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Derkach Andrey Leonidovich


Andrei Derkach is the godson of Leonid Kuchma, a KGB officer who received millions of dollars for his anti-Ukrainian activities. The data in his declaration do not agree with the real state of affairs, he even had to divorce his wife and transfer all the property to her, just to hide the facts of illegal enrichment and financing of the Kremlin. Illegally obtained land, fell under US sanctions, due to interference in the electoral process. According to media reports, he collected dirt on Joseph Biden. \"Captured \" the city of Glukhov, illegally pushing his man into the measures. He has a close relationship with the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), president of the film festival of Orthodox cinema "Pokrov". Derkach invited Boris Korchevnikov, the host of the Rossiya-1 channel, who called Ukrainians "fascists" and "junta" to this festival.

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Derkach Andrey Leonidovich

Official biography

Derkach Andrei Leonidovich – godson of Leonid Kuchma and son of the former head of the SBU, people's deputy since 1998. After the release of records of negotiations between Poroshenko and Biden, he fell under personal US sanctions for interfering in the presidential election. Born on August 19, 1967 in the city of Dnepropetrovsk.


He graduated from the Kharkov Higher Military Command Engineering School in 1989, specializing in mechanical engineering. 1990-1993. – studied at the Academy of the Ministry of Security of Russia (formerly the Higher School of the KGB named after Dzerzhinsky) in Moscow, candidate of legal sciences. Career: 1989-1990. – Service in the Strategic Missile Forces at the TRB (technical missile base) of the Pervomaiskaya Division of the Strategic Missile Forces. 1990-1993. 1999-1999 – detective in the SBU Directorate in the Dnipropetrovsk region, deputy director of the Prydniprovye association. 1994-1996. – Deputy Head of the Control Service of the President of Ukraine. 1996-1997. – Advisor to the President of Ukraine on foreign economic issues. 1997-1998. – First Assistant to the Prime Minister of Ukraine. 1998. – Elected People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the III convocation in the majoritarian district, People's Deputy of Ukraine IV, V, VI, VII, VIII convocations. Since 2006 – President of the National Nuclear Power Generation Company Energoatom, General Director of the State Concern Ukratomprom. In 2010, the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church introduced Andrei Derkach to the Inter-Council Presence of the Russian Orthodox Church. Participated in the election of Patriarch Kirill. 2011-2013. – Headed on a voluntary basis a group of advisers to the Prime Minister of Ukraine. PhD in Law, Associate Professor of the Kyiv Theological Academy and Seminary of the UOC.

NOT official biography

The figure of Andriy Derkach is very iconic and ambiguous in modern politics. All his “achievements” are somehow connected with the KGB past.. Andriy Derkach's grandfather served in the NKVD, Andriy Derkach's father was also a graduate of the KGB system, and later the odious head of the Kuchma-era SBU. Derkach Jr. also followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. After graduating from the Kharkov Higher Military Command and Engineering School of the Missile Forces, he studied for a year at the Dzerzhinsky Higher School of the KGB in Moscow (now the Academy of the FSB of Russia). Then he worked for a short time in the SBU of the Dnepropetrovsk region and quickly went into politics. However, judging by his later career, he remained forever in the KGB-FSB system. And it is not surprising that in independent Ukraine Andriy Derkach's political and business career was supported by the “family”. The Kuchma clan, the senior Derkach, held together by family ties (the wives of Kuchma and Leonid Derkach are sisters) ensured Andrei's career advancement. And it was not for nothing that in the late 90s Andriy Derkach was called the informal representative in Ukraine of the Russian mafia boss Semyon Mogilevich, who, in turn, is closely connected with the Russian FSB and personally with Vladimir Putin. And this proves once again that for the Russian “Chekists” the father and son of Derkachi are always their own people.. “Rise” then Derkachi not bad. After all, Mogilevich is one of the most wanted criminals by the American FBI, the organizer of a corrupt scheme for gas supplies to Ukraine.. Mogilevich's criminal organization was also engaged in the smuggling of weapons and nuclear materials, alcohol, cigarettes, drug trafficking, “protection” of prostitution and laundering of funds from criminal activities.. In 1999, Andrey Derkach allegedly helped Mogilevich and the “aluminum king” of Russia, Mikhail Cherny, also closely associated with Russian criminals, gain control over the Nikolaev alumina plant, one of the largest non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises in Europe. The impunity ensured by Derkach Sr. and President Kuchma himself pushed Derkach Jr. to new adventures.. According to media reports, in the early 2000s, Andriy Derkach tried to become a “weapons baron” by illegally selling weapons to “hot spots”. The scale was so serious that in 2001, the leaders of the military intelligence of Ukraine, at the suggestion of a longtime enemy of the Derkaches, Yevgeny Marchuk, turned to President Kuchma with a memorandum, which stated that the involvement of the Derkache family in the illegal supply of weapons to a number of Asian and African countries threatened national security Ukraine. In the 2000s, already with the support of the Yanukovych government, Andriy Derkach, at that time the president of Energoatom, tried to implement an ambitious project – to take control of the entire “atomic industry” of Ukraine. On December 29, 2006, by the decision of the Yanukovych government, the State Concern “Ukratomprom” was created, which included power engineering plants and institutes designing nuclear power plants.. Andrey Derkach himself, of course, headed the newly created concern. Derkach's scheme provided that in the future the strategic enterprises that were part of the concern should be privatized – contrary to the laws that prohibited the sale of strategic enterprises. Then it didn’t work out … And Derkach himself was accused of financial abuse in the amount of 3.6 billion. UAH. And again, without the help of influential patrons, the investigation stalled. Moreover, the criminal trail did not prevent Andriy Derkach from becoming a Verkhovna Rada deputy of the last six convocations. And how the classic political chameleon Derkach, depending on the alignment, acquired a different political coloring. His party portfolio includes the For a United Ukraine bloc, the Labor Ukraine party, the Socialist Party, the Justice party and, of course, the Party of Regions, which he twice represented in Verkhovna Rada.

