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Tymoshenko Kirill Vladlenovich


Little is known about Kirill Timoshenko, because he tries to clean up all his "sins", as he cares about his reputation. Until 2019, he filmed propaganda videos for politicians, and then became the deputy head of the OP. Bot farms, black PR, disinformation of society and the launch of fake news are Tymoshenko's favorite things. Anatoly Shariy suffered from his "black" methods, on whom Kirill Vladlenovich composed a series of stories about drug addiction, betrayal and other things, and then tried to hack Shariy's website. The fake that Tymoshenko purposefully sent out to the media about the resignation of Andrei Bogdan also became famous. But it is worth noting that thanks to such illegal methods, the deputy head of the OP has become fabulously rich. And despite a small salary, he got hold of luxury cars and several houses.

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Tymoshenko Kirill Vladlenovich

Official biography

Date of birth: 04/20/1989. Born in Dnepropetrovsk in the family of Vladlen Timoshenko, deputy of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council from the UKROP party. Graduated from the Dnipro National University with a degree in jurisprudence. Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine since May 21, 2019


He began his career at the Dnieper television. He was a sports journalist and correspondent for the Goal! In the “New Channel”. He worked on the TV channel “Inter”, in the company FILM.ua and on the channel “Ukraine”. In 2014 he founded the advertising company GOODMEDIA. His company organized the broadcast of Petro Poroshenko's inauguration. He was an assistant to the People's Deputy Andrei Denisenko. In 2015 – a candidate for deputy of the Kyiv City Council from the party “UKROP”, was a media worker of the party. At the time of the elections: producer of Mamas Film Production LLC, non-partisan. Lives in. Kyiv. In the presidential elections in 2019, he was responsible for the media and creative of the election campaign of candidate Zelensky. During the 2019 presidential campaign, he worked at the headquarters of the candidate for the post of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. May 21 – June 25, 2019 – Deputy Head of the Administration of the President of Ukraine. From 06/25/2019. – Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine.

A family

Father – Timoshenko Vladlen Vasilyevich. Director of LLC “Business Center Cominfo LTD”. Member of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council from the Servant of the People party, head of the Standing Committee on the activities of utilities and entrepreneurship. Wife – Alyona Tymoshenko, founder and head of the first Ukrainian film school Ukrainian Film School (created on the basis of FILM.UA Group). Son – Semyon.

NOT official biography

Populist of the Day In the first days of his activity in his new position, Kirill was nominated for the “Populist of the Day” by the “Antipopulist” Facebook community. He was led to this title by a promise to move the Presidential Administration from. Bank until the end of the year. The obstacle in this matter is not only safety, but also the cost of the idea.. The move would cost tens of thousands of dollars from the budget. The Congress Center “Parkovy” was considered as one of the possible places.. True, for staying in it would have to pay rent at the expense of taxpayers. The war against Shariy Tymoshenko's surname again “shone” in the sky of Ukrainian politics. Same name, different person. Kirill Vladlenovich Timoshenko. A simple guy from the Dnieper (coincidence?). A journalist who rose to the rank of Deputy Head of the Office of the President and curator of the information policy of the whole country. I expressed my attitude to this “politics” a long time ago. Scandal with a humanitarian aid from China, a motor rally on May 9 in Odessa, such a familiar, but already rather boring surname for Ukrainians pops up everywhere. But Kirill Vladlenovich is a quick-witted person, like the entire production center “Office of the President”. He figured out how to turn his own defeats into victories. He decided to denigrate competitors. But not with your own hands. There is no need to dirty your own. Telegram channel Secrets of the deputy. 130 thousand subscribers. Leaps towards power. Plums of deputies from the Servant of the People. Reposts by Anatoly and Olga Shariy. Here is such an interesting post👇 And then a drug addict, gamer and generally a bad person. Plausible. Kirill Vladlenovich is a quick-witted person. But apparently not very far-sighted. Don't be like Kirill Vladlenovich. To become the master, the politician portrays the servant(s) of Charles de Gaulle.

