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Cherny Viktor Ivanovich


Viktor Cherny-Medvedchuk's bodyguard, MP from\"OPZZH \". With the help of the Shaman and hypnosis, he influenced Viktor Medvedchuk, worked for the Russian Federation. He is involved in many corruption schemes, even as journalists write, he is associated with the smuggling of amber. Being a deputy\"earned\" money for expensive real estate and accessories. Involved in organizing paid rallies and raider attacks. He was also convicted of forging a scientific dissertation.

Уровень охвата:

Cherny Viktor Ivanovich

Official biography

Born on April 6, 1968 in a family of employees, in the village of Yalta, Pervomaisky district, Donetsk region.


From 1985 to 07/08/1989 he studied at the Donetsk Higher Military-Political School of Engineering and Signal Corps. Graduated from college with honors. Specialty – military – political. Qualification – teacher of history and social science; From 09/01/2000 to 02/28/2002 he studied at the Ukrainian Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine. Specialty – public administration. Qualification – master.

Family status

Married, has two daughters and a son. Wife:

Labor activity

From 1985 to 1989 – a cadet of the Donetsk Higher Military – Political School of Engineering and Signal Corps. From 1989 to 1994 – officer of the Armed Forces of the USSR, Ukraine, reserve lieutenant colonel. From 1995 to 1996 – inspector of the security service of CJSC “TONALITE-Intour”. Since 1996 – General Manager of NPP “KLP”. From 1996 to 1997 – Commercial Director of NPP “KLP-PLUS”. From 1997 to 1998 – director of the KF “Grapes”. From 1998 to 1999 – General Director of Confectionery Trading House LLC. From 1999 to 2000 – Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv City Union for the Protection of Consumer Rights. From 2000 to 2002 – a student of the Ukrainian Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine. From 2002 – to 2005 – Chairman of the NGO “Committee for the Protection of Consumer Rights of the Darnitsa District. Kyiv”. Since 2005 – assistant-consultant of the People's Deputy of Ukraine. From 2005 – to 2006 – Chairman of the NGO “Committee for the Protection of Consumer Rights of the Darnitsa District. Kyiv”. From 2006 to 2010 – Deputy Chairman of the Podolsky District State Administration in Kiev. From 2011 to 2012 – Head of the Ukrainian Sanitary and Medical Center of the State Enterprise “Ukrekoresursy”. From 2012 – to 2015 – Chairman of the All-Ukrainian public organization “Civil Action Movement”. From 2015 – to the present. – Director of LLC “Detective security company” Svarog “.

Social work

1998 – 2002. – Deputy of the Kharkiv District Council of Kiev; Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee. 2002 – 2006 – assistant – consultant to the People's Deputy of Ukraine. 2002 – 2006 – deputy of the Darnitsa district. Kyiv council; Chairman of the Standing Committee on the work of household enterprises, trade, public catering, transport, communications and consumer protection. 2009. – Chairman of the All-Ukrainian public organization “Movement of Gromadyanskoy Dії”. 2014 – Honorary Member of the Combat Sambo Federation of Ukraine. 2015 – President of the Association of Vedic Martial Arts NGO. 2015 – Vice President of the Combat Sambo Federation of Ukraine. 2015 – candidate for mayor of Kyiv from the Right of the People party. In the 2019 parliamentary elections, he was elected a People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the 9th convocation from the Opposition Platform – For Life party, No. 27 on the list. Member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Anti-Corruption Policy.

NOT official biography

Illegal obstruction of journalistic activity

Cherny Viktor Ivanovich in 2015 ran for the position of the Kyiv mayor from the party “People's Right”. As the place of work was indicated by the limited liability company “Detective security company” Svarog “. In 2016, the detective security company “Svarog” was renamed LLC” Detective security company “Storm” (39714982). Black is the head and owner of 35% of this enterprise. Security guards attacked journalists at Zhuliany airport:

Investigation of the case of beating journalists by Svarog security guards:
Detective Security Company LLC Storm was involved in an incident with an obstacle to the work of journalists during filming at the Zhuliany airport in November 2017.

