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Terekhov Igor Alexandrovich


Terekhov continues to seize the empire of Gennady Kernes. The lands of Kharkov are already beginning to be divided between people close to Igor Terekhov. In parallel with this, Terekhov manages to go to secret meetings with the oligarchs, and engage in PR, and come up with tender frauds. I even managed to fly to Turkey on vacation, at the height of the pandemic in Kharkiv. In general, a person lives for his own pleasure at the expense of the taxes of ordinary Kharkiv residents.

January 14, 1967
Уровень охвата:

Igor Alexandrovich Terekhov

Official biography

Born on January 14, 1967 in the city of Kharkov. Acting mayor of Kharkiv since December 17 after the death of Gennady Kernes. Member of the Kharkiv City Council since 2015, Chairman of the faction of the Kernes Bloc – Successful Kharkiv Party, Secretary of the Kharkiv City Council since December 9, 2020.


In 1990 he graduated from the Kharkiv Civil Engineering Institute with a degree in Industrial and Civil Engineering and received the qualification of civil engineer. In 2006 he graduated from the Kharkiv Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine with a degree in Public Administration and received the qualification of Master of Public Administration.


He began his career in August 1990 as a trainee researcher at the Kharkov Civil Engineering Institute. Since 1994, he worked at CJSC “Industrial Company” Ukrkonditsioner “(g. Kharkiv). In 1997, he was appointed to the position of Chairman of the Board of Shareholders, Chairman of the Board – General Director of JSC “Kharkiv Plant “Conditioner”. From 1999 to 2006 – Head of the Department for Entrepreneurship, Head of the Consumer Market Department of the Main Department of Economy and Communal Property of the Kharkov City Council. From April 2006 to 2007, he was an economic adviser to the department for ensuring the activities of the chairman and deputy chairmen of the regional state administration of the apparatus of the regional state administration.In 2006, he ran on the list of Our Ukraine bloc in the Verkhovna Rada, but the attempt was unsuccessful.On March 29, 2007, he was appointed deputy chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Arsena Avakov Since April 2010, he served as deputy mayor, in November 2010, by decision of the session of the Kharkiv city council of the VI convocation, he was approved as deputy mayor for development and provision of living activities of the city, since September 2015 – to the position of the first deputy mayor. In 2015, he was elected a deputy of the Kharkiv city council of the 7th convocation. Member of the Standing Committee of the Kharkiv City Council on planning, budget and finance. Chairman of the parliamentary faction of the Kharkiv city council of the VII convocation Opposition bloc “Trust deeds”. In 2020, he was elected a deputy of the Kharkiv City Council of the VIII convocation from the political party “Kernes Bloc – Successful Kharkiv!”. On December 9, 2020, he was elected Secretary of the Kharkiv City Council of the VIII convocation. From December 17, 2020 – acting mayor of Kharkiv after the death of Gennady Kernes.

Personal life

Single, has three sons.

NOT official biography

Kotvitsky and Terekhov at businessman Kaufman's: on November 17, the Mercedes of Ukrainian businessman Boris Kaufman left the President's Office and headed to Kaufman's own office. Late in the evening, a Mercedes was noticed parked outside the office, where Vice Prime Minister for Strategic Industries Oleg Urusky, who left Kaufman's office, sat down. A few days later, another Mercedes was found at the office – this time Kotvitsky, next to Kaufman's car. In the evening, Kotvitsky came out of the building with guards and a man who looked like Vice Mayor Terekhov. “This man looks like the first deputy mayor of Kharkiv Igor Terekhov. Following them, Kaufman himself left the building,” the investigation notes.

Journalists asked questions about Kaufman's visit to the President's Office, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Urusky, Kotvitsky and Terekhov – to Kaufman's office. However, no response was received. “This investigation once again proves that despite one of the main promises of the Zelenskyy team – that the relationship between high-ranking officials and oligarchs, which should have become public and transparent if he wins, remains secret and behind the scenes under his presidency.. Perhaps because often after such a “game of hide and seek” the authorities make decisions not in favor of the whole society, in whose interests it should work, but in favor of the private interests of big business?” the investigation concluded.

