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Member of the Board of JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia", in April-August 2020, since March 2 ...

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A corrupt official, a man without the slightest drop of conscience ...


Corruption, fraud with tenders ...

Yurik Ivan Ivanovich


Ivan Ivanovich Yurik robbed Ukrazaliznytsia as best he could. Ticket prices rise unreasonably, tenders are held improperly, and Yurik gets richer. He is also ranked among the Ukrainian "soros". In 2009, a little-known American institute published the book Democracy and the Market Economy for Ukraine, which the domestic media dubbed the Soros Manual. The editorial board of the publication then worked as a research assistant at the Institute of International Economics. Peterson Ivan Yurik. This was his first job – immediately after graduating from the Kiev-Mohyla Academy and receiving a grant from Harvard. He graduated from the same school of management named after D.F. Kennedy, whose graduate is the infamous Natalia Yaresko. It was Jaresko who played an important role in promoting Yurik's career.

Ukraine, USA
April 14, 1981
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Yurik Ivan Ivanovich

Official biography

Member of the Board of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”

Place of Birth

Born April 14, 1981.


1998-2002. — National University named after T. Shevchenko, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, diploma with honors; 2002-2004. — Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Consortium of Economic Research and Education, Master's Program in Economics; 2007-2008. — Harvard University (USA), John F School of Management. Kennedy, Public Financial Management Training Course, B.A.


Professional competencies: investment and finance specialist. 2007. — Institute of International Economics named after. Peterson, Washington (USA) – Research Assistant for the Ukraine Economic Reform Review project (the book “How Ukraine became a market economy and democracy” was published). 2010-2014. — Head of the representative office in Ukraine of the international investment company “The Blackstone Group”: corporate transactions with M&A, debt restructuring and capital raising, creation, structuring and implementation of corporate transactions. 2014-2016. — Head of the Service of the Minister (Natalia Yaresko) of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine: coordination and administration of key projects and work processes of the ministry; support of the main initiatives of the ministry in the government and parliament; coordination of the analytical function and work with the media; development of presentation and analytical materials to accompany the activities of the minister. Since 2017. – Deputy Director-Investment Manager of the Investment Promotion Office of the Government of Ukraine UkraineInvest: support and implementation of investment projects involving foreign direct investment in the real sector of the Ukrainian economy: alternative energy, infrastructure (railway, seaports), agro-industry, modern production and new technologies . June 2018. — June 2019. – Member of the Supervisory Board of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”. From June 2019. – Member of the Board of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”. April 15 – August 26, 2020. – Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”. From March 17, 2021. – Appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers as Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”. From 08/12/2021 – Member of the Board of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”.

NOT official biography

And about. Head of Ukrzaliznytsia Yurik is accused of lobbying Soros

Leaders change – corruption remains: top managers of Ukrzaliznytsia are accused of violations in the purchase of oil and lubricants. “How much does a position cost?”, “Yurik stole 80,000,000,” with such slogans, activists came out under the walls of the UZ office on May 25. Recall that the new interim head of the department, Ivan Yurik, was appointed on April 15 this year.. In what scandals has he already managed to “light up” and whose interests he represents – the analysts of StopKora have investigated. Industry players call Yurik a “Compromise” candidate, since Roman Vepritsky and Nikolai Ivanina were considered the main contenders for the position. But the appointment of Ivaniniv, who was supported by the majority of the members of the Supervisory Board, was opposed by Minister Krykliy. It is interesting that Ivan Yurik got into Ukrzaliznytsia during the time of Yevgeny Kravtsov and is considered a man from his orbit. Yurik himself does not object to friendly relations with Kravtsov: “It is no secret that I worked on the board under the leadership of Evgeny Kravtsov, and we were on the same team. By UZ, I worked in an investment promotion agency – Ukraineinvest. Engaged in large investment projects. One of them concerned UZ – we, together with an American manufacturer, successfully implemented an investment project for updating locomotives for the company. As a result of this work, I received an offer from the government to pass the competition and join the Supervisory Board of UZ. Thus, I met the then leader – Evgeny Kravtsov”, He said in an interview with the League. Business”. According to the Shadow Anonimous telegram channel, Yurik's candidacy was actively lobbied by Daniel Bilak, former head of Ukraineinvest and ex-member of the Supervisory Board of Ukrzaliznytsia, representative of CMS Cameron McKenna law firm in Ukraine, and Andrey (Andy) Gunder, interim president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine. Another fact from his biography testifies to the flexibility and ability to adapt Mr. Yurik: For two parliamentary convocations, he was an assistant on a voluntary basis to the People's Deputy Igor Grinev: in the Rada of the IV convocation, when Grinev was in the Our Ukraine Bloc of Viktor Yushchenko, and the VI convocation when the deputy was already representing the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc. Ivan Yurik is also ranked among the Ukrainian “soros”. At one time, he graduated from the same school of management named after D.F.. Kennedy, whose graduate is the infamous Natalia Yaresko. In 2009, a little-known American institute published the book “Democracy and the Market Economy for Ukraine”, which the domestic media managed to dub “Soros' manual”. Personally, George Soros called it “a book that provides an insightful, comprehensive and easy-to-read account of Ukraine's complex transition to a market economy.” The then unknown scientific assistant of the Institute of International Economics named after. Peterson Ivan Yurik. This was his first job – immediately after graduating from the Kiev-Mohyla Academy and receiving a grant from Harvard. Already in 2010, during the deployment of the EEGF II Foundation in Ukraine, Ivan Yurik headed its representative office in Kyiv. It is believed that it was Natalia Yaresko who coordinated his appointment with the American investment fund Blackstoune.


