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Zaburannaya Lesya Valentinovna


Lesya Zaburannaya is a figurehead for the notorious developer Andrey Vavrish, and the ex-head of the OP Andrey Bogdan. She lobbies their interests, and will help illegally build up Kyiv. She was seen in apartment scams, as well as in voting for dubious laws. She loves expensive branded items, although her salary does not match the purchased items.

August 22, 1981
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Zaburannaya Lesya Valentinovna

Official biography

She was born on August 22, 1981 in the city of Kyiv. Teacher, scientist, public figure. Professor of the Department of Management named after Professor I. Zavadsky National University of Bioresources and Nature Management of Ukraine. Expert of the Scientific and Expert Council of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.


Graduated from Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics with a degree in Enterprise Economics. We opened his correspondence and learned a lot of interesting things. Today I am posting: It is interesting that recently his personal lobbyist has been MP Lesya Zaburannaya, who entered the Rada under the quota of Bogdan-Vavrish. For a small fee, the woman arranges meetings with influential people, deputies, and even the Prosecutor General. Correspondence continued: Invites Mikitas to the budget committee (which he reported to his wife), promises to resolve issues in criminal cases. Zaburannaya behaves extremely carelessly. Often screens correspondence with ministers, officials of the President's Office and demonstrates to his customer. Boasts of influence and access to top officials. Correspondence continued: I need to get to know her better.. Lesya, you shouldn't help people like Mikitas,” Joker summed up, adding screenshots of the defendants' correspondence.

Lesya Zaburannaya – the project of Vavrish-Bogdan

According to competent sources, Andriy Vavrish, together with the ex-manager of the OP Andriy Bohdan, launched a powerful activity to form their own lobby among the deputies of the Kyiv City Council, which could result in a deep political crisis at the local level, and Lesya Zaburanna helps them in this. As they say – “there is nothing more permanent than temporary”. It was with this slogan that we decided to approach this personnel issue with Bogdan. They are now trying to make every effort so that Zaburannaya becomes a full-fledged leader and remains at the helm of the metropolitan organization for as long as possible. For this, according to sources, a pool of PR specialists and technologists has already been formed, who should form the image of the MP. After all, Lesya Zaburannaya herself is a person with rather non-standard views on the image. Recently, Lesya came to the session hall of the parliament in a translucent leopard dress with a deep neckline, complementing the image with a gold chain with a pendant (by the way, Zaburannaya did not include gold jewelry in the declaration for 2020). Zaburanna's leopard dress: Lesya also has a Dior handbag worth more than 2 thousand dollars: Lesya Zaburannaya has already begun attacks on the mayor of the capital, for the introduction of another lockdown. Zaburannaya did not hesitate to go to the Pryamoy TV channel, owned by the president's biggest political opponent, where she expressed dissatisfaction with the speed of the decision, which hit entrepreneurs, especially restaurateurs, who had already spent money on food purchases. Zaburannaya does not refuse to regularly visit the Kyiv Live TV channel, which is owned by another political opponent of the president, the head of the Kyiv cell of the Opposition Platform for Life Vadim Stolar. That is, Zaburannaya, by her actions, deliberately compromises Vladimir Zelensky, who imposes sanctions against the leaders of the Opposition Platform for Life and their TV channels, which ultimately has a chance to escalate into a conflict with the President. The telegram channel “The Dark Knight” stated that Zaburannaya is close to the head of the OP Andrei Yermak: Competent sources in the Kyiv City Council note that a new configuration of Vavrys-Stolar is already clearly visible, which is beneficial to undermine the Kyiv City Council and weaken the influence of Vitali Klitschko. After all, both Vavrish and Stolar tried to take control of the capital, but were defeated and are now removed from making most important decisions for their business, so they decided to join forces. And the fact that Zaburannaya often began to appear on the air of Vadim Stolar's TV channel is not the last confirmation. The rapprochement between Vavrish and Stolar is also confirmed by the fact that on March 17 the land commission of the Kyiv City Council voted for a draft decision on the approval of a detailed plan of territories (DPT), planning the construction of a new multi-storey microdistrict on the Minsk massif. The development involves the construction of 19 multi-storey buildings for 6307 apartments. The construction investors are companies associated with Vadim Stolar and Vladislava Molchanova. The development of the DPT was coordinated in 2015 by the then Deputy Director of the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture of the KSCA Andrey Vavrish. At the meeting of the commission, 11 deputies voted for the project, and among them – a certain Nikolai Konopelko – a deputy of the Kyiv City Council from the Servant of the People, who is associated with Andrei Vavrish in the capital. Zaburannaya supports Konopelko – Andrei Vavrish's man: According to information from various sources, Vavrish's longtime partner Vadim Strunevich is directly involved in the Zaburannaya project.. It was through him, according to the source, that the election campaign of Lesya Zaburanna was financed in the last parliamentary elections. Lesya Zaburannaya tried to block the construction reform, it is possible that at the request of the notorious property developer Vavrish: The National Union of Architects sent a letter to the deputies with a request not to allow corrupt officials Strunevich and Vavrish to enter the Verkhovna Rada:

How to save more than earn?

