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Vasilkovsky Igor Igorevich


Igor Vasilkovsky is a "new face" with old debts. As you know, Vasilkovsky made hell at his enterprise "Cambio-Invest". The workers complain about the delay in wages, the bestial attitude, but of course there is no justice for the malicious boss. As a deputy, he also did not show any good intentions. He communicates boorishly with voters, lies to them despite the sad facts, and recently drugs were found in his car. Naturally, corruption and plundering of the poor people in his plans is set by default. And he is doing well with these plans.

Ukraine, Bulgaria, Israel
Ukraine, Bulgaria, Israel, Russia
March 31, 1985
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Vasilkovsky Igor Igorevich

Official biography

Igor Vasilkovsky was born on March 31, 1985 in Odessa. 2002 – 2006 – Cadet of the Faculty of Tax Police of the Academy of the State Tax Service of Ukraine. 2006 – 2007 – Assistant investigator of the criminal investigation department of the investigative department of the tax police of the state tax administration in the Odessa region. 2007 – Detective officer of the operational department of the tax police department of the state tax inspectorate in the Ovidiopol district of the Odessa region. Operative officer of the department for combating illegal circulation of excisable goods and other goods of the operational department of the main department of the tax police of the Specialized State Tax Inspectorate for working with CIT in the city. Odessa. 2007 – 2013 – Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors for General Affairs of PSG Cambio-Invest LLC. 2014 – 2015 – Investigator of the Department of Operational Support for the Administration of VAT of the Operational Department of the Specialized State Tax Inspectorate for Servicing Large Payers in the city. Odessa Interregional Main Directorate of the Ministry of Income. From 2015 to the present Member of the Supervisory Board of PSG Cambio-Invest LLC. In the 2019 parliamentary elections. candidate for people's deputies from the Servant of the People party in the 139th territorial district. On July 21, 2019, he was elected a People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the IX convocation.

A family

Wife – Elena Leonidovna. He has a daughter, Elizabeth.

Not official biography

On July 27, 2020, MP from the ruling Zelensky party, Igor Vasilkovsky, was detained by employees of the State Bureau of Investigation in Odessa. He had drugs on him.. This was announced by blogger Anastasia Azarova on her Facebook page. As Anastasia Azarova writes on her blog, “it’s not worth looking far for evidence, because colleagues of MP Igor Vasilkovsky “behind his back they say that he regularly indulges in white powder. At work, that is, during voting in the Rada, as well as during legislative activity – Vasilkovsky always has with him no matter how “plan”, so “coke”. In conclusion, returning to the very incident of the detention of “servant of the people” Igor Vasilkovsky, blogger Azarova said that he was still able to negotiate with the employees of the State Bureau of Investigation: “Vasilkovsky still managed to get through to the right people: the car full of drugs was never searched, but the “servant of the people” himself was released.”

Broken Promises

According to analysts of the Word and Dilo project, the deputy fulfilled only 10% of his election promises, or rather, three. As promised, he supported the bills on the abolition of parliamentary immunity, impeachment and the reform of the prosecutor's office. At the same time, in his program, Vasilkovsky promised to personally introduce a number of high-profile bills. It is known that the far from poor people's deputy uses the financial “buns” of parliamentarians and receives monetary compensation for living in the capital. At the dawn of Vasilkovsky's deputy career, there were rumors that he had ambitions to take the chair of the mayor of Odessa. But, as we can see, the comedian Oleg Filimonov liked Zelensky more. Eldzhey Vasilkovsky's speech appears in the Bihus.Info investigation about a group of Servant of the People deputies who regularly vote, sign a submission, or support information campaigns beneficial to the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. In particular, Vasilkovsky was among those who failed to vote for the bill “On the Non-Payment Crisis”, as Ukrayinska Pravda previously wrote.. Also, the “Akhmetovites” failed to vote for the inclusion of a bill on changes to the budget for 2020 on the agenda.. They voted only when a clause favorable to Akhmetov appeared there on state guarantees regarding payments under the “green tariff”. They failed in the appointment of Yury Vitrenko as Minister of Energy, who should replace Akhmetov's people in the ministry.

