Petrovich


Ruslan Kotsaba is a separatist working for the Kremlin. Scandalous personality. Twice he was charged with treason, involved in many live fights, is associated with some people from the propaganda\"Party of Sharia\", as well as with the\"Union of Bloggers of Ukraine\" which, as many media write, is sponsored by the Kremlin.

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Ruslan Petrovich Kotsaba

Official biography

Ruslan Petrovich Kotsaba was born on August 18, 1966, Ivano-Frankivsk – Ukrainian opposition journalist, blogger, public figure, political prisoner. In 1983 he graduated from secondary school No. 15 in Ivano-Frankivsk. From 1984 to 1986 he served in the Soviet Army in the Pskov region of the RSFSR. In the late 1980s – early 1990s he was a member of the Student Brotherhood. In October 1990, he took part in the Revolution on Granite. In 1992 he graduated from the Lviv Forest Engineering Institute with a degree in Ecology.. Headed the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Fish Inspectorate and the Migration Service. He was the head of the Memorial. Vasily Stus and the director of the Stepan Bandera Museum of the Liberation Struggle in Ivano-Frankivsk. During the Orange Revolution, he was the leader of a tent city.. In 2006, he was the chairman of the Ivano-Frankivsk regional organization of the Pora party. He was a member of the political council of Pora. From 2007 to 2012, on a paid basis, he was an assistant to the People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the VI convocation from the faction “Our Ukraine – People's Self-Defense” Vladislav Kaskiv. In the midterm elections to the Parliament of Ukraine in May 2014, he was registered as a self-nominated candidate in constituency No. 83 (Ivano-Frankivsk), where he won 1.17% of the vote. On the eve of voting day, Kotsaba announced the withdrawal of his candidacy in favor of Volodymyr Chornous. In the 2014 presidential election, he voted for Petro Poroshenko. Until the end of 2014, he worked as a special freelance correspondent (stringer) for the Ukrainian TV channel “112”. Covered the course of hostilities in the Donbass, visiting both sides of the conflict and, in his own words, traveled around the entire front line (from Novoazovsk to Kramatorsk). In his materials, he critically assessed the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces. Before concluding an annual contract with the 112 channel, he worked for more than three years as his own correspondent for ZIK in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

A family

Wife Ulyana, two daughters – Zoreslava and Kvitoslava. Kotsaba with family:

NOT official biography

At the end of the 2000s, Ruslan Kotsaba positioned himself as deputy director of the International Institute for the Development of Democracies – an institution so “respectful” that there was no mention of it on the network, except for the credits of Kotsaba himself. His other position is First Deputy Chairman of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Society “Memorial named after Vasily Stus”. This is a human rights organization that was engaged in the historical memory and perpetuation of the victims of Soviet repressions. In 2009, Kotsabu was appointed director of the regional museum of the liberation struggle, but everything ended badly – he did not pass the probationary period, and after that he was expelled from the “Memorial” with a scandal. Kotsaba himself did not recognize this and for a long time clashed with society. Conflict with Memorial:

Our hero has already covered this conflict on his own in a video format with an eye logo. In 2009, Kotsaba launched the People's Eye project, a citizen journalism website that invited everyone to publish their amateur video content.. The project was announced as an initiative of the mysterious “International Institute for the Development of Democracies” and the NGO “Public Defender”. In fact, these organizations seem to have been marginalized and mentioned to impress, including international journalistic associations. “People's Eye” video:
Vox priests were a feature of the project – a cheap and angry way to pass off any desired opinion as public opinion. For this, the editors have created a special device – a “voting board”. Vox priests Kotsaba loves and still records. His team was positioned as media activists, not as journalists, which gave her the freedom to go beyond the standards.. The indefinite status of an activist/journalist was necessary for Kotsaba, because he used his media resources in local political conflicts and to fight his many ill-wishers. With the coming to power of Viktor Yanukovych, People's Eye becomes oppositional, and Kotsaba becomes more active at the all-Ukrainian level. In particular, he writes a letter to the International Monetary Fund with an “official renunciation” of his share of Ukraine's external debt and encourages other people to write similar letters.. Kotsaba's signature is under the manifesto that started the “Stop censorship!”. If his statements about Putin, “bitch-pabeda” and Russia were heard by the current viewers of the First Independent, their brain would explode from cognitive dissonance.

