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Demchenko Vyacheslav Vadimovich


Vyacheslav Demchenko is a marauder who robs the country's budget along with his organized criminal group. His henchmen are constantly convicted of taking bribes and covering up smuggling, as well as alcoholism and drug addiction. But instead of firing them, Demchenko, on the contrary, encourages them. During the war, even the salary of customs officers increased, so long as they did not steal. But apparently this is not enough, since every day there is news about new detentions of another contraband cargo, which was\"accidentally\" not noticed. In May 2022, the Tax Committee stated that it was not satisfied with the work of the customs, and recommended that the government dismiss Demchenko and his proteges. We hope this will happen soon.

Ukraine Russia
November 7, 1975
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Demchenko Vyacheslav Vadimovich

Official biography

And about. Chairman of the State Customs Service of Ukraine. Vyacheslav Demchenko was born on 11/07/1975. in the city of Zhytomyr. Graduated from the Academy of Border Troops of Ukraine named after. Bohdan Khmelnytsky. He received his second education at the National Academy of the Security Service of Ukraine. Today he lives in the city of Kyiv. Career Since 1994, Vyacheslav Demchenko has been serving in the Border Troops of Ukraine for a year. In the period from 1995 to 1999, Demchenko was a cadet of the Academy of the Border Troops of Ukraine named after. Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Starting from 1999, he served in the military as an officer in the Border Troops of Ukraine and since 2003 – in the Administration of the State Border Service of Ukraine. During military service, he went from a private to the head of the intelligence department of the Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. On October 20, 2020, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky awarded Demchenko the rank of Brigadier General. On November 3, 2021, Zelensky dismissed Vyacheslav Demchenko from the post of head of the Intelligence Directorate of the Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. Also, from November 2021, Demchenko began working at the State Border Service as Director of the Department for Combating Smuggling and Violations of Customs Rules. By the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated November 4, 2021, Demchenko was entrusted with the duties of the Chairman of the State Customs Service of Ukraine.

A family

Wife – Natalia Son – Denis.

NOT official biography

Corrupt officials, smugglers in the service of acting Head of the State Customs Service of Ukraine Vyacheslav Demchenko. For several months, Rivne customs has become a leader in corruption and personnel scandals, which are heard not only on the sidelines of the Customs Service, but also in the offices of the executive and legislative branches of government. And all thanks to acting. Chairmen of the State Customs Service V. Demchenko. His protégé, acting. Taras Kovalenko, head of the Rivne customs, is a defendant in a corruption offense registered by the OSS in the Rivne region of the State of Emergency of Ukraine, but Mr. Head of the State Customs Service frankly does not care about this. He is also purple that Kovalenko is in close contact with smuggling influence groups that lobbied for his appointment.. With these actions, Vyacheslav Demchenko ignores all the instructions that he was given when he was appointed to such a high position by the first persons of the State, to combat any manifestations of corruption and “smuggling”. He also doesn’t give a damn about the fact that at a meeting in the National Security and Defense Council chaired by Secretary Alexei Danilov, he was clearly pointed out to the inadmissibility of appointments of persons who, by their actions, tarnished the honor of the uniform. The cadres appointed by Demchenko are full of immorality and greed for money: We present to your attention only a small part of the facts from the National Police regarding a corrupt official in uniform, acting. head of the Rivne customs Taras Kovalenko: Documents published by the State Customs Service telegram channel:

 DID NOT WORK FOR A YEAR: Chairman of Volyn Customs resigned

The head of the Volyn Customs of the State Customs Service of Ukraine Artem Guz wrote a letter of resignation. He was appointed head of customs in June 2021. Prior to that, Artem Guz served as Deputy Head of the Department – Head of the First Department of the Department for Exposing Economic Crimes of the Main Department for Combating Economic Offenses of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. He also worked for the Security Service of Ukraine. Why did Artem Guz quit? Details:

According to the State Customs Service telegram channel, the acting head of the State Customs Service, Vyacheslav Demchenko, wants “his own man” to manage customs in Volyn. A well-known businessman in Volyn, Mikhail Smolka, who is associated with smuggling going through the Volyn customs, is involved in the case. The latter allegedly did not find a common language with Artyom Guz, and therefore receives less income. Nikolay Tatarchuk is called a candidate for the post of head of the Volyn customs. The post was promised to him if it helps to identify violations that could become the basis for the dismissal of Artyom Guz. Demchenko also illegally fired a veteran of the ATO / OOS, all that State Customs Service telegram channel wrote about this: Published Documents:

