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Zlochevsky Nikolay Vladislavovich


Nikolai Zlochevsky is a former Yanukovych-era minister of ecology, an oligarch with a fortune of $540 million. Under Yanukovych, his salary was about 40,000 hryvnias a month, where does such a fortune come from? Zlochevsky has a gas business, as well as a boutique of branded clothing in Kyiv. It is there that money fraud, tax evasion, and other illegal things are turned. And recently, Zlochevsky's accomplices were caught on a record $6 million bribe, which was intended for NABU prosecutors in order to close cases against Zlochevsky.

Ukraine, England, Hungary
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Zlochevsky Nikolai Vladislavovich

Official biography

Former Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Former Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Date of birth: 06/14/1966

Place of Birth

Born in Kyiv.


Kiev Higher Engineering Radio Engineering School of Air Defense named after. Air Marshal Pokryshkin, 1988, radio engineer of electronic equipment. International University of Business and Law, 2002, accounting and audit. Family bonds. Married. Two daughters: Karina (born 1991) and Anna (born 1999).


1983-1991. – Military service. 1991 – 1995. – Deputy Director, LLC “Infox”. 1995 – 1997. – advertising agent, LLC “Ukroptservice”. 1997 – 1999. – Deputy Director, LLC “Infox”. 1999 – 2000. – Chairman of the Board, Ukrnaftoservice CJSC. 2000 – 2002. – Vice President, Infox LLC. 2002 – 2004. – People's Deputy of Ukraine of the 4th convocation. 2003 – 2005. – Chairman of the State Committee of Natural Resources of Ukraine. 2005 – 2006 – Vice-President of the International Charitable Foundation of Lawyers of Ukraine. 2006 – people's deputy of Ukraine of the 5th convocation. Since 2007 – People's Deputy of Ukraine of the 6th convocation, member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Budget Issues. 03.2010 – 07.2010 – Chairman of the State Committee of Ukraine on the material reserve. 12. 2010 – Minister of Environmental Protection of Ukraine. 2010 – 2012 – Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine. 04/05/2012 – 02/26/2014 – Deputy Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine.

NOT official biography

Mykola Zlochevsky – ex-Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Mykola Azarov's government (2010-2012) and owner of Ukraine's largest private gas company Burisma. Now he is hiding abroad, as criminal cases have been initiated against him in Ukraine. In July, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau put Zlochevsky on the wanted list.. USA – for “consulting services” to an intermediary). Three people were arrested in this case. Official confirmation of this fact can be found on the SAP Facebook page: According to NABU director Artyom Sytnyk, the attackers demanded that the proceedings against Zlochevsky be closed until June 14, that is, his birthday. The energy company Burisma Group, of which Zlochevsky is president, said that neither the company nor its owner was involved in an attempt to bribe the leadership of Ukraine's anti-corruption authorities. The agenda is taken from the official website of NABU:

The fugitive ex-head of the Ministry of Ecology Zlochevsky owns a fashion boutique in Kyiv

Wanted in Ukraine, the former Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of this country Nikolay Zlochevsky, apparently, is related to the ownership of an exclusive fashion boutique in the center of Kyiv. These are the conclusions of the journalistic investigation of Radio Liberty / Free Europe. The mall where the boutique is located: Underground shopping center in Kyiv. The Zlocci boutique sells men's shoes and various fashion accessories made from crocodile, ostrich, conger, deer and lizard leather. For example, a crocodile leather belt was offered to a Radio Liberty journalist for 60,000 hryvnia ($2,844), including a discount. The logo of the Zlochevsky boutique on Kyiv citylights: The evidence that the 49-year-old Zlochevsky can profit from such a business is causing a rather sharp reaction in Ukraine. The reason is that the ex-minister is accused of abuse of power, embezzlement on an especially large scale and illegal enrichment in 2010-2012 – while working in the government of former President Viktor Yanukovych.