Fake drain

In August 2019, news appeared on the Web that Andriy Bogdan was leaving his post. At the time, this turned out to be fake.. Journalists found who “leaked” false information. It turned out to be Kirill Timoshenko. Later, Kirill stated in an interview that he himself uploaded a snapshot of his boss's resignation letter from the Internet, or rather, from Channel 24.. When he was approached for a comment by the media, he “simply sent everyone this statement in response, which he himself downloaded from the Internet.” A group of influence surrounded by the President According to Bihus.info, Kyrylo Tymoshenko was a member of one of the groups of influence surrounded by the President, which is called “Uncle”. In the correspondence of staff officers, Tymoshenko is remembered precisely as a member of the Uncle group.. According to journalists, Andrei Bogdan led this group.

Personnel purges and Tymoshenko

The media write that Kyrylo Tymoshenko is involved in personnel purges in the highest political circles. Rumor has it that Tymoshenko is interested in the resignation of Vladyslav Krykliy, Minister of Infrastructure. According to the interlocutor, Tymoshenko was interested in the resignation of Krykliy and, in order to “bring down” him from the post of minister, he even lobbied for a freeze on funding for the construction of an airport in the Dnieper.

Scandal with Tishchenko

In April 2021, Nikolai Tishchenko from Servant of the People got into a scandal with violation of quarantine regulations.. He allegedly threw a party for his wife's birthday. Kirill Timoshenko spoke about the incident. “I hope that this will be an example for other people's deputies, that if you are a people's deputy, then you don't have to make yourself some kind of king,” Tymoshenko commented. number plates. So the journalists recorded how, after the congress of the Servant of the People party, the deputy head of the President's Office got into his car, which was not on his numbers. Moreover, according to the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, they are not registered in the same registration database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Tymoshenko “lit up” the real numbers immediately after buying a new BMW in 2019, when he still drove his “native” numbers for a certain time. As the authors of the material note, Tymoshenko is not provided with a “cover” number.

M. Novikova: a member of “Dill” evaded military service

Ukrainian politics is a world of lies and paradoxes for the voter's brain. One of the absurd news: a member of the “Ukrop” party evades military service. His name is Kirill Vladlenovich Timoshenko, a member of the most militant party in Ukraine, which built its rating on the war. K. Tymoshenko, like tens of thousands of Ukrainians, was drafted into the army. According to the Law. Defend the country for real, not in words and not on Facebook, as he does mostly in his life. This member of the patriotic party “Ukrop” agreed at the military registration and enlistment office, provided a fictitious medical certificate about the state of health, a little money, and now he is no longer fit.

The Cossacks have a new “owner” – from the Deputy Head of the Office of the President Kirill Timoshenko

In recent months, one of the small Zaporozhye businessmen has practically declared himself a “new Anisimov”, that is, a new one looking after the Zaporozhye region. He became especially active after the local elections, when his capital patron, Kirill Timoshenko, rose even higher in the hierarchy, taking the place of the first deputy of the President's Office. Cossack Vemir Davityan is really little known even in a narrow circle of large and medium-sized Zaporozhye businessmen. The fact is that the young man not only has never been a public person, but he has never been engaged in a serious business, not to mention the fact that some serious business has been built. He had connections with David Arakhamia. Through Arakhamia, Vemir Davityan met Kirill Timoshenko, then deputy head of the Presidential Office. Their acquaintance was also accompanied by friendly gatherings in Davityan's office, joint lunches and dinners, gifts to the official, etc. Until recently, Kirill Timoshenko oversaw the Big Construction program. But after local elections, which were disastrous for the “servants”, he was also appointed to head the regional politics of power, moreover, from the chair of the “ordinary” deputy head of the OP Timoshenko moved to the chair. In particular, the appointments of governors and other high-ranking officials. It was then that Vemir Davityan took full advantage of his acquaintance. Снaчaлa, кoгдa в Зaпoрoжcкoм oблacтнoм coвeтe зacтoпoрилcя прoцecc выбoрa прeдceдaтeля, имeннo Дaвитян oргaнизoвывaл прилёт в Зaпoрoжьe Кириллa Тимoшeнкo: oт aрeнды caмoлётa дo прeдocтaвлeния в пoльзoвaниe cвoeгo кoртeжa внeдoрoжникoв и oфиca в бизнec-цeнтрe Eco Tower нa Фecтивaльнoй. It was from there that Timoshenko tried to “resolve” the difficult situation in the region. A little later, Vemir Davityan “approached” Kirill Timoshenko and proposed the candidature of the new Zaporozhye governor. It is comical in this story that Vemir Davityan himself not only did not have a suitable candidate, but could not even recruit anyone for this job. Again, because among Zaporozhye politicians and businessmen, he does not have any authority. Now the “new Anisimov” is active with the zaporinzhi, OCOTE OF THE STROTLE CFERA, COOSHEN, which is the same to be the same. As arguments, Davityan mentions both one of his “roofs” – the Dnipro (a friend of the crime boss Alexander Petrovsky, nicknamed “Narik”), and the other – the first deputy head of the OP Kirill Timoshenko. And also – allegedly direct subordination of local security forces to him.