As journalists found out for the Schemes project, Vasilkovsky lobbied for the arrival of Russian singer Eldzhey to Ukraine – despite the fact that at that time the Security Service of Ukraine had a ban on entry for him due to tours in Crimea after the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula by Russia. In a deputy appeal to the State Border Service, Vasilkovsky asked for clarification about the possibility of the Russian rapper entering and being allowed to participate in tours on the territory of Ukraine. So, on May 19, 2020, Vasilkovsky sent a deputy appeal addressed to the chairman of the GNSU Sergey Deineka, in which he asked for an official position and clarifications “on the possibility of entry and admission to participation in tour events on the territory of Ukraine of a citizen of the Russian Federation Uzenyuk Alexei Konstantinovich (pseudonym – Eldzhey)”. The people's deputy explained this request by the fact that the organizers of concerts and tours in Odessa and the region had previously approached him with this question. By that time, there was a ban on entry into Ukraine of this Russian singer through concert activities in the occupied Crimea. When asked by journalists in whose interests the people's deputy wrote appeals, Vasilkovsky replied that “in the interests of LJ, he is a creative guy, he must act.” Deputy appeals are not public and are not registered by the apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the investigation says. The use of the right to a deputy appeal in their own interests in the NAZK is called one of the most frequent violations by officials. THE CANDIDATE FROM THE ZE-TEAM VASYLKOVSKY DISHAMED IN FRONTANKA RESIDENTS Candidate for people's deputies of Ukraine from the 139th constituency from the “Opposition Platform – For Life” Vitaliy Sautenkov called his opponent in the pre-election struggle, the candidate from the “Servant of the People” party Igor Vasilkovsky to a televised debate. As the candidate Sautenkov himself explained, he did this after watching videos of his meetings with voters on Igor Vasilkovsky’s official Facebook page, which boil down to stating the poor economic situation of the residents of the district and blaming Sautenkov as a deputy of the Odessa Regional Council for some reason . Vasilkovsky refused to debate, arguing that there was nothing to talk about with Sautenkov, writes But the debate still took place.. And the candidate from the “Servant of the People” debated not so much with Vitaly Sautenkov, but with the residents of Fontanka, where he arrived at the same time as his opponent. Again, Igor Vasilkovsky tried to brush aside the questions of his peer Vitaly Sautenkov, saying that he was a separatist and plundered the whole country in 28 years. But at the end of the conversation, he was openly rude to the residents, whom he actually came to agitate to vote for himself. All because Igor Vasilkovsky again mixed everything up, in which village, what problems, where there are kindergartens, and where it is necessary to build, for what money can a dam be built. Speaking about the problems of the Fontanskaya school, I was forced to admit that I had never been to the educational institution itself.. But the speech about the lack of places in the kindergarten in Kryzhanovka caused laughter among local residents. The candidate, it turns out, did not even know that there was no kindergarten in Kryzhanovka, but he analyzed the technical condition of the mythical garden and came to the conclusion that everything is bad there. Also, Igor Vasilkovsky's statement that he bought 1.5 kg of fat for 16 hryvnias in one of the villages of the Velikomikhaylovskiy district caused a friendly laugh. People began to ask with laughter in which village they give out bacon for free in order to go there to buy up.
When Vasilkovsky tried to tell the residents that he was just like them, a simple person, he was asked about his wife's business, as well as 5 apartments recorded on her, and 9 cars on him. Called all this information lies.. When his electronic declaration was opened in front of him, the candidate was surprised and said that this could not be, it was all fake, and asked his assistant to go to the official website of electronic declarations. There I saw the same declaration with cars, apartments, land. The answer followed: “So what?” Fontanka residents advised the candidate for people's deputies, before going to the highest legislative body of the country, hiding behind the name of Vladimir Zelensky, first to study and start his political career from the bottom, in order to still study the problems of the district and each village. To which Vasilkovsky again dismissed his voters, saying that all this is difficult, so they will write a “road map” with problems for him, he will endorse it and will study it. For this, Igor Vasilkovsky goes to the Verkhovna Rada – not to solve the problems of the district, but to collect and study. At the same time, Vasilkovsky is sure that the inhabitants of the district are simply obliged to vote for him. After all, they voted for Vladimir Zelensky in the presidential election. Vasilkovsky mixed everything up again – he is not Zelensky, and no one owes him anything, despite the fact that it is not clear how this random person got into the team.

