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Borisichev Gennady Vladimirovich


Gennady Borisichev is a pseudo-patriot who profits from refugees from Donetsk. He is closely associated with the big names of the separatists: Dmitry Vasilets, Victoria Shilova, Natalia Tselovanichenko, Alexander Semchenko and other odious personalities. Was a lawyer Evgenia Bilchenko-fans\"Russian world \". He believes that Ukraine must make compromises with Russia, otherwise the war will not stop.

November 12, 1987
Уровень охвата:

Gennady Vladimirovich Borisichev

Official biography

Born on 11/12/1987. Donetsk. Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry for Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine


Higher. Donetsk National University, Faculty of Economics and Law, specialty “Jurisprudence”.


Criminal lawyer, since 2011 – Chairman of the Donetsk Regional Bar Council. Prior to that, 2009-2011 – Deputy Director of the law firm “Concor”. PUBLIC ACTIVITIES Since 2015 – Head of the NGO “Public Movement “Countrymen”, Head of the State Assembly “All-Ukrainian Platform of Donbass”.

NOT official biography

The head of the public council under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection does not “work out” the interests of IDPs. And whose?

Split in the public council under the Ministry of WTO – about 10 organizations expressed distrust in the head. They wrote about this in an open letter, where they accused Borisichev of incompetence, failure to comply with the decisions of the public council and using their status for political election campaigning. This is not the first high-profile scandal of an activist from Donetsk, whose activities in the media are associated with the authorities of the “DPR” and the presidential candidate, and now the people's deputy from the BYuT – Sergei Taruta. What is known about the head of the public council under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection and what could cause the anger of almost half of the members of the public council. Until 2014, Borisichev was a lawyer in Donetsk, where he registered the public organization “Donetsk Regional Council of Lawyers”, among the co-founders Zavyalets K.V., a member of the separatist public movement “Donetsk Republic”, a specialist of the “Ministry of Culture” of the “DPR”. Before the war, Borisichev was not noticed in public activities, he did not suffer from the outbreak of hostilities, after moving to Kyiv he acquired real estate and a car. On October 6, 2015, Gennady Borisichev, in the company of two friends – A. Kyiv “Charity Foundation” International Humanitarian Mission “, the results of which have not been established. Gennady Borisichev – head of the MinVOT: Registered by him in November 2015, the “Public Movement of Compatriots” (40134351) is also associated with Oleksandr Klymenko (Minister of Taxes and Duties under Yanukovych). Borisichev was seen more than once in support of separatist actions, for example, on May 9, 2016, on his Facebook, the leader of the Zemlyakov expressed admiration for the Kremlin action Immortal Regiment in Donetsk. Borisichev's connection with Sergei Taruta, a presidential candidate with the political project OSNOVA, who received a deputy mandate to the new Rada from the Batkivshchyna party, is noticeable in the media. For the first time, Taruta and Borisichev were seen publicly at the Government Relations forum in October 2017, where they discussed the lobbying of business in government. Taruta and Borisichev: In December 2017, together with Taruta and probably at his expense, he holds the All-Ukrainian Congress of Leaders of Public Organizations “Donbass: Roadmap 2018. Joint vector”, which creates the All-Ukrainian Platform of Donbass. Naturally, this association is headed by Borisichev himself, and later, on behalf of the Platform, he harnesses himself to the election campaign for Taruta and his party: Borisichev is quoted on the official resources of the OSNOVA party and the platform, in support of Taruta, he talks on TV channels about his peace plan for Donbass , about the primacy in the protection of the population in the occupation. In March 2019, Borisichev signs a memorandum of cooperation with Taruta. In particular, the document spells out the obligations of the candidate to support and finance state programs to provide housing for IDPs. And in June 2019, a similar memorandum was signed with Yulia Tymoshenko (at that time, Taruta had already joined her team). So far, of course, no support is visible, but Borisichev and Co. have been shaking the topic of funding Donbass in recent months – registering petitions and appeals to the president, arranging protests under the cabinet, demanding reports on the financing of projects in Donbass by donors, terrorizing and burning tires, threatening mass protests migrants of Ukraine from 63 cities and the creation of a powerful political force of IDPs. Considering that the activity of the Donetsk lawyer Borisichev increased during the period of elections and the change of power in Ukraine, everything looks as if his “masters” are trying to perch on the sore for everyone, but “generous” topic of Donbass. And if we take into account the past of Borisichev himself and these “masters”, the risks increase even more, because many connections lead to Russia and to its henchmen in the occupied Donbas.

