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Chernyshov Alexey Mikhailovich


Alexei Mikhailovich Chernyshov is a rather scandalous minister. The information that he appropriated the property around the Barabashovo market, killing ordinary citizens, frightens even people who do not live in Kharkov. But he didn't stop there. The infamous Furshet chain of stores, owned by Chernyshov, poisons people with delays for big money. Complaints about the boorish behavior of the staff, rotten fruits and vegetables, inhuman prices, all this is greed for the money of the supermarket owner.

Ukraine, Austria
Ukraine, Austria
September 4, 1977
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Alexei Mikhailovich Chernyshov

Official biography

Minister for the Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine, ex-Chairman of the Kyiv Regional State Administration. Born on September 4, 1997 in Kharkov. He spent all his childhood there, received school and higher education.


From 1994 to 1999 – studied at the Kharkov Humanitarian University “People's Ukrainian Academy” with a degree in Enterprise Economics. From 1996 to 2002, he studied law at the National Law University named after. Yaroslav the Wise. In 1999 – takes a professional course according to the standards of the International Institute for Project Management (Eng.. Project Management Institute) (program “Project Management” based on the company “Westinghouse”, Pennsylvania, USA).


Since 2004 – Vice President, President of the AVEK concern. From 2007 to 2012 – Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, member of the Board of Founders of the AVEC Group of Companies. In 2012, he founded the investment and development company Eastgate Development, whose activities were focused on the development of large-scale commercial real estate projects. In 2014 – founded the investment company VI2 Partners. The company's offices operate in Kyiv and Vienna. In 2014, he founded the Kyiv Vision Foundation, the goal of the organization is to popularize Ukraine in Europe through contemporary Ukrainian art. From 2017 to 2019 – Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Real Estate Club URE Club. In 2018, at the initiative and support of A. Chernyshov, the “School of Commercial Real Estate Management” was created. The project is the first joint one with the URE Club and the International Institute of Management (IIM).

From October 28, 2019 to March 4, 2020 – Chairman of the Kyiv Regional State Administration. 03/04/2020 – appointed Minister for the Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine.

Family status

Married. Wife – Svetlana Alexandrovna Chernyshova – Associate Professor of the Kyiv National University.. T. Shevchenko. They are raising two sons.

NOT official biography

Alexey Chernyshov is a businessman, and in general a person is not poor. From his curriculum vitae, it becomes known that he earned his capital on operations with commercial real estate in Kharkov, and then moved to the capital. In 2013, Chernyshov joined the Kyiv Business Harbor project. Its essence is to transfer the center of the vital interests of the people of Kiev from the right bank to the left, namely: to Troyeschina. They wanted to do this, among other things, by creating jobs there, but the project could not be implemented. During the Maidan, Alexei Chernyshov was actively involved in business, and in 2014 he opened the investment company VI2 Partners. The most famous deal of this company is the acquisition of shares in the Furshet supermarket chain from the French from the Auchan Group. The amount of the transaction is not specified. Chernyshov was previously a business partner of Alexander Feldman, a Kharkiv entrepreneur, co-owner of the Barabashovo market, and now a people's deputy from the Opposition Platform For Life. And in Kyiv, Chernyshov interacted with the capital developer Andriy Vavrish, a friend of the head of the Office of the President Andriy Bogdan. Ex-People's Deputy Sergei Leshchenko connects the new governor with the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. On his page on the social network, he claims that Kolomoisiy allegedly already met with Chernyshev and agreed on his candidacy. Strana's sources in the Rada say that Chernyshov is still closely connected with Feldman, as well as with businessman Pavel Fuks. The latter, in turn, intersects with Kolomoisky in a number of projects. “Through him, it is possible that a connection was established,” our interlocutor says.

“Big Construction”

Already in the position of head of the Ministry of Regional Development, Chernyshov, as a member of the Great Construction Coordinating Council, began to appear in the investigations of journalists regarding possible abuses during the implementation of this national program.. After all, it is the Ministry for the Development of Communities and Territories headed by him that is responsible for the “Great Construction” in terms of the renovation of social infrastructure – schools, kindergartens, outpatient clinics, sports facilities. Chernyshov reported that in November 2020, the readiness of such “Big Construction” facilities across the country was 92%, although in reality this figure was only 64%, and many of them risk remaining long-term construction. As experts suggest, the statistics “drawn” by Chernyshov are either unprofessionalism or a manifestation of outright sabotage of the “Great Construction” by the minister. And, most likely, in the interests of the oligarch Kolomoisky, for whom it is important to discredit the president's program in order to increase his influence on Zelensky.

Private security

During Chernyshov's work at the KOGA, he was accused of bringing private security into the RSA building and protecting himself from the outside world with a blank door with a pass button on the map, allocating himself half of the seventh floor of the building in Pechersk. Even the deputies of the regional council could not get to the governor Chernyshov. To enter the governor's wing, there was also a guard near a special button, with the help of which one could modestly ask for an audience.

