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Yushchenko Petr Andreevich


The elder brother of Viktor Yushchenko, Peter, is quite an "interesting" person in the history of Ukraine. Of course this is sarcasm. Pyotr Andreevich repeatedly in his interviews and appearances in the show spoke about the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes, who spoke Ukrainian, and tried to influence Ukrainian to become the state language of ancient Greece. But these are far from all the "interesting" facts about Ukrainians that Yushchenko came up with. Of course, there are situations much sadder than delusional discoveries. For example, the deceit of artists and cultural figures who, because of Yushchenko, found themselves in large debts, the arms trade, involvement in the bankruptcy of the bank "Ukraine" … Therefore, the financial condition of Petr Andreevich is very impressive. But the unheard-of impudence on the part of Peter Yushchenko was material assistance from the state, which he received already having a lot of money and several types of real estate.

September 15, 1946
Уровень охвата:

Pyotr Andreevich Yushchenko

Official biography

Born on September 15, 1946 in the village of Khorunzhivka, Sumy region. Higher education. In 1970 he graduated from the Kharkov Institute of Public Utilities Engineers, specialty: Electrical Engineer.


06.1998 – Acting Chairman of the Board of the First Investment Bank (PIB). 2002 – People's Deputy of Ukraine of the IV convocation, passed on the list of Viktor Yushchenko's bloc “Our Ukraine”, No. 45 on the list. 2002 – Member of the Our Ukraine faction. 2002 – Member of the VR Committee on Culture and Spirituality. At the time of the elections: President of Sloboda LLC (d.. Kharkiv). “Top 100” most influential people in Ukraine In 2006, in the “Top 100” most influential people in Ukraine, which is determined by the magazine “Korrespondent”, Petr Yushchenko took 60th position. In the early parliamentary elections of 2007, he received a deputy mandate on the electoral list “Our Ukraine – People's Self-Defense” (No. 39). In 2007, in the “Top 100” of the most influential people in Ukraine, which is determined by the magazine “Korrespondent”, Pyotr Andreevich took 53rd position. In 2007, he was ranked 50th in the Focus magazine's “200 Most Influential Ukrainians” rating. In 2008, in the “Top 100” of the most influential Ukrainians, who were identified by the magazine “Korrespondent”, Pyotr Yushchenko took 57th place.

A family

Wife – Yushchenko Elena Nikolaevna Daughter Elena, son Yaroslav Brother – Viktor Andreevich Yushchenko – ex-president of Ukraine Father – Andrey Andreyevich Yushchenko

NOT official biography

Pyotr Yushchenko has been positioning himself as a historian for many years, but he does not have a profile or just a humanitarian education. In the post-Maidan period, Pyotr Yushchenko turned to his fullest. In 2017, on the air of the Ukrainian TV channel Rada, he stated that the famous ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes, a student of Antisthenes, the founder of the Cynic school, spoke Ukrainian and tried to convince the government to make this language the state language in Greece.

“South of Somalia and Ethiopia, there was no civilization and will not be. To the east and northeast of the Don, civilization is conquering, and the civilization that created, including Scythia, Ukraine, which stands on the border – yes, Ukraine is the outskirts, only the outskirts of civilization, this Oikumene, ”Yushchenko argued. When asked by the presenter about whether the Ukrainian language existed in antiquity, Pyotr Yushchenko said: “Certainly. Anacharsis wrote 50 maxims in this language in 600 years. Thus, together with Solon, they created a legal basis, a legal philosophy. And 300 years after that, Diogenes recommended that the Hellenic government use language in governing the country.. There was a language.

Yushchenko's brother got into a scandal: artists were “thrown” for money

The scandal erupted around the project “Great Ukrainians in Portraits”, which for several years was carried out in the exhibition center “Ukrainian House” under the patronage of Petr Yushchenko, the brother of ex-president Viktor Yushchenko. Odessa artist Alexander Kokovich (he painted both original paintings and copies from works by other artists) and frame maker Igor Marchenko say that the organizers owe them a lot of money and are not going to return them. According to them, while the former government was at the helm of the country, there were no problems with payments for the work done, but everything has changed dramatically since the “orange” lost power. Frames and paintings continued to be ordered, but no one was in a hurry to pay for them. As a result, over the past year and a half, the debt for frames for paintings to Igor Marchenko has already reached a substantial amount of 153,000 hryvnias, Alexander Kokovich was more fortunate – he was not paid “only” $ 2,000 for oil paintings.