The new head of Ukrainian customs lives in a small service apartment

Acting Head of the State Customs Service of Ukraine Vyacheslav Demchenko lives in a small service apartment in Kyiv and does not have his own housing. The editors of became aware of this from his declaration. According to the document, Demchenko has been living in Kyiv since 2019 in a service apartment with an area of 32.7 sq.m. Since 2018, he owns a land plot in the village of Melniki, Chigirinsky district, with an area of 19.9 thousand. sq.m. Also, since 2008, he owns a garage in Zhytomyr with an area of 24 sq.m. Vyacheslav Demchenko owns two cars VAZ 2101 (1976) and Renault Megane (2010). He bought the last one in 2019, allegedly for 20 thousand. hryvnia, although the market value of such a car is from 140 to 240 thousand. hryvnia Heading the military unit 2451 in Kyiv, Demchenko earned UAH 1.43 million in 2020. And his wife Natalia Demchenko received 154 thousand. hryvnia salaries in the 1467th military hospital. Vyacheslav Demchenko owns 913 thousand. hryvnia savings.

Customs takes good: how during the war, customs officers cash in on smuggling

Despite the war times, there are people in the country who live according to the principle “To whom is war, and to whom is mother dear”. And these people work at the Ukrainian customs. An article about how some customs officers fill their pockets with smuggling. Mr. Demchenko, in an interview with one of the Ukrainian publications, said that he was ready to fight smuggling at customs, and moreover, he even knew how to do it. “Smuggling is an ancient phenomenon from which the whole world suffers. Yes, we are working on this issue right now.. I am now studying the experience of other countries,” said Vyacheslav Demchenko. One of the ways to combat smuggling, the chief customs officer called the renewal of personnel. And that's exactly what Demchenko had problems with. Before Demchenko was appointed, the online publication Kraina reported in its telegram channel that he was a protégé of Vadim Slyusarev, a member of the Servant of the People party. In the State Border Guard Service, where Demchenko worked, this insider was denied, calling it nonsense. By the way, on the eve of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Slyusarev left for the aggressor country and has not yet returned. Now about the personnel policy of Vyacheslav Demchenko. Take, for example, the Volyn region. There, the head of the Volyn customs is Mykola Ivanovich Tatarchuk. They say that he got his post only because he and the head of customs studied at the same educational institution. That is, it is not the qualification of the individual that is important here, but trusting relationships, since one's own person could successfully establish smuggling flows. An example is the recent case of Russian caviar, which was planned to be released under the guise of humanitarian aid.. Nikolai Tatarchuk is considered a very weak leader who cannot make a firm managerial decision. Tatarchuk took Dmitry Khomich to his team. This is a former inspector of the Volyn customs, who has neither experience nor relevant knowledge.. But Tatarchuk appoints him to the post of deputy head of the Volyn customs and assigns customs posts under his control. According to some sources, Khomich successfully crushed the Yagodin customs post under him.. That is, in each shift he put his own person, who actually makes the decision to let the smuggling through. For example, the senior in the second shift, Igor Lyashuk, the inspector of the customs post “Ustilug” is Khomich's godfather. Senior of the first shift – a neighbor. Khomich knows the region and key smugglers. In addition, he is the son-in-law of the former head of the Volyn regional police, General Pyotr Shpig. Next interesting appointment Khursyak Nikolay Adamovich. He is acting head of the anti-smuggling department.. He is known for the fact that the whole family is involved in the meat business, namely the import of meat products at reduced prices. Khursiak himself comes to work without shame in a BMW 5, despite the fact that the salary of a customs officer is very modest. Today, the so-called Tatarchuk team, realizing their impunity, began to work in full swing, protecting smuggling in large cars (TIR). For one such car, customs officers ask smugglers from 30 to 35 thousand. US dollars, depending on the product. We are not even talking about small cars up to 5 tons – this is a drop in the ocean. During the work of Tatarchuk’s team, a scheme for the import of Polish food and various consumer goods under the guise of humanitarian aid was launched very quickly.. A new tariff per cubic meter was quickly established, which is 300 US dollars and 10 UAH for food. per kilogram. While everyone is busy with the war and supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the specified team has launched work at full capacity. Cargo with counterfeit cigarettes at the Volyn customs: The State Customs Service telegram channel published a photo of documents and provided video evidence of another cigarette scheme at the ill-fated Volyn customs: The documents: Video with smuggled cargo:

And here the question arises for Mr. Demchenko, did he start checking the indicated facts and informed the relevant law enforcement agencies? Although this question may be redundant. Probably, Demchenko is very well aware of the work of his protege. We add that these schemes do not work without border guards, who are side by side every day next to customs officers. It's simple here, for 20 percent of the mistreatment they will close their eyes. War is war, but you need to fuel expensive cars for something, serve large estates.