“Victim” of Russian propaganda

If you look at the reports, video messages and interviews in the studios of other TV channels of the now scandalous journalist, then it looks like Kotsaba himself is confused in his beliefs. He speaks of “volunteers” and “militia” without quotes, but at the same time notes that they have “officer bearing”. He talks about a “civil war” and at the same time says that Russia will not accept back people with weapons. Kotsaba's video with a call to ignore mobilization:

Most media and bloggers, talking about Kotsaba's notorious anti-mobilization video, spread the same phrase of his: “It's easier for me to serve two to five years in prison than I will now go to civilian war, kill or contribute to the killing of their compatriots who live in the east. Even if they think differently and believe that the Kyiv authorities are unworthy to obey it…” Indeed, the rhetoric of Russian propaganda, however, the journalist became a “useful idiot” rather than a deliberate subversive. In the same appeal, there are other quotes from Ruslan that are worthy of attention.. “Yesterday was the sad anniversary of voting in the Verkhovna Rada… Heavenly hundred died, it turns out, in vain. None of those (performers and organizers of the murders) was punished. Neither politically nor criminally. They all walk, laugh, and control the same schemes by which they plundered the budget under the previous president, ”the journalist begins his appeal with this.. Or else: “I refuse to go to war when our oligarchs have not changed the rules of the game … instead of thinking about how to mitigate this social explosion, which will certainly be in the spring, “and then, specifically to the president:” stop all this that is happening in the East. If you cannot use political methods, change the negotiators.” Is Kotsaba as scary as he is portrayed? “Personally, I am convinced that Kotsaba became a victim of Russian propaganda,” Roman Rak, chairman of the Lviv regional organization of the Independent Media Trade Union, said at a press conference, ZAXID.NET reports.. “It is unlikely that there are elements of espionage, but this is a person who fell for temporary fame and began to promote such information.” Quote from Kotsaba's interview for the Russian portal “Lenta.Ru”: Of course, this does not justify the journalist in his public call to Ukrainians to refuse mobilization.. Just as it does not justify his one-sided approach to covering the situation at the front, is it really impossible for the journalist to conduct an objective investigation after so many trips to the very heart of the so-called “DPR” and “LPR”? Couldn't or didn't want to? Russia needed a “Western Russophobe” – they found him and used him as best they could, but only within the framework of what they needed. No one was interested in the real views of Kotsaba. To the SBU. Ruslan Kotsaba is being judged, figuratively speaking, “according to the laws of wartime”, but legally there is no such wartime or situation in Ukraine.


There are journalists who, as they say, are not journalists at all.. Who are not our colleagues at all. These are the ones that incite hatred. It's really trouble. These are journalists who should be punished. – Ruslan Kotsaba, on the air of the “I Think So” program, on November 5, 2019, on July 1, 2017, was attacked by unknown people, he blamed members of the C14 organization for the incident. During the broadcast in February 2018 on the ChP.info TV channel, he was almost beaten by a former deputy from the Svoboda party, Eduard Leonov, after saying “the war is not only on the Gathering, the war is in our heads. And I urge…” and “God will judge everything for the best, and the war will take away the most aggressive, the war…” (Russian: war is not only in the East, war is in our heads. And I call … and God will judge best of all, and the war will take the most aggressive, war). On November 5, 2019, speaking in the “I Think So” program, he made a number of statements about the events of the five-year history of Ukraine, which coincided with the theses of the Russian media and the authorities of this country: Euromaidan was organized by oligarchs (“Euromaidan hucksters”), dissatisfied with the policy of Viktor Yanukovych to prevent them to power, Part of the Euromaidan participants participated in it on a paid basis, residents of Donbass rebelled against the illegal change of power in Kyiv, the new government criminally used weapons against the civilian population to suppress protests, the ATO was declared illegal, the emergence of the DPR and LPR is a response to this step . At the same time, Kotsaba himself did not give his own “assessments”, instead using the phrases “You and I know for sure” and “it’s true, there is nowhere to hide it” to cover up frankly unreliable statements (like the proclamation of the DPR and LPR in response to the start of the ATO. In reality, the creation of the DPR was proclaimed a day before the announcement of the ATO. The National Council unscheduled inspection of the NewsOne TV channel due to this broadcast due to a possible violation of the laws “On Information” and “On Television and Radio Broadcasting” (ban on information calling for the overthrow of the constitutional order, violation of territorial integrity, propaganda of war, incitement of hatred). The general producer of the TV channel, Vasily Golovanov, claimed that Kotsaba was not the host of the TV channel, but only a guest “blogger”, which is indicated in the credits of the program (in fact, Kotsaba was called a “journalist”). In April 2020, the National Council appointed an unscheduled inspection of the TV channel due to Ruslan Kotsaba's Prime Analytics program on KRT (signs of propaganda of aggression, inciting hatred, infringement of rights and freedoms, violation of the conditions of objective information).