“Real Bank”

Criminal proceedings on suspicion of Mykola Zlochevsky of involvement in the misappropriation of funds from the stabilization loan of the National Bank part 4 of article 28, part 5 of article 191 of the Criminal Code issued by Real Bank, and the legalization of these funds part 4 of article 28 part 3 of article 209 of the Criminal Code was opened in November 2014. He was suspected five years later: The scheme of the crime, according to NABU, looked like this: in September 2013, Real Bank provided loans to several commercial companies controlled by a criminal organization created by former President Viktor Yanukovych. Those through fictitious firms transferred the funds received to the accounts of two other companies that put money on a fixed-term deposit in the same Real Bank with the right to early terminate the contract and withdraw funds within five working days from the date of application. SAP confirmation: This incident was also reported on the Telegram channel of the Prosecutor General: A month later, the bank's management filed an application for early termination of the deposit agreement and subsequent withdrawal of funds. This situation, according to the investigation, became a formal basis for the bank to apply for support to the NBU, which provided it with stabilization loans totaling UAH 787 million secured by property, the value of which, as the investigation later found, was overstated seven times. The management of Real Bank, in collusion with other members of the criminal organization, withdrew the funds received from the NBU through fictitious companies and transferred them to cash, NABU reports. So far, the court has received a case on charges of only one head of such a company – Nikolai Lobenko, who heads Yuray LLC. The case has been considered by the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court since November 2020. According to the information in the unified register of court decisions, the investigation of the criminal proceedings on suspicion of Zlochevsky was separated, it was stopped and resumed eight times, due to the absence of the suspect in Ukraine. And on October 1, 2020, the judge of the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv, Irina Litvinova, on the complaint of the lawyer of the ex-minister, ordered the prosecutor to close the criminal proceedings due to the expiration of the pre-trial investigation. Although such decisions are not subject to appeal, both Zlochevsky's lawyers and the prosecutor's office filed lawsuits on appeal.. But the solution has not been changed:

Dr. Zlochevsky. The return of the empire of the fugitive minister

At the beginning of the year, it seemed to everyone that ex-Minister of Ecology Nikolai Zlochevsky was on the run. In fact, in September last year, he was removed from the wanted list.. And in February, the news was shocking – all criminal cases were closed and the ex-minister returned to Kyiv. However, if you look at how his business developed “in exile”, it seems that Zlochevsky did not run anywhere. Lutsenko about searches at Zlochevsky: Zlochevsky – three times people's deputy, from 2010 to 2012. Minister of Ecology, and from 2012 until the Maidan, head of the Department of Economic Security of the National Security and Defense Council. In business, he is best known for Burisma, the third largest gas producer in Ukraine, and Infox, which controls Odessa Vodokanal.. Zlochevsky was considered one of the richest ministers – which was worth only his monstrous estates on the Dam of the Kyiv Reservoir. After the Maidan, the ex-minister becomes the hero of 6 criminal cases. He is wanted. He flees the country. To bury them in just 4 years – law enforcement officers had to make an effort. But they did it. Article from the official website of NABU:

