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Member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Anti-Corruption Policy ...

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Rarely mentioned in the media, but often appears on the TV channel "112" ...


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Burmich Anatoly Petrovich


Little is known about Anatoly Burmich. Based on information from old sources, there is a mention that Burmich at the beginning of the 2000s, along with a group of people, was involved in drug smuggling. For many years he also expressed his anti-Ukrainian position, joined the pro-Russian party OPPL, had close ties with the separatist Ilya Kiva. He often appeared on the TV channel\"112 \" where, in all seriousness, he spoke about the US biolaboratories in Ukraine, and praised Russian missiles, convincing the public that even the United States would not overcome them.

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Burmich Anatoly separatist

Member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Anti-Corruption Policy.

Official biography

(Born August 13, 1962) – Ukrainian politician, People's Deputy of Ukraine of the IX convocation. Candidate for people's deputies from the Opposition Platform – For Life party in the 2019 parliamentary elections, No. 20 on the list. At the time of the elections: head of the department of the association of veterans “Alpha” of the SBU “Slavs”, a member of the party “Opposition Platform – For Life”. Lives in Kyiv. Member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Anti-Corruption Policy.

Personal life

Anatoly Burmich is married. His wife Svetlana is a co-owner of the Dobrinya-Khlib bakery. The family lives in Kyiv.


Anatoly Burmich is a co-owner of several companies: • Construction company Prestige-Capital, which operates to this day and is engaged in asset management activities; • New Capital, which sells foodstuffs, in particular mollusks and crustaceans; • Anatoliy is the head of “Gostiny Bereg” LLC, which is engaged in mediation in the trade in consumer goods and wholesale trade in the hotel and restaurant business, organization of construction and rental of premises; • Burmich is the ultimate beneficiary of Agneta LLC trading in goods, other business support services, non-specialized wholesale trade, restaurants and food delivery services Burmich's wife Svetlana is a co-owner of the Dobrynya Khleb bakery, which is located near Kyiv.

NOT official biography

In February 2022, he lied about external influence after the start of the Russian offensive. The politician came up with a theory of collusion about some “them” that led to the war, so that Ukrainians hated Russians, and Europe quarreled with Russia. Judging by Burmich's hints, he suspects the United States, because “Russia is definitely not profitable”. Prior to this, the deputy spread panic about the Ukrainian authorities, who do not agree to negotiations “somewhere” and, apparently, plan to die “all together”. And, of course, this proposal on the defense of Ukraine: “In this situation, I cannot fully understand. What and at what cost, and why? This is far from the only such performance by Burmich. Already as a member of the Anti-Corruption Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, Anatoly Burmich made a loud statement for the 112 Ukraine TV channel. It followed from it that the decision-making of the committee, in fact, is influenced by phone calls “from above”. And this, according to the people's deputy, is “confirmation of external control” and “humiliation of the deputies and the entire Verkhovna Rada.” The essence of the situation, which received such an unflattering assessment by Burmich, is that the Anti-Corruption Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, in violation of the regulations, was forced to reconsider its earlier decision on one of the amendments to bill No. 1031 – on the threshold for criminal liability for illegal enrichment. Anastasia Krasnoselskaya, the head of the relevant committee, people’s deputy from the Servant of the People, returned her colleagues to the issue already considered after she received a call allegedly from the Prosecutor General, who, in turn, was supposedly asked to change the “punishment threshold” of the IMF and the World Bank. As a result, the Anti-Corruption Committee almost halved the “bar” of illicit enrichment, after which criminal prosecution begins – to 6 million 243 thousand. 250 hryvnias. (6.5 thousand. non-taxable minimum income of citizens). While the committee originally proposed 12,000. minimums. Burmich has a low rating according to the site “Word and Deed”. He did not fulfill most of his promises: In 2005. the name of Anatoly Burmich appeared in the discussion of personnel appointments in the top leadership of the National Security Service of Ukraine. In particular, the appointment of 39-year-old “hereditary Chekist” Andrei Kozhemyakin as head of unit “K” – the Main Directorate for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime, and at the same time – deputy chairman of the SBU (he held this post from April to September 2005). The media suggested that against the background of an active struggle for levers of influence in the “power structures” and in general the country's top leadership, the initiator of this “promotion” was Oleksandr Turchynov, who briefly held the position of head of the SBU, who needed his own person in the “K” department of the SBU as a counterweight to the elite investigative body created by the then Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Petro Poroshenko – the National Bureau of Investigation. As Wikipedia writes, Burmich actively speaks on the NASH TV channel with an anti-Ukrainian position: The media then wrote that Kozhemyakin, who had barely received a colonel, in the “K” department competed with Major General Anatoly Burmich, another “hereditary Chekist”, the nephew of the former deputy head of the SBU Anatoly Belyaev, head of the Main Directorate “K” of the SBU in November 1994 – February 1998. By the way, Belyaev was called in the press the man who “launched Yushchenko’s“ national banking business ”in 1999”. There are no direct references to the case – perhaps, it refers to the case of the misuse of IMF funds that have been coming to the country since 1998, and accusations of the head of the National Bank of misuse by Ukraine in 1997-1998. gold reserves and foreign exchange. Then the first deputy. Head of the NBU Volodymyr Bondar allegedly withdrew 700 million through Cyprus. dollars from the International Monetary Fund to the accounts of the Swiss-American bank Credit Suisse First Boston. It is not known where most of the funds from the IMF loan went. Bondar and his lawyers called his arrest in 2001. “purely political” and aimed at discrediting the successful ex-head of the NBU (1993-1999) and the promising and popular prime minister Viktor Yushchenko. Anatoliy Burmich's speech on the NASH TV channel:

In the Ukrainian media (in particular, the Personal Plus newspaper) since 2007. Every now and then there were publications about the so-called “drug business of the Chabad sect and the unsightly role in it of certain representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU)”. At the same time, Personnel Plus relied on materials submitted to the editorial office by a certain undercover intelligence officer A. Larin, who, on a fabricated criminal case, was in a correctional colony. According to the publication, “headed the executive link was General Andrey Kozhemyakin, head of the main department of the “KR” of the SBU” (later he headed the security service of the BYuT). And the name of a certain Burmich is indicated among the five “officers of the apparatus of the chairman of the SBU” who “smuggled drugs into Ukraine”. It was, in particular, about the supply of 6 tons of cocaine by the Panamanian ship “Proroga” to Ilyichevsk in January-February 2002, about the organization under the guise of the SBU in September 2004. arrival of the ship “Castor” under the flag of the Russian Federation to the roadstead of the port of Kherson and unloading from it 6 tons of cocaine. The proceeds from its implementation, as the source said, were planned to organize the elections of “the right people” for deputies of various levels and mayors of Ukrainian cities. The name of Anatoly Burmich appeared in the publication “Sergei Nechiporenko as the Face of the Ukrainian special services of the times of Smeshko and Drizhchanny” on the website of the Civil Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine in December 2006. At the same time, nothing more, nothing less was said – about the commission of a crime by him.. As the article says, Burmich (we quote), “being afraid of a possible high-profile criminal case against SBU officers, ordered not to register the statement of citizen Perederiy about the disappearance of her son, Alexander from Luhansk. As it turned out later, the son was killed. And Nechiporenko (Head of the Internal Security Department of the SBU in 2004), with a clear conscience, at the direction of Satsyuk (Vladimir Satsyuk – the first deputy chairman of the SBU in 2004) and at the request of Burmich, began vile actions against an SBU officer who knew about all these crimes…” True, in an open letter from the parents of the murdered Alexander Perederiy, residents of the city. Lugansk Svetlana and Alexander Perederiy – Burmich's surname is mentioned in passing. The latter appears in the text of the letter as the “former head” of an employee of department “K”, assistant head of department, Colonel of the SBU Valentin K., whom the parents of the murdered man reasonably suspected of organizing the murder of their son and of embezzling his car in May 2004. And Burmich – as a witness in the case – allegedly reported that K. “works in a position specially created for him, without even having functional duties”. In addition, it follows from the letter that Burmich, together with the head of the internal security department of the SBU, Sergei Nechiporenko, told the court about the incompetence of Colonel K. and about “violations that the latter made in his work, ignoring all legal documents and departmental orders regulating the activities of the Security Council of Ukraine.” September 11, 2019. Anatoly Burmich, already as a people's deputy of Ukraine, was “spotted” at the plenary session of the parliament for correspondence on the phone. The corresponding photo was published by photographer Yan Dobronosov on his Facebook page.. The following dialog is fixed on the phone display. Burmich: “Will you let me go on Thursday, Friday and Monday? I plan to visit Tonya in Odessa”. Answer: “Hello! According to Vesely, Petrovich needs to be oriented. Burmich's correspondence during the session of the Verkhovna Rada got into social networks: Due to the extremely limited open access of data about Anatoly Burmich, it is not possible to highlight his work in the Association of Veterans Alpha of the SBU Slavyane, where he was (or is) the head of the department. In particular, it is not clear whether Burmich served in the Center for Special Operations “A” of the Security Service of Ukraine (which, for short, is called the Alpha special unit). In 2019, he was elected as a people's deputy of the 9th convocation from the Opposition Platform – For Life party, number 20 on the list as a member of the party. Member of the faction of the same name. Member of the Anti-Corruption Policy Committee.