First Vice Mayor Terekhov threatened the entrepreneurs of Barabashovo

During a meeting with the entrepreneurs of the Barabashovo shopping center, the first deputy mayor of Kharkov, Igor Terekhov, promised that he would “provide a bulldozer that will go to people so that they understand how scary it is.” Threats from the First Vice Mayor were made on October 2 in response to a remark that entrepreneurs would not leave their trading places and would not let equipment into the territory of the shopping center until they saw where they wanted to be relocated. “Whoever is brave and wants under a bulldozer, I can provide you with a bulldozer that will go. You can practice in the wilderness. Good? You will see how scary it is,” Terekhov said. “But how not to throw yourself under the tanks, if you take away the last bread that we earn from us?” One of the entrepreneurs retorted to the vice-mayor. Also at the meeting, the new head of the municipal enterprise “Mіsk trade market” was introduced, who could not name either the legal or actual address of the utility company's office, and named his mobile number as a contact phone number.

Journalists said that Terekhov is one of the richest people in Kharkov As part of the “Price of the Question” project, journalists released an investigation “Beloved women of Igor Terekhov”. The corresponding video appeared on YouTube.
The authors of the investigation were embarrassed that Terekhov's declaration was rather modest. They assure that Terekhov allegedly wrote down all his assets to his ex-wife, current companion and mother. “According to data from open registries, Victoria Terekhova (mother) is the founder of several companies at once, while living in a fairly modest house in the city center on Chernyshevskaya Street. Judging by the documents, the 88-year-old business woman shares an apartment of 70 square meters with her son, Igor Terekhov, though for money, renting 29 square meters to him,” the authors of the investigation say. In addition, it is noted that Elena Vinnik (former Terekhov's wife) is a co-owner of Kisetov, the largest network of cigarette kiosks in Kharkiv. The network earned almost UAH 2 billion in 2020 alone. It is worth noting that in addition to Vinnik, the founders of the company are people from the inner circle of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov – Igor Kotvitsky, Vardan Voskanyan and Vadim Beshanov. Also, Elena Vinnik, until recently, owned one of the most famous networks of private clinics – “On Clinic”. But just recently, she handed over the business to Anna Kuznetsova, a deputy of the Kharkiv Regional Council, whom Igor Terekhov calls his “close person”. It was with her that in April 2021 Terekhov rested in Turkey. The official himself stated that it was a business trip. “Vinnik's companies transferred their medical centers to Kuznetsova's companies – for example, On Clinic near the Pushkinskaya metro station moved from ON Clinic Kharkiv (where Vinnik remained a co-founder) to the newly created Medical Advance, where she became a co-founder with a 45% share Kuznetsov,” the investigation says. Journalists also remembered Lada Crimeran, from which, according to Terekhov's declaration, he borrowed UAH 15 million in 2017. Lada is a co-owner of the financial group Finex, which includes the Kharkov-based asset management company Finex-Capital. And with the same money, Terekhov bought investment certificates from the same company, which brought him UAH 5.5 million in six months. dividends or almost 100% per annum. “And, finally, the fifth woman on the list of Terekhov's favorites is Elena Kotelnikova, on whom the Mercedes-Benz GL 350 car is registered. Igor Terekhov drove it. Kotelnikova is a private entrepreneur from Kharkov, who is engaged in tailoring. But this is clearly not the main business – by a lucky chance, she was a co-owner of one of the ON clinics medical centers – in Poltava. And before that, she was listed as a partner of the mother and ex-wife of Terekhov in the company “Viteko”. The close connection with Kotelnikova is simply explained: this is the wife of Sergei Pizhenko, the brother of Terekhov's ex-wife Elena Vinnik,” the investigation says.. Also in the biography of Terekhov there is a period of doing business – he worked in the “Industrial Company” Ukrkonditsioner “. Perhaps, it is this plant and its premises that can be called the main official asset of the family of Igor Terekhov. Indeed, among the founders of this enterprise, the mother of the first vice-mayor of Kharkov is Victoria Terekhova. In addition to the Air Conditioner plant and the premises belonging to it on Moskovsky Prospekt, the Terekhov family during the governorship of Avakov also had a share in the business of the Protas brothers, who were then irreconcilable enemies of Kernes and fought for power in Kyiv. For example, Victoria Terekhova had a stake in the Idalia company. This company leases almost 10 hectares of land on the banks of the Pechenezh reservoir. A number of other enterprises that were used by the Protas brothers' Target group and which were registered to Victoria Terekhova have already been transferred to exotic offshore companies.