Neo-paganism and connection with Russian neo-Nazis, Organization of “titushki”

According to “Schemes”, in 2013, on behalf of the “Ukrainian Choice”, he spoke about the need for a referendum to support Ukraine's entry into the then Customs Union under the auspices of Russia. The name of the detective security company “Svarog” is not accidental – Viktor Cherny has been using neo-pagan themes since he created the musical group “Svarozhychi” in 2010. Coincidence or not, the practice of neo-paganism is common among Russian neo-Nazi and ultra-nationalist movements, which, in particular, were used by the Kremlin in the beginning of the aggression against Ukraine in the east in the spring of 2014. For example, as it was with the famous murderer Milchakov. On the Internet, you can find information about how Chernoy is associated with the activities of the SDPU (u) and the organization of “titushki” during the Euromaidan.

Security company “Svarog” or how militants appeared in Kyiv

This is not the first time that pro-Russian events have been guarded in Kyiv by the hitherto unknown company Svarog.. If we dig deeper, we will find that this structure is closely connected with the chairman of the NGO “Ukrainian Choice – the Right of the People”. The Svarog fighters openly walk the streets of Kyiv in body armor and special equipment – and there is no reaction from the authorities to these “little green men”. How Shtorm's guards became assistants to Medvedchuk and V. Chernoy:

June 22, 2016 pro-Russian forces celebrated the anniversary of Nazi Germany's attack on the Soviet Union. Communists, odious progressive socialists and “Ukrainian choice – the right of the people” were guarded by young sports guys from the detective security company “Svarog”. According to Left Bank, the company is headed by Vice-President of the Combat Sambo Federation Viktor Cherny.

political magic. People's Deputy Cherny “pumped” Medvedchuk's aura and “spoke” with Putin through shamans –

People's deputy of the banned faction Opposition Platform – For Life Viktor Cherny, who is considered a trusted guard of Viktor Medvedchuk suspected of treason, used occultism and “magic” to influence his “boss”. This is stated in the investigation of Bihus.Info journalists who received data from Chernoy's computer. Data from the hard drive contains files for several years – documents, photos and videos. Among them are records with shamans, the so-called sleepers and hypnologists, whose services were used by the people's deputy. He used them for political purposes.

Cherny, because of hypnotists, shamans and sleepers, “pumped” Medvedchuk's energy (aura), convinced him that he would protect him well and therefore should become a people's deputy, frightened Medvedchuk with “American hypnotists” and “worked” in every possible way on his magical victory in parliamentary elections. Because of the “magicians”, Cherny imposed his authority on Medvedchuk and “increased” the rating of the Opposition Platform for Life. With photographs of political opponents, shamans, by order of Chernoy, performed rituals. So, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and Yuriy Boyko (OPPL) fell under the “hand of magicians”. Cherny was even interested in interpreting dreams about the Medvedchuk family – he checked whether there was a threat to Oksana Marchenko's cat Kokosik. Through the occultists Cherny wanted to curry favor with the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. In one of the videos, a hypnologist and a sleeper, on behalf of the people's deputy, are trying to contact the head of the Kremlin. In the files of the people's deputy there are indications of such “cults” of the Kremlin employees. Where Cherny is now is unknown, but journalists found out that he did not leave the country.

Three MPs from the Opposition Platform for Life Wanted to Escape from Ukraine, They Found Weapons

Vadim Rabinovich was found with guns and cash, Viktor Cherny had 2 grenades, and Oleg Voloshin had a pistol, according to the State Bureau of Investigation. Employees of the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) searched people's deputies from the Opposition Platform – For Life (OPPL) faction who illegally crossed or planned to cross the state border of Ukraine. This was reported by the press service of the GBR. Viktor Cherny was found with 2 grenades: As a result of searches, three guns and large amounts of cash in hryvnias and dollars were seized from people's deputy Vadim Rabinovich. Viktor Cherny tried to take 2 grenades with him (F-1 and RGD-5). Another people's deputy, Oleg Voloshin, found a Makarov pistol.

