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Buzhansky Maxim Arkadievich


Maxim Buzhansky-\"quilted jacket \" and Ukrainophobe. He was put on the wanted list on charges of unlawful taking of property of the enterprise, was accused of hooliganism, threatened a woman, and was also suspected of violating the rules for carrying and storing weapons. In addition, he beat his ex-wife, and she also announced that the ex-husband had inflicted bodily harm on unauthorized persons. He demanded to cancel fines for non-compliance with the language law, and to leave the Russian language in schools. Defended Yanukovych, nostalgic for the USSR. Kremlin narratives can be traced in his activities and statements. He assured that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is impossible, and shortly before the war suddenly\"changed shoes \" in a patriot.

Ukraine Russia
November 24, 1974
Уровень охвата:

Buzhansky Maxim Arkadievich

Born November 24, 1974 in. Dnepropetrovsk.


He graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Railway Transport with a degree in Bridges, but did not work in his specialty for a single day.


According to Buzhansky himself, in the 1990s he was engaged in commerce. For twelve years, he held senior positions in a security company. Then Max changed his specialization and for the next thirteen years he was engaged in an intellectual business – a complete set of interiors. Before the parliamentary elections, Buzhansky was a manager at Arna LLC (specialized design activity). He was also listed as a co-owner of Alliance Plus LLC. Max Buzhansky became known as a publicist, blogger and host of the talk show “The People Against” on the ZIK TV channel. Author of the books “History of the World in 88 Chapters” and “History for the Lazy”. In the elections to the Verkhovna Rada in July 2019, he ran for the Servant of the People party in single-mandate constituency No. 25 in Dnipro. He won with a score of 28.21% (his closest rival, self-nominated and former deputy head of the BPP faction Maxim Kuryachy, scored 19.75%). In the IX convocation of the Verkhovna Rada, Max became a member of the law enforcement committee. In February 2018, Dnipro Mayor Boris Filatov awarded Buzhansky with the medal “For Services to the City”. In 2020, information appeared that Buzhansky might become a candidate from the Servant of the People party in the election of the mayor of Dnipro. People's Deputy is the head of the Dnipro organization “Servant of the People”.

A family

Wife: Victoria Kisrieva. Max Buzhansky with his wife: Children: in an interview with the online publication Bykvu.com, Max Buzhansky noted that he needed to raise a small child.

NOT official biography

Max Buzhansky is a blogger with a fairly large audience (31 thousand Facebook subscribers, more than 8 thousand Telegram subscribers). Buzhansky positions himself as a reasoner, i.e.. an author who likes to conduct long moralizing arguments. Maxim Buzhansky and his books: In his posts over the past few years, he has been heavily critical of former President Petro Poroshenko and his team.. Earlier, he was noted by statements that the events on the Maidan of 2013-2014 were a mistake, that ex-president Viktor Yanukovych could not be removed from power, since he was the legally elected head of state. He admitted that he had voted for the Party of Regions for ten years, was nostalgic for the USSR and was an opponent of the law on the state language. Because of this, he even gained fame as a “quilted jacket” in patriotic circles. “Sofa warrior” Buzhansky did not serve in the army:

Cases of the 90s

It's no secret that Dnepropetrovsk in the nineties was the Ukrainian analogue of the stereotypical “gangster Petersburg” (in fact, it remains so now). One type of semi-legal criminal activity was the security business, much less civilized than it is today.. At that time, the main income for such PSCs was not so much physical and technical security, but the power support of hostile takeovers, as Gennady Korban, an expert in these matters, would say.. In fact, participation in banal raider seizures. Maxim Buzhansky, as a “pitcher”, entered this business even before graduating from the institute, and by 1997 he matured and headed one non-existent security structure directly connected with the Privat group. Destructive activities of Max Buzhansky, list: Twelve years in the case easily explains where this image of a bouncer from the era of crimson jackets came from.. Under the wing of Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov, Max Buzhansky made many important acquaintances. In particular, he was close friends with one young lawyer, who at the same time carried away the new comrade with historical topics.. The lawyer's name was Boris, he was born and grew up on Pobeda, very close to Gagarin, where the current deputy from the Servant of the People spent his childhood and youth.

A Brief History of Buzhansky's Scandals

Unlike many people's deputies, Max Buzhansky was not blamed for his criminal past.. Basically, his public anti-Ukrainian position on a number of issues was criticized.. However, closer to the elections, an extensive list of criminal cases appeared, in which the candidate for deputies allegedly appeared.. I understand that some colleagues are too restrained to call a spade a spade, so I will come to their aid. ” About how Maxim Buzhansky called the journalist:

of the European Solidarity faction Vladimir Vyatrovich said that a colleague from the Servant of the People Maxim Buzhansky wrote him a message with threats. Threats from Max Buzhansky to Vyatrovich:
In January 2020, Buzhansky called Bandera a “Polish terrorist”. Bandera is a Polish terrorist:
In February 2020, the Verkhovna Rada honored the memory of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred with a minute of silence. With such a proposal from the rostrum of the parliament, the deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Olena Kondratyuk (Batkivshchyna faction) addressed the deputies. As journalists filmed in the Rada, people's deputies, journalists and other invitees rose from their seats, deputy Maxim Buzhansky continued to sit. After visiting his constituency, Buzhansky spoke rudely to his voters, calling them “infants and dolbo * bami”. In his opinion, the covers for the manholes in the yard of one of the schools should be bought by the parents of the students. In March 2020, the “servant” was pelted with eggs after the broadcast on Medvedchuk's channel. In April 2020, during the spring lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, the people's deputy demanded to start preparing for the celebration of May 9 in Ukraine. In July 2020, Buzhansky was added to the Peacemaker base. The list of criminal cases of Max Buzhansky is on the website “Peacemaker”: https://myrotvorets.news/yzbrannyi-bolshynstvom-krymynalny/ They noted that the people's deputy takes conscious actions aimed at destabilizing the socio-political situation in Ukraine, manipulates socially significant information. In addition, he participates in anti-Ukrainian propaganda activities and incites ethnic hatred. In December 2020, Buzhansky, along with a number of other “servants”, filed a bill that proposes to abolish fines for refusing to provide services in Ukrainian. In January 2021, a group of deputies led by Buzhansky submitted to parliament an updated draft law on the elimination of fines for violating language laws. Buzhansky's bill: In February 2021, Buzhansky distinguished himself with an anti-Ukrainian statement about the Revolution of Dignity and called on his “servants” not to vote for the resolution on the Maidan. “Today, Parliament will vote on a resolution on the Maidan that interprets it as a revolution, the greatest event in our history, and so on in the spirit of the rhetoric of President Poroshenko's term,” Buzhansky wrote. Barbs from Max Buzhansky towards Mykola Veresnya:
In his opinion, “at least half of the citizens” do not agree with the fact that the Revolution of Dignity took place in 2014. “This is a political decision, but I will simply remind my colleagues from the Servant of the People that by supporting it, it is difficult to count on the votes of voters with a different position in the future.. And that voting for this means simply telling these people that the Servant of the People does not need them,” Buzhansky wrote. “This is not a matter of sympathy for Maidan or antipathy towards him. This is a question of the fact that the country cannot be sewn together in this way, so it can only continue to be split further,” the odious people's deputy added.

Fight with Geo Leros

People's deputies from the “Servant of the People” Maxim Buzhansky and Geo Leros staged a brawl behind the column of the session hall. Fight with Geo Leros:

According to Censor.NET, Parliament Speaker Dmitry Razumkov was forced to interrupt the meeting and call the conflicting deputies to calm.

Servant of the people” Buzhansky closed himself in the car from veterans of “Azov”

A video of the “attack” of ATO veterans on the deputy of the Servant of the People party Max Buzhansky was published on the Internet. The people's deputy's version of 40 “Azovites” was not confirmed. There was a video of a loud “attack” on the deputy from the presidential party “Servant of the People” Max Buzhansky. The first to publish it was the Telegram channel “OpustiVatu”. The resource published the first part of the video, in which the people's deputy is sitting in a car with a driver. He categorically refuses to go out to the veterans. “Maxim, come out to us. I am a veteran of the Azov regiment,” the man says off-screen. The people's deputy answers this: “No, no, no.” As a result of this quarrel, Buzhansky was pelted with eggs. People's Deputy, which is noteworthy, did not call the police. He told the media that only his suit was damaged in the incident. It is noteworthy that, according to Buzhansky's version, about forty people attacked him.. Telegram channel says it's a lie. “Maximka accelerates the number of 40 veterans, very funny. There were three guys. And this goose has a security bead, and everything on the video is his little people,” the resource said.

The odious “servant of the people” came to the Rada on a crutch

Scandalous People's Deputy of Ukraine from the Servant of the People faction Maxim Buzhansky, who had previously been included in the database of the Peacemaker website due to the language law, came to the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada with a crutch. Roman Petushkov, photojournalist of “Apostrophe” informs about it. Buzhansky demonstrated the crutch to colleagues and journalists – some of the deputies did not hide the smile on their faces. The reason why the people's deputy came with a crutch is unknown.

People's Deputy Buzhansky: “I suppose, categorically NO, there will be no war”

On January 25, 2022, People's Deputy of Ukraine from the Servant of the People party Maxim Buzhansky published a text on his Facebook page explaining why, in his opinion, one should not expect open military aggression from Russia towards Ukraine. Shortly before the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, Max Buzhansky “changed his shoes”. “Nazis” and other Kremlin characters disappeared from his stories, and all love for Russia suddenly disappeared. Sternenko tells more about how the “quilted jackets” became patriots:

This was also noticed by regular viewers, which they expressed in the comments:


Max Buzhansky was remembered by Ukrainians as an ardent fan of the USSR and, frankly, a “quilted jacket” supporting Russia. But shortly before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Buzhansky “changed his shoes” into a patriot. Either he became wiser, or he was afraid of criminal liability.

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Has a wife and children
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