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Vereshchuk Irina Andreevna


Irina Vereshchuk – the odious ex-mayor of the city of Rava-Russkaya and the fake "Servant of the People". Despite his verbal patriotism, he has direct ties with the Russian world. She left the post of mayor because of the scandalous and hard-to-refute facts about a bribe of $ 200,000, and land scandals. But she did not leave politics, which was a big mistake not in favor of the people. Irina became a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Servant of the People party and continues her corruption deeds.

November 30, 1979
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Vereshchuk Irina Andreevna

Official biography

People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada (VR) of the IX convocation. Member of the Servant of the People faction (No. 29 on the party list). Chairman of the Subcommittee on State Security and Defense. Former Representative of the Cabinet of Ministers in Verkhovna Rada (from September 4 to November 15, 2019). Ex-head of Rava-Russian (2010-2015). PhD in Public Administration. She was an official candidate in the 2020 mayoral elections in Kyiv from the Servant of the People party. Date of Birth – November 30, 1979. Rava-Russkaya, Lviv region


1997 – graduated from the Rava-Russian boarding school. 1997-2002 – National University “Lviv Polytechnic”, military institute, specialty “International Information”. 2002-2005 – Lviv National University. I. Franko, specialty “Jurisprudence”. 2008-2010 – student of the Lviv Regional Institute of Public Administration NAUP. 2015 – PhD in public administration. 2015-2016 – internship in Poland under the Kirkland Program of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation. 2016 – graduated from Krajowa Szkoła Administracji Publicznej (Poland). 2017 – received the degree of associate professor at the NPU named after. Drahomanov. Family Second marriage. Civil husband – Mikhail Viktorovich Kukharenko, co-founder of the branch of the International Association of Veterans of the Alfa anti-terror unit (SBU special forces) in the Lviv region. Judging by open databases, he is serving in the Kyiv military unit E6117 – in the Alfa Center for Special Operations and Combating Terrorism. The first husband of Irina Vereshchuk was also a soldier. Son – Oleg, 2004. R. NOT official biography One of the 6 assistants is Nikolai Bilchenko, who worked for Vitaliy Barvinenko, a former member of the Party of Regions. Irina stated that she did not know this. In September 2019, she stated that NATO does not intentionally accept Ukraine into its ranks and therefore it is worth reconsidering the approach to relations with them: “We want, but they don’t take us. And we knock on closed doors and lose our reputation. We can't go where we're not expected.” On February 3, 2020, on the air of the NASH TV channel, Bragar actively interceded and justified the deputy from the Servant of the People, who the day before proposed to a pensioner from. Ajamka to sell a purebred dog to pay utility bills. In early May 2020, she called for an apology to those who died in Odessa in 2014, which caused a wave of indignation.

Conflict with Poroshenko

Resonance in the media was caused by Vereshchuk’s accusations of the fifth President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, in congratulating Putin on Russia Day after the start of Russian aggression, in response to which Poroshenko objected to this fact and accused Vereshchuk of lying and spreading false Kremlin news. Vereshchuk explained that she took the information from the Channel 24 website, where it was submitted according to the press secretary of the Russian President Peskov.

$200,000 bribe. So, in 2013, Vereshchuk Irina Andreevna was convicted of taking a bribe in the amount of 200 thousand dollars, which, of course, the mayor did not declare.