According to the victims, their calls demanding the return of honestly earned money are either ignored, or Anatoly Kvetny, Petr Yushchenko's deputy on this issue, feeds them with promises. Igor Marchenko told us that he took out a loan secured by baguettes for paintings, and every month he has to pay 200 euros in interest. He is desperate as his business is on the verge of collapse.. The artist Kokovic is not yet in such a desperate situation, but he, in case of ignoring his demands for payment of the debt, is ready for drastic measures.

How to get addicted to coffee in German captivity

Pyotr Yushchenko has a great influence on his brother, and Viktor Andreevich drew many historical ideas from him when he was head of state. At the same time, Pyotr Andreevich put Viktor Yushchenko in an extremely awkward position, saying once: “Our family drank good coffee every day, to which dad became addicted in captivity.” According to the official version, Andrei Yushchenko, the father of Peter and Viktor, fought in the Red Army and then was taken prisoner.. With all certainty, we can say that ordinary prisoners of war had no chance to get addicted to coffee.. In order to enjoy this drink in a concentration camp, it was necessary to be an agent of the administration, and very valuable. .


For the first time, “Sloboda” lit up after the publication of information about the detention in Chisinau of a plane with a load of weapons to Yemen and the “theft of a loan” from the agricultural enterprise “Sokilska”. Both scandals involve the now bankrupt Ukraine Bank, where Viktor Yushchenko began his career and which he oversaw through his people, Viktor Kravets and Petr Mikheev (now both are under arrest). By the way, all firms in which Petr Yushchenko's business interests were present were serviced by Ukraina. As for the first scandal, in addition to Petro Yushchenko, the son of Yevgeny Marchuk and the mayor of Kirovograd also appeared in it. Businessmen decided to make money on the operation of the state-owned AN-26 aircraft, leased from the Kirovograd State Flight Academy. In April 1999, this plane (tail number 26042) took off from Budapest with a cargo of small arms on board (more precisely, 5000 Hungarian-made pistols – a modification of the Makarov pistol). The cargo was destined for the Yemeni Ministry of Defense, and its route lay through Bulgaria. The documents, allegedly due to an oversight of the Hungarian customs, included oil pumps. For some reason, the Bulgarians did not accept the plane, and the Moldovans arrested him for six months. Grigory Malik, Prosecutor General of the Republic, explained this by saying that when requesting an air corridor, the airline hid the true nature of the cargo. They say that Evgeny Marchuk helped save the plane through his Moldovan acquaintances, already being the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council. It is also said that the weapons were not meant for Yemen.. Less interesting is the story with the loan of Sokilske LLC. It was published in the midst of the election campaign by the enemies of P. Yushchenko from the “NRU Bloc” (leader – Bohdan Boyko). “New Ruhovtsy” accused the Kharkiv “Sloboda” LLC of embezzling funds from the bank “Ukraine”.

Involvement in the collapse of JSCB “Ukraine”

In 2002, one of the leaders of the People's Movement of Ukraine bloc, Sergei Konev, accused Petro Yushchenko, the then director of Sloboda LLC, of misappropriating one of the bank's loans.. According to Konev, on May 29, 2000, a loan from the bank “Ukraine” went to the account of Petr Andreyevich's enterprise, and a criminal case was initiated against the head of Sokilskoye LLC (the village of Novochernoglazovo, Yuryevsky district, Dnepropetrovsk region). The scheme was as follows: the director of Sokilskoye LLC signed a “clean payment order”, hoping to receive a loan from the bank in the amount of 500 thousand. hryvnia, but the bank issued only 187 thousand. UAH 909. 68 kopecks. This amount was recommended to be transferred to the settlement account of Sloboda LLC and promised to facilitate lending in the future. When transferring money from Sokilskoye LLC to the bank account of Sloboda LLC, according to Sergei Konev, legal norms were violated on the prohibition of payment for a third party. Pyotr Yushchenko was obliged to return the money received to the sender as an unreasonable recalculation. Instead, a “fake” contract for the sale of equipment was fabricated, Konev insists. Viktor Yushchenko says that his brother, Piotr, is an “honest man” who has no debts to any institution, including the bank “Ukraine”. If Pyotr Andreevich took loans, as Viktor Andreevich insists, then only on a general basis, and he returned them.

