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Vilkul Yuri Grigorievich


The head of the Vilkul clan, who are maximally integrated into the corrupt part of the political and economic system of Ukraine. 2010 was a defining year for the Vilkul family. Yuri becomes the head of the regional council, and Oleksandr runs for deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In turn, all corrupt actions committed by this Vilkul network were aimed at ensuring the interests of the main virtue of the Vilkul family – Rinat Akhmetov. From the arsenal of ways Vilkul came to power, one can name bribery of voters, fraud of votes, fraud with ballots, use of corrupt connections, etc.

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“Clan Vilkula” part 2

Born on 11/14/1949 in Krivoy Rog From 1965 to 1968 – worked as a turner at the Krivoy Rog plant of mining equipment Komunist From 1968 to 1973 – studied at the Krivoy Rog Mining Institute, received a diploma with honors in the specialty “Mining Engineer” 1983 – researcher, deputy. Head of the Trade Union Committee of the Krivoy Rog Mining Institute From 1983 to 1987 – Deputy. Head of Department “Krivorozhkomplektpostav” From 1987 to 2003 – Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, Head of the Research Complex, Head. In the case of Vilkul, the choice was made towards a less dusty, harmful and difficult line of business. During work, Vilkul, along with everyone else, must participate in the party life of society, and at some point Yuri becomes deputy. head of the institute's trade union. Since 1983, Vilkul has held the position of Deputy. Head of the department “Krivorozhkomplektpostach”, and in 1987 he returned to the Kryvyi Rih Mining Institute (in the future, the Krivoy Rog National Technical University). At this university, Vilkul completely closes the direction associated with the defense of diploma and scientific works, as well as obtaining scientific degrees. replenished the number of university students. This direction of activity was put on the conveyor by Vilkul, as well as the work on training future personnel for mining and processing plants and numerous enterprises of Krivoy Rog. The fruits of such a successful position of Yuri Vilkul were already given when his son Alexander became one of the top managers of the Southern GOK and took an active part in the distribution of spheres of influence on this enterprise by the oligarchs Kolomoisky and Akhmetov. As a result of a number of decisions and not without the participation of Yuri Vilkul, his son Alexander took one of the leading positions in the Metinvest holding. This situation can be called natural, since Yuriy Vilkul fully cooperated with representatives of the “Party of Regions” in 2006 for the Vilkul family became a decisive. Yuri becomes the head of the regional council, and Oleksandr runs for deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The same situation happened in 2010 – Oleksandr Vilkul holds the post of governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region, and Yuriy is approved as mayor of Krivoy Rog. Apparently, this position turned out to be the most comfortable and attractive for Yuri Vilkul, since he connected with it for almost 10 years of his life. The period of Yuriy Vilkul's tenure as mayor of one of the richest and most resourceful regional centers of Ukraine is mentioned as an autocratic rule. During this period, the authorities of the city were completely duplicated by similar unofficial structures, the main task of which was to carry out corrupt activities. Thus, Vilkul formed a strong network, appointing his people from among friends and relatives to all key positions in the city.. In turn, all corrupt actions committed by this Vilkul network were aimed at ensuring the interests of the main virtue of the Vilkul family – Rinat Akhmetov. True, in the course of implementing this task, the interests of the city itself are completely ignored and sabotaged, all the vital areas of which are falling into decay.. Many scandalous issues and corruption actions of the rulers of Krivoy Rog can be successfully hidden, but viewers from among the local population, who see everything that happens from the front rows, react very sharply to the situation and, if necessary, take immediate measures to change it democratically. One such attempt to replace Yuriy Vilkul as mayor was the 2015 elections. Then Vilkul was worthy of competition by Yuriy Milobog, who won in 6 out of 7 districts of the city, overcoming even the resistance of the administrative resources used by Vilkul and a series of falsifications. But contrary to the objective situation, by the decision of the CEC, it was Vilkul who was recognized as the winner of the elections (about three thousand people instantly gathered at the rally for Vilkul's resignation). In the future, a series of protests and re-elections dragged out the whole process for a long 6 months, and also resulted in a round sum for the budget. Recall that Milobog was compromised during a discussion with representatives of the “Opposition Bloc” of the amount of monetary compensation, in case of Milobog's refusal from the election race in favor of Vilkul. An important and revealing fact is that the ballots on which the city voted were archived and were supposed to be stored there for at least a year, but under mysterious circumstances they were stolen from there. During the reign of President Poroshenko, nothing was done against Yuriy Vilkul, although a number of criminal cases were formally opened to divert attention, which had no prospects. And thus, Vilkul and his team got the green light to continue their course. After the elections of 2015, the ex-candidate for the mayor of Krivoy Rog, Inna Ivanchenko, applied to the Dzerzhinsky District Court. The essence of the appeal concerned the refusal of the police to initiate a criminal case against Yury Vilkul, who abused his official position during the election campaign. Having considered Ivanchenko's appeal, the court ordered the investigating authorities to conduct an appropriate verification of this fact. During the tenure of Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko, a number of searches were carried out in the premises of the City Council of Krivoy Rog, at the places of residence of officials, as well