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Svetlichnaya Yulia Alexandrovna


Do Kharkiv residents really love their governor, as some purchased media write about it? After all, deforestation has remained unpunished, corruption continues to flourish, and even Yulia Svetlichnaya failed to cope with the repair of the road. In addition, after the publicity of the correspondence between Yulia Svetlichnaya and Igor Rainin, it turned out that there was no business relationship between him and his assistant, and all the achievements of Yulia Alexandrovna were obtained only thanks to Igor Rainin.

June 6, 1984
Уровень охвата:

She was awarded the medal “For Labor Achievements”. On October 25, 2015, she was elected a deputy of the Kharkiv Regional Council of the VII convocation. Representative of Ukraine in the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, Vice-President of the Chamber of Regions of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe. [videopress Jl8O9Jkq]

 NOT official biography

Svetlichnaya was too far from the real economy and from life in general – she belongs to the category of officials who, standing on the ruins, with inspiration, can talk about Ukraine's successes on the way to Europe. Namely, such officials are always in demand by changing regimes in the country. The interesting thing is this: according to Svetlichnaya’s biography, she entered the National Academy of Management for graduate school – and this is 4 years of preparation, costing about $ 1,000 per year. After Rainin was fired from the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, it was no longer possible to pay for the education of Svetlichnaya with state money. But the question is different: why did Svetlichnaya study for only 3 years, and not 4, and why did she never defend her PhD – as is usually done after graduate school? Видимo, в 2012 гoду чтo-тo прoизoшлo, чтo вынудилo Свeтличную брocить aкaдeмию и вeрнутcя в Хaрькoв, гдe oнa ужe нe мoглa вoccтaнoвитьcя нa рaбoтe в ОГА, a cнoвa былa приcтрoeнa в oдну из фирм Рaйниныx: этo былo ООО «Дoрнит» (ЕГРПОУ 37191069 ). Dornit, like Syntoflex, was founded by Andrey Kryuchkov and Stanislav Skripa, both companies were registered at Cementnaya Street, 2. According to SKELET-info sources, these firms are part of the family business of the Raynins, and Kryuchkov and Skripa are the founders and heads of several other enterprises associated with the Raynins.

Compromise and rumors

The media link the appointment of young Yulia Svetlichnaya to the post of head of the HOCA with the patronage of ex-governor Igor Rainin, who headed the Administration of President Petro Poroshenko. However, the shadow of Igor Lvovich accompanied Yulia Alexandrovna throughout her career.. After all, she began her career at his father's company.. And later she replaced Igor Rainin at the governor's post. A graduate of Kharkov University began her ascent from the Rainin family business. Subsequently, in HOGA, Rainin Jr. was her supervising boss. An intimate scandal was associated with the names of Yulia Svetlichnaya and Igor Rainin regarding the hacking of his e-mail box. Open sources wrote about it. The publications noted that “Ukrainian feminists consider her the mistress of the head of the Presidential Administration.” After the box is hacked, their intimate Internet correspondence becomes public. A number of publications publish screenshots of their correspondence. Particular attention of the public was attracted by the fact of booking a hotel in the city of Narva for two (Estonia) and renting an apartment in the city of Lida, also rented for two. Private correspondence, presented to the public by screenshots, testified that the meetings took place in a hotel or in a rented apartment.. Igor Lvovich himself denied their connection and called it a fake. On the fact of cyber attacks, the SBU opened 2 criminal proceedings, as reported by open sources. During the governorship of Yulia Svetlichnaya, there was a lot of news regarding her success in the Kharkiv region. Various social organizations wrote about it.. In the ratings, the governor occupied mainly the first positions. That is why she was dubbed the “queen of ratings”. However, the statistics ran counter to the ratings. The young promising governor of HOGA used excellent indicators only for her own PR. A number of open sources noted that its results are “inflated”. And in reality, only its rating is growing, while the indicators of the region are falling.. Publications give specific examples of economic indicators of the Kharkiv region. However, despite the fact that the Kharkiv region has fallen by several points in terms of economic efficiency, the virtual image of Yulia Svetlichnaya “draws” the public of a successful governor who can boast of advanced performance in various industries. The ex-head of the HOCA was remembered by Kharkiv residents not only for his rapid career growth and increase in his financial condition, but also for his high fictitious ratings, as well as his closeness from the public. After all, while public organizations were churning out messages about her high ratings, during the 3 years of her reign, the governor did not hold a single press conference. As the media reported, the head of the HOCA replaced her communication with journalists with a PR campaign on the Facebook social network, which was led by her advisers.. And it was not easy for ordinary citizens to get an appointment with her. Her office was often closed. It got to the point that Kharkov resident Viktor Skrynnikov applied for this reason with a complaint to the court. And the Supreme Court ruled that he was right. The main PR company of the governor was built on the construction and repair of roads. Her promotion rating strategy focused on the fact that under her time, highways began to be repaired much more actively. In 2019, media publications wrote that Yulia Svetlichnaya “says goodbye, but does not leave …” They talked about the imitation of violent activity, as well as her false achievements. The ex-governor was remembered by Kharkiv residents not only for virtual growth indicators, but also for corruption in the region. This is deforestation, fraud with land, etc.

