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Danilchenko Galina Viktorovna


Galina Danilchenko, like other collaborators, is a black spot in Ukrainian history. Her love and devotion to the\"Russian world \" ruined Melitopol. Galina Viktorovna went over to the side of the enemy, proclaimed herself mayor, and now with great joy serves the invaders to the detriment of the city. She helped the Russians steal 3 million hryvnias. in one of the branches of Ukrposhta, steals humanitarian aid, which the official mayor and the state send to the citizens of Melitopol. Under her rule, the city turned into a garbage dump inhabited by unfortunate, tormented slaves.

Ukraine, possibly Russia
Ukraine Russia
July 5, 1964
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Galina Viktorovna Danilchenko

Official biography

She was born on July 5, 1964. She received her higher education at the Melitopol Institute of Agricultural Mechanization. He is a member of the Opposition Bloc political party. He also holds the post of director of the limited liability company Melitopol Plain Bearing Plant. The place of residence indicated the village of Spasskoe, Melitopol district, Zaporozhye region. In the VIII convocation of the Verkhovna Rada, Galina Danilchenko worked as an assistant to MP Yevgeny Balitsky. In 2015, she was elected a deputy of the Melitopol City Council from the Opposition Bloc party, and she also became the secretary of the City Council. In 2020, she again received a deputy mandate in the Melitopol City Council from the Opposition Bloc party.

A family

There is a husband and daughter.

NOT official biography

Galina Danilchenko, while still a deputy of the Opposition Bloc, was not remembered by Melitopol residents in the best light. Behind her stretches a huge train of scandals, fights and corruption ties. Also, her reputation was undermined by the pro-Russian position that she openly demonstrated in her social networks. The Immortal Regiment is a mass civic event that takes place in major cities of Russia and around the world every May 9 during the celebration of Victory Day. Photo of this event on Danilchenko's Facebook page. In the ” Favorites” section on Facebook, Galina Viktorovna hid no less interesting facts. She is signed to Andriy Portnov (ex-adviser to Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych), and to a page called “From Russia with Love”: A few years ago, information appeared in the media that the police had searched the home of Danilchenko's daughter, Natalia Protasova, with suspicion of harboring a thief. For the period of 2022, Galina Danilchenko went over to the side of the invaders, became a “self-proclaimed” mayor, and now actively distributes Russian propaganda to the residents of Melitopol. According to the official mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, the city has turned into a garbage dump and is suffering from a humanitarian catastrophe.

In Melitopol, a deputy at a session quarreled with and. about. mayor

Today at the session, the leader of the OB faction, Galina Danilchenko, “saddled” her favorite “tariff horse” and traditionally did not miss the opportunity to PR on the subject of tariffs. Another PR on the topic of tariffs:

She demanded to cancel the decision of the executive committee regarding the cost of heating services. However, did not study the legal framework. Or, did not try to study. What led to the opinion that the main thing in her speech was not the result, but the process. However, the issue was put to the vote.. Galina Danilchenko failed to make a proposal – there were not enough votes. During her next emotional speech, Galina Danilchenko, in a traditional manner, argued with the secretary of the City Council Roman Romanov. She screamed so much that they even turned off her microphone, but she said that she did not need it.

In Melitopol, a deputy of the city council introduces bazaar slang in the local parliament

Bazaar-station. It is this manner of behavior that was chosen by the deputy of the Melitopol City Council Galina Danilchenko, who heads the Opposition Bloc faction in the local parliament, in communication with colleagues. She addressed her colleagues familiarly by name, screaming from the podium on emotions: “You don’t give a shit,” “You don’t give a fuck about everything.” First, the oppositionist quarreled with her fellow party member Semyon Reznitsky. A couple of months ago, Galina Viktorovna was sitting hand in hand with Semyon Iosifovich, and now she calls him “Senya” and “Arkasha.” After such verbal attacks against him, Semyon Reznitsky demanded that the legal. the department of the executive committee developed an addition to the regulations of the city council in the form of a clause on the responsibility of a deputy for insults and false statements from the rostrum of the session hall. Galina Viktorovna in response offered to whip her with a whip. Another skirmish Danilchenko in the City Council with damage to the microphone:

At the end of the session, Galina Viktorovna seized Nikolai Chuprovsky from the Solidarity faction with a verbal battle. – You're all on x.. and don't care. Everything suits you, – Galina Viktorovna shouted. “Your nonsense does not suit me,” Nikolai Chuprovsky shouted in response. – What nonsense, Kolya? – Check mark, natural nonsense. And once again you will call me Kolya, I will call you Galka, because you are a market woman. – Please, Kolya, call me, – the deputies spoke.

Ukrainian bearing plant workers demand restoration of economic ties with Russia

The Melitopol Plain Bearing Plant, located in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, is probably going through one of its most difficult days.. The termination of cooperation with Russia due to the policy of the Ukrainian authorities led the enterprise to a disaster: almost half of the staff was reduced, and output fell from 200 thousand. bearings (sets of liners) per year up to 30-35 thousand. Therefore, at the end of March, a rally was held at the plant with the participation of former and current employees in support of the restoration of economic ties with Russia, as the most important market for the products of Ukrainian machine builders. Unfortunately, at the expense of internal customers it is not possible to make up for the losses.. The European market also cannot give the money that Russia used to bring: the company, due to technological backwardness and difficulties with cheap financing, cannot compete with European competitors on a serious level.. All the words of the supreme power of Ukraine about the powerful support of machine builders in new sales markets (primarily Europe) have not been put into practice. The main reason for the meeting, the factory workers called layoffs and a decrease in wages.. However, in addition to purely economic demands, political demands were also voiced at the meeting: to stop the persecution of opposition politicians, to recognize Ukrainians for their cultural and social rights, as well as the right to a political position different from the official one.. As a result of the rally, a resolution was signed addressed to the President of Ukraine, the head of the country's government and the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada. The Melitopol Plain Bearing Plant is under the influence of the opposition MP Yevgeny Balitsky (his father Vitaly Bronislavovich Balitsky is one of the owners), whom political opponents consider pro-Russian and, quite possibly, having his own “curator” from Russia. Opponents call the action held at the bearing enterprise another “cinema” beneficial for Russia, and also, possibly, to influence the investigation into the theft of credit money from one of the Ukrainian state-owned banks with the participation of Melitopol Plain Bearing Plant LLC.

Galina Danilchenko read out the oath, but did not become a secretary

Today, the head of the Opposition Bloc faction in the Melitopol City Council behaved like a real woman, the mistress of her word – I want to give, I want to take back. An attempt to once again sit in the chair of the secretary of the city council Galina Danilchenko again failed. In achieving her goal, she entered a new stage, and even read the oath of a civil servant from the rostrum of the City Council session, however, it was too late. Her previous refusal to take the oath of office automatically deprived her of all legal claims to the position of secretary of the City Council. Later, Galina Viktorovna tried to deceive the community by attaching to the application for employment as a secretary the text of the oath, which she allegedly took at the first basement session. However, this was an outright lie – this “historical moment” was not captured on the video recording from the session.. The mayor, based on these manipulations with the oath “in promotion”, refused the deputy. From this telephone conversation, Galina Danilchenko really considered herself the secretary of the City Council:

Indignant Danilchenko addresses the mayor:
It seems that Galina Danilchenko also perfectly understood that today's reading from the rostrum, according to the law, means absolutely nothing – this time she did not even make an attempt to take a place with Sergei Minko on the presidium. She limited herself to a picture for a family TV channel – behind the podium and with an oath.