In October 2020, the police of the Kharkiv region opened criminal proceedings due to the concert of Olga Polyakova in Kharkiv. The singer gave a concert on the occasion of the Education Worker's Day. Terekhov was also at the event – he also congratulated the teachers. The press service of the regional police clarified that the city has a quarantine. And the stadium on Profsoyuzny Boulevard gathered about 2 thousand. human. The sanction of the article “violation of sanitary rules and norms for the prevention of infectious diseases and mass poisoning” provides for a fine, arrest for 6 months or restriction of freedom for up to 3 years.

Igor Terekhov gave Easter cakes during a pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, Igor Terekhov, a deputy of the Kharkiv City Council from the Vozrozhdeniye faction, presented Easter cakes branded with his name. Igor Terekhov welcomed the children of the orphanage on the holiday of St. Nicholas holidays in Italy and sweet gifts Igor Terekhov, a deputy of the Kharkiv City Council of the “Trust deeds” faction, welcomed the children of the orphanage “Family” in. Kharkov with the holiday of Nicholas. As a gift, the deputy arranged a trip for older pupils to Italy for the holidays. At the same time, he gave sweet gifts. Colleagues from the faction Alexander Lobanovsky and Vyacheslav Ilyenko also attended the celebrations.

Terekhov's guards attacked a RegioNews journalist

The journalist only tried to ask Terekhov why nothing has been done so far to perpetuate the memory of Gennady Kernes. Guards and. about. Kharkiv mayor Igor Terekhov attacked RegioNews journalist Ilya Koltunov when he tried to ask the interim head of the city a question about perpetuating the memory of Gennady Kernes.

The incident took place on the evening of May 13 on Yubileyny Avenue, on the territory of the Saltovsky residential area of Kharkov, during a meeting between Terekhov and residents. Despite the statement of the organizers of the meeting that Terekhov “will be able to ask all the questions that interest you”, and. about. Mayor, had just heard from a RegioNews journalist a question about how he was going to perpetuate the memory of Kernes and why nothing had been done for this so far, turned his back on the journalist and began to run away. At the same time, several men of strong build – Terekhov's guards began to behave aggressively, attacked the journalist, preventing him from communicating with Terekhov. They tried to snatch the microphone from Ilya Koltunov's hands, pushed him, threatened him and nearly knocked him to the ground. Apparently freedom of speech in the country does not exist at all. It is suspicious why such a harmless question caused such aggression?
But this is not the first incident with journalists. Terekhov's guards once prevented some journalists and activists from attending a conference of the Kernes Bloc, for which they called the police.

Political scientist Molchanov: Terekhov definitely got into trouble. And he framed Zelensky's office

The list of candidates for investigation by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, which was published in his Telegram by the former deputy head of the SBU Dmitry Neskoromny, was acting. Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov, writes on his Facebook Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Institute for Policy Analysis and Management Kirill Molchanov. He noted that the Office of President Volodymyr Zelensky on Terekhova allegedly staked on the city mayoral elections, which are scheduled for this fall. “It turns out that NABU also took on the acting. Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov. And he is listed in the section where, in addition to suspicions of corruption, there are also suspicions of pressure on the judiciary. And I recently wrote that the elections in Kharkiv are the main political battle this year.. And now, with the appearance of Terekhov in the NABU list, it will sparkle with new colors. Terekhov definitely got into trouble. And he framed Zelensky’s office, who considers (or already considered) Terekhov an acceptable candidate for himself in the elections in Kharkiv,” Molchanov wrote. He believes that the scandalous stories that have happened to Terekhov recently will have a bad effect on the reputation of the president the authorities will support the current acting. mayor in the election.