Schemes, connections

As the mayor of the border town, she carried out active international cooperation, in particular, with the Polish city of Tomaszow Lubelski, the commune of Lubycha-Krulewska, the commune of Telyatyn. Internet publications write that Irina Vereshchuk did not hide the fact that Taras Kozak (deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the IX convocation from the Opposition Platform for Life, No. 10 on the party list, owner of TV channels “NewsOne” and “112.Ukraine”, a friend and business partner of Viktor Medvedchuk – Vladimir Putin's godfather. But in an interview with Channel 24, Vereshchuk claimed that the “International Center for Baltic-Black Sea Studies and Consensus Practices” finances the Institute named after. M.P. Drahomanov and businessman Boris Khranovsky helps him. A “Censor. No,” Vereshchuk explained the information about Kozak by the fact that he, as a deputy of the regional council, “spudded” her as the mayor of Rava-Ruska, offering various budget programs in the interests of the city in exchange for political support. Despite the denials mentioned above, there are rumors that Irina Vereshchuk got into BP thanks to Taras Kozak and Viktor Medvedchuk, who paid $2 million for her. In addition, Arseniy Pushkarenko, Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the 9th convocation from the Servant of the People, acted as the Executive Director of the International Center for Baltic-Black Sea Studies and Consensus Practices and a partner in Everyone Matters.

Scandals, events

In November 2013, the day after the announcement by the Azarov government of the refusal to sign the Association Agreement with the EU, Iryna Vereshchuk, on behalf of the Rava-Ruska community, appealed to the European Union to sign the Association Agreement separately with Rava-Russkaya, considering the official position of the Ukrainian authorities on the suspension of European integration that does not correspond to the interests of the territorial communities. In December 2014, the media wrote that Irina Vereshchuk was robbed. It happened near preschool educational institution No. 1, where the mayor parked and left on business. At that moment, two unidentified men smashed the windshield and stole a bag that allegedly contained $30,000 in cash and documents for the allocation of land. Most likely not “quite legal” allocation. There was no official confirmation of this incident and Irina Vereshchuk categorically denied this fact.

Scandal with Parasyuk

In early 2015, Vereshchuk resigned from the post of mayor.. The press then wrote about a high-profile conflict between Mayor Irina Vereshchuk and People's Deputy Volodymyr Parasyuk (VIII convocation, 2014-2019, non-factional, constituency No. 122 – Zholkovsky and Yavoriv districts of the Lviv region), as a result of which Vereshchuk resigned, saying at the meeting City Council, that “tired of constant pressure and baseless accusations from pseudo-patriots.” Before that, Parasyuk, on his Facebook page, accused Vereshchuk of corruption, saying that she distributes communal lands to relatives, rarely visits the workplace, and city residents more often see her “on Shuster LIVE, where she tells the whole country how to live, however, in practice, everything looks completely different,” write vesti-ukr. Then the city council did not accept the resignation, and Vereshchuk remained the mayor. She appealed to the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a request to assess the actions of MP Volodymyr Parasyuk, since some of them destabilize the situation in the border areas of the Lviv region. Recall that Vereshchuk and Parasyuk were opponents back in the parliamentary elections in 2014, when both ran for the VIII convocation of the Verkhovna Rada.

Vereshchuk in Moscow

In 2015, Irina Vereshchuk went to Moscow to visit her friend, Russian propagandist Marina Akhmedova. On March 27 of that year, the first award ceremony for the French newspaper Le Courrier de Russie took place at the Moscow Documentary Film Center.. Then five cultural figures and philanthropists from Russia and France received awards “for independence of judgment and courage in defending their position”. Propagandist Marina Akhmedova was nominated for the award in the nomination “Best Journalist” for her work in the Donbass. The Internet publication Depo also recalled that in 2013 Akhmedova came to Vereshchuk in Rava-Russkaya and wrote a report about the city, and then, during the election campaign, interviewed her. After 2015, Vereshchuk became a frequent guest of 112 Ukraine, Newsone, Yevgeniy Muraev's NASH.MAXI-TV and ZIK after he changed ownership. Recall that ZIK, 112 Ukraine and Newsone belong to MP Taras Kozak from the Opposition Platform for Life, and, according to media reports, are controlled by Viktor Medvedchuk. Excerpts from Vereshchuk's speeches on these TV channels are reprinted by Russian media, according to