fun funeral

After the Revolution, British law enforcement officers find money of unknown origin in the accounts of Zlochevsky's companies – $ 23 million. The British noticed: Zlochevsky received money from Sergey Kurchenko. The odious “young oligarch” was already under EU sanctions, his money could not be considered clean. And then the British Anti-Fraud Office turns to the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office for help. After the letter from the British, the GPU also initiates its own proceedings against the ex-minister. The reasons are the same – illegal enrichment and money laundering. The British Bureau meanwhile awaits a response.. And receives it … two days before the trial in London. The GPU under the leadership of Vitaliy Yarema sends a short answer to London – officially Zlochevsky is not under suspicion. This answer ruins the British case. The London court removes the arrest from the accounts. And immediately the GPU brings suspicion to Zlochevsky and develops demonstrative activity, as well as his house-palaces are arrested. In addition to his personal illegal enrichment, the Prosecutor General's Office and the State Fiscal Service are beginning to investigate his main business – Burisma – a group of companies for gas production (it produces more than a billion cubic meters of gas per year). In the summer of 2015, the GPU, already under the chairmanship of Shokin, opened a case on the illegal receipt by this group of special permits for gas production. Everything should be simple. Here is Minister Zlochevsky, here is the State Service of Geology, which he coordinates, here is the service that issues permits for gas production to companies … the minister himself. For about a year, the GPU has been simultaneously investigating both illegal licenses and illegal enrichment. In 2016, the Prosecutor General's Office is headed by Yuriy Lutsenko. The case of illegal licenses is given by the GPU to the newly created National Anti-Corruption Bureau. But the illegal enrichment of Zlochevsky remains with the prosecutors – and a strange metamorphosis takes place with him: the proceedings against illegal enrichment personally by Zlochevsky turn into proceedings against tax evasion by Zlochevsky's accountant Esco-North. That is, the GPU should investigate the legality of the origin of Zlochevsky's fortune. But she quickly forgot about the origin and switched to the question – did he pay taxes on income. Zlochevsky himself will quietly disappear from the case. Meanwhile, the Prosecutor General convenes a briefing and says that the GPU has opened a new case: “Investigation of a criminal scheme for tax evasion in the amount of about a billion hryvnia over the past two years.” The summer and fall of 2016 pass in anticipation of a billion tax surcharge. Briefing by Yuriy Lutsenko, at which he raised the issue of non-payment of taxes by Zlochevsky:

During this wait, the GPU finally loses interest in Zlochevsky himself. Case against him personally – closed in November 2016. A month after the closing of this case, a person who is extremely similar to Zlochevsky will be noticed in a restaurant in Vienna with Poroshenko's right-hand man – Igor Kononenko. Zlochevsky and Kononenko have lunch at a restaurant in Vienna: And if there is a connection between this meeting and subsequent events, then the dinner of the ex-minister and friend of the President cost about 800 million hryvnias. Indeed, in February 2017, Lutsenko reports – everything was confirmed. Zlochevsky paid extra taxes: “All 160 million hryvnias were paid to the budget a week after the release of the examination.” Judicial registry calculations lead us to a somewhat smaller amount – UAH 130 million. Lutsenko says at a briefing – UAH 160 million. In response to a written request, the GPU calls UAH 180 million. But even if Burisma did pay 180 million, the difference between Lutsenko's statements is impressive. How a billion hryvnia “shrinked” by 5 times is unknown, because the case was not heard in court. The GPU and Burisma agreed on additional tax payments between themselves. Meanwhile, NABU offices were conducting criminal proceedings to obtain mining licenses for Burisma.. NABU detectives investigated this case for a year and a half, but in August 2017, the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office decided to close the case. “The fact of the crime has not been proven,” the SAP briefly commented on the closure. After the failure of the “criminal” format, Zlochevsky's firms (“Pari”, “Tekhnoresurs” and “Nadragaz”) tried to at least take away production licenses. After all, Burisma did not complete all the necessary documents upon receipt. NABU detectives established this violation and handed over the materials to the SAPO. By law, prosecutors had 6 months to file a lawsuit.. SAP made it through 7. And lost all three instances. The last criminal proceedings on the business of the Zlochevsky GPU were opened and closed so quickly that no one even heard of its existence. It concerns the Kherson oil transshipment. It was for her that Kurchenko paid Zlochevsky millions of dollars, which interested British law enforcement officers.. 3 years after the letter from the British, the GPU thought – how did Zlochevsky himself get this transfer, once state-owned? Photo from the investigation of journalists. Kherson oil transshipment complex: The layout was classic.. Zlochevsky and the state created a joint venture. The state contributed to it an oil transshipment estimated at 9 million hryvnias. Zlochevsky had to deposit real money – UAH 28 million, gain control over the enterprise and develop it. In reality, Zlochevsky contributed only 9 million. But as soon as he got control, he launched this asset along the resale chain between his own enterprises. At the end of the chain, Kurchenko received the transshipment for UAH 256 million: This case was quietly opened. And soon also imperceptibly closed. Accused of misappropriation of property, but did not find corpus delicti. Why they opened it at all is not clear. The investigation of two more criminal proceedings is still ongoing: NABU is investigating the story of a tender cut of UAH 50 million by the Ministry of Ecology when purchasing services for sensing nature reserves, and the Prosecutor General’s Office is investigating the case of the joint activities of Burisma group companies with the state-owned Ukrgasdobycha. But here it is more correct to say that these things exist. Firstly, there is no outstanding activity on them, and secondly, this does not threaten Zlochevsky personally: the first of those mentioned so far concerns his former subordinates (the tender agreement was signed not by the minister, but by his deputy), and the second – by companies. That is, out of 6 cases regarding Zlochevsky, both we and Zlochevsky himself can consider all 6 buried. And if you believe the fugitive ex-people's deputy Alexander Onishchenko, Zlochevsky coordinated this funeral with the same Kononenko, with whom the ex-minister was photographed in Vienna. “And Zlochevsky complained to me: “Can you imagine, here Kononenko flies, I ask him, they get money there, they don’t do anything, it’s beneficial for them that I sit somewhere far away and take a million a month from me and not let me in. I want to solve everything globally so that the case is closed so that I can return normally, ”Onishchenko says in a recording made public on the air of the Sho Tse Bulo program.. Onishchenko estimated the price of the “decision” at $100 million. Half a dozen criminal proceedings, several years of high-profile statements. Today, Zlochevsky is not just doing well. He's still better than before.