Burmich – politician. Better keep trading

Deputies from the Opposition Platform for Life faction in parliament demand the arrest of Turchynov. This follows from a statement posted on the website of the Opposition Platform – For Life. People's deputies from the Opposition Platform for Life Anatoly Burmich, Vasily Nimchenko, Yuriy Zagorodny, Renat Kuzmin, Viktor Cherny and Ilya Kiva appealed to the newly appointed Prosecutor General, as well as to the leadership of the SBI and the SBU with a demand to investigate the criminal case initiated by the SBI at the request of the fugitive President Yanukovych against Oleksandr Turchynov , Acting President of Ukraine in 2014.

In their appeal, the applicants ask law enforcement officers “not to pay attention to the heroic halo created by the above-mentioned person by certain mass media”, and to urgently bring Turchynov to criminal liability for treason.” The rest of the signatories are also well-known personalities.. Viktor Cherny, formerly Vadim Kislitsa. Seasoned swindler, who was picked up by Medvedchuk. In the past, the “anti-corruptionist” is an extortionist. “The National Anti-Corruption Committee”, which is headed by a certain Vadim Chorny. As follows from the attached SBU certificate, this outstanding anti-corruption official not only has a criminal record in the past, but also hides under a false name. This nice man named Kislitsa was arrested in 1993 in the Dnepropetrovsk region and is being tried under articles 118, 222 and 229 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. And was sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in prison. And despite the fact that Mr. Kislitsa changed his surname to Chorny and even changed his patronymic, he is still listed in the special file of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Kislitsa changed his surname to Chorny: By the way, interesting. Burmich is aware that he is signing the document together with the two defendants, Kiva and Cherny? Or, if in the interests of the “Russian world”, will it do?

The leader of the Nikolaev Opposition Platform for Life was one of the signatories demanding the abolition of the Anti-Corruption Reform

The scandalous decision on the actual blocking of the electronic declaration system in Ukraine was made by the Constitutional Court on the proposal of 47 deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. It is reported by New time. This appeal was filed with the CC on August 4, 2020. In it, deputies from the faction of the Opposition Platform – For Life (OPPL) party and the deputy group “For the Future” asked the court to consider the constitutionality of certain provisions of the Criminal Code, the Code of Civil Procedure, as well as a number of laws (On the Prevention of Corruption, On the Prosecutor's Office, On the National Anti-Corruption Bureau Ukraine, On the State Bureau of Investigation, On the National Agency of Ukraine for the Detection, Search and Management of Assets Obtained from Corruption and Other Crimes). People's deputies argued in their submission that the obligation to declare property – including. h. officials, deputies and members of their families – violates their basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine. The NAZK wrote about this situation on its Facebook: The court began considering the constitutional submission of these people's deputies on October 8 (according to Olga Sovgiri, a representative of the Verkhovna Rada in the Constitutional Court), and made a decision on October 27. It caused a huge resonance in Ukraine, as it threatens the European integration of our country, and can also nullify the efforts of the anti-corruption authorities in recent years and disrupt the appointment of candidates who won the local elections to public office.

People's Deputy Burmich called the “secret weapon” of Ukraine, which protected it from the “invasion” of the Russian Federation

Kyiv, February 20. Ukraine was able to avoid the “invasion” of Russia, which was scheduled by Washington for mid-February, thanks to the “secret weapon” with which it scared away the military from the Russian Federation. Anatoly Burmich, deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Opposition Platform – For Life (OPPL) party, spoke about this. The People's Deputy recalled that on the night of February 15-16, the Russian military did not arrive on the territory of Ukraine, despite all the promises of the West. Therefore, the politician is sure, the Russian Federation should be counted as a “technical defeat” simply for the fact that it did not appear at the appointed war. “The “invasion” was scheduled for February 16 at three in the morning, and Moscow time – at four in the morning. But, as we know, according to all international rules, if the enemy does not appear on the battlefield on time, he is credited with a technical defeat.. Therefore, if they go next time, we will not enter the field and just say that we had to be on time, ”Burmich said sarcastically on the air of the Nash channel. A representative of the Opposition Platform for Life Party suggests that in reality, the legendary wall built on the border of the two countries from a chain-link mesh on the initiative of the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk did not allow the Russian military to break into the territory of the Independent. “Why did this happen? Why did we “win”? It’s just that when Putin and Shoigu drove up in a tank to our borders, they saw Yatsenyuk’s wall. They saw the chain-link and understood: they are probably luring, you can’t just hold back the tanks with the chain-link. Probably, the Ukrainians have some kind of underground communications, everything else. We sat down, looked at how much was spent on this chain-link, got scared, turned around and drove back. Therefore, well done, Arseny Petrovich, keep it up! We demoralized the enemy and disqualified, ”the people’s deputy ironically. Anatoly Burmich repeatedly made strange statements on the NASH TV channel. In this issue, Burmich praises Russian missiles, stating that they are not even within the power of the United States:

For example, here is a story where Burmich talks in all seriousness about American biological laboratories in Ukraine:
The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada notes that talk of a possible war between Russia and Ukraine just sounds ridiculous and pointless for many reasons. At the same time, he is convinced that the whole hysteria about a possible “invasion” of the Russian Federation is being fanned primarily by the United States, and solely for domestic political reasons. “According to my information, and in my deep conviction, everything that is being pumped up is not for the sake of Ukraine or against it, this is purely a picture for domestic consumption in the United States. This was told to me by sources not from Ukraine, but from the USA. Because we know what inflation they have, what problems they have, and today there is even a question of removing President Biden from his post on health issues.. And Biden continues to cling to this post. And we are just a tool for them to achieve their goals,” explained Anatoly Burmich, a representative of the Opposition Platform – For Life party.

The main facts of the biography of Anatoly Burmich – No. 20 on the electoral list of the Opposition Platform – For Life

There is little information about Anatoly Burmich in open sources. It is known that he was born on August 13, 1962 and has a higher education, but not a single source specifies which one. For some time he worked in the SBU – it is known that in 2002 he was the deputy head of the SBU department in the Kirovograd region, and in 2004 the media mention him as the first deputy head of the main department of the K SBU (this department is engaged in the fight against corruption and organized crime). In March 2004, he was elected First Vice-Chairman of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs at the meeting of the 47th session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna.. At this meeting, Burmich led the Ukrainian delegation, which included representatives of the SBU, the Interior Ministry and the Foreign Ministry. Chesno, citing YouControl, reported that Burmich later probably became a businessman – his full namesake was the director and co-founder of a number of firms specializing in trade and construction. In addition, the website of the Central Election Commission indicates that he is the head of the department of the association of veterans Alpha SBU Slavs. At the time of the elections, he lived in Kyiv and was a member of the Opposition Platform – For Life, in the electoral list of which he took 20th place. He is a member of the Anti-Corruption Policy Committee.

Burmich and Kiva bailed out separatist political scientist

April 13, 2021 2 million for freedom – such a “cosmic” bail was appointed today by the Kyiv Court of Appeal to political scientist Yury Dudkin, who was left behind bars. The petitions of lawyers for the abolition of the EXCLUSIVE measure of restraint and the written petitions of three people's deputies for the taking of a law-abiding citizen of Ukraine on bail were not satisfied. The Court of Appeal, on the fourth attempt, finally considered the appeal of lawyers against the decision of the Pechersky District Court of. Kyiv on the election of Yuri Dudkin as an EXCEPTIONAL measure of restraint – detention. Since February 25, the political scientist has been behind bars in the Lukyanovsky pre-trial detention center without the right to make bail. On February 24, the SBU conducted a search in the house of Yuri Anatolyevich Dudkin and handed over a suspicion of high treason (Art. 111 of the Criminal Code) and violation of the equality of citizens (Art.. 161 of the Criminal Code), for which Dudkin could face 20 years in prison. Suspicion was brought for expert assessments and the opinion of a political scientist, which he voiced on the air of opposition TV channels and media. According to the investigation, the political scientist allegedly systematically received money from customers from the Russian Federation for “inciting ethnic hatred” on the air of TV channels that fell under the NSDC sanctions. The lawyers asked the panel of judges to change the measure of restraint to a milder one, not related to detention, and to release Yury Dudkin on bail of people's deputies, who know him well. 3 people's deputies appeared in court to vouch for the political scientist – Ilya Kiva, Viktor Cherny and the whole major general of the SBU Anatoly Petrovich Burmich. Also, he was ready to vouch for his colleague and deputy of the Kharkiv City Council Andriy Lesik, head of the deputy faction of the Opposition Platform for Life in the Kharkiv City Council of the 8th convocation, deputy of the CHC of the 7th and 6th convocations, who has been suing the SBU since 2017 under part. 2 Art. 110 of the Criminal Code and h. 2 Art. 342 and h. 2 Art. With their anti-Ukrainian position, they undermined national security, and at the same time managed to steal money and engage in smuggling with this hated Ukraine.

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