About political activity

Later, Vereshchuk began to defend NewsOne from the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting, which went to court to revoke its license.. Vereshchuk said that the members of the National Council have “professional deformation … I read their decisions, which, in my subjective opinion, are unreasonable,” she said. Irina Vereshchuk generally actively comments on current political events. For example, she is a sharp opponent of Vladimir Vyatrovich (deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the 9th convocation, European Solidarity faction, No. 25 on the party list) to remain head of the Institute of National Remembrance – in her opinion, it is he who is to blame for the fact that between Poland and Ukraine has been engaged in historical disputes in recent years, reports Rzeczpospolita. In November 2019, Irina Vereshchuk told Censor.NET about a meeting with Prime Minister Oleksiy Goncharuk, who, most likely, was dissatisfied with her work and offered to write a letter of resignation. “My function was to communicate. If communication fails, then there must be someone who is the party that is responsible.. I can't replace the prime minister, I can only help communicate. And when the prime minister does not hear, does not feel the need to hear, or does not understand what I am proposing, then it is better that I write a statement and make room for a person who can provide this,” Vereshchuk said. On July 16, 2020, President Volodymyr Zelensky arrived at the primaries of the Servant of the People faction in the Verkhovna Rada of the IX convocation, which were held at the Parkovy International Center. He presented the results of a sociological survey, according to which Vereshchuk is the most promising candidate for mayor of Kyiv from the ruling party.. Zelensky insisted that the faction support Vereshchuk, but after presentations of programs and discussions, a secret ballot was held. According to its results, the participants in the primaries scored the following number of votes: Irina Vereshchuk – 87; Alexander Dubinsky – 41; Nikolay Tishchenko – 30; Dmitry Gurin – 15; Alexander Kachura – 3. Volodymyr Zelensky announced the winner of the primaries Irina Vereshchuk. This meant that she would run for the mayor of Kyiv from the “Servant of the People”. “In addition to all the epithets and qualities of Irina, it is important that she ruled the city. A man with great practical experience,” he said at a briefing after the meeting of the Servant of the People faction. On the same day, with the direct approval of President Zelensky, Vereshchuk called Vitali Klitschko to a debate. July 26, 2020 in an interview with Irina Vereshchuk said that the same election headquarters of the party that worked in the all-Ukrainian elections will work in the upcoming local elections in Kyiv, and Oleksandr Kornienko, the chairman of the Servant of the People party, will head it. Commenting on Zelensky’s plans to nominate Vereshchuk as a candidate for mayor of Kyiv from the Servant of the People, another potential candidate, who received half as many votes in the primaries, Oleksandr Dubinsky, said in a comment to Strana.UA the day before: “We are told that a telephone poll of 2,000 was conducted from Kiev, who showed that Vereshchuk is the most desirable candidate for mayor of Kyiv from our party. But many of us are extremely skeptical about this: Irina Andreevna is clearly not a fighter. And when compromising evidence begins about the land, amber, her work as the mayor of Rava-Russkaya, I think, and connections with the Opposition Platform for Life, Vereshchuk will be “blown away” – and will not even go to the second round. I think it will be hot on the faction, because losing the battle for Kyiv is an extremely bad story.. In the regions, everyone is looking at the capital, and when they see that our candidate is losing miserably, they will fall. And the rating of the party, which leaves much to be desired, will drop even more.” The nomination of Irina Vereshchuk as a candidate for the post of mayor of Kyiv from the party “Servant of the People” caused bewilderment of users of social networks. The future candidate was accused of insufficient managerial experience and involvement in corruption schemes. One of the first to respond was the infamous Euromaidan activist, centurion Vladimir Parasyuk, who had previously had very sharp conflicts with Vereshchuk. Irina Vereshchuk's candidacy has consolidated political experts in the opinion that the “SN” team is “leaking” the elections in the interests of the incumbent mayor, and even with “stupid” burgundy advertising. Considering that during the election shows Vereshchuk did not criticize as much as advertised her opponent, People's Deputy Geo Leros expressed the opinion that after the elections, Klitschko and Vereshchuk would work in pairs. As we approached the election day, Irina Vereshchuk increased her criticism of Vitali Klitschko in the public space, focusing on his spinelessness in relation to the “watchers” and corrupt officials. In August 2020, she harshly demanded to investigate the corruption actions of the current mayor of the capital Vitaliy Klitschko and the “watcher” Denis Komarnitsky. Later, on the same occasion, Vereshchuk called Klitschko a “weakling,” and then stated that her main complaint against the current mayor was that he allowed the “Komarnitskys” to sit on his head and the “Institute of Watchers”, which developed in Kyiv during the leadership of Vitaliy Klitschko poses a threat to national security. On September 10, 2020, in an interview with Dmitry Gordon, the ex-head of the OP, Andriy Bogdan, suggested that Irina Vereshchuk would not be able to defeat the incumbent mayor Vitali Klitschko in the elections, and the OP was aware of this, therefore, according to the OP’s plan, she would have to take the post of head of the Kyiv City State Administration and become the actual owner of the capital. However, according to Bogdan, the Presidential Office does not understand that it is not possible to implement this plan at the legislative level. On September 11, on the air of the talk show “People Against,” Vereshchuk again called Klitschko to a debate that did not take place, since the mayor’s team was fundamentally against his participation in any debate. On September 18, political expert and blogger Viktor Taran “wrote” in a message on his Facebook page: “Fresh insiders came from the headquarters of the candidate for mayor of Kyiv Irina Vereshchuk. They say she is seriously planning to withdraw her candidacy from the election.. The reason is the sabotage of her campaign by the “curators” of the Kyiv elections “Servants of the People” – People's Deputy Nikolai Tishchenko, “looking” Denis Komarnitsky and a representative of the forever young team of the ex-mayor Leonid Chernovetsky – Alla Shlapak “.