New business of the old guard

Odessa region. Small Adzhalyk Estuary. Its entire coast is the Yuzhny port. It accepts cargo and private terminals of the TIS group, and the state enterprise of the same name SE MTP “Yuzhny”. It is quite likely that one more group will soon be added to these powerful port groups – Zlochevsky. And it will grow on the berth of the state port: “Sandy pier”, officially “38th”, “orphan” of the Yuzhny port. Five main berths of the port – on the right bank of the estuary. Sandy – on the left. It was created back in the 70s to receive sand – for the needs of the port itself. In 2014, while criminal proceedings are being opened against Zlochevsky, firms associated with him are concentrating land around the pier. 80 hectares, designated “for maritime transport facilities”, are purchased or leased by 5 companies. The owners of these companies are hidden offshore. But management, addresses and telephones lead to Zlochevsky: firms are headed or headed by Zlochevsky's managers, some of them are registered in the main nest of Zlochevsky's business – on Ryleeva, 10-a in Kyiv, some of them have a contact phone number of the reception “Infox”. After the land of Zlochevsky encircles the pier, the Ministry of Infrastructure has an idea. Rent it out. “to anyone”. In February 2016, the Ministry applied to the port for information about the berth. After this sudden interest, the interest of the Ministry disappears for a year and a half. Meanwhile, the state port develops the berth on its own and receives more than a million hryvnias of income from it. But in November last year, the Ministry approves the Strategic Plan for the Development of SE MTP Yuzhny. One of only three points (strategy” – renting out the “sand terminal”. Terminal, literally surrounded by people Zlochevsky. Who benefits from renting it is already clear. The State Port wants to continue working at the facility itself: up to UAH 17 million is predicted. additional income per year. And therefore, in February of this year, he applied to the Ministry with a request to suspend the procedure for transferring the berth to lease.. What was decided at the top is unknown, but neither the companies from the group of the ex-minister, nor the Ministry of Infrastructure commented on the issue of interest in the port berth. The port in Yuzhny is not the only project of the Zlochevsky group, which unfrozen last fall, when the ex-minister and his business were “off the hook”. A land plot of 118 hectares on the outskirts of the village of Novi Petrivtsi has been leased to the Kievshchina company for 10 years. New Petrivtsi: For all 10 years, nothing has happened here, but, as in the case of the port, last autumn there was a stir. In September 2017 PJSC “Kyivshchyna” approves the concept of the industrial park. Territories with infrastructure configured to accommodate various businesses. A month later, the Ministry of Economy officially includes “Kyivshchyna” in the official register. This means that companies expect tax breaks, minimal land rent, no duty on equipment imports, interest-free loans from the budget and budget financing. A controlling stake in 86% of the future industrial park through two companies – KAM LLC and Stalion Georesurs LLC – leads us back in a very short way, to the head office of not a fugitive minister, but a respectable businessman and progressive investor Zlochevsky. He will have a place to turn around – in the “Kyivshchyna” in Petrovtsy there is still a neighboring plot of 65 hectares for rent, and after the Revolution of Dignity, companies from Zlochevsky's orbit bought more land around the future industrial. giant, bringing the total area to 222 hectares. The village council of Petrovtsev claims that the name of Zlochevsky is heard almost for the first time. But at our request, contact a representative of the company – they give the contact of Nikolai Gerasimchuk. He is the chief director of Zlochevsky's main company, Infox. The journalists of “Our Pennies” tell about everything in more detail:

Several more Zlochevsky's managers have completed construction projects in the Kyiv region. So, in Shpytky, next to the estates of the vice-president of Energoatom, Aidyn Aisin, and the ex-deputy head of Ukravtodor, Volodymyr Galushko, a whole field of 8 hectares on the lake shore is owned by Zlatograd-Invest LLC.. Previously, the founders included the wife and father of Zlochevsky, now the company has been rewritten to Nikolai Gerasimchuk, the director of the Infox company already mentioned above. The land in the cadastre is divided into a cottage town. Another 10 hectares are in the neighboring village of Kapitanovka, where the foundations of a dozen cottages have already been laid.. Here, three plots of land are leased by Realting Service Ltd LLC and Ukrsoyuzkontrakt Firm LLC. Owner – manager of Zlochevsky Marat Akhmedov. Marat Akhmedov came into view even when Zlochevsky was the Minister of Ecology, then Akhmedov's firm “Ukrainian Space Technologies” supplied equipment to the Ministry of Ecology. The same company was featured in a scandalous tender for the purchase of earth sounding services – the same one that opened criminal proceedings, which are still being investigated by NABU. One scandalous episode from the time of Zlochevsky's “flight” is also connected with Akhmedov, when, after the Maidan, his structures tried to get land a stone's throw from the Maidan itself. The only non-commercial project of Zlochevsky and the only project, the involvement of the ex-minister in which it is not necessary to find out, unraveling the tangle of companies and managers, is the Epiphany Temple Complex near Kyiv (of course, the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate). Here, right on the cross near the temple, it is written – at the expense of the Zlochevsky family. Temple complex “Epiphany”: “In 1926. at this place, the Lord appeared to two shepherds who were tending a herd of cows. In 2011, the Zlochevsky family decided to build a church on this site.. Why at this place: one of the shepherds was Nikolai, and Zlochevsky was Nikolai Vladislavovich, ”says the rector of the temple, father Oleg. The temple is being completed and now – painting continues, the iconostasis is being assembled. There are plans to expand: the foundations have already been laid here for the arrangement of a monastery or an almshouse for elderly priests. By the way, about places of worship. In 2014, an expensive shoe store appeared on Khreshchatyk. Here, as in a church, the name of Zlochevsky is right at the entrance. The store is called ZLOCCI. Then, three years ago, the appearance of the store seemed unacceptable. How can a fugitive do business in a country after the revolution? Technically simple. Footwear is sold through FLP, Tkach Valeriy Nikolaevich. Tkach is an ex-employee of Infox, and now the director of several security firms and part-time owner of the same house on the outskirts of Kyiv, from which security guards are taken every morning for Zlochevsky's estates on the dam. But it was not about the technical side, but about the worldview: how can a fugitive do business in the country after the revolution? The man, who was considered a fugitive, at the same time negotiated the purchase of land for a port, deposits for gas, projects for an industrial park. And according to Onishchenko, about buying their own criminal cases.