Stealing money and grants for senseless theoretical projects

Igor Rainin in April 2014 received the position of Deputy Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, and in November – the position of Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration. Then he repeated this cycle already with an increase: from February 3, 2015 to August 29, 2016, he worked as the governor of the Kharkiv region, and then was appointed head of the Ukrainian administration. Immediately resumed the career of Yulia Svetlichnaya. In April 2014, Ryan joined the OGA as the Director of the Department for the Promotion of Competitiveness in the Region.. What this department was doing remained unknown: according to sources, budget money and grants for senseless theoretical projects were “sawed” in it, most of which were

Skirmish with feminists

Ukrainian feminists are calling on the head of the Kharkiv regional administration, Yulia Svetlichnaya, who is considered the mistress of the head of the presidential administration, Igor Rainin, to step down in protest against the openly sexist, gender-unbalanced policies of the state leadership. This was reported by Ukrainian journalist, TV presenter, literary critic, public figure and feminist Irina Slavinskaya. Slavinskaya said that the Gender in Details project, which she supports, has been following Svetlichnaya’s activities since 2015, when the details of Rainin’s intimate relationship with her were first published in the media. “Yulia Svetlichnaya is a member of the Ukrainian delegation to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe, and at the next session of the Congress, our representatives will raise the issue of Yulia Alexandrovna’s professional insolvency and her intimate ties with the top leadership of the Ukrainian state in front of European colleagues. In Europe, such sexism and protectionism will definitely not work, ”summed up Irina Slavinskaya.


In the declaration of Svetlichnaya on income, property and financial obligations for 2015, 133.7 thousand hryvnias are entered, all of them received in the form of the salary of the deputy governor. That is, the monthly salary of the official was 11,143 UAH. Of the real estate, Svetlichnaya has two apartments with an area of 32.7 and 47.1 square meters. It also recorded the car Peugeot-2008, released in 2014. The bank account of the head of the HOCA in 2015 had 22.78 thousand. UAH In the declaration for 2018, Yulia Alexandrovna indicated the following assets: an apartment in the city of Kharkov (32 sq.m.); apartment in the city of Kharkov (47 sq.m.); car Peugeot 2008 (2014 release). During the year, she earned 214,710 hryvnias – salary, and also received a gift from her mother in the amount of 261,560 hryvnias. In addition, she has savings of more than $20,000, 7,000 euros and 100,000 hryvnias.

Another 200 million hryvnias will be spent on the “elimination of defects” of the Lozovskaya highway, which was opened by Svetlichnaya

The Highway Service in the Kharkiv region entered into an additional agreement with Avtomagistral-South LLC for repair work worth UAH 204 million. This is stated on the Prozorro website, the Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center reports. We are talking about additional repair work on the public highway of national importance R-51 Merefa-Lozovaya-Pavlograd on the section km 0 + 000 – km 131 + 189 (in separate sections) in the Kharkiv region. The agreement was concluded without bidding. On November 27, the contractor applied to Sl the destruction of automobile roads due to the fact that the condition of the existing road surface significantly deteriorated during the repair works. “After the inspection of the state of the existing coating, namely the deformation modulus, it was determined that it does not meet the permissible values, which are necessary for the restoration work provided for in the project, therefore there was a need for a more detailed inspection. As a result of the additional survey, it was found that the reduction of the strength of the existing pavement was influenced by the overwetting of the upper part of the subgrade and the constant movement of heavy vehicles in the period from the determination of the scope of work specified in the project to the present time, and as a result, its insufficient density. Therefore, from the moment the project was developed, there was a need to perform additional works, which are related to the operation of the object as a whole and the impossibility due to operational maintenance to properly ensure regulatory requirements,” says the contractor's letter. In September, i.e., two months before the letter from Avtomagistral-Yug LLC, the chairperson of the OGA Yulia Svetlichnaya reported on the work done on this road. “The road to Lozova has been restored. It is comfortable, safe and high-quality — with built weighing complexes, repair of bridge structures, which the path passes through, and taking into account all norms and standards,” the head of the region noted during a working trip to Lozovskaya district on September 16. According to the press service, capital works on the road were carried out in 2018, and 35.91 km of the surface was restored. Another 76.3 km of road was restored in 2019. And two months after the report, the officials found defects worth 200 million hryvnias.

Threat to kill

During a press conference on September 13, 2016, Yulia Svetlichnaya received a phone call threatening to kill. According to some information, the subscriber who called the “hot line” was in the territory of the Russian Federation.

I forgot Ukrainian

In January 2016, Yulia Svetlichnaya, who at that time held the position of deputy head of the KhOHA, delivered a speech in Russian at an event dedicated to the Day of the Unity of Ukraine. Those present, indignant at this, shouted “sovereign” and “shame.”

“Unsuccessful” head of the Volchansk Regional State Administration

In 2016, Valentina Svetlichnaya (mother of Yulia) became an adviser to the head of the Volchansk Regional State Administration Vitaly Miroshnik, appointed under the patronage of Yulia Svetlichnaya and Igor Rainin, who then led the Kharkiv region together. Miroshnik at his post distinguished himself only by swindle. For example, the grand opening of a bus stop on a dirt road (asphalt was never laid) and … a garbage can (garbage from which there was no one to take out). But, despite all the complaints of the inhabitants of the Volchansky district about their unfortunate leader, they, apparently, will have to endure him for a long time.. Miroshnik and Svetlichnaya's parents are connected by certain common interests, so even after her dismissal from the governor's post she used hidden opportunities to support him – and Miroshnik still retains his position.

Yulia Svetlichnaya donated personal protective equipment and medical equipment to medical facilities (bribery of voters)

Non-factional MP Yulia Svetlichnaya donated personal protective equipment and medical equipment to medical institutions of the Kharkiv region. [videopress n4ioWnF4]


Judging by the biography of Svetlichnaya, she did not come to her great success on her own. The shadow of Igor Rainin is present throughout her career. Yes, and corruption cases did not bypass her either.. All her achievements are a big bloated fake, and the money embezzled was spent on hotels and spending time together with her lover Rainin.

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