Vasilkovsky Igor Igorevich - full dossier, compromising evidence


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The son of a construction magnate, whose business is conducted with systematic violations, ...


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Vasilkovsky Igor Igorevich


Vasilkovsky is a representative of the "golden youth", to whom his father-entrepreneur presented business (LLC "KMD" Cambio "), power, money and the position of people's deputy. This was done not without a share of the need to lobby the family's business, but also with the interest of Vasilkovsky's cooperation with the construction magnate Adnan Kivan and the head of the customs mafia, Ilya Pavlyuk, nicknamed "Chicken House". During the election campaign, Vasilkovsky completely compromised himself. As a businessman, he showed himself unreliable. Involved in a drug scandal. But will this interfere with a person who in 2019 was simply presented with 2 million hryvnias, and he declared 10 watches worth 7.5 million hryvnias. For this, the status of a people's deputy is just an investment and insurance.

Уровень охвата:

Igor Igorevich Vasilkovsky

Born March 31, 1985 in. Odessa. He received three higher educations at the National University of the State Tax Service of Ukraine (specialty “Law Enforcement”), at the Faculty of Law of the National University “Odessa Law Academy”, as well as the qualification of a manager of foreign economic activity at the Kherson Institute of Economics and Law. From 2002 to 2006 – a cadet of the tax police department of the Academy of the State Tax Service of Ukraine From 2006 to 2007 – assistant investigator of the criminal investigation department of the investigation department of the tax police of the state tax administration in the Odessa region district of the Odessa region Later in 2007 – detective of the department for combating illegal circulation of excisable goods and other goods of the operational department of the main department of the tax police of the Specialized State Tax Inspectorate for CIT in the city. Odessa. From 2007 to 2013 – Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors for General Affairs of PSG Cambio-Invest LLC 2014 – Creation of the Ukrainian Crowdfunding Platform “Na-Starte” servicing large payers in Odessa of the Interregional Main Directorate of the Ministry of Income. From 2015 to the present Member of the Supervisory Board of PSG Cambio-Invest LLC 2017 – Creation of the Concrete Museum on the territory of his enterprise (2,500 unique exhibits) 2017 – Creation of a branch of the Construction Department of the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture at the enterprise of LLC PSG Cambio -Invest”, where students do internships and implement their own projects From August 2019 – People's Deputy of Ukraine of the IX convocation From September 2019 – Head of the Subcommittee on Maritime Transport of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Transport and Infrastructure In February 2020 – received a PhD in Law , at the Private Higher Educational Institution “European University” Married. Raising a daughter. The secret of Vasilkovsky's success, which led him to victory in the parliamentary elections, is unknown. Nevertheless, there is information in the media that in some way significantly increases the scale of misunderstanding of the fact that Vasilkovsky was elected as a People's Deputy of Ukraine… Thus, during his election campaign, Vasilkovsky chose a strategy of systematic attacks and statements in the direction of his opponent, deputy Sautenkov, who is participating in the struggle for a parliamentary mandate.. Quite naturally, in response to propaganda criticism from Vasilkovsky, Sautenkov invited the latter to a televised debate, in response to which Vasilkovsky declared his unwillingness to conduct a dialogue with people like Sautenkov, but later accepted the offer. At these debates, in addition to candidates for deputies, their electorate was present. Arguments from Vasilkovsky regarding Sautenkov were, one might say, standard – he accused practically his peer of plundering the country and separatism and partially spoke in the direction of the opponent's voters present. Vasilkovsky got into an embarrassing situation, promising during the debate to solve the problems of a kindergarten that does not exist, while declaring that he personally inspected its technical condition by visiting the village. Kryzhanovka, Limansky district, Odessa region. The same flurry of criticism and irony was caused by the attempts of the Servant of the People to show their awareness of food prices. In the course of an attempt to classify himself as “ordinary citizens”, Vasilkovsky was rightly convicted of owning 5 apartments and a fleet of almost 10 cars, which at times increases the gap between him and the average Ukrainian, who is practically driven to despair by the policy of utility tariffs , salaries and taxes. An illustrative argument on the part of Vasilkovsky in this situation was the phrase: “Well, so what?”