Rot, stink and insects: how Furshet works in Dnipro

Earlier we wrote that Dnepr Chas analyzed prices and checked the freshness of products in the supermarkets of the city. Our comparison included products that are included in the social basket. “ATB”, “Varus”, “Silpo”, “Furshet”, “Auchan”, “Fozzy” are the stores that we analyzed. Most of all, we were surprised by the store “Furshet. There is only one such supermarket in Dnipro, and it is located in the central part of the city (ul.. Bobrova, 1 SEC “Priozerny”). The main feature of the Furshet is expired products. Rotten blackened bananas, tangerines, lemons, oranges and moldy cucumbers, broken eggs, shriveled apples and bell peppers, dried “fresh meat” – permanent residents of the store. It is the residents, because it is hard to imagine how long the products had to lie in order to be in such a state.. All this is accompanied by the smell of rot, which is felt in every corner of the trading floor, and insects. The supermarket has its own bakery and cookery. For an hour of being on the trading floor, we met 3 employees who ignored any questions. The girl standing behind the counter with sausages and cheese did not even turn to face us when we repeatedly asked where to find this or that product. In the location of the “Furshet” there is a fairly large room. Many shelves are empty, goods are missing, but the price tags are not removed. Therefore, it is difficult to navigate where the price of the product of interest is. The average rating of the store in Google is 3.3 out of 5. In the reviews, buyers complain about a complex weighing system, a small selection of goods, stale vegetables, expired products, rudeness of staff, and discrepancies in the cost of goods on the price tag. After visiting this supermarket, the question arises of how it still works.

Entrepreneurs of the Barabashovo market, seeking transparency in the lease, complain about pressure from the AVEC concern.

The manufactured goods market “Barabashovo” (distorted from the name of the metro station “Akademika Barabashova”) is known throughout the Left-Bank Ukraine. But, like any big bazaar, it has its own dark history.. God alone knows how many lives he has crippled and even taken! According to employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, less than one percent of the facts of fraud, scams, extortion and gross violation of rights that occurred at Barabashovo and around it reached the stage of a criminal case.. And a significant part of all these violations and crimes occurred on the order and even with the direct participation of the leadership of both the market itself and the AVEC concern – that is, Alexei Chernyshov (in 2004-2013). Kharkiv mayor Gennady Kernes on February 15 held another meeting with a group that is working to resolve the conflict of those who trade at Barabashovo. Entrepreneurs demand to regulate the payment of rent and services and issue them documents confirming the ownership of retail premises. In addition, several sites have already entered into formal contracts for the lease of urban land with the Sovremenny Gorod KP, and now entrepreneurs demand the same transparency in land lease from AVEC. Today, small businesses claim that the administration is violating the agreement on a moratorium on renegotiation of contracts.. They receive so-called “letters of happiness” from AVEC, where they are invited to urgently extend the contract with the concern for several years or stop working. According to them, the lights have already been turned off in many shopping arcades.. “People were initially ready to almost smoke tires, block roads, and only this moratorium kept the situation.. We rely on this group, on the City Council. Based on the example of the sites, the land of which is in communal ownership, it is clear how the process should look according to the law, and this is what we expect from AVEK, – Vladimir Petrov, the owner of several outlets, said during the meeting. Gennady Kernes, discussing with the participants of the meeting their actions for the near future, proposed to ensure the conditions for the market. “You need to pay for cleaning, security, lighting, and I think people are willing to pay. As for contracts: show people contracts that are understandable, direct, and not with firms “gaskets”, and then the process will move forward,” said Gennady Kernes. “I think that representatives of the AVEC concern should hear me now: if the entire service sector is not provided for the work of entrepreneurs, where they earn and feed their families, then this service sector will be created for them by the city,” he said.

Blocking purchases of ventilators

In April 2020, a scandal was associated with the name of Chernyshov with blocking the purchase of ventilators in the Kyiv region necessary to combat the coronavirus epidemic.. And about. Chairman of the KOGA Vasily Volodin and profile deputy Oleg Torkunov, who were brought to the Regional State Administration by Chernyshov, were accused of insisting on buying ventilators from a dubious seller who could not guarantee delivery on time. Also, questions were raised, perhaps, by the overpriced price of the devices.

Delaying urban reform

On April 2, 2020, the people's deputy from the Servant of the People, the head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on the organization of state power, local self-government, regional development and urban planning, Andriy Klochko, published an open letter in which he accused Chernyshov of delaying the urban planning reform initiated by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Austrian citizenship

In 2020, information appeared in the media that Chernyshov had Austrian citizenship, which is not provided for by Ukrainian law.. Chernyshov has registered firms and real estate in this country.. In particular, Chernyshov's company VI2 Partners, registered through a company from the offshore Virgin Islands, Standing Assets SA, with the help of Austrian citizen Mark-Millo Lube.

The head of the Ministry of Regional Development contracted the coronavirus

“Minister for the Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine Oleksiy Chernyshov received positive results of a PCR test for COVID-19. He is currently in self-isolation. For the period of his absence, the duties will be performed by the first deputy Vasily Lozinsky,” the message says.

