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Golubchenko Anatoly Konstantinovich


As we already know, the "Party of Regions" is an evil that has destroyed the country. And Anatoly Golubchenko was a part of this bandit party. Therefore, it is not surprising that he did not differ much from his fellow party members. The schemes are very typical, the result is the same – a pocket full of huge sums, expensive cars, luxury real estate and a whole list of luxury. And it was precisely using their powers that they did not need much work in money laundering.

June 6, 1950
Уровень охвата:

Anatoly Konstantinovich Golubchenko

Official biography

Born on June 6, 1950 in Zhdanov (now Mariupol), Donetsk region. In 1972 he graduated from the Zhdanovsky Metallurgical Institute and went to work at the metallurgical plant named after. Ilyich (MMK im.. Ilyich) as a roller operator. After returning from service in the army in 1974, he again came to the MMK, where he worked until 1986, first as a roller operator, then as a shift supervisor, and as a shop manager. In 1986 he was transferred to Dnepropetrovsk, where for a year he worked as the chief distributor of the department of new equipment and technologies of the Ministry of Ferrous Metallurgy of the Ukrainian SSR. In 1987-1991 – Deputy General Director of the Zaporizhstal plant. In 1991 he moved to Kyiv, where he worked first as First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee of Ukraine for the Metallurgical Industry, then as Deputy Minister of Industry and Minister of Industry of Ukraine. In 1994, he was elected to the Verkhovna Rada of the II convocation (according to the constituency in Berdyansk). Member of the Verkhovna Rada Commission on Basic Industries and Social and Economic Development of Regions. In August 1997, Valery Pustovoitenko appointed him First Deputy Prime Minister in his government.. After the resignation of the government of Pustovoitenko in December 1999, he was appointed First Deputy Chairman of the State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPFU). In 1999-2001, he was a scientific consultant at the Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant OJSC, in 2002-2006 he was the chairman of the Supervisory Board of Ukrelectroapparat OJSC in Khmelnitsky. In August 2006, he took the post of First Deputy Mayor of Kyiv Leonid Chernovetsky. Supervises the work of the main departments: fuel, energy and energy saving; on emergency situations; for the protection of the population from the consequences of the Chernobyl accident; on consumer protection issues; labor and employment. In December 2013 – January 2014, he temporarily acted as chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration (KSCA)

Work in the team of Chernovetsky.

In September 2006, Golubchenko took over as first deputy mayor of the capital, Leonid Chernovetsky.. After Viktor Yanukovych came to power, Chernovetsky carried out “optimization of the management structure of the Kyiv City State Administration” as part of “a new approach to the formation of personnel, which is being implemented by the president and prime minister”. In June 2010, after the appointment of the former Chernovetsky Minister of Housing and Utilities Alexander Popov as the first deputy, Golubchenko became the deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration, without the prefix “first”. He oversees the preparation and holding of Euro-2012 in Kyiv, as well as the activities of the departments of transport, advertising, ritual services, and tourism. Managed to prove himself as a tough conductor of the positions of the chief. In the “battles” in the Kyiv City Council, the reason for which was a 3.4-fold increase in tariffs for housing and communal services, he tirelessly argued that such a measure was economically absolutely justified, and frightened the people of Kiev with the confiscation of housing for non-payments. He actively reflected the accusations thrown against the current city authorities by the ex-mayor of Kyiv Alexander Omelchenko. Since May 21, 2013 – First Deputy Head of the Kyiv City State Administration (Alexandra Popova). In December 2013 – January 2014, he temporarily acted as chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration. On February 25, 2014, he resigned from the post of First Deputy Head of the Kyiv City State Administration.

A family

The politician is married. Together with his wife Elena Vasilievna (b. 1951), he raised two sons: Alexei (b. 1972) and Artyom (b. 1981).

Awards and titles.

Golubchenko is a laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology, was awarded the title of “Honored Worker of Industry of Ukraine”, was awarded the Order of Merit, III degree. NOT an official biography In 2006, Golubchenko “lit up” in a scandal related to the construction of the first domestic professional golf center in Kiev, which at the end of 2006 had friction with city officials. The Golf Federation of Ukraine stated that Golubchenko was involved in them: allegedly, all the checks by the authorities hid the lobbying of the interests of his wife, who acts as a co-investor in the construction of a restaurant on the territory of the golf center and, with the help of administrative levers, seeks certain preferences for herself. Representatives of Elena Golubchenko – the owner of the famous metropolitan fashionable restaurant “Egoist” and the beauty salon “At Pani Anele” – denied all accusations of “golfers”.