Terekhov has already spent more than 1.5 million on his advertising. NACP demands clarification from him – city council deputy

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption officially requires clarification from the acting. Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov on the origin of funds for his advertising campaign, since this campaign has all the signs of a corruption crime. Alina Mustafayeva, deputy of the Kharkiv City Council from the Servant of the People party, announced this in a video message on Facebook. According to her, earlier she sent a request to the NAPC, in which she said that she had counted 400 billboards in Kharkiv with an advertisement by Terekhov, in which he congratulated women on March 8. “If we look at the declaration for 2019 of Mr. Terekhov, we will see that his official income is UAH 1.5 million, there is no other. According to conservative estimates, the cost and placement of such advertising structures ranges from 4 to 6 thousand rubles.. UAH… If we modestly multiply all this, we will get UAH 1.6 million. Accordingly, the question arises: what, in a month, Igor Aleksandrovich spent his annual income for 2019?” Mustafayeva said. According to Mustafayeva, no money was allocated from the city budget and the corresponding tenders were not announced. “There is no such tender on the ProZorro website,” – she assures.According to her, this cannot be considered a public service announcement, “because there was no decision of the executive committee, and even if it was a public service announcement, it should not have been written that the Secretary of the City Council congratulates. It should have said “City Council”. Why exactly did Mr. Terekhov have to be placed on the boards?” The NAPC , in turn, officially demanded that Terekhov give an explanation at whose expense such an advertising campaign was being carried out. ticket KYIV. September 28. UNN. KP “Kharkovpass” will buy magnetic cards “E-ticket” four times more expensive than their market value. This is stated in the plot of the program “The price of the issue”, reports UNN. In general, the KP will spend UAH 42 million on the purchase of magnetic cards for travel on land transport. This is the largest batch of E-tickets for all the years of operation of the electronic ticket in Kharkiv, which has been introduced since 2017, the journalists stated. “One E-ticket will cost a utility company 60-78 UAH per set, which includes a plastic card with a chip and an information booklet with an envelope. Cards with the same characteristics cost the Kyiv KP “Main Information and Computing Center” 14 UAH, without VAT per piece, and the KP “Metropolitan” – 16 UAH, including VAT. Even the Kharkiv metro itself paid UAH 20 before. for the same card. True, without primary initialization, “the journalists investigated. KP Kharkivpass, represented by KP director Natalya Zakharenko, agreed to purchase expensive E-tickets on July 21, 2021. It is noticeable that Zakharenko, by a strange coincidence, left the post on the same day. “A few days later, Zakharenko headed the financial company “Payment Center”, with which the KP signed a contract. That is, Zakharenko actually signed the contract with herself, “the journalists say. Today, the Payment Center has the exclusive right to program and encode contactless electronic cards. The Kharkiv City Council granted this right to the company in 2016.. According to the agreement, the private firm received a reward of 6.5% of the total toll payments. “For 10 years, without taking into account the gradual increase in fares, this amount should be about UAH 700 million,” the Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center calculated. The journalists also explored the history of relations between the Payment Center company and the Kharkiv City Council. And they stated the relationship between acting. mayor of the city Igor Terekhov and the founders of the financial company. Thus, the “Payment Center” previously belonged to the asset management company “Fineks-capital”. This is an old-school participant in the stock market, which dates back to 2000, and laid the foundation for the “FinexGroup”, the journalists studied. FinexGroup is jointly owned by financier Igor Kogut and Lada Krimerman. Both are well-known people to Terekhov, “the journalists say. The fact is that after the city council gave the Payment Center the status of a monopolist, Terekhov received a loan of UAH 15 million from Krimerman. And he spent the borrowed amount on investment certificates of the Genoa investment fund. “Six months later – on May 15, 2018 – Terekhov received the first dividends in the amount of UAH 5,500,000 on them. In total, Terekhov received UAH 10,500,000 in 2018. But, as it turned out later, Terekhov forgot to pay taxes on the amount of dividends received,” the journalists said.. Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov Mykola squandered the funds that were allocated for the repair of entrances. For several years in a row, he headed the communal enterprise “Kharkov Repair and Construction Enterprise”. In general, over the past year, Kharkiv City Hall has repeatedly fallen into big scandals related to holding tenders at inflated prices. According to the Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center, an attempt to “make money” was recorded at tenders for the purchase of medicines and respirators from COVID-19, the repair of an animal shelter, the construction of a garage in one of the hospitals, where elite porcelain tiles were ordered. But the biggest scandal was the construction of a public toilet at the zoo at a cost of over UAH 30 million, or over $1 million.. The tender for the construction of the toilet was won by the company of a member of the executive committee of the Kharkiv City Council Oleksandr Kharchenko. The city council itself is now headed by Igor Terekhov, who temporarily replaced Gennady Kernes in this post. Moreover, the very transfer of power from Kernes to Terekhov is now of public interest.. According to one version, Terekhov could forge Kernes's signature in order to take his chair.. Also, the meeting at which Terekhov was elected secretary was also held with violations, so dissatisfied deputies filed a lawsuit.

