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Balitsky Evgeny Vitalievich


Yevgeny Balitsky is a traitor to the country, a corrupt official, an embezzler. From the very beginning of his parliamentary activity, he promoted\"Russian world \", worked for the Kremlin. He promised that he would leave to live in Russia, and take with him all his native Melitopol. In February 2022, he went over to the side of the invaders and helped them loot on the territory of Melitopol. He was also involved in corruption cases and illegal enrichment. With an income of 20 thousand dollars, he bought 5 planes, a restaurant in Sevastopol and a large house. Journalists also convicted him of false declaration, he\"forgot\" to indicate his son's business in his declaration.

Ukraine, possibly Russia
Ukraine Russia
December 10, 1969
Уровень охвата:

Evgeny Balitsky separatist

Official biography

Ex-people's deputy with a brewery and five planes. Ukrainian politician. People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 7th and 8th convocations Born on December 10, 1969 in the city of Melitopol, Zaporozhye region. 1995 – service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 1995 – 1997 – OOO “OlZheKa” – head. 1997 – 1998 – Melitopol brewery – manager. 1998 – 2002 – Zaporozhye Regional Council – Deputy, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine – Acting Director of the Department for European Integration in the Ministry of Economy. 2000 – 2001 – Melitopol plant “Avtohydroagregat” – Chairman of the Board. 2001 – 2010 – Melitopol plant “Avtohydroagregat” – director. 2010 – 2012 – Zaporozhye regional council – deputy. 2012. – 2014. – People's Deputy of Ukraine of the VII convocation. 2014 -2019. – People's Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation.


Tambov Higher Military Aviation School for Pilots, 1991, lieutenant.

A family

Wife – Natalia Nikolaevna, teacher-psychologist, director of the state of emergency of the TRK “OlZheKa” Sons – Alexander (1992), Sergey (2000), Ivan (2006). Father – Vitaly Bronislavovich Balitsky (1944). Served as a military pilot. Since 1991, he has been engaged in private business, participated in the management of the OlzheKa private enterprise, the Melitopol brewery and Avtogidroagregat, headed the Ukraine-South-East industrial and financial group. He was chairman of the board of the Melitopol organization of the People's Democratic Party of Ukraine. Mother – Nina Vasilievna Balitskaya (1947). Elder brother – Oleg Vitalievich Balitsky (1966-2013). Like Eugene, he graduated from the Tambov Higher Military Aviation School. Engaged in private business in the 1990s. Was a member of the Melitopol City Council. Died in 2013. Younger sister – Ekaterina Vitalievna Balitskaya (1987)

NOT official biography

After school, Evgeny Balitsky's father forced him to repeat his path: Tambov Higher Military Aviation School, army. By the end of the service, there were already family businesses and Eugene changed various managerial positions at his father's enterprises, but he could not boast of even the slightest success. Eugene had a lot of ambition, but no sense. The best place for such people is politics. And in 1998 Balitsky, the younger, was sent by his father as a deputy to the Zaporozhye Regional Council to represent Melitopol. By that time, Vitaly Balitsky was friends with Governor Kuratchenko and had friendly relations with the head of the presidential administration, Sergei Levochkin. But we'll talk about politics in another article.. Now let's analyze the “commercial vein” of Evgeny Balitsky. Here is an excerpt from an interview with Vlast Deneg magazine from 2013: “Is it true that you practice, shall we say, the deliberate bankruptcy of enterprises due to the inability to pay debts? – Sometimes you have to resort to bankruptcy proceedings. But not all factories have gone bankrupt.. The plain bearing plant was bankrupt, but I was not a shareholder there then. The brewery – in the same way, I was no longer a shareholder, we sold this structure, and only after that the new owner took a loan secured by the brewery and brought it to bankruptcy. Plant “Avtogidroagregat” “bankrupt” I, so to speak. But in fact, the application for bankruptcy was filed by the tax office: UAH 8 million. long. And if you add up all the debts, it was about 40 million. It was unrealistic to close the plant with such a large number of debts. Therefore, we conducted a bankruptcy procedure, as a result of which we liquidated the enterprise and sold all the property of the plant. The new enterprise bought the property of the bankrupt plant, otherwise it would have simply been dismantled for parts. Thus, we managed to repay most of the debts.” And another one from the same place: “Did you really acquire many enterprises with large debts? – Yes. The holding's economy is based on the fact that we buy a loss-making enterprise, put it on its feet and sell it.” And so Evgeny admits that the Avtohydroagregat family plant or AGAT, as it was sometimes called, had accumulated 40 million. hryvnia debts to suppliers, customers and the budget. This is where the real part ends. Melitopol Avtogidroagregat JSC (EDRPOU 00231975) filed for bankruptcy, but there was no sale of assets. All of them were rewritten to Melitopol Avtogidroagregat LLC (EDRPOU 30952117), created by the Balitskys themselves in 2000, with an authorized capital of 40 million. hryvnia. Lenders are simply “thrown”. And Yevgeny Balitsky liked this “trick” so much that he repeated it several times. After all, he did not sell the brewery either, but simply bankrupted it himself several times. Zaporozhye Brewery No. 1 LLC (EDRPOU 00377472) Established in 1993, filed for bankruptcy and was liquidated in 2009. The owners at the time of liquidation of the enterprise – Balitsky. LLC “Beer and non-alcoholic plant “Azov” (EDRPOU 32475226) Established in 2003, liquidated in 2009. Same owners.