Melitopol oppositionist threatens to sue the mayor and secretary of the City Council

The epic with the position of secretary of the City Council in Melitopol is already becoming like a joke. 3 years after the elections in the deputy corps, the struggle for the chair of the secretary of the city council continues. Galina Danilchenko, leader of the Opposition Bloc faction, is sure that she is the secretary of the City Council. After today's decision of the Third Court of Appeal, Galina Viktorovna once again intends to take the coveted chair and threatens to sue Mayor Sergei Minko and acting secretary of the City Council Maxim Belchev. As it turned out later, the court illegally recognized Danilchenko as a secretary:

Either the registry office or the prosecutor's office

Melitopol residents reacted to the next pearls of the leader of the local Opposition Bloc Galina Danilchenko. Recall that yesterday the politician, who is trying by any means to sit in the chair of the secretary of the City Council, and blocking the normal life of the city, issued, addressing the mayor:

– Sergey Anatolyevich, have you watched the “Prisoner of the Caucasus”? Remember, there was such a phrase: “Either I take her to the registry office, or she takes me to the prosecutor”? Let's negotiate! – Galina Viktorovna began to humor.

How the deputy of the City Council at the session with the phone “relaxed”

Deputy and leader of the Opposition Bloc faction in the Melitopol City Council Galina Danilchenko never ceases to amaze the townspeople with her behavior at session meetings. At the last session on August 31, Galina Viktorovna was just at her best. The chosen one of the people insulted all her interlocutors, shouted at the whole hall “you all don’t give a shit …”, “fuck you.. pof..” And in the end, I decided to calm my nerves with communication in the virtual world – for a long time sorting through all my friends on Facebook. Galina Danilchenko is engaged in non-work matters at the workplace:

At the moment when Galina Viktorovna gave herself a “relaxation” on the phone, deputy Valery Mishchenko was reporting from the podium on the control and auditing of the activities of the Zhilmassiv utility company. It is noteworthy that the deputies carried out this check just at the insistence of Galina Danilchenko and her associates. When it came to the conclusions, the leader of the Opposition Bloc did not even listen to the report. Which once again proves that the representatives of the Opposition Bloc put forward their demands for PR and “tick”.

After speaking to the TV camera, Galina Danilchenko left the audience again

Galina Danilchenko, who did return to the City Council hall after the first demarche, left the meeting room again. This time it seems to be final. Before leaving, she completed the mission and delivered another fiery speech for her TV with the right messages. And then Galina Viktorovna added from herself, in her own style, complaining that OB was in the minority. She talked about how she washed her car and at the car wash she was approached by the townspeople who asked to repair the roads.. To this, according to the deputy, she said that the question was not for her. They were surprised, they say you are a representative of the authorities. And Galina Danilchenko replied that they no longer have a majority. Those who applied were perplexed: “Why are you messing with the wrong deputies that you don’t have a majority”. In general, the speech ended with Galina Danilchenko again threatening to sue the deputies, who went against the opinion of the “party and government”. At that, the leader of the faction left the hall, and its deputies remained to participate in the session.

Deputy of the Melitopol City Council voters “put on the wanted list”

Residents of five-story building No. 73 on Bogdan Khmelnitsky Avenue are looking for their deputy. Their district is supervised by Galina Danilchenko, but the last time people saw her was in 2015, exactly on the eve of the elections. They see their people's choice only from TV screens, when Galina Danilchenko with her faithful “vassals from the pool of people's deputy Balitsky” arrange demarches in the session hall. This is how the “active” work of Galina Danilchenko for the benefit of the city looks like: In the meantime, residents of the district, which Danilchenko should supervise, have to apply to various authorities to solve communal problems. This is how the “active” work of Galina Danilchenko for the benefit of the city looks like: One of the active residents, Natalya Igorevna, says that their high-rise building is actually abandoned to the mercy of fate.. The head of the house, according to her, they have only nominally, so the residents have to solve problems on their own. The first thing we started with was trying to ask for help from our representative in power, a delegate from the district – deputy Galina Danilchenko. And numerous attempts to contact the people's choice were unsuccessful.. Galina Viktorovna stubbornly does not make contact with voters. Natalya Igorevna's story about Danilchenko's inaction:

Residents of the building say they have to apply to all instances on their own. After appealing to the management of the UZHKH, at the request of the residents, new benches were installed at the entrances, trees were pruned. However, there is still enough work in this yard. The main concern of the residents is the repair of the dilapidated adjacent territory, etc.. d. By the way, when forming the budget for the next year, this territory was taken into account, however, it was not the deputy for this district that introduced it into the main financial document, but the mayor Sergey Minko. Residents of the high-rise building came to him for a reception, with a request to improve the yard. Renovation of the adjacent territory is planned for the spring of 2019. In addition, the plan is to install a playground in the yard. And residents say that they will remember their deputy Galina Danilchenko in this cadence with scandals in the session hall, but by no means good deeds for the benefit of the district entrusted to her.

The State Bureau of Investigation received a statement about the criminal offense of MP Yevgeny Balitsky and a number of officials

The territorial department of the State Bureau of Investigation, located in Melitopol, received a statement about a criminal offense committed by a group of persons. Among the suspects are People's Deputy of Ukraine Yevgeny Balitsky, a member of the district election commission and a confidant of Balitsky Galina Danilchenko, an assistant-consultant to the People's Deputy Svetlana Babich, a candidate-double from Polog Minko S.A.. The applicant asks the State Bureau of Investigation to open criminal proceedings and give a legal assessment of the actions of the above persons in registering a double candidate at the CEC. The application to the State Bureau of Investigation was submitted by the lawyer and confidant of the mayor of Melitopol and candidate for people's deputies Sergei Minko Andrey Belyaev. Statement of the lawyer Belyaev A.V.. : In the document, he indicates that on June 29, the CEC registered the full namesake of the current mayor and also a candidate for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Minko S.A.. The mayor's doppelgänger is a 53-year-old machinist from Polog. Statement of the lawyer Belyaev A.V.. : He is currently hiding from journalists and the public. The program of this fake candidate, which is posted on the CEC website, was written by Svetlana Babich, an assistant consultant to Yevgeny Balitsky, the statement says.. The people's deputy “pushed” the double into the ballot on the third attempt through the courts. The interests of the engineer from Polog were represented in court by Opposition Bloc lawyer Dmitry Kostyria. Statement of the lawyer Belyaev A.V.. : – As it became known, Evgeny Balitsky instructed Galina Danilchenko, who is also a member of the District Election Commission, a trustee of the People's Deputy Balitsky and his assistant consultant, to negotiate with a resident of Polog Minko S.A.. and offer him a reward for agreeing to be a duplicate candidate in the elections in the 80th district, in order to mislead the voters of Melitopol and the Melitopol region, who decided to vote for the Melitopol Mayor Sergei Minko. After obtaining the consent of Danilchenko G.V. handed over to Pologovsky Minko S.A.. money, after which he issued a notarized power of attorney to ensure that his interest was represented by Svetlana Babich, who holds the position of an assistant to the people's deputy Yevgeny Balitsky, the statement filed with the State Bureau of Investigation says.

In Melitopol, the Russian invaders appointed a new “mayor”

The collaborator has already recorded an appeal to the residents of Melitopol. In the temporarily occupied Melitopol, the Russian invaders, who kidnapped the mayor Ivan Fedorov, appointed a new “mayor”. She became the deputy of the Melitopol City Council from the “Opposition Bloc” Galina Danilchenko. This is reported by the local edition of “RIA Melitopol”. Melitopol residents are protesting against Danilchenko, demanding the return of the official mayor Fedorov: “The person is well known to everyone – the right hand of the former people's deputy Yevgeny Balitsky – deputy Galina Danilchenko. On local television, she has already recorded an appeal to the masses. In it, Galina Viktorovna stated that a committee of people's deputies is being created in the city, which will lead Melitopol,” the publication reports. Appeal of “acting mayor” Danilchenko to Melitopol residents:

As it became known, Galina Danilchenko is already holding a meeting with leaders.