Housing and ecology

New problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic have overlapped with the traditional problems of Kharkiv, which are generally typical for large cities throughout Ukraine. These are the degradation of the housing and communal services sector, the “fatigue” of urban infrastructure, transport problems, the environment, the quality of medical care, the occupancy of schools and kindergartens. In last year's survey by the “Rating” group, Kharkiv residents identified the following problems as the top priority for the city authorities: the work of medical institutions, housing and communal services, job creation, the fight against corruption and roads. The Kharkiv authorities have the opportunity to systematically resolve all these issues: the already considerable city budget by Ukrainian standards over the past few years, thanks to decentralization, has increased significantly: in 2014, revenues amounted to UAH 5.2 billion, in 2020 – already 14.2 billion. But the main question is not in the availability of funds, but in their use.. About a third of all utilities in the city operate at a loss.. In fact, around each cash flow from the state budget, its own “infrastructure” was formed from lining companies and contractors associated with city top officials. Local activists from the “Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center” almost every day talk about yet another fraud using city funds: from the purchase of flowerpots, New Year's garlands and even brooms for sweeping the streets – and to abuses during the reconstruction of the Kharkiv zoo, the cost of which has already reached two billion hryvnias (much more expensive than the recently renovated zoo in Dubai, which is several times larger). Terekhov's struggle with the Novomet coking plant, which is the main industrial air pollutant in Kharkov, did not bring any result either.. The activity of the enterprise constantly causes mass protests, the city authorities invariably promise to somehow solve the problem – but in the end, at the end of March, Novomet received an emission permit for another seven years. Apparently, there is no sense in the new mayor, old problems are not solved, and new ones appear again and again.

Terekhov opened an unfinished park in Kharkiv for PR before the elections (PHOTO)

In Kharkov on October 3, acting. Mayor Igor Terekhov came to the Novobavarsky district to open a still unfinished park. The corresponding photos were published by “First Svobodny”. Journalists note that back on October 1, the head of the administration of the Novobavarsky district, Tatyana Tsybulnik, stated that there would be no mass event at the opening due to the coronavirus. But when the officials found out that Igor Terekhov himself was coming, they decided to arrange a real holiday. Tatyana immediately forgot about the coronavirus and announced the festivities on her Facebook page. However, after a while, the woman deleted the post.

“In general, today the park has an absolutely “raw” appearance, and its reconstruction will continue for a long time. But Igor Terekhov decided to promote it anyway, having come to the opening of the unfinished building. On October 3, work was in full swing here – the paths were asphalted for the arrival of the acting. mayor,” the reporters wrote. Sending children to school is genocide: In Kharkiv, volunteers demand to file a case against Terekhov. the mayor of Kharkov – Igor Terekhov and the head of the department of the municipality. Volunteer, assistant to the People's Deputy of Ukraine Yana Zinkevich Maxim Zelensky wrote about this on his Facebook page. According to Maxim Zelensky, everyone knows that at the time when regional hospitals were preparing to fight covid – they were actively equipping the supporting regional hospitals with various oxygen lines, tanks and oxygen points in the wards, city hospitals sabotaged all this preparation work. “And they continue to sabotage these measures, allocating huge funds for demonstrative repairs of entrances and parks, limiting the funding of city hospitals for anti-covid measures, but not paying the doctors their allowances! Today, there is a huge shortage of places with oxygen and there are not enough doctors in city hospitals: in 13 People are dying in hospitals No. 18, 25 and other! Children also began to die from covid – two children died in the Kharkiv region in the last week alone! There is a red zone throughout Ukraine,” Zelensky said. He also recalled that Kyiv closes its offices and restricts traffic.. “And our Kharkiv [email protected] are going to take the children to school tomorrow and not just take them out, but on duty: 2 days at school and three days remotely. That is, share the virus at school for 2 days, and distribute it to your family and friends for 3 days!? Such actions should be regarded only as a planned genocide of KHARKIV CITIZENS! And flirting with the electorate for future mayoral elections! “, the statement says.

