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Giganov Bogdan Viktorovich


Bogdan Giganov, an Odesa deputy from the\"OPLZH\", does not recognize Russia as an aggressor, and a day after the start of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, he wrote a post that Zelensky would beg Putin, even on his knees, at least for a temporary truce. Before the war, he appeared on Russian shows, conflicted with the ultra-right. Involved in corruption schemes in the former GASI (State Architectural Construction Inspectorate), and together with accomplice Yeremitsa\"drank \" about 42 million in the construction of the school.

Ukraine Russia
November 25, 1983
Уровень охвата:

Bogdan Viktorovich Giganov

Official biography

Member of the Odessa City Council, member of the Opposition Platform for Life faction. Born on November 25, 1983 in the town of Sokiryany, Chernivtsi region. From 1999 to 2002, he studied at the Sokiryan Higher Vocational School, received the qualification of a car mechanic. From 2014 to the present, he has been studying at the Odessa National Polytechnic University at the Faculty of Foreign Economic Activity. From 2002 to 2004 – a car mechanic at AIS Auto LLC in the city of Chernivtsi. From 2004 to 2008 – Deputy Head of Financial Security Service LLC in the city of Chernivtsi. From 2008 to 2009 – assistant to the head of the security service of the territorial department of the public joint-stock company “Ukrsotsbank” in the city of Chernivtsi. From 2009 to 2012 – Development Director of the construction company “OSK Vector”. Since 2012, he has been the founder of the construction company Comfort Construction Investment Company in Odessa. Since October 2015 – Member of the Odessa City Council of the VII convocation. He was a member of the Opposition Bloc faction, but left it in 2017. He is a member of the Standing Committee on Territory Development Planning, Urban Design and Architecture. In April 2020, he headed the “Oppoplatformy” deputy group in the Odessa City Council. In October 2020, he was elected a deputy of the Odessa City Council of the eighth convocation from the Opposition Platform for Life Party.

A family

Married, has children.

NOT official biography

Bogdan Giganov is known as a fan of Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov. In addition, he repeatedly appeared in live propaganda programs on Russian TV.

Bogdan Giganov: defector and traitor

Giganov is an active deputy and works out party money for 5+. The entire banquet of the Opposition Platform for Life Party in the Odessa City Council is paid for by businessman and people's deputy Vadim Stolar, who moved Tatyana Plachkova to the measures of Odessa (responsible for the black box office of the State Audit Inspectorate). According to the portal “Antikor” B. Giganov is a participant in a corruption scheme at the State Architectural Institute: However, Giganov was not always a fan of Stolar. In 2019, he was very indignant at the fact that Stolar, who in 2019 in the presidential elections was Poroshenko’s overseer in Kyiv and Odessa and financed the campaigns of Petr Alekseevich, was included in the list of the Opposition Platform for Life. I was just very angry. Giganov got into the City Council from the Opposition Bloc, but when in 2019 Skoryk, with the majority of the Opposition Bloc team, moved to the Oppo-Bloc, like his party boss Boyko, Bogdan Viktorovich jumped into the Trukhanovsko-Akhmetovskaya part and actually worked against Boyko and the Oppo-Bloc. Corruption scheme in Odessa GASI: Well, now Giganov is back in the OPF, and in the Stolar-Rabinovich part of it. So he had to fall in love with Stolar, whom he had previously so angrily branded. Money doesn’t smell, and if you want to be re-elected to the City Council, you won’t get so sloppy either.


At a meeting of the Odessa City Council on June 10, 2020. it became known about the fakap of deputy Bogdan Giganov. On June 10, he made a publication on Facebook, where he wrote that it was necessary to increase the monthly surcharge for Honorary Citizens of Odessa. However, out of 28 people on his list, 11 have already passed away. The Facebook post has since been deleted. Trukhanov decided to publicly reprimand Giganov. The mayor addressed the deputy and stated that it is necessary to respect those who have done more for the city than others, but have already left us. “Bogdan Viktorovich, I was shown your work in social networks. You write there all the time. You have published a list of honorary citizens of the city who are supposed to increase funding. Why did you include in your list those who, unfortunately, are not among us, who have passed away!? What are you kidding about?”

