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Danilyuk Sergey Yurievich


Sergey Danilyuk is a crypto financier, miner, blogger, businessman. A scammer, and as his clients write\"a rare scammer \". Sells low-quality goods, the author of a useless business course on the purchase of goods in China. According to the Ukrainian media, he works for the Kremlin and sponsors terrorism. A branch of his company OptSale is located in Moscow, and even to this day continues to work and sponsor Russia's military operations in Ukraine.

Ukraine, possibly Russia
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Danilyuk Sergey Yurievich

Official biography

Date of birth 07/14/1988. Mr. Krivoy Rog. Crypto financier, blogger, businessman. And this industry has attracted the least attention from the security services. While the war is going on, the Danilyuk Team continues its activities on the territory of Russia:

and cashing out money from the Russian Federation, which was later used to maintain and organize cells of terrorist elements, special. Already during the hostilities, Danilyuk coordinated the actions of the Russian military, being in close proximity, and to a greater extent could work as a spotter for their actions. Passport AN290062, TIN 3233722537 sponsored the creation and development of cells of pro-Russian citizens in Bucha, Irpen and Gostomel. After the work on creating and spreading pro-Russian sentiments was completed in this part of Ukraine, Danilyuk moved to Kyiv, where he began to engage in the same way in the Ukrainian capital – Kyiv. He left the management of the southeastern region to his team, Vlad Zagrebelny became the curator. Danilyuk's team was also found in Kharkiv, Yaroslav Ivanov acted as curator for Kharkiv, what happened to Kharkiv after such activities, every Ukrainian already knows. All members of the group were promised top positions in the leadership of the occupied territories. This method of attracting and recruiting citizens of Ukraine to undermine its territorial integrity was not chosen by chance, as a rule, these are people who are interested in their prosperity and have certain opportunities, so they are easy to manipulate and gain confidence, which was what Danilyuk’s group was counting on. There were test purchases and both Danilyuk himself and his accomplices, his wife, employees, who also ensured the recruitment and psychological processing of citizens in order to persuade them to act against Ukraine and spread collaborationist sentiments, were taken into development. Danilyuk's team in Moscow: Also an active member of the group is Yana Ryshnyak, who has not yet been put on the wanted list, managed to leave for Europe with a child, where she is hiding. Yana Ryshnyak: Closest assistant Danilyuk Alexander, also hiding from delivery. Located in Kyiv and moving on one of the cars with numbers КА5423ЕО. Asik buzzes, connects to the pool, but mines for 1 hour and disconnects from the pool, Vladislav the next day suggested creating a new pool account to solve the problem, but history repeated itself. I wanted to return it, but Vladislav says that he doesn’t know anything, they tested him, he is working and he can even upload a video of how he works. Lol, I can also upload a video of how this ASIC works. It buzzes, and can even mine for 1 hour on one pool account, and then flies offline, only buzzes and consumes electricity. Danilyuk's contact Vladislav refused to give, he agreed to the reputational losses that the company would suffer if this story was covered. Correspondence with the manager: Later, Vladislav agreed to connect me with his management. The boorish Alina called me and explained that the ASIC is working, it just needs to be taken to a service center for diagnostics, because something is getting very hot there, maybe you need to change the thermal paste. Correspondence with the manager: At the same time, he says that he was tested before being sent to me, and there everything was ok with the temperature regime. When buying, they told me that it would be working, and did not specify that it needed to be taken to a service center in order to work. He does not want to return the money, he says, and so they made a discount of $ 200. Hmm, I think I understand where such a discount came from). Correspondence with the manager: The wholesale sale company decided to kill its reputation to the end. Alina said that she would send me a video confirmation that my ASIC was tested before sending it to me (I took it on 01/27/22) and showed normal temperature. You won’t believe it, he sends me a video, and there is the date 11/6/2021 on the desktop, it’s just tin what they are doing. To my question, how is it possible, why are you lying so low? She replies that this video was filmed in China before sending (that is, almost 3 months asik went from China). I have proofs of communication with Vladislav, where he says that this ASIC is from a partner in Ukraine, and not from China. Correspondence with the manager: After I caught the liars by the tail with the old video confirmation of the ASIC’s performance, they play me up and tell me that the ASIC went to a client from China with a long delivery, and while walking, the client added and bought another ASIC, and this one was sent to me almost from the ship ) Why Vladislav told me otherwise, they do not know. They also offer to repair for free, but they do not want to return the money to any. They say they can return the money only if they find a client for this ASIC, the company does not knit brooms, what) That is, people are so doubtful that they can sell this ASIC to someone that they can issue a refund only if they find a new sucker). Danilyuk doesn’t care about the throws of his managers, apparently the company is really going to scam, be careful! Correspondence with Danilyuk: Lie in every message, fu. Diagnostics before the sale had to be done, clowns. Ahh, so I'm not the first, you are already the well-known Sharazhkina Office. Well, your future clients are lucky that you stumbled upon me, they will be informed as much as possible, hesitate to delete and ban me. Sergey Danilyuk began to personally rub messages in the telegram channel in discussions and ban users, a lot of scams surfaced there, after my messages, there are only hamsters and employees of the SCAM office in the channel for more details.”

Buying goods in China course

Sergey Danilyuk launched a small course on buying goods from China in 2021. Promises bright prospects. Course price in rubles – 990 rubles. Course description: Step by step course: from finding products in China to ordering the first batch. Sergey Danilyuk For whom the course is for: Beginners in business who are planning to open their first commodity business Large and small businesses or just people who want to buy cheap their consumables, goods Entrepreneurs who buy goods in their own country, expensive Traffic specialists who constantly looking for new products Students, mothers on maternity leave or employees who want to find themselves doing what they love What you will learn: Learn to find new products in China that can make a 300+% product margin; Fully understand Chinese marketplaces; Learn how to test products through ads on Instagram and Facebook; Understand how to place orders so that it arrives quickly and without problems; Learn to communicate with the Chinese by correspondence; Learn to find the factory where every product in the world is made. How do you like this option? Buy in bulk and sell goods 3-5 times more expensive? My name is Sergey Danilyuk and I have been doing business with China for 7 years. We are approached by hundreds of entrepreneurs who want to start scaling their business by purchasing in China. But, unfortunately, everything is not so simple.. From choosing a niche to purchasing goods, directly in China. That is why I created my author's course, within the framework of which I talk about the fundamental issues in business with China step by step. I'm waiting for you at the lessons! But if you use Google, you can find that there is a lot of information in the public domain about goods from China and how to buy them. The topic is quite common, so what is the originality of this material? Unfortunately, we haven't been able to find any reviews yet.


Sergei Danilyuk is a fraudster who does not miss the opportunity to make money on people by selling them low-quality material, and “water” earnings courses. In addition to fraudulent activities, he undermines national security and raises anti-Ukrainian sentiment, works for the Kremlin.

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There is a wife Valery, brother Alexander.
To the traitors of the country
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AN 290062
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