In Melitopol, impostor Galina Danilchenko promised to evict all intractable teachers

In Melitopol, self-proclaimed mayor Galina Danilchenko continues to intimidate the townspeople. Galina Viktorovna threw all her strength into the fulfillment of the special task of the FSB to resume the educational process in the schools of Melitopol. Most parents are not ready to send their children to schools, and teachers are afraid of criminal punishment for collaboration. Official mayor of. Melitopol Ivan Fedorov spoke about the pressure on teachers: Only a few dozen teachers came to the meeting. It was first led by Elena Shapurova, head of the Melitopol Industrial and Economic College. According to insider information, it is this well-known person in Melitopol who is a defendant in a criminal investigation under several articles: on the grounds of h. 1 Art. 172 (gross violation of the labor law), h. 1 Art. 191 (appropriation and embezzlement of state property), h. 1 Art. 364 (abuse of official position) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. After the speech of Elena Shapurova, Galina Danilchenko addressed the teachers with threats. To all the intractable teachers who began to ask questions about guarantees for the safety of children, Galina Viktorovna answered in her own style: “We will evict all those who disagree,” the meeting participants convey the essence of the conversation. On the pressure of Galina Danilchenko on Melitopol teachers in a news report on the ICTV channel:

By the way, on the air of the National TV channel in the Freedom project, Melitopol mayor Ivan Fedorov yesterday reported about the repressions against teachers of the city: – Today, the directors of our schools called me and kindergartens, to which the Russian military came home and pointed weapons at them and their children. Headmasters were threatened with reprisals against children if they did not come out on April 4 and start the educational process. Imagine what they are doing, ”Ivan Fedorov said live.

In Melitopol, the invaders began to publish a fake newspaper

The publication “Melitopolskiye Vedomosti” now comes out with active pro-Kremlin agitation. The head of the media holding assures that the invaders use his brand illegally. Fake newspaper “Melitopolskiye Vedomosti” containing Kremlin propaganda: Residents of Melitopol could not but pay attention to the dramatically changed policy of the local publication “Melitopol Vedomosti”. The pro-Ukrainian stance aimed at covering the news of the city has been replaced by active aggressive pro-Russian propaganda, consisting mainly of agitation and praise of the occupation authorities, led by impostor Galina Danilchenko. The fake newspaper “Melitopol News” is also being distributed in Energodar: In a comment to Detector Media, the head of the MV media holding, Mikhail Kumok, said that the editors had nothing to do with the content of these “agitation” under the publisher's brand. According to the publisher, the staff of the media holding has finally lost access to jobs since March 23.

In Melitopol, Gauleiter Galina Danilchenko is already collecting cash from the population

In Melitopol, the impostor Galina Danilchenko, who proclaimed herself mayor, gathered all the elders at home, the heads of condominiums, quarterly and authorized for briefing. Information from the Melitopol media: The meeting took place yesterday. And upon returning from the “instruction” of the Gauleiter, some elders at home urgently began to create chats in Viber and send out mailings to residents. According to the participants of the meeting, Galina Danilchenko asked them to report on patriotic people. The Zaporozhye media wrote about this, and the official mayor Ivan Fedorov spoke personally in his video message. Most of the humanitarian convoys that Fedorov sent to Melitopol were looted by the invaders led by Galina Danilchenko: Video in which Fedorov tells more about the theft of humanitarian aid:

In addition to stealing humanitarian aid, Danilchenko also helped with money. The Russians, thanks to Galina Viktorovna, took out 3 million hryvnias from the Ukrposhta office: “For example, two days ago they robbed an agricultural machinery site. Yesterday they once again robbed the site, where there were parts for agricultural machinery, as well as combines, ”Fyodorov said. He also added that his team is trying to control the situation in Melitopol “as much as possible.” At the same time, Fedorov noted that Ukrainian law enforcement agencies are not yet present in the city, as they were forced to evacuate from Melitopol due to its occupation. Currently, the city is temporarily controlled by the Russian military and representatives of the National Guard.