People's deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life Viktor Cherny defended his Ph.D. thesis on public administration with the same violations as his colleague in the faction Ilya Kiva

This is stated in the investigation. Black defended in MAUP a month earlier than Kiva, that is, in March. And the deputy chairman of the dissertation council for the defense was Vladimir Gurkovsky, the scientific adviser of Kiva. Bihus.Info investigation about Viktor Cherny's fake dissertation:

“In his dissertation on the topic “Formation and implementation of mechanisms for preventing and combating corruption in public authorities (on the example of EU countries and Ukraine)” Viktor Cherny submitted a certificate of practical implementation from NGO “All-Ukrainian Assembly of Doctors of Science in Public Administration” with an obviously forged signature of Olga Rudenko. People's Deputy Ilya Kiva also submitted the same certificate with a fake signature to his Ph.D.. For Kiva, this certificate was later “retroactively” replaced, but it remained in Viktor Cherny's dissertation,” the journalists note. In turn, Cherny said in a comment that he “does not know that there is something that does not comply with the legislation of Ukraine “. Screenshot with a fake certificate from the investigation of Ilya Kiva's dissertation: According to investigators, Cherny, like Kiva, refers in his work to a falsified collection of materials from a scientific and practical conference that took place at IAPM in 2018. Cherny identifies himself as a participant in this conference and refers to the fact that his material was allegedly published in the official collection on pages 149-151. However, the official printed collection, which is in the editors of Bihus.Info, contains only 144 pages, and it does not contain Viktor Cherny's materials. It is noted that Oksana Parkhomenko-Kutsevol, who was the coordinator of that conference and collected materials for the collection, confirmed to Bihus.Info that Viktor Cherny was not among the participants of that conference. Cherny said that the coordinator had messed up something. “Obviously, Viktor Cherny is referring to the falsified collection of the scientific and practical conference, which, after defending Kiva, was suddenly posted on the IAPM website and “hung” there for several days. Subsequently, Vice-Rector of IAPM Sergey Khrapaty explained that this collection is a fake, which was fraudulently published on the website of the university,” the journalists said. Also a common point in the dissertations of Viktor Chernoy and Ilya Kiva is the author of dissertation files. The same author, DOVGAL, is listed in the metadata of both dissertations. In the dissertations of Viktor Cherny and Ilya Kiva, one author of the files: When asked about this coincidence, Viktor Cherny answered reporters as follows: “The fact is that the files are sent, and the supervisor – he checks these files. That's all.” How such an answer explains the same author in the metadata of the files of both dissertations is not clear.. After all, the author of the file does not change from the fact that someone opens the file. And the supervisors of Kiva and Chernoy are different: the already mentioned Vladimir Gurkovsky for Ilya Kiva and Yevgeny Romanenko for Chernoy, the journalists added.

“Svarog” in special equipment

So, who are the founders of “Svarog” – at least approximately clear. What is the organization itself? For the first time, its name was heard in the media on May 9, 2016, when Svarog militants were guarding Viktor Medvedchuk, members of the Ukrainian Choice, hung with Colorado ribbons.. Eyewitnesses indicate that Svarog first appeared on February 21, 2016 during the guard of the Inter TV channel. Subsequently, on May 31 of this year, the military wing of the Medvedchukites appeared in Chernihiv, where they guarded the round table “Ukrainian Choice”. According to eyewitnesses, the Svarog militants were dressed in solid camouflage and body armor, which, however, did not help them. Equipped as police assault squads, on June 15, Medvedchuk's men appeared in the center of the Ukrainian capital. They guarded the congress of the same “Ukrainian Choice”. It is interesting that one of these characters is wearing a Dynamo-Minsk hockey club shirt (“fraternal help” from But father?). The Svarog website indicates that they can be found at the address: Kyiv, Velyka Vasylkivska street 23/b. It is noteworthy that firms associated with Medvedchuk and the Surkis brothers are concentrated in the same house. So, at this address you can find the Union of Lawyers of Ukraine – its first president from 1990 to 1997 was Viktor Medvedchuk. Also, BIM LLC is registered here.. International Law Offices”, one of the founders of which was also Viktor Medvedchuk. There is also the International Lawyers Company “B.I.M”, the founder of which is also Viktor Medvedchuk. Also in B. Vasylkivska 23/b you can find the asset management company MTIR ESSET MANAGEMENT, whose activities are associated with the Surkis group. As well as Slavutich FPC LLC (FPK – financial and industrial concern) – its activities are also associated with the Surkis. A quick glance at the review of the “residents” of Velyka Vasylkivska, 23/b suggests that the companies of the so-called “Magnificent Seven” are concentrated here – a business-political group that arose in the early 90s. Its founders were Viktor Medvedchuk, Grigory and Igor Surkis, Valentin Zgursky, Yury Karpenko, Bogdan Gubsky and Yury Lyakh. The parent structure of the business of the “magnificent Kyiv seven” was called “Bi-Ai-Em”. In the case of the Svarog detective and security company, it is possible that we are talking about the activities of a paramilitary (this is indicated by their equipment) structure closely associated with Viktor Medvedchuk, the godfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Tracing her mentions in the press, one can notice the “evolution” of “Svarog” – from the protection of pro-Russian events in civilian clothes to the protection of Medvedchukists in special equipment. And then what? Arms and welcome, “polite little green men”?