In Kharkiv, they said that Terekhov's team seized the election commission

The candidate for the post of Kharkiv mayor Dmitry Marinin filed a lawsuit against the Kharkiv City Electoral Territorial Commission demanding to withdraw from the election race acting. Mayor of Kharkov Igor Terekhov.

Dmitry and his team stated that at the congress of the Kernes Bloc – Successful Kharkiv!. Marinin also believes that the meetings of the “commissions” were fake. Moreover, Marinin’s lawyers noted that the TEC did not immediately refuse Terekhov, because the representatives of the acting. the mayor allegedly seized the commission and brought people under their control there, who allegedly turn a blind eye to violations of the law by the acting team. mayor.

How does Terekhov and Andrey Spassky pay for their help in the deriban of Kharkov

The Opposition Platform for Life faction in the Kharkiv City Council positions itself as the only truly oppositional political force in the city. Andrey Spassky heads this group in the OPPL. Formally, he is the deputy head of the OPPLZH faction in the Kharkiv City Council, but since it is he who carries out the “exchange of votes for goodies” with Terekhov, Spassky can well be called the shadow leader of the Kharkiv OPPLZH, because it depends on him and the majority of the members of the faction controlled by him how the faction votes . Having got into the Kharkiv City Council following the results of the local elections in 2020, Spassky quickly established constructive cooperation with the acting. Mayor Igor Terekhov. The technology of cooperation is quite simple. If Terekhov or his senior partners from Kyiv need any decision from the city council, Spassky ensures the correct vote of the majority of the OPPL under his control. Well, Terekhov, in turn, finds how to “motivate” Spassky and the deputies controlled by him. So, in the spring of this year, Stanislav Lebedev, a representative of the “oppositional” HPO, was appointed director of the utility company “Underground City”.. According to the media, close to Spassky. This company rents out advertising and retail space in underground passages and at Kharkov metro stations. As you might guess, the occupation is quite profitable.. And although the KP itself does not generate too much income for the city budget, there are suspicions that most of the activities of the KP are simply in the shadows.. After Lebedev was appointed to lead the collection of funds from the lease of underground space, several votes were held in the City Council, where Spassky and his deputies unanimously supported Terekhov. Moreover, these decisions were called corruptogenic by many.. After all, it was about the allocation of land for the Investor company, which is a key asset of the business associated with the ex-head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, who, in turn, actively helps Terekhov. Also, with the participation of the Opposition Platform for Life, land was allocated to the ON Clinic company, registered with Terekhov's ex-wife. As you can see, Kharkov has long been divided between “their”. And unfortunately, even after the death of Kernes, this will remain so, because most of the candidates for mayor, especially Dobkin and Terekhov, are aimed at seizing land and budget money. Terekhov's team created a fake newspaper of Dobkin In Kharkov, they began distributing to people a fake newspaper “Dobkin's Time”, which allegedly contains dubious news about Terekhov. The corresponding photos were published in RegionNews. The blogger, to whom the publication refers, said that if Terekhov produces and promotes such an obvious fake, then the acting team. The mayor perceives Kharkiv residents as idiots “whom, apparently, he considers to be the last cattle, completely incapable of thinking critically and adequately perceiving information.” “Surely, he is counting on the same thing on the voting day, which, of course, is very regrettable.. And on my own behalf, I want to add that Kharkiv residents should definitely understand this story, because the difference between Dobkin’s real newspaper and Terekhov’s fiction is completely obvious,” the blogger wrote.

Kharkiv authorities illegally dismantle billboards advertising Mikhail Dobkin

Billboards advertising Mikhail Dobkin and his newspaper Vremya Dobkina have been dismantled in Kharkiv since July 4. The corresponding statement was made in the public organization “Our Home – Kharkov”, the leader of which is Dobkin. “These advertising media have been haunting Igor Terekhov since spring. In April, he tried various methods and methods to deprive Mikhail Dobkin of the opportunity to advertise on billboards.. Advertising companies, with which Nash Dom-Kharkov NGO signed contracts for the placement of outdoor advertising, had to sue the Kharkiv City Council in order to defend the legal right to place advertising media, which they tried to dismantle under any pretext. At the same time, entrepreneurs won part of the courts,” Nash Dom Kharkiv NGO says.. The organization also said that utilities are now going to dismantle about 30 billboards advertising Mikhail Dobkin. “Our House – Kharkiv” considers the actions of the city authorities illegal and aimed at a banal redistribution of the advertising market in Kharkov under “their own”.

