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Gufman Gennady Leonidovich


Gufman is a man who brazenly impoverishes the Dnieper. He runs from one political force to another, as long as it is profitable. But at the same time, he continues to bribe voters with everything, in the hope that they will give their votes for a corrupt official who robbed them. Gufman did not answer according to the law for the illegally appropriated 96 real estate objects. In addition, journalists recently found out that more than two hundred objects were assigned. And also Gennady Gufman unprincipledly moves from one political force to another, in search of personal gain. The nationalists consider him a separatist and demanded his resignation. But despite all his criminal misdeeds, Gufman continues to infiltrate the trust of citizens by bribing them with food packages, a free bus and distributing points.

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Gufman Gennady separatist

Official biography

Ex-Deputy of the City Council of the Dnieper. Born on August 28, 1970 in the city of Dnepropetrovsk.


After graduating from school, Gennady entered the Dnepropetrovsk Chemical and Mechanical College (now the Polytechnic College). Received the specialty “Operation of automatic devices”. In 2009, Hoffman became a certified economist at the Dnepropetrovsk National Mining University.

A family

Gennady is married to Yana Gufman. She is the owner of the private enterprise “Legal company “Yur-Service Group” and co-owner (25%) of LLC “Dniprotrans-7” (provision of individual services). Politician's wife notary. The couple have four children.


Until 1994, Gennady Gufman was an ordinary worker at the city's factories: from 1988 to 1990 he worked as a milling machine operator at the Kultpobuttovary plant, from 1990 to 1994 as a plastics presser at the Progress plant. But in 1994, Gennady Gufman became an economist, and then the head of the logistics and sales department at the Metalobud plant. From 1997 to 2004 he was the manager of the Ukrainian-German enterprise “Diksiko LTD”, and from 2004 to 2009 he worked as the commercial director of the subsidiary with foreign investments “Techinvest”. In parallel, Gufman is engaged in science – in 2005 he participates in international conferences with reports: “Days of Science – 2005”, “Economics and Marketing in the 21st Century”, scientific publications appear. In 2009 he graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk National Mining University with a degree in business economics. In general, it is 2009 that becomes a turning point in the fate of Gennady Gufman. That's when the “gray cardinal” appears. In 2009, Gennady Gufman took up political activities, becoming a deputy of the Dnepropetrovsk City Council, and also moved from the private sector to the municipal sector, taking the chair of the director of the KP Bureau for Registration of Property Rights and Real Estate Activities. As our hero himself later said in his interviews, he came into politics for two reasons – he was curious and plus a friend who invited him to the elections, in exchange for material assistance, offered parliamentary immunity, which, however, a month after his election, cancelled. However, it is unlikely that Gennady Leonidovich was upset by this fact: after being elected a deputy, he became the chairman of one of the most “profitable” commissions in any city council – on issues of communal property. Whether the authority of the newcomer played a role here or whether it was the result of the “support” of the Party of Regions, from which he came, is unknown, but the fact remains. Soon, the future “gray eminence” of the Dnieper became the director of the KP “Bureau for Registration of Property Rights and Real Estate Activities”. According to him, he sought to put things in order with the communal property of the city and wanted to create a single center in which all property belonging to the city would be put on a balance sheet. “In 2009, KP Bureau had one object of communal property on its balance sheet – its own office of 178 square meters. And as of December 2012, when I ceased to be the director of this KP, 703 objects with a total area of 114 thousand 323 square meters were registered. As of May 2015, there are already 744 objects with a total area of 168,000 meters,” Gennady Gufman proudly stated in an interview. Also, according to him, the city received from renting premises in his time up to 14 million hryvnia per year. However, not everyone agrees with such statements. Gennady Gufman is the owner and co-owner of a number of enterprises: PE “IP-Invest-Group” – 100%; Nikopol Crane Building Plant LLC – 100%; LLC “Popasnyansky glass factory” – 90%; PE Investment and Industrial Company IR-GROUP – 100% PE Abetina – 70% (demolition of buildings); LLC “Inter Service Plus” – 75% (manufacture of general purpose machinery and equipment); LLC “Prostir nerukhomist” — 100% (leasing and operating own or leased real estate); Nikopolsky RBV-7 LLC – 5% (production of concrete products for construction); Bud Komplekt Dniro LLC – 100% (non-specialized wholesale); Nikopol Casting and Mechanical Plant LLC (49.7%). In 2006 and 2010, Gennady was elected to the Dnipropetrovsk City Council from the Party of Regions. He was the head of the deputy commission on issues of communal property.