“Servants of the people” at a meeting of the Rada discussed the “alkopati”, and the people's deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life decided to feast on bulls

The discussion about “alcopathy” was conducted in the “servants of the people” chat called “Servant of the people. Committee” (this, apparently, refers to the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy). According to the correspondence, which the correspondent of #Bukv managed to fix, one of the participants in the conversation suggested “making a party in the format of alcohol tourism”. Meanwhile, the people's deputy from the “Opposition Platform – For Life” Viktor Cherny decided to eat bulls right in the meeting room of the Verkhovna Rada.

Subscriber “M.” taught “guard Medvedchuk” Chernoy how to comment on Bihus.Info tapes

People's Deputy “OPZZH” Viktor Cherny consulted with a certain “M.” about commenting on Bihus.Info publications. Correspondence fell into the lens of the correspondent of the publication “Letters”: During the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, the people's deputy talked with his assistant Natalya Illarionova. He received the following message from her: “Bigus. M looked. No need to react. A comment could be like this (if possible). We already know such “whistleblowers” as Sergey Leshchenko. We know his career rise and where he is now. Bigus goes the same way and hopes for a “promotion”. Bigus glues fake investigations. But the loudest investigation will be the investigation “Who is Bigus?” (The spelling of the author has been preserved.). To this message Cherny succinctly replied: “+” It is not clear from the recorded fragment of the correspondence who “M” is, who gave information on how to respond to the publications of the Bihus.Info agency.

Plot on Trukhanov Island

“There is not a search, but in accordance with the court order, an inspection of the premises. But there is chaos. They broke the fence, although we had three more days,” Ivan Boychenko, director of the security company Storm, explained, commenting on the police presence on Trukhaniv Island on April 9. Article from the portal “Chesno”: The police explained that law enforcement officers acted within the framework of criminal proceedings on the illegal seizure of a land plot. We are talking about the territory on Trukhanov Island, where the public organization “Kozak Club” is based.. It is led by Yan Marchenko, who until recently was considered a voluntary assistant to the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and the owner of sanctioned TV channels (112 Ukraine, NewsOne and ZIK) Taras Kozak. According to law enforcers, the Kozak Club arbitrarily took possession of a land plot of 1.16 hectares, which was in communal ownership, and, according to experts, was worth more than 25 million hryvnias. “A fence was installed on the land plot and a number of buildings and structures were placed. Specialists from local authorities were not allowed to enter the territory of the site, access to it is limited, ”the prosecutor’s office of Kyiv reported. The investigation was launched after the journalistic material In the end, the court ordered the return of the land to the city, but the appeal overturned this decision.. Now the issue of cassation is being decided.