Anti-Maidan organizer and three citizenships

During the pre-election race, the Dumskaya portal reported that Viktor Oleinik, one of the organizers of the Anti-Maidan in Odessa, was campaigning for Igor Vasilkovsky. This figure was noticed not only in Vasilkovsky's campaign video, but also at some meetings of the Servant of the People party. Previously, Oleinik was a supporter of the Novorossiya project.. He sent “titushki” to the Kyiv Euromaidan. After the victory of the Revolution of Dignity, he suddenly became a patriot. But his further, as it were, patriotic actions became the subject of scandals. To all this, it should be added that Igor Vasilkovsky has not only Ukrainian, but also Israeli and Bulgarian citizenship.. This is reported in the media.

How much and to whom?

“In the response of the NACP, provided to the third request of the Chesno movement, it is reported that 23 people’s deputies noted individuals and legal entities to whom they transferred their own companies to manage. Among these deputies there are representatives of all factions and groups in the Verkhovna Rada, as well as non-factional people's deputies, but most of them are in the pro-government faction “Servant of the People” (7% of the faction) and in the “Opposition Platform – For Life” (slightly more than 4% from the composition of the faction). The largest number of enterprises were transferred to management by a member of the Doverie parliamentary group, a majoritarian from the Donetsk region Maxim Efimov (18) and a “servant” – a majoritarian from Odessa Igor Vasilkovsky (13),” analysts say. Igor Vasilkovsky handed over 13 enterprises to the management of PSG Cambio-Invest LLC. This industrial and construction group includes 21 enterprises. The founders are the people's deputy's parents – Larisa and Igor Vasilkovsky. There are three more companies in the declaration (Blecoilterminal LLC, Knoker LLC and SRP Stroytekhnoservis LLC), in which Igor Vasilkovsky or members of his family are the ultimate beneficiaries of the owners (controllers), but they are not in the list of companies transferred to control. In the comments of the Chesno Movement, MP Igor Vasilkovsky, when asked about the transfer of firms to management, first asked who “ordered” him. The deputy confirmed that the founders of PSG Cambio-Invest LLC, to which he transferred 13 of his business enterprises, are his parents. “I have not yet managed to withdraw from the founders. I transferred the companies to management, I do not have any financial access to them. The only thing I know for sure is that I did not have time to withdraw from the founders by some legal procedure.. But I will do it before my birthday at the end of March. Everything is absolutely transparent with me, there are no secrets, it’s just that the lawyer physically did not have time to complete the whole procedure, ”he explained. Almost a hundred deputies of the Rada did not receive payments in March for deputy powers. But he can also refuse them.. List of people's deputies who did not receive payments in March:

“Servant of the people” in the Odessa region is preparing for bankruptcy. New face with old debts

The most egregious fact of Vasilkovsky's business policy, showing his real attitude towards people, was the constant non-payment of wages at his enterprises.. Depending on the level of the employee, the salary at KMD Cambio is accrued with delays, it comes to the point that some employees are not paid for almost half a year. Of course, in order to avoid criminal cases for violating labor laws, the Vasilkovskys pay the official part of the salary, usually the minimum wage established by law, but the “gray” wages that were promised to employees when they were hired are issued with delays and constant promises. Ordinary workers are paid one to two thousand hryvnias a month, and debts accumulate to exorbitant amounts – 70-100 thousand hryvnias. In addition to the salary, the company promises to generously accrue bonuses and overtime pay in order to keep a person at work longer, and after the employee leaves, they do not pay him. The former employees of Cambio, offended by this state of affairs, repeatedly applied to the Labor Disputes Commission, but each time the Vasilkovskys managed to resolve the issue on the grounds that the official part of the wages had been paid. In addition to the harsh exploitation of hired workers, the Vasilkovskys often sin by not paying the hired architects on time, which went sideways during the election campaign of Igor Vasilkovsky. For example, the architect Sergey Malyavkin had to turn to Igor Vasilkovsky's confidant, Dmitry Kovbasyuk, in order to receive payment for the completed project a year and a half later, since Vasilkovsky stopped answering his calls. By the way, Kovbasyuk sent Malyavkin to court.