Status and sources of income

According to the declaration for 2009, the income of Mykola Zlochevsky amounted to almost 245,000 hryvnia.. The official received most of this money as a deputy's salary and almost 35,000 hryvnias – as material assistance from the state. In addition, the businessman declared a land plot of 2,230 sq.m, a private house of 922 sq.m, an apartment of 265.6 sq.m and a prestigious Rolls-Royce car. The income of his wife in 2009 amounted to more than 18,000 hryvnia. Also, an apartment of 78 sq.m. was recorded on it. and two BMW and Bentley cars. Zlochevsky Castle: Zlochevsky's business activities are connected with the Infox company, thanks to which the entrepreneur entered the so-called “Kyiv Seven”. In the early 2000s, together with Nikolai Lisin (a partner of Viktor Medvedchuk), he traded in oil products and developed one of the largest fields in Ukraine – Sakhalinskoye. In 2011, the Korrespondent publication included the businessman in the top 100 richest Ukrainians, placing him in 42nd place.. In the same year, the magazine “Focus” gave Zlochevsky the 32nd place in its ranking of the Ukrainian rich.. Already in 2017, analysts from the Novoye Vremya estimated the state of the Kyiv entrepreneur at $535 million.. At the present time, his capital is estimated by Forbes magazine at 97 million dollars.

Stolen Bentley – with car minister numbers

New details have appeared in the story of the stolen Bentley in Milan, which belongs to the forward of the Italian Inter, Samuel Eto'o. In the scandal with the hijacking committed by the Ukrainians, the name of the Minister of Environmental Protection Mykola Zlochevsky “lit up”. When the car was detained by Hungarian border guards at the Serbian border, it had Ukrainian license plates, according to which the expensive car was registered in the name of the minister's wife.

parliamentary bouncer

“It wasn't a fight. It was the real beating of our deputies. This is confirmed by more than a dozen victims on our part.. And from the side of the regionals there were real militants. If you look at the names, these are people who usually do not go to parliament, who have never spoken, have not introduced bills. These people were included in the lists of the Party of Regions solely to perform special tasks.. For example, to beat someone. To show their necessity, in this situation, it was the militants of the Regions who were clearly visible in all the pictures.. These are the current Minister Mykola Zlochevsky, and the head of Ukrspetsexport, which sells weapons, Dmitry Salamatin. “Fight in the Verkhovna Rada with the participation of Mykola Zlochevsky:

As you know, a fight broke out between deputies of the opposition and ruling parties on 17 December 2010, after the opposition blocked the work of parliament for a whole day, protesting against the initiation of a criminal case against the leader of the Batkivshchyna, former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Five deputies from the opposition faction “BYuT-Batkivshchyna” suffered as a result of this fight with the ruling Party of Regions, two of them were in serious condition (victims: Mikhail Volynets, Vasily Kravchuk, Yuri Gnatkevich and Yevhen Suslov. “Regionals” hit Vladimir Bondarenko with a chair and broke his arm, Volynets' jaw was broken, Yuriy Gnatkevich and Vasily Kravchuk got a concussion). At least 100 deputies from the Party of Regions took part in the fight. The incident, according to a number of opposition deputies, was pre-planned. Before the fight in parliament, Mikhail Chechetov, the first deputy chairman of the Party of Regions faction, said that his faction would “take the situation under control” as early as Friday. Part-time deputies (“deputies on call”) officials Zlochevsky and Salamatin (“Ukspetseksport”) were involved in the fight on the part of the deputies of the Party of Regions. The most cruel participants in the fight were the deputies of the Regions Salamatin, Tsarev, Volkov, Zlochevsky and Petr Tsyurko.

The Evil Genius of the State Committee for Reserves

You can get an idea of how Zlochevsky intends to “reform” the system of managing the country's strategic reserves by looking at the situation with litigation between the State Committee for Reserve and SJSC Khlib Ukrainy. The state operator in the grain market has lost its main grain export capacities in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court on the transfer of five Khleb Ukrainy elevators to the management of the State Reserve Committee. Production facilities went in favor of Zlochevsky's department to pay off the state company's debt in the amount of 267 million. UAH. The State Reserve Committee became the happy owner of the Odessa port, Krasnoperekopsky, Nizhnegorsky, Uman elevators, as well as the Chernyakhovsky bakery plant. In fact, such a scenario for the development of events may involve nothing more than the death of Khlib Ukrainy and significant losses for the state budget.. With such prospects, the zeal of the head of the State Reserve Committee is surprising. One gets the impression that in addition to the state, in this case, someone's private interests are also involved.. It is quite possible that the head of the State Committee for Reserves is trying to gain control over the elevators in order to be able to store and reload grain, which the Committee will purchase from agricultural enterprises during difficult periods for them (when farmers are in dire need of funds for harvesting, sowing and purchasing fuel). The consequence of what is happening will be nothing more than the tacit liquidation of the state operator in the grain market: “Khleb Ukrainy” will become nothing more than just a “sign” on Saksagansky Street No. 1 in Kyiv (the company’s main office is located at this address).