The conflict around the construction on Yamskaya

At the end of February, the police searched the bus that was parked near the office of the Opposition Platform for Life. The reason was the shooting near the capital's construction site on Yamskaya Street, which was the day before. They allegedly shot at representatives of the nationalist organization Tradition and Order, who, according to them, were protesting against illegal construction. The Opposition Platform for Life called the search a provocation by the police. “Storm” was not there. But all this was provoked because there was a bus in which there were those who shot. This bus is similar to the one used by “Storm”. Then a search was carried out in the office of the Opposition Platform for Life, which is guarded by “Storm”. Already when that real bus was detained, it was clear that Storm had nothing to do with it,” Viktor Cherny said.. He called it an act of intimidation against the “Stormists” and the Opposition Platform for Life. The police confirmed that the police stopped two buses that day. “Another car that was stopped in the Kyiv region belongs to a private person. About 30 people who were in the cabin gave explanations to law enforcement officers. They did not have documents confirming their relationship to any organizations or movements,” the police said.. And they added that a traumatic weapon and permits for it were seized in the car. The lawyer of 15 of these people, Vladislav Golikov, noted in a comment that his clients belong to a security structure, the name of which he does not remember. Representatives of Tradition and Order, when asked what they were doing on Yamskaya, answered that they were fighting against illegal building. The guards at the construction site said that they had seen the weapons of the nationalists as well, but they would not dare to say who was the first to shoot. According to the object passport, the construction customer is the De Resort Development company and Mechta Construction Association LLC, the general contractor is Seven Hill East Europe LLC. According to information on the Portal of the state electronic system in the field of construction, the developer received official permission to carry out construction work in December 2020 and allegedly has the relevant documents. The representative of the customer company Schwartz Arie explained that they showed all the documents to the nationalists. “We have all the permits, as an international developer I would not build without permits. I don't know what these guys want from us as we have already shown them permission many times. They really interfere with our construction, ”said the representative of the customer and added that he did not exclude such a way of earning activists. “They just scream it's illegal, we show it's legal. Then they disappear, and two or three days later they come back,” Schwartz says to Arie. According to sources in law enforcement agencies, the second bus belonged to the Doncorp Ukraine company of Sergey Ruzhitsky.. The firm and the head appear in the so-called “case of PMC Semenchenko.” Ruzhitsky explained that he had known the customer for the construction for a long time, and then he was asked to talk to the activists. “Representatives of the customer helped us a lot in 2014, bought us two drones, taught us how to work with them. So we felt morally obligated. Two days before this incident, I met with the organization. They said they understood everything,” Ruzhitsky said. He also added that, at the request of the customer, he advised them to guards from the OK Kometa company, with which they were allegedly friends, and they were on duty on the territory. “They took our bus in order to have transport in case of emergency. “Comet” went to the place when they broke down the gate and did not let the car with concrete through. But the activists were the first to open fire. It wasn’t the “Kometovites” who fired, those from “Tradition and Order” were shooting at the “Kometovtsy”. Our weapons were almost non-existent. There was one “pump” that never fired, and one or two “injuries”. And they did shoot. They even made a dent in the shield. A “trauma” does not do such things, ”said Ruzhitsky. Bogdan Khodakovsky is in charge of “Tradition and Order”. On April 28, the police conducted searches at his place on suspicion of hooliganism.. In particular, according to the investigation, representatives of the organization, on the order of a third party, terrorized the lawyer – they threatened him with murder.. The organization denies these allegations and holds rallies “Against police brutality.”

The People’s Deputy exposed a porn site on the phone in the hall of the Rada: a name was given on the network, a member of the Opposition Platform for Life responded

A deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine during the meeting lit up a porn site among one of the browser tabs on his phone. The corresponding video on Sunday, May 2, was published by the Telegram channel with. According to an anonymous author, Viktor Cherny, the people's choice from the Opposition Platform – For Life, is a politician. Tabs on Viktor Cherny's phone: On the frames leaked to the network, only the hands and the screen of the smartphone of the people's deputy are visible. In addition to the site with adult content, several articles and news sites are also visible in the browser of the BP deputy. “Cherny faced a difficult choice during a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada: read the news from the Office of the Prosecutor General, look at the “mature moms” category on PornHub, or find out what the head of the State Property Fund is doing,” the author of the Telegram channel joked.