Odessa MP complained about “radical children”

Bogdan Giganov, a deputy of the Odessa City Council from the Opposition Bloc, said that “ill-mannered and radical children” painted the facade of his waiting room and lit a fire on the sidewalk. According to RIA Novosti, the people's choice called them “pawns in someone else's game.”

Opposition Bloc Candidate Bogdan Giganov Receives Financial Aid While Hiding His Firm

Giganov earned 72 thousand last year. hryvnia, and received financial assistance for 46.5 thousand. hryvnia Candidate for deputy of the Odessa City Council from the “Opposition Bloc” Bogdan Giganov lives on financial assistance, hiding his company from the tax authorities. This is evidenced by the data of his declaration for 2014. According to the document, last year Giganov earned 72 thousand. hryvnia, and received financial assistance for 46.5 thousand hryvnia. His wife Olga was able to earn 35 thousand hryvnia. At the same time, she received 28 thousand hryvnias in the form of financial assistance. The family did not declare any cars, apartments or other property. However, the editors of found out that the candidate decided to hide some information about his business, writes Bogdan Giganov was born in 1983 in the town of Sokiryany, Chernivtsi region. Here he still has a FLP with the right to engage in trucking. In addition, his wife was listed as the founder of NKA Rys LLC (a contribution of 17 thousand. hryvnia), and he himself was the director of the company. Since January 2014, the company has been in liquidation, because. they have not filed tax returns. Giganov's wife is also listed as the founder of the company “KESH ODESSA”. Her contribution was 400 thousand. hryvnia! At the same time, the politician himself also hides the information that he is the founder of Comfort Construction and Investment Company LLC, where he has almost 356 thousand. hryvnia! At the same time, the registration of the place of residence of Bogdan Giganov – Gymnazicheskaya street, 20 sq.. 1. Interestingly, the candidate did not indicate in the declaration whether he was renting the premises or bought it. Recall that the commercial director of Comfort is the former vice-governor Alexei Yeremitsa, who was involved in corruption scams under Skoryk and Matviychuk. Tender information: In particular, we are talking about the fact that the firm of Giganov and Eremitsa tried to “cut” 42 million. hryvnia on the construction of a school in the Odessa region. The money was cut, but the school was never built: Interestingly, Giganov's modest income does not prevent him from flying to Israel on vacation.. I wonder how much his chronometer cost the unemployed man? We hope that the “honest” candidate will tell about it himself.

tender scam

“Comfort” was established in 2012 and six months later it wins a tender for the construction of a school in the village of Burdovka, Razdelnyansky district. The court canceled the tender, declaring it illegal. During the investigation, it turned out that “Comfort” put false data into the offer. The decision of the court to cancel the tender: It turned out that the company does not have any equipment necessary for construction work, and instead of 148 employees on paper, there are only 10 people, but in reality only one director worked.

Odessa deputy burned a car, which he forgot to indicate in the declaration

In Odessa, unknown people burned the car of the deputy of the City Council from the “Opposition Bloc” Bodan Giganov. Giganov reported this on Facebook: “On Sunday, at about 4 o’clock in the morning, my car burned down in a guarded parking lot.. Experts say it's arson.” The burnt-out car of the deputy: The burnt car does not appear in the declaration of the deputy for 2014, where he indicated that he did not own vehicles. However, the register of the Ministry of Internal Affairs indicates that in 2016 Bogdan Giganov owns a car, which was registered as a deputy in 2014. Commenting on the discrepancy in the data, Bogdan Giganov did not deny the presence of a car, but admitted that he could have mistakenly not indicated it in the declaration, IzbirKom reports.