A person named Yurik Ivan Ivanovich appears in court cases on the facts of malicious disobedience to the order of a policeman, driving while intoxicated, hooliganism, violation of traffic rules. The cases were considered in the Mezhyhirya district court of the Transcarpathian region. Stolichny Ivan Ivanovich – obviously, much more educated and refined for the Transcarpathian namesake / relative, however, despite this, in a short time at the helm of Ukrzaliznytsia, he has already managed to light up in several corruption conflicts. In particular, last week a scandal erupted in the media around a tender for meals on Intercity trains.. “Ukrzaliznytsia” suspended the management of the branch “Ukrainian Railway High-Speed Company”, which selected the supplier of food for high-speed trains, due to the non-transparency of the competition. Although in this case the purchase was carried out by a branch of UZSHK, and not by the Supply Center of JSC Ukrzaliznytsia, the scheme is similar to that used during the tender for the purchase of oil and lubricants, when the supplier with a better price offer was simply rejected due to bureaucratic nuances . Another recent scandal concerns the reform of medical institutions of Ukrzaliznytsia. Employees of railway hospitals are sounding the alarm: Natalya Belinskaya, head of the Center for Health Protection branch, approved the new legal status of hospitals as production units, made changes to staffing tables and introduced the position of general director of the hospital – with the authority to dispose of the property of the branch. On May 7, new general directors were appointed virtually without competitive selection, and workers began to be cut. The railroad workers themselves called such actions of the leadership “A cynical and well-thought-out plan of raider capture.” It also became known that the other day, NABU conducted searches of officials of Ukrzaliznytsia JSC and representatives of a number of private companies associated with them. But the new leadership of UZ has not yet commented on the numerous scandals and accusations of corruption schemes – the central office was simply … closed, hiding from the protests of the outraged public.

Money may end up in the pockets of Ukrzaliznytsia

The Capital publication, citing StopCor, noted that “100 million hryvnias could end up in the pockets of Ukrzaliznytsia civil servants, in particular, acting. Chairman of the Board of “UZ” Ivan Yurik and his subordinates in the branch “Production Support Center”: Zolotareva, Shiganova, Dovgalenko and Oleinik, and each passenger will have to overpay for tickets. This can happen because fuel prices are included in the cost of tickets – if it rises, then the cost will be higher. ”


In May 2020, Ivan Yurik published an electronic declaration of his income for the past year. The top official of Ukrzaliznytsia owns an apartment (71.2 sq.m.) in Kyiv, as well as a land plot (1363 sq.m.) and a dacha (41.71 sq.m.) in the village of Vuchkovo, Transcarpathian region. Yurik moves around in a 2011 Ford Kuga Trend. The car cost him 285 thousand hryvnia. In 2020, Ivan's total income amounted to UAH 5.9 million. He keeps 1.19 million hryvnias in the bank. Ivan declared $50,000 in cash.

Polish Solitaire Acting. Head of the Board of Ukrzaliznytsia Ivan Yuryk

How to bring one of the country's largest and strategically important state-owned enterprises to default? How to drive it into debt and make it dependent on foreign creditors, thereby removing the players of the aggressor country from the arena? How, under the guise of an agent of the Kremlin, to complete the first two tasks, get away with it, and earn some good money at the same time? The story of one effective manager with great pseudo ambitions to take the post of head of the board of Ukrzaliznytsia will tell us about this.. Meet the hero of our article – Yurik Ivan Ivanovich.