. During these debates, Vasilkovsky demonstrated complete incompetence in preparation, ignorance of the necessary information, formulated several absurd concepts of his actions in the event of election, and, as a result, received a ban from the party's election headquarters to take part or hold meetings with voters. The fact that Viktor Oleinik, one of the leaders of the Odessa Anti-Maidan, the ataman of the Union of Faithful Cossacks of the Black Sea named after him, also gave spice to the election campaign with Vasilkovsky.. A. Suvorov, who in the spring shouted “Novorossiya!” and called the “Russian world” to Odessa, and in the summer he went to the Golden Gate battalion. Oleinik was noticed not only in Vasilkovsky’s campaign video, but also at some meetings of the Servant of the People party. Previously, Oleinik was a supporter of the Novorossiya project.. He sent “titushki” to the Kyiv Euromaidan. After the victory of the Revolution of Dignity, he suddenly became a patriot. But his further, as it were, patriotic actions became the subject of scandals. The main speech of the Servant of the People party was the certified cleansing of Ukraine from corruption, looting and hypocrites, including through the formation of a team of new people who were not part of the old political system: “We are launching a second wave – we are bringing honest and decent people to parliament who are ready to serve the people, not the oligarchic clans… All for the sake of the goal – to build a country in which you want to live!. At the same time, the choice of candidates for this team, to put it mildly, does not correspond to the stated goals and falls on people with a heavily tarnished reputation. So, in the 139th district, the Servant of the People was elected to parliament – a businessman, co-owner of the industrial and construction group Cambio-Invest Igor Vasilkovsky. Not just a people's deputy, but a child of the “golden youth”, whose father is a very big businessman Igor Ivanovich Vasilkovsky, since childhood spoiled his son. But children grow up and gifts become more expensive, including the chair of a deputy … Before his election in the parliamentary elections, Vasilkovsky successfully combined service in the fiscal authorities and entrepreneurial activity, being engaged in a family business, into which his father Igor Ivanovich Vasilkovsky brought him. The budget-forming, key enterprise of the family is LLC “Combine of low-rise housing construction” Cambio “, which occupies the leased facilities of the Prodmash plant, and specializes in the production of concrete blocks, paving slabs and finishing materials. Around KMD Cambio, the Vasilkovskys built a network of “layout” enterprises engaged in the sale of products and asset management of the main enterprise – Cambio LLC, Cambio Trading House LLC, PSG Cambio-Invest LLC, co-founded by members families and relatives of the Vasilkovskys. This policy is valid for all of the above companies, except KMD Cambio LLC, whose founders regularly include new investors. for example, someone Yuri Grabilin. The next most profitable among the enterprises of Vasilkovsky is, owned equally by Vasilkovsky's father and the now deceased Igor Revin, a sand pit located in the Kherson region (Georesursy LLC). At the same time, not everything is so smooth in the business of the Vasilkovsky family … In doing business, demonstrating his dominant position and complete disregard for his employees, Vasilkovsky systematically does not pay salaries to employees, sometimes delaying them for up to six months. Salaries themselves are paid at the level of the minimum established by the legislation of Ukraine, while its main part is issued in envelopes. Also, employees who, unable to withstand the bullying, leave on their own, remain without pay.. Thus, the increase in labor and tax legislation is the norm for Vasilkovsky's business. This attitude was awarded not only to ordinary employees of the Vasilkovskys, but also to hired architects. So, the architect Sergey Malyavkin was forced to turn to the confidant of Vasilkovsky Jr., Dmitry Kovbasyuk, in order to achieve the same after a year and a half of receiving payment for the completed project. The architect had to resort to such measures, since Vasilkovsky Jr. considers it normal to stop answering his calls from a person who asks for honestly earned money. As a result of communication, Malyavkin also found no other way out than to advise Kovbasyuk to go to court. In the course of the analysis of the Unified Register of Court Decisions, one can be convinced that in addition to violations with non-payment of salaries to employees, Vasilkovsky's enterprises systematically have problems in fulfilling obligations to creditors and counterparties. In 2009, Cambio LLC overdue the payment of a loan to Swedbank, resulting in a debt of 228 thousand. UAH. By the decision of the Economic Court of the Odessa region dated May 28, 2010, this debt was recovered by foreclosing the collateral, while the defendant in the case, Cambio LLC, did not recognize the debt. A similar situation arose with a loan provided by Yugkombank to Cambio LLC in 2011. Then Yugkombank provided the Vasilkovsky enterprise with a credit line in the amount of UAH 4.5 million. maturing until August 2014, but Vasylkivsky's enterprise violated its obligations under the contract in the amount of UAH 3 million, and Yugkombank was forced to apply to the Economic Court. The court refused the bank's claim to recover the debt from the guarantors of Cambio-Stroyservice LLC, but the Vasilkovskys, without waiting for the foreclosure of their property, entered