Oil and gas baron

The fate of Nikolai Zlochevsky is connected with the fate of the legendary company “Infox” and the so-called “Kyiv Seven” – a group of businessmen-sdeks influential in the early 2000s. Then Zlochevsky, together with Nikolai Lisin, was considered one of Viktor Medvedchuk's junior partners.. Their interests were concentrated in the sphere of transportation of oil products and the development of the largest Sakhalin field in Ukraine (Kharkiv region). Firms that belong to Zlochevsky: The Ministry of Ecology, where Zlochevsky ended up, is an important factor in the prosperity of his business. Its “specialization” is the extraction of domestic minerals, namely: oil and gas in the Poltava and Kharkov regions. It should be recalled that in 2003-2005 Zlochevsky was already in charge of the State Committee for Natural Resources of Ukraine. At that time, licenses for the development of deposits – by a strange coincidence, were always given to him by close structures. Even before becoming a minister – in April 2010 – Zlochevsky managed to lobby for a license to develop the richest Sakhalin field with his company Ukrnaftobureniye. Having taken the post of minister, it is logical to assume that he will limit his appetites only by taking into account the interests and wishes of his associates who are also involved in this business. We are talking about Nestor Shufrich, Dmitry Firtash, Vasily Dzharty.

Ex-Minister of Ecology Mykola Zlochevsky built two luxurious mansions near Kyiv

Mykola Zlochevsky built two fortresses for private use. This was reported by the journalists of the Schemes program, the Press of Ukraine reports. It is worth noting that this land belongs to the Big Keys company, co-founded by ex-Minister Nikolai Zlochevsky himself. Real estate of Nikolai Zlochevsky: The land plot with an area of almost 4.5 hectares is located between Vyshgorod and the village of Hotyanovka. In addition, in addition to two identical estates, there is a sauna, a garage and fountains on the territory. In turn, local residents complain that the armed guards of the “palace” forbid swimming to the shore. Although two years ago it was possible to fish and relax. Recall that Nikolai Zlochevsky is the owner of the gas producing company Burisma Holdings. In 2010-2012 he was the Minister of Environmental Protection of Ukraine. More about Nikolay Zlochevsky's real estate here:

The daughter of the fugitive ex-Minister of Ecology Zlochevsky found an unarrested apartment in the center of Kyiv

The daughter of the wanted ex-Minister of Ecology Nikolai Zlochevsky – Karina Zlochevskaya – is the owner of an apartment in an elite high-rise building in the center of Kyiv. The estimated price of her living space is 16 million. UAH KyivAuthority became aware of this from a message from the Nashi Groshi portal with a link to data from the Register of Property Rights to Real Estate. “We are talking about an apartment in the residential complex Botanic Towers (2008. buildings) on st. Saksaganskogo, 121, not far from KNU named after. Taras Shevchenko and next to the botanical garden. The premises of Zlochevskaya has a total area of 237 sq.. m., of which the living area is about 118 sq.. m,” the statement said. The daughter of the ex-minister Karina Zlochevskaya became the owner of the apartment under a donation agreement on October 10, 2014. However, before that, the property also belonged to the Zlochevsky family: the document states that in 2007. a mortgage was imposed on the apartment, while Zlochevsky himself was recorded as a debtor on the loan, and his daughter – in fact, the person whose property is being burdened. As for the value of real estate, when applying for a mortgage, the apartment was valued at 8.90 million. UAH. At the same time, while apartments in this building are being sold at a price of $ 2-3 thousand. per square, for example, premises of a similar area were put up for sale in September for $ 750 thousand, or about 16 million. UAH Recall that Mykola Zlochevsky was put on the wanted list on December 29, 2014, and the Pechersky District Court decided to seize his property in criminal proceedings only on February 2, 2015. At the same time, no arrest was made on the property of the ex-official's family.. For example, it was possible to avoid arrest on the estate in the village of Ivankovichi near Kyiv: between the announcement of Zlochevsky on the wanted list and the decision to arrest, the house, along with the land, managed to be re-registered to the wife of the fugitive minister, Natalya Zlochevskaya.