How FSB agent Andrei Derkach captured a Ukrainian city, and Minister Maliuska helped him in this

People's Deputy Andriy Derkach, who recently very generously shares FSB “leaks”, “occupied” Glukhov. No wonder – this provincial town, located 12 km. from the border with Russia – Derkach's food base. From here it starts to the Verkhovna Rada since 1998. Here he controls the security forces and administrative resources. From the “Glukhovsky”, 159th, district, last summer he again became a people's deputy. The mayor of Glukhov commented on the situation with the illegal head of Glukhov: The feudal-criminal machine in Hlukhiv failed only once: when in 2015. heir to a glorious family of patrons and industrialists Michel Tereshchenko was elected mayor. April 1, 2020. an assistant to the People's Deputy Derkach, breaking down the door, broke into Tereshchenko's office and took his workplace. Derkach’s puppets from the local “Will of the People” cell, which were joined by Glukhov’s “Ukropovites”, BPPers, “radicals” Lyashko and “ordinary people” Kaplina, survived Tereshchenko from the first day of his stay in power. There were arsons, threats, titushki… The actions of the state registrar Yulia Igorevna Zhurikova from the Seredina-Budsky district department of justice (Sumy region) became the apogee. She made changes to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities three times. But these “strange things” were not noticed in the Office for Counteracting Raiding under the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Minister Denis Malyuska said that everything was done perfectly. Thus ended the clash of two worlds – the “Russian” and the one in which the notions of the honor of the Ukrainian nobleman are combined with European values.

Why in Glukhov “the king is not real” and moreover, the state registrar

Formally, the overthrow of Michel Tereshchenko took place on the basis of his resignation request made back in 2018.. He then really freaked out – he could not stand the pressure and announced his resignation. But city council secretary Yelena Demisheva claims that after deputies did not support Tereshchenko's resignation in 2018, the mayor tore up the statement in front of her. However, the deputies from the opposition had enough copies of the paper with the expired “statute of limitations”. Elena Demisheva recalls the details: “In March, Tereshchenko’s opponents find out that he flew away for his sister’s birthday and quarantine had just begun – flights were canceled, the mayor will not be able to return. They quickly write a statement demanding to convene a session, and I convene it. And then everything follows the usual scenario for our deputies: they did not vote for the agenda, and I had to close the session. After I left, the opposition remained in the hall and at its meeting “resigned” Mayor Tereshchenko and me, and appointed Yury Burlaka, leader of the Volya Naroda, as the new secretary.” What happened in Glukhov on March 25, 2020, the head of the social protection department, Ruslan Pavlenko, called a quasi-session. “Michel’s statement was officially returned to him on the basis of his written request,” Pavlenko comments.. – In it, he also indicated that the application was no longer valid. So this statement is neither physically nor legally. But the main thing is that the Law of Ukraine “Pro Mistseve Samovryaduvannya” does not give deputies the right to continue it after the session is closed, let alone make decisions.” He also drew attention to the fact that 18 deputies took part in the voting – the minimum necessary for making a decision (to express no confidence in the mayor – for example, 2/3 of the votes of 36 are needed). That is – the freshly baked “mayor” Burlak voted for himself, and went in search of a registrar who could “legitimize” him. Traveled more than 70 kilometers. Because neither in Glukhov nor in neighboring cities were there registrars who wanted to take sin on their souls. After all, back in February, Tereshchenko warned everyone about the impending raider seizure of power and his lack of desire to “voluntarily resign.” Yulia Zhurikova decided to gain fame as a “black registrar” – she accepted, posted and replaced in the register three times conflicting decisions of one session for March 25. In the first, Burlaka signed instead of Demisheva, calling himself secretary (whereas even Zhurikova’s authorship records say that he appropriated new powers from March 31 – see. photo below). In the second version of the decision of the same extraordinary session for March 25, Burlaka came to his senses and signed as the chairman of the session. But here the impostor got confused about the date of filing Tereshchenko’s application – he indicated 09/27/2018 (see. photo below). In the third version of the same “session”, the presiding Burlaka corrected himself once again – apparently, he checked with a photocopy of Tereshchenko's statement, which had already become invalid, which de facto no longer exists.