Political career

As for the political career of Pyotr Andreevich, it began thanks to his younger brother Viktor. It was he who provided. Yushchenko's seat in parliament. Moreover, today Pyotr Andreevich is directly involved in the coordination of all organizational issues of the Our Ukraine bloc.. Recently, information has appeared that in addition to organizational, P. Yushchenko will also oversee the financial issues of the political force headed by his own brother. It is assumed that he will work together with Ivan Plush.

Revoked doctoral degree

The Attestation Board of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) canceled the decision of specialized academic councils to award the scientific degree of Doctor of Science to Petr Yushchenko for academic plagiarism. The corresponding decision was made at a meeting on February 26, 2020, the press service of the Ministry of Education reports. In particular, the board canceled the decision to award the degree of Doctor of Science to Petr Yushchenko (specialty “History of Ukraine” 07.00.01) due to inconsistency with the proper criteria for doctoral dissertations, in particular, it does not contain author's scientific provisions and scientifically substantiated results in the field historical science, solving an important scientific or applied scientific problem, the presence of textual borrowings and incorrect references. At the same time, the theme of the dissertation is “Kyiv-Russian heritage in the historical memory of Ukrainian society (XII – early XXI centuries)”. In total, the commission canceled 3 awards of doctoral and candidate of science degrees. “It is very important when the professional community is not silent, but calls a violation a violation, plagiarism – plagiarism, imitation of science – imitation. Only when the scientists themselves stand on the side of high scientific standards, we have the opportunity to make a final decision.. Therefore, we are very grateful to everyone who is not silent and does not put up with imitation in their scientific discipline,” said Yegor Stadny, Deputy Minister of Education and Science.

Involvement in RosUkrEnergo

In January 2006, deputies Igor Shurma and Oleksandr Golub published copies of payments for the recalculation of money from RosUkrEnergo, which is an intermediary in Ukrainian-Russian gas relations, to two structures in the United Arab Emirates and the United States. Deputies do not rule out that Pyotr Yushchenko is involved in these firms. According to Shurma, $53 million went to a company called Petrogas, and $12.3 to a firm called Refin commercial company, which is registered in Oregon with an account in the Estonian bank Hansabank.. To confirm the connection of Petrogaz with Petro Yushchenko, Shurma brought only an article from the French website Ukraine intelligence. Viktor Yushchenko denied information about his brother's involvement in RosUkrEnergo: “Please provide materials that confirm this. My brother is already featured in everything – from space to the dungeon. I can't comment on some legends”. (“Kommersant-Ukraine”, March 23, 2006). Pyotr Andreevich himself also denies all accusations: “The RosUkrEnergo company existed under the previous government. How could I in those years be admitted to this company, to this trough? This structure was created by the previous government. One can only guess how it was established by those who led the state at that moment and were responsible for the state of affairs in the industry. But I can't name names, I didn't see it. Here I put an end to it” (“Economic News”, March 24, 2006).

Interesting interview

01/07/2011 Kharkiv channel “Fora” aired a long-winded interview with Petr Yushchenko, brother of the President. It is hard to convey a half-hour stream of consciousness from the economy, gas pipes to Aristotle, the apostles, primates, princes, northern bastards, Cyril and Methodius, who wrote down the ancient Ukrainian alphabet and a single local church, and the poor journalist girl could not even insert a couple of phrases … But now the ending is very characteristic, it explains a lot in the behavior of the “holy family” and their attitude towards us, ordinary people: The wish from Peter Yushchenko on Holy Evening, after the call to choose “your Moses” in the elections, sounded like this: I wish YOU the fulfillment of not those desires, which you wish for! And then a person can wish for himself such that God forbid … I wish YOU the fulfillment of those desires that are necessary … Desires that WE need!