Exposure – written evidence of Yevgeny Balitsky's work for the Kremlin appeared

People's Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation from the EU Igor Artyushenko said that the Melitopol ex-people's deputy, and now the deputy of the regional council from the Opposition Bloc Yevhen Balitsky works for the Kremlin. And the faction of the Servants of the People is actively cooperating with him today. Moreover, the servants allegedly promised Balitsky the chair of the deputy head of the regional council. A month ago, the Ukrainian Cyber Alliance broke the mail of Sargis Mirzakhanyan, the curator of the Ukrainian media direction of the Kremlin. The archive was made available to the public for everyone to see. Correspondence concerns 2014-2017. It traces how the Kremlin manipulated Ukrainian public opinion, created and took control of local separatist organizations, organized news events and their coverage in Ukrainian and later Russian media. Artyushenko's post about Yevgeny Balitsky: The work of Sargis Mirzakhanyan was structured as follows: actions were organized, covered in the Ukrainian media, and then in the Russian media with reference to the Ukrainian “primary source”. Articles in the Ukrainian media signed by the author were valued – this is emphasized more than once in the correspondence. Statements by pro-Russian figures in audio format were sent to Mirzakhanyan, and from him came a finished article on the desired topic, which was then promoted in the Ukrainian media. Based on the information provided, Evgeny Balitsky was one of the active agents who created informational occasions. His statements, according to the described scheme, were replicated in hostile media and created the necessary picture for the Kremlin. “That is why it is not surprising that the secret services turn a blind eye to the activities of the character to whom they write speeches in the Kremlin,” Igor Artyushenko is sure. In total, 14 GB of emails were opened, in which Evgeny Balitsky is mentioned. Letters from Sargis Mirzakhanyan mentioning Yevgeny Balitsky: Letters in the broken mail indicate that Yevgeny Balitsky is involved in at least several “high-profile” scandals that were artificially created by the Kremlin. The first topic is the protection of the Russian language. Evgeny Balitsky is the author of the draft Law of Ukraine on the protection of the Russian language. February 17, 2017 Sargis Mirzakhanyan sends a letter with the note “Urgent: 1 TOP site” to the box with the signature “Nina Martynova”. It has not yet been established – this person exists, or only a fictitious name. But it is the person who is behind this mailbox, the person responsible for posting information in the Ukrainian media. The link goes to the local Melitopol site, which is associated with Evgeny Balitsky. And letters are immediately sent to top Russian publications, for example, “Russia 24” marked “IMPORTANT” and with the same type of text. The only difference is that at the bottom it is additionally mentioned that the decision of the Melitopol city council was supported by the Reni district council of the Odessa region. Letters from Sargis Mirzakhanyan mentioning Yevgeny Balitsky: Appeals of Ukrainian enterprises to restore economic ties with Russia. A number of factories recorded a video message to Petro Poroshenko demanding to restore economic ties with Russia. Later it turned out that some of the videos were simply edited from other shares.. For enterprises that had gone bankrupt a long time ago and did not have a website, one-day websites were created where similar appeals were posted. Enterprises of Evgeny Balitsky also participated in this propaganda campaign. At the plant, which belongs to the father of the odious people's deputy Vitaly Balitsky, the MZPS recorded a video message from the “plant workers”. Yevgeny Balitsky's support group spoke before the audience, which the deputies of the Opposition Bloc regularly took to the city council hall to disrupt session meetings. The next topic is the granting of a “special status” to the Zaporozhye region. The scheme of work is the same. It is interesting that at that time this decision was supported by the Zaporozhye Regional Council. And here is another screenshot with an interesting clarification. The fact is that the name of Balitsky should not have been put in the headline, because the action itself, and not the person, is important to customers. Now the authorities of Zelensky's servants want to see Yevgeny Balitsky as the first deputy chairman of the Zaporozhye Regional Council. Or the ignorant do not know this information, and then they are stupid amateurs. Or they know and do it on purpose, and then they openly play along with the Russian aggressor, Igor Artyushenko concludes. Beer Company LLC (32034994) Established in 2002, liquidated in 2009.