Income, property

The media note that Irina Vereshchuk, demonstrating rather modest official income and lack of monetary assets in her declaration, dresses expensively.. Her outfits, which she changes quite often, are estimated at 6-7 thousand. dollars. So let's look at the declaration of the “modest” ex-mayor. And we find out what the material condition of the former mayor is. In accordance with the data of the declaration for 2019 – since 2017, Irina Vereshchuk, together with her family, has been renting an apartment in Kyiv 95 sq. m, owned by Volchenko Darya Sergeevna. Since 2019, Vereshchuk owns: 50% of an apartment in Brovary, Kyiv region. 37.6 sq. m together with Kukharenko Valentina Pavlovna; 60% apartment in Lviv 53.2 sq. m together with Smik Olga Teodorovna (she was the head and liquidator of the NGO “Regional Development Agency “Zholkivshchyna – European House”); 50% apartment in Lviv 45.5 sq. m together with Kukharenko Viktor Sergeevich; apartment 38.6 sq. m – in Rava-Russkaya. Since 2019, Irina Vereshchuk owns two land plots: 1000 sq. m. – in Rava-Russkaya and 19 thousand 977 square meters. m – in Soloshin, Zholkovsky district. Vereshchuk's common-law husband, Mikhail Kukharenko, has owned a land plot of 800 square meters since 2014. m in the Gorodoksky district of the Lviv region and since 2016 – a land plot of 891 sq. m. in Lebedevka, Vyshgorodsky district, Kyiv region. Only Irina Vereshchuk has a car in the family – since 2018, Toyota Camry, released in the same year. At the end of 2019, Irina Vereshchuk received an income in the amount of UAH 518 thousand 762: UAH 43 thousand. – Salary in NPU them. Drahomanov, 150 thousand. UAH – a fee from Systemtrade LLC, 69 thousand UAH. – salary at Alpari Bank, UAH 25 thousand. – salary at the Institute of Ecology, Economics and Law, UAH 24 thousand. – salary in the NGO “International Center for Baltic-Black Sea Studies and Consensus Practices”, UAH 172 thousand. – deputy salary and 33 thousand. UAH. – a material benefit from the Servant of the People party to pay for the cost of education. In 2019, the civil husband Vereshchuk received only a salary in the military unit E-6117 in the amount of 898 thousand. 73 hryvnia. Only Irina Vereshchuk had savings and kept them only in cash – 130 thousand. hryvnia and 15 thousand. Doll. USA. According to the YouControl analytical system, since 2013 Irina Vereshchuk has been one of the founders of Ukrainian Amber Exchange LLC (Kyiv, EDRPOU 39030399), profile – wholesale trade, production of jewelry and similar products. Activity has been terminated. In accordance with the report of Irina Vereshchuk, in the period from September 22 to October 28, 2020, in the local elections of 2020, her electoral fund was filled exclusively with funds from the local organization of the political party “Servant of the People” in the amount of 25 million 118 thousand. 300 hryvnias. The fund was used almost completely with the balance of UAH 268.65. The manager of the account was Natalya Zubchenko, an assistant-consultant to the People's Deputy Vereshchuk in BP on a voluntary basis.