How Kremlin allies are preparing a riot in Kyiv

Against the backdrop of Putin's next activation – the accumulation of troops near our borders and increased shelling – several hellish actions took place in Kyiv on 8-9, the purpose of which was to turn the capital into a zone of unrest. Odious characters, as if off the chain. “Soldiers’ mothers” of Medvedchuk were going to demand from Poroshenko an amnesty for militants and the implementation of the Minsk agreements. The coordinator of the Family-affiliated movement “Countrymen” makes a “test call” to Rozenko and urges the settlers to go to his house with gasoline and tires. And the swindler Kostya Grishin (better known as Semenchenko), who led a brawl with the National Guard on August 2 near the Obolonsky District Court, is preparing an assault. What is alarming in these announcements is not only synchronicity. Prisoners of war, refugees, volunteers … – in any of these areas, popular discontent boils. And anyone can be hit by an external enemy. “IDP Uprising”. Yanukovych's “fellow countrymen” earn political points The scoundrels who saddled the “resettlement” topic are quite capable of helping Putin from Kyiv. Today in Ukraine they are professionally engaged in by Korolevskaya, Efremov and the fugitive Minsdokhite Klymenko – counting on quick elections and revenge in Verkhovna Rada. We have already written about the “Public Movement “Countrymen” here: Since then, the movement has moved from the “we are out of politics” position to direct anti-government actions. On August 8, Zemlyakov coordinator Gennady Borisichev convenes refugees from Donbass for a “remake” parody of “automaidan”. This is how he discloses the personal data of the Deputy Prime Minister and makes a “test call”. On the page on the social network, he easily promises to “take on board” up to 150 people. And hits the spot! If ordinary shares of “Countrymen” were collected from 5 to 10 people, now there is no end to those who wish. And the proposals go much further than setting tires on fire – the ideas of “making disabled” and “hang by the balls” of the Deputy Prime Minister are responding. What the instigator uses. Who is Gennady Borisichev? What does he want? Former resident of Donetsk, lawyer by education. Before the war, he failed to make himself known by participating in high-profile cases and build a career. Therefore, Borisichev rushed between the parties, and, apparently, “found his own”. Today, this “poor migrant” has acquired real estate and a car in the capital. At the press conference, Interfax-Ukraine is well-groomed, with a suit and a gold watch. Frightens: “The authorities understand the inevitability of their collapse. It's convulsions. Therefore, we are moving to more radical actions.” On May 9, the Zemlyakov leader expressed his admiration for the Kremlin action “Immortal Regiment” in Donetsk on his Facebook page.. At the end of July, he admired the religious procession of the UOC-MP, which was also (and not without reason) considered as a possible detonator of unrest. Gennady Borisichev was a lawyer for the separatist Yevgenia Bilchenko: “For the Ukrainian authorities, such a move is a horse. And how, in the conditions of an undeclared war and the most cruel propaganda against everything that has the root “rus”, can one recognize such a move as good news? It is impossible to deny the kindling of the information war by the UOC-KP, which has its own selfish motives related to the control of the market of spiritual communities, ”the Orthodox Borisichev shares his“ wisdom ”. According to him, people lived better under Yanukovych. He also advocates “the abolition of the pass system and the opening of all directions of roads from the uncontrolled territories”. In June, all public organizations protecting IDPs defiantly separated their action near the Cabinet of Ministers in defense of IDPs from a similar action by Borisichev. And they didn't fail. Miraculously, the picket of “Countrymen”, which Borisichev organized under the Ministry of Social Policy, coincided with the action of Natalia Korolevskaya. Its disabled miners broke the turnstiles in the ministry, and when the National Guard responded to the call, Borisichev launched an info-stuffing that the authorities were afraid of the “Countrymen” and “pulling troops”. The distrust that this “Colorado bug” arouses among fellow human rights activists is associated with withholding funding sources. Judging by the surroundings, the secret sponsors of the “Countrymen” do not count the money, and have already given the go-ahead to prepare for the new elections. And again – there are more than enough grounds for claims against Pavel Rozenko. But there is nothing more disgusting than when those who helped the Kremlin kick them out of their homes use the rights of displaced people to promote themselves.