KIOSKS of the bakery “Kulinichi” were installed illegally

According to Radio Liberty journalists, kiosks of the Kulinichi brand in the city of Vyshneve and in the Goloseevsky district of Kyiv are being built illegally. Workers are not legally registered and do not require any medical certificates. The mayor of Vishnevoe Ilya Dikov confirmed that the kiosks of TM “Kulinichi” do not have permission from the city council at the session, their installation was not considered. Why the company's kiosks in the city are not demolished, as it immediately happens with other illegal architectural forms, he could not explain. The general director of the bakery, Vadim Pogrebnyak, said he did not know whether his outlets were legal or not. People's Deputy Andriy Mokhnyk asked the Prosecutor General's Office why kiosks of a certain brand operate without permits, but have not yet received a response.

A month ago, when employees of several Kyiv bakeries were on hunger strike near the Cabinet of Ministers, in protest against layoffs and the closure of production, Anatoly Golubchenko, deputy chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration, invited them to his office. And he assured that the Kyiv authorities do not provide preferences to the Kulinichi bakery, due to the appearance of which, according to the workers, other bread production is being closed.. As proof of this position of the Kyiv City State Administration, Anatoly Golubchenko cited the fact that the Kyiv city authorities refused to place the Kulinichi kiosks in the capital. From the life of the Kiev elite: Anatoly Golubchenko's estate The next hero of the Ukrayinska Pravda series about the estates of the domestic elite is Anatoly Golubchenko, First Deputy Head of the Kiev City State Administration. So, in one of the houses in the capital's Lipki, the vice-mayor has an apartment, under the windows of which the silver Bentley of Anatoly Golubchenko's son is parked. There is a house on 800 square meters and 0.75 hectares of land, in a representative cottage town “Golden Gate”, located next to Leonid Chernovetsky. Golubchenko's estate of noble red brick. head of the Kyiv City State Administration Anatoly Golubchenko knew exactly about the “preparation” of the authorities for the brutal dispersal of protesters on the night of November 30, KV was told by credible sources in the building at Khreshchatyk 36. According to KV sources, in fact, the eternal first deputy. In the morning of Friday, November 29, 2013, Anatoly Golubchenko, head of the Kyiv City State Administration, without clearly explaining why, promptly arranged a vacation for himself in order to fly to his relatives in Mariupol at 6 am on November 30. “At the same time, Anatoly Konstantinovich, for some reason, before leaving, called the prosecutor's office in order to notify the responsible comrades that he, they say, was definitely on vacation and would not be in Kyiv. Such behavior of Golubchenko then simply seemed strange. But then it became clear that the master of intrigue was playing it safe, because. knew about the upcoming events, which, by the way, Popov clearly didn’t know then,” said one of the interlocutors of KV .. Anatoly Golubchenko, having an income of 4.7 million hryvnias. received in 2012 also 13 thousand UAH. help Acting Anatoly Golubchenko, First Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration, according to his income statement, earned UAH 4.7 million in 2012. Of these, wages amounted to 172.5 thousand. UAH Golubchenko earned UAH 3.8 million from dividends and interest, and UAH 542.7 thousand from the alienation of property. In addition, Golubchenko received UAH 13.4 thousand last year. financial assistance and 13.5 thousand UAH. pensions. The official's family in 2012 earned UAH 430.5 thousand, of which UAH 70.5 thousand. – from entrepreneurial activity and 360 thousand. UAH. from the lease of property. According to the declaration, Golubchenko owns an apartment (61 sq.m.), two houses (609 and 264.86 sq.m.), two land plots (6280 sq.m.. and 933 sq.m), a garage (36 sq.m) and other real estate (270, 106 and 40 sq.m). The family of a city official owns three apartments (61, 62 and 85 sq.m.), two land plots (36295 sq.m.. and 13102 sq.m) and other real estate (six buildings with an area of 472, 115, 350, 76, 1207 and 377 sq.m). Golubchenko has UAH 16.3 million in bank accounts, and his family has UAH 395,000.. UAH. According to the declaration, neither the official nor his family have cars. As previously reported, the secretary of the Kyiv City Council Galina Gerega owns three apartments, a country house and two land plots, and in 2012 she earned UAH 8.7 million, and the head of the Kyiv City State Administration Oleksandr Popov, according to the declaration, maintains his daughter and wife for 17 thousand hryvnia per month.