Amber smuggling

The Central Anti-Corruption Bureau of Poland officially announced a special operation to eliminate the channel for smuggling amber from Ukraine to Poland. NGO “Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine” is involved in this case. GO “ABU” is the renaming of the infamous “Anti-Corruption Committee of Ukraine”. It gets even more interesting. Because the founder of the “Anti-Corruption Committee of Ukraine” is the current Medvedchuk MP Viktor (formerly Vadim) Cherny, nee, that is, before landing – Oxygen. interesting guy. They wrote about him once. Having safely populated the Headquarters “K” of the SBU with Transcarpathian smugglers, Viktor Andreevich can be calm – there is simply no one in the country to investigate his corruption schemes (including the loudest ones). However, Yushchenko knows how to report to the West. And to fight corruption, under his strict leadership, a number of public organizations were created to fight corruption.. We already wrote about a funny office called “Committee for Combating Corruption”. This is its leader, a certain Eduard Efimenko, a citizen with a muddy past and an altered consciousness, loves to send out photos like “Me and Yushchenko”, or “Me and Medvedko” to the media. It would seem that what is especially harmful in an ordinary city madman? There would be no harm if only Efimenko really did not represent the so-called public anti-corruption organizations at the state level. There would be no harm if these organizations were not engaged in active “resal” and were not conductors of that very corruption. Or another prominent anti-corruption organization: the “National Anti-Corruption Committee”, headed by a certain Vadim Chorny. As follows from the attached SBU certificate, this outstanding anti-corruption official not only has a criminal record in the past, but also hides under a false name. A document which indicates under what circumstances and when Black changed his first and last name: This nice man named Kislitsa was arrested in 1993 in the Dnepropetrovsk region and is being tried under articles 118, 222 and 229 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. And was sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in prison. And despite the fact that Mr. Kislitsa changed his surname to Chorny and even changed his patronymic, he is still listed in the special file of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Nevertheless, this “fighter against corruption” is actively shining as a public figure, has an office on Khreshchatyk, safely “breeds suckers” and “resolves issues” with law enforcement officers. And what, one wonders, after that to be surprised? It is doubly interesting that Cherny is the head of Medvedchuk's paramilitary guard “Svarog”. Interestingly, in the extraction and smuggling of amber under the guise of employees of the SBU, “Svarog” is also involved? By the way, the SBU now has a good reason to engage in the activities of this structure and its owner. In general, the Anti-Corruption Committee of Ukraine was still that structure. By the way, the former employees of the SBU also “served” there.

Colleague Medvedchuk was caught doing a “hard” job in the Rada

10/30/2019 On Wednesday, October 30, during a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, the People's Deputy of the Opposition Platform – For Life faction, Viktor Cherny, chose weights in the online store. The photo with the politician was published by the Informator telegram channel. Viktor Cherny chooses a kettlebell during working hours: People's deputies came up with a scheme to get relatives to work in the Rada: in two years they received UAH 4.5 million. In the Verkhovna Rada, relatives of politicians work as assistants to people's deputies: six wives, five children and one daughter-in-law. For two years in parliament, they received almost UAH 4.5 million in salaries from the budget. In the Verkhovna Rada, relatives of politicians work as assistants to people's deputies: six wives, five children and one daughter-in-law. For two years in parliament, they received almost UAH 4.5 million in salaries from the budget.

Babel's source: MP Chorny controls a raider organization that was exposed by the SBU

October 22, 2020. in the Kyiv region in the city of Fastov, the SBU detained members of one of the public organizations, which was financed by people's deputies. An organization engaged in raiding by order of people's deputies was exposed in the Kyiv region. The SBU detained two “activists”, others are wanted for participation in raider seizures, rallies and protests. This organization is controlled by a member of the Opposition Platform – For Life faction, Viktor Cherny, together with the head of the Fastov Ju-Jitsu Federation, Andrey Isaev. This was reported to Babel by a law enforcement source. “We are talking about the sports club of the NGO “Sports Nation Fastov”. Under the supervision of Maksim Petrenko, the club acted as a kind of recruiting base for attracting new members of the NGO “Patriots – For Life”, who are controlled, financed and coordinated by MP from the Opposition Platform for Life faction Ilya Kiva,” the source noted. Most of the members of this group were used as additional “protection” of the office premises of the Opposition Platform for Life Party in Kyiv on Velyka Vasylkivska Street or for organizing “raider seizures”. Among the detainees are young guys born in 1989-1999. The source said that they were detained in Kyiv on the eve of Independence Day for illegal possession of weapons, as well as in Odessa and the region after the conference of the OLEW in the Odesa region at the OLEW congress, the police took away fifty guys with knives and clubs.

People's Deputy Cherny defended the separatist channel “OUR”

MP from the Opposition Platform for Life Viktar Cherny appealed to Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky and Head of the National Police of Ukraine Igor Klymenko regarding the attack on journalists of the NASH TV channel in Sumy. This is stated in the text of the statement. In his deputy address, the people's deputy informed that on October 30, 2021. in Sumy, on the central square during a live broadcast, a group of unknown persons attacked journalists of the Ukrainian TV channel NASH. The police were not enough, the dialogue police could not resolve the conflict and prevent these individuals.