The land on Andreevsky Spusk, where they wanted to create the Slepak Square, was given to the Yushchenko families in 2005

Journalist Arkady Babchenko writes about this. “Remember, we were collecting signatures for a petition to make a square named after Vasily Slepak on Andreevsky Descent in a wasteland? It turns out that this land with an area of 0.06 hectares in 2005 was leased for 25 years to the Sula company,” he writes. According to him, the owners of the company are Petr Yushchenko and Elena Yushchenko. “Brother and son's wife. For the construction of a restaurant and a complex with a store,” the journalist writes.

Yushchenko's appointment of Alexander Sagan as Chairman of the Committee on Nationalities, Migration and Religions

In the winter of 2008, Pyotr Yushchenko appointed Alexander Sagan as chairman of the Committee on Nationalities. This caused a media backlash.. And not in vain. In the summer of the same year, information appeared on the Internet that Sagan was accused of receiving the largest bribe in the history of Ukraine.

Plane passenger scandal

The brother of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko “did everything possible” to write less about the president's family in the media. Passions about the president's son had not subsided yet, when his brother, a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, got into the spotlight. The incident occurred on 27.07.2005 at the airport “Borispol” during the departure of the aircraft of the airline “Aerosvit” No. 101 from Kyiv to Kharkov. After landing, passengers sat for more than an hour on the plane, ready to take off, but the takeoff was constantly delayed without explanation. The most radical citizens proposed to go to the runway. Then, finally, the stewards “split” and explained that they were waiting for another passenger: Petr Andreyevich Yushchenko, the brother of the President of Ukraine, reports From-UA. The VIP passenger never got on board.. An hour and 10 minutes later, the plane finally took off.. People could not calm down for a long time: many of their scheduled meetings fell through, someone was anxiously waiting for relatives. A Mercedes-500 car was waiting for Petro Yushchenko in the VIP parking lot in Kharkov. Apparently, Pyotr Andreevich was so busy that he did not even call the driver. The driver left only after making sure that his boss had not arrived.

Financial situation

Pyotr Yushchenko is not a poor man. According to some information, he owns a house in Kharkov and an apartment in Kyiv.

“Now I know what sloppiness looks like”

I saw the declaration of income of the People's Deputy of Ukraine Yushchenko Petr Andreevich. As it turned out, according to Yushchenko's declaration, Pyotr Andreevich has privately owned apartments with a total area of 302 square meters. His wife has apartments at 229 meters. They also have a house with an area of 477 meters. And now I remember how a year and a half ago I wrote that Petr Yushchenko, despite the demands of his brother-president of Ukraine to refuse deputy privileges, received from the state a free apartment in Kyiv with an area of about 50-60 meters for himself, his wife and son. And these 50-60 meters provided by the state, where they drowned among the apartments of the Yushchenko family with an area of 531 meters. Of course, giving an apartment to a low-income deputy, Petro Yushchenko, was much more important than giving it to those on the waiting list from among doctors, teachers, or firefighters.. (c) journalist Sergei Leshchenko “Ukrainian Truth”.


Pyotr Andreevich at one time, thanks to his brother the president, climbed the career ladder great, and laundered money into his pocket. But in addition to corruption and deception of artists and the illegal sale of weapons, Pyotr Yushchenko goes out of his way to convey to people his idea of u200bu200bfix, supposedly the Ukrainian language and the Ukrainian people were the main and only in the entire history of human existence, it is the Ukrainians who own virtually all historical discoveries. Yushchenko Senior is a disgrace to the Ukrainian nation.

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Brother - Viktor Andreevich Yushchenko - ex-president of Ukraine, has a wife and two children.
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