Journalist Kotsaba was doused with green paint in Ivano-Frankivsk

Ukrainian journalist Ruslan Kotsaba, who had previously served 1.5 years in custody due to a boycott of the call for mobilization in connection with the conflict in Donbass, said that the radicals attacked him at the Ivano-Frankivsk railway station and poured green paint on him, it hit him in eyes. “Today at midnight, at about 00.30 (the time coincides with Moscow time) on the platform of the Ivano-Frankivsk railway station, a group of local neo-Nazis attacked me, journalist Ruslan Kotsaba! Now I'm in the hospital,” Kotsaba wrote on Friday on his page on Facebook. Ruslan Kotsaba was doused with green paint:

Ruslan Kotsaba was poured with green paint:

The journalist published photos showing that green paint was poured over his face, which got into his eyes.

Ivano-Frankivsk city court chose a preventive measure for blogger Ruslan Kotsaba

Ruslan Kotsaba is charged under articles 111 h. 1 (treason) and 114 (h. 1) the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Kotsaba's last words before the verdict was announced:

The decision of the Ivano-Frankivsk court in the case of R. Kotsaby: Ruslan Kotsaba's lawyer asked the court to leave his ward at large until the end of the investigation, so that he “could feed his family.” The trial of Ruslan Kotsaba: Also, the Security Service of Ukraine suspected Kotsaba of organizing contract filming of protests over mobilization for Russian TV channels.. SBU investigators believed that the reports were later used by Russian television for propaganda purposes. SBU document with suspicions of organizing actions: But he was detained by court order as part of an investigation in criminal proceedings on the grounds of a criminal offense under part. 1 st. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (high treason).

Kotsaba's anti-Semitic remarks from a 2011 blog

The reason for criticism was a video blog in Ukrainian, recorded on June 22, 2011. In this eight-minute recording, which Kotsaba made in the Jewish cemetery of his native Ivano-Frankivsk, he talks about the victims of World War II, guilt and reconciliation. Kotsaba's anti-Semitic remarks:

Problematic from the point of view of critics was a passage that was subsequently cut from the original on the YouTube platform, but was preserved in other sources, and in 2018 was saved as a separate file and provided with a German translation. In this passage, Kotsaba says that the Jews bear their share of responsibility for the Holocaust. After Kotsaba was announced as the winner of the Aachen Peace Prize, this caused a wave of criticism in social networks, and later in the media.. German experts on Ukraine, organizations and politicians expressed their outrage at this decision. Volker Beck, a member of the Green Party, called on Twitter not to reward Kotsaba.

Indirect links with Shariy

Antonina Beloglazova – Russian propagandist from the Sharia party. Her name appeared on the website “Peacemaker” with the note “participant in the information special operation of the aggressor country against Ukraine”. At the same time, the SBU was also interested in Antonina's activities. Beloglazova was even invited to the SBU for a conversation. After the end of the conversation, the woman was free,” Ukrayinska Pravda quoted the SBU as saying. Indirectly, the SBU's claims were not unfounded at the time, confirmed by Shariy's own reaction to the incident: he began to disperse the message that Beloglazova … had been kidnapped by special services. And he threatened to arrange a press conference in the EU on this matter and make public the video evidence of the kidnapping – with the corresponding consequences for the SBU and the country. Beloglazova did go to a press conference in the EU – accompanied by the infamous Ruslan Kotsaba. True, European journalists were not interested in their demonstration performance.