Without housing, but with a loan – how the leader of the Melitopol cell of the “Opposition Bloc” lives

The right hand of the leader of the local Opposition Bloc, Yevgeny Balitsky, Galina Danilchenko, who again became a deputy of the City Council from the Opposition Bloc, filed an annual declaration of income in 2020. According to the document, Galina Danilchenko does not own a lot of property, and her income is completely unenviable. She does not have her own home, but she has 5.2 hectares of land, as well as a 2014 KIA SOUL car. In the form of a salary, Galina Viktorovna received only 14.2 thousand. UAH. and 5.5 thousand. UAH through land cultivation. Nevertheless, for the year the deputy paid more than 119 thousand. UAH. on loans, also has obligations under insurance contracts for a total amount of almost 25 thousand. UAH Galina Danilchenko has 120 thousand in store for a rainy day. UAH. and 10.5 thousand. US dollars of savings. Things are much better with her husband's real estate. He owns land plots of 2 hectares, 3.8 and 4 hectares, residential buildings – 42.8 square meters. m, and 52.7 sq. m, as well as a cottage of 168 sq. m. For the year he received 37.8 thousand UAH. income from business activities and only 6.5 thousand UAH of rent. Savings amount to 175 thousand UAH. and 5 thousand US dollars. But the car of the deputy's spouse is not very prestigious – “VAZ 21103” of 2001.

The self-proclaimed mayor of Melitopol from the invaders, Galina Danilchenko, is already organizing Cossack squads in the city

It is the Cossacks – this is the Russian version of the name of the formation. They are called upon to help the newly created “people's militia” to protect public order.. As you know, the former driver of Galina Danilchenko Vadim Mikheev has been appointed head of the “people's police” in the city. He became famous for taking titushki to the session hall. Screenshot from RIA-Melitopol telegram channel: This is the former chief of staff of the Pervomaisky RO, police lieutenant colonel Mikheev Vadim Valentinovich, born April 18, 1973. Pervomaisky is an urban-type settlement in the Donetsk region in the zone of occupation of the DPR. As a “true patriot”, Mikheev did not join the Armed Forces of Ukraine, volunteer battalions, but simply rushed from where it was dangerous, to where it was quiet – under the wing of Yevgeny Balitsky and Galina Danilchenko. With the advent of the invaders, Mikheev began a dizzying career – from a driver to the head of the “people's police”.

Melitopol under the control of Galina Danilchenko turned into a garbage dump.

During the years of the reign of the team of Sergey Minko, Melitopol has gained fame as the most comfortable and green city in the Zaporozhye region. All the streets, day and night, the employees of the Chistota KP cleaned with the help of special equipment purchased in European countries, and manually. Residents of the regional center and other cities admired the clean and comfortable city when they came to Melitopol. Melitopol by the efforts of Danilchenko: Literally in a month of the reign of the self-proclaimed mayor of Melitopol, Galina Danilchenko, the city turned into a garbage dump. This is how the streets of the city have changed beyond recognition today. And this is the center of Melitopol – Heroes of Ukraine Street. For many citizens, life in occupation, when a person cannot influence the situation and change something, causes depression. And the depressing view of the city only exacerbates this condition.. In fact, the leaders of the team of Evgeny Balitsky return Melitopol to the distant 90s. Melitopol by the efforts of Danilchenko:


Galina Danilchenko – an unwanted character in the history of Ukraine. A traitor who allowed the invaders to create chaos in the territory of Melitopol. Hunger, looting, rape, murder… All these horrors happened thanks to Galina Viktorovna, and she is glad of this, because she has long dreamed of a “Russian world”.

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Has a husband and daughter
To the traitors of the country
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