In addition to chronic non-payment of wages, an analysis of the Unified Register of Court Decisions shows that Vasilkovsky's enterprises often had problems fulfilling obligations to creditors and counterparties. So, in 2009, LLC Cambio (the future LLC KMD Cambio) overdue the payment of a loan to Swedbank, resulting in a debt in the amount of UAH 228,927.71. By the decision of the Economic Court of the Odessa Region dated May 28, 2010, this debt was collected by foreclosing the collateral, while the defendant in the case, Cambio LLC, did not recognize the debt. A similar situation happened with a loan provided by Yugkombank to Cambio LLC in 2011. Then Yugkombank provided the Vasilkovsky enterprise with a credit line in the amount of UAH 4,500,000. with a maturity date of 29.08.2014. Since Vasilkovsky's enterprise violated its obligations under the contract in the amount of UAH 3,023,805, Yugkombank appealed to the Economic Court. The court refused the bank's claim to recover the debt from the guarantors of Cambio-Stroyservice LLC, but the Vasilkovskys, without waiting for the foreclosure of their property, entered into an amicable agreement with the bank, repaying the loan only by 2018. A similar policy is pursued by the Vasilkovskys in relation to their counterparties.. Most recently, on June 3, the Commercial Court of Odessa Region recovered UAH 410,994 from KMD Cambio LLC in favor of Gidrostroy Ukraine LLC. As it turned out, Gidrostroy Ukraine LLC, in accordance with the supply agreement dated August 21, 2018, ordered construction materials from KMD Cambio in the amount of UAH 410,994, which were paid on August 28, 2018. However, the Vasilkovskys delayed the execution of the contract for almost a year, without fulfilling its conditions, until the buyers applied to the Economic Court. However, it is unlikely that Gidrostroy Ukraine LLC will be able to get this money: KMD Cambio has almost no own property, just as there is no necessary amount on the accounts, because there is one billboard with the campaign of Igor Vasilkovsky, of which more than ten are installed on the South Road in Odessa , costs at least three thousand US dollars. In addition to the debts of legal entities to banks, Vasilkovsky managed to register himself as a borrower – an individual. Vasilkovsky took a loan from a bank secured by an apartment and a car – and again with delays. The credit history of the Vasilkovsky businessmen turned out to be so frightening for Ukrainian banks that Cambio does not want to give a loan under any conditions. Dear investors This situation is a usual thing for Cambio. Usually Vasilkovsky get out of the impasse, attracting investors to participate in the business, who are promised huge profits from the sale of building materials. More recently, entrepreneur Yuriy Grabilin from Belgorod-Dnestrovsk fell for this bait, who contributed 4,800,000 hryvnias to the authorized capital of KMD Cambio LLC. However, the situation at the enterprise was so critical that its investments were used to repay the loan and maintain current activities, because given the lack of prospects, new large orders and a tarnished business reputation, there can be no talk of any profit, and it is likely that LLC ” KMD “Cambio” in the next year expects complete bankruptcy. But, despite the heavy debts and slavish exploitation of workers, Igor Vasilkovsky drives a luxury SUV “Range Rover” with security and spends heavily on his election campaign.. Money, apparently carefully saved on wages. And now he is preparing to become a deputy from the Servant of the People. IGOR Vasilkovsky financed his election campaign with funds not specified in the declaration The public movement HONESTly reported on signs of non-transparent financing of the election campaign by MP from the Servant of the People party Igor Vasilkovsky. Igor Vasilkovsky paid almost UAH 803,000 for his election campaign in the 139th constituency: UAH 748,500. he contributed himself, another 57,322 hryvnias were transferred by Interactive Media Platform LLC, the beneficial owner of which is the wife of the candidate Olena Vasylkivska. Journalists noted that, according to the declaration, the entire family income of Vasilkovsky for 2018 amounted to 195,000 hryvnia.. The people's choice did not declare cash and other savings. Two Odessa “servants” in the Rada did not want to support the arrest of a corrupt colleague Igor Vasilkovsky did not vote for the corresponding resolution of the parliament, while Oleg Kolev abstained. Before voting for the arrest of Dubnevich, both deputies nevertheless expressed support for the removal of parliamentary immunity from Dubnevich.