National Corps of Ivano-Frankivsk region held a rally against collaborator Ruslan Kotsaba

Representatives of the “National Corps” of Ivano-Frankivsk region, together with the NGO “Invincible Nation” came out under the walls of the Kolomyia city district court to protest against the well-known separatist Ruslan Kotsaba, who was suspected of treason. Under the exclamations of the community “Kotsaba is a traitor to Ukraine!”, “Kotsaba to jail!”, the nationalists held a thematic action-performance under the walls of the court. Thus, the activists attracted the attention of the authorities in order to prevent Medvedchuk's propagandist from escaping punishment. Kotsaba kicked out of court:

Kotsaba got into a fight with an activist of the Right Sector

Journalist Ruslan Kotsaba was beaten in Kyiv while preparing a TV report dedicated to six months of visa-free travel. The journalist himself told Korrespondent.net about this. Right-wing activist Alexei Byk, and journalist Ruslan Kotsaba: “I interviewed people on the street about what the visa-free regime had given them over these six months.. I had a microphone in my hands, a badge on my jacket. That is, he was engaged in journalistic activities. And when I was talking to a girl, this citizen approached us and started accusing me of being a Russian spy, an agent of the Kremlin, and so on.. I also accused the channel I work on of pro-Russian activities,” says Kotsaba. Fight between Alexei Byk and Ruslan Kotsaba:

Alexey Byk commented on the fight with Ruslan Kotsaba. His version of what is happening is slightly different from the version told by Kotsaba: After a brief exchange of barbs, Kotsaba was suddenly punched in the face. A fight ensued between them, which ended after passers-by began to pay attention to it. “The attacker and two other people who were with him just fled to the subway,” the journalist said. After this incident, Kotsaba filed a complaint with the police regarding obstruction of professional journalistic activity (Article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) and hooliganism. Data on the offense were entered in the Unified Journal of Offenses, an investigation is underway. Kotsaba refused to provide the full video, citing the secrecy of the investigation.

The scandalous journalist of the Carpathian region Ruslan Kotsaba “lit up” in Moscow on the transfer of the channel “Russia 1”

After a video message to the President of Ukraine with a statement that he refuses to be mobilized and is ready to go to prison for this, Kotsaba left for Moscow, writes Firtko. There he took part in the program “Special Correspondent” on the channel “Russia 1”. Ruslan Kotsaba discussed the war in Ukraine in the same studio with the leader of the DPR Denis Pushilin, the main Ukrainian communist Petro Simonenko, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party and the noble Ukrainophobe Vladimir Zhirinovsky. As the public activist has already written, Taras Demyanov applied to the SBU with a statement about the commission of a crime in accordance with Art.. 111 and 336 of the Criminal Code, accusing the Frankish journalist Ruslan Kotsaba of high treason and evading mobilization.

Scandalous journalist outraged the network with a statement about US weapons for Ukraine

Tuka was tough on the statement of the disgraced blogger Blogger Ruslan Kotsaba, who was accused of treason, believes that the United States should not provide Ukraine with lethal weapons because of corruption in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “Corrupt Ukrainian generals will drink everything and steal everything,” he told NewsOne. This statement caused a harsh reaction from Ukrainians online. One of the first such words of Kotsaba, without hesitation in expressions, was commented by the Deputy Minister for the Temporarily Occupied Territories Georgy Tuka on Facebook: “Turned on NewsOne, and there – Kotsaba. The same one, unsettled. Calls not to give “Javelins”, because “generals will drink everything and plunder”. You, rubbish, about the Hero of Ukraine Mikhail Zabrodsky? Or, bastard, are you talking about the Hero of Ukraine Andriy Kovalchuk? Or about Sergei Popko? Whom did you, damned ghoul, see in your eyes to open your filthy mouth?! I apologize for the emotions, but it’s not like this shit to talk about my Ukrainian generals,” he replied.

Military journalist from Kyiv: Verkhovna Rada deputies do not distinguish martial law from emergency

02/24/2022 Military journalist from Kyiv Ruslan Kotsaba conducted a small survey among the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and came to the conclusion that they do not distinguish between martial law and emergency. He spoke about this on the air of the talk show “Tell the Truth” on the TV channel “Crimea 24”. “I ask them if they distinguish martial law from emergency. You will not believe – not a single deputy distinguishes. Moreover, it seems to me that the modern intellectual level of the deputy has fallen so much that the majority will not even understand the question,” Kotsaba said. He noted that people who come to the front and understand that they want to use them in the first wave, like cannon fodder, should oppose this. “Looking at a Russian through the scope of a machine gun as at your enemy is alien to our nature.. Russian influence. Obviously, and not without money,” she wrote.