There will be many toilets in Kyiv, and it is possible that they will sell food

There will be no shortage of toilets in Kyiv in the coming years, and they will bring huge profits to their owners.. This will be taken care of by the first deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration Anatoly Golubchenko, who really likes the toilet business. Especially if you take funds from the city budget. We are talking about the construction of two hundred regular temporary structures (VS), in which the people of Kiev are already getting used to celebrating their natural needs on the streets of the capital. But after all, this is always carried out at the expense of the investor, and no project documentation is needed for this at all.. So why spend budgetary funds on this and who benefits from it? To understand all this, I had to remember that the toilet business in Kyiv (in particular, performed by TUTS SERVICE LLC) is associated with one influential official – the deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration Anatoly Golubchenko. I also had to find out how LLC “TUT SERVICE” feels now. After all, Golubchenko, being responsible for preparing the capital for the Euro-2012 football championship, made this company the winner of the investment competition for the installation of modular toilets. In addition, this LLC also received the right to earn money by selling space for advertising on bio toilets.. According to a source in the Kyiv City State Administration, despite investment obligations, this company installed not 170 toilets on the streets of the capital, as it was supposed under the investment agreement, but only 35. And most of them this year also stopped working. And this despite the fact that the newspaper “Vesti” in the KSCA was told that they purchased these toilets in 2012. not even LLC “TUT SERVICE” (recall, it is an investor in the placement of booths), but KP “Kyivvodfond”, which spent UAH 1.8 million on this purchase. from the city treasury. And, although these toilets are not free at all (LLC takes the fee for visiting them), the KSCA told Vesti that 1.1 million hryvnias were allocated for their maintenance from the city budget last year! KV has long had no doubts about the ability of city officials to allocate funds from the city budget several times for the same event, and at the same time spend amounts that exceed all reasonable limits.. But, the arrogance and greed of the toilet monopolists is really amazing. Recently, SLED.net.ua managed to get acquainted with a copy of the letter addressed on May 21, 2013 by the General Director of TUTS SERVICE LLC to the leadership of the Kyiv City State Administration. In it, the CEO writes that the LLC, acting as an investor in the installation of dry closets in Kyiv, provided an invaluable service to Kyiv. But in fact, they say, nothing worked on this, and even took a loan from the bank for 9 million hryvnia, which she cannot repay. In this regard, the general director of “TUT SERVICE” in the mentioned letter proposed the Kyiv City State Administration … to buy 35 plastic dry closets from LLC for UAH 25 million. Alternatively, the head of the enterprise asked the municipality to issue to LLC such certificates of functional purpose for 50 temporary structures (aircraft with a designation – dry closets), which would allow the LLC to trade food or non-food products from them! Only after that the enterprise promised to resume work in Kyiv of 24 toilets out of 35 installed. Agree, it’s hard to believe that TUTS SERVICE LLC is run by madmen. Rather, having become the first deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration, Golubchenko decided to start earning money on access to the budget trough again in an adult way. LLC “TUT SERVICE” probably paid in 2012. to the city budget a modest share participation for the placement of more than 35 dry closets (in total, much more places were reserved for them), and now he wants to re-profile them for a more profitable business. This LLC also earns by selling space for advertising on dry closets. But it seems that the leadership of the Kyiv City State Administration refused to transfer millions from the city budget into the pocket of Anatoly Golubchenko in such a frankly impudent way.. After that, in fact, the mentioned project of changes to the program of socio-economic development of Kyiv appeared.. And therefore, when the deputies at the August plenary meeting of the Kyiv City Council vote for changes to this document, UAH 10 million. without much difficulty, they will write off unnecessary design work to anyone, which Dmitry Novinsky spoke about. It is not difficult to guess that this money, and those allocated for the installation of 200 new toilets later, will actually go to improve the welfare of Anatoly Golubchenko. Or through any design organization he has chosen, or through his favorite investors (LLC “TUT SERVICE”), with whom the first deputy head of the KSCA broke the investment agreement for non-fulfillment, of course, he is not going to.