“I don’t consider it an enemy”: People’s Deputy Yevgeny Balitsky refused to call Russia an aggressor

Zaporizhia MP, majoritarian MP, member of the Opposition Bloc Yevgeny Balitsky on the air of Direct Channel said that he does not consider Russia, which occupied Crimea and part of Donbass, an enemy of Ukraine and an aggressor state. Balitsky made such a statement in the program “Razom” on the TV channel “Direct”.

At the same time, the Melitopol majority voter agreed that Russia had occupied Crimea and recognized it as illegal. People's Deputy Yevhen Balitsky regularly makes ambiguous statements. Last November, he threatened to leave for Russia and seize part of Melitopol. After this statement, the SBU launched an investigation.

In Melitopol traitor E. Balitsky with the invaders robbed the plant for more than 2 million. Euro

A week ago, the newspaper writes, Yevgeny Balitsky with his adjutant and part-time director of the bankrupt AGAT plant Vitaly Yarchuk arrived at the Melitopol Automotive Spare Parts Plant, located in Obilny. Together with them were two rashists with machine guns and one man in civilian clothes.. They started talking to the guard. – There is an assumption that these people already had an agreement with the guard. Since he began to take them around the plant and show the bunkers with finished products. It can be used both in agriculture and as a military product.. The guard began to tell that these were exclusively military products, the source said.. – And after this visit, they brought a film crew, and the storekeeper began to tell the camera where and what parts of military products are at the plant. The very next day, an “employee of the people’s police” Elena Bashakina, who had previously been caught on a bribe, came to the enterprise, for which she was fired from the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. Under the occupation authorities of the Russian Federation, Bashakina received a position. After Yevgeny Balitsky defected to Russia in February 2022, the Russian media began to write laudatory odes about him: This lady opened a criminal case against the owner of the plant. What kind of republic – Russian or some other it represents, no one knows, – says the insider. – Further searches began at the enterprise. The invaders began to take out cars, buses, loaders, a crane, computer equipment. Offices are turned upside down. All equipment was taken to the Crimea. Quote from the traitor Balitsky that Ukraine is shelling itself: And today, April 15, Elena Bashakina has already appeared at the Melitopol Automotive Spare Parts Plant and read out to the security guard the decision to seize all products worth 2 million. Euro. Currently, finished products are being exported from the factory. Stolen products are transported on cars: white DAF AR 6990 BO with a trailer AR 6442 XT, white Volkswagen minibus AR 0075 AI. The loading is supervised by a man in a black Skoda with a license plate AE 0037 CH. This car is driven by the best friend of youth at the flight school and colleague – assistant to deputy Yevgeny Balitsky Andrey Kovganko. It is possible that Yevgeny Balitsky has “laid his eye” on the foundry, and Balitsky's organized crime group will not stop exporting products. In the pre-war period, Balitsky actively promoted his pro-Russian position, and on one of the TV channels he said that he would leave to live in Russia and take Melitopol with him. Which actually in February 2022 did.

Member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine: What kind of return of Crimea? What are you!

Ukrainian MP Evgeny Balitsky, on the air of the popular Ukrainian channel NewsOne, said that he spent part of his vacation this summer in the Crimea and this is what he heard there: “There are people who twist their fingers to their temples and say: “What kind of return, what are you? Right there?” And they talk about Bandera, and about those burned in Odessa, and about the coup. Most people – I can put my hand on my heart. Believe me, the point is not that I want it that way or that I don’t want it that way, many people in Crimea think so.” It is worth saying that Balitsky represents Melitopol, a city in Zaporozhye, in the south-east of Ukraine, in the Verkhovna Rada. He knows perfectly well that tens of thousands of his electorate rest every summer on the beaches of Crimea. And he also listens to what the Crimeans are talking about. But for the majority of Ukrainian viewers, such confessions from the lips of a deputy are a sensation.. After all, all politicians in Kyiv call Crimea “occupied”, and the inhabitants of Krych called “those who dream of returning to the bosom of Ukraine.”

In the Zaporozhye region in the courtyard of the city hall for the money of the Kremlin will build a “Russian center”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation allocated 6 million rubles for the construction of the “Russian Cultural and Historical Center” in Melitopol. The ANTIKOR portal reports with reference to the media. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation allocated 6 million rubles for the construction of the “Russian Cultural and Historical Center” in Melitopol document: Grant money for construction on behalf of the Assistant to the President of the RRF V.Yu.. Surkov were allocated from the funds of the Fund for Support and Protection of the Rights of Compatriots. At the same time, the Russian side put forward a number of conditions, one of which is the guarantee of the People's Deputy of Ukraine Yevgeny Balitsky on financing the activities of the newly-created center over the next 5 years. In the document of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the indicated address for the construction of this center coincides with the address of the Balitsky reception – st.. Karl Marx, 3 (now Grushevsky street). The document is dated as early as December 2016, but they learned about it thanks to the email correspondence of the Kremlin agents posted by hackers in February 2017. The icing on the cake baked by pro-Moscow scouts was the fact that this Center will be located practically in the courtyard of the executive committee of the Melitopol City Council. As you know, the building of the mayor's office and the reception of the people's deputy are practically united,” writes RIA-Melitopol. According to a source, today the entrance to the courtyard of the reception of the people's deputy Yevgeny Balitsky is blocked. At present, the dismantling of the old part of the building of the MV editorial office, which is located exactly above the reception room of the people's deputy, is being carried out there.