In the summer of 2020, Zaburannaya and about ten other people's deputies from the SN (among the signatories is Anna Bondar, whom the media call the man of Vavrish) sent a request to the capital chairman Vitali Klitschko with a proposal to the city authorities to buy and return a number of land plots to communal ownership. , between the streets of Nikolsko-Slobodskaya and Brovarsky avenue in the Dnieper district of the city of Kyiv. The signatories proposed to create at the sites by cadastral numbers 800000000:66:178:0255, 8000000000:66:178:0256, 8000000000:66:178:0257 with a total area of 6.3. landscape park. Plots of land between the streets of Nikolsko-Slobodskaya and Brovarsky avenue in the Dniprovsky district. Screenshot from google maps: However, such an initiative looks suspicious.. These sites border on the scandalous residential complex “Solnechnaya Riviera”, the construction of which was coordinated by Andrey Vavrish. Experts suggest that the Vavrish lobby in BP wants to return the plots on the banks of the Dnieper to the ownership of Kyiv, so that at the meetings of the Kyiv City Council they will be “successfully” voted over and transferred in favor of the odious developer, of course, the legend of the landscape park was created only as a “smoke curtain” for the eco- activists and others who are not indifferent to the capital. At the same time, Zaburannaya demonstrates an almost ascetic lifestyle, aimed only at accumulating funds.. There are only 2 electronic declarations. In particular, in the declaration for 2019, Lesya indicates the car SUBARU FORESTER 2011, which she purchased in 2017: By the way, Lesya decided to save some money and not even take out an OSAGO policy: For the year she earned more than 556 thousand hryvnia scientific and teaching work. At the same time, she kept 25 thousand dollars and 202 thousand hryvnias in cash. Lesya does not indicate the income of her husband Arsen Abrahamyan, referring to the fact that he refuses to provide information. Perhaps there really is no order between the spouses, because last year she accused her husband of violence and theft of 18 thousand dollars. In the declaration for 2020, the deputy of the Servant of the People did not acquire anything new. But she managed to earn 604 thousand hryvnias, combining the work of a people's deputy with scientific and teaching activities, because of which she missed 40% of meetings. At the same time, savings in cash also increased to 38 thousand dollars and 455 thousand hryvnias.. Lesya also got a bank account, which collected 61.5 thousand hryvnias.. It turns out that Zaburannaya set aside 665 thousand hryvnias for the year, almost 65 thousand more than she earned.

Schemes with apartments

Zaburannaya caught on capital schemes with apartments. As journalist Svetlana Danilova wrote, the people's deputy from the servants of Les Zaburannaya is eager to either earn money or sit out his fellow party members in order to move up the party career ladder. In June 2020, a tragedy occurred in Poznyaki. As a result of an explosion in a residential multi-storey building, 5 people were killed, and residents of forty apartments lost their homes. Then President Zelensky ordered to compensate for the losses at the expense of the country and allocated housing corresponding to the lost size.. After 9 days, he handed over the keys to representatives of 12 affected families, and then other residents received the keys. The media actively wrote about Zaburanna's apartment scams: It seemed that all the problems of the residents were resolved, which was happily reported by the maid Lesya Zaburannaya, who was responsible for this issue in her area. But is everything as smooth as they tried to show it? Actually the situation was not a fountain. Of course, formally, the people's deputy praised her president, but in real life she was actively engaged in self-promotion. And further scandals dripped much deeper. According to FROM-UA.COM, one of the residents of the damaged house turned to the head of the board of the Ukrainian International Business Association, Ekaterina Shterenberg, for help.. She complained that instead of a three-room apartment, her family was given a two-room apartment, although in the warrant it was listed as a three-room apartment, that is, the kitchen was considered a room. In addition, the title was given to the wrong family member. In general, layouts are clear. Trying to understand the situation, Ekaterina turned for clarification to the person responsible for this issue, namely Lesya Zaburanna. Only then did excuses appear: “I'm not me, and the house is not mine”, they say, the developers are to blame and, in general, turn to other “servants”. Comments are unnecessary, right? According to journalist Svetlana Danilova, in 2019, in the elections in the 216th district, Lesya was “pushed” by enterprising Yevgeny Tomin, who has been plotting for many years to undermine residential buildings in the capital. And Zaburannaya herself, when she became a people's deputy, began to actively help him in this. And this despite the fact that she is the curator of the corrupt depgroup of Bohdan-Vavrish, which, oddly enough, consists of the “servants” themselves. Convenient position, no doubt. PR Zaburannay on the issue of apartments to the victims: Well, after the tragedy in Poznyaki, the capital's developers became more active, trying to fuse low-quality apartments. And then Zaburanna successfully arrived, offering apartments in the infamous residential complex “Krishtalevi Dzherela”. Of course, to earn extra money, promote yourself and move up the career ladder.

Sickle on the ranking

And here is another interesting resource that talks about the blunders and “bumps” of politicians and people's deputies. And here, too, our Zaburannaya “became famous”. Behind it are as many as 18 “zashkvars”. Namely (taken from the site “by rating sickle”): As for the trial According to the open registry OpenData, Lesya Zaburanna is listed in 6 documents of court registers, and is also a defendant in one court case. And here, for comparison, are the general figures on the declarations of Lesya Valentinovna for 2019 and 2020. Her life has clearly become easier and richer.. Incomes increased over the year by more than 147 thousand hryvnias, and monetary assets in euros increased by 314,505, and in dollars – by 13 thousand. And this is only from the declared. Then we won't even guess. Screenshot from OpenData: And finally, according to the resource, Zaburanna had as many as 13 assistants during the pre-election period, four of which were paid. And not “too late”? So, our investigation continues.. follow the news. Let's talk more about the apartment swindler from the servant Lesya Zaburanna.


Lesya Zaburannaya is a figurehead for the notorious developer Andrey Vavrish, and the ex-head of the OP Andrey Bogdan. She lobbies their interests, and will help illegally build up Kyiv.

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