into an amicable agreement with the bank, repaying the loan only by 2018. Vasilkovsky's counterparties do not become an exception in the principles of doing business, and fall into similar situations. Thus, the Economic Court of the Odessa Region recovered from KMD Cambio LLC in favor of Gidrostroy Ukraine LLC 410 thousand. UAH. As it turned out, Gidrostroy Ukraine LLC, according to the supply agreement, ordered building materials from the Vasilkovsky enterprise for the specified amount, which was transferred in August 2018. But at the same time, for some reason, KMD Cambio LLC did not fulfill the contract for almost a year, as a result of which the case also ended in the Economic Court. Despite this, there are reasonable doubts about the ability of Gidrostroy Ukraine LLC to return the amount owed.. In fact, KMD Cambio LLC has practically no property of its own. According to some reports, most of the campaign program of Vasilkovsky Jr. was also paid from the accounts of this enterprise, including expensive advertising on billboards placed along the South Road in Odessa, the rental price of which starts from 3 thousand. dollars. In his personal life, Vasilkovsky behaves similarly, grossly violating credit discipline.. So, being a borrower – an individual, Vasilkovsky took a loan from a bank secured by an apartment and a car.. As a result, delays in payments and a terrible credit history, thanks to which Vasilkovsky enterprises began to be denied loans, even under the most favorable conditions. Under such conditions, the Vasilkovskys developed an alternative scheme for overcoming crisis situations, usually by attracting investors to participate in the business, who are predicted huge profits, as a result of the sale of huge volumes of building materials. The previously mentioned entrepreneur from Belgorod-Dnestrovsk, Yuriy Grabilin, became one of these investors, having contributed UAH 4.8 million to the authorized capital of KMD Cambio LLC. At the same time, the investor could not imagine that his entire investment would be dissolved in the company's debt obligations and in a small part to maintain current activities.. In the absence of prospects, new large orders, as a result of a damaged business reputation, the management of KMD Cambio LLC is unlikely to hope for a profit, and most likely, if the trend continues, it may prepare for bankruptcy. The situation with Vasilkovsky’s business, described for clarity, in no way affects the quality of his life and scope.. He also uses private security and travels in a luxury SUV, the Range Rover brand. If you trust Vasilkovsky’s declaration for 2018, he received 105 thousand rubles at his main place of work.. UAH. Part-time employment brought him another 4 thousand. hryvnia, income from the lease of property amounted to 65 thousand. UAH The Vasilkovskys own 7 land plots, 6 apartments and a residential building, and the family's car fleet includes 9 cars: MAN 18.363, 2004, TOYOTA CAMRY, 2008, GAZ 33023, 2008. MERCEDES-BENZ L 508D, 1986, VOLKSWAGEN LT 45, 1991, MAZ 5551, 1992, TOYOTA COROLLA, 2012 , TOYOTA COROLLA, 2008, TOYOTA CAMRY, 2013 Another scandal involving Vasilkovsky happened in July 2020, when a people's deputy from the pro-presidential party was detained by employees of the SBI in Odessa. During the inspection near Vasilkovsky, drugs were found. This fact is confirmed by blogger Anastasia Azarova on her Facebook page. According to information tacitly coming from Vasilkovsky's colleagues among the people's deputies, “he regularly indulges in white powder”. So behind Vasilkovsky's back, information is constantly being circulated that during parliamentary meetings, as well as during legislative activity, he uses and carries with him various drugs from marijuana to cocaine. Despite this information, the car Vasilkovsky was driving was not inspected, and the deputy himself was released by law enforcement officers.. By the way, Vasilkovsky traveled in a TOYOTA Land Cruiser jeep, which is not in his declaration. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that Igor Vasilkovsky is a citizen not only of Ukraine, but also of Israel and Bulgaria. One of the unofficial sponsors of Vasilkovsky is also the controversial Odessa construction magnate Adnan Kivan, who provided support during the election campaign by employees of his media holding. Adnan Kivan appears in a number of scandals regarding illegal developments and land acquisition in the Odessa region, and was also accused of financing terrorism in 2017. According to some available information, in response to Kivan's help, a number of people loyal to him from among the employees of the media holding continue to support Vasilkovsky as his assistants. At the moment, Igor Vasilkovsky is a member of the customs mafia group of Ilya Pavlyuk, nicknamed “Kuryatnik”, a man who helped candidates from the Servant of the People party win parliamentary elections in a number of regions. . According to one version, it was on Pavlyuk’s command that the deputies “obliged” to him sabotaged the voting on some bills, going against the general vision of the faction. Among these deputies was Vasilkovsky.

Личные данные

Wife - Elena. Daughter - Elizabeth
is a member of the customs mafia group of Ilya Pavlyuk
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Odessa, st. Lustdorf road, 162/33