NOT official biography

According to the media, Gennady Hufman went to the city council of the Dnieper for parliamentary immunity. True, for local deputies it was canceled just in the same year when Gufman was elected to the city council. Gennady Gufman is a defendant in several journalistic investigations about the withdrawal of real estate from the municipal property of the city into private hands. Separatist, traitor to the country. He distributes Russian propaganda, denies that there is a war in Ukraine, works according to the “Russian manual”.

In Dnipro, they demand the dismissal of the deputy head of the regional council for the words “there is no war in Ukraine”

Relatives of the victims demand Gufman's resignation. In Dnipro, the military and relatives of the fighters who died in the Donbass picketed the regional council demanding the dismissal of the first deputy head of the Dnipro regional council and chairman of the HSE faction Gennady Hufman, who said at a press conference that “there is no war in Ukraine”. This is reported by the publication The action was held under the slogan “If this is not your war – this is not your country”. It was initiated by the public organization “Family circle of the dead heroes of the Dnepropetrovsk region”. The rally was attended by about 100 people. One of the representatives of the National Corps read out in the session hall an appeal that for the words “There is no war in Ukraine” Gennady Hufman should be deprived of the post of first deputy. Despite the fact that neither the action of the National Corps, nor his appeal in the session hall aroused interest either among the deputies or the media, Gennady Gufman answered “opponents”.

Transfer of real estate to Solaris

In 2013, MP – “regional” was in a scandal that erupted in connection with the transfer of almost a hundred real estate objects in the central part of Dnepropetrovsk to a certain company “Solaris”. When the Municipal Enterprise “Specialized Repair and Construction Site” was declared bankrupt, it turned out that it owed UAH 67 million to private firms “Agroinvest-Ukraine” and “Food-Service Dnepr”. Just before the bankruptcy, the KP received 96 real estate objects in charge. Both creditor firms decided to assign the right to claim this property to Solaris LLC. Journalists suggested that the utility company could have gone bankrupt fictitiously. “In particular, creditor claims are not based on material values, but on the provision of “services”, which cannot be verified. Private firms “Agroinvest-Ukraine” and “Food Service Dnepr” are associated with Gennady Gufman. Media representatives found another interesting fact. Solaris Company completed the first sale of property on Saturday, July 27. And the very next day on Sunday, the company received an extract from the register. The agreement was drawn up by a private notary, Yana Gufman, the wife of Deputy Gennady. As journalists later established, thanks to such transactions with left-wing companies like Solaris, the city “lost” hundreds of properties worth several hundred million. As a result, Gennady lost his position as head of the commission and gained fame as a man who helped his native city lose property worth about a billion hryvnias.. Solaris LLC decided to abandon real estate in connection with the scandal. Later, it was slowly dismantled by structures close to Korban and Gufman himself.


According to the information of the online edition “Faces”, the alienation of the premises belonging to the Dnipro city council according to the dubious scheme of LLC “Renaissance Club” and their subsequent resale took place. Thus, on October 19, 2011, the Dnepropetrovsk City Council decided to transfer the premises in the very center of Dnepropetrovsk, with an area of 192.6 m², where the Art Salon is located, to the balance sheet of the communal enterprise “Bureau for Registration of Property Rights and Real Estate Activities” of the Dnepropetrovsk City Council, which at the time of adoption decisions were headed by Gennady Gufman, chairman of the parliamentary commission on communal property.

Conflict with Korban. Vilkul and Rabinovich

Gennady Hufman entered politics thanks to the patronage of Oleksandr Vilkul, the former head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, First Deputy Prime Minister in the government of Mykola Azarov, MP, first of the Party of Regions, and then of the “Opposition Bloc”. They are credited with another no less well-known fraud with the state enterprise “Scientific Research and Design and Technology Institute of the Pipe Industry named after. Sieges” (NITI). This enterprise is engaged in the manufacture of barrels for the Smerch and Grad multiple launch rocket systems. Within 3 years (2012 – 2015), the people of Vilkul and Gufman removed two buildings of the production premises of the state enterprise from the property of the enterprise, adapting them to the “public catering” and “sports and recreation” complexes. This is eloquently evidenced by the documents of the Agency of Ukraine for State Property.