The expert told who and why is promoting at the construction of the Kharkiv Zoo

The construction of a zoo in Kharkov became a project for the development of budgetary funds and a platform for political PR for the acting. Mayor Igor Terekhov. Political expert Volodymyr Tsybulko states this on his Facebook page. Tsybulko draws attention to the fact that the Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center (KHAC) reports on the costs of building the zoo. So, according to him, in 2020, the Kharkiv City Council allocated UAH 64 million for the maintenance of hippos, and in 2021, expenses increased by UAH 89 million.. – up to UAH 153.5 million. “Housing for hippos in a city where there are no normal roads, where a huge number of people live in houses in need of repair, and turning off water, gas, electricity has become the norm! Next: monkey enclosure – 35 million! Renovation of the toilet: three million!” – says the political expert. According to him, local anti-corruption officials say that UAH 2.5 billion has already been spent on the zoo in Kharkiv.. and the project is steadily absorbing huge funds from the city budget. In addition, the expert focuses on the fact that the city has no estimate documentation for the reconstruction of the zoo and the money that has already been allocated is only enough for half of the work.. He notes that the construction of the zoo can be considered a project for the assimilation of budgetary funds.

The media said that Terekhov is trying to get the chair of the mayor, PR for Metalist

The media write that a powerful coalition has allegedly formed in Kharkiv, uniting the interests of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Office Kirill Timoshenko and oligarch Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, whose goal is to maintain control over the city and ensure victory in the election of the acting mayor. Mayor Igor Terekhov. According to the authors of the article, a special place in this coalition is given to Yaroslavsky, who allegedly wants to gain control over tenders and the distribution of city budget funds.. The publication recalls that recently one of the professional football clubs in Kharkov “Metal” held its last match, which was attended by Terekhov and Yaroslavsky, where they announced the revival of the bankrupt club “Metallist” on the basis of FC “Metal”. REFERENCE. Previously, Metalist belonged to Yaroslavsky. “However, a large-scale PR campaign ended in general with nothing. The promised sensation about the revival of Metalist turned into extremely vague statements about “the launch of the revival process. The topic of the revival of Metalist is a kind of chain connecting Terekhov with Yaroslavsky. Terekhov really hopes that PR at Metalist will help him earn the love of Kharkiv, but without Yaroslavsky PR on the revival of your favorite team will not work. And thanks to the help of Terekhov, Yaroslavsky gets the opportunity to practically blackmail the city authorities and demand decisions that are beneficial for himself,” the article says.

Feldman ridiculed Terekhov for the “drawn” rating

People's Deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life Alexander Feldman called the published rating of Terekhov (where he is far ahead of all possible competitors) ridiculous and pitiful. He left the corresponding comment on his Facebook page. In his opinion, the rating was fabricated to prove to the people on Bankova Street and the President that Terekhov has great support in the city. And here is the opinion of Dobkin, who claims that Terekhov is served by Poroshenko's sociologists:

Political scientist: Terekhov turns the delivery of the Holy Fire to Kharkov into a farce