Restaurant with discounts for the military of the Russian Federation

In the occupied Sevastopol, there is a Balitsky family restaurant “Obliko Morale”, which the people's deputy's family acquired after the capture of Crimea. In it, the military of the Russian Federation is offered to eat at a discount. It is noted that this steak cafe was the last acquisition of the family of MP Yevgeny Balitsky in 2017.. Here they are especially happy to see the military of the Russian fleet and even provide them with a 10% discount.. To do this, it is enough to come to the institution in uniform or provide a military ID.. At least that's what the ad says, RIA Melitopol writes.. The people’s deputy’s declaration states that on March 9, 2017, his wife Natalya Balitskaya acquired 100% ownership of the bus stop in Sevastopol with a total area of 166 square meters and in the amount of more than 5 million. hryvnia Data from the declaration of E.Balitsky: And since the occupied Crimea and Sevastopol are actually under the control of Russia, and are integrated into its legal plane, in the Russian register of legal entities you can find such a company as LLC “7ya”. She is registered in Sevastopol. According to the registry, the company was established in November 2014. The founders of the company are “Balitskaya Natalia Nikolaevna” (60%) and “Balitsky Alexander Evgenyevich” (the eldest son of Evgeny Balitsky) (40%), information about the founders was entered into the register on March 21, 2017. In turn, according to the Russian register, the documents on the change of founders were submitted on March 13, 2017, just 4 days after the date indicated in the people's deputy's declaration. As for LLC 7ya itself, the Russian register indicates that the main activity of the company is the activities of restaurants and food delivery services. From the Instagram network, we managed to find out that the Obliko Morale restaurant congratulates the Russian Navy on the “holiday”: On the pages of the establishment's social networks, it is indicated that the restaurant provides discounts for the Russian army: “Remember! If you are a sailor or a military man, then you will get a -10% discount at Obbligo Morale! It is enough to present documents or be in uniform. We are located at the Park Pobedy POR 13/1 stop complex, we are waiting for you to visit!”.

The son of the Ukrainian People's Deputy celebrated the wedding in the Crimea under the tricolor

On August 29, 2015, the eldest son of the People's Deputy of Ukraine from the “Opposition Bloc” Yevgeny Balitsky celebrated his wedding in the occupied Crimea. Reportedly, Alexander Balitsky arranged a wedding party on a yacht in Sevastopol, in Balaklava Bay. Wedding under the tricolor in Crimea:

And for Russia, and for Europe?

July 2, 2014 Balitsky joins the deputy group “For Peace and Stability”. Two months later, on September 17, members of the deputy group attend a meeting of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Balitsky was absent from the meeting because he refused to come. The day before, when the voting for amendments to the law on lustration in the second reading took place, Balitsky did not vote for the bill. On that day, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the bill. On December 26, 2016, at the initiative of Balitsky, a bill was submitted for consideration “On ensuring state support for measures to develop, popularize and protect the Russian language, other languages of national minorities in Ukraine”. According to the results of the SBU investigation, the introduction of the bill was accompanied by payment by foreign customers. Nevertheless, Balitsky does not always support the “Russian” side of the issue.. More than once publicly expressed support for Ukraine's aspirations to join the EU: “Even if we do not sign the Association Agreement now, we are aware that a huge step has been taken that has brought us closer to European standards. We have come closer to European values and it doesn’t matter if the Association Agreement is signed, the main thing is to build Europe at home, create it in Ukraine. And the signing of the agreement is a matter of time. We will be in Europe anyway.” On January 3, 2020, already an ex-people's deputy, he gave an interview in which he said that Ukraine needs to “come to terms” with the loss of Crimea and Donbass. He explained that he often happens in Crimea (there are two of his sons – one for health, the other for study) and communicates with many Crimeans. And he concluded for himself that “Crimea will not return, and this idea needs to be formalized at the state level. Ukraine did everything to prevent Crimea from returning… nobody fought for him. It’s easy to fight miners in Donbass, of course, but no one fought for Crimea…”


MP from the “Opposition Bloc” Yevhen Balitsky criticized the idea to change the greeting in the army to “Glory to Ukraine”. He expressed his opinion in an exclusive commentary to NEWSONE TV channel. In his opinion, this will only divide a society already torn apart by linguistic and religious issues. E. Balitsky called Stepan Bandera a terrorist: “The term “Glory to Ukraine” is still ambiguously perceived in society … This splits society and introduces additional tension. Flirting with nationalists and ideas ambiguously accepted in society simply splits us, both in the religious and in the language issue. This is a policy of separatism, dividing society into those who will accept and who will not accept,” the deputy commented. He expressed regret that the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is engaged in “such nonsense” in matters of army building. Balitsky said that he was categorically against changing the greeting and “I think it would be better to focus on creating a powerful economic bloc, so that the army is stronger, and not engage in political fetishism,” he concluded.