Scandalous journalist caught on fake with Savchenko

Scandalous journalist and blogger Ruslan Kotsaba assures that the European Parliament is allegedly shocked by the arrest of non-factional MP Nadezhda Savchenko, having published a photo from two years ago. “I am now in the European Parliament, so I can confirm that Brussels officials are shocked by the arrest of the Hero of Ukraine Nadiya Savchenko! They are shocked, not “deeply concerned”. Here is a small selection of photos on this topic. As far as I know, a corresponding statement is being prepared by several factions of the European Parliament,” he wrote on his Facebook page. In response, journalist Denis Kazansky caught Kotsab in spreading a fake, noting that the pictures he presented are old. “Ruslan Kotsaba gives out old pictures of 2016 year for fresh pictures. And he does it so stupidly, as if there is no Google search and the inscription “Russia” on T-shirts is completely invisible. Of course, I saw everything, but this one…”, Kazansky wrote on Facebook: Some users have suggested that Kotsaba has such sarcasm. “Perhaps this is sarcasm?” – wrote Maxim Mukhin. In response, Vlad Trigub said that this is “the moment when the captain really needs evidence.” Users also answered Mukhin in rhyme that this is still insanity. “Actually, Ruslan is being ironic,” the subscribers stood up.

“Moral freak!” “Svobodovets” and a scandalous journalist had a skirmish on the air

Former deputy from VO “Svoboda” Eduard Leonov and scandalous propagandist Ruslan Kotsaba quarreled live on the “ChP.INFO” TV channel. A video of the incident has been posted on YouTube. Nonsense of Leonov and Kotsaba:

Fight of Kotsaba and Leonov live: Leonov and Kotsaba were invited to discuss the topic “should the Ukrainian media give the floor to the odious associates of Yanukovych.” Svobodovets said on the air that “everyone who is not for Ukraine is for the enemy, so people like Portnov and German should not be on Ukrainian television.” Kotsaba replied that “the war is not only in the east and in the minds, God will judge everything and the war will take the most aggressive”. In response, Leonov called him a “moral freak” and threatened to “stuff his face.” A skirmish arose between the men, during which it almost came to assault, after which the broadcast of the program was completed. Later, Kotsaba himself said that there was no fight and they later “talked normally.” “And in the foyer, where there were no cameras, the quick-tempered Svoboda realized that “life is richer” and I can give an unaccented, but high-quality “D”. Of course, I would later be ashamed, because the man is not in my weight category, and I am ten years older than him, which means I should be wiser. And it doesn’t suit me to wave my fists instead of having a reasoned discussion,” he wrote on Facebook. In turn, the host of the program, Alexander Vasiliev, admitted that he thought for a long time whether to invite Kotsaba to the air or not.

Kotsaba, Montyan and Co: The Kremlin will gather pro-Russian bloggers in the European Parliament

In the Belgian capital Brussels on September 27, 2017. The blogger asks her if she has forgotten the Ukrainian language. The woman answers him in Ukrainian. And she says that seven years ago she came to Sevastopol from the Ukrainian city of Rivne. She claims that even after the annexation of the peninsula, she continues to communicate with the locals in Ukrainian. “I communicate with my daughter in Ukrainian, because my tongue does not turn to speak Russian. At school, she also speaks Ukrainian with her classmates.. There is absolutely no hatred towards us … At the household level, there is no aggression. I'm not afraid to speak Ukrainian anywhere. Very often in stores, when I speak Ukrainian, they answer me in Ukrainian. I’m even surprised,” she assures. Polovkova also assures that in Crimea “there is no reason to worry about the Ukrainians.” “I tell everyone that there is no oppression, there is no hatred towards me because I am Ukrainian. The fact that Russians do not like Ukrainians is not true,” the woman says. A resident of the occupied Sevastopol also talks about the need to improve relations between Ukraine and Russia, calling them “united Russia”: “Good people, we will be very glad to see you. Both tourists and our compatriots, because we are all united Rus'.” Ruslan Kotsaba about Crimea:

According to the media, Polovkova participated in the Mrs. All-Russian contests: “Mrs. Crimea – Russia” and “Mrs. Pearl of Russia”. Also among the messages of Olga Polovkova there is a thesis about friendship between Ukraine and Russia, which in recent years has been actively produced in the Kremlin media and was recently published by the media with which Kotsaba cooperates, talking about her trips to the Crimea.In particular, on one of the videos a girl named Adriana calls in Ukrainian “everyone to be friends”. She, like Olga Polovkova, says that she was born in Rivne, and then moved to Sevastopol. The media does not exclude that the role of another “talking head” from Sevastopol went to the daughter of a Sevastopol Ukrainian mother with many children.