How Kyrylo Tymoshenko “grows” due to Zelensky's rating Kyrylo Tymoshenko shamelessly enjoys the confidence of the president and increases his hardware weight on Bankova literally by leaps and bounds. And the president loses his rating proportionally. A striking failure was the arrival in Ukraine from China in April 2020 with a medical cargo of the AN-225 Mriya transport aircraft, which was personally met by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Minister of Infrastructure Vladislav Krykliy, Chief Medical Officer Viktor Lyashko and other officials, including Deputy Head of the Presidential Office Tymoshenko, responsible for the information support of such a landmark event in the era of the just-begun global coronavirus pandemic. “Our Mriya brought to Ukraine 12 million masks for both hospitals and pharmacy chains, brought about 260,000 goggles for doctors and more than 100,000 protective suits of the 5th level of protection,” Zelensky solemnly announced at the time.. However, the positive PR turned negative when very soon the details of this arrival of the Mriya to the Motherland became known.. It turned out that the Epicenter company paid for this flight from China, whose CEO Pyotr Mikhailishin admitted that part of the cargo was really intended for sale in their hypermarket chain.

At this point, the one who committed the blunder, that is, Kirill Timoshenko, had to make excuses. But no one believed his excuses. Everyone was waiting for the appropriate personnel decision of the president on the offender, however, it did not follow. Because such a PR failure was forgiven him. As early as June 2020, the chief in the OP for PR becomes the head of the Coordinating Council for the implementation of the Great Construction program.. this system is recognized as not verified,” the letter says. During the test, it turned out that the sensitivity and specificity of the test system, to put it mildly, does not correspond to the values declared by the manufacturer. Health Minister Maxim Stepanov later also clarified that it was the Ukrainian company Ukrgentech that produces PCR tests. To make it completely clear, as follows from the letter of the Center, three tests taken for verification, in which the same samples were placed, showed the following: In terms of sensitivity – 50%, 20% and 100%, with 96% declared by the manufacturer! In terms of specificity – 78.6%, 60% and 70%, with 99.3% declared by the manufacturer … I promised not to show emotions, so I can only say that with the same success these tests can even check pregnancy in the early stages … Condition Kyrylo Tymoshenko submitted the declaration in 2020. Real estate: an apartment in Kyiv, an apartment in the Dnieper, a country house in the Dnipropetrovsk region, three garages in Kyiv and a land plot in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Transport: Kirill has two cars (BMW X5, Volkswagen Caravelle) and one of his wife – Porsche Macan. Other movable property: video editing equipment and television equipment. Corporate rights: Gudmedia LLC. Income for the year (together with his wife): 8 million 197 thousand 268 hryvnia. Monetary assets (together with his wife): 9 million 865 thousand 25 hryvnias, 883 thousand 101 dollars, 110 thousand 8 euros.


Kirill Timoshenko, having come into politics, instantly got rich. Using the methods of Poroshenko, spreading fakes and misinforming the people, he undermines the authority of the president, and makes the most of it. Unfortunately, because of people like Tymoshenko, people are forced to perceive the information that is beneficial to Tymoshenko.

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There is a wife and a son.
"Servants of the People"
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