Attempt to throw a state bank, taking a loan

And the icing on the cake: Balitsky's attempt to “throw” the state bank for more than 2 million. dollars, through the same fictitious bankruptcy, for which he received a criminal case, which has been under investigation since 2013. And it would be like this: Melitopol Plain Bearing Plant LLC (EDRPOU 31067353) in 2008 issued a loan in the amount of 3 million from the state-owned Ukreximbank. dollars. The property and buildings of the plant “Avtogidroagregat” acted as a pledge. Well, the same one that the Balitskys allegedly sold back in 2000 to pay off their debts. The company did not repay the loan and filed for bankruptcy in 2009. And in 2010, Mechanical Plant of Plain Bearings LLC (EDRPOU 36969420) appeared, where all the assets of the enterprise were transferred according to the same scheme. In 2017, the investigation of this criminal. Yevgeny Balitsky's reaction was quite expected – hysterical cries of “political persecution”.

Anti-corruption investigations

Balitsky appears in four corruption cases: In the declaration for 2014, the deputy did not declare the company Ligion LLC, one of the owners of which is the eldest son Alexander (50% of the shares). FAR – “figuration in anti-corruption investigations” Neither in the declaration of his wife, nor in the declaration of Yevgeny himself there is any mention of five aircraft registered by his wife Natalia. Considering the declared family income in 2013-14, the Balitskys could not afford to buy these planes in 2015. But it is known that in June 2015, Natalya Balitskaya registered five Cessna Model 172 RG aircraft for herself.. The cost of one aircraft varies between 40-100 thousand. dollars. One of the above-mentioned aircraft was leased by Balitsky to the National Aviation University at a doubled price (for 3 months for UAH 3.5 million). But later criminal proceedings were initiated, as a result of which the amount of rent decreased by UAH 2 million.

In Melitopol, members of the PEC from Yevgeny Balitsky are preparing a “carousel”?

October 25, 2020. Observers have already photographed all the “marked” representatives of the ex-People's Deputy Yevhen Balitsky and are already preparing statements that will be sent to the police. All members of the commissions who unexpectedly decide to decorate themselves with ribbons will be called in for questioning. Members of the commission adorned themselves with red ribbons: Yevgeny Balitsky's property is confiscated for non-payment of taxes In political circles, then the presentation with a related court was called the bleaching of millions. Former MP of Melitopol Evgeny Balitsky lost the case in the Supreme Court of Ukraine and is obliged to pay more than 4 million to the budget. UAH. In case of non-payment, the executive service is obliged to describe his house and car. By the way, in the United States for tax evasion, Evgeny Balitsky would have been in prison long ago. But this is in America, and in Ukraine, for years he tried to justify himself in the courts in order to save millions and continues to do so now.

Show from Evgeny Balitsky – elections in the Melitopol region started with a custom-made picket

A picket gathered in the center of Voznesenka this morning. About 10 villagers came out to protest against the sale of the territory, which is located behind the gardens. The picketers accompanied the protest action with screaming posters with accusations against the village head in the land deriban. The essence of the claims was the difficulties that arose with the execution of documents for land. According to the protesters, they take care of their gardens, but cannot become their owners de jure. In addition, they say that allegedly someone came, drove a stake into their territory and said that this was his land. Protest leader Ivan Masints was supported by a group of Roma representatives. Corrupt protesters: The chairman of the village council Olga Garabazhiu outlined her position to journalists. In her opinion, the picket in the center of Voznesenka is political in nature, and is intended to denigrate her name on the eve of elections to local councils.. Among the protesters, she recognized Vladimir Len, who had previously been a deputy of the district council, and, according to Olga Timofeevna, intends to run for local authorities in the Konstantinovsky community. Rally in Voznesenka:

“Heated the mood” of picketers was activist Ivan Masinets, a former city council member, a businessman who was involved in a number of scandalous stories, including non-payment of a loan to Ukrsibank. He, according to Olga Garabazhiu, allegedly also has political ambitions, only in Voznesenka. Corrupt protesters: Regarding the sale of land, Olga Garabagiou claims that such decisions, according to the law, are made not by the village head, but by the deputies. – Vladimir Len was a deputy of the district council from Balitsky, that is, from the Opposition Bloc for one cadence. Two and a half years ago, when my husband was alive, we were on good terms with him.. Then we had a scandal, due to the fact that he placed an apiary on the field without permission, next to our rural beekeepers. He brought thugs of strong physique, threatened. After a while, he arrived drunk, and tells me: “We'll meet at the elections”. I did not know that these gypsies were his matchmakers! Ivan Masinets (a resident of Voznesenka) told me that Balitsky gave him television, that he would control the elections, Olga Garabazhiu said, assuring journalists that the action was aimed at undermining her authority in the eyes of Voznesenka. She is indignant, they say, they were preparing a rally, but they didn’t even bother to write my last name on the posters without a mistake. The rally did not last long – exactly as long as what was happening was recorded on camera by journalists from the family TV channel of ex-People's Deputy Yevgeny Balitsky. After that, they said into the microphone, they say, thank you all, we disperse, the story about us will be shown on TV today.