And again, it was not without the participation of the wife of Gennady Leonidovich – thanks to her, these two premises were bought by the Invest-Group company. The estimated amount of the transaction then amounted to about 5.5 million hryvnia, while the market value of these properties was about 30,000,000 hryvnia. One of the founders of this company is Evgeny Lifshits, business partner of Gufman, concurrently the owner of the famous building of the Red Cross Society, which was previously included in the register of cultural heritage of the Dnieper. In November 2018, the deputies of the city council of the Dnieper, by their decision, allowed Lifshits to put the unique building under demolition. In its place, the Geneva housing complex is currently being built, and the sale of apartments has already been announced. At the beginning of 2015, a conflict broke out between UKROP and the Opposition Bloc, which was caused by the redistribution of property. However, in October of the same 2015, one of Gufman’s main opponents, Gennady Korban, was detained at his home by SBU officers.. Gufman managed to get out of the water, but he disappeared from public politics for a while and returned only in 2018.

Voter bribing

Before the 2019 parliamentary elections, Gennady Gufman intensively began to sow his constituency with “political buckwheat”. According to the journalists of the public movement “Chestno”, in March 2019, the candidate from the Opposition Platform for Life Party arranged a tea party with the residents of the village of Aviatorskoye. Already closer to the elections, the candidate for people's deputies laid tiles on the adjacent territories, handed out flowers and trees for planting, organized holidays, contests, repaired roads, launched a social route. In general, he did everything in order to please the voter. However, in the elections, Gufman received only “silver” and did not go to parliament. According to the activists of the public organization “Community Control”, there are many more episodes of the scandalous activities of the ex-deputy of the City Council. So, Gufman received an apartment for a pittance in the building where the explosion occurred after repairs for budget money. Gennady illegally set up kiosks throughout the city, seized and resold the premises of an art salon in the center of Dnipro. He also did not allow activists to get to the meeting of the City Council commission on communal property.

Gufman tried to ban the activist from attending commission meetings

05/13/2015 Recently, the odious deputy of the city council Gennady Gufman returned to Dnepropetrovsk (they say, from abroad). Gennady Leonidovich, obviously, left the country in somewhat different realities, so our visit to the Deputy Commission on Communal Property, of which he is deputy head, caused a fountain of emotions in Mr. Gufman. At first, Mr. Gufman persistently did not let our activist into the office, then he demanded to show his passport (and at the same time his residence permit) and make a copy of it, then he nevertheless allowed us to stay, but assured us that next time we were definitely not allowed to the commission. Apparently, Gennady Leonidovich still does not understand that the times when the city council was a closed club, and its commissions were circles of interest, are gone forever. Kolesnikov's actions in the prosecutor's office are qualified according to. 2 Art. 364 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (abuse of official position). According to the journalists of “Our Money”, in 2012 the State Enterprise “Research and Design-Technological Institute of the Pipe Industry named after. Ya. Yu. m. and 190 sq.. m. buildings of “public catering” at a deliberately reduced price, despite the fact that the local authorities could not alienate the donated property to private structures. On behalf of the City Council, the sale and purchase agreement was signed by the director of the Department of Corporate Rights and Legal Support of the Dnepropetrovsk City Council Oleksandr Velichko, and the transactions were certified by the notary Yana Gufman, the wife of Gennady Hufman. In July 2016, Investdnipro LLC was registered with the Israeli company Zenter Development And Investments Ltd, the sole owner of which was Gennady Gufmana.

“Eastern Ukrainian language”

In the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council, a deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life passed off the Russian language as “Eastern Ukrainian” The corresponding video began to be distributed on social networks.

Speaking to colleagues, Gufman began his speech in the state language, but immediately after that he asked for permission to use a certain “Eastern Ukrainian”.