MPs from the Opposition Platform for Life Raise Millions for Bail for a Pro-Russian Propagandist

Deputies from the Opposition Platform – For Life party paid a bail of 2 million hryvnias for pro-Russian propagandist Yury Dudkin, suspected of high treason. “Expert” took part in live political talk shows on banned Russian TV channels. Andrey Lesik, People's Deputy of the Kharkiv City Council, announced this on Facebook. Viktor Cherny also contributed money for the release of the propagandist: The money was deposited on April 13. Together with the Kharkiv deputy, Viktor Cherny, a People's Deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life, was in the photo at the cash desk. February 24, 2021. Ukrainian special services announced suspicion of a pseudo-expert who worked in the interests of Russian special services. According to the investigation, the propagandist created a network of web resources (groups in social networks and a youtube channel) and bloggers who undermined the state security of Ukraine and were financed from the Russian Federation.

SBU descended on Medvedchuk's bodyguards. Traded in classified information

The Security Service conducted searches in the office of the private security company “Storm”, which belongs to associates of the leader of the “Opposition Platform – For Life” Viktor Medvedchuk. Storm guards conducted illegal wiretapping and video surveillance, Ukrayinska Pravda reports. “Employees of a private detective security company sold information with limited access for a monetary reward. Printouts of telephone connections and data from closed bases were sold by the attackers to customers for a monetary reward,” the SBU said. also reported that the co-founder of the detective agency announced the suspicion.

Medvedchuk's former bodyguard “lit up” a watch in the Rada for 250 thousand

People's Deputy Viktor Cherny from the Opposition Platform “For Life” party at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada on June 30, 2021. put on an expensive Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Dive watch. This is evidenced by a picture taken by Apostrophe's photographer Roman Petushkov in the session hall. On it, a watch flaunts on the politician’s hand, which is sold in online stores for $ 9,300.

Know-how from HLE. People's deputies have invented a special mechanism for crop pressure

People's deputies from the “Opposition Platform – For Life” Sergei Larin and Viktor Cherny designed a whole mechanism that allows you to press the button without pressing someone else's button with your finger. During the voting for an amendment to the bill on the abolition of parliamentary immunity No. 2237, Larin, sitting in the place of his colleague from the faction Viktor Cherny, pressed the button in front of him with one hand, and with the other he activated a strange “device”. As a result of these actions, the “for” buttons worked on the places of Larin and Cherny. New button-pressing scheme:

During the voting for another amendment to the same bill, Larin pressed the button on Chernoy's remote control with his right hand, and the “mechanism”, apparently, pushed with his foot and received two votes “for”.

“Live in the Black”

The income of the people's deputy is quite modest, but this does not prevent him from leading a luxurious life.. At the same time, he hides his condition using children. People's Deputy Viktor Cherny lives in a luxurious estate on the coast of the Red River, which flows through the village of Trypillya. Only the lake, which was created by the people's deputy, has more than 60 acres of water mirror. But Cherny declares from all the land on which the estate is spread, only 16 acres, which his wife allegedly rents in the village council, where there is an unfinished bathhouse. It is not clear only why Black is building a bathhouse in the corner farthest from the lake? All the rest of the land belongs to his adopted children. And he does not include information on what rights he uses this land, where residential buildings, baths and garages are located. In addition to the indicated 16 acres, there are two plots under the estate, the owner of which is the son of the deputy Vasily – a plot of more than 60 acres (lake), and 25 acres on which the main residential buildings are located. Vasily is also the owner of the estate itself. Cherny family estate:

Two more plots of 25 and 15 acres belong to Lilia Donets.