People's Deputy of Ukraine, member of the Anti-Corruption Committee Serhiy Leshchenko is shocked by the scale of embezzlement of funds at the Kirovograd Flight Academy. It is reported by The People's Deputy is ready to take personal control of the investigation of the facts that the Balitsky family received inflated amounts when renting an aircraft to this university. Sergey Leshchenko has already sent relevant requests to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the State Audit Service of Ukraine. The scandalous story with Cessna aircraft, according to papers belonging to the wife of the people's deputy from Melitopol, Evgeny Balitsky, Natalya Nikolaevna, does not want to end. It began with the fact that the people's choice himself kept silent about the wife's five planes in the declaration, trying, perhaps, in this way to “hide” movable property. When information about the planes nevertheless got out, Evgeny Vitalievich tried to save face by declaring on the air of one of the TV channels that he himself was a former officer and pilot, and sees nothing wrong with the fact that his wife’s planes were transferred to the flight academy. And that future pilots will be able to learn their honorable and difficult business on them. Yevgeny Balitsky spoke about it so beautifully that many might have thought that the planes were transferred to the academy almost for free. In his speech, the people's deputy states that the cost of one such aircraft is 30-40 thousand euros.. That is, at the rate of the NBU today, a maximum of 1 million 140 thousand hryvnia. According to completely official documents, the Balitsky family provided the Kirovograd Flight Academy for a period of 900 flight hours with a Cessna Model 172 aircraft.. The cost of the transaction is UAH 3,595,500. Yes, it's not a typo. The amount of the transaction is actually the cost of three aircraft of this model! Anti-corruption officials suspect that the leadership of the Kirovograd University pulled off an illegal deal, causing serious damage to the state. The role of the Balitsky aircraft in this scheme may be completely random.. But neither the people's deputy nor the actual owner of the aircraft could fail to understand the full benefits of this deal.. Therefore, it is not at all believed in the randomness of what is happening.

The training plane that crashed with people in Kyiv belonged to the Balitsky family

Two people almost died in a burning plane. The incident occurred in the Makarovsky district of the Kyiv region. Light training aircraft crashed and caught fire. According to available information, it belonged to the Balitsky family. The State Emergency Service received information that a light aircraft of the Aviation Group training school crashed in a field near the village of Nalivaykovka, Makarovsky district, followed by burning. Reported by the Informant with reference to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. As a result of the crash of a light-engine aircraft near the village of Nalivaykovka, Makarovsky District, there is no threat to the lives of two people who were on the plane at the time of the crash. According to available information, the light aircraft belonged to the family of the ex-people's deputy from Melitopol Balitsky. Speaking on central TV channels, Evgeny Balitsky repeatedly boasted that he was allegedly developing the Ukrainian army, while modestly omitting what he was doing for millions of Ukrainian taxpayers, renting out his planes at a high price.. So, on a deal with the Kirovohrad Flight Academy, he leased a plane worth about 40 thousand euros (slightly more than a million hryvnias) for three months for 3.6 million hryvnias! That is, he “helped” by paying back the cost of the aircraft three times in three months. In his eloquent speeches on TV, Evgeny Vitalyevich did not mention the fact that the bought up light-engine training aircraft in Europe were actually rubbish of the 80s. So, according to the publication “Nashі pennies”, the wife of Evgeny Balitsky Natalia Balitskaya in 2015. registered five Cessna Model 172 RG, Cessna 172 RG aircraft worth under half a million dollars. The relevant information is published in the State Register of Civil Aircraft of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine. All five aircraft were produced in 1980-1982. As our journalists managed to find out, the training school of Aviation Group LLC, whose plane crashed on July 17, 2020 and caught fire near Kyiv, was registered in July 2014 in Kyiv. In activities, including mediation in the sale of aircraft. The documents indicate that the authorized special company Aviation Group LLC is Irina Valerievna Kochetkova. As you know, it was Irina Kochetkova who worked as an official assistant to Yevgeny Balitsky at the time when he was a People's Deputy of Ukraine. After the scandal that erupted around the topic of renting 5 aircraft to the Kirovograd flight school by the family of people's deputy Balitsky, a customs declaration was published on one of the Internet portals. In it, along with the name of Natalia Balitskaya, the same Irina Valerievna Kochetkova appears, who is an authorized company of Aviation Group LLC, whose plane crashed and caught fire. Almost 2 people died. What caused the plane to crash is still unknown.. It is possible that there were problems with the aircraft. Human life for some politicians is now nothing when it comes to millions in profits.