Fight between Leros and Buzhasky because of Irina Vereshchuk

In December 2019, in the Verkhovna Rada, Maxim Buzhansky had a fight with Geo Leros (then still a member of the Servant of the People faction) because the latter in the faction’s chat seemed to have spoken obscenely about Irina Vereshchuk. Vereshchuk herself was “touched and amazed” by the act of Buzhansky, who “did not tolerate when someone tries to rise above a woman in this way.”

What happened to Rava-Russian after Vereshchuk left?

The current mayor of Rava-Ruska, Nikolai Zinko, headed the city immediately after Irina Vereshchuk and added that the settlement was not in the best condition after her departure. According to media reports, Irina Vereshchuk left the post of mayor of Rava-Ruska ahead of schedule, allegedly because of a land scandal. “There was a big scandal, we are talking about almost 400 land plots. And the documentation was developed by a relative of Irina Vereshchuk for an amount that was higher than the market,” Zinko revealed the details of the scandal. Residents of Rava-Russkaya, where Vereshchuk was the mayor, do not hide their attitude towards the ex-mayor, barely choosing words. “I don't even want to remember. She sold half of Rava”, “We don’t remember good things about Vereshchuk”, “I would not advise the people of Kiev to do this. Let them come to their senses and think well,” local residents said in conversation with reporters.

Fake “Servant of the People”

Today, some media, calling the political expert a fake “Servant of the People”, also note that it is broadcast on separatist online resources.. They note that the ex-mayor is also very fond of anti-Ukrainian publications, which speak unflatteringly about Ukrainians and even call for killing them.. In particular, Ukraina.Ru, Antifascist and others.

Conflict with Stepan Tsiolkovsky

In 2013, during a meeting, the mayor of Rava-Russkaya, Irina Vereshchuk, called the head of the Zhovkovsky Regional State Administration Stepan Tsiolkovsky a clown. He went to court for the protection of honor and business reputation. The court considered that it was “an exchange of remarks at a meeting”, and the official was denied satisfaction of the claim for the protection of honor and dignity.

Vereshchuk sued VO “Svoboda”

The mayor of Rava-Russkaya Irina Vereshchuk sued the Zhovkovsky district organization of the VO “Svoboda”. The mayor accuses the political force of disseminating false information on the official website of the VO “Svoboda” dated September 6, 2013, the press service of the Rava-Russkaya City Council reported. Almost the entire article, according to the mayor of the city, is a set of distorted, unreliable, offensive statements and statements on it, distorting the actual development of events. In particular, it says that the “Svobodovites” seem to have exposed the machinations of Irina Vereshchuk and her relative, the deputy chairman of the land commission, around the distribution of land plots in Rava-Ruska. Everyone knows the irrefutable facts about connections with Medvedchuk, bribes, illegal distribution of land. And people sincerely hope that very soon, Irina Andreevna will leave politics, and finally begin a righteous life.

Личные данные

Civil husband - Mikhail Viktorovich Kukharenko, co-founder of the International Association of Veterans of the Alfa anti-terror unit (SBU special forces) in the Lviv region, son Oleg (born 2004)
Viktor Medvedchuk
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