Riot? Part of the Odessa “servants of the people” did not support the president's bill on searches at people's deputies

Yesterday, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine failed to vote on the presidential bill No. 1009, which proposed to amend the criminal law regarding the permission of searches of people's deputies. The document received only 196 votes with the minimum required 226. In particular, 44 representatives of the mono-majority, the Servant of the People faction, did not support him. Among those who did not vote for the president's bill, there are Odessa people's deputies: Igor Vasilkovsky (did not vote), Alexander Gorenyuk (abstained), Yulia Didenko (did not vote), Oleg Kolev (abstained) and Andrei Kostin (did not vote). According to, citing its sources, today the rebellious “servants” received a party scolding. “There was a meeting of the faction, nothing special, except for a flogging for the failed 1009 yesterday,” a certain deputy from the SN told the publication.

Deriban port “Yuzhny”

Filed by the media, Vasilkovsky was involved in the “cutting” of the Odessa port “Yuzhny”. People's deputies from the Servant of the People were caught grossly violating quarantine in the Rada So, people's deputies got into the lens at the moment of warm hugs. They were not wearing masks, which is contrary to the rules of quarantine and social distancing.

Odessa “servant of the people” Igor Vasilkovsky decided to play his game

This week, it became known that Vasilkovsky was being checked for contacts with local businessmen. Last week, an unpleasant situation occurred in the team of people's deputies from the political force “Servant of the People”. People's deputies failed to vote for the abolition of parliamentary immunity. Moreover, those who raised the topic of the mandatory abolition of parliamentary immunity on the shield of their election campaign – “servants of the people” – voted against. Among the 44 rebels were Odessa representatives of the WE-team: Vasilkovsky I.I., Gorenyuk A.A., Kolev A.V., Kostin A.E., Chernyavsky S.M. As it became known, from sources close to the Office of the President, literally on the second day after the scandalous demarche, Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov met with President Zelensky and assured him that bill No. 1009 * would be adopted. And they will “work” with those who did not vote: they will be given “black marks” with a warning. Those who do not understand the meaning of the warning will automatically be blacklisted by Zelensky. Work on one of the Odessa rebels – Igor Vasilkovsky has already begun. This week, it became known about the beginning of a check of Vasilkovsky for contacts with local businessmen. Also, the unofficial sponsor of the election campaign, Igor Vasilkovsky, the Odessa construction tycoon of Syrian origin, Adnan Kivan, went on the run. At the same time, information appeared that the employees of Adnan Kivan's media holding not only accompanied Igor Vasilkovsky during the election campaign, but also continue to work for the people's deputy already as his assistants and advisers.. The last, not the most successful advice from Kivanov's PR people is Vasilkovsky's application for the post of mayor of Odessa, contrary to the official rate of the leadership of the political force for another candidate – Alexei Leonov.


As evidenced by the declaration for 2018, Igor Vasilkovsky received UAH 105.461 at his main place of work. Part-time employment brought him another 4375 UAH. Income from property rental amounted to UAH 65.568. The Vasilkovskys own 7 land plots, 6 apartments and a house. Igor's fleet includes 9 cars: “MAN 18.363” (2004. in.); “TOYOTA CAMRY” (2008 onwards); GAZ 33023 (2008); “MERCEDES-BENZ L 508D” (1986 onwards); “VOLKSWAGEN LT 45” (1991 onwards); “MAZ 5551” (1992 onwards); “TOYOTA COROLLA” (2012 onwards); “TOYOTA COROLLA” (2008 onwards); “TOYOTA CAMRY” (2013 onwards).


Being an ordinary businessman, Vasilkovsky has already shown his shamelessness and disregard for people. But for some reason, I still managed to get to the deputy chair. And as you can already guess, nothing has changed, he does not know how to communicate with voters, for which he received a ban on this activity, uses drugs, plunged into debt. In general, nothing special, new faces – the old scenario.

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Wife - Elena Leonidovna. He has a daughter, Elizabeth.
"Servants of the People"
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