Political scientist Andrei Zolotarev believes that acting. Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov decided to bring the Holy Fire to Kharkiv himself for his own PR. He posted the relevant post on his Facebook page.. “Not very festive news came from Kharkov. The election campaign is gaining momentum there, and even such a bright topic as the Holy Fire has become a pre-election one,” Zolotarev wrote. “Igor, you can't hide behind titushki”. “Vremya Dobkina” responded to the burning of cars Before the start of the city council session in Kharkiv on April 21, 2021, an action was staged in front of the building against the intimidation of employees of the publication “Vremya Dobkina” with titushki. About a hundred people gathered for the rally, including editorial staff, activists and volunteers who came to express their rejection of intimidation by any means of opponents of the current interim government, RegioNews reports.. People brought with them posters “Terekhov = lawlessness”, “Manuscripts do not burn. Terekhov, read the classics”, “Terekhov is a coward”, “Igor, what will they burn tomorrow?”, “It's burned in Terekhov”, “Terekhov is on fire with fear”, “Igor, you can't hide behind titushki”. In response to the crimes with burned cars, wreaths and threats on the walls, the protesters also brought with them funeral wreaths – as many as five. “Provocateurs staged another intimidation action against the editorial office of the Vremya Dobkina publication,” the protesters explained their motives.. They recalled that the cars of the publication’s employees were burned last night, and death threats and three memorial wreaths were left on the walls.. The protesters consider this event “a political provocation of unidentified persons”, whose identity is likely to remain unknown. Terekhov's favorite contractor will receive a large piece of land on Saltovka In Kharkov, at a city council session, they plan to allocate several land plots for development on Valentinovskaya street. This was reported by the “Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center”, referring to the draft decision of the city council session. According to the KhAC, PJSC “Trest Zhilstroy-1” will receive a plot of 0.3 hectares for the construction and maintenance of an apartment building on the street. Valentinovskaya, 49 and another 2 hectares of land on the street. Valentinovskaya, 53. Also, at the session of the City Council, they plan to give permission to Zhilstroy-1 to allocate a land plot with a change in purpose with an area of almost 1 hectare for the construction of a multi-storey building on the street. Valentinovskaya, 51. The HAC noted that PJSC “Trust” Zhilstroy-1 “is the main developer of Kharkov and the main master of budgetary funds. This company is the general contractor for the reconstruction of the zoo. The beneficiary of the company is Alexander Kharchenko. Repair of roads in Kharkiv: Terekhov's subordinates may be involved in the theft of UAH 1.5 million The director of the contractor company faces up to 8 years in prison Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine exposed a scheme to steal almost UAH 1.5 million. budgetary funds for the repair of roads in Kharkov. Officials of the Kharkiv city council may be involved in this scheme, since they act as customers of the work. This was announced by the press secretary of the SBU Department in the Kharkiv region Vladislav Abdula on his Facebook page.. News”. According to the investigation, the Department of Construction and Road Facilities of the city council could conclude an agreement with a commercial firm to carry out repair work on an intra-quarter road in the Moskovsky district of Kharkov. According to Abdula, the contractor could have entered false information about the volume and cost of work performed in official documents, signed the act and submitted it to the relevant department of the Kharkiv City Council. “According to the conclusion of the construction and technical expertise, due to the unlawful actions of the director of a commercial company, the budget was damaged in the amount of UAH 1.4,” Abdula wrote.. The director of the firm was informed of the suspicion. 4 Art. 191 (seizure of property by abuse of official position, committed on a large scale) of the Criminal Code. The sanction of the article provides for punishment in the form of imprisonment for a term of five to eight years with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to three years. Currently, investigative and operational actions are underway to identify and bring to justice all persons involved in the embezzlement of budget funds.. In the comments under the post of the speaker of the SBU, social network users pay attention to the fact that participation in the deal of Kharkiv city council officials as the customer of the work is also being checked. Deputy Mayor Igor Terekhov roofs the leadership of Kharkiv heating networks – refuses to dismiss for a terrible disaster Personnel decisions and dismissal of representatives of Kharkiv heating networks due to accidents will not be made until all the details are clarified. So told the journalists on Sunday evening, February 25, the first deputy of the Kharkiv mayor, the head of the operational headquarters for the elimination of the consequences of accidents in heating networks, Igor Terekhov. “We will not get excited with personnel decisions. You must understand that there are specialists, there is a heating season, and now we will not make hasty conclusions. We will analyze everything. We will clearly see the progress of the entire process step by step both in preparation for the heating season and in the preparation and localization of those gusts that were,” Terekhov said. a breakthrough on the heating main at Saltovka: “A crack about 1.5 meters long has formed there. We decided to completely change this section of the heating main. The work will be carried out starting from this minute and will be completed by the morning.”


Kharkiv continues to deribany all and sundry. After the death of Kernes, Terekhov will deal with this, or rather, he has already begun. Now the land and state-owned enterprises will go to Igor Terekhov and the oligarchs close to him. It's not for nothing that Terekhov's secret meetings with Avakov, Fuchs and Boris Kaufman take place … Everything has long been scheduled and distributed.

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