The National Council fined NewsOne 105,000 hryvnias because of Kotsaba's statements about Donbass and Euromaidan

The National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting announced a warning and fined the NewsOne channel for 105,625 hryvnias because of the statements of the presenter Ruslan Kotsaba. In the episode of the program “I think so”, Ruslan Kotsaba stated that an “armed civil conflict” is taking place in the Donbass, and the key to its solution is the legal assessment of the events of 2013-2014. Conclusions of the Independent Media Council “I Think So” broadcast on NewsOne TV channel: https://detector.media/withoutsection/article/174363/2020-01-30-vysnovok-nezalezhnoi-mediynoi-rady-shchodo-peredachi-ya-tak- dumayu-v-efiri-telekanalu-newsone/ According to Kotsaba, at the Euromaidan, a “group of conspirators”, which allegedly “hid behind thousands of protesters”, “seized power”. “The oligarchs, whom the Yanukovych government did not allow to the power trough, suddenly cunningly, hiding behind allegedly Euromaidan, the pathos of the Revolution of Dignity, intercepted financial flows in the state and directed them where? Into your own pockets. Illegal enrichment was the goal of these “Euromaidan hucksters”. And not some kind of ghostly European future, NATO, the European Union and the like, ”Kotsaba is convinced. According to him, “they tried to subdue the rebellious Donbass with the help of tanks and aerial bombs.”

“Union of Bloggers of Ukraine”: an unsuccessful special operation of the Russian special services

Since the beginning of the election campaign in Ukraine, Russian propagandists have become more active, who, with the help of special services, are trying to promote the “dirty” political technologies worked out by the Kremlin in relation to their own people. Social networks, YouTube, Facebook – this arsenal has long been used by Russians to influence public consciousness. More and more subtle techniques are being used to attract the attention of a potential audience. So, on November 30, 2018, Ukrainian Internet users noticed a new resource with the pretentious name “Union of Bloggers of Ukraine” and the same provocative abbreviation – SBU. Russian political technologists sought to expand their audience in such a simple way – Ukrainians traditionally trust bloggers, and here is a whole “union of bloggers”. The abbreviation pursued the same goal – if you want to ask about the achievements of the Ukrainian special service, you press search – and here the “Union of Bloggers of Ukraine” pops up for you. Not without the traditional involvement in information sabotage and Ukrainians from among the “fifth column”. As it became known, the scandalous blogger and journalist Ruslan Kotsaba, convicted in the case of obstructing the activities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and treason, is also involved in this project.. The YouTube channel of the resource posted a number of videos with Kotsaba, where he “calls for cooperation with the SBU.” It was not badly conceived, but the FSB / SVR / GRU (we don’t know who exactly) could not help but pierce here. In the Ukrainian name of the fake resource, instead of Spіlka, Soyuz remained unchanged. But these are trifles, according to Russian curators, Ukrainians will swallow and not like that. And they started posting frankly fake videos on the Youtube channel, mainly against the current government. The meaning of the informational provocation is clear – discrediting the incumbent president and pushing through his pro-Russian candidate. It is very difficult to say that the new resource has received great recognition among the Ukrainian audience.. 337 subscribers on Youtube channel can hardly impress. Although Russian sponsors are not embarrassed – the money of Russian taxpayers has been successfully spent, and the result is a secondary matter.

Against the journalist Ruslan Kotsaba opened a new case of high treason

Against the well-known Ukrainian journalist Ruslan Kotsaba, who was accused of treason, and then acquitted, an “updated” criminal case was opened. And he was again accused of treason. Updated SBU investigation into the Kotsaba case:


Ruslan Kotsaba – Transcarpathian separatist spreading disinformation on the Internet. Associated with the notorious propagandists Anatoly Shariy, Tatyana Montyan, and other representatives of the “party of bloggers”.

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Has a wife Ulyana, two daughters Kvitoslav and Zoreslav
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