Call “Natalia from Lugansk” caused a nervous reaction on the Ukrainian TV show

November 04, 2020. A certain “Natalya from Luhansk region” called the studio, causing a nervous reaction from the guest of the program. The chairman of the public council under the “Ministry for Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons” Gennady Borisichev said in the studio of the YouTube channel that it is Ukraine that should be responsible to the citizens who suffered in the Donbass, since it was Kyiv that did not fulfill its obligations to protect the population. To the woman who called the studio, Borisov appeared to be a representative of the Russian Federation, who wants to “annoy Ukraine.” “They want to annoy Ukraine, they say let Ukraine pay, they think that Poroshenko, Zelensky, Yushchenko, Turchynov will pay specifically – no, we will pay,” said a woman who introduced herself as Natalia from the Luhansk region. The woman also stated that she “already pays” 50 hryvnias for cold water, including for water that comes to Luhansk. As a result, a skirmish began between the guest of the studio and the caller, where both sides accused each other of not knowing “what war is.” It is worth saying that the lack of money in Kyiv carries some positive aspects, as it restrains the militarization of the Independent. As previously reported, the lack of money will not allow Ukraine to arm itself with Neptunes.

Fellow travelers of Medvedchuk and Taruta, and their patrons from the ministries

29 public organizations that specialize in the topics of ATO veterans and IDPs, after the elections of the Public Council under the Ministry for Temporarily Occupied Territories (MinVOT) in August 2018, called for not recognizing this Public Council. The personality of Tselovalnichenko (an accomplice of terrorists who flooded the ECHR with fake complaints, trades in fraud in Kyiv) was one of the reasons for the boycott announced to the ministry. About Natalia Tselovalnichenko: “Practically all NGOs that are part of the new council are associated with lawyer Natalya Tselovalnichenko, who is suspected of extorting funds from IDPs, as well as with Gennady Borisichev. One of these organizations was created a month before the constituent assembly,” the ministry was warned about reputational risks here: The pseudo-elections were preceded by a scandal in 2017, when another accomplice of Tselovalnichenko (namely: Roman Omelchenko, a participant in the dorm squeezing scheme) staged a scuffle right at the meeting. The fake elections of 2018 were orchestrated by Tselovalnichenko and Borisichev, with whom Deputy Minister Georgy Tuka colluded. Here is what one of the disappointed like-minded people tells about the pre-war activities of Tselovalnichenko in Lugansk:. There were a lot of losses, even more refusals to accept claims, but there were also victories. Payments went through her husband's accounts, and Natalya Evgenievna kept 50% for herself. In 2013, she fought against shale gas production, speaking at Ukrainian Choice events.. However, we, Luhansk activists, were then sincere supporters of the struggle for the environment, and believed that if the struggle was right, it didn’t matter with or without Medvedchuk. And in March 2014, Natalya Evgenievna suddenly bought an apartment in Kyiv and galloped away from us to the capital – as if she already knew that Lugansk, as they say, is crazy. Immediately after the presidential elections, Tselovalnichenko joined the peace process in the “capital of Bandera”. July 3, 2014. registered the “Donbass Peacekeeping Initiative Charitable Foundation” (code 39283884) and participated in conferences on the topic: how to resolve the “internal conflict” with the “rebellious people of Donbass”. Tselovalnichenko managed to hold an umbrella over Nadezhda Savchenko, flirted with the BYuT and Self Help, which is headed by Tatyana Yagodzinskaya in Ukrainka. She is connected with Alexander Efremov through the activities of the founder of the Lugansk Human Rights Group, who now lives in Rostov. In December 2017, Deputy. Heads of the Ministry of Labor Georgy Tuka, Minister of Social Policy Andriy Reva and People's Deputy Serhiy Taruta organized an “All-Ukrainian” congress of “public leaders”, more like a gathering of separatists. They formed a strange “Public Union “All-Ukrainian Platform