There was a scandal at the meeting of the regional council

December 11, 2020, the first session of the regional council was held in the new composition. However, already at the first meeting there was a scandal. The conflict broke out during the voting for the post of head of the regional council. Opposition Bloc candidate Sergei Kaltsev spoke from the rostrum, when Evgeny Balitsky, a representative of the Opposition Bloc, took the floor. So the deputies began to argue. The head of the European Solidarity faction, Igor Artyushenko, intervened in the squabble, he demanded to switch to the state language. He also asked the police to enforce the law. However, deputy Balitsky said to this, we quote verbatim: “Stop, nit!”. After that, he continued speaking. Moreover, all three districts that were affected by the scandal are already former deputies.

“Rebbe and CO insisted on Maslov, you’d better go by self-nomination”, “I’m not a candidate yet, I don’t care …” – Balitsky, an oppositionist from the bloc, is trying to get into the next composition of the Rada

People's Deputy of Ukraine (Opposition Bloc faction) Yevgeny Balitsky, in correspondence with his colleagues, originally discusses plans for early elections to the Verkhovna Rada. This was reported by the parliamentary correspondent of Censor.NET. So in the first correspondence with “Zabrodskaya A” (on the website of the Rada, the people's deputy lists the official assistant Anna Zabrodskaya. – Ed.) Balitsky clarifies “What kind of transfer?”, And also reports that he “is not a candidate yet, I don't care …” Zabrodskaya replies that in this case the translation will be removed “and we will glue the whole plane with this poster.”

Suspicious Bills

In June 2016, Yevgeny Balitsky registered three bills that were supposed to provide the Zaporozhye region with a certain “special status”, with an interesting point where this deputy proposes that “public formations” follow the order in the region together with the police, the prosecutor’s office and the SBU. Is it not about such “formations” that the late Zhilin spoke about at the “Kharkov Congress”: “Give us weapons, arm us”? The bills were subsequently rejected by the Verkhovna Rada committee, but the “formations” as already existing de facto are mentioned in the local press on September 21, 2016.


The strange activity of the deputy, I hope, is under the close attention of the Ukrainian special services. Daughter-in-law Anna Balitskaya (Shishkina) with the son of the People's Deputy Alexander this summer had a rest in the occupied Crimea. The mother-in-law of Alexander's son against the background of Russian flags. The network recorded the fact that Balitsky expressed gratitude to the wanted Anisimov, who is called in the media “ex-criminal authority Anisim, who looks at Zaporozhye”, for material and financial assistance in the election campaign of the people's deputy. And given that Balitsky thanked Anisim through the media, it is strange not to see gratitude to the Ukrainian people, from whom the deputy received compensation in the amount of about 270 thousand rubles only for transport and housing expenses.. hryvnia per year. As you can see, Balitsky's actions clearly raise doubts that he is a Ukrainian statesman working for the benefit of Ukraine.

People's Deputy Balitsky does not part with a gun

After the sensational speech of the head of the GPU Yuriy Lutsenko, in which he said that Nadezhda Savchenko planned a terrorist act in the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada, even people's deputies were forbidden to bring weapons to the Ukrainian parliament. Evgeny Balitsky and a gun:

TSN journalists watched which of the people's deputies was armed. Among those who took their pistol from the cell was the Melitopol people's deputy Evgeny Balitsky. It is worth noting that when arriving in his native Melitopol, Balitsky walks around the city, accompanied by two bodyguards and, as it turned out now, also with a gun in his pocket. From whom the people's deputy was going to shoot back, it is not known. According to journalists' estimates, about a dozen people's deputies regularly carry weapons to meetings. Recently, journalist Maksim Limansky managed to shoot a video of how Evgeny Balitsky, MP from the Opposition Bloc, plays video games on his phone during a parliamentary session.

The family of the people's deputy from Melitopol Yevgeny Balitsky bought real estate in the occupied Crimea.