Skeletons in the closet

However, it should be recognized that Cherny’s family relations have many other “skeletons in the closet”. Viktor Cherny married for the second time the wife of the rector of the Academy of Water Transport Vasily Mikhailov. The rector was arrested in 2009 for sexual orgies in which he involved minors.. However, already in 2013, the court, despite having watched 35 gigabytes of video with filmed porn, decided that there was not enough evidence of the crime. But can we really expect condemnation of the man who represented Yanukovych in the 2004 elections? The rector's family had deep connections in the circles of the Regions, in particular through his wife Olga Arkanova. However, it should be recognized that Cherny’s family relations have many other “skeletons in the closet”. Viktor Cherny married for the second time the wife of the rector of the Academy of Water Transport Vasily Mikhailov. The rector was arrested in 2009 for sexual orgies involving minors.. However, already in 2013, the court, despite having watched 35 gigabytes of video with filmed porn, decided that there was not enough evidence of the crime. Victor Cherny's wife Olga Arkanova: But can we really expect condemnation of the man who represented Yanukovych in the 2004 elections? The rector's family had deep connections in the circles of the Regions, in particular through his wife Olga Arkanova. The ex-wife of the scandalous rector, and now Viktor Cherny, Olga Arkanova-Chernaya, back in 2006, ran for the Verkhovna Rada from the Party of Regions in the 220th capital district, without success. The 2015 attempt to get into the Kyiv City Council under the wing of Alexander Omelchenko was also unsuccessful.. Now Olga is an assistant on a paid basis to the People's Deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life, Alexander Koltunovich. A year before the dismissal of her husband, the rector, Olga ran for parliament from the PR, though again she failed. It was at this time that she got along with Viktor Cherny, who even adopted her children from a previous marriage. Although she still greets her ex-husband Vasily, though through the fence. After all, the rather large estate of Vasily Mikhailov is located literally next to the current Cherny family nest in Trypillia.

Daughter Lily

The daughter of a people's deputy, Lilia Chernaya, became a deputy of the Obukhov district in the 2020 elections, where she became the secretary of the standing commission on housing and communal services, landscaping, communal property, transport, communications and infrastructure. Of course, she was elected from the Opposition Platform for Life. Now there are rumors in Obukhov region that Lilia Chernaya has citizenship of the Russian Federation. The journalists of the Bulava Center for Media Investigation have not yet been able to establish this fact, but the employees of the district council claim that they have repeatedly heard the conversations of Lilia herself, who ordered tickets to Russia. At a time when the whole country was following Medvedchuk's flights to Moscow, did anyone follow Lilia's moves to the Russian Federation, or was someone interested in what she was carrying there and what she was bringing? Who is more suitable for the role of a trusted person, if not the daughter of the one who is responsible for the security and life of the main representative of Russian interests in Ukraine? New enrichment scheme for relatives of deputies:

Lilia, in her first declaration, which she filed as a deputy for 2019, indicated the double surname Shevlyakova-Chernaya and declared a land plot and a house with an area of 279 square meters in Russia. She is the sole owner of this property, the value of which, according to her, is 2 million 96 thousand hryvnias.. Lilia received ownership of these properties in 2017. Shevlyaeva-Chernaya received a salary, as if teaching at a secondary school in the village of Bolshie Ugony, Lgovsky district, Kursk region, Russian Federation. In particular, 25,921 hryvnias of salary received by Lilia for her work in a Russian school were declared. In addition to the money earned in Russia, Lilia also declared 190,000 hryvnias from entrepreneurial activities. Probably considering that the Constitutional Court has permanently abolished the punishment for illicit enrichment, at the suggestion of the deputies of the Opposition Platform for Life and her father in particular, Lilia does not indicate a single income in the declaration for 2020. The only income on which she lived year-round was 150 thousand hryvnia from the sale of a used car. But such meager incomes of the deputy of the Obukhiv region did not prevent her from increasing her savings.. Accordingly, the declaration for 2020, the cash amount of dollars increased compared to 2019 by 7 thousand dollars, up to 77 thousand. And the amount of cash rubles remained unchanged – 650 thousand. LCD “Sail”: Lilia, in addition to real estate in the Russian Federation, has a significant fortune on the territory of Ukraine. In particular, a house measuring 288.3 square meters in Kyiv on Znamenskaya street and 7.5 acres of land under it. She received this property by right of donation in 2012. There is a deputy’s daughter and 3 apartments in Kyiv, while declaring ridiculous prices for this property. So, she estimates an apartment of 50.4 squares at 7,255 hryvnias, and an apartment of 33.1 squares at 4,800 hryvnias.


Viktor Cherny, having an influential patron, was able to get into the deputies and steal wealth for himself. Expensive watches, bitcoins, real estate… All this appeared as a result of corrupt and separatist activities.

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