How to explain Andriy Derkach's “eternal power”?

To assess what happened in Hlukhiv, you need to understand who this people's deputy Andrei Derkach is (screenshot from the BP website below), who has recently become a newsmaker, especially on V. Medvedchuk's TV channels. In private conversations, the “regionals” in the Sumy region admit that their loyalty to Derkach is dictated by fear. All of them are on Derkach's hook. Hereditary Chekist, whose grandfather served in the NKVD, and his father – in the KGB and SBU. Derkach Jr. graduated from the KGB school in Moscow (now it is called the FSB Academy) and his thesis was called: “Organizing and holding meetings with covert agents”. And he is also called an Orthodox Chekist, because. since 2010 A. Derkach was introduced by the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church into the Inter-Council Presence of the Russian Orthodox Church. Derkachs are related to the family with L. Kuchma. But Andrey Leonidovich always bets on the winner, and “to betray in time is not to betray”. So in more than 20 years in power, he defected five times from party to party. He supported anti-Maidan and the “January 16 laws”, developed the separatist “Slobozhanshchina project” (“soft” annexation of the Sumy and Kharkiv regions to the Russian Federation), but this did not quarrel Derkach with either his friend Yuriy Lutsenko or his patron Petro Poroshenko. The latest income declaration of MP Derkach attracts attention with a “black hole” regarding the origin of income. Sources that could plausibly explain the lifestyle of Andriy Derkach simply do not exist.. After all, he has been a people's deputy all his life and the owner of unprofitable media assets. In total, the group of Andrey Derkach and his wife Oksana Terekhova includes 41 companies. The key person in the group is also the deputy of the Sumy Regional Council Oleg Boyarintsev, whom Michel Tereshchenko often complained about.

Derkach invited Russian “quilted jacket” to the festival

Andrey Derkach has a close relationship with the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), President of the Pokrov Orthodox Film Festival. Last year, Andrey Derkach invited Boris Korchevnikov, the host of Russia-1 channel, to this festival, who, in particular, called Ukrainians “fascists” and “junta”. This presenter was let into Ukraine by the SBU in 2019. He “did not have an entry ban” because “you can't trace everyone,” a spokeswoman for the department said at the time. Andrey Derkach himself explained the invitation of the host of the Rossiya-1 channel:

“He is the head of the Spas TV channel (the Russian Orthodox channel of the Moscow Patriarchate.). The directorate (of the festival) invited him,” he replied and avoided answering questions regarding the statements of this presenter to Ukraine and Ukrainians.

“Tapes of Derkach”

If we return to Andriy Derkach's latest speeches, they are devoted to the publication of audio recordings of conversations between allegedly fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and allegedly then US Vice President Joe Biden in 2016. “The recordings were handed over to us by investigative journalists. According to them, the recording was made by Petr Alekseevich, which, according to them, is obvious even without any examination during listening,” Derkach said at a press conference in May. What kind of journalists are these, to whom everything is obvious without examinations and why they did not publish these films without Derkach – the society did not find out. And the expert confirmation of the records was never made public. “Derkach's Tapes” comments. Why are they and who benefits from it:

Petro Poroshenko said: “The audio files shown yesterday by a graduate of the Dzerzhinsky Higher School of the KGB in Moscow were fabricated. But they could get raw materials, in particular, from the Office of the incumbent President. SBU should investigate who did it. Whose sanction? Who benefits? Because all this resulted in a special operation against Ukraine's strategic relationship with America, our key partner capable of containing Russia.. Unfortunately, there are common truths of geopolitics and diplomacy that amateurs are not able to assimilate even after a year of active practice.” However, the biography of Andriy Derkach is well known, and this did not prevent then-President Petro Poroshenko from celebrating the wedding of his son at that time Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko in the company of Andriy Derkach in 2017. This was recorded by the journalists of the “Schemes” program. Lutsenko's son's wedding:
Further, Andriy Derkach published recordings of a conversation allegedly between Poroshenko and allegedly Putin, as he himself claims, in 2015. Resonance was received by the friendly communication of the interlocutors. In this recording, the interlocutors end the conversation with the phrases: “Good, Vladimir Vladimirovich. I shake hands. Thank you very much” and “Hug. Goodbye, let's go.” The Kremlin did not confirm the authenticity of this conversation.. Poroshenko was called mounted.

Invalid data in the declaration

According to the public movement “Honestly”, Derkach is a buckwheat and a truant. As the journalists noted, the politician's website states that he provides assistance to cultural, educational, and medical institutions. Data from the “CHESNO” portal: Employees of the public organization Anti-Corruption Center (CPC), after analyzing his declarations for several years, suggested that his own income is not enough for such active charitable activities. The Dnipro edition “49000” at the beginning of 2020 reported that Derkach took part in only 8% of the votes in the Verkhovna Rada. Also, the parliamentarian became a defendant in anti-corruption investigations. CPC turned to NABU with a request to check Derkach. The reason was the declaration of the politician, in which he indicated false information.. Social activists found evidence that the politician rewrote part of the business to his wife, and did not indicate some firms at all. Derkachi family schemes to hide illicit enrichment:

Journalists from the Bihus.Info project reported that back in 2010, 42 hectares of protected land between the lakes Koncha and Zaspa near Kyiv were owned by people from the environment of the people's choice. The price of such land can reach tens of millions of dollars.

The United States imposed sanctions against Andriy Derkach for meddling in the elections. It was he who collected compromising evidence on Trump's rival

The United States imposed personal sanctions against three citizens of Russia and one citizen of Ukraine for interference in the electoral process. The Ukrainian turned out to be People's Deputy Andriy Derkach, who announced the alleged interference of the former US Vice President Joseph Biden in the affairs of Ukraine and collected compromising evidence against him. Lawyer D. Trump Giuliani flew to Ukraine to debunk the impeachment case:

US imposes sanctions against Ukrainian people's deputy

The US Treasury has imposed personal sanctions against Verkhovna Rada MP Andriy Derkach, who published tapes allegedly with the votes of Poroshenko and Biden. This is reported on the website of the institution. According to the report, Derkach was added to the list of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), which places individuals and legal entities on it for national security purposes. The assets of citizens on this list are frozen in the United States, and persons in the United States are prohibited from doing business with them. It is noted that sanctions against Derkach were imposed on his attempts to influence the US presidential election in 2020.

The SBU exposed the intelligence network of the GRU of Russia: it included people's deputy Derkach

The Security Service of Ukraine exposed the intelligence network of the GRU of Russia, which was supposed to help in the seizure of the country. In particular, it included People's Deputy Andriy Derkach. He, according to the investigation, oversaw the creation of a number of private security companies in order to use the structures to quickly seize Ukraine. This is stated on the website of the SBU. The Prosecutor General launched a pre-trial investigation against Derkach. “Kremlin's agent” Derkach, investigative journalism, information from the SBU:

According to the SBU, the network was finally neutralized at the beginning of the war after the detention of the former assistant to the People's Deputy Igor Kolesnikov. He, being an unspoken employee of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of Russia with the call sign “Veteran”, was a signalman and financial courier between the special services of the Russian Federation and Derkach. Derkach's connections with GRU agents:

Counterintelligence detained the assistant to the “Kremlin agent” Derkach from Sumy region

Oleg Boyarintsev was responsible for the placement of personnel at Energoatom. On the border of Lviv and Rivne regions at a checkpoint, counterintelligence detained Oleg Boyarintsev, HR Director of NNEGC Energoatom. Olha Kosharnaya, a member of the Board of the State Inspectorate for Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine, reports this. Boyarintsev, a long-term assistant to the sanctions MP, Kremlin and FSB agent Andrey Derkach, has been organizing personnel at Energoatom since the spring of 2020, at that time. directors of nuclear power plants and deputy directors for physical protection.


Andriy Derkach is a traitor to the country, who has dollar bills instead of conscience and honor. Working for the Kremlin and undermining the sovereignty of Ukraine, he received millions of dollars for the work done, in general, like the rest of his colleagues “regionals”.

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