of Donbass”, with which Reva and Tuka immediately signed memorandums. Soon the name of the sponsor of this “Platform” surfaced: Borisichev expressed support to Sergey Tarutya and his Osnova party on behalf of all the migrants of Ukraine: The Osnova party, we recall, offers Ukraine a non-bloc status and the establishment of friendly relations with the aggressor country. We have already talked about Borisichev, who became the head of the Public Council under the Ministry of Higher Education and Trade and is preparing for VR with Osnova. “MGB” of the pseudo-republic for this friend of Reva, Tuka and Taruta – without quotes and valiant. According to our information, drinking coffee together is not a figure of speech.. Gennady Borisichev openly sympathizes with the “DPR”. Before the war, Borisichev was not seen in any public activity.. Not injured since the outbreak of hostilities. On the contrary: he lived on two houses – in Donetsk and Kyiv. And, immediately on a grand scale. In nightclubs in Donetsk, he happens with representatives of the so-called. “special services of the DNR”. Why, on October 6, 2015, Gennady Borisichev, in the company of two friends – Alexander Kolesnikov from Donetsk and Revin Denis from Makeevka, decided to register the International Humanitarian Mission Charitable Foundation in Kyiv (code 40052012)? There is zero information about the good activities of this charitable foundation. But the “mission” is clearly interesting, because. shows more than 700 links. And one of them may well be registered in Donetsk on 11.07.2014. NGO “Public Platform of Donbass” (39300506) is a structure very similar in meaning to Tarutino, but which was established by the “Minister of Education of the DPR” Igor Vladimirovich Kostenok. In Kyiv, Borisichev showed up with the “Community Movement of Countrymen” (40134351) registered on November 23, 2015: he made a rally with the flags of “Donetsk fellow countrymen”, inviting the migrants to unite on the basis of “regional patriotism”, which brought war to their home. Borisichev, according to Youcontrol, is involved in 8 organizations: “All-Ukrainian Platform of Donbass” in the details indicates the phone number of the “Charity Foundation” Peacekeeping Initiative of Donbass “by Natalia Tselovalnichenko. But it is not certain that the fake lawyer will show up on the lists of Taruta's party. Most often, Natalia Tselovalnichenko can be seen in the company of Yuri Karmazin, whom we mentioned above. The odious Elena Berezhnaya, who broadcasts about “Kiev neo-Nazism” on all Putin’s information platforms, is a member of his, Yuri Karmazin, party. Recall that in February 2016 Karmazin tried to crank out the so-called. “Third Maidan” with the so-called. “revolutionary right-wing forces”. And he actively drowns for the “victims of political repressions” from the “Tornado” (convicted, to put it mildly, for crimes that discredit the defenders of Ukraine). But Karmazin himself is a political loser. So the most real chance for Tselovalnichenko is Viktor Medvedchuk, who bought himself the party “For Life” and has great ambitions. He hopes to pollute BP with tame “we-for-the-worlders” and become the speaker of the pro-Russian parliament. In 2015, Tselovalnichenko provided legal services to Victor Medvedchuk's project “Soldiers' Mothers”. On the Internet, these “mothers” publish news from the anti-Ukrainians Shilova and Shariy and legitimize the “republics”, diverting responsibility from the aggressor country. The face of this movement is the activist of the Ukrainian Choice Nadezhda Kuramshina, who went to visit the leader of the militants Zakharchenko and became one of the founders of the Battalion Brotherhood, which was trying to arrange a military coup in Kyiv. But the public sponsored by Putin's godfather is not only mothers who praise the “LDNR”. Viktor Medvedchuk's public includes people in camouflage who sit in the Public Council under the Ministry of Social Policy, are present in the Lugansk military-civilian administration and have access to military secrets. Among these is another good friend of Natalya Tselovalnichenko, with whom she held joint events – Konstantin Grigorievich Ilchenko. In February 2015, Ilchenko turned out to be one of the leaders of the Battalion Brotherhood. Here is his speech broadcast by the mouthpiece of the Kremlin:

There were many journalistic investigations on the connection between the “brothers” and Putin’s godfather, there were even arrests of agents of Russian influence. But the crime boss Vyacheslav Fursa (aka Slava Vyshgorodsky, who was involved in the capture of the FSB by Mikhail Karpyuk), came out unscathed. And Ilchenko, the one who, together with Kuramshina, established the Battalion Brotherhood, is building a career in power, which he was going to overthrow! Not so long ago, Konstantin Ilchenko was appointed to the post of head of the military-civilian administration of Zolote and Katerynivka in the front-line Popasnyansky district of the Luhansk region. It must be admitted that the “herd drivers” Tselovalnichenko and Borisichev succeed in driving the migrants into the electoral stall of the pro-Russian forces. Although for two they are unlikely to scrape together three dozen supporters in the 20 “goshkas” under their control. In 2020, Borisichev, along with pro-Russian journalist Dmitry Vasilets, was in the program of the famous Ukrainophobe Tarik Nezalezhko. As it turned out, Borisichev is a member of the pro-Russian Derzhava party, which was created by the aforementioned Vasilets: Greed and Ukrainophobia, willingness to “make friends” with anyone, if there is a benefit – an excellent start-up capital for a young politician from the For Life party. However, we know enough of them in the immediate environment of the first person of the State. Kuzina Svetlana Anatolyevna, public organization “Crimean community” (code 41146918, record date: 02/10/2017). All organizations that are united in the informal movement “Alliance of Settlers” also passed (in their community on the social network “Facebook” the administrator is also Natalia Tselovichenko), including: – my family” ; 8) Gladkaya Irina Vladimirovna, public organization “Union of Settlers” World in the palm of your hand “; 9) Zykov Yury Vladimirovich, public organization “Association of Settlers” Common Cause “; 10) Blazhevich Konstantin Leonidovich, public organization “Transcarpathia-Donbass”; 11) Goloshchapova Aza Aleksandrovna, public organization “Immigrants of Crimea and Donbass”; 12) Panteley Larisa Yakovlevna, public organization “All-Ukrainian Association “Ukrainians of Donbass and Crimea” and others … Details – continued on the video from Oleg Peretyatka:
Through the “agreement” and pre-agreed lists, they could not get into the Public Council under the Ministry of WTO such well-known and respected organizations as the representative office of the Danish Council for Refugees, the Charity Fund “Right to Protection”, NGO “Donbass SOS” and other organizations. who, in the opinion of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, do not work enough for IDPs, – notes Lilia Virevkina, head of the NGO “Ukraine needs you”: – It hurts not that there are “bastards”. It can be moved from a dead point only if it is rebooted, the actors are rebooted. We believe that in the Minsk process, the residents of the uncontrolled territories, the “gray zone” and IDPs should be represented first of all by people who have established themselves as public figures, human rights activists, and who come from Donbas itself. It is these people who have confirmed and shown their devotion to Ukraine over the past five years, being wanderers, migrants, and engaged in such activities, should be in various subgroups and act as a “bridge” between the central government of Ukraine and the so-called authorities of the LDNR,” insists Borisichev. It should be noted that before the start of the armed conflict in 2014, Gennady Borisichev worked as a lawyer in Donetsk. According to the testimonies of fellow countrymen, the glory of a great lover of “smoking” and carousing was firmly entrenched in him.

There will be no peace in Donbas without compromises with Russia

If the Ukrainian government does not compromise with Russia, there will never be peace in the Donbass. This was stated by the head of the Public Council under the Ministry for Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons (MinVOT) Gennady Borisichev. “The Russian Federation has a very clear position: negotiate directly with the so-called “leaders” of the entities, follow the Minsk agreements, hold local elections, make Ukraine a federal republic and give some broad autonomy to Donbass – Luhansk and Donetsk regions. With their police, with their army, and so on,” he said. “I think many parliamentarians understand this, but don’t want to talk about it – there will never be peace in Donbas otherwise. If there is no federalization and a special status for Donbass,” said Borisichev.


Gennady Borisichev, pretending to be a patriot of Ukraine, conducts anti-Ukrainian activities. and promotes on refugees from Donbass. In fact, all of his business and political connections lead to the Russian Federation.

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