Wife Natalya Balitskaya last year became the owner of a bus stop complex with an area of 166 m² in the Crimea. Such data is in the electronic declaration of the people's deputy. In addition, the woman last year became the owner of a Beech BE76 Duchess aircraft. Evgeny Balitsky, MP from the “Opposition Bloc”, was elected in the majority constituency No. 80 (with the center in Melitopol). VIDEO

Button press

Evgeny Balitsky was spotted 6 times for violating personal voting. And all the times took place in the eighth convocation. On March 19, 2015, when considering bill No. 2273 as a basis (regarding the payment of dividends by a joint-stock company), being a non-factional deputy at that time, he violated the principle of personal voting by voting instead of four people's deputies. Balitsky “button press”:

. Without worrying about what is under the constant sights of media cameras, hiding behind a colleague's jacket, he votes for himself and for two other party members who were absent from their seats. Not even three days pass, as Balitsky was convicted of the following violation. During the voting for bill No. 3457 (regarding support for the aircraft industry), he was noticed by a journalist from the Chesno publishing house, for which he showed her the middle finger in retaliation. November 3, 2016 during the voting for the draft law No. 3153 on the specifics of the implementation of state control measures in the field of economic. activity, the people's deputy from the “Opposition Bloc” for the fourth time “presses the button”, voting instead of the sitting deputy on the right. On May 15, 2018, he twice violated the principle of personal voting during the consideration of bill No. 3871 (on the use of palm oil in food production). Nevertheless, Balitsky is notable for the exemplary attendance of sessions and committee meetings.. Perhaps just to vote instead of others?


In November 2013, Balitsky is trying to return Sergei Walter, who was a defendant at that time, to the mayor's chair of Melitopol. But a week later, after meeting with the head of the Melitopol city district court, Viktor Fomin, and the head of the Zaporozhye Court of Appeal, Viktor Gorodovenko, Balitsky changes his position, refusing to rush to file a petition in the Walter case.. And soon he even declared that he did not care who would be the head of Melitopol. Another case that occurred in Melitopol. August 14, 2015 in the morning on the 50th anniversary of the Victory Avenue in Melitopol there was a conflict with the participation of Evgeny Balitsky. The day before, the billboards of the Bravo company were dismantled due to their unsafe installation (the billboards stood on concrete blocks, although they should be dug into the ground). And so on August 14, the Bravo businessman started installing the same boards again in the same unsafe way.. As support for the businessman, Balitsky and three other associates accompanied him – Valery Gorban, Alexander Barybin, Yuri Onishchuk. Illegal installation of billboards in Melitopol:

Illegal installation of billboards in Melitopol: Balitsky, defending the businessman, said that he carefully read the documents before his arrival. And without talking to the local authorities, I decided that the owner of the billboards has every right to install them.. Moreover, Balitsky accused the authorities of violating the law, saying that he does not have the right to dismantle billboards.. When asked by journalists whether the entrepreneur violates the law by installing boards without permission, Balitsky replied: “We are all illegally born.” Candidates “clones” The successful activity of Balitsky was not without scandals. The first of these was the registration of the CEC in the Balitsky district of several “clone candidates”. The second was the candidate's actions to bribe voters and violate the law.


Melitopol deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Evgeny Balitsky continues to reveal the secrets of his family business. In an interview with one of the local print media, he said that the family bought a pilot school in Switzerland. – In 2012, we bought a pilot school in Switzerland as a business. The transition to Ukrainian jurisdiction took years, now it is completed, – says people's deputy. In an interview, Yevgeny Balitsky notes that he does not plan to leave politics, although he himself does not fully understand whether he is spending his life. – In a family business, we focus on aviation. If I leave politics, I will do it personally and with pleasure, said Evgeny Vitalyevich. Recall that the creation of the flying club near Melitopol was originally engaged in the elder brother E. Balitsky – now deceased Oleg Balitsky. After his death, the owner was not Oleg's wife, Olga Rusilo, but the wife of Evgeny Balitsky, Natalya. Today she leases the Cessna Model 172 aircraft to the Kirovograd flight school.


Yevgeny Balitsky owns two land plots of 9 and 20 acres, as well as a residential building with a total area of 243 m. Number of 19 sq. m in the hotel “Kyiv” the deputy rents. Another rental object of Balitsky is a reception room for 87 sq.. m in the city of Melitopol. In the declaration of the wife of the people's deputy Natalia, there is a whole health complex and a hotel in Sevastopol. Like most people's deputies, Balitsky cannot operate without an expensive attribute: wristwatches from the brands A.Lange & Sohne and Omega. Analyzing the state of the bank accounts of the Melitopol people's deputy, one can take him for an average Ukrainian. His savings in financial institutions are only 6 thousand. USD, 70 thousand. hryvnia and a little more than 3.5 thousand. euro. At the same time, Balitsky’s “home cash” is estimated at 20 million hryvnias.. One and a half times more than his wife – 30 million hryvnia. In the declaration for 2017, the salary of a deputy is indicated in the amount of 265.2 thousand. hryvnia. Spouse Balitskaya Natalya Nikolaevna easily “did” Yevgeny Vitalyevich with her 3.9 million hryvnia earnings from entrepreneurial activity. Still, it's good to be an entrepreneur in Ukraine – not like some kind of people's deputy.


Yevgeny Balitsky throughout his parliamentary activity promoted the “Russian world” and threatened to give Melitopol to the occupiers. And it was that rare case when Eugene really fulfilled his promise. Now in his biography, in addition to corruption, illegal enrichment and shadow schemes, an article about treason will appear.

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