Our character's path at Ukrzaliznytsia began as a member of the Supervisory Board, but soon realizing that it is impossible to solve the tasks effectively from these positions, he leaves this position and takes the position of a member of the board of Ukrzaliznytsia, who is responsible for the financial vertical of the state enterprise. Working in this position, Ivan Ivanovich becomes the right hand of the then head of the board, Yevgeny Pavlovich Kravtsov, an absolutely incompetent leader both in the financial sector and in the railway industry as a whole. We can say that Yevgeny Pavlovich was a nominal leader, and his orders regarding the finances of the enterprise were completely dictated by Ivan Ivanovich. Thus, another tranche of Eurobonds for a terrifying 500 million was issued.. $, conclusion of an unnecessary loan agreement with the EBRD for the purchase of freight cars for 150 million. $ and even attempts to enter the IPO and the conclusion of a memorandum with Deutsche Bahn, which, fortunately, failed miserably. But the most interesting were the manipulations with the debts of Ukrzaliznytsia to the Russian sanctions banks: Prominvestbank and Sberbank. If it was possible to quickly agree with Sberbank, namely, for receiving certain bonuses, Ukrzaliznytsia continued to pay off the credit line to the sanctioned bank at a fabulous 12% rate. It didn’t work out so easily with Prominvest, Yevgeny Pavlovich, using Ivan Ivanovich’s qualified tips, could not persuade the board of this bank to restructure the debt of Ukrzaliznytsia, forgiving it all penalties, fines, interest and reducing the loan body from 153 million. $ up to 120 million. $. Prominvest simply took and resold the debt of Ukrzaliznytsia to the offshore company VR CAPITAL. But even here the situation turned out to be a success for Ivan Ivanovich, since this agreement on the assignment of debt obligations was concluded with violations of Ukrainian legislation, there was a threat of a double debt write-off both in favor of offshore companies and in favor of Prominvest. Litigation is ongoing in this case, which we will talk about a little later, since the cards of Ivan Ivanovich were confused by the sudden departure with the disgrace of Kravtsova E.P.. and the arrival of the even more incompetent Zhmak V.N., after which Yuryk I.I.. I had to go underground for a while. But after a couple of months Zhmak V.N.. with even greater disgrace, they were expelled from the post of head of the board and a new acting. Yuryk became. After that, Ivan Ivanovich, with a vengeance, began to undermine the financial position of Ukrzaliznytsia, hanging up the payment of dividends for 2019 in the amount of 109 million. UAH. to the locomotive and car repair plants of Ukrzaliznytsia and by pushing the issue of Eurobonds in the amount of 300 million in the Ministry of Finance. $, of which more than 130 million. $ were instantly written off as a debt to the sanctioned Sberbank (and after all, the deadline for repayment of this loan was from the distant 2023). And now it's time to return to litigation on credit debt to Prominvest, which was bought by VR CAPITAL. On July 27, a court session was held to consider the claim of Ukrzaliznytsia to recognize this debt assignment agreement as invalid, at which representatives of Ukrzaliznytsia, probably on the advice of Ivan Ivanovich, challenged the judge, thereby provoking his decision not in favor of Ukrzaliznytsia. And now, Ivan Ivanovich no longer cares how events will develop further, because he completed his task: 1) drove Ukrzaliznytsia into unsustainable debts to foreign creditors (more than 1 billion. $), which in the short term will lead to a technical default of the state enterprise; 2) under the guise of an agent of the Kremlin, he paid off his debts to Sberbank, receiving his bonus from him, and thereby removed the Russian structure from the number of creditors of Ukrzaliznytsia; 3) possibly “leave in disgrace” from Ukrzaliznytsia, thereby avoiding responsibility, before it is too late; 4) left fertile ground for his followers, who will continue to bankrupt Ukrzaliznytsia under the guise of making yet another “highly effective” management decisions, because the stories with Prominvest and VR CAPITAL, Eurobonds, EBRD/EIB loans, debts of the Donetsk railway are still very far from being over …


Yurik ruined Ukrzaliznytsia with his greed. Train tickets are getting more expensive unreasonably, and Ivan Ivanovich is getting richer. A good, working, and most importantly ILLEGAL enrichment scheme. Everything is in the best traditions.

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