Ustenko Alexey Olegovich - full dossier, compromising evidence


Ukrainian economist, businessman. People's Deputy of Ukraine of the IX convocation. ...

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Occasionally appears in media and political shows ...


Corruptionist, frivolous politician ...


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Ustenko Alexey Olegovich


Many websites write that Aleksey Ustenko is not involved in corruption scandals, and is generally a diligent deputy. But unfortunately this is not the case. If you carefully read his biography, study his previous activities, and also look into the declaration, many questions arise. For example, the fact that Ustenko was an assistant to a corrupt official, and now among the assistants of Alexei himself there are personnel with a criminal past. And just the same, during the period when Ustenko worked as an assistant to the odious Valery Dubil, cryptocurrency was acquired. In addition, Alexey Olegovich got into another, rather high-profile scandal. He publicly stated that Ukraine itself is guilty of Russian aggression and annexation of Crimea and Donbass. In his opinion, our country provoked hostility in Moscow after the scandalous language law of Kolesnichenko and Kivalov was repealed in 2014.

Ukraine Russia
April 7, 1994
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Ustenko Alexey Olegovich

Official biography

Born April 7, 1994 in. Kyiv. 2016 – Agrogeneration LLC – head of the investment direction. LLC “Agrogolden”, LLC “Agrotrade Land”, LLC “Agro Trading Kyiv”, LLC “Agronizhin”, LLC “Dubrovitsky Agroprodukt”, LLC “Rina-Agro” – founder. Harvard Club in Ukraine – coordinator.


Kyiv National Economic University, Faculty of International Economics and Management. London City University, Department of International Business Economics.

A family

Father – Oleg Ustenko, adviser to President Vladimir Zelensky. There is a wife – Ustenko Alina Aleksandrovna.

NOT official biography

Many users of social networks consider Ustenko Jr. a classic major, who owes his success and position in society solely to his origin. Aleksey himself diligently ignores this topic in each of his interviews. Ustenko got into a major scandal in 2019. Then he publicly stated that Ukraine itself is guilty of Russian aggression and the annexation of Crimea and Donbass.

In his opinion, our country provoked hostility in Moscow after the controversial language law of Kolesnichenko and Kivalov was repealed in 2014.

“Servant” Ustenko and ex-deputy Spivak quarreled on the show

People's deputy from the Servant of the People party Aleksey Ustenko and former Odessa City Council member Dmitry Spivak had a skirmish on a TV show during a discussion of the topic “Great Construction”. The conflict occurred on the air of the program on the TV channel “Ukraine 24”. Dmitry Spivak drew attention to the increase in the cost of roads. According to Spivak, the price of construction has doubled. Ustenko asked the speaker to clarify the details in numbers. Due to the fact that the people's deputy asked for clarification, he interrupted Dmitry Spivak, a skirmish took place between them in the studio.

Dmitry Spivak: “Let's do this: Either I will finish and no one will interrupt me, or I will be silent, let's all, I will be silent. Maybe I'll go? Let me go… to your great regret, your opinion is not interesting to me at all. I am not talking to you,” Spivak said. Ustenko interrupted him and said: “Who do you communicate with? Get out of the studio.”

“Servant of the people” tired and embarrassed in the Rada

Oleksiy Ustenko, a deputy from the pro-presidential Servant of the People party, lay down to rest at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada. The frame was published on his Facebook page by photographer Yan Dobronosov. Ukrainians online reacted violently to the “sleeping” “servant of the people”. “Tired,” the photographer himself commented on the photo. “What did you think, it’s easy to be a people’s deputy”, “If you’re so weak, you had to stay at home and not go to the deputies”, “Reworked, hard work”, “No, but why? Young, green – he still has to run around discos , and he is on the committees all night”, “Bidosya, maybe give milk for poor working conditions”, comment on the network. Oleksiy Ustenko is the son of Oleg Ustenko, a non-staff adviser (on economic issues) to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Corrupt boss and assistants

Aleksey Ustenko was an assistant to Valery Dubil, this is written on the website Valery Dubil was repeatedly implicated in anti-corruption investigations. As you can see the list is decent.. Here are fraudulent scams, violation of anti-corruption laws, and raiding and bribing voters …. in general, a whole bunch. Whether Ustenko was aware of these cases – one can only speculate. Now, being a deputy, his assistants appeared in Ustenka: Voloshko Vitaly was most interested. Before becoming an assistant to Alexei Olegovich, he was in the service of Vladimir Bandurov, who has a fairly rich corruption baggage behind him.


Alexey Ustenko's declaration did not immediately appear in the public domain. But at the end of 2020, he nevertheless filed it, and it turns out, based on the information that is indicated there, Alexei has a wife, Alina. And most of the real estate is indicated specifically for the wife, despite the fact that there is no information about her income. There is also no price for real estate, and the date of purchase, which is already suggestive of illegal enrichment.. There are no reasons why the declarant did not provide this information. Also, there is a certain antique item, which is also recorded on the wife, and the price for it is also not indicated. Alexey's wife also received a gift in the amount of 10 million. UAH. Alina herself has a small income – a scholarship of 13 thousand. UAH. in year.


As we all already know, only those who already have corrupt experience, or through “nepotism” get into politics. In this case, thanks to both. Unfortunately, Aleksey Ustenko has already shown his true colors, and we can conclude that Aleksey does not understand anything about real politics at all, but he can enrich himself with past corrupt connections.

Личные данные

Father - Oleg Ustenko, presidential adviser, wife - Alina Ustenko.
"Servants of the People"
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