Quasi-governors of Kyiv: Golubchenko and Makeenko

According to rumors, Vladimir Makeenko not only has not yet officially assumed the position of head of the Kyiv City State Administration, but has not yet quit his previous job. And at the same time, he is not going to delve into the issues of managing Kyiv. Because. immediately gave everything at the mercy of his old friend – Anatoly Golubchenko. Who will soon retire anyway. At the country level in the legal plane, of course, the wildest insanity is happening now. But a new conflict with the head of the Kyiv City State Administration still begs to be deciphered by good lawyers. There is a first deputy head of this body, who de facto, in the absence of the chief, is the chief. And there is already a new chief, but which – it is completely ambiguous that the main one. The official website of the Kyiv City State Administration assures us that Makeenko Vladimir Vladimirovich is the head of the Kyiv City State Administration. However, evil tongues in the KSCA claim that, despite the presidential decree No. 43/2014 of 01/25/2014, this is still a “fake” and another “wire” from the party in power. Say, a number of bureaucratic rituals that can make Vladimir Vladimirovich a full-fledged governor have not yet been completed. These conversations are confirmed by the website of the Verkhovna Rada, where Makeenko is still officially listed as the head of the procedural committee. This is probably why the corresponding page of the KSCA website does not even contain the date from which Mr. Makeenko took office as the capital's governor. And KV sources close to the government claim that Makeenko may not even have filed an application for resignation of the people's deputy to the parliamentary committee on regulations he heads. However, KV was present when Vladimir Vladimirovich hit himself in the chest with his heel, assuring that he had already submitted such a statement. But it's not a fact that all people never lie.. The statement itself, even in the committee, has not yet been seen by anyone. In any case, if you follow the legally established procedure, Makeenko must still convene a meeting of the committee so that the committee considers this application. And after that, speaker Vladimir Rybak must read out the statement considered by the committee in the session hall. But the quasi-governor of Kyiv has not yet convened the regulatory committee. Say, the turmoil of revolutionary everyday life. Much will be written off on it later. How then can you prove that it was Makeenko, and not Golubchenko, and on what legal basis did he lead Kyiv for some time!? Confirmation of the collision with the head of the KSCA, which is very similar to a scam, is a number of orders of the KSCA dated February 3 and 5, which were signed not by Makeenko, but by the acting. Head of KSCA Anatoly Golubchenko. At the same time, according to KV sources in the Kyiv City State Administration, Anatoly Golubchenko has already made it clear to all subordinates who should be obeyed. According to them, everything showed one of the first working meetings in early February, when the quasi-governor Makeenko finished his short speech about nothing – and left. After that, Anatoly Konstantinovich slammed his fist on the table and clearly explained: “You will do as I say!”. “Then he privately explained to a number of not very understanding officials that he (Golubchenko) is now Klyuev’s man (Andrey Petrovich Klyuev from 01/24/2014 is the head of the Presidential Administration), and Makeenko is Klyuev’s man. And he added that everyone would obey him (Golubchenko) unquestioningly, ”said a KV source in the Kyiv City State Administration. Everything is clear about Klyuev. What an old man! He probably realized that now he is not just anyone, but a whole quasi-governor! So, now it will turn around, i.e.. his deplorable financial condition will certainly correct his. It's not a secret that Vladimir Makeyenko doesn't know how to manage city farms.. But colleagues in parliament know him as a very experienced and skillful politician: subtle, cautious and prone to behind-the-scenes intrigues. Therefore, the master of intrigue, presumably, succeeded in fulfilling the task assigned to him by the party – he ensured the adoption of the budget of Kyiv. Despite the fact that the “rebellious oppositionists” from the moment the central government abandoned the “bright European path”, disrupted all sessions of the not particularly legitimate metropolitan city council. The session, at which a deliberately unfeasible budget was adopted (by the way, even without money for the functions of the capital), as everyone noticed, no one disrupted. Makeenko arranged everything technically, he even invited diplomats. And the rabid oppositionists, for example, the fascist “Svobodovites”, why against this? They are, like, civilized: they know that the capital of Ukraine cannot survive without a budget. And at the end of the session, Vladimir Makeenko arranged a clownery for journalists – an almost three-hour press conference. Such that the last popularly elected mayor Leonid Chernovetsky would envy his creativity. They say that the city budget is ready to increase to UAH 30 billion if journalists stop paying bribes to officials. And they will never raise fares in the city, because transport checkpoints are fattening. And a lot of other funny rubbish Makeenko told reporters. It should be noted that Makeenko did not say something constructive, for example, how the KSCA will now begin to increase the revenue side of the budget.. And the city budget for 2014, we recall, has already included an increase in fares in Kyiv. Compensation for “Kyivpastrans” and the subway in the budget is not provided, if the authorities suddenly decide to hold back these tariffs from some kind of fright. It seems that Vladimir Vladimirovich was not going to delve into the topics