 With the beginning of the invasion of the Russian Federation, the salaries of the customs management almost doubled

The department called the amount of payments to Demchenko and his deputies from the beginning of the war. With the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the level of salaries of the leadership of the State Customs Service was almost doubled. This was reported to Ukrainian News Agency in the service. According to the submitted document, in February and. about. head of the Customs Service Vyacheslav Demchenko received a salary of 54.8 thousand. hryvnia, and in April – 91.2 thousand. UAH At the same time, his deputies in February were paid from 36 to 65 thousand. hryvnia, and in April – from 92 to 113 thousand. UAH Prior to this, the head of the Ministry of Finance, Sergei Marchenko, said that in March, budget revenues from the work of the customs service decreased by 80%. According to him, the customs gave only UAH 7 billion instead of the planned UAH 39 billion. At the same time, in March 2021, the service transferred UAH 34 billion to the state budget.

Vyacheslav Demchenko, Ruslan Cherkassky – customs looters or collaborators of the highest levels?

Oleksandr Kovalchuk – the people's deputy “servant” extended marauders and collaborators to the highest positions of the customs? From May 2, the head of the Rivne customs, Andrei Kuznik, was forcibly sent on vacation. This decision was taken and. about. Chairman of the State Customs Service Vyacheslav Demchenko at the request of his deputy Ruslan Cherkassky and People's Deputy of Ukraine Oleksandr Kovalchuk. Customs is managed by Roman Prigarsky, who is a confidant and godfather of well-known local cashiers of the same people's deputy Kovalchuk – the head of the still unliquidated Polessky customs Sergey Panchuk and his first deputy Ivan Ivanov. This criminal group, without delay, instructed the heads of customs posts Alexander Glivchuk and Vasily Latysh and directly, Prigarsky himself, to collect bribes from car importers for January-March of the current year – $ 200 and $ 100 from each car registered for a legal entity and an individual, respectively , and during the period of validity of the still valid “zero customs clearance” – $ 50 each. Since the beginning of the year, the Rivne customs cleared about 15,000 cars, so officials expect to collect more than $2 million in criminal money. In order to urgently tame all those who do not agree to pay tribute to customs officers, Dmitry Podlasy, an old acquaintance of Ivanov who loves to take bribes, is promoted to the post of deputy head of customs in charge of the anti-smuggling unit. At a time when ordinary Ukrainians are pulling out the last pennies from their pockets to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this group of people did … nothing to win! Although what can be expected from the mentioned characters. Head of Customs Vyacheslav Demchenko. He explained that he was on a business trip due to a meeting with the heads of the Romanian customs administration the next day, but the committee found this reason to be unjustified. Demchenko's excuses, in the hope of saving the position: The Committee discussed reports of cases of smuggling and schemes for the importation of commercial goods under the guise of humanitarian aid, to prevent abuse. In the end, the Committee recognized the work of the Customs as unsatisfactory due to problems in organizing work to transfer confiscated property for the needs of the Armed Forces, which, by right of inheritance, became the property of the state. People's deputies also drew attention to the problems of monitoring compliance with the rules for the movement of currency values. In addition, the meeting discussed the fight against the illegal movement of goods across the border, including cases of exposure of smuggling of tobacco products. Attention was also paid to the work of the heads of regional customs. “At the same time, over the past 3 months, the media, including on the official web resources of law enforcement agencies, have repeatedly disseminated information about the presence of abuses, corruption manifestations in the actions of officials of the Odessa, Transcarpathian and Volyn customs,” the conclusion says. Committee. Consequently, people's deputies believe that information about possible abuses “undermines the level of public confidence not only in customs officials, their impartiality and authority, but also in general in the state power in Ukraine.” Consequently, the Tax Committee recommended that the Cabinet of Ministers, together with the Ministry of Finance, consider “the circumstances set forth in this decision and, based on the results of the consideration, make appropriate personnel decisions.” And a few more pathetic attempts to stay in the customs officer's chair: The meeting also noted the problems of queues at the borders on both sides, so the committee also recommended that the government make appropriate changes to increase the number of checkpoints, their throughput, etc.


Vyacheslav Demchenko on the verge of dismissal. I would like to believe that this looter-customs officer will receive a worthy punishment for taking bribes and covering up smuggling. After all, while the war is going on, the army, because of people like Demchenko, does not receive huge amounts of money.

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