According to Chernyshov, he plans to spend the next two weeks in self-isolation. “I plan to solve and control all work issues remotely.. This year we all need to master this habit and learn how to be effective in real life and actual business while staying online.. In the Ministry of Regional Development, we were among the first to start a remote format of work,” the minister said. The Ministry of Regional Development clarified that all ministry employees who had contact with Chernyshov are being tested or have remained at home in self-isolation.

“Reform Killer”

Chernyshov buries any reform. There is no state control, there are no bills, the present is uncertain, and the future is foggy. For at least a year, managerial and legislative chaos persists in the construction industry, in which it is very profitable for a certain small number of people to exist, but for the market this turns into stagnation. And of course, there is no decrease in corruption in construction. On November 12, 2020, the head of the Ministry of Regional Development, an inveterate swindler Alexei Chernyshov, publicly stated that the Ministry of Regional Development takes full responsibility for completing the urban planning reform. And right there, right off the bat, Minister Aleksey Mikhailovich Chernyshov proposed his own concept of reform, which began to be implemented by several Decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers. However, it quickly became clear that something was wrong with the reform again … What did Chernyshov promise to do and what was not actually done? Let's do a quick fact check. No one refuses the idea to liquidate the corrupt GASI. New bodies of architectural control are being liquidated, which have not been able to start – the State Inspectorate for Urban Planning and the State Service for Urban Planning. A new body of architectural control is being created – the State Inspectorate for Architecture and Urban Planning (GIAG). Until March 2021, the Ministry of Regional Development submits to the Verkhovna Rada a draft amendment to the legislation that will allow the launch of a new body of the SIAG. For the “transitional period”, while the new legislation has not yet been adopted, the architectural and construction control of the State Architectural and Construction Institute is resumed. In fact, not everything was done and not so. GASI continues to be the only body of architectural control, which, due to being in a state of liquidation, has extremely curtailed powers and opportunities.. The GACI does not have the right to exercise control, and even if it had such a right, it would not have the opportunity, since the inspectors were fired en masse. GIG and Gosservisstroy are liquidated, and GIAG is created only on paper. The new body has only the Regulations, but there are no personnel, no head, no powers. The State Budget-2021 does not provide funding for the GIAG. The draft legislative changes have not been prepared, and what sounded from the lips of the Ministry of Regional Development in the form of a concept exists only in the head of Chernyshov and his deputy Lozinsky. Yes, and these ideas have been criticized by urban planning experts and people's deputies.. No one even promises that the bill will be adopted in March.. The Ministry of Regional Development says in plain text that new legislation will not appear until the end of 2021. Control for the “transitional period” was restored by resuming the validity of Decree No. 553, but it is “castrated”. Only 101 local governments have the right to control, which is clearly not enough. The GASI no longer has the authority and personnel, the GIAG does not yet, and many local government agencies have not taken on this function.

Salary, apartments, income from property: what does the Minister of Regions Chernyshov have

Minister of Regions Alexei Chernyshov published a declaration of income for 2020. His main income was salary and income from the alienation of property, the minister owns several apartments and cars. This is reported in Chernyshov's declaration, published on the NAPC website. Of the real estate Chernyshov owns an apartment in Kyiv (5370070 UAH), a plot in Romankiv, Kyiv region (450140 UAH), a residential building in the same place (944900 UAH). His wife Svetlana Chernyshova owns three apartments in Kyiv worth UAH 1066213, UAH 1008661 and UAH 826605. respectively. Of the luxury items, the Chernyshovs have watches, paintings, jewelry, and so on. Chernyshov owns a 2018 Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography. at a price of 4174100 UAH; his wife owns a 2010 Skoda Octavia A5. Svetlana Chernyshova has corporate rights to Bloom Development LLC (UAH 1690050) and Fashion Retail LTD (UAH 244326). She is also the ultimate beneficiary of Bloom Development LLC, Fashion Retail LTD, STANDING ASSETS SA. and GIALENGER INVESTMENTS LIMITED. Chernyshov declared two salaries at once, received at his main place of work – UAH 74,900 in the Kyiv City State Administration, and UAH 519,931. at the Ministry of Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine. He also has income from the alienation of movable property – UAH 1,108,000 and UAH 355,690. and 14160 UAH. percent of the deposit. His wife registered a salary of UAH 220,958 at the Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, UAH 24,740. fee, UAH 852,000 from the alienation of movable property and rental income – 63352, 180000, 46734, 93200 and 70452 UAH. On Chernyshov's accounts – UAH 73,128 in Privatbank, CHF 46,284 and UAH 32,765 in Alfa-Bank, EUR 55,522 in Erste Bank; his wife – 113103 UAH. and 4462 dollars in Privatbank. The spouses keep $500,000 and UAH 4,000,000 in cash. (Chernyshov), $115,000 and UAH 860,000. (Chernyshova).


Well, what can I say about Chernyshov? This man has absolutely no conscience. Selling food unfit for consumption at an inflated price to people through a chain of stores is the maximum egocentrism. As well as the infringement of entrepreneurs in the Barabashovo market, voting for reforms that are beneficial to HIM, also in his style. By the way, nothing positive can be said about Chernyshov.

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Wife - Svetlana Alexandrovna Chernyshova, two sons
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