On March 22, 2019, unknown radicals attacked the public reception of the deputy of the Odessa City Council from the OPPOSITION BLOC, a confidant of the presidential candidate Oleksandr Vilkul Bohdan Giganov. Vandals completely disfigured the facade of the building, painting it with threats: “Vіlkul, get out of Ukraine” and “Death to the regions”. Baiderin, as a new director, began to demand that the tenants of the house built but not put into operation pay another 200 dollars per square meter. For more than a year, the victims went to the authorities and demanded justice.. All unsuccessful. In May 2021, they created their own service cooperative, entered into an agreement with a security company. On May 29, another migration was carried out, to prevent which the deputies Giganov and Baiderin came to the construction site. Survey of deceived investors:

We also note that several hundred Odessa families, including pensioners and disabled people, suffered from the fraudulent actions of the developer company. The situation is saturated with lawlessness and sheer fraud.. However, at the request of the residents, People's Deputy of Ukraine Artem Dmytruk arrived at the scene of the conflict.. This time, without pathos and PR, he stood up for the legal rights of people.. But the “great schemers” Giganov and Baiderin have so far gone aside. Dmytruk decided to refresh the memory of the deputies of the City Council that the right to housing is guaranteed by the Constitution, and the greatest value in Ukraine is a person, his health and safety. If someone does not agree, said Dmitruk, then his place is definitely not in the city council, where it is necessary to think about the inhabitants of the city, their rights and a decent life – the country does not need such unfortunate deputies. Under the cries of “Shame!” deputies from the Opposition Platform “For Life” went to “work” in a restaurant where it is much more convenient to take care of the people…

“Deport!” Odessa deputy slept on the “Russian world”

Bogdan Giganov, a deputy of the Odessa City Council, was convicted of being overly enthusiastic about the “Russian world” and everything related to Russia. Giganov visiting Skabeeva: So, local politician Sergei Sternenko on his Facebook page showed all the features of his “Internet activity”. Visiting Skabeeva:

“Bogdan has problems – he mixed up his country of residence. He thinks he lives in Russia, but in fact – in Ukraine! Lost!” he wrote. Thus, Giganov actively spreads fake Russian propagandists in social networks. Giganov does not recognize Russia as an aggressor:

A funeral wreath was brought to the Ukrainian deputy who came to Skabeeva

In Odessa, activists brought a mourning wreath to the office of Bogdan Giganov, deputy of the city council from the Opposition Bloc, who appeared on Russian television on November 22. On Sunday, November 24, reports Glavred.

Funeral wreath under Giganov's reception:

The office building was painted with inscriptions: “Headquarters of the separatists”, “Russia is the enemy”, “Get out of Ukraine”.

In an attempt to whitewash his reputation, Giganov repainted his office in patriotic colors:

HSE against: in Odessa with disputes allocated 20 million hryvnia. for the defense and volunteer formations

At the session of the Odessa City Council, issue 3.5 On the approval of the City Target Program for Assistance in the Development of Territorial Defense Units and Volunteer Formations of the Territorial Community of the City of Odessa for 2022-2023 was considered. A discussion began in the hall of the city council, some deputies spoke about the importance of the program, conducting exercises on the defense. Others stated that it is not necessary to mislead the population and sow panic. Opposition Platform for Life MP Bogdan Giganov said that we need to calm down and that no one is going to attack us: “You understand that we excite people with such statements.”

Odesa deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life proposed Zelensky to negotiate with the Russian Federation on his knees in order to prevent a “fraternal war”

Bogdan Giganov, a city council deputy from the HSE, addressed President Volodymyr Zelensky via Facebook with a proposal to start negotiating with the Russian Federation, if necessary, on his knees. Subsequently, this post in social networks disappeared, and the people's choice said that his account had been hacked. Giganov's deleted post with a call to stop the “fratricidal” war: Subsequently, the deputy wrote that his page had been hacked and he was “in shock”, because he did not write anything like that. He also added that after the publication, they began to poison him and his relatives. It should be noted that at the last session of the City Council, where one of the issues was the financing of terrorist defense, Bogdan Giganov assured that the attack on Ukraine by the Russian Federation was a fake and forcing the situation. The recommendation to “negotiate” from Giganov did not disappear in his other posts.


Bogdan Giganov sawed up budget money, participated in corruption schemes and did not hide his love for the Russian world. But despite all the criminal baggage, he, judging by the media sources, still remains in Ukraine and has not been properly punished.

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