as at places of entrepreneurial activity.. The reason for their conduct was the verification of the fact of embezzlement of budget funds by Mayor Yuriy Vilkul, his first deputy Yevhen Udod and deputy Oleksandr Katrichenko, for a total of UAH 200 million. According to the declaration, the mayor is 100% owner of the apartment, boathouse and garage. Everything else is owned by his wife Valentina Vilkul or is in “other right of use”. From 05.12.2009 Yuriy Vilkul owns an apartment in the Dnieper with an area of 123.1 m 2 and a cost of 491 thousand. UAH Since November 16, 2003, the mayor owns a boathouse in Alushta with an area of 74.5 m 2 and a cost of 10 thousand. UAH Since 11/16/2003, Vilkul owns a garage with an area of 16.6 m 2 in Alushta worth 3 thousand. UAH Since December 17, 2004, Valentina Vilkul has been the owner of a residential building in Skhodnitsa (Lviv region) with an area of 255.4 m 2 and a cost of 65 thousand. UAH Since 08/06/2003 Valentina Vilkul owns a land plot in Skhodnitsa (Lviv region) with an area of 800m 2 . Since 01/10/2001, Yuri and Valentina Vilkul, on the basis of the “right to use” use a house in Chkalovka (Krivoy Rog district) with an area of 275.1 m 2, costing 149 thousand. UAH The owner of the house is the mayor's daughter Tatyana Mikhalenko (foreign citizenship). Since January 10, 2001, Yuri and Valentina Vilkul have been using a land plot in Chkalovka with an area of 2640 m 2 and a cost of 13 thousand. UAH The mayor's daughter also owns the site. Since April 11, 2008, the mayor's wife has been using an apartment in Krivoy Rog with an area of 77.4 m 2, which is also owned by the mayor's daughter. Since 01/01/1988 Valentina Vilkul has been using garden plot No. 35 with an area of 400 m 2 in Krivoy Rog. The owner of the plot is the horticultural society “Ulybka” In 2015, the mayor's salary amounted to 219 thousand UAH. or 18 thousand UAH. per month. In addition to income received from the budget, Yuriy Vilkul, together with his wife, receive profit from placed deposits. The Vilkul family chose the following banks for the deposit: Vilkul Yuriy Grigorovich: PrivatBank – UAH 73,000, USD 106,000, EUR 77,000 First Ukrainian International Bank – UAH 255,000. Bank Forum – 28 thousand. UAH Vilkul Valentina Alekseevna: The First Ukrainian International Bank – 251 thousand UAH. Bank Forum – 49 thousand dollars Joint-stock commercial industrial investment bank – 101 thousand hryvnias. For 2015, the total amount of deposits of the Vilkul family, at the rate of the National Bank, was UAH 6 million 826 thousand. In addition, Yuri Grigoryevich has, as he claims in the declaration, cash savings: 2 million 800 thousand hryvnias, 48 thousand dollars and 59 thousand euros. From all their contributions and deposits in 2015, the mayor and his wife received 582 thousand UAH. dividends. This amount also included UAH 56,000. dividends received from UkrSibbank, but this information is not entered in the corresponding column of the declaration. Probably, the mayor forgot to indicate it, but the amount of interest is equivalent to about 500 thousand UAH. deposit. In the declaration for 2019, Yuriy Vilkul indicated the following statements: Vilkul's wife Valentina owns a house in the Lviv region, with an area of 255m 2, worth 65 yew. UAH Vilkul uses a house in the village of Chkalovka, with an area of 275 m 2, costing 149 yew. UAH And he also has in use a land plot with an area of 2640m 2, worth 13 yew. UAH in the same s. Chkalovka Valentina Vilkul also owns a land plot of 800 m 2 in the Lviv region and a garden plot in Krivoy Rog, with an area of 400 m 2 on the territory of the garden society “Ulybka”. Yuri Grigoryevich owns an apartment in the Dnieper, with an area of 123m 2 and a cost of 491 yew. hryvnia, as well as a boathouse in the Crimea, with an area of 74m 2, costing 10 yew. UAH The family owns 2 cars: 1. Toyota Land Cruiser 2006, worth 272 thousand. UAH 2. Mercedes-Benz ML-350 2008 The vehicle is registered to Vilkul's wife. Vilkul's income in 2019 amounted to 979 thousand rubles. UAH wages, 396 thousand UAH. interest from the deposits of him and his wife Valentina, their pensions – 168 thousand hryvnia. and green tariff – 104 thousand. UAH In total, in 2019, the income of Yuri Vilkkul and his wife Valentina amounted to 1 million 647 thousand. UAH Yuriy and Valentina Vilkul have a total of 5 million on Ukrainian bank accounts. 800 thousand UAH, 129 thousand euros and 127 thousand dollars. In the declaration of 2020, a garage in the Crimea was added to Vilkul's property, with an area of 16.6 m 2, costing 3 yew. UAH Vilkul's salary turned out to be more modest – UAH 727 thousand, but the interest from the deposits of him and his wife Valentina amounted to more than UAH 800 thousand, the feed-in tariff – 55 thousand. UAH., pensions in total 185 thousand. UAH Total income 1 million. 770 thousand. UAH The total deposits of the Vilkul family in Ukrainian banks amounted to 6 million. 789 out. hryvnia, 128 ths. dollars and 110 thousand. Euro. According to the Delovaya Stolitsa publication, PJSC Elektromashpromservis, PP Spetskontakt, PP Promestetica, PP Promresurs KR, as well as the construction company KROST, the network of mini-markets Semeyka and the network of jewelry shops based on the jewelry factory “Rubin”. The clan also controls 80% of the land market in Krivoy Rog. Summing up the information, we note that, of course, no one found the hand of the clan in the mass importation of “titushki” to disperse the Maidan in Kyiv and the Dnieper. Cases against people from Vilkul’s entourage, about which Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko pompously announced in 2017, also collapsed.. All this has remained banal boasting in social networks. The Vilkul clan actually “privatized” Kryvyi Rih – the son runs the business empire of the family, the father performs representative functions and manages public utilities. But the fact is that the income of the Vilkul family continues to grow rapidly, and this is only official data …

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Wife - Elena Vilkul (born in 1978). Daughter - Maria (born in 2008), son Alexander
The Vilkul clan, the team of the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov
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Kryvyi Rih, Chkalova street 8/1