of his own messages. What for? He is a smart person, and it is not his first day in the Party of Regions. Furthermore. As KV found out, Makeenko was once very friendly with Leonid Chernovetsky. And then he attached to him as the first deputy his creature – an experienced, as many say, corrupt official – Anatoly Golubchenko. That is, it turns out that Makeenko is Golubchenko's patron. Rumor has it that Anatoly Konstantinovich, until Viktor Yanukovych finally dismissed Alexander Popov from the post of head of the Kyiv City State Administration, slowed down a little with corruption schemes. He did not want, as acting. sign particularly slippery orders. And with the advent of Makeenko, he perked up: he thought that all the “interesting” draft orders of the KSCA would slip him in for signature at once. But, as we see, it was not there. And Golubchenko had to sign the orders himself, a number of which break all records for corruption. And the prices for travel in the capital soon, go Golubchenko, and not Makeenko will raise. And why does the cunning regional Makeenko need it? Let the eternal first deputy work and substitute. How long does he have until retirement? Turning 65 next year! A criminal case may be opened against Golubchenko The only deputy mayor of Kiev, who remained from the old team, Anatoly Golubchenko, was hospitalized. Golubchenko says he is in the hospital and does not know what is happening in the city hall, writes the newspaper Segodnya. The Kyiv City State Administration says that Golubchenko became ill at work. “He was waiting for a meeting with Alexander Popov. But was not accepted due to unforeseen circumstances. Anatoly Konstantinovich took this as a bad sign, and he lost his nerve, ”the city hall said. At the same time, the Presidential Administration says that it is not without reason, the newspaper writes.. “The decision on Golubchenko has not yet been made. But the degree of his participation in the work of the KSCA was discussed. He is a competent specialist with experience, but there are problems, in particular with transport,” a source in the Presidential Administration said. Sources of the publication in law enforcement agencies say that 3 criminal cases will be initiated on the facts of offenses in the transport sector. Recall that law enforcement agencies are now investigating 18 criminal cases on offenses committed by Kyiv officials. 22 people have been charged, 8 arrested, 14 are under house arrest. Also in the proceedings of the prosecutor's office are 4 criminal cases that were initiated on August 30 on the alienation of shares in Kievgaz, Kievkhimvolokna, Kievmiskstroy and Kievvodokanal. The Kyiv prosecutor's office opened a criminal case against officials of the Kyiv city state administration, who allocated 3 hectares of land for construction in the Zhuliany microdistrict. Also, one of the leaders of Kyivzelenstroy, Oleg Lukash, is suspected of embezzling 10 million hryvnias of budget funds. BSA reconstruction project is ready. But there is no money On the order of PJSC “AK “Kyivvodokanal”, a project for the reconstruction of the Bortnichesky aeration station (BSA) has been made and is actually ready for implementation. But there is no money for the reconstruction itself. The KSCA managed to make sure that foreign investors forgot the way to Kyiv, and 4-5 billion UAH. Naturally, it cannot be found anywhere in the state budget today. As you know, for many years, Anatoly Golubchenko, deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration for housing and communal services, was responsible for the reconstruction of the BSA in Kyiv for many years.. Only in 2011-2012. Alexander Mazurchak replaced him in this field, but now Golubchenko has returned to his native element again. It is also known that while both mega-specialists from the housing and communal services, spending considerable budgetary funds, led the process of developing endless feasibility studies and projects for the reconstruction of the station. But there were no results – none. For example, in 2006. the same “Kievinzhproekt” has already developed a feasibility study for the reconstruction of the oldest stage of the BSA. But the developed design solution was eventually rejected, because, you see, it assumed the allocation of as much as UAH 800 million for the necessary work.. As an alternative, the KSCA then announced a decision to order the development of a new project by a foreign company, which could also attract investments for its project itself. Everything seemed to fit together in the beginning.. The tender was won by the German company Berlinwasser International AG (the leading operator of water supply and sanitation in Germany, implementing large infrastructure projects in dozens of countries, including Russia and China) – and by the end of 2007. a feasibility study and a project for the complete reconstruction of the BSA were prepared. According to rumors, after that this company decided never to work in Ukraine anymore. As a non-resident, Berlinwasser International AG had to work hard and pay a lot of bribes to create a joint venture – Berlinwasser International-Ost LLC. And at the final stage, the Kyiv City State Administration (acted as the customer) managed to underpay the subsidiary of Berlinwasser International AG about UAH 5 million. Rumor has it that Golubchenko simply decided that this money would work better to increase his personal well-being.


A typical situation with regionals. Golubchenko, like most regional officials, launders money through the state budget. Hence the expensive estates, cars, and other luxury. And when it came to the Maidan, Anatoly Golubchenko, for unknown reasons, took a vacation and hid in Mariupol.

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Wife - Elena Vasilievna, children - Artyom, Alexey
Party of Regions
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