“Kyiv group” and the murder of Lisin

Not so long ago, a new fashion brand Zlocci appeared in Ukraine. His boards and city lights are now hung all over the center of Kyiv. Under this brand, mainly belts and shoes are produced from the skin of all sorts of African and other exotic animals. But do these guys with a specific taste know that the gold Zlocci plaque on their belt is not the name of an Italian designer (like Gucci or Zegna), but the name of a Ukrainian official? And he began his career when the Donetsk boys who wear crocodile leather shoes today were still young “looking” at the districts or opening the first stalls. That is, back in the late 90s, Zlocci, oh, excuse me, Nikolai Vladislavovich Zlochevsky was already a member of the so-called “Kyiv group” and his partners were Viktor Medvedchuk and Grigory Surkis. The one that was involved in many different interesting projects. For example, such as it was then called, trusts, like “Ometa” or “Ometa-Inster”. In fact, these were ordinary pyramid schemes that scammed tens of thousands of people for money.. But there is no direct evidence that Zlochevsky participated there, just as there is no evidence of the participation of the same Surkis and a number of other senior officials in them. Be that as it may, it was Nikolai Vladislavovich, as well as his friend Nikolai Lisin and their company Infox, who were considered junior partners of the then insanely influential Medvedchuk. The deceased Nikolai Lisin: Partners were engaged in the transportation of oil and the development of the Sakhalin field in the Kharkiv region. Then Lisin, on his Lamborghini at a speed of 200 km / h, flew into the price tag of a gas station and Zlochevsky remained the sole owner of the business. Strange, but the investigation into the death of deputy Lisin was never carried out. Many say that he was not a street racer and a lover of fast driving.

“Schemes”, investigations: Nikolay Zlochevsky's VIP clients

Mykola Zlochevsky is one of those who became fabulously rich under the presidency of Yanukovych. As minister of the environment, he scaled his business to become the largest private gas company in the country.. Licenses for the development of gas fields to Zlochevsky's firms were coordinated by the ministry, which he himself headed. After the Maidan, he fled the country. But three years later, his business is running like clockwork.. Zlochevsky himself was removed from the wanted list, criminal cases were closed one after another. Without the consent of the top leadership of the state, such decisions are usually not made in Ukraine. If this is an agreement, then what is it about? Gas market participants suggest that Zlochevsky could cede part of his business in exchange for immunity. More about the business of Zlochevsky and his accomplices in the investigation of the journalists of the Schemes. Corruption in detail”:

But analysis of the public ownership structure of his companies does not yet confirm these rumors. For what other reason could it be beneficial for the president’s entourage to have Zlochevsky’s business, the legality of which is still in question, continuously produce and sell gas in Ukraine? Perhaps they themselves buy this gas for the needs of their business? We got access to the reports of the companies of the Burisma group for 2016, and analyzed who buys gas from Zlochevsky's companies. And our hypothesis was confirmed. Alexander Chernovalov's investigation. Transfer “Schemes. Corruption in the details” – TV program for investigative journalism. Joint project of Radio Liberty and UA:Pershiy:


Mykola Zlochevsky is a typical oligarch for whom the laws of Ukraine do not exist. He is an oil and gas baron who lives for his own pleasure leaving the country without money and taxes.. And any problems that arise on his way are solved by a couple of million dollars to the “necessary” people.

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