Yasinsky Georgy Igorevich - full dossier, compromising evidence


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Yasinsky Georgy Igorevich


What do Yasinsky and other politicians have in common? The ability to deceive people. In addition to the fact that Georgy Igorevich has suspicious business partners like Gontareva, and the experience of working as an assistant to the odious Aryev, there is also a food delivery agency that, through its activities, violates human rights and labor laws in general. Crew-Service is a fraudulent organization led by Yasinsky, which continues to mock customers and employees.

January 26, 1984
Уровень охвата:

Yasinsky Georgy Igorevich

Official biography

Born on January 26, 1984 in Kyiv.


Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman, 2005, finance. Candidate of Economic Sciences.


From 2005 to 2006 – investment consultant at Colliers International LLC. From 2006 to 2008 – Director of Commercial Affairs at Investhouse LLC. Since 2008, founder and director of Homeland Capital (real estate, construction, project and investment management).

Social work

From 2000 to 2006 – an active member of the Scientific Student Society of the Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman; Since 2012 – assistant-consultant of the People's Deputy of Ukraine V.I. Aryev, on a voluntary basis. Since May 2014 – a deputy of the Kyiv City Council, passed on the lists of the UDAR party, secretary of the permanent commission of the Kyiv City Council on budget and socio-economic development.

A family

There is no information about the family on the Internet. Judging by the declaration, George is not married. But he loves being in the company of pretty girls.

NOT official biography

Georgy Yasinsky, a member of the Solidarity team, “forgot” to indicate real estate in his declaration for 2016. In the media, he was called “bezkhatko” because “in his e-declaration, the deputy did not indicate any family members, or housing in the property or the right to use.” Journalists also reported, “Anatoly Velimosky and Georgy Yasinsky, who went to BP on the list” of the Poroshenko Bloc, “did not show their pockets” during the election race. The media ironically noted: “Judging by the published declarations, many metropolitan deputies from the pro-government party live below the poverty line.”. However, Georgy was wearing a watch for a while, which the robbers quietly removed and disappeared into the crowd, which became known to journalists: “People from the deputy’s entourage reported that Yasinsky lost a very expensive model, the average price for which is $ 31,500. About the same price for a one-room apartment in Kyiv.” In the media, George is associated with the ex-head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva: “They have a common business – the construction company Lyudvinovka-31”. They also added that “some old-timer colleagues hint that he comes from a rather 'difficult' family.. He periodically visits the Presidential Administration.” Attendance and deputy requests are the main criteria for analyzing the work of deputies. A deputy's request is the point that not all deputies of the Kyiv City Council fulfill. It is worth noting that a deputy's appeal, which can be written by any chosen one of the people of Kiev, has less force in comparison with a deputy's request. This is due to the fact that the request at the session by voting is supported by the majority of deputies.. Thus, the request is the demand of the entire Rada, and not one deputy. The media wrote that in 2015 “almost three dozen (about 25%) deputies did not even have a single request for consideration by the Rada”. Georgy Yasinsky was also on the list of inactive elected representatives of Kiev.

Schemes, connections

On the sidelines of the Kyiv City State Administration, Georgiy Yasinsky is called a person close to MP Igor Kononenko (Petro Poroshenko's Bloc faction), as well as a friend of MP Volodymyr Ariev. By the way, according to Ariev himself, Georgy Yasinsky is a member of his team. Also, Yasinsky and Ariev are co-founders of the NGO “Development of the Capital”. It is worth noting the well-known business partners of Yasinsky: • in Lyudvinovka-31 LLC, where the deputy acts as a co-founder and co-owner, one of the co-founders is Investment Capital Ukraine Asset Management Company LLC, to which the ex-head is directly related National Bank – Valery Gontareva; • In LLC “Food Online”, where Yasinsky was previously a co-founder, his business partner was Lilia Bubka – the wife of the president of the National Olympic Committee, Sergei Bubka.


Co-owner of the delivery agency “Ekipazh-Service” is Georgy Yasinsky. As he himself says, “crew service” is the delivery of the future, and now people can eat restaurant food without leaving their homes.. But judging by customer reviews, this is a “sharashka office” that clearly does not cope with its duties, operates couriers for free, communicates boorishly with customers, and demands unreasonable money for its blatant lack of professionalism. Here is one of the feedback sites in Ukraine. There are 62 comments on the site. Of which only 3 are positive, and even then they leave the impression of purchased ones. Here are more customer reviews: Here are the reviews of former employees of Crew-Service. As you can see, the attitude towards employees is no better than towards customers: In general, it is still not clear how these swindlers of Yasinsky manage to work for more than 10 years. We can safely say that the description of the “crew-service” does not match the real state of affairs.

Georgy Yasinsky signed food packages from the EU party with his name and distributed them to residents during the pandemic

Deputy of the Kyiv City Council from European Solidarity Georgiy Yasinsky signed with his name the food packages that the European Solidarity party purchased in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, and smashed the residents of the city. Kyiv. Voter bribery added to fraud. We hope that it was not Ekipazh-Service that delivered food packages to people.

Renaming Vatutin Avenue in Kyiv: who voted “for” Shukhevych – by name

On June 1, the deputies of the Kyiv City Council unanimously supported the decision to rename General Vatutin Avenue in honor of the commander of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army Roman Shukhevych. This news caused a great resonance in society, since the role of Shukhevych in Ukrainian history is far from ambiguous.. Some researchers consider him an outstanding member of the nationalist movement, others attribute the organization of mass pogroms and murders among the Polish and Jewish population of Western Ukraine. Such deputies voted “for” the renaming of Vatutin Avenue to Shukhevych (official data of the Kyiv City Council website for 06/01/2017) Deputy faction “SOLIDARNIST”


In his declaration for 2018, the deputy indicated the presence of an apartment with an area of 115.8 sq.m, which is located in Kyiv. Yasinskaya Elena Georgievna, his mother, is the owner of the housing. From valuable property, Georgy declared two pairs of Swiss branded watches (Breguet and Zenith), a collection of icons and paintings, a collection of cufflinks and a crypto asset. Yasinsky also has two cars: Mercedes-Benz S 550 (2007) and Mercedes-Benz S 500 (2014). According to the declaration, in 2018 the deputy managed to earn a total of UAH 1,069,034. George keeps $9,279, EUR 2,990 and UAH 1,277 in bank accounts. Cash – ten thousand dollars, fifteen thousand euros and one hundred thousand hryvnias.


What do Yasinsky and other politicians have in common? Ability to deceive people. In addition to the fact that Georgy Igorevich has suspicious business partners like Gontareva, and the experience of working as an assistant to the odious Aryev, there is also a food delivery agency that, with its activities, violates human rights and labor laws in general. Crew-Service is a fraudulent organization led by Yasinsky, which continues to mock customers and employees.

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