Wealthy man, but the origins of wealth is a mystery

Such activity of bribing voters in the elections raises a reasonable question – why did the deputy of the City Council so actively develop the constituency in the parliamentary elections? It should be noted here that Gennady Gufman is generally far from being a poor person.. Moreover, in the ratings of the richest city council deputies compiled by the Dnipropetrovsk media, Gennady Gufman traditionally holds leadership positions, which adds to his fame and media interest. However, the politician himself does not like to touch on this topic and prefers to avoid the topic when asked by journalists, speaking about himself rather as a person who has taken place in life, and not about a wealthy person.. It must be said that the dislike of the ex-deputy for the money issue is understandable, because with the reports of Gennady Gufman on millions of incomes annually, it is not entirely clear due to what his business actually achieves such success. Yes, and the income looks very uneven over the years: – in 2011, Gennady Gufman, working as the director of the KP “Bureau for Registration of Property Rights and Real Estate Activities” of the Dnepropetrovsk City Council and the director of the SE “IP Invest Group”, earned 1,632,377 hryvnias; – in 2013, the deputy's income amounted to UAH 127,387, including salary – UAH 17,787; – according to the results of 2014, Gennady Hufman earned UAH 7,219,790, of which the lion's share is UAH 7,103,538. – received from the alienation of immovable and movable property, and another 438,360 UAH were earned by members of his family. The post of director of the private enterprise “IP-Invest-Group” was listed as a place of work. The years 2015-2017 remained “blank spots” in the history of the formation of the welfare of Gennady Gufman, since at that moment he was not a deputy of the City Council and did not fall under the requirements of electronic declaration of assets and income. And yet, few know the answer to the question: what means does the Gufman family live on? How much did Gufman declare in 2012, 2014 and 2015? In order to find out, we sent a request to the Dnipro City Council, as well as to the National Anti-Corruption Agency, but in both cases we were denied the request. Moreover, in the city council of Dnipro, the reason for the refusal was explained as follows: “Gennadiy Gufman is not an acting deputy of the city council of Dnipro, therefore, we are not authorized to comment on this matter.” And here is the response we received from NACP: RESPONSE to the submission of declarations Gennadiy Hufman also submitted a declaration of his wealth as a candidate for people's deputies of Ukraine, thereby reporting on income and assets for 2018. According to the declaration in 2018, the “gray eminence” of the Dnieper earned 8,404,005 hryvnia, which is only slightly more than in 2013 with a completely different dollar exchange rate. At the same time, it is curious that two loans taken from Privatbank and Universal Bank, for a total amount of more than UAH 2.4 million, fall on the share of income.. Another 517,889 hryvnia earned wife – Yana Hufman. Gennadiy Gufman owns a residential building with an area of 741.8 square meters, purchased in 2017 for UAH 787,280, and a land plot of 949 square meters worth UAH 121,900.. Zhenya owns an apartment of 52.4 square meters. Of the vehicles, Gufman owns two cars of the prestigious brand LEXUS models GX 470 and LX 570. The latter, by the way, cost the then deputy of the City Council 1,719,960 hryvnias.. Wife moved from Mazda to 5-year-old Volkswagen Passat in 2017. Also, as valuable property, Gennady Leonidovich declared men's watches of the prestigious and expensive brands Breguet, ULYSSE NARDIN, ROLEX DAYTONA and Zenith, at their price exceeding the amount of 137,300 hryvnias (100 living wages of able-bodied persons as of January 1, 2018), necessary for inclusion in declaration.

Earnings on the side – in the homeland of the president

A possible clue that answers the question about the income of Gennady Hufman may be the list of his proxies in the parliamentary elections on July 21, 2019. The CEC website speaks of three proxies: Alexander Bagatsky, a well-known city athlete, multiple winner and prize-winner of national and international kickboxing competitions and championships, who fought more than 200 fights; Nikolai Cherny – director of a number of enterprises owned by Gennady Gufman himself or his partner Evgeny Lifshits, also registered as a private entrepreneur; Evgeniy Krivenko – Director of the KP “Center for Electronic Payments of the Kryvyi Rih City Council”. UAH 150,000 was allocated to the enterprise from the city budget to form the statutory fund, and another UAH 1.2 million. intended as financial support for the payment of salaries. It is curious that in just a month and a half of 2020, Kryvyi Rih City Council Electronic Payment Center has already managed to receive UAH 1,710,878 at state tenders. And most importantly, no one will connect the hope of the Opposition Platform – For Life party for Gennady Hufman's victory in the parliamentary elections with some kind of fraud in Kryvyi Rih: his firms will still be “clean” from state tenders, and journalists will wonder where the “gray cardinal” has money.


Gufman is a man who brazenly impoverishes the Dnieper. He runs from one political force to another, as long as it is profitable. But at the same time, he continues to bribe voters with everything, in the hope that they will give their votes for a corrupt official who robbed them.

Личные данные

Married to Yana Gufman. She is the owner of the PE “Legal Company “Yur-Service Group” and a co-owner (25%) of LLC “Dniprotrans-7” (provision of individual services). The wife of a politician is a notary. The couple have four children.
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